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Danganronpa Hearts

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It was the start of the new year at Hope’s Peak Academy, the most prestigious high school in Japan, where only the best of the best gather for strengthening their talents. Right now, it’s spring, where just as the sakura trees blossomed, so does love for the students at the academy.

At the very first day of the new year, one boy, named Makoto Naegi, was called out during his break by one of his classmates, who he just so happens to have a crush on. Her name is Kyoko Kirigiri, and she, unlike Makoto, has a real talent, which is that of the Ultimate Detective. Makoto doesn’t have a real talent, only luck, or unluck as he sees it. But what he has going for him is his optimism, which is in full gear at this moment!

It’s not that he is naïve about the situation, even though he sometimes is in other situations and any other times, it’s just that he has seen the signs since last year. The fact that she only talks to him, she places more trust in him than others, and, ultimately, she sometimes blushes when she’s around him, every time he either says nice things unintentionally or when he is too close to her. And, of course, he blushes too.

She asked him if he could talk with her behind the academy, where Makoto knew that nobody would be. It’s a big cliché on all schools (mostly in fiction) that nobody talks with each other behind the school and can potentially be used as a place to confess to each other. This does not exclude the best school in all of Japan.

When they finally arrived at their destination Makoto was happy. No, that’s an understatement, he was ecstatic! This is the first time anyone was going to confess to him, ever! He stood silently in front of Kyoko, ready for the confession. It was like time began to move slowly, and for once he was impatient, he couldn’t wait to hear those words. He wanted to hear her confess-

“This is a very important case, so I really need your help, Naegi-kun.”

At that moment, Makoto, who had hoped for the best, the absolute best moment of his life, just remembered one fact about himself: Makoto. Naegi. Is. Unlucky!

When he heard those words from Kyoko, not only did time start to go to normal speed again for him, it also left him with one word coming out of his mouth, while he had the look of someone in disappointment and confusion, “What?”

Kyoko facepalmed to Makoto’s remark and said, “Did I not make myself clear? *sigh* Then I’ll say it again: I need your help with a very important case, Naegi-kun.” The unlucky student wasn’t surprised at all by Kyoko’s sudden request, because he and Kyoko had been through a lot of cases together, and as he himself knows, he can’t refuse an offer from a classmate, or in this case; his crush.

So even thought he was a little sad of how it turned out to be, he still accepted it and asked, “Sure, I’ll help, but what is so important about this case?” As soon as he said that, the detective cleared her throat.

“It’s a murder case, like always.”

Figures! was the only thought that ran through Makoto’s mind.

“But”, as the detective continued, “the culprit has been caught. By me no less.”

If the optimistic boy wasn’t surprised before, then he is now. Because this is the first time that, since he kind of became her partner, she had caught a culprit without his help. As soon as he was about to ask when this happened, she caught him off and said, “And if you wonder when it happened, then it happened yesterday when you were busy.”

Makoto knew that part about him being busy to be true, but something about what she said still doesn’t make sense. Because no matter if he was busy or not, she would take him by his hood, or his ahoge, which he hopes never happens again, and takes him with her on the case. Makoto isn’t the smartest, but he observed that something was weird with Kyoko’s request. Maybe this is another one of her tests to check his detective abilities? Makoto didn’t want to disappoint her, especially since she has so much trust in him. Or maybe this has another purpose? Makoto had to ask further so he could get to the truth. He knew he had to watch out though, because he’s dealing with a detective, and not a certain clairvoyant who can barely button his shirt or tie his own shoes, if his shoes had shoelaces to begin with.

“So, what do you need my help for? Do I need to come over with you to meet with the culprit?” He knew that the only way he could get the truth out of Kyoko, was to get her to make a mistake, and he had to do it without being caught. It will be a challenge, but thanks to all the training/torture, from the Ultimate Gambler, Celestia Ludenberg, and the Ultimate Affluent Progeny, Byakuya Togami, he’s more than prepared. He knows it won’t be easy with the Ultimate Detective, Kyoko Kirigiri, who is also known as the Ice Queen for her poker face, so a slipup from her will be tough to get!

It was first Kyoko’s turn to talk, “That won’t be necessary. We can just talk here.” With that being said the lucky boy thought this, So she doesn’t want me to meet the culprit? Could this mean that this culprit doesn’t exist?

Then it was Makoto’s turn, “Okay than, but what is it you want to talk about, concerning the culprit?” He knew he had to keep the naivety on his face, so she wouldn’t discover his façade. He hates deceiving his friends, especially Kyoko, but he had to find out what she’s hiding. He had to wait for the perfect opportunity where she’ll mess up. It could take some time, but she had to slip up at some point.

“How can we make the culprit confess that she likes the man she protected from the victim?”

When that was said by the detective the boy thought, Too fast! Way too fast! I thought it would take longer than this! It’s a natural thought, because normally it would take longer to re-armor a detective’s statement, but she just made a lot of mistakes! One of them being the gender of the culprit, and the gender of a different person who she never mentioned to begin with! The second being that how the relationship works between the culprit and the other person. The third and final mistake is on how to make someone else confess their love for a boy!

With this Makoto came to a conclusion: Kyoko. Is. Too. Shy. To. Confess. Her. Feelings. And/Or. Doesn’t. Know. How!... or something like that.

Instead of Kyoko being the one on a standstill, it was Makoto who had no idea on how to response to it. She’s obviously using this fake case to cover up her affections for Makoto! He was thinking that all this might just be in his head, and that all of this was a misunderstanding from his standpoint. But that thought perished as soon as he paid attention to her face. Her cheeks were crimson red! The color he never thought would be on the cheeks of the Ice Queen from his class. He had seen red, or a shade of red, but never crimson red! Crimson red of embarrassment and shyness.

“So,” with that word spoken he woke up from his train of thoughts, “how do we do it?”

“D-Do what?” asked the boy who had just gone through a major revelation in his head.

The Ice Queen repeated what she said while having crimson cheeks and her arms crossed, “How do we make her confess her feelings?”

Makoto knew what she truly meant, and he could use this opportunity to confess as well, but he couldn’t do that against her. She is already as embarrassed as she can be, and with his unpredictable luck, then it wouldn’t be a good idea. So, he does what he always does and play the partner to the detective. “First; are you sure she has feelings for him?” It was his way of being extra sure.

She bluntly said without hesitation, “Completely! No matter how much she tries to deny her feelings, she knows that she really likes him!” Makoto was beyond glad to hear that, so much that he couldn’t contain his fake naivety, or hide his blush. But he had to be serious right now, so he used all of his strength to hold back his smile. Makoto didn’t had time to beat around the bush, he had to help the culprit, aka. Kyoko, to confess her feelings to the third person, aka. Makoto.

“Okay, you can try to…” as soon as those words left Makoto’s mouth, trying to explain his idea on how to confess, one thought came through his mind: He. Has. Never. Confessed. Or. Being. Confessed. To. Ever. In. His. Life!

Not only did he feel a little sad, he also felt stupid for believing he knew how to confess to someone, when he has never tried that himself! I should have tried confessing to Maizono-san when I had the chance in middle school… He thought with tears running down his eyes because of his regrets. I should just have tried, even if--- Wait! I got it! At that moment, the boy suddenly felt like he was lucky, because he stumbled upon a realization.

Kyoko was just standing there waiting for the rest of what would come out of Makoto’s mouth, but she was also worried, because she thought she saw tears or something like that on the boy’s face. She tried calling his name, but she was cut off when Makoto said, “No! That’s wrong!” When Kyoko heard that, she could see determination in the lucky boy’s eyes, which she saw many times when they were investigating cases together. It was probably also one of the reasons what made her fall in love with him.

While still having determination in his eyes and in his heart, he continued, “No, there is no right way to make one confess their feelings to someone. And you can’t force or trick them into confessing their feelings. It’s themselves who have to say it, with their own will and hope!”

Kyoko was speechless, not because the speech was great, but because it somehow made sense to the detective, because she had no idea on how to really confess. It’s not that she has no feelings or lack any, but it’s the opposite of it; she is very emotional. But she knows that some people may take advantage of it, so she never shows it to anyone. Maybe it was due to that that she doesn’t know how to confess and thought that confessing would be the same as solving a case, because there’s always a logical answer to a case. But no, that’s not the same, because it’s got something to do with emotions, not with logic. Dammit, who am I, Togami or something? Was what ran through the detective’s mind.

The boy continued, “In my opinion; you have to be honest about your feelings and confess your love.”

The boy felt a little embarrassed about his speech, but Kyoko thought, What a naïve answer, yet he’s right. I need to be honest about my feelings and confess with my own voice. “Naegi-ku-. No, let me call you by your first name.” This surprised the lucky student, but he had no time to react to it. “Makoto, to be honest, I-”

But she was interrupted by the sound of the school bell, which could be heard all around campus. Talk about bad timing!

As soon as he heard that, his looked over to where that sound came from and thought about how unlucky he was right now, but then he looked back at Kyoko, who had embarrassment written all over her face. Makoto tried to call her name, but she turned around and walked away. Normally, a normal person would give up in this situation, but Makoto, who is the most normal person, never gives up in any way, and tries to call her name one more time.

“Kiri, wait!”

“Don’t call me that!” was what came out of the Ice Queen’s mouth and was what made Makoto regret his actions.

I am really unlucky after a-

“Seeing as I’m calling you by your first name from now on, it would seem fair that you call me Kyoko. No more Kirigiri or Kiri from now on, and no honorifics either.”

With that said, she walks away towards the direction to classroom 78, while Makoto just stood there and thought, It wasn’t a confession, yet, why do I feel lucky? And, of course, he doesn’t know this, but Kyoko, the Ice Queen, was smiling of the thought that from now she will hear him say ‘Kyoko’ to her every day in school.

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It was in the middle of the afternoon, and most of the students had already left campus and went to their dorm rooms. Except some students were still on campus, and that’s because some of them are class representatives and they still have work to do.

One of them is the Ultimate Gamer, Chiaki Nanami, who is the class rep from class 77-B. Normally, she hates this kind of job, not because of the hard work or anything, in fact; she’s absolutely fine with it, if it’s for her classmates. It’s the fact that she is usually alone during work, and she hates feeling solitare, but likes the game solitaire.

But this year was different, because at the start of the new year, the Headmaster of the Academy, Jin Kirigiri, thought of an idea to strengthen the relationship between the talented students from the main course and the non-talented people from the reserve course. That idea was to move some students from the reserve course over to the main campus and have lectures together with the talented students. Though since the plan is only in it’s infancy stage, there would only be one selected person from the reserve course to get the honor of that, because it is only a test. And that selected person was-

“Hinata-kun?”, was asked to the boy, who was in middle of work as the other representative of class 77-B and was sitting across from the gamer.

“What is it?”

“I have finally gotten the true ending from this game, and it only took me 18 hours to do!” she was excited

Of course!, thought the boy and began working again.

This boy is Hajime Hinata, and he’s from the reserve course, but unlike the others from his original course, he was the selected one. About two years ago Hajime came to the campus, but was put in the reserve course, because he had no talent or demanding quality. He really wanted to be accepted into the main course, because he wanted to feel proud of himself, but in the end, he was devastated about the destination at the reserve course. As a result, he thought lowly of himself, and wanted to do anything to get into that school, even if it would change him into a different person. But it didn’t happen, instead he was lucky enough to be picked as a representative from the reserve course, so he could be a student at the main course, and the class he ended up in was class 77-B. He felt at home there, because he knows one of them, and that person is-

“Hey Nanami?”, the boy asked the girl, who had gone back to gaming instead of working with the other representative. The girl didn’t reply, almost like she didn’t hear him. Hajime didn’t like to repeat himself, but he had to, and this time louder, “Hello, Nanami?!”

The girl replied this time, but she wasn’t making eye contact with him, focusing on her game, “You promised.”


“You promised you would call me Chiaki, remember?”

“Yeah, I know, it’s just a little…” said Hajime embarrassingly.

Chiaki pouted, “If you don’t call me by my first name, then I won’t talk to you or respond to anything you say.”

Hajime knew how stubborn Chiaki could be, so even though it’s embarrassing for him, he had to surrender, “Um, Chiaki-sa-”

“No honorifics,” Chiaki interrupted. Then he tried again, sweat dropping and showing a sheepish smile, “Chiaki?”

“What is it?” she smiled.

“Shouldn’t you also be working with this? You’ve only been gaming, and you are a representative too, so you have to be serious about this.” said the boy who was a little annoyed with how the situation is. He was really waiting for this moment because he wanted to be alone with her.

When Hinata started at the reserve course he had no friends, because he concentrated so much of his time on his problems with being talentless, so he had no friends in his former classroom, except for one blondie, but some things happened and they’re not on speaking terms at the moment.

But one day, two years ago, at the fountain outside Hope’s Peak, he met a person who bumped into him by complete coincidence. Ever since then, they became friends, and played video games together every day after school when they had time for it. That girl was Chiaki Nanami, who was another reason for why he wanted to go through an experiment to change himself, and she was also the main reason for why it didn’t happen, but that is a story for another time.

Ever since he came to class 77-B, he was happy that Chiaki was there, but he didn’t get to spend much time with her, thanks to his surprising popularity in the class.

He became friends with many of them, one of them called him their ‘soul friend’, which Hajime thought was annoying, and he believed he might have a stalker, which is why he always looks behind him more often on his way back to his dorm room. Because of all of that he does not have much time to talk to her, so he had to be patient, and wait for the day where he knew they could be alone. And that was today, where they had work as class representatives. But it did not go as planned…

Hajime knew there would not be that much talking because of the work, but she hasn’t been talking or working at all. She has just been gaming on her Gamergirl since they started working, or since ‘he’ started working.

So of course, Hajime had to ask her that question, and the gamer girl answered back with, “But Yukizome-sensei said that only one of us had to do the work, since there was enough paperwork for one student, and I got this game yesterday, so I wanted to beat it as fast as possible,” Hajime had a confused yet understanding expression on his face while he heard that “but I got caught up in a mini game now all of a sudden!” finished the gamer with while puffing her cheeks in clear annoyance. He knew her really well, so he knew he couldn’t talk her out of it. She was right about the amount of paperwork, and you can’t stop her from playing games once she’s started on it. She even plays after midnight.

But then, at that moment, he realized something, and asked, “But then, why are you here if you knew all of that?” He was right about that, because she could just have played it at home or somewhere else, knowing she didn’t have to work at all. But why here? In this classroom?

When the gamer heard that she stopped playing immediately. She was completely silent, which made Hajime regret his actions out of fear. And then, for once, she turned her gamergirl off and put it away, this just scared Hajime even more.

She then looked up at the boy and said with flushed cheeks, “Because I wanted to be alone with you, Hajime Hinata. Because I really like you.”

Now it was the boy’s turn to stay silent. The only thought that ran through Hajime’s mind was, Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?! Which was a natural thought when a confession just comes out of the blue.

The boy’s face was utterly flustered, and he couldn’t get any words out that could sound right, but in the end, the gamer was the one who woke up Hajime, “So?” That question, of course, woke him up, but he didn’t get a chance to say anything because Chiaki continued, “I know I’m not good with dating sims, so I’m not good with confessing. That’s why I’m sorry if it was so sudden.” Hajime of course remembered that fact about her, he even remembered that she asked for his advice about those types of games, he was a little embarrassed about it though.

“But now that we are finally alone, and you asked me suddenly about my reason for being here, I couldn’t hold back my feelings I have had bottled up for you in two years.”

All of this left Hajime speechless, he just couldn’t comprehend any of this.  

“So, what is your answer?”

When Hajime heard that, he finally got a word out, while still blushing, “answer?”

“Yes, your answer,” said the gamer while puffing her cheeks in annoyance, in Hajime’s vision it just made her cuter.

“Do you like me back, and if you do, will you go out with me?”

Even though Hajime knew that this was a chance that he couldn’t miss out of, he did not know how to answer to this. Should he say yes or no? He had only one choice. In any normal situation he would say yes, because he actually likes her back, but at the same time, he doesn’t feel like he has the right to accept her confession, thanks to how he feels lower than an ultimate. There’s also their friendship to think about, but then again, it’s Chiaki who’s confessing, so it proves she’s fine with dating him. But Hajime knows that Chiaki isn’t that good with romance, so maybe she doesn’t know what love really is? Is it early for them to be in a relationship? Or not? What should he do?

All of this came crushing down on the boy’s head like when a big wall gets destroyed by a torrent and later crashes down on the people below it. But despite all that, Hajime knew he had to answer, and he arrived to the last thing that came to his mind. While trying to maintain his serious face, he came forward with his answer, “Chiaki, my answer is…”

Those words made Chiaki feel nervous and scared, because she doesn’t want the worst outcome, in which case he says no. But she needs to hear him, and accept his answer, so she steels herself and listens to his answer.

But then, something came falling out of the classroom’s door. *crash* Well, it wasn’t something, more like someone. “Ouch! So-Sorry for interrupting.”

It was the homeroom teacher of class 77-B, the former Ultimate Housekeeper, Chisa Yukizome. It looks like she was listening in on the two representatives, whom she had ideas about being in love with each other. So, making them believe she was off to the teacher’s office, she was secretly listening behind the door to the classroom. But she was leaning herself a little too much on the door, building enough pressure, so the door broke and revealed her as a result. You would think the doors at Hope’s Peak would be tough, or maybe she’s just too tough…?

She stood up from the floor and said that they could home now that their work is almost done anyway.

Hajime walked Chiaki back to her dorm, without the both of them saying a single word to one another. And who could blame them? They were both embarrassed after what happened today. Hajime knew he had to say something, he couldn’t just leave it like this, so he tried to finish what he wanted to say back in the classroom, but in the end, he was interrupted before he could say anything, “If you’re not ready yet, then I can wait.” The normal boy was dumbfounded by this and decided to hear if there was more to what she wanted to say.

“This isn’t a dating sim, or a quiz game, or a choice game, or a life game, or any kind of game. So, you don’t only have two options to choose from, and despite that I said that I need an answer now, you don’t have to answer now. You decide your own move, you make your own choice, just like I decided my move to confess to you. So, if you haven’t decided yet, then I’ll wait… I think?” She said while showing faith and trust in her eyes, making it clear to Hajime that she is fine with waiting for his answer. When Hajime heard that he felt relived, and he decided to wait before answering.

“I promise it won’t take long,” he said with his usual kind smile.

As soon as the two lovebirds had gone into each of their dorm rooms, the first thing they both did was to lie face down in each of their pillows on the bed, and they both reacted to what happened today, but different depending on the person.

Hajime was beating his pillow with his fists, while thinking of what to do from now on. He knows that he must be determent about his answer, but right now it’s killing him!

Chiaki was screaming into her pillow, thinking about the fact that she not only confessed her feelings, but also what she just said to Hajime before. And even though not even a minute has passed, she’s already impatient and has no idea when he will come with an answer.

As they both were in grief, they both thought this loudly in their minds, WHY DID IT COME TO THIS??!!

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It was a quiet afternoon for Shuichi Saihara. School was over and everyone was on their way to leave campus.

In life, different people have different routines where new different things could happen. Some people make a mental list of what happens, so that they are ready for the rest of the day. And one of them is the second Ultimate Detective, Shuichi.

Shuichi was ready to follow the same route with his friend and classmate Kaito Momota. Since it was Friday, and his uncle’s office/home wasn’t very far from Hope’s peak, he was ready to visit his former usual home. He was ready for the cases that might come in today at the office his uncle owns. Lastly, he was ready for what his uncle would cook for him, and later use the food as evidence for why they should order take-out instead from now on. He knew how the route of his daily routine would go, even though he only just started at Hope’s Peak 3 weeks ago. Nothing would change, and the male detective knew tha-

“Hey bro, are you even listening?”

When Shuichi heard that he came back to reality, and answered back, “Wha… What do you mean?”

“You haven’t been listening to my awesome stories, have you?!” This was also a daily routine for him, or least since he started at Hope’s Peak.

“Oh really? Sorry!”

“Tch. It’s fine,” replied the astronaut while scratching the back of his head. These two became friends only about a week or more ago, yet they got surprisingly close, and they call each other ‘bros’, even though it’s only one of them who does that. With that info in the back of the detective’s mind, he knew the next thing the astronaut would say is…

“You don’t have to say sorry for those things, you know. You need to have more confidence in yourself, man!” said the man with the goatee while raising a thump and showing a smile.

“Yeah. You’re right, Kaito.” Answered the other boy with a meek reply.

“Of course I’m right!” said Kaito while putting an arm over the detective’s shoulder, and later letting go of him so he could continue, “So, as I was about to say: When I finally met my nemesis, I…” But Shuichi didn’t listen, mostly because he could figure out where his stories would go from here. But the main reason he didn’t listen, was because he was in his own thoughts.

I know that, Kaito, but it’s not that easy, thought the boy, I mean, you know that I don’t qualify myself as a real detective. You even heard my story and everything. Yet, you still say I should have confidence in myself. His thought progress kept on going while he was trying to open his shoe locker to get his shoes. I mean, how I can even become confident? How I can believe in these abilities you and the others in class always talk about? How-

At that moment both his movements and thought progress stopped. And why was that? He only opened his shoe locker. What was in it?

Were his shoes gone?

Was it the wrong locker?

Or was there a bomb inside the locker that had a cartoonish-mouse pattern on it, which was created by one blonde, self-proclaimed genius?

It was none of those things, it was something more realistic, and surprisingly unrealistic for Shuichi’s daily routine.

“What is this?” said the boy wondering while holding the object in his right hand.

When the astronaut heard that, he leaned over to the detective to look over his shoulder and asked, “What is wha-” Kaito didn’t finish his sentence. He wasn’t nearly as shocked as Shuichi, but he couldn’t believe this would happen. Not because it was against his expectations of Shuichi, but because he didn’t think that such a perfect opportunity would happen today. “Aren’t you a detective?” said with a bit sarcasm and humor, “it’s a love letter!”

A little later, Shuichi was on his way to his classroom because of the letter he received.

*Dear Saihara-kun. If you have time after school, then I would be happy if we could meet in our classroom. There’s something I would love like  want to talk about with you.

From, Kaede Akamatsu.*

To be honest, Shuichi was having second thoughts about showing up, but his friend convinced him in the end. His second thoughts didn’t come from not liking Akamatsu. It’s actually the opposite, he has a total crush on her. His hesitance comes from his affections for the pianist, and it also comes from his low self-esteem.

Normally the boy would come to other conclusions based on this letter. It never said anything about confessing or whatnot to begin with. But Shuichi, as a detective, could see the small mistakes the pianist made while writing the letter. The words ´love´ and ‘like’ were crossed over, probably because she couldn’t erase the words and thought he wouldn’t discover them if they were crossed over. All of this left Shuichi completely and utterly nervous.

After all that walking and thinking he finally made it to his classroom. As he was about to reach for the doorknob, a sudden thought rose up in his mind. Maybe it’s just one of Ouma-kun’s stupid pranks? It would be no surprise at all. Ever since the first day, he always sets up stupid pranks just to torment his classmates and other students. A person would normally be disappointed if this was a prank, but for Shuichi it would be a lifesaver. He’s not mentally ready for a confession yet. With that thought in his mind, he gripped the doorknob, opened the door and went inside, getting ready for the moment where the evil supreme leader says, ‘it’s a lie.’

“You arrived! Thank god.” When he heard that and saw Kaede Akamatsu, all of his calm thoughts in his head disappeared, just like when air leaves a balloon, and was shortly later filled with nervousness and uncertainty.

Shuichi couldn’t believe this would happen to him. He’s alone with his classmate/friend/crush, and unlike Kaede who has a determined face, Shuichi is, without a doubt, really nervous. But then again, it could just be a request or a favor between classmates, and the whole ‘crossed over’-part in the letter could just be a mistake. As Shuichi thought over that possibility, he became calmer and could rela-

“Let me make this clear: I’m not here to make a request or a favor between classmates! I’m here to say that I like you, so will you go out with me?!” and just like that, Shuichi became as white as a sheet and felt everything else instead of calmness. He felt confusion, nervousness, excitement, shock, and most of all, happiness. But in the end, he just stood there, not answering back, and the thought ‘go out with me’ repeated in his head, until it was the only sentence filling his head.

It took Kaede a couple of minutes to wake up Shuichi by shaking his shoulders back and forth. “So,” the pianist finally continued, “will you go out with me?”

Now that Shuichi knew he had to say something, he then tried with everything he could, “Akamatsu-san, I-”

“Stop right there, Saihara-kun!” The detective was left dumbfounded over the sudden interruption, but he kind of knew this would happen. Because, even thought it’s only been a couple of weeks, he knows what kind of person Kaede is.

Unlike Shuichi, she has a more confident personality, and she has great leadership abilities. That was the main reason she became the class rep of class 79, and why Shuichi developed a crush on the pianist.

“I know you Shuichi, and even though it’s obvious you like me,”

She knew?! Did I not hide it really well? thought Shuichi after hearing that part.

“you’d probably think that you’re not good enough to date me, even though I’m just a pianist…”

What am I, an open book?! Also…

“You’re more than just a pianist!”



The detective just blurted that out instead of thinking it, without realizing it was too late. The room became silent, both the student showing a colorful redness on both their face.

“See, you can be determined when you want to.” Shuichi knew she was right but was conflicted about not being more like that.

“You’re right, Akamatsu-san. But… I can’t just-”

“That’s why, I think that if we go out, then maybe I can help you with your self-esteem issues… somehow.”

After hearing the pianist’s explanation, the boy thought that that didn’t sound logical, but then again, maybe it could help? Maybe the reason he couldn’t change is because he only had himself, but if he’s together with someone he likes, someone he wants to show his cool side to, then maybe he could change?

“So, what is your answer, Saihara-kun?”

After hearing that, and finished his long self-debate in his head, he could finally answer with a smile and a face full of confidence, “Yes. I would be glad to.”

With that answer being said, Kaede showed an incredible bright smile to Shuichi, he swore that he could see a beautiful cresent moon in that smile, which reminded him of that time Kaede played ‘Clair de Lune’ for him.

“By the way, Saihara-kun…”

“Yes, what is it, Akamatsu-san?”

“Now that we are dating, could you take off your cap for me?”


And with that the day ended, but just as Shuichi’s concerns had started anew, so did his routine in life.

Chapter Text

It’s as classic as classic can be. Behind the school, a boy and a girl, alone. Where one of them would ask, “Will you go out with me?”

This sudden confession came from the Ultimate Baseball Star, Leon Kuwata. Normally for him, since middle school and his former high school, the situation would’ve been in reverse, but this time it was his turn to confess.

This girl wasn’t like any other girl. She’s Sayaka Maizono, also known as the Ultimate Pop Sensation. Many guys would love to be with this girl, but not many would have the courage to confess to her, thanks to her big reputation. Except for this baseball player, who has a lot of courage and confidence. Because of his popularity during middle school, he believed that there wouldn’t be a single girl who would reject a confession from h-

“Sorry, but no thanks.”

And just like that, all of his confidence and hope were gone. He felt as he had turned into a stone statue. It took some seconds to regain his grip on reality, “Wait?! Why?!”

While thinking of an answer she puts her right pointy finger to the right corner of her mouth while looking at the sky, “It’s just that, I don’t have time to date. Because of my job.”

When Leon heard that he thought he might have a chance, and that regrew his confidence and hope. Besides, a job can’t stand in the way of dating! “Then we could-”

“Also you’re not my type.”

And like that, his confidence and hope were gone, again. He felt as he was a stone statue again, but this time he crumbled to a thousand pieces.

But he wouldn’t give up here, “But don’t you like music? I like music too. And once I’m done here, I’ll become a rock star!”

“But aren’t you a star already? A baseball star?”

“Y-yeah, but I hate baseball! That’s why I’ll leave baseball behind after graduating and live a rock n’ roll life!!!” He answered while rising his fist up against the blue-colored sky.

“But I hear that you aren’t good at it…” When Leon heard that, he went stiff because he knows that to be true, but he didn’t want to admit it to himself or anyone.

“But I still like rock and metal and-”

“Also; I don’t like music that is ‘heavy’ or ‘loud’.”

With that being said, Leon knew there was no hope left, and he felt as if a certain space titan had made it so that Leon’s existence would turn into dust by simply snapping his finger.

So, he did as any other guy would do in this hopeless situation; turn around with a smile on his face, “Damn, well I tried,” and then run away crying, hoping she couldn’t see him, while thinking, WHHHHYYYYYYY????!!!!

This situation isn’t something Sayaka wanted to see again. She thought she wouldn’t experience it again when she entered Hope’s Peak, since everyone was a star or a genius in their own way, they wouldn’t think she was all that special. She’s been tired of it ever since middle school. Even thought many had confessed to her, she had never said yes to any of the confessions, leaving many heartbroken. It was a little because of her job. Being an idol is really tough. But the main reason is because she has a little crush on a sudden boy, and his name is…

“Maizono-san, what are you doing here?”

“huh?” Her train of thoughts was abrupted by a sudden question from her classmate, Makoto Naegi. Regaining her composure, she answered back, “Oh, Naegi-kun, it’s just you.”

“Sorry for surprising you,” he apologized as he rubbed the back of his head while bowing a little.

“It’s okay, no need to apologize,” she said with her usual smile.

The reason she was shocked wasn’t because it was sudden, she doesn’t get surprised that easily. But it was because the boy she was thinking of came to reality.

“So why are you here?” asked the idol. It was a natural question, mostly nobody shows up behind the school unless they have business there, so why would the lucky boy be there?

“Oh, I was just-”

“Here to meet with someone?” interrupted the girl smiling.


“Remember: I’m psychic.” This was a common joke between the two, ever since they both started at the academy. Usually she’s right about her intuition, but this time it was just a joke to mess with him. She doesn’t want to believe that he has an appointment with a person at this peculiar place. “Just teasin-”

“Actually, that’s true…”

“huh?” She could see the blush over his face and the fact he was avoiding eye-contact because of shyness.

At this moment, a lot of thoughts ran through the idol’s head, but the one most dangerous, for her, was Is Naegi-kun going to be confessed to by someone!? Normally, as a friend, she would encourage both him and the girl to be a couple, but she saw Makoto as more than a friend! She saw him as an interesting person since middle school, which later turned to a crush. When they were both done with middle school, and had to go to different high schools, she regretted not trying to talk to him and learn more about him. But when she learned that Makoto got enrolled to Hope’s Peak, and ended up in the same class, she thanked her stars, and became a close friend of his.

Now having the idea that Makoto is going to be confessed to, she felt like her heart was about to crumble like paper. But she knew that reaching a conclusion based on speculations would not help, so she had to make sure what was really going on. But she had to play it cool, “Then I’ll try to read what’s next on your mind.”

“O-Okay, go for it,” said the naive boy who had no idea what was going on, but had to play along anyway.

“You’re here to meet with a girl?” At one point she had to be wrong, so she was hoping that she would be wrong right now-

“Yes, that’s right! You really are good at this.”

On the outside she was calm while showing a cute smile, but inside she was nerve wracking about his answer. But she couldn’t arrive at a conclusion yet, so she had to keep on the charade, “It’s one from our class, right?”

“Again, that’s correct! …but it’s kinda frightening now.”

With this, she had an idea who it could be. She didn’t even have to say who it could be, but if she didn’t keep this on, he’d be suspicious of her. She asked while having a smile on her face, but with a heart of jealousy, “It’s Kirigiri-san, right?”

The boy answered back amazed, “Wow! Are you sure you’re not the Ultimate Psychic?”

With this, it was over for the idol. She already knew that those two were close. It wouldn’t surprise her if they had feelings for each other, but she didn’t want to admit it to herself.

So here she is now, being a witness to her crush get taking away by another girl. She almost couldn’t keep up her smile and were on the edge of crying. That is until…

“It’s because she asked me for help regarding a case. But I can’t find her anywhere, so I thought she might be here,” continued the boy while having no idea what is going on inside the idol’s head.

In the end, it was all just a misunderstanding on Sayaka’s part. All of this left her relived and happy because it means that Makoto isn’t going to be stolen away, for now, and that there is still hope for her. That’s right, there’s still hope. I can’t give up here! thought Sayaka while having a real smile on her face.

Makoto continued, while still having no clue why Sayaka’s face is much brighter than usual, “Have you seen her by any-”

“Chance? Sorry I haven’t,” interrupted the joyful psychic with.

“Okay, that one had nothing to do with being a psy-. Wait, that’s not the point,” replied the almost annoyed boy, “Thanks anyway, Maizono-sa- Oh, there she is!” Once he had seen the detective, he hurried over to Kyoko’s side.

While seeing her crush run off, Sayaka kept on thinking that there is still a chance, and by keeping that thought and hope inside her heart, she could take on anything. No matter what happens-

“You’re late, Makoto. I thought you would find me easily.” Said the detective impatiently.

“Hey Kyoko, it’s not easy to find someone in an academy this big!” replied the lucky student, hoping that would be seen as an apology.

But the detective just answered back with, “Hmph, that’s just a lousy excuse, but you did end up finding me in the end. So, good work.” She showed a smile while blushing, causing Makoto to blush as well.

During their discussion they didn’t realize that there was a third wheel behind them, who was mentally shocked by what she just heard. They’re calling each other by their first names?! was the only thought that came into Sayaka’s mind, and this time it wasn’t a conclusion from a delusion, but an actual fact, because she was a witness to that transaction.

But an idol doesn’t give up that fast, and so doesn’t Sayaka Maizono, and she knows that!

The game is on, Kyoko Kirigiri!

Chapter Text

Classes at Hope’s Peak were rarely full of students, because as long as they keep their talent intact, and pass the tests, then there is no real reason to attain class or even be at the academy. But things changed two years ago, ever since class 77-B began going to school more often, and as a result the other classes began to follow suit.

But even though the students have been more at school and been more sociable with each other, the class 77-B are still rumored to be the one class who causes the most commotion, and that’s why there’re two class representatives in that class. One just isn’t enough for this class.

Except, “How did this happen, unreliable Hinata-kun?!” right now it’s only one of them today.

The class was in complete disaster from right to left, from top to bottom.

From the right, Akane is fighting Nekomaru in a heated battle, leaving a lot of things in disarray and debris as a result from their fighting. But somehow Nagito doesn’t get hit from the rubbles and pieces of concrete.

To the left, Ibuki is playing way too loud rock ‘n roll music that made Mikan, Ryota and Byakuya (Imposter) who were near her to lose consciousness, except for Hiyoko who was just dancing to it with a bright smile on her lips. Komaeda doesn’t seem to really hear the music, but just claps to result of the girls’ talent.

On the top is Kazuichi, who somehow ended up there with his head stuck on the roof because of his invention he created, which he tried to impress Sonia with, but she didn’t seem to care and just talked with Gundham. If only the white-haired boy didn’t sit in the same area as the tragic pink-haired did.

On the bottom at the floor is Teruteru, who is being stomped on by Fuyuhiko, because the cook guessed correctly, again, on Peko’s undergarments, but it doesn’t seem that Teruteru is fighting back or anything, he seems to be enjoying it. His answer was red thong, and the lucky boy wished Teruteru would stop his bad habits.

Normally this situation would easily be cooled down in only minutes, but since Chiaki isn’t here, since she’s sick, and Hajime hadn’t completely gotten used to the whole class yet, there was no way this disaster would quiet down anytime soon.

But for Hajime, the worst thing wasn’t the whole situation his eyes were beholding, but what’s in front of him. Or more like, who’s in front of him.

“Seriously, how could you let this happen?! You’re our other representative! You’re supposed to be the reliable one, since Nanami-san isn’t here right now!” lectured the abrasive Ultimate Photographer, Mahiru Koizumi, “Geez, that’s why you’re unreliable-Hinata-kun!”

For Hajime, this was worse than anything. Because hearing all of this is not only annoying but getting reminded of the fact that he’s not doing his job right doesn’t make it better. He compared Mahiru’s scolding to getting yelled at by his mom.

At this point, he just had to make an excuse, and hoped that showing a smile might help, “It was like this when I came here, so-” *Flash!* But he got interrupted by a flash from Mahiru’s camera that she has around her waist. “Hey, why did you take a picture just now!?” questioned the boy while clearing his eyes because of the flash, “Delete it, please!”

“No way!” objected the photographer. “This photo will be a reminder of how unreliable you really are.” After she said that, she went past Hajime and left the classroom, leaving him alone in this apocalypse known as a classroom.

The least she could do was help a little… thought Hajime, Why is she always like that towards me?

When Mahiru left the classroom, she went to the only place she could be alone and collect her thoughts. She went straight to the rooftop, because she knew nobody would be there, and Sato was in the middle of class, so she couldn’t go to her. Once she finally made it to the rooftop and looked around her to make sure no one was around, she put her flushed face right into her hands and thought, Why am I always like that towards him!?

She kept on thinking stuff like, Was I being too mean? and, Why couldn’t I be less harsher towards him of all people? and also, Why did I leave him all alone in that nightmare of a classroom?! Until the only thing that was left in her mind was, He must hate me now…

It’s not her fault she’s abrasive towards men. Her father is not the best parent she could have had. Never being responsible with cleaning, cooking or anything that requires work around the house, leaving only Mahiru to be the responsible one, hadn’t given her the best view on men. She expects that other men won’t act like him, which is why she has high expectations towards men. That counts especially towards the one she likes.

With the thought of her crush hating her, she sat down on the bench while showing sadness and grief on her face. But then she thought, What are you thinking, stupid!? Look at the last photo you took of Hinata-kun.

After she thought that, she looked for her camera in her camera bag around her waist and searched for the last picture she took today. Once she saw that his face showed no sign of anger or despise, she felt relieved and happy about it.

But when she looked closer at the picture, she could see that he showed a smile, which he only showed because of his own reasons, but she still liked it. Without her taking notice, she came closer and closer towards the picture on the screen, so that her lips almost touched it.

“Hey, Mahiru-neechan,” said a voice behind Mahiru, which in turn stopped her from during what she was about to do, “kissing a picture of your crush is not only weird, but also gross. That class must have done a real number on you or something?” Comes from the girl who was literally dancing in the middle of the apocalypse.

Once Mahiru turned around to see where that voice came from, she could see it belonged to her classmate and friend, the Ultimate Traditional Dancer, Hiyoko Saionji.

“H-Hiyoko? Why are you here?” questioned the photographer with flushed cheeks, “and what do you mean I was about to k-k-kis-”

“Kiss,” interrupted the dancer. The redhead’s face turned even redder thanks to that comment.

After giving Mahiru some time to cool down, Hiyoko continued, “I saw you leaving the classroom, after you chewed out Hinata-niisan, so I came to see how you were during.” Mahiru cooled down her head after she heard that, talking with a friend always help-

“Man, you should have seen his face once you left, leaving him there all alone!” She continued while laughing, “He was totally about to cry-” but she couldn’t continue her sentence once she saw that Mahiru’s head was down and her face turned sad. “I-I mean, I think he’ll be fine, even if he has to deal with all those problem children by himself. So, don’t worry, okay?” But her way of comforting the redhead didn’t help.

After a couple of minutes of trying to comfort Mahiru, they both sat down at the bench enjoying the breeze that ran through their hair. “So,” began Hiyoko, “how will you catch him?”

“Huh?” was the only thing that came out of Mahiru’s mouth.

“‘huh’ is not an answer,” said the almost irritated dancer, “I’m asking: How will you make him yours. As in; how to make him your boyfriend?!”

That question left Mahiru embarrassed and flustered. The only thing she could say to that was, “I-I don’t know. I’ve never even thought of trying to be his girlfriend to be begin with. Besides he wouldn’t be interested in a plain-old photographer, or in someone who nags at him-”

“But then he’ll be taken away by Nanami-neesan!” interrupted the blond, short girl.

That sentence left Mahiru silent. She knew that Hajime and Chiaki were friends, even before they became classmates, but she never thought that one of them could be in love with the other.

Then again, she did see them having flushed cheeks when they were together, and she did remember that Chiaki did tell Mahiru and the other girls that she has a crush on a boy. Mahiru just didn’t connect all the dots together before now. Or maybe, she didn’t want to face the truth, because she was scared?

In the end, Mahiru only had herself to blame for not taking it serious with Hajime. Knowing she might one day be too late to make him look her way.

“So,” repeated the dancer with, “how will you catch him, before Nanami-neesan does?!”

With that question asked, Mahiru knew she had to speak her mind, not hiding it away. She couldn’t give up already, especially when she now knows she had to hurry. “Then I’ll try to change my way of talking to him, so that he knows I’m not always mean. So that he’ll like me!” said Mahiru, with determination in her eyes. It wasn’t much of a plan, but at least it was a start. “I won’t lose!”

After hearing that Hiyoko thought, I still can’t see why you like that wuss. But as your friend, I’ll support your love for him, Mahiru-neechan.

Meanwhile, in the classroom, Hajime managed to calm down the students, but it left him completely drained of energy.

So, who’s unreliable now, Koizumi...? thought the tired Hajime right before he lost consciousness on his desk.

Chapter Text

“You haven’t been listening to my awesome stories, have you?!” asked Kaito Momoto in an angry tone at Shuichi. And as a result, the detective apologized while the other boy said it was fine.

This all happened the same day when Kaede confessed her feelings to Shuichi, and he said yes. But unbeknownst to the two boys, there was a third party hiding behind one of the lockers.

That person’s name was Maki Harukawa, who everybody knew as being the Ultimate Childcare Giver, but in actuality is the Ultimate Assassin. Out of all the classmates from class 79, she’s the most unsociable, and probably shyest student.

The reason for why she is looking at them from afar is because…

When will you leave him already?! Do you wanna die?

She really wants to be alone with the astronaut. Normally she’s fine with the detective’s presence around Kaito. She had hung out with Shuichi together with Kaito when they trained, so she considers him as a friend, but right now she wanted some alone time with the astronaut.

The truth is she likes Kaito Momota, because he was the only one, except for Kaede, who tried to talk to her. And even though she always tried to ignore him, he always came back and never gave up. And in the end; he taught her stuff that made her feel emotions she thought she couldn’t feel anymore after becoming an assassin. Happiness, enjoyment, and, most importantly, love.

She wanted to repay him back for all the things he had done for her, and that fact made her feel almost addicted to him. And today she really wanted to tell him more about herself, alone with him that is. So much so that she wished that the detective should just disappear, in which she could make that happen.

Why are you always with him? Do you like him too?! Of course, her affection towards him makes her speculate more than she usually does, but then again; love does weird things to people.

If you weren’t here, then he would only hang out with me- but when she thought of doing something inhumane, another voice in her head interrupted her thoughts, Wait, stop! That’s not okay! Remember; you left that life behind, and Saihara-san is your friend.

Since she was brought into the academy, she promised herself she would stop being an assassin. She also knew that feeling jealous wasn’t like her. Then again, being in love was neither. She could only hope for something to happen, so that the detective would leave. But like that would hap-

“Aren’t you a detective?” said the purple haired, young man with a bit of sarcasm and humor, “it’s a love letter!”

When the caregiver heard that she looked over at them and saw what was going on. She could read the situation and came to the conclusion that Shuichi got a love letter, which she guessed was from Kaede. She did see Kaede looking at Shuichi a lot of times, and vice versa.

She could hear from the boys’ conversation that Shuichi should meet up with Kaede in the classroom. She could hear Kaito say happily “Isn’t that good for you, bro?!”

And Maki thought, Isn’t that good for you, Saihara-san?! in an even better tone. Of course, she wasn’t happy for the hat boy, but for herself. Because this meant that Kaito will be all alone.

“I don’t think I should go,” answered the detective to the astronaut.

The only thing the other young man could answer with was, “Why? Aren’t you a man?”

At the same time, Maki thought with killing intent, WHY?! Aren’t you a man?!

“But do you really think that someone like me deserve something like love?” asked Shuichi while looking down at the letter he’s holding in sadness and self-pity.

That question hit the former assassin in the heart, and she didn’t know why. Was it because she felt bad for the detective?

No, it was because she understood how he felt.

Maki Harukawa was raised in an orphanage, never having met or seen her parents. Her life at the orphanage wasn’t bad, and she had fun with the kids, even thought she always said that she doesn’t like kids.

One day, a couple of nice-looking men came by, and took her into the business of being an assassin. Since then she went trough hellish training and lived a life no one should live.

Ever since then she thought she didn’t deserve something like friendship or warmth, or even love. That was the main reason for why she didn’t want to talk to anybody, even if it were her own classmates.

But Kaito changed all of that for her. In a single week even!

Hearing Shuichi saying all that, reminded her of who she really was, and those feelings almost gave her the thought of giving up on changing her way, and on love too.

But then, “Why’re you saying something dumb like that?” asked the astronaut while scratching the back of his neck. “Everyone deserves love! No matter who or what they are. Because you’re still human no matter what!”

Shuichi was not the only one taking aback by that statement, Maki, who were not a part of the conversation, was too. Maki felt a sort of happiness from that, reminding her why she fell for him. His honesty and kind heart, something she wished she had.

That thought made her cry, which she hadn’t done in a long time. She couldn’t remember the last time she cried like this. The tears just wouldn’t stop flowing down her cheeks. This experience was something she deep inside had longed for, reminding her she’s still human. But still, she wished her tears would just stop falling down her red eyes.

“Hey, you okay Makiroll?” asked the astronaut behind her. Now she really wished they would stop!

Before she could answer back, she cleaned her eyes dry and tried to keep her composure. “It’s nothing,” was the only thing she could answer back with.

She looked around him, and saw that Shuichi was nowhere in sight. “Where’s Saihara-san?”

“What do you mean?” asked Kaito back, instead of answering Maki’s question. At that point Maki knew, she messed up. Because how would she know that Shuichi was with Kaito not long ago.

When Maki thought it over, she acted nonchalant and said, “I-I mean, you’re always together, so I thought it was strange he wasn’t around you.” She couldn’t tell him the truth that she was basically stalking him.

“Oh, he’s on his way to enjoy his youth.” Of course, Maki knew what the astronaut meant; she was there listening on them after all.

So, Saihara-san was brave enough to go, thought the ex-assassin happily, maybe I should be a little braver too?

Her thoughts were interrupted when the astronaut-in-training asked, “Now that it’s just the two of us, do you want to walk together to the dorms, Makiroll?”

Yes, absolutely, was what the red eyed girl thought, but, “Sure, but don’t call me by that nickname,” she just said in an annoyed tone.

Chapter Text

The library, a sacred place of knowledge at Hope’s Peak, which closes at 7 A.M. To many students, this place is rarely used, and has been collecting dust. The reason? Since the school is filled to the brim with talented students, the library’s purpose to give knowledge to students is almost as pointless, as when a thief steals a wallet, which does not contain any cash.

But to two students, the library is a sanctuary. For here, their desire for knowledge and exciting stories is almost endless. But that isn’t the only desire being fulfilled here.

*pant* *pant*

When school was over, one blond student reads the books there, enjoying his alone time, and drinking a cup of civet coffee.

*pant* *pant*

Or, at the very least he got one out of the two things he wanted.

“Geez, your unnecessary breathing is disturbing me beyond quill!”

“Sorry Master, i-it’s just impossible not being taking away by your u-unearthly presence. *pant*”

The ‘master’ just facepalmed and tried to ignore her to the best of his abilities, so he could continue read his book.

As Sigmund Freud once said, ‘Desire presses ever forward unsubdued.’ That is not indeed wrong because two students, with different desires, are great examples of.

One of them, Byakuya Togami, who is the next in line of succeeding the Togami Empire, wants nothing more than peace, quiet and to not be associated with commoners, or anyone who he sees as lower than himself. If pride had a form, Byakuya would make it look it inferior to him.

It’s true that just like him, each student on the school have their own particular skill, in which they are the best. But Byakuya looks down on his fellow students as they were planktons under the sea. Unlike the other students, the heir wasn’t born with talent, but thanks to the fact he was born in a family, where he had to fight for his life to become the heir, he saw himself as not only the smartest student in the school, but also as the prime example of a perfect being.

For that reason alone, he doesn’t talk with the other students nor does he trust them. That, of course, leads to him being all alone in class, and he’s completely fine with it. That way he can use all his time in the school’s library, reading books and drinking coffee. His favorite time is when school is over.

Almost everyone in class 78 sees Byakuya as either a prick, a narcissist or an asshole. But it’s only “almost”. Because there is a certain student, who was looking at him from behind one of the bookshelves. As always; he’s so DREAMY!

That student is the Ultimate Writing Prodigy, Toko Fukawa, who desires to be together with her prince charming. In a way, she is the same as Byakuya, because she doesn’t want to be social with the others in her class, or anyone who isn’t Byakuya.

There was a time when she confused him for another who looked like him, but that is a story for another time. She cursed herself more than a hundred times for not realizing at first glance that wasn’t the scion.

Her reasons are different from the heir’s because she does not look down on the other students, or anyone really, except for Hiro or other stupid people. Her childhood hadn’t been easy. She had always been alone, and it’s not that nobody wants to talk to her, it’s more because she sees herself as a ugly and smelly girl, and she thinks that people only say or thinks bad things about her.

But it’s different for Byakuya, and don’t get it wrong, he sees Toko as an ugly girl, and even told her to do something about her face, so that he doesn’t have to throw up every time he sees her. But in Toko’s mind, she believed he meant; that by changing her face he would be interested in looking at her. She has so many delusions you could make over a hundred doujinshis, in which Hifumi would’ve made if not for Toko threatening him.

Ever since the first time she saw him, she’s been looking at him from afar and follows him everywhere. Many of her classmates sees it as stalking, and they even tried talking to her about it.

“Toko, we want you to know that we care about you, and we say this for your safety. But what you’re doing is not healthy, and we want to help you,” said Makoto, worried while standing with the other from class 78, showing their support.

But the only thing she answered back with was, “I-I-It’s not that I’m s-s-stalking him. Master just said that if I get any closer to him than 3 meters, he will throw up and get sick because of my face and B.O.” That, of course, left them all silent and decided that there was no helping this girl.

So, in truth, Byakuya is used to the writer always being wherever he is, hiding behind bookshelves, walls, poles, etc. But only at a certain distant so that he would not have to look at her.

But then a question rises in both of their minds, Wait, why do I want this? This was going against each of their desires, because Byakuya does not want any company, neither does he want to be social, and Toko finds this to be enough, but yet she wants to be closer to him.

Before Toko could go back to her usual fantasies about her ‘master’ and her, she heard the said ‘master’ raise his voice, “Get out of here and take a bath. You smell.”

When Toko heard that, she heard it as a concern about her health, but then a thought came to mind. Maybe he’ll leave and go somewhere else while I’m taking a bath. It wouldn’t be surprising if he-

“And be hurry,” that sentence interrupted her progress of thoughts, and she looked back towards the owner of that voice, “I need to be done with this before 1900.” Now she was definitely sure of the intentions in what the heir said. He wants her to be near him.

That realization made her happy, breathe heavily and drool as well. She wanted to call out his name with honorifics, but-

“That means you must hurry from here to your dorm, take off your clothes, clean yourself, take your clothes on again and make it back here, in 10 minutes. So, hurry up!” He said it like it was a command, which he was used to do in a long time.

Normally a person would be angered by that, and swear at him, but, “O-o-o-of course, M-M-M-Master Togami!” This girl isn’t like any other girl.

“So ugly, yet why do I…?” he asked no one, as he clutched his chest where his heart is located.

Chapter Text

It is said that walking alone gives you many things to think about. But walking with another person expands your horizons. It gives you not only company, but also a way to learn a person better, and how another person looks at you.

But in this case; their horizons for each other has almost reached the end of it, since they’ve known each other since birth.

“Peko, we need to talk,” demanded the Ultimate Yakuza, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, who is the heir to one of Japan’s biggest crime syndicates, the Kuzuryu Clan.

“What is it, young master?” questioned the Ultimate Swordswoman, Peko Pekoyama, Fuyuhiko’s bodyguard/childhood friend, who is right now going towards the dorms together with Fuyuhiko.

“I think we should stop walking together, from now-”

“Negative, young master!” interrupted Peko before Fuyuhiko could finish his sentence.

“Also, that! Stop calling me young master!” but that didn’t stop him from continuing, “if any of the others from our class hears that, they’ll know the truth that you’re my bodyguard!”

Many years ago, Peko was abandoned by her parents when she was a baby and later adopted by the Kuzuryu clan. She had been by Fuyuhiko’s side since they were babies. She was also trained to be his bodyguard, so that he would not get kidnapped or hurt by enemies of rival clans.

They used to go to different high schools, but after coming to Hope’s Peak they got in the same class, so they had to keep low profile, because if Peko’s cover is blown, than she’ll be reassigned from her duty, and that’s something Fuyuhiko doesn’t want to happen. He would rather die than lose her.

“But nobody has discovered the truth,” rebutted the swordswoman, “and if they were to discover the truth…” Before she could finish her sentence, she took her hidden sword forth from her back and tried to redraw it from it’s shed, while the red in her eyes glowed, “Then I’ll finish them off.”

“Also, that! Don’t try to hurt them, they’re our classmates!” said the young yakuza attempting to stop her drawing her sword.

“Also,” continued the baby gangsta worried, “I’m saying this, because Mioda is getting on our trail. She begins to ask questions about us.”

He started to remember how it all began…

It happened a few months ago, right before they went into their 3rd year of high school, as they were on their way to move their stuff to their new classroom.

The blond-haired kid had packed all of his things, but he could see that the silver-haired woman had a little trouble with her things, so he went over there to help her.

“Do you need any help?” asked Fuyuhiko.

“No, I don’t want to bother you, Kuzuryu-kun.” But Fuyuhiko doesn’t take no as an answer, so with a half-annoyed face, he lifted one of the boxes with Peko’s stuff in it. “Young mas-, I mean Kuzuryu-kun!” said Peko, trying to cover her slip-of-the-tongue.

“You always help me every day, so…” said Fuyuhiko while avoiding eye contact and having a little blush on his nose, “I-I want to help you too.”

When he said that, Peko began to have a shade of red that spread from her cheeks to her nose. The tension around them was embarrassing for them both, but they both liked it. And then they began to look at each other, but then-

“Hellllllloooooo, what do we have here?!” the tension got interrupted by the Ultimate Musician, Ibuki Mioda, who is the most hyperactive student in the class- No, in the entire school!

Ever since she saw that transaction between those two, she began to keep an eye on them every day, waiting for such a moment to arise again. That’s why the two waited to go home, until the musician went ahead first.

“But she hasn’t discovered anything.” said the swordswoman.

“Yet!” corrected the yakuza his childhood friend. “She hasn’t discovered anything, fucking yet! Right now, she believes we’re a c-” But for some reason he couldn’t finish his sentence and showed a red face.

As Peko watched on for a couple of seconds, she finally began to speak up, “I think the word you’re looking for, young master, is ‘couple’.” When the young master heard those words, not only did he go silent, but his face went completely red.

The only thing he could say back was, “I know, dumbass! I know that fucking word! It’s just that- that…”

The truth is, he really cares for Peko. So much that he developed a crush on her, but he knows that it is impossible between them, because his family wouldn’t approve of it. To them, she was nothing more than a tool for their son to use.

Trying to avoid coming to the wrong conclusion of their conversation, he tried going back to the topic, “But one day she’ll see what is really going on between us, so we need to do something.” Then Fuyuhiko thought regrettably, That’s why I proposed the idea of us not going to the dorms together anymore! I hate that idea too, and I knew she wouldn’t approve it, but still…

But then, he got an idea, but it was an embarrassing idea. He knew it could bring consequences, but he had to take a shot at this.

“Then we have to go by a damn different approach,” proposed the little gangster while avoiding eye contact with Peko, “what about making her believe it?”

The tall swordswoman could only ask at this point, “Make her believe what?”

This made Fuyuhiko even more embarrassed to say what he meant. “You know, m-m-making her believe we’re a-a-a-” As Peko waited for about a couple of seconds, he finally said it, “A DAMN COUPLE!!!”

This left Peko speechless and stunned, she can’t believe she heard that. Something like that coming from the Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu!

“Of course, with that she’ll not discover the truth about us, and we can tell my parents that it’s just a ruse to trick our classmates, and…”

She let him continue on and on with giving explanations to his idea, until Peko interrupted him while showing a smile, “Are you by any chance using this as a way to go out with me?”

That question left him speechless and redder than ever before, and he replied while trying to keep his composure, which failed, “N-no way, you fool! I-I just-”

She knows the little gangster and what he is thinking. She knows his habits, his view on people and his kindness, and… That’s why I like you, young master.

“Then let’s go out, young master.” This stopped Fuyuhiko from continuing, and later a tiny smile showed up on his face.

“B-But remember,” he said while trying to act like his typical self, “we’ll lie to my parents about it, while our classmates will know it as the truth.”

“Of course, young master.”

At this moment, two people who have liked each other ever since they were children, finally got what they wished for, which will help them spread their horizons about each other, even further than they had believed it could reach.


“Also,” said the tiny gangster with an annoyed face, “Stop calling me ‘young master’!”

Chapter Text

The legends say that if you go to the first floor of Hope’s Peak, and go near the nurse’s office at 5 P.M., you may hear strange noises from that room. Thanks to those rumors, the students at Hope’s Peak believe that the nurse’s room is being haunted by monsters and/or ghosts, or maybe more! Does naming it one of the eight mysteries at the school.

And if you wonder why it’s not 7, then it’s because it’s Hope’s Peak, which is sooooo different from other schools.

But, as they say, the truth is often stranger than fiction. Because the room doesn’t have monsters.


But it does have a robot, “Hehehe. Niiiiiceeee.” and a pervert.

“P-Please, Iruma-san, don’t touch me there! Y-You know h-how it makes me feel…” plead Kiibo, while being almost unable to speak, “really weird!”

“That. Can’t. Do.” said Miu, while toying with the defenseless robot. “You’re the one who said ‘I really need it! Miu-sama!’”

“It’s true that I said I needed it, but,” said the robot with embarrassment shown on his face, “I didn’t call you ‘Miu-sama’!”

“But you really should, seeing as I have total control here.” That wasn’t an understatement, as can be seen when the inventor is literally on top of the suspended robot on the nurse’s bed. She was touching, inspecting and caressing all over the robot’s body, making Kiibo really red in the face.

“But do you have to do maintenance on me like this!?” shouted Kiibo, almost so that the whole school could hear him, except they were the only ones left on the campus at this hour.

At the start of the year they made a deal; that the inventor, Miu Iruma, would make maintenances on the robot, K1-B0, also known as Kiibo, in the nurse’s office when they are the only students left at the school. Seeing as Kiibo’s creator, professor Idabashi, is not around at Hope’s Peak, and Miu is the only one left with the skills and knowledge to help Kiibo, he does not have a lot of options. The fact that she’s in his class, and that there’re many rooms at the academy makes it easier for maintenance, which gives the robot a peace of mind.

Or so he thought.

The only thing he isn’t completely fine with, is the fact that she’s always touching his sensitive points that makes him feel really weird. He wonders if there is word for this feeling. Not to mention, she also makes outrageous demands, such as giving him a replacement for a specific male appendage on his lower body.

But through all their weird activities, the robot isn’t against the time they spent together. Those times have been weird, but funny and enjoyable in its own way.

After finally being done with maintenance, and with Miu removing herself from Kiibo’s torso, he stood on the side of the bed looking down on the floor, “Um, Iru-”

“Why the fuck are you still calling me by my stupid, yet refine last name?! Just call me by my first name. You’ve fucking earned that since all the stuff we’ve been through together,” interrupted Miu, being a little angry.

Kiibo couldn’t really understand what she meant by that, seeing as he’s a robot and can’t read the room yet. But instead of questioning it, he just continued with what he was about to say, “I have a request of you, Miu-san!” Hearing him calling her by her first name made Miu drool and feel aroused, but thankfully Kiibo didn’t see her reaction.

“Sure. What is it, Kiibo?” after she asked that, she got an idea of what the request would be, “Are you finally accepting my proposal about having a dic-”

“No. For the 87th time, no!” Said Kiibo facing the inventor while rejecting that idea of hers.

After taking a deep breath, or whatever a robot does in a situation to calm themselves down, he began to ask the question that’s been hunting him for a long time, “Can you make me into a real boy?”

That question left the whole room into deep silence and made Miu’s eyes widened in shock.

Ever since Kiibo was enrolled into Hope’s Peak for being the Ultimate Robot, he had felt out of place, seeing as he was the only non-human in his class. And to be honest; despite his appearance and title, he doesn’t actually like technology or anything that has to do with sci-fi.

He loves the fact of what he is; a robot and an ultimate, but that had also created complex inside of him. He wanted to be human just like the others. Not only because of his interests for humans, but also so that he wouldn’t have to feel like an outsider.

He had met a lot of people who were freaked out by his appearance and then later makes statements that irritates him or makes him feel uncomfortable. There were also times when they would become interested in him, but only because of his appearance and not him as an individual. Or they do the same as Kokichi, where they become disappointed over the fact that he can’t do awesome robot things, like a ‘rocket punch’, shoot laser beams or flying. For some reason that last one seems to be the most demanding one, especially from an upperclassman.

The only people in his class who have liked him for what he is had been Kaede Akamatsu, but that makes sense since she is the class rep and a nice person, and Miu Iruma. At least he wanted to believe that.

Kiibo knew in the beginning that since she’s the Ultimate Inventor, it would make perfect sense that she’s only interested in him because he’s a robot, just like with a certain pink-haired mechanic.

But ever since the first day of their maintenance, they’ve chatted, talked and gone out to the city to have fun. The robot wondered why that last part was necessary…

Kiibo could tell the difference between how people looked at him, thanks to the fact that his creator sees him as family, and how he has observed humans outside his home. That way he can be sure when people see him only as a machine or a person. During his time with Miu he could tell how she looks at him, but it changes sometimes. During maintenance she looks at him like a machine, and when they hang out, she looks at him like a person. It all creates doubt in his AI, whether Miu looks at him as person or a robot.

Miu just stood there, at the end of the bed, looking down. It took some time, and left Kiibo a little worried, but she finally answered.

“Sorry, but even with my high intellect,” Kiibo was used to hear her boast about how smart she is, but even with his lack of reading the room he could tell something was wrong with how she spoke, “I can’t turn you into a human.”

Kiibo was ready to accept that answer, but he was more stubborn then he looked out to be. But just as he was about to object, the inventor began to speak again. “And even if I had figured out a method of how to turn you into a human, then I’ll never fucking turn you into one!”

The robot couldn’t understand what she just said. For him it didn’t make sense, Why would she say that?, was what he thought. “Why would you never do that? I don’t understand!” asked Kiibo confused and almost furious.

Miu began to speak again, still looking down, “Because you wouldn’t be a robot anymore.”

Those words left Kiibo completely speechless, and it made him remember his past, of how people looked at him and how they talked about him. Hearing this made him sadder than ever, especially since it came from Miu Iruma, the person he thought looked at him differently than others. But maybe he was wrong? Maybe she was just like the others? Even though he can’t cry, he really wished he could now.

As he was about to unleash all of his emotions at her, he saw that some liquid fell down from the inventor’s face, leaving dark markers on the bed. He looked up to see Miu’s face and it left him shocked.

Miu Iruma was crying, and as he was about to ask for why she was crying, she, again, began to speak, “If I turn you into a human it’ll bring three horrible consequences that are even more horrible than abortions and having a flat bord for a chest!”

Kiibo finally said something, ignoring that weird comparison she made, “3?”

Miu, who tried to keep herself together, began explaining:

“1: If you’re not a robot, then no more fucking maintenances.”

When Kiibo heard that he began to feel sad that that wouldn’t happen anymore. Instead of saying anything, he let Miu continue.

“2: You’ll lose your title, and that means you’ll be expelled from this school.”

All of this was giving Kiibo a clearer picture of her refusal and sadness, but instead of saying what he thinks it all means, he let Miu explain the last consequence.

“And 3: which is connected to both the 1st and 2nd consequence,” and as she was about to say the 3rd consequence, she finally raised her head so she could face the robot, knowing the fact that she’s crying, “if you’re not here with me, then I don’t know if I can fucking handle it!!!”

Kiibo, the Ultimate Robot, can’t completely read the room, but even he can see what she meant by all that. The guilt he felt inside was so heavy that he wondered if he might have a heart.

Kiibo took both of Miu’s hands and looked into her eyes without hesitating, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t at all think of your feelings or how you felt! I was only selfish, and if it’ll help you feel better, then you can forget about my request!”

Miu didn’t know how to react to right now, the fact that he’s holding her hands, or of what he just said. But one thing was for sure, she was really embarrassed. So much so that she took her hands back and turned 180 degrees, so that Kiibo couldn’t see her face.

After a little while, she began to talk, still with her back shown to Kiibo, “If you think that’s enough, then no way Jose!” This left Kiibo in shock and sadness. But he could see that Miu turned her head around to face Kiibo, with a shade red showing on her cheeks.

“I’ll forgive you if you promise to stay by my side forever… okay?”

Kiibo didn’t know how to respond, because he knew that they can’t be together forever, but he if asks ‘why?’, she’ll probably begin to become angry and cry again. All of this left him with only one thing to say. “If you’re okay with it,” he said as he bowed in a Japanese way, “I would be glad to be by your side forever.”

The way Kiibo said it made Miu feel really embarrassed but must of all; it made her feel really happy to hear that. And also really aroused.

They stayed in the nurse’s office until it got dark outside, and they knew that if Head of Security, Juzo Sakakura saw them, then they’ll have hell to pay for staying at the school during nighttime.

As they were on their way to the dorms, Miu asked Kiibo embarrassingly, “Can we hold hands?”

Miu knew how Kiibo would answer back. He would be flustered and say they shouldn’t. But…

“Sure!”, he took Miu’s hand left hand and Miu got surprised, and felt a tingle all over her body.

As they were on their way to the dorms, the two ultimate students thought this at the same time,

He didn’t hesitate to hold my hand! D-D-D-Does this mean that he sees me as his girlfriend!? YEEEESSSHH!

It makes sense to hold hands when it’s dark. Especially since Miu-san is a girl and a student.

Even though they aren’t fully aware of each other’s feelings and intents, it doesn’t mean they won’t eventually be aware of it in the future.

Chapter Text

Tug of War. It is a friendly game between two opposites, as a way to stop conflict between them and have fun. A simple game of pulling a rope from each end. And the best part of the game is that no one gets hurt in the progress.

Right now, at the beginning of May, behind Hope’s Peak, two girls are having a tug of war.

“I need him.” *Pull*

But unlike in a normal tug of war, someone is getting hurt.

“No, I need him!” *Pull*

And that someone; is the rope.

“Please stop this. You guys are hurting me!!!”

That’s right; the Ice Queen, Kyoko Kirigiri, and the Bewitching Idol, Sayaka Maizono, were having a Tug of War, and they are each pulling one of Makoto Naegi’s two arms.

Why did this happen? Thought the seemingly unlucky boy, which made him remember what happened around lunchbreak.

Makoto had just gotten his order from the cafeteria and was on his way to sit at a table. But as he knew, mostly because of his bad luck, almost every table was unavailable. Makes you doubt rather his has bad luck instead of good luck.

As he was on his way to the exit of the cafeteria, so he could sit on a staircase in the halls, which he thinks could also be occupied, he was stopped in his tracks when he felt a hand touch his left shoulder. When he turned around, he saw that it was Sayaka Maizono, his former crush.

“Hi Naegi-kun,” she smiled. That made Makoto almost jump out of freight, which he didn’t because of the set of food in his hands.

“Oh, it’s just you Maizono-san.” he answered back with a sheepish smile.

“What do you mean by that? Do I look like a ghost to you?” she asked while getting closer to his face. “I can’t believe you think I look like a monster.” She cried, hiding her mouth with one hand so she wouldn’t drop her food.

Makoto felt horrible for that, but then he remembered the idol’s nature to kid around, and asked, “You’re just joking, right?”

In almost an instant she raised her head, took her hand away from her face and showed a teasing face, “Ahhh, I thought you would fall for that one!”

“You can’t trick me all the time,” he said in his best way to sound like he triumphed.

They both had a good laugh, but then Sayaka began to speak up, “Why were you leaving the cafeteria? Is something the matter?”

Makoto answered back, “No, it’s nothing serious. It’s just that there is no table to sit at.”

When the idol heard that she began to observe around her, and she could see he was right. But then she saw a table occupied by Teruteru Hanamura, Ibuki Mioda, Yasuhiro Hagakura and Hifumi Yamada, and then she thought, while showing a glimpse of a terrifying smile, I’ve got an idea.

She asked Makoto to wait where he was, until she would call for him. That left Makoto bewildered, but he just followed suit. He then observed that when she was at the table, the guys and Ibuki began to instantly remove their food and drinks off the table and left. Sayaka then looked over at Makoto and waved with her hand toward Makoto, like she was telling a cat to come over to her.

He was relieved that a table was finally available, but he was also puzzled about how the idol just did that. “Thanks, Maizono-san, but how did you make them leave just now?”

Sayaka tilted her head to the left side and said with an innocent smile, “Oh, I just said to them that if they left this table immediately, then the next tickets they buy will be on half price.”

The luckster asked in concern, “Is that okay for business?! What will your manager say about this?”

As a reply Sayaka made a serious face, “He’ll just have to deal with it.” That left Makoto with no further questions, seeing that he doesn’t want to pry too much into that.

While Makoto was eating his curry, his favorite food, Sayaka asked him, “By the way, Naegi-kun, do you have time after school?”

That made the luckster look up from his curry and pay attention to the girl in front of him. “Of course, I don’t have much to do today, and I can see this as a way to pay you back for helping me getting a table,” he smiled while having a little piece of curry on his right corner of his mouth, which Sayaka took notice of.

She took a napkin up from her pocket, and said to Makoto, “Hey, you have some curry on your face, let me wipe that for you.” Before he could refute or consent with Sayaka actions, she just stood up, got closer to his face and wiped that piece of curry from his mouth. That made the luckster both speechless and blushing at the same time.

Sayaka then began to speak, “So, shall we meet right after school? I can tell you what I need help with once we meet up.”

Makoto stopped himself from blushing and answered back, “Of course, right after scho-!” Makoto stopped right there in his track and couldn’t finish his sentence.

Why? Because he remembered right now that he already had promised to help Kyoko. He then began to walk down memory lane, to what happened this morning.

It was around 7:00 AM, Makoto was in his dorm room, getting ready for school. He was in front of his door that led outside. As he was on his way to open the door, he checked his things to be sure he was ready, “Bag: check. Uniform: check. Lunch: hmmm, seems I have no more of that. Then, lunch money for the cafeteria: check.”

When he knew he had most things in check he opened the door and locked the door when he got outside. “Door locked: Check. Kyoko who is front of my dorm room: che- Whoa!” As soon as he saw the lavender haired girl in front of him, he got so startled that he almost lost his bag.

“Kyoko, what are you doing in front of my dorm room?” He then got an idea of what it could be. “Are you waiting for me so we can walk together to school?”

Kyoko looked at him with an emotionless face and said, “That wasn’t the reason I came here, it’s something else.”

That answer left the luckster deadpanned, “What is it then?”

“If you’re not too busy this afternoon, then I would like to ask a request of you.”

“Another request?” asked Makoto.

“It’ll not be the usual, it’s not a case, but I can’t go into more specific details about it for now.” That surprised even Makoto. Something else than a case, huh?

“Sure, I can help you. When is it-” He stopped right in his sentence, when he saw a piece of a girly magazine of sort sticking out of Kyoko’s bag. When the detective picked up Makoto’s gaze at her bag, she put the rest of the magazine back in her bag in a hurry.

Acting as nothing happened, Kyoko said, “We shall meet after school in the back alley behind the school. Got it?” Even though Makoto wanted to ask what it was with that magazine, which he knows Kyoko doesn’t read, he decided to not dwell into it, and just nodded to Kyoko’s question.

“Well, shall we?” asked the detective, leading the luckster into even bigger confusion.

“Wait, wasn’t it first after school?”

Kyoko facepalmed to that question and said, “It’s not that. I meant walking off to school together. You do want to walk over to school with me, right?” Makoto felt like an idiot after realizing it, and they stated walking to school together.

This leads us back to the conversation between Makoto and Sayaka.

“Sorry, but can it wait until a little after school?” he asked in an almost begging tone.

First, she was confused about it, but then she went back to her usual smiling face, “Sure, but…” until her eyes began to squint, in an almost ominous way, “why is it?”

Makoto almost felt scared for a minute, and was almost saying his reason, but then he remembered what Kyoko also said to him, “Don’t tell anyone that we’re meeting up, okay?”

In the end Makoto just had to the most reasonable thing in this situation, “I was asked to help the student council, seeing that I’m the class rep of class 78,” lie out of his ass.

Sayaka took that with a smile and said, “Then I’ll wait for you until you’re done.”

“I’ll text you when I’m done, then we can meet up at some place, okay?” said Makoto as he left the table, finishing his food.

“Sure,” answered the cheerful idol, but underneath the table she was tightening her napkin she had just used to wipe the piece of curry from Makoto’s mouth. She knew something was up, and she wouldn’t let that up anytime soon.

This brings us to the moment when the luckster was on his way to meet with Kyoko, who he had agreed to meet up with in the back alley behind the school.

But as soon as he had arrived at the place, he discovered that Kyoko wasn’t the only one there. Sayaka was there too, which surprised Makoto. And he could see that they both had serious faces on and that they stared at each other like fated enemies in a comic book or something. He swore he saw lighting shoot out of their eyes.

The intense starring stopped once they realized that Makoto had entered the scene, turning their point of view to him.

Makoto was the first one to speak in this awkward situation. “Maizono-san? What are you doing here?”

Sayaka answered back with a question, while showing a smile, “Oh, shouldn’t I be asking YOU that question, Naegi-kun? Didn’t you say that you were helping the student council? How could you lie like that?”

That truth bullet hit Makoto right in his stomach, forcing him to his knees, making him feel completely guilty for lying to his friend. “I didn’t think that you were meeting up with the Ice Queen here,” she said as she turned her gaze towards Kyoko.

Kyoko took that as a declaration of war, and said while looking at the wounded luckster, “And I thought you wouldn’t take one more request today, when you already had an appointment with me. You don’t take this seriously, do you?”

Makoto felt as he got shot by that one in the back, making him hit the ground. “But I didn’t think that you would fall for this Bewitching Idol’s chant.” Kyoko turned her gaze towards Sayaka.

As Makoto began to rise from the ground, he tried to find an excuse for all of this. “I’m really sorry, but you all just started to ask for my help, and you know I can’t say no… so…”

Makoto could feel that the girls’ attention toward him wasn’t in a positive way. ““Quiet Makoto/Naegi-kun, this doesn’t concern you at all!”” A clean headshot right in the middle of the little brown-haired kid’s forehead, made him fall back on his back.

Kyoko took a deep breath, and walked off to where Makoto was, “But all that doesn’t matter right now,” and lifted up his arm to help him come back to his feet, “we have somewhere else to be, right” than she locked her left arm with his right arm, “Makoto?”

That transaction made Makoto blush really red and made Sayaka angry and jealous at the same time, which was Kyoko’s goal. But in hindsight, even the Ice Queen is a little embarrassed during this. Her face could barely hold the façade.

The Bewitching Idol saw that as a challenge, and in that moment she had an opportunity, she ran over to Makoto’s left side and gripped his left arm with both her arms, so that the whole frontal part of her torso could be felt by the luckster. “He has to help me too!” This surprised both Kyoko and Makoto in many ways.

Kyoko discovered the disadvantage she had against Maizono. Her observant detective eyes had discovered that Maizono had a little bigger bust than the detective herself had, and that she could see Makoto was even more flustered now than before, making it clear what Makoto’s weakness could be. Even though it could be the fact that two beautiful girls were holding both his arms.

To make sure Sayaka wouldn’t get the upper hand, Kyoko pulled Makoto over to her side, and Sayaka did the same so Kyoko wouldn’t get to have Makoto all for herself. Then the detective broke her lock on Makoto’s arm, and took hold on the end of his right arm with both her hands and started to pull. In no mere seconds, the idol proceeded to do the same to his left arm.

Let the Tug of War begin!

“I asked for his help first!” *pull*.

“I helped him during lunch, and he said he wanted to repay me by helping me!” *pull*.

“Yeah? But I have helped him with lots of things!” *pull*.

“But hasn’t he helped you with many cases already!? He hasn’t helped me yet!” *pull*.

“Oh yeah? Well, what is he supposed to help you with?!” *pull*.

“He’s helping me with- eh?” Kyoko felt that Sayaka didn’t pull back.

This wasn’t good for Sayaka, in truth her request was a lie. She was supposed to lead him into the city so they would be on a date, which Makoto would have no idea about, until Sayaka would say “That was a nice date, don’t you think?” setting more gears in motion to help her get Makoto. This was a trick she learned from one of the singers in her group.

Kyoko felt like she was almost winning, but then Sayaka came up with a counterattack, “What about you? What do you need his help with?” *pull*.

Kyoko felt that one hit home. She loosened her grip on Makoto’s right arm a little, giving Sayaka a comeback in the game.

Kyoko wasn’t truthful either. She also lied about the request. It all stated yesterday when she read in a magazine she got from the Ultimate Fashionista, Junko Enoshima. She read in it that it would be a good tactic to lead Makoto on a date, without him knowing about until the end, by using a made-up request. It made her feel guilty for trying to trick the innocent luckster, with him being naive and everything.

But not guilty enough to stop pulling his arm with all her might!

“Even so, I’m not giving up here!” said Kyoko with determination in her eyes. “He’s coming with me!” *pull*

“No, He’s not!” answered Sayaka, showing an equal level of determination. “He’s coming with me!” *pull*

As the girl was still pulling, the boy remembered something he learned in history class. Many years ago, in Japan, Tug of war was used as a way for mothers, to determine who should have the child, by using the child as the rope. The winner was the one who would stop pulling, proving she cared about the child’s health.

“With me!” *Intense pull*

“With me!!” *Intense pull*

Unfortunately, the girls here don’t care about that for now.

““With me!!!”” They both shouted, pulling each of his arms with all their strength. If this was a shounen manga, there would be fire in their eyes.

They both stopped pulling and yelling when they discovered that the teacher for class 78, Koichi Kizakura, was taking a stroll near the alley. He looked at the situation with surprised eyes, but then closed his eyes and turned his head forward. “Youth, huh?” and left the scene while drinking his flask.

After the teacher left, the girls looked at the boy, and discovered that he was unconscious. Possibly due to the intense pain from being pulled by two beauties. The girls realized what they had done and lifted him over to his dorm room in a hurry. They couldn’t lift him to nurse’s office, since it was occupied by two specific underclassmen. *cough* the known cum-dumpster *cough*

Right as they both left Makoto’s dorm room and were on their way to each of their own rooms, Kyoko began to speak. “Maizono, I-”

“No Kirigiri-san, I’m sorry for doing all of this!” she interrupted with an apology, knowing what Kyoko was about to say.

This surprised Kyoko and she wanted to ask why, but she could see that Sayaka wasn’t done speaking. “I shouldn’t have interrupted your time together. I just wanted to be with him so bad, so I had to lie to him to get his attention. And when I was snooping around to find out he was supposed to meet up with you, I couldn’t stop myself.”

Kyoko felt guilty hearing that, and began to confess, “In truth; I lied as well. I didn’t have a case or anything else to do today that required his help. I was just being selfish.”

Sayaka picked up on that, and began to ask, “Kirigiri-san, do you… like Naegi-san?” Instead of answering her question Kyoko went silent, but Sayaka could see that the blush on the detective’s cheeks were a dead giveaway.

“So, the fake request was also because of your affection for Makoto?”

Hearing Kyoko say Makoto’s first name with no honorifics made Sayaka eyes twitch a little but answered back with red cheeks and a smile. “Yeah, he’s actually my first love since middle school.”

Kyoko looked seriously at Sayaka, “Then, I guess we’re rivals then, huh?”

“I’m afraid so,” consented the blue-haired girl to the purple-haired girl’s statement.

Sayaka turned her body 90°degress around, “You might think you have an advantage because you are allowed to call him by his first name, but…” that ‘but’ got the curiosity of the detective, and the idol took up a napkin from her pocket and said with a smug on her lips, “I have my own ways to take the advantage.” Even though Kyoko had no idea how that napkin can help Sayaka, she could see that the idol wasn’t lying or bluffing. “If you don’t hurry up, then it’ll be too late, Kyoko Kirigiri” said Sayaka, intimidating the detective by calling her by her full name.

But Kyoko didn’t back down. “Bring it on, Sayaka Maizono.” They then both turned their backs to each other and left, without making eye contact on their way to each of their dorm room.

Makoto woke up the very next day, not remembering the rest of what happened after he met up with Kyoko and Sayaka in the back alley yesterday. But he did remember that he promised to help each of them, so he texted to them about it. But for some odd reason they both answered back with:

NVM, just forget about it.

This just left him even more confused, but his intuition, and fear, told him to not dig any deeper into it and forget about yesterday. Completely!

In the end, since both girls cared for the boy’s safety, the result: a draw.

Chapter Text

A man sometimes must make a choice. Even if this choice could risk his life… Right now, on the roof of Hope’s Peak, Hajime Hinata is in that predicament. Two pretty girls are each holding a box in front of him, but he can only choose one of them. But no matter which one he chooses, he will still die, either physically or mentally.

It all started in Chiaki’s dorm room late at night. She was having her best friend Sonia Nevermind over to discuss a matter that’s been on the gamer’s mind for some time now.

“So let me, as they say, ‘get the hang of this’,” asked the worried princess, “ever since you confessed your feelings to Hinata-kun, he hasn’t talked to you?”

Chiaki was sitting on her bed, hugging her Yoshi pillow. “Yes, he hasn’t even come to play games with me at our usual place… or any place in general… I think....”

It’s been four weeks since the confession took place, and those four weeks have been rough for her. On that day she confessed, she gave him time to make his decision, but in hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea. She forgot how indecisive Hajime can be.

“If I didn’t confess that day, or said to give him some time to decide, this wouldn’t have happened… I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll never talk to me again…” said the sad gamer girl. When the princess saw Chiaki’s sad, yet adorable face that was about to cry, she rose up from her seat and hugged her.

“It’s okay, my friend,” said the princess. “You guys will definitely talk again, and maybe you’ll even be a couple!” That statement made Chiaki blush, and show a faint smile.

“You mean like how you and Tanaka-kun are a couple?” asked Chiaki.

“Hm, what do you mean?” asked Sonia, having no idea what Chiaki meant by that.

If nothing ever surprised Chiaki before, this would be a first, “Well, I thought that you and Tanaka-kun are, you know…”

“Oh no no no, but I can understand why you would think that,” stated the understanding princess. “I do admire him for what he says and does, and how he takes care of his Dark Devas. But I do not feel any romantic affection towards Gundham. Just great admiration.”

This cleared the misunderstanding that has been spread around in class 77, and possibly the whole campus. Now Chiaki just needs to tell the others about this misunderstanding as well, except for one. “Then what about Souda-kun?”

The word “Huh?” and Sonia’s face that showed clear disgust, was the only answer Chiaki needed to get her conformation on that matter.

“But back to the matter of hand; I think you should try making a bento for him and invite him for lunch and eat it with him,” suggested the princess while clasping her hands together in happiness.

Sonia could see the confusion on Chiaki’s face, she explained. “You see in my country, it is used as a way to force an important conversation between a man and a woman, and if one of them says no to it,” Chiaki began to listen closer out of curiosity, “then they’ll have to insert ten needles into their right arm.” This just brought more questions about Sonia’s country that Chiaki does not want answered.

“I think I get it, but what does the making-the-lunchbox part have to do with it?” asked the confused gamer.

As the princess was about to answer that question, she took a colorful book out of her schoolbag and pointed at it with her left hand while holding the book with her right, “This cultural book from your country tells me that homemade bentos will increases a boy’s affection for the girl.”

Chiaki could clearly see that that ‘cultural book’ is a shoujo manga, and a very popular one at that. But she knew that she had no other choice, and she really wanted to talk to him, so she agreed on trying Sonia’s plan.

While that was happening, a similar conversation transpired over at Hajime’s room. “So, let me get the hang of this; you haven’t gathered up the courage to talk to Nanami-san ever since she confessed to you?” asked Kazuichi, in which Hajime only responded by nodding in acceptance.

“And you called me, your ‘soul buddy’, over to help you with your love life?” asked Kazuichi cockily while rising his nose up and scratching his chin.

“No, not at all. I just wanted to talk to somebody about it, and your room is right next to mine.” Answered Hajime nonchalantly. He actually wanted to talk to his underclassmen Makoto Naegi and Shuichi Saihara, but both were busy. Makoto wouldn’t answer his phone, almost like he couldn’t or something, and Shuichi is having a movie night with his girlfriend. Even though Hajime was glad that one of his underclassmen got himself a girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel a little resentment against the cap boy.

Hajime’s answer made the mechanic grit his teeth in frustration, but he turned his frown upside-down and said, “Well, whatever, I kinda know how you feel, because,” his face made a big grin that showed almost all of his pointy teeth, “I’m trying to hurl in Miss Sonia.”

The reserve course student has heard him talk about Sonia ever since the two boys met each other, and he hasn’t stopped since then. All of the times Hajime tried kindly to tell Kazuichi that Sonia has no interest in him whatsoever, which everybody knew, has in the end made Hajime give up on trying to help. Mostly because he doesn’t have to try anymore, because…

“If only…” cried the pathetic mechanic, “If only that stupid Mr. Overlord of Ice-whatever didn’t stand in my way, then she would be mine… If she even looked at me that is!” Even Kazuichi himself could slowly see how pointless his love for Sonia was. Slowly.

Back to the topic at hand. It’s not that Hajime doesn’t want to talk to Chiaki, in fact; he really wants to, but he doesn’t want to make it awkward. Ever since that day she confessed, every time they met or looked at each other, they both go silent and blush at the same time, making it impossible to even start a normal conversation. Hajime tried to gather his courage during the time when his class had the whole class-apocalypse situation going on a week ago. But Chiaki was sick that day, which made Hajime’s day suck twice as much.

Sometimes he wished that a miracle would happen-


When Hajime heard that sound, he turned his attention towards his phone to see who’s sending him a text right now. It was Chiaki, which he could see at first hand because of the gacha character she uses as her profile picture. He felt ecstatic, but also a faint of self-loathing because he made the girl talk to him first, but that didn’t matter right now. The important thing now is to see what she wants to talk to him about during this hour.

Chiaki: Hey Hajime, do you have plans during lunchbreak tomorrow? - 20:24

This made Hajime even more happy, so he wasted no time texting back, but he made sure he didn’t send the text immediately, it would just be creepy.

Hajime: Nope. I have no plans. Why are you asking? - 20:26

Hajime already had an idea why she was asking, but he didn’t want to ruin it.

Chiaki: I just wanted to make sure you were free during that time, so that we could have lunch together. - 20:27

Chiaki: But only if you want to. Do you? - 20:27

This just made Hajime smile even more. Not only are they talking again, but now she wants to eat lunch with him. This could not get any better, could it?

Hajime: Sure. It sounds a like fun idea. Eating lunch with you will definitely be awesome 😊(y) - 20:29

The next text took a little longer, which made Hajime worry a little.

Chiaki: Great, then it’s a deal. xD - 20:35

Hajime doesn’t remember the last time he has felt such excitement for lunch. He wondered what kind of lunch he should buy from the cafeteria. Maybe one of the dishes Teruteru makes, even though those dishes might be dangerous. He has heard of the rumored ‘sexy sexy lunch’ that happened two years ago in his class. But before he could decide on what to eat, another text came in.

Chiaki: But don’t bring your lunch with you nor buy any. - 20:36

This only confused Hajime, as he did not understand why he shouldn’t do that. He didn’t even have time to comment back though.

Chiaki: Promise you won’t. >:( - 20:37

Even though Hajime knew that an angry face wouldn’t suit Chiaki, in fact he thought it would make her look cuter, he knew that when she uses that emoji there was no fighting back.

Hajime: Fine. I won’t, Ma’am. - 20:38

Chiaki: Good. 😊 - 20:38

Chiaki: Also; we’ll eat lunch at the rooftop. - 20:38

Now Hajime really has something to look forward to tomorrow. And just as Hajime was about to lie back and relax another message came in, making Hajime wonder when he could just relax.

Chiaki: Big news; Sonia isn’t in love with Tanaka-kun. Don’t tell Souda-kun. - 20:39

“Hey buddy,” finally asked the curious mechanic, “what are you looking at your phone for?”

Hajime hurriedly closed his phone, put it down, and answered with a smile, “Oh it’s nothing,” then he began to blush, “except, I’m going to eat lunch with Chiaki tomorrow.”

Kazuichi said while nodding understandingly “Oh, I see. Lunch with Chia-” then he realized the meaning in what Hajime said, which made his jaw drop. “You two call each other by your first names!?”

“That’s what you’re surprised about?!”

Then the next day came. Hajime and Chiaki did not talk at all before lunch, because they knew that it would be awkward talking before the appointed time they had agreed on. They just waited for when the school bell would ring.

Once it rang, both Hajime and Chiaki rose from their seats and left the classroom, and headed for the rooftop, as they had agreed on.

When they finally reached the rooftop and sat down at the bench, they could both feel that their hearts were about to jump out of their chests. Hajime knew he had to break the ice, since it was her who began all this by texting yesterday, and Chiaki has not said anything yet, so he had to take the initiative.

“Wow, you can see many things from up here. This is a whole lot different than the other school rooftops I’ve ever been to. As you would expect from Hope’s Peak, huh?” said Hajime, smiling sheepishly with a sweat drop on his forehead. Chiaki didn’t respond, just nodded. It seems she was half-asleep. This made Hajime feel even more awkward as all hell.

“Sorry, I guess I’m just making things worse, aren’t I?” sighed Hajime. That statement woke Chiaki up from her half-slumber.

“No, it’s not your fault Hajime,” she explained, “I’m just a little tired. That’s all… I think…”

This doesn’t surprise Hajime in the least. He knows of her late-night game playing, so this wouldn’t be the first time.

“Another all-nighter, huh? You need to watch out with tha-”

“No, it’s not that. Not this time anyway…” she interrupted, puffing her cheeks in frustration, before she began to look down in embarrassment. “I was up all night because… because…” she shyly said, while looking after something in her backpack.

Before she could fish out what she was looking for, the reserve course student already had an idea of what it was. He wasn’t dumb, he had put the pieces together since last night. He knew that Chiaki wouldn’t be so cruel to him that he wouldn’t get anything to eat. And he also knew that Chiaki would try something to show her affection towards him, since he knows that Chiaki has feelings for him, and as they say ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

It wasn’t at all because of that shoujo manga Kazuichi showed him last night that gave him that idea. Nope, not at all!

When Chiaki finally fished out a pink, oversized lunchbox for two, she turned left toward Hajime’s direction and said with pink cheeks and closed eyes, ““I made this for lunch! Would you like to eat it with me, Hajime Hinata?!””

At that point, time stood still for Hajime Hinata. But why was that?

Was it because Hajime was surprised about the lunchbox Chiaki made? No.

Was it because of what Chiaki just said? No.

Was it because Hajime saw a pillar-formed beam in his direction that turned people to stone? No, not in this universe!

It was because Hajime heard what Chiaki said twice at the same time. The only difference is that Hajime also heard it behind him. That made him turn his direction toward where that voice came from. Then he saw a redhead with green eyes, who has a camera around her waist. It was Mahiru Koizumi, but what caught his attention most was the green lunchbox she was holding in her hands.

Why is she here? That question can be answered if we look back last night, in Mahiru’s room.

She was having a girl’s night with Hiyoko, who invited herself over. She knew Mahiru needed help to win Hajime over, so she came up with a solution to how.

“You want me to make lunch for him, and eat with him?” asked Mahiru curiously, while eating a piece of traditional Japanese candy she got from Hiyoko.

“Listen Mahiru-onee,” she explained, while eating the same kind of candy Mahiru was eating, “haven’t you ever heard the saying, ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’? Besides; your hamburger steaks are fantastic. So, if this doesn’t work, then nothing will.”

Mahiru was skeptical about this, she doesn’t believe in cheesy stuff that only works in a shoujo manga. “I’m not so sure about this plan of yours. Besides, I usually eat lunch with Saito or you and the other girls, so I don’t know if there will even be time for it.”

“But isn’t it worth a shot, besides you can just tell Sato that you have something else coming up. I’m sure she would understand,” explained Hiyoko, “even for a seaweed haired girl like her.”

Even after hearing all that, and ignoring the dancer’s insult on Sato, Mahiru still was not sure about this. Not because she was skeptical this time, but because she was doubting her food would even make a difference to the relationship between her and Hajime. In fact, she made it worse not so long ago, by taking a picture of him without his permission, saying he was unreliable as a class rep and then leaving him in that nightmare of a classroom all on his own.

Hiyoko could see on Mahiru’s face that she was doubting herself, so she spoke up, “Mahiru Koizumi!” That outburst broke Mahiru out of her depressive thoughts. “If you don’t give it a shot now, then it’ll be too late for you to make a good impression on him!”

Mahiru knew that the tiny dancer was right. It was either now or never. “Besides that’s not the worst of it.” Mahiru listened closely in. “If you don’t give it a shot now, then Nanami-Onee will try the same and win over Hinata-Onii!” That cleared Mahiru’s eyes, and she rose up with compassion in her heart and mind.

She wasted no time sending a text to Sato, saying that she had to cancel eating lunch with her, and brought forth all her cooking equipment. Be ready Hinata-kun, I’ll make the best hamburger steak you’ve ever tasted, thought Mahiru determinately. Then, she saw an image of Chiaki Nanami at her window, and said while pointing at that same window with her right pointy finger, “I won’t let you win his heart, Chiaki Nanami!”

Hiyoko just stood there in the background, wondering if Mahiru really had lost her mind, like the other’s in her class. “I think I made a terrible mistake…”

Then it was the next day. She waited to talk to him until it was the start of lunchbreak, thinking that it would be the perfect moment to ask him. But once lunchbreak started, where most of the students were on their way to the cafeteria, and Akane started running like a predator once the bell rang, Mahiru lost her nerves and just sat where she is now.

She looked down at her green lunchbox, thinking that this was all a mistake. But she knew that she had to act, or it’ll be too late. She cannot back down now! She lifted herself from her chair and looked after Hajime, but she discovered that Hajime was nowhere to be seen. She figured that he was on his way to the cafeteria, so she hurriedly left the classroom and saw that he was heading up the stairs. That made Mahiru wonder because the cafeteria is on the 1st floor, so why is he going up the stairs? Mahiru had no time to think where he was heading, she knew she had to follow him. She followed him all the way up to the rooftop, in which she was hiding behind the door, the only thing separating him and her.

Mahiru than began to wonder if this was what they called ‘stalking’. Once she thought that she tried to deny it, but she knew that following a person without their consent or knowledge was basically stalking. She stopped thinking that and started to see through the window on the door, so she could have a better view on Hajime. The window was clean enough so that you could clearly see through it.

She could see that Hajime was alone, starring forwards and feeling a little tense. Mahiru, of course, couldn’t see Chiaki because she was smaller than Hajime, and was on his right side, the side of Hajime Mahiru couldn’t see.

She turned her back towards the door, getting mentally prepared for both a yes and a no as a reply. Then she turned towards the door, took hold of the doorknob, twisted it, and opened the door.

And that’s how we made it to here.

Einstein was right, time moves differently for people. For Hajime time was slowing down, thanks to this awkward moment and his confusion caused by this situation. His and the two girls’ surprised faces did not make the situation any better. Hajime didn’t know what to say, nor had he any idea why Mahiru would be here, or why she asked him to eat lunch with her, which she herself made! Hajime didn’t see that coming, especially from the strict, bossy Mahiru Koizumi, who always calls him ‘unreliable Hinata-kun’.

But for the two girls, time did not go slower. No, it stopped completely, and they were the only ones who could think in that moment. Chiaki thought surprised, W-Why is Koizumi-san here? No, that’s not the important thing here! In that moment she looked down at Mahiru’s hands and saw the real threat. Why does she have two lunchboxes? Chiaki thought, feeling threatened. And what she said before… Wait, could it be that…!

At the same time when Chiaki was thinking, Mahiru was during her own thought progress of what was going on. Na-Nanami-san is here too? It makes sense that I couldn’t see her before thanks to her height, but… Her attention led down to the pink box, I-Is that a lunchbox? Don’t tell me that…!

Then as they were both done with thinking what was going on, the two girls looked each other in the eyes and saw each other in a new light. Before this moment they usually talked, chatted and helped each other with either homework or chores, just like normal classmates and friends do. But now… It’s different!

She’s using this lunch plan to her advantage over Hajime/Hinata-kun!? Thought Chiaki and Mahiru simultaneously.

At this moment, even Chiaki, could feel the intensity between her and the photographer. Chiaki had no idea in the beginning that Mahiru had affections for Hajime, but she could easily figure out what was going on here, thanks to that lunchbox and the photographer’s blushed face. She was not an idiot.

Of course, Mahiru already knew that Chiaki was in love with Hajime, but she didn’t think that the gamer would be brave enough to make lunch for Hajime. Especially in a pink bento-box!

Once the two girls realized how heavy the situation got, they looked at each other as if they were enemies. No, more like rivals! If the two were animals, then Chiaki would be the dragon, while Mahiru was the tiger!

But, of course, time had to start again, and the one to make it happen was Hajime, who couldn’t handle all this confusion. “Ko-Koizumi?! Why are you here, and what did you mean just now?” he asked, oblivious to the intense stare between the two girls, which was broken up by Hajime’s question.

It took a couple of seconds before the photographer could find the right words. “I-I was supposed to eat lunch with Sato. But she cancelled at the last minute, and I can’t eat all of this by myself. So…” she lied, acting all casual, but hadn’t realized her cheeks were red. “Do you want to eat some of this hamburger steak with me…? Though it’s not like I made it for you, or anything…”

Hajime was, again, surprised by this. He remembered during his time at the reserve course that Sato had never once refused a single lunch request from Mahiru, or any other events that involved her! Hajime was starting to believe this was all a dream and wanted to pinch himself just to prove it. But then a thought went through his head and was about to ask Mahiru. “Koizumi, could it be you-”


But then he felt something incredibly soft on his right arm. He looked over to his right to see where that nice sensation came from. He could see that it was Chiaki, who was leaning to Hajime’s right side, so she could get a closer look over at Mahiru. It does not seem though that she has noticed that her chest was touching Hajime’s arm, but that doesn’t mean Hajime hadn’t, and it made him not only speechless, but completely red in the head.

“Hey hey, why Hajime?” she asked with emotionless, yet suspicious eyes. That remark by mentioning Hajime’s name made Mahiru squint her eyes a lttle. “What about Saionji-san? Aren’t you two best friends? I have seen you two eat lunch together before, so why not her?” Chiaki normally doesn’t suspect her classmates, but her instincts were what took over her right now, and she knew she couldn’t put down her guard here of all places.

Mahiru was taken aback by that, but, in truth, she was ready for this. So, without loosing her composure, she retorted, “Ah, I already asked her. But she said she already had her own lunchbox with her, and that she couldn’t eat more than what she had with her.”

After that was said, the gamer felt a little defeated, which made her lean back a little, so her chest didn’t touch Hajime’s right arm anymore, which in turn pulled him back to planet earth.

Once Hajime came back to his senses, he could see that the situation became a little more awkward than before, but thanks to his head being on cloud 9, he had no idea why that was. But it didn’t matter right now, he knew that he had to break the ice right now, again. And the best way to do that, was by using the most cliché harem protagonist quote known to mankind, “C-Can’t we all eat lunch together?” That question made Hajime sweat drop a little, but the girls said nothing and just sat down at the bench, where Hajime was in the middle.

Of course, this was not what any one of them exactly wished for, but it was better than doing nothing but stare at each other. Hajime felt really uncomfortable thanks to the girls’ intense starring and how close they were to him. He could feel that their eyes were keeping track of all his movements. It felt as if he did one wrong move, then it would not end good for him. But he knew that if he did not say anything soon lunch time would run out.

“So, which one should we start with?” he asked, which made the girls look threateningly at him.

That made Hajime run a cold sweat, and the girls asked, almost in unison, ““What do you mean?””

Hajime couldn’t fathom what they meant, but he didn’t have time to ask, because both girls began to answer what they meant, starting with Chiaki and ending with Mahiru.

“Hajime, you know that you can’t eat both of these, right? It’s not possible.”

“Your stomach can’t handle both, so you can only choose between one of our lunchboxes!”

Hajime could see what they meant by it, but he also couldn’t understand why those where the only choices. He knew there was no way he could eat two lunch boxes. No one, except Akane, had a stomach strong enough for that! Though that does not mean he cannot eat a portion from each of them, which Hajime thought was possible, but that does not seem to be possible at the moment.

Without even talking to each other, the two girls were somehow able read each other’s thoughts, and they came to a conclusion. They’ll use this situation to see whose lunchbox Hajime would choose! Without Hajime’s consent, they made this into a competition, to see who Hajime favors the most.

Hajime had no other choice but to go along with this, without knowing the competition between the two girls, and began with directing his attention to Chiaki’s lunchbox, and asked, “Is it okay if I see what you have made, Chiaki?” Chiaki felt as she was leaning forward in a racing game, and Mahiru felt as she got kicked out of the race.

Chiaki showed a little smile and delivered her lunchbox over to Hajime. Right as he was about to open the pink lunchbox, a thought occurred. Hajime had no idea if Chiaki could even cook. He has always seen her eat lunch bought from the cafeteria. This made Hajime drop a sweat out of doubt, but once he opened the box, that doubt disappeared. The food inside the box was normal. It was basically what you would expect from a regular Japanese lunchbox. This made Hajime feel relieved and that caused him to smile, which in turn made Chiaki smile and blush, and made Mahiru frown.

He could see it was all good, and he couldn’t resist trying to get a whiff of the scent from the lunchbox. That turned out to be the worst mistake he made in his lifetime!

He felt as if death came out of the lunchbox and was trying to take his soul. This sudden fear of death made him jump and ask many questions in his head. How could anything that looks so tasty and normal be this dangerous and deadly?! Then he realized that there was one person he didn’t want to discover this. Thankfully, Chiaki had not caught wind of Hajime’s sudden confrontation with death itself.

“Um, Chiaki, is this your first time making a lunchbox?” he asked, trying to hold back the fear he felt in his heart.

“Well, to be honest; I wasn’t the only one making it… I think…” That remark made Hajime realize that there was another one behind this, but instead of saying anything he let the gamer continue. “Sonia helped me making it. It was really fun,” she said, showing a faint smile on her lips. That answer made Hajime fear the food even more.

Hajime remembered a week ago, during the whole class-turning-into-a-jungle case, Sonia made some cookies to Hajime as a thanks for all his work, without Sonia noticing Kazuichi’s jealousy and frustration.

Hajime was glad in the beginning, but after taking just one bite, he met his dead grandpa again across the River of Styx. If it wasn’t because of Mikan and Nekomaru’s help he wouldn’t be alive to this day.

Hajime could not help but feel scared right now, but he’s glad that Chiaki had not discovered that yet. But then he realized that something wasn’t right about this, and he had to ask her, “Hey Chiaki, did you try taking a taste test of the food in here?”

That made Chiaki turn her attention away from Hajime’s eyes in shyness. “No, because I wanted you to be the first to try and eat it. I didn’t even let Sonia try it...”

If Hajime said that that didn’t make his heart skip a beat, then a lie detector would explode. But Hajime knew that wasn’t going to deny the fact that that lunch was deadly, so he had only one option now.

“Hey, Koizumi,” Mahiru beamed up as she heard that, “may I see your lunchbox next?”

That statement made Mahiru feel as she got a second chance in the race. “S-Sure. Here!” she didn’t even hesitate to give him the lunchbox.

Once he opened the lunchbox to see the hamburger steaks, he couldn’t hold back his ‘wow’. He had heard a lot from Sato how delicious Mahiru’s famous hamburger steaks were, and even said that they were godly, which Hajime was skeptical about. But now he could not only see how delicious they looked, but also how nice it smelled.

Then Hajime thought the same question he thought before he got interrupted by Chiaki a couple of minutes ago. Why would she choose me of all the students?

It wasn’t a dumb question. Even though there are many weirdoes in class 77, she had many female friends if you consider Ibuki, Mikan and some of the others. She could ask any of them, so why him? Then he got an epiphany. She lied about Sato, didn’t she? thought Hajime. Considering Sato would never refuse eating lunch with her best friend, this was the only thing that made sense. And that meant she made that lunchbox for only him and her to eat.

But that wasn’t enough to clear everything for Hajime. It still doesn’t make any sense why she wanted to eat lunch with him. But then, as words was gathering in his head, he came to one conclusion. She wants to apologize for being so bossy with me!

He wasn’t wrong, but not right either.

Hajime remembered hearing from his classmates and Sato that Mahiru is a nice person and doesn’t like to be mean to others. So maybe this was her way of apologizing? To be honest, he always wanted to be friends with Mahiru, especially since he feels more related to her then the others in the class. Hajime knew this was a chance he couldn’t refuse. It could be the start of a good friendship.

Then as he took his chopsticks up and was about to take one piece of the hamburger steaks, he heard something to his right.


He could see that Chiaki, who rarely shows emotions, looked down on her hands, all sad. And then his attention was led down to her fingers, which were covered in band-aids. That led him to imagine Chiaki cooking the food and cutting her own fingers by accident, which shows she had put a lot of work into it, and that she wasn’t going to give up trying to make it. Hajime could not ignore that kind of hard work, since he of all people knew the feeling of hard work. Besides, he knew that this was possibly his only chance to be on normal talking terms with Chiaki again. So even if this would kill him, he knew that it was the right thing to do!

He changed the direction of his chopsticks from the hamburger steak to Chiaki’s lunchbox, which made her show a faint smile, and tried going after the delicious looking, yet deadly fried shrimp. But as he was about to face death right in the face, he heard a disappointed ‘sigh’ to his left. It came from Mahiru, who looked disappointed. Hajime could see that if he said no to her lunch, it would be seen as him not accepting her apology.

Though that’s not entirely the reason for Mahiru’s behavior just now.

Then Hajime realized it; no matter which lunchbox he chose, he would still die, either physically or mentally, or even both! Even if he survives Chiaki’s lunchbox it would cause all accesses to speak with Mahiru, and his life span, to close down. And if he chooses Mahiru’s then he would ruin his only way to be on good speaking terms with Chiaki ever again, and he won’t be able to make a decision to Chiaki’s confession!

Chiaki or Mahiru? Chiaki or Mahiru? Chiaki or Mahiru?... This was quite the conundrum for the poor reserve course student! Why does he only have one choice between the two?!

Then, as though a flash of light went through his head, he remembered what Chiaki told him four weeks ago, “You decide your own move, you make your own choice...”

That made Hajime realize that there was a way to handle this. It was risky, but it’s better then hitting a bad ending. It’s do or die time! He raised his chopsticks, hold both the lunchboxes in his left hand, and took bites from each box in fast momentums.

The girls were surprised and confused, but nonetheless a little intrigued. They never thought anyone, except Akane, could do that. He continued taking one piece from each of the boxes, not slowing down the pace. He balanced the taste of food. After taking a bite from Chiaki’s deadly dish he would take a bite of Mahiru’s safe dish to make the taste neutral.

The girls were speechless, not even insisting on making him stop, or ask him why’s he’s doing this. But even though what he did was weird and questionable, the only thing the girls felt was relief and happiness, which is out of place in this situation. Seeing him accept both lunchboxes removed a heavy burden from both their shoulders. They could see that he accepts their way of building a bridge with him, and that makes them not only happy, but also makes them forgot the dispute the two girls had against each other.

But even though Hajime had a good run with the two bentos, he thought, Wait, Chiaki’s lunchbox is a two-in-one box! I can’t let her… feel hurt! After that, he took bigger pieces of Chiaki’s lunchbox, hoping it’ll go fine.

But suddenly, Hajime had stopped chewing down the food, and that his eyes had turned completely white. Then he dropped the lunchboxes before he fell face front, causing both girls to come to his aide.

“Hajime!” screamed Chiaki, concerned, “are you okay?” Hajime, of course, didn’t answer back.

Mahiru went over to him and checked his pulse on his arm. “He’s fine,” she said in relief, “he’s just unconscious…”

Chiaki calmed down a little after hearing that, but she still had a worried look on her face. “We told him he couldn’t eat both,” she said, puffing her cheeks. Mahiru couldn’t do all but chuckle in agreement.

Then the photographer looked over at the two lunchboxes by the bench and could see that there were more leftovers in Mahiru’s box then in Chiaki’s. Or more like, there was nothing left in Chiaki’s at all. This gave Mahiru a feeling of defeat, but she could see that Chiaki hadn’t realized it yet, because she was more worried for Hajime’s well-being than anything else right now.

The next thing Hajime knew, he was in a bed in the nurse’s office. Waking up, the only thing he could see was the ceiling, and Chiaki to his left, who was sitting in a chair. This made Hajime almost jump out of surprise until he saw that she was asleep. He could see outside the window that the sun was about to set, and that meant school was out.

“So, I had slept for some time, huh?” was the only thing Hajime could say to himself at this point, but that was enough to wake Chiaki up from her slumber.

“Hey hey, you’re awake, Hajime *yawn*” she said, still a little sleepy.

“Why am I here? What happened after lunch?” he asked, holding his forehead to his right hand.

“After you lost consciousness, Koizumi-san and I called for Tsumiki-san and Nidai-san’s help. Nidai-san lifted you over to the nurse’s office while Tsumiki-san took care of you.”

All of this gave Hajime a déjà vu feeling. Will this be a regular thing or what?

“But why are you still here? Shouldn’t you have gone home hours ago?” Hajime asked.

Chiaki then said, matter-of-factly, “Because I wanted to be by your side when you wake up… I think…” Almost at the same time they both blushed and avoided eye contact.

Then, after some seconds of awkwardness, Hajime lifted his back up from bed and said in a serious tone, “Chiaki,” which made the gamer look in the eyes of the reserve course student, “even if I haven’t arrived at an answer yet, I’ll come to it at a point.” This made Chiaki both blush and feel embarrassed.

“I believe in you, I mean,” she said with a bit of happiness in her tone, “the fact that you ate from both of our lunchboxes was proof enough. You chose your own answer instead of only choosing the ones present.” What she said made not only Hajime feel proud, but also made Chiaki more confident in what she said 4 weeks ago.

“Even thought,” she said with a bit bitterness in her tone, which got Hajime’s attention, “it seems as though Hajime is rising more than one flag.” This only confused Hajime, not having any idea what she meant by that.

“Wha…?” was the only thing that came out of Hajime’s mouth.

“You really are like an oblivious, harem protagonist…” Chiaki pouted. Hajime felt a little insulted and confused hearing that, not even willing to comment on that statement.

But then she returned to her smiling self, with a bit of a blush on her cheeks, and was glad that they could finally have a normal conversation again.

But that didn’t last long, “Hajime!” she said in a concerned tone, which got the full attention of the boy. “You should lie down in bed!”

“But I feel all better now. I can get up now,” he insisted. Chiaki didn’t accept that though; she knew that Hajime doesn’t take much care of his own health.

Knowing that talking to him would not convince him, she tried using force instead, by pushing him back in bed. Hajime was strong compared to Chiaki, but she wasn’t a pushover, and Hajime wasn’t the violent type. She managed to overpower Hajime, who was still a little injured from the lunch, but she used more power then she thought, which caused her to lose her balance, and fall over Hajime’s chest. “Hey, are you okay?” Hajime asked concerned.

The only thing the gamer could say back was, “Y-Yeah, I’m alright. I thi-” But she couldn’t finish her usual catchphrase, instead she blushed, realizing how tough Hajime’s chest was, in which made her remember that Hajime is definitely a boy. Of course, Hajime was in a trance himself, feeling the softness of Chiaki’s breasts on his own chest.

The two teenagers went completely silent, the only thing they could hear where each other’s heartbeats, the most comforting sound known to humans and love. It was as if time itself had stopped, and that they were the only ones in this world. It was a moment they wished they could spend eternity in.


“Hinata-kun, have you woken up yet? When I heard what happened I could not believe it my-… self…” said Chisa Yukizome, who just came in to check if her student felt any better. This situation proved more than enough.

Now the room went silent again, but in an even more awkward silence this time. It didn’t take long before the teacher said, “Sorry for interrupting!” and went out the emergency exit out of this conversation.


Chapter Text

Shuichi Saihara, as a detective, had been through many challengers. When he was in grade school, he went through a lot to find one of his classmate’s pet, who went missing. Later he solved a murder before the police could, and, recently, he helped the police in a bomb case, which made him almost faint from the pressure. But now, he has met his toughest challenge yet. This challenge is nothing like any other, and he needs all the courage he has in his soul to complete it.

“So,” Shuichi woke up from his train of thoughts and directed his attention to the challenge to his right. “W-When are you going to hold my hand?” asked Kaede embarrassingly, leaving her left hand ready to hold his hand. Shuichi was not ready for this. He thought he was just going to see a movie with his girlfriend, nothing more.

It’s only been a week-and-a-half since Shuichi accepted Kaede’s confession and started dating. In the beginning it was fine and dandy, but as time went on, trouble began. But what kind of troubles could that be? Well…

“You haven’t taken the initiative since we started dating.” sighed Kaede, looking over at her boyfriend with interrogating eyes, which Shuichi never thought he would see in his life.

It wasn’t exactly untrue. Ever since they started dating, they hadn’t done much. Well, it was mostly because of Shuichi not being brave enough to do things that a couple usually do. That is to say, that they haven’t even hold hands yet.

“Well, it’s just,” said Shuichi in his defense, “I’ve heard couples that rush those things doesn’t last very long.”

Kaede was glad to hear that Shuichi is being reasonable about their relationship and wants to keep it going for a long time, but that does not mean she was agreeing to it. “I know, I don’t wanna rush things either, but” said Kaede who changed her understanding expression to an angrier expression, “holding hand isn’t even daring. It’s just an ordinary thing you do once you’re in a relationship.”

Shuichi knew what she to be true. In fact, he feels disappointed in himself for thinking those things as daring. He had no experience when it came to dating. He can solve puzzles and murder cases as easy as making a French toast with ketchup in it. But when it comes to dating, then it’s like making a very delicate and difficult French full course menu for royalties. Doing things like holding hands is really difficult for the detective prince to do. Watching a movie with a girl in his dorm room at night is the most acceptable for him at this moment.

“You know,” said Kaede trying to make conversation with Shuichi and watching the movie at the same time, “if you don’t try to be more assertive, then you won’t try to be more confident in yourself.”

That remark ‘confident’ was the exact reason to why he started dating her. That and the fact that he likes her. He knew he had anxiety issues thanks to his troubled past, and he wanted to change to a better person with confidence. Kaede’s suggestion to be a couple to help him was a good idea, and she has since then tried several things to make Shuichi more confident in himself. But it was better said than done, thanks to his shyness and lack of confidence. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t changed a little bit, and he knew he could prove it.

“But I have been trying to be more assertive lately!” Insisted the detective while pointing at the top of his head, “See. I haven’t worn my hat after you told me I should take it off.” That hat was a symbol of his anxiousness, and he himself knew that. In the beginning he was against taking it off, but in the end, he took it off.

But just as Shuichi felt proud of it, Kaede then disappointingly said, “But that took you five days after we started dating.” That statement shot down Shuichi’s claim like nothing and made him look down in shame.

Then he raised himself up and said, “But we have done other couple’s stuff, like texting.”

But Kaede wasn’t going down so easily, “We already did that before we started dating,” and just to aid salt to the wound, “and that took you two weeks after I gave you my Link account.” Not only was his claim cut down, he even felt he got cut in his stomach.

While he was trying to think of other things they’ve done together, he saw the tv and was about to use that as his rebuttal. Except, he was too late. Kaede was already ahead of him, ready to deliver the final blow, “And it was me who invited you to this movie night in your room. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” That one felt like a headshot, accompanied by thousands of shots to his whole body. Leaving him in complete defeat both as a man and as a boyfriend.

To be honest; she doesn’t like to see her boyfriend all beaten up, but she has to be a little tough to make sure Shuichi becomes the man she knows he can be. Besides, she’s the kind of girl who can get easily irritated and angered, especially when she gets annoyed.

When Shuichi tried to get up and lick his wounds, he realized that his girlfriend had a point. He needs to be more assertive, especially since he has let Kaede take the initiate from the beginning of their relationship. If Kaito heard about it, he would say, ‘A man has to push forward and take the lead. Just like that time when I was the captain of my pirate crew!’ Even though the last part was unnecessary, it put a fire in Shuichi’s soul, or at least a spark. He felt as if Kaito was with him right now, helping him on his quest for love and confidence.

Gathering up all of his courage, he tried to reach the piano freak’s left-hand, ready to hold her hand. But then, she moved her left-hand away, making it harder for him to hold her hand. Shuichi thought in agony, Was I too late? Is she disappointed in me? What kind of boyfriend am I? Then as he closely observed his girlfriend, he could see that she used her left-hand and right-hand to take off her pink sweater.

“Wow, it’s hotter than I thought it would be. Even though it’s May.” said Kaede while fanning right-hand to her face to cool down, leaving her left-hand open and ready to be hold. Seeing the hand ready and open, he took the chance and was ready grasp that hand.

But then, something else caught his attention, which made him think it would be better if she kept on her sweater. That sweater helped hiding Kaede’s bigger-then-average bosom, which is every man’s, and Shuichi’s, weakness. Shuichi had already been clear of the fact that Kaede’s chest is big, which has made him peek at them a couple of times in school. Even though he feels ashamed for thinking it, he always wanted to touch them. All of this has made it harder for him to complete what he was about to do, and now he can’t even think straight.

Kaede could see to her left that her boyfriend is even redder than before, so much that he doesn’t even pay attention to the movie anymore. She felt irritated, but mostly ashamed for what she is doing to her boyfriend’s innocent mind. She took off her sweater on purpose, so that Shuichi’s inner beast would awaken. She could tell that the detective boy always took few glimpses at her chest, so she knew his weakness, just like how you could tell when Gonta Gokuhara was lying. Though she doesn’t want him to go all berserk on her this early, she still wanted him to take the lead for once. But it looked that has backfired. No, more than that, he’s even more hesitant than before! He’s afraid that his lustful side of him will take over and that he’ll do more than just hold her hand. Maybe he’ll even do things he would be ashamed of later. Kaede could see from all that that she had to let things run its course, even if it could take a while. So, she took her eyes of Shuichi and paid attention to the movie.

It was true that Shuichi felt more embarrassed and hesitant than before, now that she has revealed her assets. But the detective was still determined to be assertive. Determined to take the lead. To be a true boyfriend!

As he was ready to take his girlfriend’s hand, he soon discoverd that it was gone. But most importantly he heard a scream and saw something leaping towards him. Thanks to the dimly lit room he couldn’t see what or who it was, but since it was only him and another person, he could easily deduce who it was.

“Ahhhhh!” screamed Kaede, burying her head into Shuichi’s chest. Shuichi was blushing, but mostly surprised by this sudden turn of event.

“Kaede,” asked the concerned detective, “are you afraid of horror movies?”

Kaede looked up at her boyfriend, with tears in eyes and said, “I-I-I-I’m really scared of these kinds of movies! Why did you even pick this one?!”

In Shuichi’s defense, he didn’t even know it would turn out to be a hidden horror movie. It wasn’t even his movie. He got it from Kaito when the detective told him about the movie nigh-

Oh! Now Shuichi could see the clear picture here. Kaito knew this would happen, it’s a cliché, but a good one to pick up girls. He thought it was weird that Kaito had that devious smile on his lips, which wasn’t as mischievous as Kokichi’s, while he handed him that DVD, saying it would be bring good luck to Shuichi’s relationship.

“How can it be you’re not scared by that jumpscare and gore, Saihara-kun?!” asked the still scared pianist. Shuichi couldn’t tell her that he was too preoccupied on trying to hold her hand than what was going on in the movie, so he had to lie a little. “Well, you know I’m a detective and all, so I’ve seen worse.” It’s not untrue, but yet again, horror movies don’t really scare him.

Shuichi asked concerned, “Should we turn it o-” but then, he got an epiphany. This was his best chance. Even though he can’t hold her hand in this situation, he can do something else couples usually do. He took his arms out and hold Kaede in comfortable embrace, keeping her safe from the horrors in the movie. This caught Kaede off guard, she never thought Shuichi would do something like this. She’s not even acting like she’s scared, so she was not ready for Shuichi’s sudden embrace. But that doesn’t mean she was against it.

He's so… warm and nice… It makes me feel… safe…

They kept on holding each other until the movie was over and it was close to nighttime, which is 10 PM. “Well, that was something.” said Kaede who was still blushing after what happened. Shuichi could only nod to that. Kaede was both glad and disappointed in what happened today. She was first of all glad that Shuichi did something more daring than holding hands in the end. But she feels kind of disappointed in herself because none of attempts even worked. Instead she feelt like she just made it worse.

Maybe letting it go its natural course is better?

As Kaede was on her way back to her dorm room, Shuichi said, “W-Wait, Akamatsu-san, I can’t let my girlfriend walk out in the dark by herself. So,” he rose his right arm and opened his hand while being embarrassed at the same, “is it okay if I walk you back to your dorm room?”

Kaede was blushing and surprised by this. Now it’s Shuichi whose giving his hand out for her to hold to. It’s like the roles have been reversed, but, unlike Shuichi, Kaede didn’t hesitate. They were holding hands the whole way back to her dorm room. It felt as if both had accomplished what they wanted, and they couldn’t be happier than they are now. If only the route to her dorm room was longer.

When they finally reached her dorm room, Kaede asked, “Hey, Saihara-kun, do you want to come inside and… you know?” in a seductive voice.

Shuichi could only blush to that, “W-W-W-Wait! Isn’t that going way too fast? We haven’t even kissed yet. And-and-”

“Just kidding,” interrupted the teasing pianist, smiling, “we’re not there yet.” Shuichi would lie if he said that he didn’t like that smile.

“But there is one ting you can do for me.” said the pianist, blushing.

“What is it?” asked the detective.

“When we’re alone,” insisted Kaede, “may I call you Shuichi? And can you call me…” Shuichi already had an idea of what she was about to say, so as he was about to say ‘yes’, she finished, “Sweetheart?” which left him completely silent and blushing red as a tomato.

He learned something important today: Once you have completed one hard challenge, another one comes and slaps you in the face.

Chapter Text

When students from Hope’s Peak need to relax and have a break from all the hard work at the academy, they usually go to the local café Noir. It’s not famous nor is it built by a former ultimate; it’s just built very close to the grounds near Hope’s Peak, before Hope’s Peak was even established. But what really draws the students to that little, nice café, is the relaxing atmosphere created by the company of the students and the nice smell of coffee. Thought in this time and age, not all the students go there.

But at that very local café; three male students are around one round table, discussing a very serious matter, that makes the air almost heavy to breathe.

“So, let me get this straight, Makoto Naegi?” asked Hajime looking down on his underclassman Makoto Naegi, both figurative and literally. “You haven’t made any progress with Kirigiri-san, at all?”

Makoto felt embarrassed by that remark, looking down at the fine floor that was recently polished. He knew this would be the reaction he would get from any of his friends, especially from an upperclassman. But what else could he tell them? He does not remember anything that happened that day when Kyoko asked for his help with something, she had not yet told him. The only things he remembers are pain, fear, and, for some reason, a feeling of being a little aroused.

But before the lucky student could go down the hole of endless pity, he rose his face up and asked while pointing at the taller student, “What about you, senpai? I heard you still haven’t accepted Nanami-senpai’s confession! And that you guys haven’t talked since then!” Makoto hated being mean to others, but like hell he was just going to stand down and take all this! He had at least some pride.

The reserve course student felt as he got shot by a bullet, but then he rebutted, “True, I haven’t replied to her confession yet, but,” he said with confidence in his voice and with a little cocky attitude, “not only are we on talking terms again, but she also made lunch for her and me to eat together!” He, of course, did not mention the part about the food’s taste, nor can he even recall the taste of the food, seeing that it’ll only make it worse for the reserve course student to remember.

Makoto felt like he got defeated. The only positive thing that has happened for him recently has been that the fact that he and Kyoko are on first name basis. He can’t use that as a truth bullet, knowing that Hajime and Chiaki also call each other by their first names.

Before the argument could get any further, the third student, Shuichi Saihara, rose up his hand, so he could say something to the matter. “Well, as for me; nothing much has happened,” he said as he looked away in shyness, “except I watched a movie with Kaede, which lead to me holding her so she wouldn’t feel scared by the movie’s sudden jump scare. And when it got late, I walked her home while holding her hand.”

The two upperclassmen could not feel any more defeated than at this moment. Not only does Shuichi have a girlfriend, he has even made it to more stages than they have with their crushes. And he’s only a 1st year! They are happy for Shuichi having a girlfriend, but that didn’t stop them for feeling jealous for the detective’s accomplishments. Now Hajime knows how Kazuichi felt when he sees another couple, or just when Sonia is with another man.

But why are these three students conversing about their love lives to each other? Well, it started the day when they all first met each other.

They met on the day when Shuichi said yes to being Kaede’s boyfriend. Shuichi still couldn’t believe that a girl like her confessed to someone like him. But this was reality, and seeing that he is a detective, he must accept it as the truth, which made him feel exhausted. So, he asked Kaede if it was fine for him to take a breather in the classroom. Kaede, of course, understood the reason, so she said that she will wait for him down at the main entrance so they could walk home together. With Kaede gone he could finally breathe calmly, but he got interrupted when he heard the door been opened again. He looked to his back to see who the perpetrator was, and he could see it was Kaede, with a faint of red on her cheeks. “Remember,” she said in shyness, “now we’re officially girlfriend and boyfriend! So, look forward to the upcoming days. I know I will!” After she said that she left in a hurry, probably because she was a little embarrassed saying all that. He was happy she left; he didn’t want her to see her boyfriend being all red like a tomato.

After a quick and calm breather, again, he finally went on his way to meet up with his girlfriend. But as he opened the door leading outside the classroom, he could see two students in front of him; one who was about his height and someone who was a little tinier than Shuichi himself. Not only was he confused by this sudden visit, but he also felt a bit of fear, thanks to the serious stares from the two. He hates being starred at.

The two students had an almost same kind of aura around them. It was the kind of aura that felt average and normal but had a hidden potential, something that made them strong and unique in their own way. It reminded him of the same definition that Kaede and Kaito used when they talked about what kind of person Shuichi is.

Shuichi could easily see that the two of them are students, but he had no recollection of who they were, thanks to him not being so social with others outside his class. They both have brown hair, almost the same eye color, and they each have an ahoge, almost the same one he and Kaede has. There was also clear height difference between. One of them was taller, and his eyes have a straight line running across his pupil, and the other one was a little smaller than an average person, being almost on pair with Kokichi.

The tall one began to speak first, “We have something to discuss with you, Saihara-san…”

Then the small one next, “It’s very serious, and we would like to hear your opinion…”

Shuichi could not help but feel intimidated by their serious stares. He could barely even say anything, the only thing that came out of his mouth was, “W-W-W-What do y-you mean...?”

After the two upperclassmen heard that, they began to walk close to the detective, which in turn made him walk back nervously. “We heard just now that you and that girl, Akamatsu-san, are an item, is that correct?” asked the tall one with seriousness in his voice.

Shuichi wondered how the two knew that, it had not even been a day! He figured that they most have been around the area when they heard what Kaede said a couple of seconds ago. B-B-B-But why would they ask me about that? He asked himself in complete fear. And then a thought occurred, They most be her admires! Crap, what have I gotten myself into? I knew it was a mistake to accept her confession.

In this situation, it would be a good and reasonable idea to lie, but then he thought what Kaede would do. He knew she would stand her ground and say proudly that she and Shuichi are a couple.

The detective buried his fingernails into his palm, looked at the two students at their faces and said, “Y-Yes. Akamatsu-san and I are a couple!” It did not stop him from blushing though.

The two students began to walk even closer to him, so much that the space between them was about 15 cm. The small one talked first, looking over to the tall student to his right, “Then, it’s decided, right?” In which the other one just nodded in acceptance.

Shuichi could see that the two lifted their arms up, almost like they were about to attack him. In exchange, he closed his eyes, prepared for whatever they would do to him. Sorry, Kaede. It seems I can’t make it for today, he thought. But as he just stood there, waiting for the brutal beat down he’s about to take, nothing happened. When he opened his eyes, he could only see that the tiny one bowed down, and the tall one holding the detective’s hand. This created even more confusion for the poor detective. But before he could ask what they were doing, the two students said in unison, ““PLEASE, HELP US WITH OUR LOVE LIVES!!!””

Shuichi was confused, wondering what they meant. When one of them looked up at Shuichi, he could see he needed to explain, “You see, my name is Hajime Hinata, a 3rd year, and this Makoto Naegi, a 2nd year. We’re basically your upperclassmen.”

Makoto stopped bowing and raised his head, “Hinata-senpai and I met each other only 5 minutes ago, and we learned we both have love problems.”

“We heard what Akamatsu-san said not so long, and we thought that someone who’s in a relationship could maybe help us.” Explained Hajime. “I have a girl I like, and she confessed to me not so long ago, but I haven’t replied, mostly because of my own insecurities…”

“And I have a girl I like, and I think she might like me too. But we both haven’t done anything about it, and I don’t have much experience about love, so…”

““That’s way we need your help!”” they begged in unison, again.

Shuichi understood them but had no idea how to respond to this. Seeing as it was Kaede who confessed to him, and not the other way around, he has no tips or anything like that that could help them. Before he was about to tell the truth, a thought occurred to him. “Sorry, but can we take this another time? I promised to meet up with Akamatsu-san!” he said as he hurriedly left the classroom, after he gave them his Line account.

Then after that day they met up at the café Noir, and Shuichi told them what really happened that day. The detective felt as he had disappointed his two upperclassmen, but then Hajime said, “So, basically, we’re all in the same boat, huh?” That made Shuichi look up with sheer confusion in his eyes. “I mean, you’re in a relationship, but you’re still afraid of what will happen next, right?” The detective nodded in acceptance, which made both Hajime and Makoto smile.

“Then let’s help each other. It would be better than relaying all of this on someone who doesn’t really understand any of this, right?”

Shuichi nervously said, “Yeah, totally…” as he thought at the same time, And I was just about to consider talking to Kaito about this… I’m glad I met these two. Maybe with their help it'll be a little easier?

When they all agreed by having a toast with coffee cups, the first one to say something was the small one. “So, first off, maybe Shuichi-san should take that cab off. It would help your and Akamatsu-san’s relationship.” He said as he pointed at the hat Shuichi was wearing, in which he grabbed his cab in reflex, making sure it didn’t leave the top of his head.

The detective said defensively, “Wha-! That isn’t necessarily-”

But he was cut off by the reserve course student, “No! take it off. For HER!”

Shuichi thought while sweating, This is gonna be harder than I thought…

Since then they have met up once every week, and most of their conversations have mostly been disappointing. Seeing as none of them have made any improvements, except for Shuichi, but those improvements were mostly caused by his girlfriend.

But today was different. Shuichi finally took some initiative doing the movie night and was assertive. And Hajime was on talking terms with Chiaki again. The only one who didn’t improve was Makoto, and he knew that. Originally, he wanted to use Kyoko’s request to make some advancements, like flirting or something like that. But he does not remember what had happened that day, except for the fact that he passed out. But he knew he couldn’t blame what happened that day for his failure. What would be the purpose of that? In conclusion; he could only blame himself for that.

But he knew he was more of an optimistic person, so he stood up and said, “But if you’re just on talking terms then that means you’re back to square one. I know that the lunchbox was an improvement, but what did you do, Hinata-senpai!” That statement caught Hajime off guard, but for some reason he felt as if he was prepared for this.

Hajime was not really a person who liked to brag but giving up in a fight wasn’t him either! So, even though it was little embarrassing, he mentioned what else happened, “Sorry to break it to you, but we’re not at square one at this point. She and I had a moment.” Makoto was dumbfounded by that vague meaning, and was intrigued to listen closer, and so was Shuichi. “When she stopped me from getting out of bed, she fell on top of me, a-a-and we enjoyed each other’s company.” He said that still being a little embarrassed by what happened. “And none of us wanted to get out of it. I could feel her heartbeat as it resonated with mine, and it was really nice…”

Makoto couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe that Hajime, who could sometimes be indecisive, was brave enough to want to stay in such a situation with Chiaki. This is all as Hajime said in the beginning; the only one who hadn’t made any progress was Makoto. Now he was back on the train of self-loathing, thinking he might not be able to change anything between him and Kyoko.

The two taller students could see that the lucky student was taking this very hard. As the two were about to comfort the little lucky student, he sat up, forced a smile and said, “I’ll order some more drinks. Do you guys want some too?” The two declined and said they were fine for now. As Makoto was on his way to the counter the two students were really worried for him, because they knew it’s serious if he’s that down in the dumps.

But what none of the boys knew was that on the opposite side of the room, another round table was also occupied by three students. But in contrast to them, they were not of the same sex. They couldn’t see each other thanks to the counter that’s obscuring their view from each other.

“You want me to be more honest? What do you mean?” asked Kyoko puzzled while holding a cup of black coffee. Infront of her were Kaede drinking brown coffee and Chiaki drinking coffee with milk and sugar in it.

One of them put down their cup and continued, “Well, it’s just that…” said Kaede trying to find the right words to interpret what she meant.

“According to what you have said, unlike Akamatsu-san’s and my situations, nothing has changed between you and Naegi-kun, because you were just being bashful… I think…” interrupted Chiaki, as she tried to explain what the pianist meant. The lavender-haired detective gulped some of her coffee because of the remark ‘bashful’, making her cough and cover her mouth.

“Nanami-senpai, you shouldn’t say it like that!” said Kaede.

“Wasn’t that what you meant?” asked Chiaki curiously.

“Well, yes, but,” said Kaede looking over at Kyoko and back at Chiaki again, “think about how Kirigiri-senpai would take it…”

“It’s fine.” as soon as those words were said, both of the two girls directed their attentions over at the lavender-haired girl. Kyoko took her hand down and continued, “What she said wasn’t wrong, so I’m fine with it.”

“No, you’re not! You were totally not ready to hear that!” objected the pianist, who could clearly see faint tears in the detective’s eyes and a little drop of coffee coming out of her mouth from her coughing.

In truth, this is not their first meeting at this café, and it is probably not going to be the last time either. They have been meeting at this very café to discuse how it was going with each of their love lives.

They all met the same day when Kaede and Shuichi got official, right after she left the classroom in a hurry. I can’t believe I said all that! I can’t believe I said all that! I can’t believe I said all that!!! thought the embarrassed pianist as she walked down the hall at a satisfying speed, so that she wouldn’t get yelled at by the hall monitor, again.

When she finally left the building and arrived at the main entrance, she looked around her, to make sure that there was no one around her. After witnessing no signs of life, except for the security guard Sakakura, she began talking to herself while jumping up and down. “I’m glad he said ‘yes’ in the end. If I did not stop him from saying all those horrible things about himself, then he would have probably rejected me. I did not like how I used his weakness against himself, so that he would accept my confession,” she said, regretting a few of her actions, “but it worked out fine in the end. Yup! Yay!”

This day was probably the best day of her life! Even better than all the trophies she won in the past. The thought of her and Shuichi dating made her feel like she could reach the moon, or maybe even the stars! That happiness is the reason for why she is saying all of this to no one but the air itself, while jumping in glee.

“Now,” continued Kaede, stopping from jumping, “how should I make my b-b-boyfriend feel more confident?” But before she could think further on that subject, a voice came out of the blue.

“So, you have a boyfriend, huh?”

The pianist stopped her train of thoughts and turned her direction towards where that voice came from. She could see it belonged to a girl who appeared from the right side of the academy. She had lavender hair and purple eyes. Kaede could see that that girl is a student from her school, based on the fact that she’s in the area of the school. She remembered she had seen her before inside the academy. She recalled that her name was Kyoko Kirigiri. She’s known as the Ultimate Detective, just like Shuichi, and she’s one year ahead of Kaede. When the pianist realized that she just said her inner dialogue out loud while a 2nd year heard that and saw her jumping, she got embarrassed and turned red.

And just as the blond-haired thought it couldn’t get worse; another one appeared from the left side of the academy. “That’s what she just said… I think…” She had pink eyes and light pink hair. Her gaze was a little out of focus, but it was clear that she completely understood what was going on here, though it was doubtful because she questioned it. The way the pink-haired girl looked and acted made Kaede remember who she was. She’s one of the two representatives from class 77-B, and her name is Chiaki Nanami. Kaede also remembered that Chiaki is two years ahead of the pianist. Now Kaede had shown her embarrassing self in front of two upperclassmen, one of each year no less! It felt as though as Kaede’s lifespan was suddenly drained, making her weak in the knees and sit on the ground.

The female detective observed Kaede’s expression and could see she had to do something about this predicament. She put a hand on the pianist’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, we won’t tell others what happened here.” As she said that, she made eye contact with Chiaki who nodded in agreement. Kaede felt relieved. More than two would be even worse. Besides, there were not Kokichi Oma or Miu Iruma.

As soon Kyoko could see that Kaede felt more comfortable, and raised herself from the ground, she broke the silence and asked, “Sorry for asking, but could you maybe help me?” Kaede could only tilt her head in clear confusion, having no idea what this emotionless-looking detective meant by that. The detective then tried to explain what she meant, “I could see that you confessed to that boy, Saihara-kun, in your classroom, and you succeeded, right?”

Instead of answering the lavender-haired girl’s question with an answer, the pianist asked another question in shock, “How do you know that?! Were you there?!”

“I just so had happened to be around the area by complete coincidence,” she said showing no emotions, “it’s almost the same as when I stumble around a crime scene.”

Kaede retorted, “Don’t compare my confession to a crime scene!”

Getting back to the serious matter, Kyoko spoke up again, “Basically; I need your help.”

Kaede still had no idea why a detective needed her help, and it still was not clear why all those things she just mentioned about that confession would help.

“I still don’t understand what you mean. Do you want my help with making someone confess or something like that?” asked Kaede jokingly, but she could later see that the color of the detective’s cheeks turning pink. “Wait, really?!”

Before Kaede could get deeper into the intention of the detective, the gamer girl came into the picture, “I think Kirigiri-san wants your help to confess her feelings to Naegi-kun.”

That name, ‘Naegi’, ringed a bell inside the pianist’s head. Kaede knew she had heard it before. Kaede than remembered that to be the name of the representative of class 77.

But the pianist found it hard to believe. “There’s no way it could be that, right Kirigi-! Huh?!” When she turned her direction over to the female detective, she noticed that her facial expression was emotionless as usual, but the pink on her cheeks spread to her whole face and turned crimson. Kaede needed no more proof to be convinced at this point.

The gamer girl talked again, “Actually, I need your help too.” The piano girl was dumbfounded by the fact that two upperclassmen needed her help, so much so you couldn’t hide her expression of shock by this turn of events. “Oh, but it’s not about confessing. It’s still love-related though… I think…”

Kaede couldn’t fathom all of this. All of this was way too sudden. Besides, she probably does not have much time before Shuichi comes back, so she has to deal with this fast. But how?! Just as I had to think of ways to make Saihara-kun feel more confident in himself-! Wait, I have an idea! An idea with a win-win situation for everybody, including herself.

“Kirigiri-senpai, Nanami-senpai, I have an idea how I can help you two!” Kyoko and Chiaki could feel the determination in Kaede’s voice. “It’ll also help me, because it just happens to be that I also need help, so I think we should help each other. They do say that three minds are better than two, right?” Even though the two girls have never heard of that last part before, they knew she was right. So, almost on cue, the two upperclassmen nodded in agreement at the same time. “Glad that we’re in an agreement,” said the pianist as she put her hands together and smiled.

“Now we just need a place to talk about this in confidence. Talking about it at school would only make trouble, as it would be spread out so that everybody would hear about it.” She said as she thought of a dark purple-haired troublemaker.

“That would be the smartest choice,” said Kyoko as she thought of a certain fortune teller who does not shut up.

“Yup,” was the only thing that came out of Chiaki as she thought of an energetic girl and a perverted chef.

Then an idea came into the detective’s head. “What about the café, Noir? I’ve been there a couple of times, and it’s nice,” suggested Kyoko.

“I agree, it is nice. And the students who come over there are mostly the quiet ones, so it would gain for us,” said Chiaki in agreement.

“Then Noir it is!” said Kaede, declaring it as a unanimous decision. And it was at perfect timing too, because thanks to Kaede’s sensitive hearing she could hear Shuichi’s footstep close by. She gave the girls her Line account and said she would chat with them later.

When Shuichi caught up to Kaede at the main entrance, almost out of breath, he could see no other soul except for the girl in front of him, and of course the security guard Sakakura at the gate. “Sorry, I was a little late,” apologized the male detective.

Kaede said, smilling “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. But did you really need that much time? Was my confession that much of a shock to you?” she said that last part with a little tease to it.

Shuichi was sent back a little by that and said in defense, “N-No, that’s not it! Something unexpected happened!”

That last part grabbed hold of Kaede’s curiosity, and just like how a cat hunts after something that it is curious about, the pianist began to question her boyfriend, “What happened?”

Shuichi was not prepared to be asked that question. He avoided eye contact and tried to avoid that part of the conversation. It wasn’t a good idea to tell her of what just happened, at least not for now. “It’s nothing important. Don’t worry about it,” lied Shuichi trough his teeth.

Kaede could easily see he was lying, but she decided not to interrogate him on it. “Oh okay. I believe you.”

Then Shuichi asked out of concern, “But were you fine being all alone?”

Just like that Kaede was now in the same situation Shuichi was in not so long ago. She could not tell him that she talked with two upperclassmen and agreed to discuss love troubles. So, she did what any normal person would do in that situation, “I was fine, no one approached me or anything like that,” to lie out of their ass!

Of course, being a detective and all, Shuichi could easily see Kaede was lying, but he left it alone, and decided to trust her. “Oh okay, but I promise not to leave you alone like that again!” That remark surprised Kaede, and also Shuichi. Why did I say that out loud? thought the male detective embarrassingly. They were both silent on their way back to the dorms while blushing.

That was actually a little cool…

Now, back to the present, at the local café Noir!

Even though Kyoko showed no signs of emotions, it was clear to the two that she took what they said a little hard. But before the female detective could go into the giant dumpster of regret, she spoke up and looked over at the pianist, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Saihara-san still slow in your relationship, and,” then she looked over at the gamer, “you and Hinata-senpai are still on friendly terms. So, you guys are the pot calling the kettle black.”

She was not wrong, and the two girls knew that, but she was wrong about one thing though. And Chiaki was the one to mention it, “It’s true that Hajime and I aren’t dating, yet, and my confession might have disturbed our friendship a little. But,” she continued while showing a little blush on her cheeks, “I made him lunch, and he ate a lot of it without holding back.” That surprised the two other girls. They knew she could be honest about how she feels and think, but they did not think she would be that brave. She did not mention the part about Hajime ending up in the infirmary, for his sake.

“And-” but before she was about to finish her next sentence, she froze up, being embarrassing about what happened next. But that only intrigued the two girls, so they listened closer to what she was about to say. It took a couple of seconds before she could finally say it, still being all flustered about it, “I fell and came on top of him. A-And I started feeling funny inside. It was really embarrassing at first, but I didn’t dislike it. In fact, I liked it. I still can’t forget the feeling of touching his chest, and the sound of his heartbeat.”

Because Kyoko and Kaede weren’t there when it happened, they imagined a different scenario. A scenario where Chiaki was seducing Hajime with her feminine wiles. Even though it was a little tough imagining Chiaki to be seductive, it did not stop them from believing she would be that brave.

As expected from a 3rd year, thought the two in unison.

Then Kaede took her turn, “It’s true that Saihara-kun is a little slow in all of this, but the fact that he sometimes does the most unsuspected things is what makes it all worthwhile.” She said all that while smiling and blushing. “Like when he hugged me when I needed comfort,” she said as an example, still feeling embarrassed just from remembering it. And just like the cherry on top, she hid the best for last. “And, even thought it might take some time, he’ll call me his sweetheart!” The two other girls were shocked by this.

What a conundrum this day had given the lavender-haired detective. She thought that she was not the only one who hadn’t achieved much this week, but that turned out not to be the truth. She was happy that things had turned for the better for the two girls in front of her. But a part of her was jealous of the fact that she had not achieved half as much as Chiaki and Kaede. Then she remembered back to a few minutes ago to what was the reason to why she didn’t improve, ‘You want me to be more honest?’ ‘… unlike Akamatsu-san’s and my situations, nothing has changed between you and Naegi-kun because you were just being bashful…’ They say that the truth hurts, and Kyoko couldn’t agree more with that saying than ever before. She could see it was true because unlike her; Chiaki and Kaede weren’t being bashful or hid their real agenda when they each wanted to hang out with the boys, they each liked.

Even though Kyoko wasn’t showing any facial expressions right now, it was pretty clear to any intelligent being, except for a specific fortune teller, that she was taking all of this pretty hard. Chiaki and Kaede could clearly see she wasn’t fine, they also felt that it was their fault for making here feel sad. As Kaede was about to comfort the sad detective, she stopped herself as soon she saw that the female detective rose up from her seat. “I’m going over to counter to order some more coffee,” said Kyoko as her back was facing the two girls, “do you two want to order something as well?” After the two girls declined, she walked to the counter in a steady state trying to show no sign of sadness.

As she was on her way to the counter, she kept on thinking why she’s always like this. Why she is always being bashful and can’t be honest with how she feels.

She could only blame herself for that because of her nature as a detective and as someone who was abandoned by her father at a young age. So, it would make sense she couldn’t be honest about her feelings, and for why she wouldn’t trust another person that easily, especially a man. But when she met Makoto her world changed. His naïve, yet gentle and kind nature, that is always willing to help no matter what, was what helped Kyoko to trust others. Maybe it was that change that made Kyoko fall for Makoto. But yet, she still can’t be honest, even to the one she really loves. And what happens if she’s too late? What would happen if someone like Sayaka-

“K-Kyoko?!” said a familiar voice in utterly surprise. A voice that Kyoko knows fully well, and both hoped and did not hope she would hear today.

“Makoto, w-what are you doing here?” She asked, being surprised for once.

Makoto did not expect the girl of his dreams to be here at this place, neither did he expect to be asked for why he is here. If he told her the complete truth it wouldn’t be good, but he knows that lying wouldn’t fly, so he had to bend the truth. “W-Well, I was hanging out with some of my friends over at that table by the end of the left side of the café,” he said as he pointed with his finger at the table he mentioned, hiding only a little bit of the truth, which Kyoko caught up, easily.

But instead of pointing that out she just said, “I see, what a coincidence, so am I. Except my table is over at the right side of the café.” They both, mostly Makoto, had a little laugh, but as soon as the laughter ended the situation entered awkward silence.

Before any of them could bring anything up, someone else did, literally. A cup of tea. “Here’s your tea. Hope you enjoy it.” said the owner as he walked off after he placed the cup of tea in front the lucky student. Makoto took the cup and turned his back to Kyoko. “Well, see ya later Kyoko, maybe?” Makoto couldn’t help but mentally punch himself in the gut for turning tail and leave a good opportunity to talk with his crush.

Kyoko just watched, seeing the one she cares the most in the entire school leaving her space. She couldn’t even make a normal conversation with him today, so how would it be possible for her to tell her feelings to him? Maybe… We’re not meant for each oth-

“So?” That question stopped Kyoko from making a final decision. She turned her attention to the one who asked, who happens to be the owner. “What do you want? Or to be more precise; What is it you really want?”

Kyoko couldn’t fathom what the owner meant by that. Does a café owner usually say that when you’re about to order? But Kyoko didn’t have time to think about that question. What was mostly important right now is her feelings and the boy in front of her.

“Is it okay if the order can wait for a few more seconds?” asked the lavender-haired girl to the owner.

The owner just nodded and said, “It’s fine.”

As soon as those words were said she walked in a hurry towards the direction Makoto was taking, and the owner just stood there behind the counter, smiling as he saw the young girl experiencing her youth.

“Wait, Makoto!” she said in a not-too-much loud voice, so she wouldn’t disturb the customers. Makoto stopped in his tracks and turned to see Kyoko.

“What is it? Something wrong?” he asked, looking a little concerned.

As soon as Kyoko was closer to Makoto, she looked him in the eyes and said while blushing, “Makoto, do- d… Do you have- have-…” Makoto just stood there, not understanding anything that was happening right now, though he could clearly see that she was struggling with finishing her sentence. But before Makoto was about to ask if everything was all right, Kyoko finally finished her sentence, “Do you have time on May 15th?”

“Yeah sure, I have nothing to do that day. Why do you ask? Is it another case?” he asked curiously.

The next step of this was going to be harder for the female detective, but if she does not step down her heels and say what is on her mind, she’ll never make any achievements with Makoto. “I want to go on a date with you. Is that okay with you?” she said blushing while trying to show her usual calm face.

Makoto was taken aback by that. Makoto wasn’t sure if he was ready for this. He had never been on a date before, and he isn’t even in a relationship with this girl, so was it really a good idea? But before he arrived at a conclusion to the girl’s answer, he remembered how much his two friends had achieved, and how much less he has achieved with his crush. And if he answered no to this golden opportunity, then he’ll regret it forever!

In the end there was only one answer that Makoto arrived at. “Of course. I would love to go on a date with you.” he said with a smile, which made Kyoko’s heart skip a beat. The owner could not help but smile as he saw two of his customers have such a lovey-dovey moment.

Kyoko then tried to remain her usual composure, but it was futile. She was not at all mentally prepared for any of this. Even though it took some time, she finally returned to her usual emotionless expression and said to Makoto while avoiding eye contact, “G-Good. Then let’s talk more about it over Line, okay?” Makoto could only nod, seeing as he was a little embarrassed by all of this as well.

Hajime and Shuichi were ready to cheer up Makoto, but that did not seem necessary anymore. When Makoto returned to their table, they were surprised by Makoto’s bright smile. It was almost as if his optimism has taken form around him.

Chiaki and Kaede planned to cheer up Kyoko, but they could see that, even though most people wouldn’t be able to see it, Kyoko was happy. So happy that it looked like a phenonium.

When their friends asked them, almost in unison, what happened, the only answer they gave them were, ““Oh nothing. I just have a date next week.”” Both the tables had each an uproar hearing that statement, disturbing some of the customers.

Chapter Text

Today was May 15th, which for many was just an ordinary Sunday, but for some were an important day. This could maybe be one of the best days of their lives, and they knew they could not miss it!

…Which would be easy to say if Makoto wasn’t an hour late.

Damn damn damn damn damn damn DAMN!!! repeated the seemingly unlucky student in his mind as he was getting ready to meet up with his date, who has probably been waiting for an hour.

Makoto could not believe he would make this mistake. He had thought of everything before he went to sleep. He picked the right clothes for tomorrow, mostly a normal white shirt, a dark-grey hoodie, brown pants, and his usual shoes, basically common clothes, which fits his personality. He made sure he had enough money; in case he would buy a gift for her at the end of the date. He even asked for dating advices from his sister, who didn’t have much practice dating either, which, for some reason, relieved her big brother. Though she did give him some advice that would please a girl.

But what he did not calculate for; was the fact that his clock would not work! He doesn’t remember how it happened…

He hit it with his hand by accident before he went to bed.

Ultimate Lucky Student my foot!!! Makoto thought loudly, as he took a shower, making sure that his hair was nice without an ahoge, but failed, and put on his clothes.

Seeing as he wasn’t the Ultimate Time Traveler, he just had to hope that Kyoko was either late as well, or that she will forgive his tardiness. Even the optimistic Makoto couldn’t see any of that happening, since she hasn’t repeated back on any of his messengers on Line today.

Silence is deadly, as they say.

Makoto wasn’t looking forward to what would happen when he finally arrives. Either he would get yelled at by the Ice Queen, or she won’t be at their meeting place, because she couldn’t wait for him anymore, and would later yell at him in school the next day.

It took Makoto about 20 minutes to reach the meeting place at Tokyo train station. They agreed on meeting there, so they could explore Tokyo on their date. But what Makoto couldn’t understand was, why was Kyoko insisted on meeting at the station, when they could just meet around the dorm rooms or at the gate to the academy. But that doesn’t matter right now.

When Makoto made it to the specific meeting place by the giant clock at the station, he was bending down to his knees, trying to catch his breath, as he was running the rest of the way to make up for time. His eyes were closed, mostly due to the exhausting, but also because he was scarred of what would come next. But he knows that hope moves forward! And he had to be ready for whatever could happen! As he steeled himself, stood tall and opened his eyes, he could see Kyoko Kirigiri in the flesh.

Normally, this particular girl wears a school uniform, which consists mostly of the color purple, but this time the girl was wearing a frilly, white shirt, with a black skirt, and black stilettoes. The only things that were the same, were her braids and gloves. Makoto couldn’t help but stare at what his date was wearing. He wished he had the Ultimate Photographer here to take a picture of the detective, and later ask if he could get a copy of it to himself.

He was indeed ecstatic, but first and foremost, he was nervous. This cute and cool girl have been waiting for him for about an hour. There was no way this wouldn’t turn ugly.

Makoto stepped forward and bowed “I’m sorry for being late, Kyoko!” Almost everybody could hear him, and they couldn’t help but be interested in what was going on. “I know that it sounds like a poor excuse, but my alarm clock broke at some point, so it’s my fault for not being more careful with my things and being late!”

Silence was the only response he got.

Wow, he knew he messed up big time, but he did not think he would get the silent treatment. Actually, now that he thought about it, she hadn’t even moved yet. Makoto lifted his head up, trying to look at the Ultimate Detective in front of him close up.

She’s asleep?!

It would not be clear to anyone who was not in front of her, because of her bangs standing a little in the way of her eyes when she tilted her head forward, but yes, she was indeed asleep, while standing up on her feet.

Makoto had to be careful waking up Kyoko, so he tried calling her name while being close to her face “Kyoko. Kyoko Kirigiri, wake up.”

Slowly her eyelids opened, walking up from her nap, and the first thing she could see was Makoto’s face close up. Both parties blushed and stepped back from each other, when they both realized how close they were to each other. Kyoko went back fast to her usual calm expression, trying not to think of the facts that Makoto was close to her face only 5 seconds ago and that he saw her sleeping as well.

The first thing that came out of the detective's lips weas “Sorry you had to see me like that, I didn’t have much sleep last night.”

The lucky student wasn’t surprised by that, seeing that she had been up for hours solving cases. She wasn’t the Ultimate Detective for nothing.

The curious brunette asked “Was it another case?”

Kyoko just crossed her arms and said “Yes, exactly.”

That was a lie. A lie to cover up for what she actually did from 10 PM to almost dawn.

Just like Makoto, she chose the right clothes, made sure to have money on her, in case Makoto would get his wallet stolen, again. She even considered asking dating advices from her best friend Aoi Asahina, but gave up that idea, remembering that the Ultimate Swimmer had never had a boyfriend before.

But unlike Makoto, Kyoko had added a little extra to her list of checkups. Nothing extraordinary, just a big blackboard, with a timetable on it that showed what everyone from her class and her father were doing on 15th of May.

Just to be clear on things; Kyoko wasn’t spying or stalking her classmates, she just wanted to make sure that nobody would interrupt her quality time with her crush. Makoto is quite popular among his classmates, so she wouldn’t be surprised if they would want to have a talk with him, interrupting their date.

Thanks to her talent as a detective, she made it easy pinpointing where everyone would be, and she was not glad about what it showed her. It seemed that everybody, for some reason, was in Tokyo that day. Hifumi will be in Akihabara, Taka will be watching a debate between politicians in Shinjuku, Celeste will be gambling at Shinjuku Prince Hotel, and her dad will be at a meeting concerning the academy’s finances that will be held in Tokyo. Of course, there are others from her class who will be hanging out in Tokyo as well, in different locations. That fact made Kyoko almost give up on trying to spend some alone time with the short brunette, but after 3 hours of constant looking on the map, and a few times where she accidently fell asleep, she found the right place.

Kyoko would rather be crushed by a compactor and turn into a bloody carpet than tell Makoto the truth, and luckily for her, it seems that he’s none the wiser.

Now that the whole ‘why was Kyoko sleeping in the middle of the street’ was cleared up, Makoto remembered what he was supposed to do, this time with Kyoko awake to hear it. Just like before, Makoto closed his eyes, bowed and apologized “I’m sorry for being an hour late! I know we should have met at 10:00 AM, not 11:00 AM!”

Kyoko was taken aback a little by this sudden apologize, and was a little embarrassed from the attention they got from the crowd, but in the end, she closed eyes, took her hand up to her lips and made a light chuckle “It’s fine. No, it’s actually perfect.”

Makoto couldn’t help but be puzzled by that weird statement. “What do mean, wasn’t I late?”

“It’s my fault for not telling you,” Kyoko said, smiling “but I found a restaurant last night, which is nearby and opens first at around 11:00 AM. So, I figured we could start there before we go around a little of Tokyo. So now we won’t have to wait an hour for it to open.”

Makoto didn’t see that coming, instead of his 1-hour tardiness having a negative consequence, it had the opposite effect.

The very confused lucky student asked “B-But why didn’t you tell me that, and if it was fine with me being late, why didn’t you reply to any of my messengers?”

Kyoko wasn’t proud of it, but just like a famous, fictional detective once said ‘there is only one truth’.

“I arrived at this meeting place a little before 10:00 AM, and was about to tell you that info over Line, but...” Kyoko said while looking away in shame “I fell sleep as soon as I made it to our meeting place.”

Makoto was naïve and sometimes oblivious, but even he knew he should not pry too much into that stuff.

“Well,” Kyoko said, trying to ruin the awkward atmosphere surrounding the two “shall we go? If we make it by now, then we can chat a little before ordering something to eat.”

Makoto nodded and smiled to that suggestion “Sure, let’s go!”

Doing the whole five-minute walk from the station to the restaurant, Kyoko lead the way, since she was the one who knows where it is. When they reached the place, Makoto recognized the restaurant’s weird but creative signboard read ‘MonoChrome’. The colors on the signboard were mostly black and white, kind of making a contradiction of the term monochrome, and the letters were bend in weird ways, almost making it impossible to read. One could easily believe that it was M.C. Escher who made that sign. Yet, the restaurant looked like your average normal restaurant, with normal colors like light to dark brown on the walls, and how they had normal tables with normal chairs. Makoto remembered that the restaurant recently opened in the middle of April this year, and that it is surprisingly popular, possibly due to the contrast between the design of the signboard and the restaurant’s interior design.

The unordinary is interesting, to say the least.

But despite Makoto’s info about the place, he does not remember who told him all that. And the name ‘MonoChrome’ sounded like he has heard it before somewhere, not linked with this restaurant. But the lucky student did not have time to figure that one out yet, seeing that his date was waiting for him by the restaurant’s front door.

“Are you coming or...?”

“Oh sorry! Was just lost in thoughts.”

But, if Makoto had remembered where he had heard that name before and told Kyoko, then she would have cancelled it at the spot.

When they arrived at the reception they asked for a table, and a waitress led them to a table almost in the middle of the restaurant and only two tables away from the entrance. After the two sat down at the table, the one to speak first was the short one “So, why did you choose this place?”

“I heard about it from some of the girls in our class. They mentioned how unique and interesting it looked.” Kyoko said all nonchalantly “But I wanted my first visit here to be with you, making it more unique and interesting.”

Makoto blushed hearing that, taking it as a compliment, and Kyoko could see what she said had influenced him. Just like she planned!

She was also glad that the naïve student did not realize there was more to her plan than that. This was one of the only places where they wouldn’t run into anyone from their class. It’s close to the station, so the chances of running into anyone they know on the street is low, and she also knows that not many of the students wanted to visit this place. It wasn’t a lie when she said that the girls mentioned how unique and interesting it was, but she neglected to mention that they had no interest in going over there, since it wasn’t their style.

Perfect! Now no one would get in the way of-

“Would you like me to take your order?”

That sudden request from the waitress broke Kyoko out of her thoughts. “Sure, I would like a-a-a-a-a-!” But once she saw who the waitress was, she was in immediate shock. So much so that her poker face almost fell and broke into a million pieces. There was no denying who this waitress was. That beautiful, long, blue hair, those crystal blue eyes, and that bewitching voice, could only belong to one girl.

“Sorry, but we don’t have an ‘a-a-a-a’ on our menu. Would you like something else?”

“Maizono-san, what are you doing here?” Makoto asked, seeing Sayaka Maizono in a waitress’s outfit, mostly consisting of white and black.

Sayaka turned her attention towards Makoto and smiled “I thought you knew, Naegi-kun! I’m working as a waitress here. I told you before, remember?”

That statement surprised both Makoto and Kyoko, but then Makoto started to remember. Yes, he remembered! Now it all made sense.

Sayaka told him about the restaurant four weeks ago, which would be around the same time when the restaurant was about to open. She also told him that the name for the restaurant was a reference from one of her songs “Monochrome Answer”, since the owner is a big fan of her. Her reason for working part-time there, was because of a business partnership between her agency and the restaurant.

Still, since it was only mentioned once to Makoto, he would not be able to clearly remember it the next day, let alone the next four weeks.

“I can’t believe you didn’t listen to what I said.” Sayaka cried “Are our conversations that boring to you?” Then she covered face with the clipboard used to write down orders, making sobbing noises, which was later heard by all the other Sayaka-fans, including the owner.

The unlucky boy could feel their stares penetrate him. Even thought he knew that what she was doing must be another one of her usual teasing that does not mean that the other customers knew about that. Having no other way to escape the stares, he had to apologize “Sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Just teasing~” Sayaka interrupted, moving the clipboard away from her face while showing a teasing smile, making all the stares disappear and only showing smiles from the customers and the owner.

The situation made Makoto nervously laugh, putting his left hand behind his head, not noticing that Kyoko, for once, had a nervous look on her face.

T-This doesn’t make sense! thought Kyoko in complete frustration. I thought she was going to work today. I know that working here count as ‘working’ as well. But I thought she meant working as an idol, since she said she had to warm up her voice for this day! Was she lying when she talked with her friends that day?

Her train thought came to a halt once a voice came from the speakers, “Alright, everyone! It’s time for what you all have been waiting for!”

Neither Kyoko or Makoto knew what that meant, but it was clear to see that Sayaka knew what it meant, since she turned her back and said before running to the center of the restaurant “Look forward to it *blink*”. Then four more waitresses showed up, and Makoto recognized them as members of Sayaka’s band. Then the light turned off, only leaving the spotlight on those five girls. As the leader of the band, the Ultimate Pop Sensation stood in the front middle of her group, and said into her microphone “I’m Sayaka Maizono, and we’ll be singing ‘Negaigoto Ensemble’!”

The crowd cheered as the music started and Sayaka began to sing. Her voice was, without a doubt, mesmerizing and beautiful. Her dancing moves were beyond extraordinaire. And the way she could make her group not fade in the background, made her completely selfless as a true leader of an idol group.

Kyoko paid attention to the fact that Makoto had not looked away from Sayaka’s performance since it began. It made her a feeling of unease, but she tried not to think too much about it, since it made sense that no fan of Sayaka Maizono would look away from such a fantastic event.

But in the end, her feeling of unease was dead-on, especially since Sayaka made her right-hand form like a gun, targeting where Makoto was sitting. When Sayaka made the shooting movement, it made Makoto feel like he got shot in the heart, and he couldn’t help but blush. This just made Kyoko’s unease grew bigger, and also made her jealous, and right before the light cut off, Kyoko observed a tiny smug smile from the lips of the Bewitching Idol.

That smile triggered Kyoko’s super, intelligent, detective brain, deducting that Sayaka knew that Kyoko would take Makoto to this restaurant. Kyoko figured out how Sayaka knew it. Sayaka most had listened in on when Kyoko asked Makoto out on a date, because she might had been at the café at that time. and not even the detective or the lucky student would’ve noticed because they were occupied by each other. Then Sayaka watched out for own words, so she would not reveal where she would actually be on May 15th in case Kyoko would listen on. That’s why she said she was going to sing at work, without mentioning what or where her work would actually be. And to finish it off, she would use her really impressive intuition and/or popularity, to figure out where the others from her class would be. And she knew that Kyoko wanted alone time with Makoto, so she had an idea that the Ice Queen would pinpoint everyone’s location, finding a place that would isolate them from the others. That’s the whole truth…

…As if. Thought Kyoko at the end of her deduction. That’s too much even for her. If all that was true, then she would have spent as much time as me planning all of this- huh?! She stopped right in her track when she remembered that during the performance, Kyoko spotted a little grey under each of Sayaka’s eyelids. That most be from lack of sleep, and she most have hidden it by adding make-up there. At this point the only conclusion to all of this was, She’s here to interrupt us our date!

Then, after 10 seconds passed, the light was turned on again, and Sayaka returned to the table where Makoto and Kyoko were. “What do you think? It’s part of working here. This way the restaurant gets many customers and I do my job as an Idol.” Sayaka explained, smiling.

Makoto said, while still being amazed by the performance “That was super-special-awesome! …huh, wonder where that line came from? Whatever. You really are dedicated to your work as an idol. Amazing!”

Sayaka answered with her signature smile “An idol has to work hard for her dreams, and” Sayaka then, without the brunette noticing, glared over at the Ice Queen who had seen through the Bewitching Idol’s scheme, and continued “sometimes they have to avoid sleep, so they can achieve what they want. Don’t you think so too, Kyoko Kirigiri?”

Kyoko could hear the challenge hidden behind Sayaka’s statement. She answered, keeping her usual composure “Yeah, I, as a detective, know what must be done to get what you want as well, Sayaka Maizono. Even if something stands in my way, I’ll take it head on and find a way.” It was her way of accepting the challenge. The atmosphere around the two girls was so intense that someone could cut it with a knife.

Or in this case, an ahoge…

“Is it okay to order now?” Makoto asked, oblivious. And like that, the tension was gone, Sayaka paid attention to Makoto, and Kyoko acted like her usual self.

“What would you like?” Sayaka asked, ready to write down the order.

“I would like some curry”

Typical. Kyoko and Sayaka thought at the same time.

“Oh, and some cre-” Makoto stopped midsentence, redeciding his order “I mean, some coffee, thanks.”

This piqued both Kyoko and Sayaka’s attention, they both knew Makoto hated bitter stuff. “A-Are you sure about that, Naegi-kun?” Sayaka asked in concern.

“Y-Yeah, definitely…” Makoto insisted, sweating a little.

Sayaka wrote it down, and asked Kyoko “What do you want to order, Ice Q- I mean, Kirigiri-san?”

Kyoko ignored what Sayaka corrected, and ordered “Some coffee as well, and some katsudon would be nice.”

That last part surprised both Makoto and Sayaka a little. “Hey, Kyoko, isn’t katsudon something police officers use to make criminals confess or remember events?” Makoto asked.

Kyoko chuckled to that remark. “That is true, but I don’t use that method, or more accurately, I don’t need it.” Kyoko said with pride in her talent as a detective. “Besides; I like katsudon. It’s not my favorite, but it’s tastes good.”

Sayaka wrote it down. “Okay, one curry, one katsudon, and two cups of coffee, got it!” Sayaka turned and left.

Kyoko could see that Makoto’s eyes were on Sayaka as she was on her way to the counter, and asked “You must think she looks cute in that uniform, don’t you?”

Makoto took notice to that sudden question, and said in a panic “What? No, I mean, yeah she looks cute in that uniform, but I was looking at her because I was admiring how much of an effort she’s…” Makoto couldn’t finish his explanation, sensing an angry aura coming from the girl in front of him, even though her expression was the same as usual.

“It’s fine you think that, she is pretty cute and attractive.” Kyoko said, almost trying to give an excuse for the boy in front of her. “Besides, you don’t get to watch your classmates in other clothes except their school uniforms.”

That last part reminded Makoto what his sister told him over the phone last night “One more, important thing Onii-chan, always remember to comment her clothing.”

Why did I just remember that part right now? Makoto thought in regret. Trying to fix his early mistake, he said “I forgot to tell you Kyoko, but you look good in those clothes you’re wearing.”

The air around Kyoko turned pink and fluffy, and her cheeks where a little red, but her expression was the same as usual. “Thanks.” Kyoko said as she looked away, still a little embarrassed.

After a little nice chat between the two, Sayaka showed up with a trail with food and drinks. “Here are your coffees, curry and katsudon. Please enjoy!” Sayaka said with a smile and a wink. Makoto was glad for seeing his favorite food, but Kyoko was just taking a good look at both her own and Makoto’s food.

“Neither the food, nor the drinks are laced with anything.” Sayaka said, almost like she was reading Kyoko’s mind.

Maybe she is psy- No, that’s ridiculous, Kyoko thought as she ate a piece of her food, still being a little skeptical about Sayaka’s serving. But more than that. “Shouldn’t you leave by now? Writing down the others’ orders?” Kyoko asked the idol, wondering why she’s still at her and Makoto’s table.

Makoto tried to tell Kyoko that was a little mean, but didn’t have time to say before Sayaka interrupted “Well, I want to see you enjoy the food. Besides, all the other customers have already gotten their orders, so I don’t need to take more.” Kyoko could sense a more hidden meaning in those words, but she couldn’t rebuttal against that, seeing that she had nothing to support her.

“Oh, Naegi-kun!” Sayaka said, looking worried at Makoto. “You have a stain of curry on your cheek.” Makoto didn’t realize the stain before now. Before trying to grasp a napkin on the table, Sayaka came into the picture and had a napkin in her right hand “Let me take care of that. Just like last time.”

That remark hit Kyoko two times. For one; that cleared up why the idol showed her that napkin sometime ago. And two, the fact that that witch was about to clean the face of the detective’s future husband was definitely crossing the line!

Huh, where did that come from?

Anyway, Kyoko had to stand up, literally too, as the proud woman she was, during something that is, in no other definition, embarrassing for a woman to do. She left her seat and got closer to the short student. “N-No, let me do it!” Kyoko said, embarrassed and holding out a napkin, ready to wipe off that stain.

Makoto couldn’t help but be flustered by this sudden turn of events. Being wiped by Kyoko, that was new if nothing else.

Sayaka, of course, did not back down and said “What are you talking about, Kirigiri-san? I offered first, and it’s a waitress’ duty to clean after their master.”

“That’s not a waitress’ duty, that’s a maid’s duty!” Kyoko retorted.

Makoto could not fathom this scene in front of him, even though Sayaka was smiling and Kyoko was having her usual composure, plus the red cheeks, they looked like they were about to stab each other!

Makoto, even though he was still a little embarrassed that two girls offered to wipe his cheek, had to stop this disastrous quarrel between the two ultimate girls “You guys don’t have to clean after me, I will just do it my-”

But Makoto forgot, that interfering in a fight between two women, is like putting your arm into a beartrap. They both looked at him with dangerous eyes, leaned in and said in unison ““That’s not for you to decide- Ah!”” But they leaned too much in, and both fell on him due to loss of balance. Makoto was knocked out of his chair and fell to the floor. *Crash*

On the ground he could feel something heavy, yet soft on top of him. His curiosity forced him to look at what coursed the heaviness, and he could see that both Kyoko and Sayaka were on top of him, with the lavender-haired on his left and the blue-haired on his right, in a very harem-like situation.

That loud crash got the attention of the customers, and Makoto could feel the total feeling of jealousy from the customers.

Is that guy some kind of a Ultimate Lucky Student, or something? Thought customer #1, and customer #2 thought, Not only did he get a lucky lechery moment with Sayaka Maizono, but also with that other cute girl!

It didn’t take long before Kyoko and Sayaka opened their eyes to the situation, and hurriedly got themselves off the innocent lucky student. Both girls, still embarrassed and flustered, quickly observed that the smudge on Makoto’s cheek was gone. They both looked at their napkins at the same time and saw that each had a stain on them. Maybe it was due to Makoto’s luck that they both got to wipe of that stain?

After that whole situation, Makoto and Kyoko sat back at their table, trying not to talk about what just happened. Sayaka was called back to take more orders, leaving just the two students alone, finally. After eating the rest of their lunch, Makoto said “Man, that was delicious.”

“Indeed.” Kyoko said in consent. She then reached her hand after her cup of coffee, lifted it, and inspected it before taking a sip from it, still thinking Sayaka might have put something in it. “Hmm, the coffee is quite good as well.”

“Oh, really?” Makoto asked in a nervous manner, looking down at his own cup.

Kyoko took wind of that and urged “You don’t have to force yourself to drink it.”

Makoto protested “It’s fine, I’ll drink it as it is.” It only took one sip, and that was enough to give him the full experience of how bitter coffee truly was! It took him everything in his tiny body to stop himself from spitting it out of his mouth. He swallowed it, and said “S-See, I drank some.” Kyoko could clearly see Makoto struggling, and she could not stand to watch it, even if it was kind of cute.

“Makoto, you don’t have to act different just to impress me. To be honest; men that are trying to act tough, are just bigger children.” 

Makoto could feel the kindness in her words, even though it kind of made his effort look stupid, and made him look like a big dork. Though, he had to tell her the real reason for his actions “You misunderstand Kyoko, I did it because I wanted to try the things you like as well.” Kyoko was surprised by that. “I want to see why you like those things, so I can better understand you.” Makoto said, scratching his left cheek with his left hand in embarrassment. Kyoko could feel her heart beating faster and faster.

This date might be, if you overlook the part that ‘she’ is here, a complete succe-

“Hey Maizono-chan. How’re you doing?”

“It’s good to see you’re working efficiency, Maizono-san. As your principle it makes me happy.”

It’s all over... Kyoko thought in despair.

Those two men weren’t your average men in suits, they are highly important people at Hope’s Peak Academy. The one in the white suit, with a fedora and blond hair is Koichi Kizakura. He is Hope’s Peak’s scouter, who looks after promising students with various talents. He’s also, kind of, the vice-principle at the academy, and has high interest in booze and various alcohol. But he was not the biggest of Kyoko’s worries, the other man was!

That man is the Headmaster of Hope’s Peak, and Kyoko’s father by blood, Jin Kirigiri. At first sight, he would look like your average man in a business suit, but he is a former detective, the one who was appointed to be the new head of the Kirigiri clan, before he ran away, and was the man who chose to be the principle of the best school in all of Japan. He is the reason why Kyoko did everything she could to be scouted by the academy, so she could meet him and cut ties with him because he abandoned her at a young age. But the problem had been dissolved in a positive way, something Kyoko did not expect, or wanted to expect. Yet, she still has some troubles coping with the man, maybe due to the fact that she still hadn’t completely forgiven him.

This is not good! Kyoko thought in fear. Koichi alone would just be embarrassing, since he acts like an uncle to her, and would probably give Makoto man-advice that would embarrass both Kyoko and Makoto as well. But she especially did not want her father to know that she’s on a date, because he can be sometimes overprotective.

Unlike her grandfather, Fuhito Kirigiri, he wasn’t as overprotective as him, since he was fine with letting his daughter play with boys, but he can still be a hidden doting-dad. She still remembers that time when a boy in kindergarten said he liked her, then her father came to her side like a bullet train, looked down at the boy and said some almost horrifying things. Kyoko couldn’t remember what those words were, since she was just 4 years old that time, but he used his deduction abilities to scare the child, which later on resulted in Jin getting yelled at by the boy’s parents.

Why would they know this place? I don’t know my father, or Kizakura-san, that well, but even I know my own father wouldn’t go to a place like this, Kyoko thought, trying to find a logical solution to this enigma.

“Thank you for telling us about this place, Maizono-chan.”

Of course…

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just want everyone to know about this place.” Sayaka said with a smile.

More like; You just want everything to interrupt my date with Makoto!

Then, almost like she was reading the detective’s thoughts, Sayaka sent her a smile that looked innocent, but was actually a smug.

That little…

Kyoko slowly whispered to Makoto, trying not to alert Jin and Koichi “Makoto, we have to do something.”

Makoto was just puzzled “Do something about what?”

Kyoko didn’t have time for that. She gripped around Makoto’s head with her hands, turned Makoto’s head a little over 90 degrees to his right side. It hurt his neck a little, but he ignored the pain when he saw the Headmaster. Makoto knows that that man would not let the short student easy up, especially when he figures out that that said short student is dating the father’s one and only daughter! Makoto, of course, did not know about Jin’s overprotectiveness, but he did know clichés about fathers who do not accept who their daughter is dating.

“What do we do!?” Makoto whispered in panic.

“I was asking you that!” Kyoko whispered back.

Time was running out for the two. It will only be in a manner of minutes before they are seen, though it seemed Sayaka had not told the two men that Makoto and Kyoko were here. Possibly so that she will not be suspected by Makoto, who had not figured out that Sayaka was doing her best to interrupt the date. For the two students it felt like that the place their sitting in are on a large conveyor belt, on its way to a big trash compactor that slams down every few seconds, intending to crush whatever is underneath!

…thought it felt like déjà vu for the two. Weird.

Then as time was about to run out, the lucky student had a reason to keep that title of his, because he was lucky enough to have an idea.

“Kyoko, it might be something you won’t agree to, but we don’t have any other choice at this point!” Makoto whispered.

Kyoko whispered back “As long as my father doesn’t find out anything, I’m fine with it.”

Sayaka was on her way to bring the two men over to their table, which was three tables away from the table where Makoto and Kyoko are, but was in a direction where they would run into those two.

Everything is going according to plan. Sayaka thought. But as soon they came to that table, only Kyoko was there.

Huh? Sayaka thought as her plan was falling apart.

“Hey, Kyoko-chan.” Koichi said in his usual happy tone. “What a coincidence meeting you here, huh?”

Kyoko just kept her usual poker face and answered back “Yeah, indeed it is. I was actually surprised seeing you two here. I see the meeting was quickly over.”

Her father said “Well, the meeting was supposed to take longer, but it seemed like not everything went according to plan.”

Yeah, I know that feeling.Kyoko and Sayaka thought in agony.

Then Koichi intervened “Hey, why are you wearing a blanket over your legs, Kyoko-chan?”

Kyoko’s eye twitched a little to that question, but she tried to act like nothing. “I felt a little cold.” Kyoko said as an excuse.

“But it’s May, and the temperature in here is at normal degrees. I even checked the thermostat a few minutes ago.” Sayaka retorted.

“Well, I have an unusual body temperature, so it could not be helped.” Kyoko said as she was making up excuses.

Underneath the blanket wasn’t just the legs of Kyoko, but also Makoto Naegi. Boy, I’m glad I paid attention to the blanket when I was on the floor not so long ago, and later remembered to use it for this. Makoto thought of what a genius idea this was.

But… Although every genius can make a mistake or two. This situation is a little embarrassing… Makoto thought with pink cheeks as he observed how close he is to her legs, and how he caught tiny glimpses of Kyoko’s panties, which he of course tried to look away from.

They were black.

Kyoko kind of regretted agreeing to Makoto’s plan, feeling his breath on her legs from being to close, and how he had to grip around her legs and be close to them, so the blanket would not look unusual. But this was the only way not to be seen by her father, so it’s no use arguing at this point.

The next and final part of Makoto’s plan was to escape, and that was when the light goes out by the end Sayaka’s next performance, which will begin in the next 15 minutes, since it seems the show begins every hour.

After convincing the two men and Sayaka her reason for having a blanket cover her legs, they finally left her, as Sayaka was leading the men to their table.

But Jin stopped in his track and looked seriously at Kyoko. “Kyoko, you are…” Kyoko bit her lips, hoping that her father hadn’t realized that Makoto Naegi was around his daughter’s legs.

“…wearing the same clothes as your mother wore on my first date with her.”

Kyoko had expected anything but that, really, anything. But this was not one of them.

“She wore these?”

Jin looked up, remembered the time when his wife was still alive, explained “Well, not exactly the same, but it really looks like those clothes. That first date. Those were one of my best moments with your mother I could never forget. Oh, Hibiki.”

Kyoko thought this man, who used his wife’s death as an excuse to leave the Kirigiri-clan, would never mention the name of that woman who gave birth to Kyoko.

“You really look like her in those clothes, Kyoko.” Jin said sincerely, showing a smile for his daughter. Makoto, of course, heard everything down there, feeling happy for the bond between Kyoko and her father.

Kyoko looked away in embarrassment, and said “Thanks… but it’s not like that will make me see you as my father.”

Jin felt a little hurt at that, and Makoto and Koichi thought in pity. Auch, that must hurt…

Though, as Jin was leaving, Kyoko was showing a smile on her lips.

Now it was 12:33, the performance was under way, and Sayaka, who was singing and dancing, couldn’t help feeling like she failed. Ah phooey, I thought this plan, that took me a whole night to make, would help me stop their date. Though I do hate being this mean to Kirigiri-san, I couldn’t just do nothing… Well, no use feeling sad about that!

As Makoto and Kyoko waited patiently for the light to go off, they closed their eyes, getting used to the darkness that would befall this restaurant.

Then, as the show was over and the lights were gone, Makoto and Kyoko only had about 10 seconds to make it to the front door before the lights turned on again.

So, Kyoko opened her eyes, gripped the blanket, tossed it away, so Makoto could get out and open his eyes, and they both hurriedly ran towards the door. Luckily, even though their table wasn’t close to the entrrance, it wasn’t far away either, and they both paid for their foods and drinks the moment they got them from Sayaka.

As Makoto and Kyoko were on their way to the door, they both thought about how much has happened on this date, even thought it was only about an hour. They tried new things, learned more about each other, had challenges and embarrassing moments. This might be their first date, but for them it was the most exciting date they had ever had.

They made it to the door, Makoto gripping the doorknob, ready to turn it so they could leave. They were both ready with hopes in their hearts to leave this place, not being found out by Kyoko’s father.

Makoto tried opening the door and then…


“Thanks for showing me this restaurant, bro. That hot debating left me all hungry!”

“It’s nothing, bro. Besides Fujisaki wanted to come here too, right?”

“Well, I just heard what the other girls talked about, so I was interested. But what I was surprised about was you being here Yamada-kun, I thought you were in Akihabara?”

“Well, the maid cafés were all occupied, and I heard some sources about Idols being here! But why are you two here, Kuwata-dono and Hagakure-dono?”

“Well, Ibuki-senpai wanted to come here, but she got sick, so I promised her I would record their performance.”

“And I came because I have a deal with a member from the Kuzu- I-I mean, I’m here for the food, obviously.”

“Suspicious behavior is suspicious, Hiro.”

“Buck off Celeste!”

“I hope they have donuts here, Sakura-chan.”

“If they have something with protein in it, then it would be delightful.”

“My family has talked about this place a lot, so I decided to come inspect it, even if all of you, and her, are here.”

“Master mentioned me, I couldn’t be happier!”

“Sis, I hope you won’t be slow with picking your order, you slow, incompetent, wench.”

“All the three are there.”

The sudden cavalry of all the students from their class, and the push they put on the door from them, sent Makoto flying towards Kyoko, making the two students crash into each other and fall to the floor.

When the light turned on again, one of the customers saw two students on the floor and pointed at them. That grabbed hold of the attention of all the other customers, including Koichi, Jin, and Sayaka as well.

Makoto was on top of Kyoko, where his head was really close to Kyoko’s. But his forehead didn’t make contact with Kyoko, but some part of his head did.

Kyoko could feel something soft on her right cheek. It felt nice, and softer than a cat’s paw. It was a little wet, like it was moist or something. And because it was only inches from her nose, it smelled like…


Kyoko then realized, and so did Makoto, that his lips were on Kyoko’s right cheek, giving a smooch. And they weren’t the only one who could see it. Their classmates and the customers were surprised, Koichi was silently whistling, and Sayaka and Jin were feeling a lot of mixed up emotions. They both thought at the same time, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE PUTTING YOUR LIPS/CHEEKS AT, HUUUUUUHH?!

Neither Makoto or Kyoko could find out if this was because of Makoto’s unpredictable luck, or if Nagito Komaeda just happened to be around this restaurant and his luck caused this for the two students. But one thing was certain, this event made everything more difficult, but it will make it all worth it in the end for the two students.

Chapter Text

In schools, students usually group up with some of their own kin. Girls are with girls, boys are with boys, jugs are with jugs, popular students are with popular students, nerds with nerds… You get the picture by now.

But at Hope’s Peak, everyone is so different because of their talents, which makes it both easy and not easy to make up a group with something in common. But no matter which school you go to, there is always a group that is always common.

First, you have the one who is good at sports and is the idiot “So, Naegi, my man, why didn’t ya tell us about your hot date with Kirigiri?”

Then there is the nerd. “I know it’s against my greed to draw anything besides ‘Demon Angel☆Pretty Pudgy Princess’ fanfics, but if you’re a couple, as it may seem to be true, may I draw a doujinshi about you two?”

And Hiro, everybody needs a Hiro. “My crystal ball is telling me that you and Kirigiri-chi are definitely a couple. You will also get married in the future and have a child who’ll ask you two how you met each other, which will be a long story. That’ll be 1 million yen for that fortune by the way.”

 And the most important one; the normal guy. “Like I’ve told you guys a million times: Kyoko and I are not an item, that kiss was an accident, and Hiro, I didn’t ask for that prediction nor can I pay for that!”

Ever since everyone from class 78 saw the scene before them on May 15th, it’s been the main topic in class. Everyone in class 78, except for Makoto, Kyoko and three others, were happy seeing two of their classmates being a couple, even though the first two have told them that they’re not a couple and that that kissing scene was an accident. It had not even been a day, since that kiss was the only thing that was talked about in class, and now it had spread like wildfire in the whole school. Makoto had even got messengers from his friends, Hajime and Shuichi, wishing him congratulations, though in the end he cleared the misunderstanding with them faster than he could with his own classmates. Now Makoto was wondering how he’s going to explain this to the principle, Kyoko’s father.

…this isn’t looking good.

After the others, except for Hiro, finally stopped pestering the little student, and started believing him too, they were each packing their backs, ready to go back to their dorms, except for one.

“Oh, damn!” Leon said, as he looked at his smartphone.

Hiro took notice of that and asked “What is it, Kuwata-chi?”

“It’s nothin’, I just remembered I have band practice today.” The three students, including Makoto, who always believed in people, had deadpan expressions on their faces. “Why are you looking at me with those faces filled with doubts!?”

Makoto was the one to answer the question “Sorry, it’s just, no offense but-”

“You’re just no good at singing or playing any instruments, so you should just give up and give baseball a try again, Kuwata-chi.” Hiro interrupted, smiling while being oblivious to Leon’s anger shown on his face, frighting Hifumi.

Leon couldn’t make a come-back that sounded decent or at least something that was not filled with this unyielding rage inside every fiber in his body. Makoto had to defuse this ticking timebomb that was Leon, or he was more like begged to do it by Hifumi.

“It’s more that there isn’t a club or a band at this school, is what Hiro was trying to say in his own way.” Makoto explained as he lied.

Hifumi could not see how that lie could work in this situation.

“Oh okay.” Leon said in a calm manner, which made Hifumi fall to the ground, remembering how dumb Leon could be. “Well, you’re wrong about something, Naegi. There is a band, and we’re gonna make it big!” Leon announced, pointing up to the ceiling…

…or at least in the beginning I thought that.

After saying goodbye to his group of friends, he went on his way to the music room on the 4th floor, but before he could open the door, he used his phone’s camera function as a mirror, making sure he looked good. As he steeled himself, ready to meet the one he’s going to practice with, he opened the door…

And got hit the face with dough.


As Leon was trying to remove the sticky dough away from his face, almost suffocating him, he could hear a voice “Ah, Leon-chan, you have to watch out for that!”

That’s something you say before this is supposed to happen, also; it’s you who should watch out with that stuff! Leon tried to say whilst the Ultimate Musician, Ibuki Mioda, was helping getting the dough off her underclassman’s face.

“Why did you throw that dough at me, Mioda-senpai!” Leon yelled at his upperclassman.

“Leon-chan,” Ibuki said in a frightening manner “you’re supposed to call me ‘Ibuki-senpai’.”

“That’s not the issue right now, also;” Leon explained while blushing a little “don’t call me Leon-chan! It’s embarrassing, and not cool!”

Ibuki just protested “But Leon-chan is so cute. Like a little lion or something.” Leon couldn’t help but cursing in his mind over how embarrassing that sounded, and how cute she looked saying that with that smile of hers. “Also;” Ibuki explained as she pointed towards her drum set, that had small catapults attached to it, each having a piece of dough “It was this invention, a drum that casts dough as soon as I play the right beat (created by my classmate Kazuichi-chan), that threw that dough, almost killing you, hahahaha.”

“Don’t laugh over me almost dying!”

After Leon cooled down a little, and removed that literal-killer drum set, Ibuki asked him a question “So Ibuki is wondering; did you get a recording of Sayaka and her group performing?”

Instead of answering that question with his mouth, he showed his smartphone to her, with a video footage of Sayaka performing at ‘MonoChrome’. Ibuki’s eyes showed spackles as she snatched the phone away from Leon. “Thanks Leon-chan, you’re the best band member ever!”

Leon scratched his neck and corrected “I’m the only member you have in this band, and besides, why didn’t you just go there yourself?”

As Ibuki heard that question she answered back in jiffy “Well, Ibuki tried going there last week, waited for 10 hours for the place to open up, and when Ibuki came in, sat at a table, and then went to the bathroom, she fell asleep right there and then. Tehe!”

Leon mentally slapped himself on forehead listening to Ibuki’s explanation, wondering why she waited outside the restaurant since 1 AM.

“When Ibuki woke up later that day, the place was closed, and Ibuki couldn’t get out.”

Now it felt like that mental slap made him get brain damage.

“So Ibuki slept there until morning, and when the owner came back and opened the door, Ibuki made her way out.”

That brain damage was about to feel like his brain was about to make its way out of his skull.

“Then Ibuki remembered she had to get back to record Sayaka’s performance, but the owner banned Ibuki because she ate some of the food there. Ibuki needed food, she needed to make up for breakfast, lunch or dinner!”

At this point Leon wasn’t there anymore, not listening to Ibuki’s bizarre adventure.

“Now that Ibuki thinks about it, she might had forgotten her blanket there… Hey, Leon-chan!” Ibuki yelled out to him, which woke him up.

Instead of asking other question about Ibuki Mioda’s Bizarre Adventure, he asked her a question that he didn’t get answered last time he asked that “Why did you need a recording of her performance anyway? We are doing punk rock, aren’t we? So, I don’t think this video will help us…”

Ibuki answered back, while watching the video on Leon’s smartphone “Oh, it has nothing to do with our band, Ibuki just wanted to watch Sayaka perform.” Leon wished he had his bat on him right now!

Why did I even say yes to be a part of this stupid stupid stupid band! Leon thought as he remembered back to the day, he met Ibuki Mioda.

It was the same day when he confessed to Sayaka Maizono, behind the academy, which ended up in a rejection, and him running away, hoping no one would see him cry. As he was running outside the academy, not looking in front him, something hit him in the face, which made him trip backwards and land on his back.

It felt greasy, sticky and it smelled! It was natto! First rejection, now natto in the face!? What’s next? Leon thought in complete frustration.

“Oh, Ibuki’s sorry!” But that frustration disappeared when he heard that female voice, who extended her hand to help Leon get up. He clearly remembered who this girl was, those oni horns on the top of her head and her punk rock look, could only belong to Ibuki Mioda from class 77-B.

Leon took her hand and said “I-It’s okay. I guess you must have dropped your lunch and I ran into it?”

“No, Ibuki didn’t drop it, she shot it from this trumpet with natto in it!” Ibuki explained as she showed the red head her trumpet with a natto launcher under the hole of the trumpet.

After she helped cleaning Leon’s face, she turned the other way and said “Well, Ibuki has to go now, see ya.”

As Leon saw his upperclassman waving goodbye, he took a stand and asked “Hey, Senpai!” Ibuki turn her head around to see the red headed baseball star. “Could you maybe help me become a rock star?” Ibuki, at first, seemed like she was scocked, so he tried explaining further “I know my talent is baseball, and I’m still not good at singing or playing any intruments, but I wanna be able to go into the music industry and get famous, instead of playing baseball! So please, would you-”

“Ibuki’ll accept you!” Ibuki interrupted, showing a thumps-up, a blink from her right eye and a smile while showing a tongue.

“That was too fast!” Leon said in shock. “Aren’t you first gonna think about it, and hear how I perfor-”

“Ibuki doesn’t need to hear more.” Leon was speechless. “Ibuki can hear you’re being honest about your dreams, and since you’re my adorable little underclassmen… Then sure I’ll help ya!”

This was the first time that anybody believed in him, not even his old man, his mom or his cousin believed in him. Leon couldn’t help but feel really happy at this moment.

And then, we created this band together. Leon thought as he ended his flashback.

If he has to be honest about the band he is in, he wants to quit it. Most of the time has been him nearly dying from Ibuki’s weird instruments, hearing the most stupid things Ibuki had ever done, or during stupid errands for her. He had got a little vocal training, and learned how to play the guitar a little, but it wasn’t much time they had to practice. He planned to quit today, even if it had only been less than a month since they started. Besides, he could learn it somewhere else…

“Hey, Mioda-senpai, I want to tell you that-”

“You know, Leon-chan, Ibuki’s always thankful for everything you do, but it doesn’t compare to you joining her band.” Ibuki interrupted, happy and cheerful as she explained. “If Ibuki didn’t meet you that day, she wouldn’t been able to create the band she always dreamed!”

As Ibuki said that, she showed a smile that cleansed all the anger and irritation Leon had built up, making him regret thinking about quitting the band. Even if I find another way to learn to play and sing, will they be as kind and energetic as her…? Or have such a beautiful-

“Oh, sorry” Ibuki apologized. “Ibuki interrupted you, what were you about to say?”

Leon didn’t hear that, the was only one thing on Leon’s mind, which made him say out loud “What a beautiful smile.”

No sound was made, which was clearly unusual, especially with having Ibuki around. But it didn’t take long before Ibuki’s whole face turned beet red, and so did Leon’s, when he realized what he said. He had to do something about this!

“W-Wait, I didn’t mean it like- Hmmf!” But he got interrupted, again, by dough this time.

“IBUKI’S HEART AIN’T READY AFTER WHAT YOU JUST SAID!!!” Ibuki yelled after throwing all the dough she had from her drum set at Leon. She then ran out of the music room, completely embarrassed and flustered, leaving Leon to be suffocating by dough. Lucky for him, Makoto was around the hallway and saw Ibuki leaving the music room, making him curious why she left in a hurry. When he looked inside the music room, he saw Leon, covered up by dough, and then attempted to save him from suffocation.

Chapter Text

Even though Hope’s Peak Academy is known for being the most famous talented school in all of Japan, there’s no such things as clubs, because of the diversity between their talents. Yet, the school does have a Student Council, lead by the Ultimate Student Council President, and, of course, a Library Committee.

But none of those are important to this story. Even though it’s really rare, the school this year has a Public Morals Committee. It’s rare because the students at the academy can get away with almost anything, seeing as they are the crown jewels of this place. Though seeing as blowing up a part of the school and putting up hateful signs that was meant for the reserve course student, aren’t something you can look away from, the school administration decided to step down their heels and take action.

Expelling the students is good and safe for the school and the students, but that also meant losing future figure heads for the world. And having increased security wouldn’t make the students feel free. But having the students keep order and protect their fellow schoolmates, does not sound like a bad idea.

Funny thing, one year ago, the Ultimate Moral Compass, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, also known as Taka, suggested the idea of Morals Committee since his first day at the academy, but got turned down seeing as he would be the only member, and that it wasn’t necessarily at that time.

But now things were different. The school needed law and order more than before! And red eyes weren’t gonna be the only member of that committee! When the new school year began, the Ultimate Aikido Master, Tenko Chabashira, requested to be a member of the Public Morals committee.

“Chabashira-san! What is important for this School Environment?!”

Though, she had ulterior motives…

“To protect the girls from degenerate men!”

“No, that’s wrong Chabashira-san!” Taka exclaimed, closing his eyes in frustration. “We’re supposed to protect all the students! That also means the male students!”

“But all the males are nothing but degenerates!” Tenko said, looking straight into the eyes of her superior who was sitting at his desk. “We should just expel all the males and make this school an all-girls school!”

Kiyotaka frowned “Not all the male students are ‘degenerates’ as you claim them to be.” He thought of his bro and some of his other friends from his class. “Also; if we expel all the male students, then I, your superior, will also be expelled!”

“That’s no problem,” Tenko said, showing no sign of remorse toward her superior and upperclassman. “Besides; can you say the same about Hanamura-senpai? He asked me to throw him, and not only did he enjoy it, he even almost groped while I threw him!”

That question left Kiyotaka speechless, knowing that there wouldn’t be a single argument in the world that could defend that perverted cook, but he did wonder why she obliged to throwing her upperclassman though.

“It’s true that Hanamura-senpai has done some unspoken things that have disturbed the order of this school…” At that moment Tenko thought she won, until the former hall monitor continued “But that doesn’t mean the rest of the male population of this school has to punished for his misdeeds. Unless you can prove to me that they had done something alike or thereof?”

That was when Tenko realized she had her guards down, not being ready for that counterargument! “You’re right, Ishimaru-senpai, the rest of those degenerate males haven’t done the same as that pervert jerk has…” Now it felt like Ishimaru could take a breather and maybe do actual work.

“But!” That shout almost gave him heart attack. “They have committed sexual intercourse at this point!” The word ‘sexual intercourse’ coming out of the Tenko’s lips, made the heart monitor connected to Taka show a complete straight-line.

“W-W-Why would you use such a word in front of your upperclassman?! No, more importantly; what do you mean by that!?” Taka questioned, holding on to his left chest.

“Some of the males have made indecent moves on the innocent girls of this very campus!” Tenko explained, as she made her point.

“You’re right that ‘sexual intercourse’, as you so call it, is forbidden at this academy…” When Tenko heard that she made her usual face when she was disgusted by boys, thinking that she’s the victor of this argument. “BUT!” That shout made the Aikido Master almost lose her footing. “They haven’t done anything indecent to each other. Sure, some of them have started being in a relationship with each other, but they haven’t done anything s-s-… Sexual!!!”

Tenko was disgusted with how persistent the male was, and how she had to use her trump card. No matter how much she hated being reminded of what it contains of knowledge, she had no other choice left.

“Typical degenerate male, not knowing when you’re wrong.” Taka was beginning to hate the word ‘degenerate’.

“What do you mean, Chabashira-san?” Taka questioned his subordinate.

“According to what I have heard, Shuichi Saihara, from my class, had put his arms around a defenseless girl, just so he could touch her body! Hajime Hinata, from class 77-B, tricked an innocent girl to lie on top of him because of his perverted indecencies!” Tenko explained, looking at her clipboard so she could read up the names of the boys she wanted to point out, because she doesn’t care to remember the names of males.

After quietly listening to Tenko’s statement, he reacted with a puzzled expression and asked “But aren’t those just rumors? And they don’t sound like what I have heard.” He then stood up and pointed at the girl while exclaimed “Also; rumors aren’t proof! Just like in courtrooms, evidence is everything in the Public Morals Committee!”

“Degenerate males are also predictable!” Now he officially hates that word. “There’s also Makoto Naegi from your class, senpai!” Hearing that made him gulp. “I heard that he assaulted a girl by kissing her on the cheek without her permission! And you were there being witness to that transaction!”

Taka felt as if he got hit by the final truth bullet, which for some reason did not feel like a first time that had happened to him. He could not decline that event with Makoto and Kyoko happened, neither could he prove or disprove that the kiss was an accident.

The man thinking that he would never lose in a debate said in defeat “Y-You’re right, what he did can be seen as violating the natural order of this school.”

“Oh, so males can be reasonable.” Tenko said in a surprised tone.

But Taka rose from his seat and said while pointing his finger at Tenko “But Naegi-san and Kirigiri-san were, as I have heard it, on a date! Outside school! Meaning that not only are their feelings kind of mutual, but also that Naegi-san hadn’t violated a rule, seeing as the transaction wasn’t committed at school grounds!”

Tenko was blown away by that statement, not knowing that the man in front of her had been through many debates in his school life.

But Tenko’s training had made her not only strong, but also stubborn “But letting the students keep on being in a relationship like this will one day make the males do mischievous deeds. So, either we have to expel the males or ban relationships between to different genders!”

Hearing that, Taka thought how outrageous that sounded. They can’t just expel all the males or ban the freedom to be in a relationship with the one they like. Though, one year ago Taka would have agreed to the last suggestion.

One of the rules he wanted to submit, as soon as he became a member of the morals committee, was to ban relationships, just like at his last school. But after spending time with Mondo, Fujisaki, Makoto and all the others, he learned that you didn’t always have to be straight as an arrow, and he learned that being free to do as you will was better for you as a person.

Then, Taka thought of an idea that might would be able to convince his stubborn subordinate once and for all, but he knew it was crazy. “What if I could prove to you that a relationship between two different genders wouldn’t cause to disorder the law and order of this School Environment?”

When Tenko heard that, she could not help but ready her fighting stance, being ready for what the next argument would come out of the moral compass’ mouth. “What do you mean, senpai? Are you saying we’re going to keep eye on some of them?”

“No, that would only disturb the peace for the students.” Taka explained, as he rose from his seat and desk, and walked towards the green-eyed girl.

“Then how?” Tenko asked, getting ready to attack the male in front of her.

His answer was in the form of a hand extended toward Tenko and a statement “If we go out and became a couple ourselves.”

No words were spoken, the only reaction that came out of the Ultimate Aikido Master was a beet red expression and a perfect shoulder throw, that threw Taka across the room and right into the door. Luckily the door didn’t break from the recoil.

“W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What did you just say, you d-d-d-d-d-d-… DEGENERATE MALE???!!!” Tenko shouted, completely confused and embarrassed.

Thanks to all of Taka’s daily training, making his body tough, he didn’t lose consciousness. “What I’m trying to say is: That if we go out, as a male and a female, then I can prove to you that such misdeeds won’t necessarily be committed.” Taka explained as he tried to rise himself from the floor.

Tenko could not believe what the spike-haired man was saying. Not only did he come up with something outrageous, but this was the first time that someone asked to be her lover. She didn’t know if she was angry or embarrassed. There was no way in this situation she would agree to that!

“There’s no way Tenko can believe a degenerate male! Especially with such a ridiculous idea!” Tenko exclaimed, while still being completely beet red in the face.

Taka finally got back to his feet, and continued “If I do anything indecent to you doing our relationship, then, by my honor as the Ultimate Moral Compass- No, by the honor of my grandfather, the former Prime Minister, I will do what I can to expel every male, including myself, from Hope’s Peak Academy!”

Tenko could tell that the male in front of her wasn’t all talk. She could see that, even thought he was thrown across the room, he still kept by his idea not backing away. There was no way she could look down at her upperclassman anymore, even if he was a male.

“F-Fine, Tenko will accept your proposal…” Tenko embarrassingly said, not looking Taka in the eyes. “But remember: If you do just one indecent thing towards Tenko, she’ll use all the techniques she has learned from her master towards you!”

“Then it’s a deal?” Taka asked, as he extended his hand towards Tenko. She said nothing and just shook his hand.

But don’t come crying to Tenko once you, even though it’s not possible, fall in love with her, you degenerate! Tenko thought, as she was still holding his hand.

For some reason, Taka thought he heard Tenko saying the word ‘degenerate’, even though her lips didn’t move.

Chapter Text

This is a storage shed.

Nervousness and anxiousness made the blood in Hajime’s body accelerate through his veins like a bullet train.

There is no mistake! This is the storage shed outside the academy, where all the gym equipment tools are…

His hands were sweaty thanks to the heat coursing in his body from excitement. His eyes rapidly swifts from one side to the other, observing his surroundings.

No one is usually here, so…

“Hey hey, this door really won’t budge.” Chiaki Proclaimed, who was wearing her P.E. uniform.

Why are you here, Chiaki?!

That’s right, Hajime and Chiaki were locked inside the storage shed. But how and why did it happen? Both answers will be revealed if we go back in time a little.

-45 minutes ago-

It was P.E., the last period on the schedule for class 77-B. They decided on practicing and playing volleyball, which was Ryota’s idea, because one of his favorite anime got a fourth season recently. But he later regretted his decision and was now in the infirmary after getting hit by one of Akane’s painful spikes in the first round before he even got to play. Funny thing: she did not know that was a spike earlier. Luckily, Mikan was there with Ryota though, making sure he would be able to watch anime for another day.

The class agreed on making it a boy vs. girl match, with each team sending out 5 members to play, even though it should be 6 if they went by the normal regulations. The boys thought they had the upper hand with having Nekomaru on their team, but thanks to his stomach problems he’s been at the toilets since the start of the game, letting the boys’ fate to be decided by Akane’s merciless fury.

Right now, it was Teruteru, Fuyuhiko, Byakuya (imposter), Tanaka and Nagito against Peko, Ibuki, Sonia, Chiaki and, the most terrifying one, Akane.

By the sidelines we had Hajime and Kazuichi from the boys’ team, and Mahiru and Hiyoko from the girls’ team.

“Hey Hajime, how’s it going with you and Nanami-san? Any new progress.” Kazuichi asked his soul brother out of curiosity.

Hajime looked down and went silent before he spoke “Well, after that whole lunch episode that happened a couple of weeks ago, me and her have spent more time together…”

He started remembering how the last few days had been. Playing games, talking while waking to the dorms after school, eating in the cafeteria together, playing games, texting to each other, playing games and playing games. It was fun, but something had plagued Hajime’s mind lately.

“But lately, it feels like nothing really has changed from how we usually were before she confes- Hey, are you even listening?” Hajime asked his so-called ‘soul brother’, who was rather more interested in seeing Sonia in her P.E. clothing playing volleyball than listening to Hajime’s worries.

“Oh, so it’s going fine?” Kazuichi asked in complete obliviousness. Hajime only looked at him with a face that showed disappointment.

“In a way yes, but…”

“But what?” Kazuichi asked, trying his best not to be distracted by the princess.

“It’s just that, a part of me is disappointed in how our relationship is. It’s just, it’s like when we were friends before I entered the main course.”

“Still as a reserve course student.”

“Whatever. It’s like, nothing much has changed between Chiaki and I...” Hajime said in disappointment.

Kazuichi leaned back against the wall, putting his hands behind his head. “I don’t think nothing has changed. You have been looking at Nanami-san differently, as of late.”

Hajime wondered what the mechanic meant by that “What do you mean by that?”

When Kazuichi heard that he smirked and explained “For starters; you’ve looked exclusively at Nanami-san in her P.E. uniform. Hajime, you pervert! Te-he!”

“Wha- I don’t-” Hajime said, caught red handed, knowing that to be true. It seemed that the standards for Hope’s Peaks’s P.E. uniform was a T-shirt with short sleeves, where men wear blue shorts and women wear blue bloomers.

At that moment, when the ball was in the air at the girls’ side, Chiaki leaped up to the ball to make a spike, resulting in her chest to bounce up and down. Hajime’s eyes were glued to those soft and round marshmallows, making him feel guilty for staring. But that guilt was replaced with anger when he saw Kazuichi was staring as well. After Kazuichi saw Hajime’s angry gaze he apologized for looking at his soul brother’s love interest, and they went back to their conversation.

“So, why don’t you just accept her confession then?” Kazuichi asked.

“It’s not that easy. I’m still not sure if I should just say yes.” Hajime said as he remembered the confession, what Chiaki said about making your own choice, and that horrible memory from his former relationship and how it ended.

He also thought about how different he and Chiaki were, reminding him that he was just a reserve course stud-

No! I promised myself, Chiaki and my teacher that I would stop thinking lowly of myself!

Kazuichi just brushed off what Hajime said “Well, why not go through some hardships with her?”

Hajime could only ask at this point “What do you mean?”

“Like some kind of dangerous situation. You know, like the ‘Suspension Bridge’ effect?”

“There’s no way I would trick Chiaki into such a situation!” Hajime said as he objected to that idea.

“Then let it happen naturally.” Kazuichi suggested, thinking that was the easiest solution to this problem.

“For such a situation to happen on its own is really impossible.” Hajime said in a cynical tone.

“If anything, such a situation is not impossible.” Kazuichi said as he grabbed Hajime’s left shoulder and looked him in the eyes to prove how serious he was. “Not in this class!”

Hajime could only tilt his head to the side, being skeptical about the mechanic’s claim. But then a spike from Akane sent the ball flying towards Nagito, which later got a hole in it that made the air come out of the ball, changing the ball’s trajectory from the lucky boy’s face to only the tip of his hair. The next thing the ball hit, still carrying some of the energy from Akane’s powerful strike, was the floor right between Kazuichi’s legs, only inches away from where his family crown jewels were placed.

Not only was Kazuichi speechless from that terrifying experience, but Hajime got an even clear picture of what kind of world his classmates lived in. And he also realized that that nightmare that transpired in his class under a month ago was only the tip of the iceberg. But most importantly…

Maybe a situation like what Kazuichi said could happen? Yeah right, just because I’m in their class doesn’t mean something like that could happen to me, right? Hajime thought as he laughed it off, ignoring the fact that he for some reason had a bad feeling that something terrible would happen.

After 30 minutes passed, the game was over, the team that won was………

The boys’ team!

Because even though Akane delivered perfect, skull crushing spikes and smashes, she never once managed to score a single point. Seems she cared more about smashing than getting points. Go figure.

As everyone were on their way to hit the showers, one student in particular was tapped on his shoulder by Chisa. “Hey, Hinata-kun, can I ask you to do a favor?”

First Hajime got shocked by his teacher’s sudden appearance, then he turned around and asked “Why do you always appear like that?”

“What do you mean by that?” Chisa asked, acting oblivious to what he meant.

“It’s nothing… What is it, Yukizome-sensei?”

“Could you please gather all the sport equipment and put them in the shed before you head the showers?” Chisa asked while giving him one of her signature smiles.

It was too late for Hajime to see if any other of his classmates were available, so in the end he had to accept Chisa’ request.

It nearly took him 10 minutes to gather all the equipment in the storage shed, walking back and forth from the gym to the storage shed. As Hajime had wiped off sweat from his forehead as a sign of ‘good work, well done’, he looked at his wristwatch. It was 15:15, meaning the others must be done with taking showers and putting on their school uniforms.

“Great, so that means that I’ll have no one to talk with on the way to the dorms...” Hajime said to himself since no one was around.

“Hey hey, you have me to talk to… I think.”

“Yeah, true- Wait, Wha-? Chiaki!?” Except, it seems he wasn’t alone.

He was, first of all, shocked seeing Chiaki appear out of nowhere inside the middle of the shed, but most of all confused as to why she was here and why she was still wearing her P.E. uniform.

“Why are you here? I thought you went back to the dorms. Not to mention being in your usual uniform by now.” Hajime said, trying not to stare at Chiaki’s tight-less legs.

“Well, I saw you heading to the storage shed after Yukizome-sensei talked to you, so I got curious about what went on.” Chiaki explained, while walking closer to him. “But I didn’t want to interrupt you, so I waited till you weren’t busy. Is it a problem?”

“No, it’s fine, I’m glad you’re here.”

After hearing that from Hajime, she exhaled and smiled “Really! Then I’m glad to hear that.”

Though it wouldn’t hurt lending a hand… Hajime thought instead of saying it, not wanting to ruin the moment.

Then a thought occurred in Hajime’s mind Maybe she wants to hear my answer? It made sense in Hajime’s head. They are alone, no one would bother them. This was probably the best timing and moment for Hajime. And it would stand to logic that Chiaki would be tired of waiting, so he had no reason not to answer.

But he still wasn’t sure about his answer, and answering to a girl’s confession, in a P.E. uniform, still covered in sweat, and exhausted from work, was in hindsight not the best moment or opportunity.

Though this does not mean they couldn’t talk after this, since they can walk back to the dorms together after they have both taken a shower and put some clothes on, and then he might be more clear about his answer.

As soon as he was about to purpose to walk her back to her dorm room, Hajime’s eyes followed something else that was moving to the left. It didn’t take him long to figure out it was the door to the shed. Making a loud *thump* sound as it hits the door-case.

“What in the-” As soon as those words left his mouth, Chiaki bolted to the door, trying to open it.

“It won’t budge. Seems it’s locked form the outside.” Chiaki said matter-of-factly.

As Hajime made it to the door, while Chiaki was still holding on to it, he slammed on the door, attempting to make some noises that would get the attention of anyone around “HEY! IS ANYONE AROUND?! WE’RE LOCKED IN HERE!”

No answers came, nor did the door open again when Chiaki tried one more time. They were trapped, no one would come to help. That realization hit Hajime hard.

But before he could give up hope of getting out, an idea popped up in his head “Maybe there is another way out of here?”

As the reserve course student was about to search the shed for a possible exit, the gamer popped up and said “No, this door is the only way out of here. You wouldn’t know it since the reserve course uses a different shed for their sports equipment.”

Hajime couldn’t disprove Chiaki’s statement, since she’s right about the reserve course using a different shed. And since Chiaki had been longer in the main course than Hajime, she would know better than him that there was no other exit out of this room.

Hajime even tried checking for his phone but realized it’s properly in his messenger bag in the locker room, since his P.E. uniform doesn’t have pockets. He knew it would be a waste of time asking Chiaki if she had her phone right now, because then they wouldn’t be in this situation.

Hajime felt discouraged, looking down and cursed in a low tone so that Chiaki did not have to hear him swear. Chiaki picked up on his negativity and tried reassuring him “Don’t worry, security will discover us during their daily routine… I think.” If it were not for that last part, then Hajime would feel a little more reassured, but it still helped a little.

“Then I guess we two have to wait… until…” Then a new realization crossed his mind.

It was only him and her, a man and a woman, inside a room, where they possibly wouldn’t get out of for at least a day, if the security guard doesn’t do his daily routine, that is.

This was just like what Kazuichi warned him could happen!

Hajime couldn’t help that his heart was beating at the same pace as a horse galloping to the finish goal. Sweat was coming down faster than it did during volleyball practice, and he was playing against an amazon for god’s sake!

And it didn’t help him that Chiaki was in an outfit that revealed more of her skin and appearance. How white and smooth Chiaki’s skin on her legs and arms were. How much more of her chest could be seen through her shirt than in her usual clothing.

Not only that, but her scent was captivating Hajime’s nostrils. Even though she had not been in the showers yet, she didn’t smell bad. Ironically, she smelled really sweat, like strawberries. And it seemed that her scent had been spread, thanks to her sweat, so that he can smell her from meters away.

This was; indeed, a situation Hajime would have trouble dealing with. Forget about the ‘Suspension Bridge’ effect, this is like one of those situations that only happens in manga, anime and those private stuff Mitarai-san once showed me when Kazuichi tricked us into seeing them. And those always ends the same way. Damn you, Kazuichi Soda!!!

As Kazuichi was on his way back to the dorms, he sneezed, and wondered if someone talked about him. He smiled happily when he thought it was Sonia, but later felt pain down below. “Is this calamity or something?” Kazuichi asked himself, as he was holding his crotch in pain.

While Hajime tried his best to maintain his composure, and not getting tempted, Chiaki looked over at him and thought Hajime really is worried… Thought, it is understandable. A girl and a boy alone, might be harder to deal with than it looks...

She then looked over at the door and felt a sense of guilt.

I’m sorry Hajime, for tricking you…

She then started remembered what happened 30 minutes ago.

It was doing the 2nd match between the boys and the girls, where Mitarai and Nekomaru were still out of commission, and two of the students, Teruteru and Byakuya(imposter) got hurt from Akane’s sure-kill hell smash. Ibuki thought that name sounded really cool.

This time it was Hajime, Kazuichi, Fuyuhiko, Gundham and Fuyuhiko vs. Mahiru, Hiyoko, Peko, Ibuki and, the almost-balls-crushing-amazon, Akane.

When Hajime had done his stretching, he looked over at Kazuichi to his right, who he had expecting to be scared and legs shaking facing the behemoth herself.

“Kazuichi, you’re not scared and/or screaming?” Hajime asked matter-of-factly.

“Why are you asking like it’s normal for me or something?!” Kazuichi exclaimed, like a straight man in a Japanese comedy show. “I might face death in the eyes, but as long as Sonia’s here cheering me on, I’ll have the strength of a thousand men!”

“You know she’s mostly been cheering for Tanaka-kun, right?” Kazuichi only shrugged at Hajime’s claim.

“But that’ll change tod- ARGHHHHH!!!” All of his determination and courage ran out of him together with his scream, as he was hit in his sacred place by Akane’s spike, who was so eager to play she didn’t even wait for it to start.

As soon as Kazuichi hit the floor face-forward, eyes moving up to the inside of his skull and bubbles coming out of his mouth, everyone came to his aid and yelled out his name.

Well, except for a few. Akane just stood there and asked the teacher “Does that one count as a point, teach? I’ve never hit someone’s front tail before now!” She didn’t get a point, but she did get a deadpan expression by Chisa and the others.

The other exceptions were Chiaki and Sonia, who didn’t ignore Kazuichi’s misery on purpose, this time, but was caught up in a very important discussing.

“You want me to trick Hajime into a situation, so he’ll be alone with me?”

The only thing that came out of that merciless smile from the crown princess of the Kingdom of Novoselic was “Yup!”

Chiaki couldn’t help but worry about that idea “I think that idea is a little dangerous and mean, don’t you think?”

Sonia just looked at her best friend with a dumbfounded expression “But didn’t you tell me that you wanted to get closer to Hinata-kun? So, why don’t we just use the ‘suspension ledge’ effect?”

“I think the word you’re looking for is ‘suspension bridge’ effect, Sonia.” Chiaki corrected the princess, who still had trouble with the Japanese language and phrases.

“But isn’t it wrong manipulating poor Hajime? I did indeed say I wanted to get closer to him, but I don’t wanna deceive him…” Chiaki said, thinking about how Hajime would feel. “Besides, it’s my own fault for not doing anything. I mean, he might think I’m not interested in him anymore… Even I’m starting to think my feelings are getting weaker.”

“I think you’re underestimating your feelings for him, Chiaki.” Sonia said on cue, as she saw the gamer beginning to doubt her own feelings.

“How can you be sure of that?”

“Well, you’ve been staring at Hinata-kun since the beginning of today.” Sonia continued as she counted on her finger the times it happened today. “During 1st, 2nd and 3rd period, the breaks, lunch period and let’s not forget, P.E. where you’ve been looking at him rather intensely.”

Chiaki felt a little shock from realizing what Sonia said to be true. It seemed that the gamer had no idea she was staring at Hajime unconsciously.

“If you hadn’t realized it yourself, then it means you’re truly in love with Hinata-kun.” Sonia proclaimed as she raised a pointy finger in the air, closed her eyes and smiled.

Chiaki’s whole face got fully red and hid it in her knees to make sure that a specific boy wouldn’t see her expression.

“Y-You think so?” Chiaki asked as she raised her head little to look at Sonia, who responded with a nod and some ‘hm-hm’. “But what do you mean I’ve been looking at Hajime intensely?”

“Once we arrived at the gym, the first person you looked at was Hajime, and you showed a different expression than usual. Like a mix of happiness, affection and shyness.” Hearing Sonia explain what she meant, didn’t make the gamer lift her head one centimeter.

“Oh, and there was that moment where Hajime jumped to make a spike during practice, where his shirt lifted up a bit and showed his abs. And you showed, a very different expression...” Sonia said while looking away a little, like it was something she did not want to remember.

Chiaki was puzzled about what Sonia meant, but the princess insisted that it was nothing to worry about.

“But even if your feelings still are there, you have to do something to show him your affection for him, and to make him do something as well. Using this ‘Suspension Bridge’ effect, might work!”

Chiaki couldn’t help but really worry about that idea, and how much she could trust Sonia at this point. But the part about being alone with him, where nobody would disturb them, and where she might be able to lie her face on his big, manly che-

Nononononono, that’s too much for now! Chiaki thought as she shook her head, getting rid of those naughty thoughts.

“Don’t you want to use the situation as an excuse to lie on his body, which you told me you liked very much?” Sonia proposed in her deal-with-the-devil voice, almost as if she read Chiaki’s mind just now.

Then those thoughts from earlier came back, but this time with a little shoujo element to it. Where Chiaki had big, round eyes and a softer face, and Hajime’s face looked like that of a model. She even imagined that she got closer to Hajime’s face so she could ki-

“*Whistle sound* Game set. Round 2 is over, so get ready for round 3. The points are 25 to the boys, and 7 to the girls.” Chisa exclaimed to all the student, but at the last part she looked exclusively at Akane with a serious expression.

The sound from Yukizome’s whistle got Chiaki out of her shoujo-like fantasy dream. But now that she thought about it, it might had been a scene from one of the games she had played…

Right as Sonia rose up from her seat and walked towards the field, she could feel her left arm being lightly pulled. As she directed her attention to the one who was pulling her arm, she saw Chiaki, who showed a determined expression.

“I’m game. But, if it gets too much for Hajime, then we’re cancelling it, okay?” Sonia’s only reply was a nod and her usual you-can-count-on-me expression.

This here was the truth of Chiaki and Sonia’s plan:

1st part: Right after the game had ended, Chiaki would go over to Yukizome-sensei and tell her “Just let Haji- I mean, Hinata-kun and me deal with the equipment, since we’re the class reps.” But they had to make sure Hajime did not know that Chiaki was still around. “Could you ask Hajime to help clean up the equipment? I would like to ask him myself, but I want to start cleaning right away.” Once Chiaki had told that last pit, the teacher, who was known for being a fanatic of seeing people spend their youth, would go along with the gamer’s proposal, and would also, just for kicks, keep the part about Chiaki being around a secret.

2nd part: As soon as Hajime was cleaning up the equipment, Chiaki would submerge somewhere in the storage shed. Since the reserve course student was still new around the main course, he would not discover the gamer hiding in the right lower side of the shed.

3rd part: Once Hajime was done with all the equipment, Chiaki would come out of hiding, and stand in front of the only exit to the shed. Then she would let him know that she was in the same room as him, which would, of course, surprise him. When he has seen her, he would put all of his attention towards the pink haired girl in front of him and ask why she was here. She would come up with a lie, saying she was curious about what he was doing and waited for the right moment to talk to him, and at the same time walk closer up to him, so he wouldn’t move closer to the door and so she would cover for most of his vision.

4th part: Sonia, who was right outside the shed, would close the door from the outside, making it look like it was the teacher or someone working at the school who closed it. Once it had happened, Hajime would panic, and presumably reach to the door to see if it really was closed, which it was not. They don’t have the key, so it’s not possible. Instead, Chiaki will make it to the door before Hajime, hence another reason for her placement in the shed. When she had reached the door, she’ll act as if it couldn’t be opened, making it clear to Hajime it was locked, which was just a lie.

The next parts are for the future:

5th part: Once they’re alone, being covered in sweat and intimacy, they’ll… That part will be left to fate and imagination.

6Th part: Once Sonia has opened the door from the outside, and later hid herself away, a new couple will be born, or so they hope it will turn out.

Now that part 1 to 4 had been completed, it was time for the real challenge, and Chiaki knew that. Of course, she knew that this could create a problem, so there might be a chance that part 5 and 6 would not happen, but… I can’t go back now! If I just do it, things might turn out okay! Chiaki thought that while looking for her phone she remembered… to… bring… with… her…

Meanwhile, outside the academy, walking with some of her classmates, Sonia thought in triumph Everything is going easy as macron! She meant to think ‘pie’ Now, she just has to contact me via her phone, and I’ll go back and open the door.

I forgot my phone in my backpack in the locker room! Chiaki thought in horror as she couldn’t find her phone, which was meant to be in between her breasts, because there was no other place for it to be since the uniform didn’t have pockets. Sonia might realize something is wrong from the lack of calls, but that would first occur to the princess in three hours at least. Chiaki knows that Hajime wasn’t always in panic at times, but in a situation such as this, it might happen sooner than later.

She would hate herself if this would hurt him.

“It’s gonna be fine. Yeah, you’re right, Chiaki.” Though, it seemed she had nothing to worry about with Hajime.

Now that there was a wrack in that well-made masterpiece of a plan, Chiaki’s only move was to push forward and keep on with her plan. Except…

This is waaaaaaaaay harder than I expected it to be! One look at her Prince Charming was her downfall. Chiaki could clearly see through his white shirt, thanks to his sweat, showing how tune Hajime really was underneath his clothes. And his scent was breathtaking for her. She remembered his scent from when she accidently fell on top of him, and since then she had felt the urge to smell him again. Though in hindsight, it sounded really wrong.

She shook her head so she could concentrate about an idea she thought to part 5 of her plan. There is lot of time to smell him once you have run into him and fallen on top of him.

Chiaki could see that behind Hajime was a mattress, so this would be the perfect situation to knock into him and fall on it together with him. She moved to a position where knocking into him would cause him to fall softly on the mattress. Once she was in position, she walked with a little more force towards Hajime, almost like she was running, and closed her eyes, getting ready for the upcoming pain.

“But we have to get out of here!” Hajime said as he moved from his position so the gamer would just trip and fall face forward on the mattress. The sound of Chiaki hitting the mattress with a *thump* got Hajime out of his determined conviction to get out and put all of his attention to the gamer lying face down. “Are you okay, Chiaki? Why did you fall? Did you fall asleep again?”

“I’m fine… I think…” Chiaki muffled through the mattress. “But, more importantly.” Chiaki said as she lifted her face from the mattress. “How will we get out? The door is locked, you know?”

“Well, the door may be locked, but…” Hajime lifted his left hand, and pointed toward the door with his pointy finger as he explained “We can break down the door, with enough force that is.”

Chiaki couldn’t help but panic in her mind! If he pushes against the door, even with only a little force, the slide-door would tilt to the side with ease! The only reason why didn’t slide when Hajime knocked on it earlier, was because she was standing against at that moment. The gamer knew she had to stop him from realizing the truth. She could not believe she had sunken this low…

“On three! One…” Hajime counted down while positioning himself, ready to tackle down the door.

“Wait!” Chiaki protested, extending her right hand as her way of stopping him. Lucky for her, it stopped him before he counted to 2. “Please, I don’t think it’s a good idea to break down the door. Shouldn’t we just wait for help?” Chiaki begged, trying to convince him.

“But we don’t know if a security guard will show up or not.” Hajime explained before turning his head away to hide his pink-filled face. Besides, if we don’t hurry out of here, I might not be able to control myself! This situation is really getting to me… If only he was part of the sexy meat-potato accident, then he might be more used to it, he thinks.

“Here goes nothing!” Hajime leaned over his right leg, while his left leg was stretched behind him. He readied his right shoulder to push down his opponent, the slide door!

But before Hajime could finish his countdown, Chiaki objected again “B-But if you break down the door, Hope’s Peak will find out, and you might be expelled!” Chiaki pleaded, with an expression that showed concern, almost forgetting her original reason for stopping him.

That statement made Hajime stop in his movement and look over at Chiaki. “But it might be the only way we can get out.”

“But I don’t want you to get expelled. I want you to stay here with me!” Chiaki confessed, not holding back her feelings. Hajime could feel his heart skip a beat and also felt all of his blood rushing to his head, which gave him quite the blushed expression.

“E-Even so!” He didn’t back down, not even after hearing the most sincerest reason for why he should stay at the academy from the girl of his dreams. “Don’t you feel uncomfortable being in here alone with a boy?!”

“I’m fine with it, as long as it’s you. Besides…” Chiaki said as she closed her eyes and showed a beautiful smile “I trust you, Hajime Hinata.” That was the second time his heart skipped a beat today, and it wouldn’t stop beating harder and harder.

Hajime couldn’t deny that he really wanted to just give up and wait for help, since he knew that Chiaki trusts him and was fine being in here with him… But even he knew that something could happen if he loses control, and he was afraid if that would happen!

“Sorry, but I have to do this!” Hajime said as he showed his back to her, so the only thing he could see was the door.

Chiaki was pretty tired of his stubbornness, making her pout. Knowing that trying to reason with him didn’t seem to work, she had to use other means!

“Okay, ready- Whoa! Hey!” As soon as he tired getting ready to push down the door, he could feel that someone was pulling his right arm. That someone was, of course, Chiaki.

“I can’t… let you… do… that!” Chiaki said as she pulled his arm in her direction.

“Why are you… so… persistent… about me… not… opening… the… door!” Hajime asked, pulling with all his might back toward his direction.

“I… just… can’t… let you!” Chiaki said, hiding her guilt.

“But… Why?!”

It was clear that Hajime was having the upper hand here, seeing as he was a guy, with bigger muscles than her, and she knew that. Though lucky for her, Hajime’s leaning left foot was now on top of a loin cloth on the ground.

We have to… get out… now!”

“Do you hate… being… in here… with me?”

“What?” Hajime asked, losing a little of his focus.

“Do you… not… like me?”

“Wha- Hey- I-I-”

That sudden question made Hajime lose his footing on his right, which made him slip on the loin cloth when she tried pulling him all of her might while shouting it out like an ultra-move from a video game “Heaven-Earth Turtle Pull!”

Hajime was pulled towards Chiaki’s direction, which made him knock into her, and both of them fell on the mattress together as a result.

The first thing Hajime felt was pain… or so he thought. Instead he felt something touching his face. He could not tell what it was, since it blocked his vision, but he concluded it was the mattress because of how soft it was. But yet…

This mattress feels so… nice and soft. His face had no recollection of ever feeling such softness from a mattress before. Well, it was Hope’s Peak after all, they’re bound to have the best mattresses.

The sensation of this marshmallow-like feeling was so entangling that it seemed impossible to get out of. He felt as if he could sleep like this forever. But the best part was not only this squeezy and soft sensation, but the smell.

The smell was overpowering his senses, making him lose strength in his knees. This sweat smell of strawberries and happiness was what counted as paradise for Hajime. But it was weird, why would a mattress smell so sweet? And why was the smell so familiar? Like he had recently smelled it not so long ago. It smelled like… Huh?

As soon as a dangerous though came into the mind of the reserve course student, he woke up from dreamland and raised his head, looking at the ‘mattress’ he was lying on top of and smelled to.

What he saw was Chiaki lying on her back on the mattress with her eyes closed and pink cheeks. “Chi-Chiaki?! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-” Hajime apologized and lifted himself a little from Chiaki, as he realized that he was resting his head on Chiaki’s two Jigglepuffs, but he didn’t finish his excuse when Chiaki interrupted him by putting her hand on Hajime’s cheek.

“It’s okay, I’m just glad you’re not hurt.”

A straight shot to his heart was dealt, completely paralyzing him where he was standing.

Chiaki then realized he was only a breath away, which made her blush, but a feeling of courage came as well. “Hajime?”

That statement broke Hajime free from his paralyzing state. “Yeah?”

“As you know, I’m not good at Dating sims, so in hindsight; I’m not good with romance, and I didn’t understand what falling in love felt like. But…” Chiaki explained, even though her cheeks grew redder and redder for every second. “But after meeting you, it all changed. I know that when I’m with you, my heart beats more than the highest level of a rhythm game. It’s off the charts… That’s why I know that I love you, Hajime Hinata!”

Seeing Chiaki, the usual quiet, game obsessed Chiaki, who mostly had passion and love for games, saying all of this, not holding back, made Hajime completely numb all over his body. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t hear anything around him except the beating of his heart. But for some strange reason, he could also hear another heartbeat. Is this… the sound of Chiaki’s heart?

The next thing Chiaki did was closing her eyes and lifting her lips up a little. Hajime might not have much experience with romance, but even he knew what this meant. This was the fated and romantic moment that always happens when someone confessed their love to someone.

Hajime’s body was almost being pulled to Chiaki’s body, getting closer to her lips by every second, caught in by the mood and the moment, ready to connect his lips with hers.

But then, a thought occurred in the mind of Hajime Hinata Is this really okay?

Why wouldn’t it? This was the perfect moment, the perfect mood, and the perfect timing for this to happen! And Chiaki was clearly not against it, so what could stop him?

It was a feeling. A feeling that gripped around his senses, making him doubt if this was a good decision. It was not a feeling of disgust, he likes Chiaki, and it was not a feeling of fear either. It was more like guilt. Or a premonition. Like he would regret it later. Hajime had no idea what to really feel right now.

As Hajime was having his inner conflict, Chiaki was waiting. Waiting for the moment her feelings had led her to, since she was even more clear about her feelings for the boy on top of her. Seconds felt like hours, until finally, a somewhat soft feeling was pressed down on her lips. It felt warm, but she felt disappointed for some reason. She had never been kissed before, but she expected it to feel more softer and nicer than this.

When she opened her eyes, she could see Hajime’s face, being a little farther away from her than she thought. She looked down and saw that it was Hajime’s finger that were on her lips. She felt depressed, thinking that Hajime didn’t want to kiss her, but she also felt relief, knowing that her first kiss wouldn’t be as disappointing as she thought it just did.

Chiaki spoke once Hajime removed his fingers from Chiaki’s lips “So, you don’t like m-”

“No, that’s wrong!”


“This isn’t right. Not when we aren’t even dating! I don’t want to spoil such a perfect moment for you with a boy you aren’t in a relationship with! I need to be sure about my answer and my feelings, and then we can see what happens. I don’t want do to it like this, not while I’m half determined as I am right now!”

Chiaki could not say a word, instead she just shrugged and pouted “I don’t know why, but I feel a little disappointed.”

“Sorry…” Hajime said with a sheepish smile.

“But…” Chiaki went to her usual clam expression and smiled at Hajime “I’m also happy, for hearing how serious and kind you are about all this. That must be one of the reasons why I fell for you.”

Hajime couldn’t believe this girl. Not only had she told him two times that she loves him, but she had done more of a job showing her feelings for him than he had for her. As a man, he felt ashamed.

“Hey, Chiaki, you don’t have any plans on Friday next week, right?”

“No, I’m not busy at all that day, why?”

“It’s May 30th that day, and I heard that a new game would come out on in the arcades that day, so…” Hajime almost couldn’t get the words out, but if Chiaki could, then so could he! “Will you go on a date with me?”

Chiaki’s grip was firm around her shirt, right above her chest where her heart is located, for once being more excited about something else than a game, which she never thought would happen in a million years.

Chiaki could almost only nod at Hajime’s request, not needing to say another word.

Hajime and Chiaki had completely forgotten that they were ‘locked in’. The only thing being more important to them, was looking into each other’s eyes, forgetting everything around them.

But at the same time, a teacher was walking towards the shed, talking to herself. “Leaving work to those two might be the best for them to experience youth! But then again they might act like rotten oranges like they did last time I intervened…”  She started having flashbacks to that adolescent moment in the nurse’s office, beginning to wonder if they were not enjoying youth too much.

“Nah, there’s no way.” Chisa denied as she took hold of the knob at the slide-door and began to pull it to the right. “There’s no way that such a situation could happen… because of… work…”

The situation around Hajime and Chiaki soon turned from fluffy and romantic to as thick as butter, because the tension could easily be cut with a butter-knife.

The housekeeper closed the door in a hurry and began to run away. “I’m sorry for interrupting. Please enjoy your youth, you rotten oranges!”

““Wait, you got it wrong!!!””

Chapter Text

“Target acquired: Momota, K. is right now saying goodbye to his best friend/sidekick, aka. Saihara-kun. The target is alone, and no one else is close by the gate.” Maki said to herself as she was inside the school, about 15 meters away from her ‘target’. As she’s keeping her eyes on the prize, she’s picking up her ‘weapon’ from her school bag, ready to use it at the right moment! “Time to go in and deliver him this l- l-… Love Letter!”

That’s right. Instead of using her talent on assassinating her target and make their heart stop, she’s instead trying to confess to her target and steal their heart. After finally gathering all of her courage, and being taunted about it from Kaede, who was ironically Maki’s best female friend, she was on her way to confess her feelings. “Who would’ve thought my talent for keeping a close eye on my targets would come in handy here for confessing? Maybe confessing and assassinating are basically the same thing?” So many things were wrong there.

If Maki had not done all her mental preparation last night, she wouldn’t have been able to be ready, seeing that she had never confessed to anyone before. Maki has the perfect opportunity and timing, now she just needs to walk over to him and give him the letter-

“Confessing by letter is so boring!”

That sudden rude exclamation broke Maki’s concentration and lookout on Kaito. Maki turned around and saw a face she definitely didn’t want to see right now.

“Kokichi Oma.” Maki said as she was looking at him with the eyes of a killer, bringing her back to her usual attitude when she was an assassin.

“Yup, the name belonging to the Ultimate Super-Duper Supreme Leader!” Kokichi said with a big grin, which later turned to a serious and ominous expression. “Who knows your real talent as the Ultimate Assassin.”

Maki shrugged, knowing that he was right. Out of all the students, only Kokichi knew Maki’s real talent, and she still did not know how or where he obtained that information. It didn’t work to ask him; he would just lie again.

“Nuh-uh, I don’t lie all the time!”

“Wait, huh?” Maki asked surprised, wondering how he knew what she thought.

“Well, I don’t wanna be a copycat, but I can read minds.” Kokichi joked with his usual careless grin, but Maki just looked at them skeptically, like she just didn’t care anymore about him.

“Jeez, you’re no fun.” Kokichi proclaimed with a bored expression while looking at his hand. “But yeah; I lied. You’re just so easy to read.” Still, Maki said nothing to it. “Or are you just more focused on confessing to that hair-brained idiot of an astronaut…” Maki knew, after spending a whole month with this troublemaker that just ignoring him would be for the best. “…who already has a girlfriend!” And then threw that way of thinking out the window!

She grabbed around Kokichi’s neck with left hand and asked while threatening him “What do you mean he has a girlfriend?!” Before she continued interrogating checkers, she pulled up a sharp pencil from her pencil house in her bag, and put the sharp end close to the liar’s throat “If this isn’t another one of your stupid lies, then you’ll be the first one I’ll have killed since I stopped being an assassin.”

Kokichi’s poker face was about to crack, knowing that continuing this would make it worse. “Of course, it was a lie. Kaito is too stupid to have a girlfriend!” She let the last part slip and released him from his suffering.

“Why are you here, tell me?” Maki ordered, not asked.

“Well, I just wanted to help my two classmates become a couple.” Maki didn’t say anything, she instead looked at him with her threatening eyes and pointed her sharp pencil at him. “It’s the truth!”

“And why would you want to help me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Kokichi asked with pride in his tone. “I am not only the Ultimate Supreme Leader, but also the Ultimate Love Master!” The pencil was only 5 cm away from his throat. “Okay, I’m not an Ultimate at that, but I’m good at it! Just put that pencil away from me!”

After getting rid of her pencil, she asked him, still not completely convinced “And how, pre tale, do the Love Master want to help me?”

“Well, first thing you can do, is to put that stupid letter away and just confess to him normally.” Kokichi explained matter-of-factly, holding nothing back.

Maki, of course, didn’t want any more of this. “This is stupid, I’m leaving.”

As she was about to turn toward where Kaito was, she was grabbed by her left sleeve. “Are you really trying to live a new life? Are you just lying to yourself?”

Maki was confused. “What are you saying. Is it another of your stupid pran-”

“It’s not a prank.”

Maki could see how serious Kokichi was since there were no emotions in his voice. “You’re still afraid of showing your true face to him. Instead, you are using a letter to confess with, not your expression or your voice.” Maki had no counter argument for this little trickster’s truth bullets. “In the end; you’re just lying to yourself.”

Maki jerked her sleeve free from Kokichi’s grasp. “That’s rich, coming from the supposedly ‘Love Master’.” Maki proclaimed.

Kokichi just shrugged “Of course I’m the Love Master, I have hundreds of hundreds of girlfriends!” To Maki that just sounded like ‘Hundreds of hundreds of lies.’ But strangely enough, a weird question popped up in Maki’s head.

“Well, I am a liar-”

“Do you have someone you like?” Maki asked as she interrupted the white shirted boy.

For some strange reason, Kokichi stopped talking and did not change his expression, almost like he was frozen in tracks.

“O-O-Of course not!” Kokichi lied through his teeth. “There’s no way that the Ultimate Supreme Leader would have a crush or anything like tha-” Maki caught wind of that and did not let the opportunity go to waste. As they say, ‘paybacks’ a bitch.’

“I never said anything about a ‘crush’ to begin with.” At that point, Kokichi had realized, he messed up.

But just as Maki was thinking she had won this, Kokichi pointed in the same direction where Maki was looking at not so long ago. As always, the Supreme Leader always gets the last laugh. “Anyway; it seems that Kaito is no longer there.”

As Maki looked and saw the astraunaut to be amiss, she left everything in hand and hurriedly ran after Kaito.

As for Kokichi... “Phew, that was close. One more wrong move and it would have been over for me.” He sighed in relief, but that later turned into a menacing grin as he turned his attention toward the envelope in his hand. “Good luck, miss Former-Assassin… And maybe I should do something too about my own love life?” He asked himself as he looked at his phone, showing a red-haired, short girl with a witch hat.

It didn’t take long for Maki to catch up to Kaito, it reminded her of her days when she was an assassin. Catching up to your crush who’s far in front of you, is almost the same as catching up to your fleeing targets. Confessing and assassinating really are no different! Again, she was really wrong.

Kaito was in his own thoughts, thinking the big dreams, though he could hear someone running toward him from behind. When he turned back, he could see it was Maki, but he was a little frightened when he felt like he was being looked at as prey or a target. Instead of listening to his instincts and running away, he stood as a man and confronted her.

Kaito stood there, ready for anything, but as soon as Maki was right in front of him, she stopped in her tracks and went silent. Kaito was just surprised and confused about all this, and asked “Hey, Makiroll, what is it? You wanna train or something?”

Maki just stood there, not being as ready as she thought she was. This felt even more intense than all of her training to become an assassin in the past. But she remembered right there that she had her letter. “No, I wanted to g- Huh?” As she was looking after her letter in her bag, she could not find it. It was like it magically disappeared or it was sto-

An idea came to the assassin’s mind to what happened to the letter. Kokichi Oma! It was almost like she could hear his signatur laugh. I swear, when I find you, I will-

“Are you missing something in your bag?” That sudden question from the astronaut kicked her out of her angry thoughts. “If you’re looking for someone who can help you look for your stuff, then you should ask Shuichi, not me.” Maki was glad that Kaito had no idea what was really going on, but at the same time she was not so happy after all. Because she felt like she lost her only ammo, her weapon for confessing. When an assassin loses her weapon, then it’s over. All she could do now was saying goodbye and-

“You’re still afraid of showing your true face to him... Are you really trying to live a new life…? In the end; you’re just lying to yourself...”

Kokichi’s words from before still rang in her head, stopping her from doing something that she would regret.

“See ya later, Makiroll-” But as he had just turned and was about to leave, a hand was placed on his shoulders, stopping him in his tracks. When he looked back, he could see Maki hanging her head so he couldn’t see her eyes.

“Kaito, I-I,” Maki gathered all of her courage, readied her heart, and bit her lower lip to not getting distracted by her nervousness and worries. She lifted her head, showing an expression many never thought she could show: a tear-filled face that wasn’t devoid of emotions. “I want to be more with you! I want it just to be the two of us! Do you understand what I’m saying?! I… I like you!”

A gust of wind blew in, going through her hair as it was dancing in it. Kaito had a shocked expression, but not another one of his goofy shocked expressions. He was not ready for this, especially not from this girl.

“You’re the first and only one to make me feel this way. There is no other word for it, I-” But before she could continue, she observed that Kaito punched himself in the face, causing him to bleed out of his mouth. “Why did you do that?! Are you okay?”

“I’m so glad you have changed so much; you are even more honest now! But I feel ashamed that I didn’t realize! That’s why I punched myself…” When Maki heard that she felt glad, because it meant he felt the same way for her-

“You want some quality time with me, so you can become an even bigger sidekick to me, right?!”

Maki’s thought progress came to a halt, trying to figure out how the man in front of her came to that statement. The only thing coming out of her mouth was “What?”

Kaito laughed as he was scratching the back of his head “Because my bro is always with us, you felt ignored and wanted to spend more time with me. It makes sense since I’m Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!”

Maki couldn’t utter a single word, left stunned by the astronaut’s stupidity and obliviousness. Maybe that letter would have been better, after all…

“Actually, this is great!” That proclamation from the purple-haired student got Maki out of angry and depressive thoughts. “To be honest; I wanted to spend some time with because…” It was faint, but Maki observed some red on Kaito’s cheeks. “You interest me a lot, so I want to spend more time with you!”

With nothing holding her back, and a heart full of affection and happiness, she holds him in an embrace around his torso. “Don’t look.” Kaito was puzzled. “I don’t want you to see me right now.” Kaito just smiled and hugged her back, not seeing the blush on the caretaker’s face.

The next day before class started, Kokichi went over to where maki was sitting and asked “So how did it go? Did it crash and burn?”

The only thing coming out of Maki’s mouth was a giggle, which was unusual for her, and even frightened the Supreme Leader. “Which one?” Kokichi was for once puzzled. “Your plan or my confession, what do you think?”

Kokichi answered with a giggle “Nishishi! Now it’s just a trick question. That’s not fair!” After Kokichi said that, he was on his way to his seat, when suddenly Maki said in a tone where only some could hear in a specific radius “Yumeno-san is not seeing anyone by the moment.”

Kokichi did not answer neither did he turn, he just walked towards his seat, but he walked a little slower and stiffer than usual. Payback’s definitely a bitch.

Chapter Text

“Are you seriuous, bro?! You’re dating that feminist Chabashira-san?!”

“First of all, bro, discrimination of a person’s choice is not welcome in a school environment!” Taka yelled with his signature catchphrase since his first time in kindergarten. “Secondly; we’re only dating to see to prove one or another’s point about dating in school!”

“Whatever your choice the fuck is, I’ll still respect the hell out of you, man!” Mondo declared while raising a thumps-up to his bro.

“Besides; we’re only pretend-dating, it’s not as if we’re in love or anything.”

“I think it’s still manly how you got someone attractive as Chabashira-san to become your girlfriend, Taka,” Chihiro said, admiring one of his two role models.

“Though it is true that Chabashira-san is attractive that doesn’t mean that having a girlfriend makes you a man!” Taka lectured Chihiro. “It’s about being tough and being honest about yourself! Remember that in your training to becoming a ma-”

“Bro! Watch that big mouth of yours!”

It didn’t take long before the moral compass realized he was about to open another person’s closet filled with skeletons. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Chihiro!” Taka bowed.

“I-It’s fine Taka, there’s no one around, so you can raise your head now,” the programmer almost pleaded. “We’re in our classroom, with only our classmates, so no harm’s done.”

Even though the Ultimate Programmer, Chihiro Fujisaki, looked and sounded like a girl, ‘she’ is actually a ‘he’. Due to a complex about being weak, and pretty girly, he convinced himself to dress as a girl, to make the bullying stop and creating a protective shell around him. But eventually, the shell was not helping, and he knew it would be a matter of time before the rest of his class would know about his true gender, especially since one of them was an Ultimate Detective. So, one day he wanted to talk to Mondo alone, the most manly-known specimen in his class, and told him his secret. Mondo was, of course, surprised and dumbfounded by this sudden confession, and a little disappointed as well… He does not want to talk about why.

After Chihiro revealed his true gender to Mondo, he declared he wanted to become a real man, and, eventually, reveal his secret to the whole world. At first, Mondo was silent, and Chihiro was getting a scary de ja vu-feeling for some reason, almost like his life was in danger. But before the biker gang leader could say anything, Taka came out of nowhere and confessed that he heard everything that were said. His sudden involvement made Mondo cool down. Taka was moved by Chihiro confessing to being a male and swore that he would help him in his endeavor to become a real man.  Mondo said he would help too, since he thought that even though Chihiro is wearing a skirt, he is even more manly than he looks. And maybe stronger than me…

After that day, they began training both his body, mind, and spirit! Lifting dumbbells at night, and confessing to others at day, mostly with his classmates. After a year had passed, his body had gotten a little stronger, with fine, but still small, muscles, and everybody in his class learned of his true gender, with Makoto being the first to find out. There were some who accepted it pretty easily, while some, Hiro, didn’t believe him until 6 months had passed. “Hey, did somebody forget a sausage between your… legs… Wait, you are a GUY?!”

“But still; what if another student outside this class hears about it? There’ some mischievous ones in class 77th and I hear that there is some gremlin underclassman who likes to pull pranks,” Mondo warned, while thinking that it was properly that same gremlin who drew ‘Crazy Diamonds Shit-hair’ on his bike.

“I agree with bro, it wouldn’t be good if everybody suddenly gets to know who you truly are. Besides,” Taka said, thinking back to last year’s school festival, “you almost made it to the finals at that beauty pageant.”

Chihiro blushed because of the embarrassment. He did not even willingly participate in it, he was dragged into it by some upperclassmen, who though it would be a shame not having someone as cute as ‘her’ in the contest.

“I… I’ll remember to be more careful…” Chihiro said, almost crying, but held back the tears anyways.

“Also, you haven’t told everybody in our class yet. You still miss one,” Taka said, as he pointed at the programmer.

Oh yeah, her… the image of her showing up in Chihiro’s mind, which also reminded him…

“Oh yeah, sorry guys, but I have to go train now,” Chihiro said as he rose from his chair.

“Shouldn’t we go help you with yer’ training?”

Chihiro shook his head, “No, I can’t always rely on you guys. A real man cannot always rely on others to help him. At times you must do somethings yourself, right?”

Neither the moral compass nor the biker gang leader could object to that fine statement, so they just waved him off as he left the classroom to head for the boy’s locker room.

Chihiro’s exercise program had mostly been weightlifting, running, etc., but he had not done any swimming yet, so training at the pool was the idea for today. As he was on his way to the boy’s locker room, finding his student handbook, a hand grabbed his right shoulder. “Why are you heading to the boy’s locker room, Fujisaki-san?” Chihiro looked nervously to where that voice came from.

“H-Hina?!” Chihiro almost screamed, seeing the tanned swimmer.

“What’s wrong? It’s almost like you think I’m a ghost or something. How rude,” Hina pouted.

This is not good. Not good at all! Out of everybody he could have met here, it had to be her. The only one in his class who did not know that Chihiro was a guy, was the Ultimate Swimming Pro, Aoi Asahina, mostly known as Hina. She was the sportiest girl Chihiro had ever laid eyes upon. Even though she was kind of an airhead, she had a kind and pretty up-beat personality.

Normally she would be one of the first people you would reveal a great secret to, because she doesn’t judge people so easily, which could easily be seen with her friendship with Sakura Ogami. But for some reason, Chihiro had not told her about it yet, and he had even told Hiro, the guy who would be fine selling a classmate’s organs to the yakuza for cash, about his secret.

Why can’t I tell her? He pondered, Maybe it’s because I… I l-

His thinking process stopped short, like his height, when he felt a sensation on his forehead, “Hmm, you don’t have a fever, it seems.”

As soon as he saw Hina’s face, only inches away, he backed away in a flash with a fully red face. “W-W-W-What are you doing?!”

“You were heading to the boys’ locker room and you reacted funny to me, so I thought you might have a fever,” Hina explained.

Chihiro thanked whatever god there was in this world for Hina being an airhead. But now that he thought about it, this was properly the perfect moment for telling her his secret. They were alone, so nothing could stand in his way.

But before he could begin his big confession, he felt his wrist being pulled, and saw that that hand belonged to the tanned girl in front of him. “Wha- What are you doing, Hina?”

“Weren’t you heading to the locker room to train?” Hina simply asked. “I’m heading out to train too, so I thought we could make a day out of it,” she smiled.

In any normal situation, Chihiro would had taken his arm back and said, “Sorry, Hina, but I’m actually a guy. I have my handbook as proof.” But in the real situation, the tanned girl was stronger than Chihiro, and she was faster too, so it did not take long before Aoi scanned her handbook on the scanner and dragged Chihiro inside the ladies’ locker room.

How did things end up like this? Chihiro thought as he sweat dropped and blushed at his current situation.

Right now, he had officially become the first boy on Hope’s Peak to come into one of the sacred gardens of this academy: the girls’ locker room! Not even Teruteru or any other perverted boy had gotten the chance to succeed! But the most innocent boy on the campus got the chance. Talk about irony.

I have to get out of here now! If I don’t-

“What is it, Fujisaki-san?” Hina asked, worried about the programmer.

“O-Oh, it noth- Aghhhh!” Chihiro exclaimed when he saw Hina in only her her sports bra and white panties, closing his eyes and turning his back to her due to embarrassment.

“What? This is the second time you’ve done that! Do I have something on my face or what?” Hina pouted.

Chihiro could not answer, since this was the first time, he had gotten an eyeful of a girl in her underwear. At his former schools, he waited on changing till the girls were done and looked inside his locker to avoid looking at the girls.

Hina looked like an epiphany had hit her and said, “Wait, could be that you’re…”

Chihiro got wind of that, which took his attention away from his embarrassment. Wait, has she finally figured it out?! Chihiro thought, worrying about the consequences. It would be fine any other place but here and right now! “You’re a boy?! Then that means you- Have just seen me- in my… AGGGHH, YOU PERV!” As his thought process had made it clear how heavy his situation had gotten, he closed his eyes ready for the inevitable.

“… dissatisfied with your body?”

“… huh?” Chihiro wondered, as he opened his eyes. “What do you mean?” Chihiro asked, finally looking in her direction, trying not to look at her half-naked body.

“It’s just that, you always have that same expression when I’m close to you.”

That’s because you are always so close! he thought embarrassed, remembering all the times Hina made body contact with Chihiro, not knowing he was a guy.

“So, I thought that you were comparing your body with mine. And since we have very different body types, I figured you weren’t satisfied with your own body.”

Your body has something to due with my problem, but not for that reason!

“But don’t worry; one day your chest will also grow,” she encouraged, showing a thumps-up.

I want my chest to grow, but not in that way…

“But you should now, having a chest like this has some cons as well. For example, your back hurts sometimes, and some bras don’t fit…” she explained while lifting her chest a little with her hands.

This just made the programmer retreat to her former position, not looking at her Hina. D-Don’t just do that in front of a gu- Oh yeah, that’s right, she still doesn’t know...

“Or…” her tone suddenly changed. “Is it just me personally?”

Chihiro stopped his worried thinking once he heard Hina’s sad tone and looked over at her again.

“I understand that you’re shy, and that even though a year has passed since we became classmates, you properly still haven’t gotten used to this school… But I wished that we could talk. I know I am not that smart, and that I don’t understand the things you like, but I still wanted to learn more about you. I don’t know what it is, but you seem interesting.”

Chihiro could feel the seriousness and sadness in Hina’s confession, making him feel like it was his fault for her grief.

“When I heard that you wanted to work out, I thought “this might be the moment to bond with Fujisaki-san”. But then I heard you asked Owada. I mean, I could understand if you asked Sakura-chan instead of me, but you asked a man who has nothing to do with sport!” Hina almost exclaimed, tears falling down her cheeks, while hanging her head. “It’s almost like you don’t want to intereact with me, so you get close to people who aren’t that close to me! Do you not like me?!”

The programmer had no idea this was how the swimmer really felt, feeling even more guilt for hurting her like that. But how could he fix this? He could fix surveillance problems in programs like nobody’s business, but this was different and too much. How can he-

“It’s about being tough and being honest about yourself!”

That vision of Taka and his words were enough answers for this little guy, who was on his way to become a big man!

“That’s not it!” Chihiro exclaimed from the bottom of his lungs, making the swimmer to look up from the ground.

“I-I’m sorry if I gave you t-that idea, but that’s not the truth at all! I respect y-you most out of all the girls I have met! Before I met you, I believed the roles for girls were to be weak and cute, and that men should be strong and brave. B-But when I met you, a girl who wasn’t only cute, but charming and nice, yet still so strong, you shattered that very role I believed in! You’re the reason I wanted to confront my weak self, that’s why I admire you!”

Hina’s tears stopped, instead she started to blush a little thanks to the compliment. She had heard many admired her for her talent, but this was the first time it was about her strength and appearance.

I kinda wished it was a boy who would say that to me, though… she thought in regret, but she smiled regardless.

A little awkward silence and 2 minutes were enough time for Hina to change into her school swimsuit while Chihiro looked away. “I’ll go ahead and wait till you’re done, ‘kay?” Chihiro just nodded.

As soon as she was gone, he began to change as well, feeling proud as he followed Taka’s example earlier. After putting his jacket, shirt, and skirt in the locker, he was finally down to only his underwear, taking them off slowly and easily-

“Whoops, I forgot my water bottle. Sorry for the... intru… sion…”

Hina, despite being kind of a tomboy, had never seen another boy’s elephant, except for her brother’s when they were children. She knew that she had to see it in real life one day, but this was not how she wanted it to be. Especially not in this situation.

“So, it’s not ‘san’, but ‘kun’…?”

Chihiro, who was equally embarrassed at this situation, could only nod as confirmation.

It did not take long before she closed the door, acting like she didn’t believe what she just witnessed.

Chihiro did not know how to fix this problem, but he knew he had to skip swimming for today.

Chapter Text

Just like any other school, Hope’s Peak has exams and midterm exams, but unlike any of your normal exam tests, Hope’s Peak do not care that much about academics. There are normal written exams, which may help in college, but the main focus is on talents.

At the end of summer and start of winter they hold a practical exam, where the students must present their talent to five judges who work in the area of the student’s field. If a student’s talent is that of a baker’s, then the judges are either big shot bakers themselves, owners of corporations who make big money selling bread and cake, or reporters who write articles on gastronomy.

If the student does not have a talent that can be presented, then the school will have to figure out a different way to evaluate the student’s talent. And for those who have luck as a talent, will have to do their best at on the written exams.

Students who do not pass the exams will not only fail but will also get banned from Hope’s Peak. The students are not allowed to cheat, obviously. One student did that by spicing her Choux Crémes with a super strong strength drug. Because of that, both her and her accomplish failed, so did her boyfriend since he protested to that punishment.

Even thought the students cannot help each other under the exam that doesn’t mean they can’t practice with their fellow classmates to hone their skills. In other words…

“We can hold a study session at your place, so we can be ready for the midterm exams, Shuichi!”

The former cap boy dropped an eggroll from his chopsticks into his lunchbox when he heard his girlfriend’s proposal. They were eating lunch outside near the school, when Kaede suddenly explained the rules of the exams, and suggested her idea.

“Kaede, don’t you th-” Shuichi tried to plea before he got interrupted.

“We’re alone right now, so you have to call me by ‘you-know-what’,” Kaede said, looking a little disappointed.

“Oh, yeah…” Shuichi shyly corrected himself, “Sweetheart, don’t you think it is unnecessary to hold a study session, when we work better alone? I mean, you play solo and I kind of already have an idea on what I’m-”

“I know, but I thought that maybe you could help be more inspirational to my next piece. Also…” Kaede explained, looking directly into his eyes, “I want us to spend some alone time together, Shuichi.”

Shuichi normally had problems looking into the eyes of others, but it was different with Kaede. The blond-haired girl made him feel safe, looking into those beautiful purple orbs, captivating him in a beautiful trance. He could not help but trust and love her even more.

“I don’t have anything against it, I’m just… I’m just shy about it. You’re the first girl who has invited me to a study session,” Shuichi confessed, looking a little embarrassed, which made him look cuter in Kaede’s eyes. That was until he started looking away in shame, explaining, “Actually, you’re the first person who has ever invited me for a study session…” Kaede felt like she just dug up a dark past that should just have stayed underground with cement on top.

“So, are you in, or…?” Kaede questioned him, staring at him the same way a cat used their eyes to make them look cute so they could get their way.

“I’m in!” Shuichi could not resist.

“Great! Then it’s at my place!” Kaede declared, not questioning for the detective’s approval, which he didn’t seem to be fine with, based on his nervous look and sweat dropping.

“W-Wait, you mean in your dorm room?” Shuichi asked in concern.

“Yeah, where else?” Kaede asked, smiling at the boy while rising herself from ground.

“But why there?” Shuichi, again, asked his girlfriend, hoping for a clear answer.

“Well…” Kaede put her finger under chin, before she pointed upwards the sky, explaining “We were in your room last time, so now it could be at my place.”

“That’s not my point! I-” Shuichi couldn’t speak what was on his mind when he got interrupted by the school bell.

*Ding dong! Dong ding!*

“Seems lunch is over; we have to go class now.” Kaede turned her direction towards the school and started walked over there. “Come on, hurry, or we’ll be late for class!”

Shuichi just stood there, not having a clear mind on how to react. Having a study session with a girl was one thing, but now…

She’s inviting me to her room?! C-Could it be that she has ulterior motives? Could it be she… Shuichi did not have time to finish his thoughts before he got interrupted by the very same girl who made him speculate.

“Come on, or I’ll leave you behind…” Kaede called after him, getting his attention. He then made packed his bento box and rose from the ground, catching up to Kaede. “…And you know that I don’t want to leave you,” Kaede said quietly, being embarrassed to say that directly to the detective boy.

As Hajime was in his dorm room, wondering about his plan for his date with Chiaki, he thought out loud, “Should we go to a Café before we go to the arcade, or should we go eat dinner at a restaurant? We have to do more than just go to the arcade, so-”

*Ding dong*

“Hm?” Hajime’s planning had to wait as he wondered who would be by his door, ringing his doorbell. “School had just ended, so who could it be? Maybe it’s Kazuichi complaining about Sonia not paying attention to him, again?” Hajime sighed, heading towards his door and ready to open it.

When he opened it, he asked “Who is it? Oh, Saihara. Is something wrong?” He could clearly see Shuichi being nervous, more than usual that is. He welcomed the detective into his dorm room, let him sit on his bed and let him explain what was on the black haired’s mind.

“I have something that is coming up, and I wanted to talk with somebody about it…” Shuichi explained, looking down on the floor.

Hajime understood, but still wondered if he was the man to help here, so he asked, “But why me? Why not that Momota guy?”

“Busy with Harukawa-san,” Shuichi answered matter-of-factly.



Hajime was not surprised, the hooded boy sometimes never answered his phone, either because it broke or something else happen, which was usually a result from his bad luck.

“Any of your other male friends?”


Shuichi said nothing, looking away in shame, which made Hajime realize he might have tripped over a landmine. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” Shuichi said, trying to show a smile, as a way to say that everything’s fine. “I saw you as I was on my way to my dorm room, and I thought talking with you about it might help, so it was basically coincidence. Besides, we are, as they say, partners-in-crime, together with Naegi as well.”

Hajime nodded to Shuichi’s explanation and reason, “That makes sense. I would properly do the same if I were in your shoes.” Hajime then had to bring the elephant into the room by asking the question, “So, what’s on your mind? Is it about Akamatsu?”

Shuichi nodded, “I talked with Kaede about the midterm exams that are coming up.”

“Oh yeah, those…” Hajime said nervously, not looking forward to the writing exams. Since he’s not an Ultimate, he won’t be going to a practical exam, and has to keep up with his studies so he can pass the written exams.

Shuichi explained further, being a little embarrassed from his memories, “Then Kaede started suggesting a study session between her and me…”

Hajime smiled at Shuichi, “That’s great! Then you can be alone with her and spend quality time with her.” Maybe I should have thought of that with Chiaki, he thought in regret, knowing that Chiaki already had finished her project for the midterm exams, and if it was her helping him, then it would make him look uncool.

“But” Hajime picked up on that ‘but’ as Shuichi explained, “she suggested it should be held in her room.”

Hajime was a little surprised by that, but he could see how heavy this was for the detective. “So, you guys are gonna be alone, in her room?”

“Pretty much. I’m kinda nerv- No, I’m really nervous about this!”

“I kinda get your point,” Hajime said in consent, then he looked away in embarrassment. “At least you won’t be trapped with her…”

Shuichi picked up on that. “Trapped?”

“Oh, it’s nothing! Don’t worry!” Hajime exclaimed, holding his hands up in defense and embarrassment. “But back to the matter of hand, I think it’ll be fine, so don’t worry and take it easy,” Hajime assured Shuichi, hoping it’ll cool down the detective.

Shuichi looked down, confused about what was going to happen in his girlfriend room after he has entered. “Yeah, but I think Kaede is taking to many jumps in all this. I mean, we’ve only been dating for more than a month…”

Hajime nodded, “Yeah, but it’s only visiting her room, so-”

“We haven’t even kissed, so we shouldn’t skip too many bases already!”

Hajime just stood there, completely dumbfounded by that sudden exclamation by the boy next to him. “Wait, wha-”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for it, and I don’t even have protection on me, but maybe she might already be on the pill…” Shuichi said, moving his hand to his mouth so he could do his thinking pose.

Hajime couldn’t help but think that Shuichi was having the wrong idea about what was going on. He might not be an expert in romance, and he doesn’t fully know who Kaede was, but he was sure that Shuichi might be wrong. “Wait, aren’t you overthinking all of thi-”


Before Hajime tried to reason with Shuichi, a sound came from Shuichi phone. He picked it up and said, “Oh, It’s from Kaede!” He then looked at the message and read it out loud, “‘I’m all done and ready, you can come now.’ Looks like I have to go. Sorry if I wasted your time, Hinata-senpai.”

“It’s fine,” Hajime assured Shuichi. “And please; just call me Hinata or Hajime. Being called senpai is a little embarrassing.”

“Okay, I’ll try remembering that,” Shuichi said as he was on his was opening the door, but right as it opened, he thought out loud, “Could ‘I’m all done and ready’ mean that kind of ‘ready’?”

As Shuichi left Hajime’s room in a nervous sweat, Hajime couldn’t help but sigh, “He might be a smart detective, but with romance and such, then he’s blown out of the water… I just hope his misunderstanding won’t cause problems.”

Shuichi was staring at the final frontier, the door to Kaede’s room. To anyone else than the detective the door looked like a normal average door, but in Shuichi’s eyes, it looked like a gate that had the face of a demon that would bite his hand off even if he tried to only touch the doorbell. He might have heard too much of Kiyo’s explanation of Rashomon to get that image in his head.

But Shuichi knew he had to move forward! He might never had been to a girl’s room before, but he did have a girl at his, so he had to be assertive and ring on that doorbell!


But the thought of what was coming next, from his ideas of the intimacy that Kaede had planned to do with him, shook his resolve. So much so that his right index finger was shaking and did not get closer to the intercom.

Come one! J-Just ring on that doorbell already… E-Even if Kaede might be willing to have s-se-

But, as Shuichi’s finger was mere centimeters away from the button, the door suddenly opened, and revealed his beautiful girlfriend in a pink hoodie with a logo on it, white shorts, and purple slippers.

“Hey, Shuichi, I saw you outside from my window, and thought I should welcome you in,” Kaede smiled, not observing Shuichi blushing as he took in the sight of his girlfriend in casual clothing.

Shuichi said, showing a smile and calming down, “You look cute in those clothes.” The sight of Kaede had never once not helped him relax when he was anxious or worried.

Kaede took in the compliment and blushed, “Thank you, Shuichi.” Seeing Kaede blush made Shuichi a little embarrassed and quiet, now that he realized what he said mere moments ago. Kaede took notice and decided to break the ice, “So, wanna come inside?”

Shuichi nodded, “S-Sure!” He then walked in, forgetting about how nervous he was when in front of the door earlier, and took of his shoes. Kaede then took him to the table where they were going to study. It was a small table that was near her bad, with a carpet under it, so they could sit down while studying.

“I’ll bring over some snacks and tea. You just wait there and feel comfy, and I’ll be there in a moment,” Kaede said as she was looking in the shelves.

“Take your time, I can wait,” Shuichi reassured, then looked down as he made sure she was not looking at him right now. This might be it! This might be it! But I am not ready for this! His speculations kept on going like chocolates being made on a convenient belt. The ‘snacks’ might just be an excuse so she will change clothes and bring protection over. So, when she comes here, she will-

His train of thoughts was interrupted when Kaede showed up, with her ‘snacks’. “Here, Shuichi, some cookies, pocky sticks and chips, and barley tea as drinks. I hope you like them!” Kaede offered, showing a smile.

Shuichi was surprised at what he was seeing, he fully believed that Kaede invited him to her room to ‘do it’ with her, but seeing the trey filled with snacks made him feel guilty for his indecent thoughts. “Don’t you like any of these?” Kaede asked worried.

“N-No, of course I like them,” Shuichi stated, feeling like an idiot from his delusional thoughts form earlier. “It’s just… This is the first time I’m in a girl’s room, let alone in my girlfriend’s room. So, I’m just really nervous, is all,” Shuichi confessed, looking embarrassed.

“So, not only is this your first time studying with someone, but also your first time being in a girl’s room. Seems like I have taken many of your firsts,” Kaede chuckled in victory. “It makes me happy knowing that. I hope I can get many more ‘firsts’ from you in the future.”

Shuichi’s face was so flustered that his whole face was pink, leaving no normal color on the skin of his face. “S-Sorry to ruin this, but shouldn’t we get to studying? Time could fly by if we don’t use it right, and then it could be 10 P.M. when the security guard will be on patrol around the dorms.”

Kaede wasn’t happy about Shuichi ruining the mood, but he had a point. “Yeah, you’re right. But still…” She then proceeded to pinch his left cheek “You shouldn’t disappoint a girl like that again, okay?”

“Uh huh,” Shuichi mustered to say, as his cheek was in pain.

“So, for now I think I want to try combining a work from Beethoven with a piano play from Elton John, as a way of using old and modern works. Making I can create a good piece from their works?” Kaede explained, as she was looking at works from the said pianists. “Now, I need to think of which pieces form each work I should use… Do you have any ideas, Shuichi?”

Shuichi talked as he was thinking about it, “I don’t hear much western music, so I don’t really have a clue. Besides, is it a good idea of using two different types of piano play for the exam?”

Kaede smiled, “It’s not like I’m going to mix them or anything like that. I’m gonna make a composition that uses melodies and/or rhythms from both of them. If you didn’t suggest using more known pianists, then I would have used compositions only piano experts knew about. Then I would have used something so good that nothing I got make would beat it, making it hard to impress the judges for the next exam.”

The detective sweat dropped. “I only said that you should use something I do know about, because I don’t really know about Rachmaninov or Liszt. But I’m glad I could help.”

An hour had passed since they started their study session, and they had mostly been working on Kaede’s presentation. Since Shuichi already had something prepared for his exam, they focused more on what Kaede should play for the judges, even though the most he had done was searching for compositions by different piano players and hearing suggestions by Kaede.

Kaede stretched her arms up and said, “I think we need break. I mean, I love talking about famous pianists and think of the pieces they’ve made, but I can tell you need a break. Besides, not much of the snacks have been taken yet.”

Shuichi looked at the snacks and agreed, “Yeah, you have a point. I feel a little hungry too.” He then fetched for a cookie and ate it. “Hmm, these are good. Where did you buy them?”

Kaede smiled and blushed, “Nowhere. They’re homemade.” Shuichi stopped eating his piece and realized how big meaning this had. “I made them the day before this. Tojo taught me how to make them. Though compared to hers they might be nothing special.”

“I think these are quite good,” Shuichi praised, making Kaede’s cheek a little pink. “I almost thought these were from a store. Now that I think about it…” he trailed off as he started thinking.

Kaede then teased, “‘This might be the first time somebody outside your family made you cookies’ is what you thought, right?” Shuichi’s shy expression, as he looked away, was an indication that she was right, so she kept on teasing the detective, “Another ‘first’, I wonder how many I’ll get today?”

Shuichi could not think of something to say that could sound profound thanks to his embarrassment, so he drank his cup of barley tea to get his mind elsewhere. But he realized his cup was empty. He then went for the bottle, but it was empty too, and Kaede took notice. “Seems we’re out of barley tea. I’ll bring some more.”

As Kaede went over to the shelves to pick up another bottle, Shuichi just waited by the table and thought, This is pretty fun, but… Then, as he thought his nervousness had stopped when he was getting comfy with Kaede, it came back. She says that so many times! “Another ‘first’, I wonder how many I’ll get today?” What does she mean?! Is she looking forward to…? No! NO! Calm down Shuichi Saihara, do not go into speculations. She might have flirted sometimes, but she has not tried to seduce you! But maybe, she is hinting it? I don’t know…

As Kaede was having no idea of Shuichi’s inner meltdown, she started to think in glee, This is going great! I need to remember to thank senpai next time I see her!

Kaede remembered back earlier today, when she had her talk with Chiaki in the girls’ restroom, right before she was going to eat lunch with Shuichi.

“So, what did you want to talk about, Akamatsu?” Chiaki asked, as she was washing her hands at the sink.

Kaede blushed, as she answered, “Well, I just wanted to know if you have any advice on how to move the relationship to a new level?” When that question was heard, Chiaki did not react much as usual, but she was thinking. Until Kaede interrupted, “I don’t mean as in a game, senpai…” Chiaki’s silence was all Kaede needed.

“Do you mean as in; you want to know how you can get closer with him?” Chiaki asked, hoping she was right about it.

Kaede nodded, “Things are going great, even better than when we started… But…”

“But?” Chiaki repeated, wondering what could be wrong.

“I want to do more couple things with Shuichi! But I don’t have much experience with dating, since I had used most of my time playing and practicing piano since I was a kid. Dating wasn’t something I was interested in before I met Shuichi, that is…” Kaede explained, blushing when she remembered the first time her heart skipped a beat when she fell for the cap boy.

Chiaki nodded in consent, “I was like that too… Before I met Hajime, games were the only things I loved.” Then the two girls sighted in bliss, thinking of the guys who stole their hearts.

“But why did you want to talk to me about it? You could have sent a text to Kirigiri to meet up with you, or asked any of the girls from your classroom… I think,” Chiaki asked, as she pulled up her phone to look at the message, she got from Kaede.

Kaede: Nanami-san, do you have time? If you do, meet me in the girls’ bathroom before lunch. - 10:32

Kaede then got out of her trance of thinking of Shuichi, and answered the gamer girl’s question, “I tried with Kirigiri-senpai, but she was busy with a case, and none of the girls in my class can really help me with relationships. Since I do not think any of them had been in a relationship before coming to this school…” Chiaki could kind of understand that thought, since her classmates properly hadn’t either. With the exception of Fuyuhiko and Peko, that is.

“So, do you have any advice? It’s okay if you don’t…” Kaede reassured Chiaki, not making it hard for her.

Chiaki then thought for a moment, “Maybe you should show him how open you are to him?”

Kaede nodded, “I see your point. That would make it easier for him to know I want to get closer to him and improve our relationship. But how can I show that to him?”

“Why not try to study with each other at your place? The midterm exams are coming soon, it’s good to be prepared, and you can you use that to create a study session with him. That way you can create some quality time with him without being disturbed, and you can learn more about each other while hearing about each other’s talent. And if it’s at your place, then it’ll show how much you trust him,” Chiaki suggested, surprising Kaede by the idea she didn’t think the gamer girl would think of.

“That’s… That’s a good idea!” Kaede exclaimed. “Why didn’t I think of that before!? Where did you get that idea from, senpai?”

Chiaki then took one of her many handheld consoles from her kitty backpack and showed Kaede a dating sim as she explained, “When I used that tactic in this game, it helped me raise the boy’s affection for my character.” Once Kaede saw the game, she couldn’t help but doubt the idea she thought was good moments ago. “Normally I thought that move wouldn’t help… but after getting closer with Hajime, I thought that choice would help, and it did…” Chiaki blushed and smiled, realizing how much she had learned about love and affection since she tried moving things forward with Hajime.

Kaede was seemingly curios, and couldn’t help but tease, “Did something happened between you and Hajime lately? Did you use the same tactic on Hajime to get closer with him?”

Chiaki stopped blushing a little and started to be completely red and looked away in embarrassment and guilt. “N-No. I tried something different…”

Kaede had a weird feeling that it was something that should not be pried into. Normally she would keep asking about what it was, teasing the gamer girl, but this time she knew she should not do that. Besides, time was running out, and she only had one lunchtime with her boyfriend today!

“I have to go now. I think I’ll use that plan of yours. It might help, Nanami-senpai,” Kaede said as was on her way to the exit of the girls’ bathroom but was stopped by Chiaki’s voice.

“You don’t have to call me senpai. Nanami or Chiaki is just fine,” Chiaki reassured Kaede, needing no need for formalities.

Kaede then said before she left, “Okay! See ya, Chiaki.” Then she closed the door and left to meet up with Shuichi.

Chiaki then thought for a moment, thinking out loud, “Maybe I should think of what I should wear for my date with Hajime… I think.”

As her flashback ended, she found the last bottle of barley tea, and took it over to where Shuichi was sitting, still being in a dilemma about what Kaede really meant with ‘first’.

First can be related to first time experiences. But if you look further into it, it can be seen as being number one at something, a position or rank in a competition, the number 1, the meaning behind Hajime’s name… It does not have to be connected to one’s first time having se-

His train of thoughts came to a stop, when he heard the voice of the blond-haired pianist, trying to open the bottle, “Here’s some more barley tea- Woah!” But then she tripped over the carpet, and fell with the bottle, on top of Shuichi, resulting in them colliding with each other, and spilling barley tea on themselves and the carpet.

Shuichi opened his eyes, tried lifting himself while Kaede resting on his chest. “You okay, Kaede? Are you hurt?” Shuichi asked out of concern, not paying much attention to how dirty his jacket had become.

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine. But…” Shuichi looked concerned, wondering if something important got broken or wet during the collision. “You didn’t call me ‘Sweetheart’! We’re alone right now, so it’s fine!” Kaede exclaimed, pointing at him almost like she accused him or something. Shuichi just sweat dropped in response to that.

Shuichi sighed, “I’m just glad nothing bad happened. Well, except the fact that our clothes got sticky, and the carpet too,” Shuichi observed, looking at his jacket, almost laughing.

Kaede looked at her clothes and saw that her pink hoodie was sticky and wet. “You’re right, but the carpet can easily be replaced. Though my hoodie is another case… And this is my favorite hoodie even…”

Shuichi thought that would be Makoto’s line one day. “At least it can be washed, so no worri- Huh?!” Shuichi didn’t finish his sentence when he witnessed Kaede grappling at the lowest part of her hoodie, trying to take it off. “W-W-W-W-What are you doing, Kae- Sweetheart?!”

Kaede looked dumbfounded at Shuichi, and answered nonchalantly, “I’m taking my hoodie off, what else does it look like?”

“That’s not I what I meant!” Shuichi protested. “I’m asking; why are you about to take off your hoodie?!”

“It’s sticky and wet, so of course I’m taking it off. I don’t want to be gross in front of you.”

Shuichi was starting to go back to the thoughts he did not want to think about, getting more and more ideas about Kaede’s goal, giving the detective a panic attack. He did not want to think Kaede wanted to make such a big progress in their relationship, but in the end, he had seen all the signs Kaede had given him. Invited him to her room, talking about ‘firsts’, and now she’s taking off her clothes.

But Shuichi knew there might be a misunderstanding going on, so he asked, “B-But I’m here! Aren’t you worried about me being here?”

Kaede just smiled and said with trust in her voice, “It’s fine, Shuichi. I’m fine with you being here. You’re actually the first one I have done this with.” When Shuichi heard that, his whole head got red and his eyed widened, hearing how much trust she put in him and when she mentioned that he was the first she has done this with. “Besides; you should take yours off, too.” Now he had blood come out of his nostrils, luckily Kaede did not pay attention to it.

Now that she ordered to Shuichi to strip, his head was only filled with imaginations of him and Kaede on top of her bed, indulging in each other’s passionate company. Shuichi, who was not used to seeing a girl naked, closed his eyes in pure innocence. He knew that this was wrong, they hadn’t even kissed, so they shouldn’t do this yet. He put his hands away from his eyes and told Kaede, “I’m not ready to have sex yet! We shouldn’t rush thing!”

“Huh, what do you mean, Shuichi?” Kaede asked, not wearing her hoodie anymore, but instead wearing a white t-shirt with a keyboard logo on it. Once Shuichi observed it, he started to come back to planet earth, not having any more delusional thoughts.

Things got awkward as Shuichi and Kaede tried to understand the confusion created from the misunderstandings. “So, you didn’t invite me for… you know?”

Kaede, not looking Shuichi in the eyes since she was really embarrassed, reassured him, “No, it’s still too early for that. I mean, we haven’t even kissed yet.”

I knew I should have stayed at my rationale thoughts… Shuichi thought in regret, but asked a question, “But when you said that I was the first one you have done this with, what did you mean?”

Kaede then looked down, blushing as she admitted, “I have to be honest with you… You’re the first boy I have done a study session with, and also the first boy I have invited to my room.”

Shuichi felt like an idiot and wished he could go back in time and tell himself not to speculate. “Then all the ‘firsts’ were just pranks, then?” Shuichi joked, but he could see that Kaede stopped looking away from him, and instead looked him in the eyes, showing how serious she was. Great, now he felt like a jerk.

“I was just happy that your ‘firsts’ have been with me. Even if they looked unimportant or uneventful to others, they are important to me because you experienced them with me, your girlfriend. It’s like I have become more a part of your life, Shuichi,” Kaede explained honestly, with a little pink on both her cheeks.

Shuichi scratched the back of his neck, feeling guilty for all of those misunderstandings. “Then; inviting me to your room and having a study session was to spend more time with me and move our relationship a little?” Shuichi asked, looking at his girlfriend in the eyes.

“That’s mostly right, helping me with my preparations was part of it, but… there might have been a bigger reason…”

“What do you mean, sweetheart?” Shuichi asked, wondering what could be bigger than spending time with him, but not on the scale of having sexual intercourse with him.

Hearing Shuichi call her ‘sweetheart’ gave her courage and determination to speak, “It feels like that if I don’t spend this time with you, then I’ll lose you. Or rather, you’ll lose me.”

Shuichi was puzzled about what his girlfriend said. It’s true they had only been dating for more than a month, but no sign had shown they were going break up. Before Shuichi could speak, Kaede got the jump first, “I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that it had happened before, but I don’t get why. Maybe I had a nightmare about it, but I’m not sure. All I know, is that I don’t want you lose me, nor do I want to lose you…”

Kaede was about to cry, remembering that horrible feeling that had haunted her. The tears were on their way, leaving her eyes and running down her cheeks. She almost couldn’t see anything but darkness, taking over her vision…

…But then a light came in. In the version of her boyfriend.

“Kaede… my sweetheart,” Shuichi whispered, before he moved his lips towards hers, resulting in a kiss. All the darkness that clouded her vision had disappeared, only leaving Shuichi. She was of course shocked by Shuichi’s action, but didn’t resist it nor did she hate it. In fact, she loved it. She returned the kiss, welcoming her into the sweet embrace of love.

The kiss lasted for a couple of seconds before they departed and breathed for air. Kaede was the first one to speak, “Taking a girl’s first kiss. That’s pretty bold of you, Shuichi.” She was ready for him being all shy and saying things like ‘S-Sorry, I just thought it was… you know?’, where she would later giggle and tell him she liked it.

“Then I guess I took a ‘first’ from you,” Shuichi declared, as he was trying in his own way to flirt with her. Kaede ended up being the shy one, not expecting Shuichi to use such a flirtatious line.

He really did end up being more assertive, but… “You say that, but that was your first kiss too, right?” Kaede smirked, in which Shuichi just blushed, not saying anything. “Well, while I hate ruining this, we should clean up this carpet so we can finish my preparations.”

Shuichi meekly said, “S-Sure…” and helped taking out the carpet, not observing Kaede putting her right hand to her lips while blushing.

“As always, it ends up being him who saves the day…”

Chapter Text

In life, many people do actions that has consequences with it. The funny thing is, sometimes people never realize or picks up on it before they have done it. For most, it’s always after the did is done, and the consequence is in front of their eyes. Like how a criminal created a superhero by killing their family, or how creating a religion based on love and hope created war and disagreement.

But in Makoto’s case, he knew that his accident would bring some consequences, he just didn’t think he had to face them now, at the principal’s office, where he was sitting in front of the man he was sure would be his death. He could hardly breathe out of nervousness and anxiety. He only thought he would be called to the principle’s office if he committed an accident at school grounds or if the school decided he would get kicked out. But no, he’s here because of his bad luck and clumsy actions.

“Makoto Naegi, I have a matter to discuss with you, regarding my daughter,” Jin said, looking at the boy in question from his desk while crossing his fingers together, giving the boy the same look as a judge gives to a criminal before giving him the guilty verdict.

When Makoto heard he would be called to the headmaster’s office, he thought he did something wrong caused by his luck without noticing. Normally, it was Nagito it happened to, but sometimes it got confused with Makoto’s luck. But he didn’t think he would be here because of an accidental kiss on the cheek on the headmaster’s daughter!

Aw, great! First Kyoko and I haven’t talked about what happened on that date from a week ago, and now I’m basically being prosecuted by her father! How in the world am I the Ultimate Lucky Student?! Makoto thought in despair, closing his eyes as he’s waiting for whatever punishment he’ll receive from the man in front of him.

“Please, Naegi, you don’t have to be anxious,” Jin calmly said as he reassured the lucky student, observing how tense Makoto was in front of him.

Makoto looked confused when he heard that, he expected the father of the woman he kissed on the cheek to be a little angrier. Maybe I was just overthinking it? Makoto thought as he looked Jin in the eyes. “I thought I might had made you mad, because of what happened at the restaurant…”

“Oh, don’t worry…” Then Makoto observed how much the headmaster was holding back his anger, as he tried his best to speak calmly, “The fact that you kissed my only daughter is not something I worry about. Because I have ways to solve them.” Makoto would be lying if he did not admit he thought he was going to wet himself.

Makoto knew that this would not end up good. The only thing that could maybe calm him would be if Kizakura was here, that way the tension would be less scary thanks to the vibes he gives off, but right now he’s outside, not wanting to see his best friend show his frightening side to a student.

I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead… Makoto thought repeatedly in his head as he was waiting for the next words that would come out of Jin’s mouth.

“But regarding your actions, Makoto Naegi…” Hearing him call Makoto by his full name sent chills down his tiny spine, fearing the next things the man in front him was going saying “It gave me something to think about. Something that almost frightened me, but I knew that the answer to it all; is you.”

He gave the student a horrifying look the moment he said, ‘is you’, making Makoto feel like his soul almost left him. Does he mean, that I’m- Makoto, however, did not finish his thoughts, when the headmaster slammed both his hands on his desk, making a loud *slam* sound, which in turn made the student close his eyes in sheer fright.

“That’s why; from now on, I need you to…”

This is it for me! I’ll be expelled! I’ll be fed to sharks! I’ll be buried! I’ll lose complete contact with Kyoko!!!

“Stay with my daughter, please!”

I’ll stay with Kyok- Wait, what? Makoto thought, as he looked at the headmaster, as his hands and head were on his desk, in a begging position.

Jin repeated, still begging in the same position, “Will you please stay with my daughter!”

The only thing that came out of the lucky student’s mouth was “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH?!”

Meanwhile, in the classroom of class 78, Kyoko sat in her chair by her desk, looking at the cup of coffee in front of her, not having taken a single drop from it. Her mind was elsewhere at the moment, more worried about someone else than herself or a case.

I hope he’s al- Kyoko thought, before getting interrupted by the tanned swimmer girl.

“Are you worried about Naegi, Kyoko-chan?” Hina asked, worried about how silent Kyoko was. Or at least more silent than usual. Though the question asked by the swimmer was enough to get the detective to talk.

“Well, I would be lying if I said ‘no’. Considering he’s talking with the headmaster, who’s my father by blood, and how he ends up in trouble because of his luck, things might not be so bright for him… But then again, his optimistic and hopeful attitude might save him.” She then finally took a sip from her cup. “But still-”

“You just want to see your darling Naegi safe and sound, right?” Hina’s sudden teasing got Kyoko to spit out her sip of coffee, which just made Hina chuckle, “That’s a rare reaction from you Kyoko, but still amusing. I’m worried too, he is one of my friends after all, but in comparison to me, I don’t to kiss him when he comes back.”

That teasing irritated Kyoko a little, making her retort, “Just because he kissed me by accident, doesn’t mean we kiss on a daily basis. Besides, I’m only worried as his friend and classmate.” After Kyoko said her claim, she then proceeded to drink her coffee, but Hina just showed a mischievous smile.

“I never mentioned about that accidental kiss. Seems you like that memory.” Kyoko widened her eyes and stopped drinking her coffee, leaving some of it in her mouth. “Also, if he’s only your friend and classmate, then why do you call each other by your first names, hm?”

Kyoko calmly swallowed the coffee in her mouth and stated, “You’re both right and wrong; I do allow some of my friends to call me by my first name, Hina.” Hina scratched her cheek, knowing she had a point there.

“But still, do you allow any of the other boys to call you by your first name?” Kyoko just looked away, not having anything to say, but Hina still had more. “Also, you said I was right and wrong, but what was I right about?” Kyoko still looked away, but the blush on her cheeks were there.

Kyoko then thought of something to use as revenge on Hina. “Now that I think about it, you’re the last one to have found out the truth, right?” Hina just smiled even more. “I don’t mean that, I mean about Fujisaki?” Hina’s smile disappeared, and her whole face turned beet red from remembering the elephant she discovered a couple of days ago.

“Not fair, Kyoko-chan!” Hina exclaimed, holding her hands to her face in embarrassment. Karma is a bitch, as they say.

Kyoko then looked at the clock, wondering if Makoto was doing well. When he gets back, we’ll have to talk about that kiss. Kyoko knew that it was topic not to be forgotten. It had been more than a week when it happened. It’s not that they hadn’t talked since then or anything, but they hadn’t discussed about it. Regarding to that, none of them had tried to take the initiative, which basically leaves them to where they started. That’s why Kyoko knew it was important to talk about, or else nothing would happen to their current relationship, which just worried Kyoko a whole lot.

Just come back to me, Makoto.

“So, let me get this straight, sir? You want me to date your daughter, without telling your father, who is also Kyoko’s overprotective grandfather, so that I can protect her from other guys?” Makoto questioned, trying to see if he understood this for the 100th time.

Jin nodded, still crossing his fingers together, “That’s exactly what I said. And please, just call me Jin.” Yeah, Makoto did not feel comfortable to do that, yet.

“But why are you choosing me? If you want to give her a bodyguard, then why not Sakakura or the Ultimate Bodyguard, Madarai(s)?” Makoto asked, still sceptic about Jin’s proposal.

“First of all, Sakakura would only make Kyoko feel uncomfortable, and so would Madarai(s), but for a different reason.” Jin looked away in guilt when he said that, not wanting to badmouth one of his students. “Second, Madarai(s) only guard members of the student council, so they’re not optional to begin with. Third…” Jin looked down, feeling regret over the memories he didn’t share with Kyoko “My daughter doesn’t need protection, she’s a free bird who shouldn’t be tied down, besides she is trained by my wife’s side of the family, so I’m not worried for her safety.”

Makoto smiled sheepishly, remembering that time when a crook tried attacking him, but then Kyoko not only stopped the attack, she also kicked the crook’s ass and gave him a beating that brought the crook’s manliness to shame. So did Makoto’s it seemed.

“I’m more worried if a no-good man shows up and tries to hit on her. She might be able to hold her own against someone in a fight, but she might have zero experience in dating, so she might have a naïve side to her. She might get tricked by a boy who only want to use her,” Jin explained, showing clear signs of being worried.

Makoto could understand Jin’s explanation, but he still wondered, “Why me, though? We’re not dating, and you don’t know if I could try something underhanded against her.”

Jin laughed “Hahahaha… Sorry, that was mean of me, but it’s kind of impossible to imagine that.” Makoto was glad to hear a laugh from his principle, he just didn’t think it would be like this. “I also know you two are not dating. That kiss was an accident, I could see that. I have seen my fair share of lucky students pulling off lucky situations, or disasters…” Jin said that while looking at the gym, remembering how they had to repair that after a certain white-haired student’s ‘lucky’ situation.

Makoto didn’t want to ask questions about that last part, but he did have another question, “But still, why me? There must be other great guys who would cherish someone as beautiful and cool as Kyok- Hmph!” Makoto closed his mouth, realizing what he just said.

Jin chuckled to Makoto’s honesty, “Hey, don’t sell yourself short, there. Besides all your ‘lucky’ accidents, you’re a good kid. You come to school every day, do your homework, being social with your classmates and the other students, and you are the class rep of your class. Not to mention; you’re also kind and considerate.” Makoto started to blush by the compliments.

“With someone like you around my daughter, then I’m more secured about my daughter’s choice in men,” Jin smiled, showing a smile that showed absolute trust.

Makoto batted his eyebrow, “So, you’re giving your daughter away?”

“Of course not, you’re too young! I’m letting her date you.” Something did not feel right for Makoto when he heard that. “Isn’t that great, she’s now your girlfriend! I also know that she li-”

“No, that’s wrong!” That sudden objection stopped Jin in his speech, looking puzzled as to why Makoto would raise one. “If I may, sir, I understand what you’re trying to say, but it isn’t right to decide who your daughter should date! Even if I do like your daughter, it doesn’t seem right if it isn’t her choice as well! Just like you said earlier, your daughter is a free bird, so she has a say in it, too. I’m glad you find me acceptable, but I want to know if she likes me as well, from her mouth!”

Jin was stunned by the student’s exclamation, thinking that the little cub who entered a den full of lions turned into one of them as well, roaring from the top his lungs. He knew that Makoto had a point, giving him a feeling of guilt from controlling his daughter’s romantic life. He also found Makoto’s determination to be impressive, respecting Makoto’s decision. And I was about to seal the deal with him, but this is clearly more right, Jin thought in reconsideration.

Jin stood up from his chair, which turned off Makoto’s determination and make him feel regret and tremble for opposing his principle. “You’re absolutely right, Naegi- No, let me call you Makoto.” Hearing the headmaster call a student of his by their first name felt weird to the student. “She’s free to choose if she likes you or not, but I wish she’ll like someone as kind and determent as you.” Which she does… Jin thought, as he had used his abilities as a detective beforehand to figure out who his daughter had her magnifying class set on.

Makoto humbly begged and thanked, “Thank you for the compliment and encouragement, si- Eh, Jin.” It would be weird to call the man in front of him ‘sir’, when he was called by his first name by him and was allowed to call him by his first name as well, so Makoto went along with it. The headmaster nodded, showing a more calming smile.

Kyoko was still in her seat, looking at the clock, still worried and impatient, even without showing it on her face. Kyoko put her hands together in a prayer, hoping everything would be fine.

“Kyoko-chan, are you praying that Naegi will be fine? Aren’t you exaggerating a little? He’s only talking with your father,” Hina stated, trying to calm Kyoko, but didn’t work when her father was mentioned.

“It might not just be that Makoto is talking with the principle that she is worried about, but something else as well, am I correct?” Sakura asked, as she walked to where Kyoko was sitting. Sakura’s question left Kyoko conflicted, knowing that she was right.

“What do you mean, Sakura-chan?” Hina asked, not really getting what her best friend meant by that.

Sakura closed her eyes as she explained, trying to find the right words for the situation, “I understand that you are worried that your father might not be willing to go easy on Naegi, the same happened to Kenshiro when he met my father. But that is not what your main reason to be worried is, right? It’s what happens after it, and it’s connected to the accident that happened on your date.”

Kyoko felt as if a truth bullet hit her.

Hina, being an airhead she was, did not quite understand what she meant, but nodded, nonetheless. “I think I get it, but why is she worried what happens after the conversation with her dad, and how’s it connected to that kiss?”

Sakura opened her eyes and looked at Kyoko, like she was looking at her younger self when she was in love. “I may not be a detective or very smart, but I have had my experience with love, and if I guess correctly, her father and Makoto will talk about the kiss, and knowing Makoto as she does, she knows that today will be the day when they talk about that event. But…” She then walked closer to Kyoko, to make the conversation more personal. “You’re afraid it’ll lead to a bad result, am I right?”

Kyoko looked away from Sakura, but only for a moment, because she knew she was not a coward, and had to be honest. “To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if that was the real reason, but when you put it like that, then you’re right.” Kyoko fastened her grip in her gloves, struggling to not hold back her real thoughts, as she confessed, “That kiss was an accident, and it was only a peck on the cheek, so it shouldn’t be all that serious… But what if it makes Makoto regret what happened, and later think it might not be best for us? I… I just don’t know…”

Sakura and Hina could see how much Kyoko was struggling and put a hand on her shoulder to make her relax. “It’s fine, Kyoko-chan. You’re just thinking too much about it.”

“You’re young and in love, so it’s understandable if you’re confused and not sure about your own feelings.” Hearing the word ‘in love’ made Kyoko blush and think of Makoto. “I think it would be good if you talked to him about it, but remember to find an answer for yourself, on how you feel about the kiss.” Those words from Sakura rang in Kyoko’s ear, like it was the answer to her prayers.

Kyoko showed a faint but true smile to her two friends. “Thanks, you two. I feel a little better now.” Her two friends smiled when they heard that. And I might already have my answer-

Her train of thoughts stopped when her observant eye saw the door to her classroom open from the outside, showing the man of the hour. “Hey, guys, I’m back,” Makoto announced, making everyone cheer for seeing their favorite classmate.

As Kyoko showed a relieved smile, Sakura and Hina left to sit in their seats, while Sakura whispered, “Good luck” to the lavender-haired friend. Kyoko then found the resolve to stand up and walk towards Makoto.

“Though I’m glad to see you’re here, Makoto, I need to talk to you under four eyes,” Kyoko demanded, leaving Makoto to only nod, wondering what she wanted, but maybe already knew what it was about.

“But we have class now, Kyoko-chan,” Koichi stated, but was ignored as Kyoko left with Makoto and closed the door, as if the teacher did not exist. “So, this is how Jin feels, huh?”

As they were now alone in the hallway, Kyoko made extra sure of that, she met Makoto’s eyes with her own, making Makoto nervous. “What did you want to talk about, Kyoko? Is it about what your dad and me talked about, if so, then it’s not something I sho-”

“No, I wasn’t gonna talk about that,” Kyoko interrupted, before making a sad face, “I’m just glad you’re okay. You did have me worried.” At first, Makoto blushed to that, but then his faced turned into a shocked and scared expression, making Kyoko curious. “Is something wrong?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s nothing. Hehehe…” Makoto lied through his teeth, as he remembered back to what Jin said to him before he left the office. “Also, one last thing. Even if I do acknowledge you as a good boyfriend for my daughter, that doesn’t mean I’ll forgive you if you make her sad. Are we clear?” That sentence and his Kirigiri-glare, which was more terrifying than his daughter’s was, left a mental note in Makoto’s mind, which would never leave no matter how much he wanted to pull it off his mind!

Makoto then asked, trying not to think of that memory too much, “Then what is it?”

Kyoko inhaled some air, so she was ready to say what had been on her mind for more than a week. “I want to talk about when you kissed my cheek on our date.” Kyoko had a little blush on her cheeks, which in comparison to Makoto’s red beet face were nothing.

Makoto said, while raising his hands in front of him in clear panic, “I-It was an accident, I swear! It’s not like I intend-” Makoto stopped rambling when Kyoko put her hand up, only centimeters from Makoto.

“I know, it was clearly an accident, but we needed to talk about it. We didn’t even talk about it when we went home, or when we had met the other times,” Kyoko stated, making Makoto feel a little less worried.

“Yeah, you’ve got a point…” Makoto consented, scratching his cheek while sweat dropping from embarrassment.

“It’s easy to tell that neither of us have had clear thoughts since that day, so I think we need to clear it up.” Kyoko stated, making Makoto feel even more worried, when the word ‘clear it up’ came.

Could it be, she wants to make it clear she might not lik- Makoto thought, closing his eyes as he was having a horrible idea what was coming next. But then he felt something soft on his right cheek, and when he opened his eyes, he saw Kyoko being really close to his face, making contact to his cheek. His face went red as a tomato when he realized what Kyoko just did.

Kyoko then stepped back and said with a smirk on her lips, “Now we’re equal, don’t you think?”

Makoto did not say another word, as the words in his mouth couldn’t form a decent sentence, but his mind kept on going, Kyoko kissed me! Kyoko kissed me! Kissed me! Kissed me! Kissed! Kissed!

Even if Kyoko liked seeing Makoto being all cute and whatnot, she knew they had to go back to class. “We should get back, Makoto, class is in session right now.” Makoto went out of his thoughts as he followed Kyoko to the classroom.

Makoto touched his cheek, forever remembering this moment, with hope and optimism in his heart.

That was until he came to a different thought, Wait, did Kyoko kiss me so it wouldn’t be awkward. Is that why she said we were equal?

Of course, Kyoko was no different, Wait, why did I say it like that. Makoto could maybe think of it as a way of kindness. Now that I think about, he was about he didn’t intend to kiss me that day. Could it be he didn’t want to kiss me to begin with?!

No matter what you do, consequences will come from any actions, but for these two it creates misunderstandings and headaches.

Chapter Text

Just like in any other school in Japan, Hope’s Peak holds midterm exams at the end of May. Even if the students don’t pass the exams there, it’s only the real exams that counts, which is why the students use the midterm as a ‘test’ to see what they should improve to the real exam. Still, even if it is not a real exam, it is pretty tiring, which is why students look forward to just relax after it.

“Maaaaaaan… I’m glad it’s over!” Kazuichi exclaimed as he sat back in his chair.

Fuyuhiko, who sat next to the mechanic, looked at him confused, “Well, yeah, the tests ended yesterday. Who would have thought you were that relieved?”

The shark-toothed boy just shook his head as he explained, “Yeah, I know, but it’s not the tests I’m talking about. I’m talking about how Miss Sonia’s schedule is now completely open!” Kazuichi then showed a piece of paper that had information about Sonia’s activity of the day, in which the young gangster just sweat dropped, being worried for his friend in front of him. “Now I can invite her out before that stupid hamster-man does!”

The young gangster looked at the pink-haired mechanic, who went towards the princess, and thought. I never thought he would get that creepy… He’s almost at Komaeda’s level!

Fuyuhiko then saw how it all played out. He could see Kazuichi trying to talk with Sonia, but it seemed to be more of a one-sided conversation. It took about five minutes for Sonia to finally respond to Kazuichi, and only two seconds for Kazuichi to look depressed and disappointed. Kazuichi then went over to his usual seat, looking down in the dumps. Fuyuhiko cursed himself for asking, “So, you got shot down?”

Kazuichi didn’t face the young gangster next to him. “No, she just said, “What a funny joke”, and then I left.”

Wow, that was harsh… Fuyuhiko didn’t imagine Sonia being like that, maybe Sonia was just misunderstanding something, or maybe she wanted to be clear for once about how obsessive Kazuichi was with her.

“Why can’t I have what you have with Pekoyama, dude…?” Kazuichi asked, almost crying on his desk.

Fuyuhiko just blushed, “S-Shut up, dumbass. Peko and I just became a couple not so long ago, so it’s not all the fucking good.”

Kazuichi just looked at him skeptically. “I don’t wanna hear that from someone who’s on a first-name basis with their hot girlfriend.”

“But don’t Hajime and Chiaki call each other by their first-names? And they aren’t a couple,” Fuyuhiko stated.

“Yet,” Kazuichi corrected, making some eye contact with the little gangster. “They oblivosly like each other! It’ll only be a matter of time before it happens, ya know.”

“Before what happens?” That sudden question got Kazuichi out of his depression as he looked at the gamer who asked.

Speak of the devil! Kazuichi lifted his head from his seat and looked at Chiaki. “Oh, it’s nothing! We just talke- ARGGGGGG ZOMBIE!” Kazuichi looked horrified at Chiaki tiring eyes, having big bags under them, it even shocked Fuyuhiko, but he was not as offensive as Kazuichi.

“What happened to you?” Fuyuhiko asked, worried for the class prez, who had seen better days. “Did you not sleep well because of your games, again??”

The gamer shook her head and stated, “No, I didn’t get a wink of sleep… and I didn’t play my games… I think.”

The two boys were worried about Chiaki, as she was the glue that kept her classmates all together. They began wondering what could had been on Chiaki’s mind, so that she would not get any sleep. They thought that it was because of the midterm exams and it did not go well.

I kept on thinking about the date today… Turns out it was something else.

It was May 30th, which was the day when Hajime and she would go on a date after school. The date involved playing a new game in the arcades, and maybe go to a café or eat some fast-food after playing the game. Chiaki was almost as excited as a kid before a field trip.

Chiaki went to her usual seat and sat down next to Sonia, who was also surprised about Chiaki’s fatigue shown on her face and asked if she could help Chiaki with those bags. Chiaki insisted it was nothing, but Sonia was pretty stubborn, so the gamer had no choice in the end. Besides, class starts first in 10 minutes, it should not take much time, and now that she thought about it… I should look good for Hajime on our date, so this is fine… I think.

Sonia took out her make-up supply from her handbag and Chiaki stood ready to have her bags covered. Chiaki usual does not do make-up, mostly because she does not find it interesting, she was fine with herself as she was. Besides, with her usual soft skin and cute face, she does not have much to worry about, even though she’s not really aware of it.

As Sonia was putting make-up on Chiaki, she began talking to strike up a conversation, “By the by, Soda came to me and asked something funny.” Chiaki’s only answer was a ‘hm-hm’, as she could not nod at the moment. “He asked, “Wanna ride with me to the café?” and I said what a good joke that was and laughed.”

Chiaki started feeling bad for the poor mechanic and thought that Sonia was being a little crueler than usual. Chiaki began to have a different image of her best friend.

“I mean, we can’t ride together on a bike because it’s against the law in Japan!” Chiaki did not answer to that, sweat dropping over the princess’ misunderstanding. “And then I thought he meant as in we should drive in a car together. But he doesn’t have a driver’s license.” Sonia started laughing in a gentle manner.

I feel like Soda didn’t see it as that. I hope he didn’t take it too hard… Chiaki thought, worried for one of her classmates.

After 10 minutes had passed, Chiaki did not look like a zombie anymore thanks to Sonia, who smiled in triumph helping her friend. But despite how much prettier Chiaki became, she was instead oddly worried. Where’s Hajime? Chiaki thought as she looked around the class, not seeing a single brown ahoge on anyone’s head, except for Akane though. Chiaki’s observation stopped when she heard the door being opened, hoping it was Hajime.

“Hello, class!” Chiaki’s smiled turned into a frown, disappointed it was not Hajime but instead her teacher, Chisa. Normally she would be glad to see her favorite teacher, but her mind was mostly on Hajime at that point. “Everyone, I sadly have some bad news.”

Once Chiaki heard the news from her teacher, she dropped her pencil and her eyes widened, not expecting to hear that.

“O-… Of all days… to have a fever… Damn…”  Hajime tiredly said to himself, lying in his bed as he looked up at the ceiling in his dorm room. He could not believe it would happen today, he would had preferred if it were tomorrow or later, but not today, the day where he would be on a date with Chiaki. “Chiaki must be disappointed…”

His body felt weak, the only thing he could do was walk some steps, which he thought would be acceptable. When he tried going to school, despite how tired and exhausted he was, he bumped into his homeroom teacher. She could see he was sluggish, and when she felt his forehead, she was dead sure he was sick and insisted he should go back to his room. Hajime knew he could not convince his stubborn teacher, so he did as she said and went back to bed. When he did, he realized she was right about staying in his room, he might have passed out before he reached school.

Hajime closed his eyes and said to himself, “The only thing I can do now is sle-”

*Ding dong*

“Huh? Who could it be?” Hajime wondered, as he used all his strength to raise himself from his bed and walk to the door. When he opened it, he saw none other than Chiaki carrying a grocery bag. “Ch-Chiaki! What are you doing here? Don’t you have class?” Hajime asked.

Chiaki had a worried look in her eyes and her cheeks turned pink as she explained, “I heard from Yukizome-sensei that you were sick, so I thought I should come over to make sure you’re okay.”

Hajime was flattered over Chiaki’s kindness. “But is it really alright for you to leave class? I bet Yukizome-sensei wouldn’t like that…” He started remembering the time when Kazuichi tried to leave the class, so he could take care of Sonia when she was sick, but almost got stabbed by one of the teacher’s wakizashi, preventing him from leaving.

“Yukizome-sensei gave me permission to leave, she actually encouraged me to go visit you,” Chiaki stated, leaving Hajime dumbfounded by his teacher’s unpredictable reasons. “She also gave me a list of what I should buy to help you get better, and a detailed list of what a sick person needs.”

As expected of the Ultimate Housekeeper! Hajime thought, seeing a part of Chisa’s talent shine.

“She also told me not to get too excited… I think,” Chiaki said as she tilted her head, wondering what her teacher meant by that. Hajime was also confused about that.

“It’s really nice of you, Chiaki, but you don’t need to take care- Argh!” Hajime did not finish his sentence as his fever had gotten to him, making him lose his footing. Chiaki grew worried for Hajime’s state, and helped him back to his bed.

Once Hajime was safe and sound in his bed, Chiaki went to the room’s kitchen counter and took out what was inside the shopping bag. The kitchen was small like in any of the other dorm rooms, but there was enough space to cook. After Chiaki had emptied her grocery bag, she went over to Hajime’s side and gave him his medicine. “Mikan recommended this medicine. She said it works great against fevers, and it was made by a former ultimate, so you should be back to full health by tomorrow.”

Hajime thanked Chiaki and swallowed the pill with some water. Normally a pill would not show effects right after you have taken it, but this pill already showed some progress inside Hajime’s body. “I feel a little better, as expected of an ultimate. Who were they?”

“Her name is Seiko Kimura, and she was the former Ultimate Pharmacist. She was our upperclassman but got expelled two years ago.” Chiaki stated matter-of-factly, leaving Hajime a little worried about the pill he just swallowed.

“By the way, Hajime, do you have any idea how you got sick?” Chiaki asked.

“Well, I’m not completely sure, but I think I have an idea...” Hajime went back memory lane as he explained, “It was after the midterm exams. I stayed at school, looking over the results I got. They were fine, mostly around 70 points, but I wanted to see what I was missing.” Chiaki nodded, remembering that since Hajime was not an ultimate, he had to take normal exams just like Nagito and Makoto, and pass them to stay at the academy.

“My plan was to stay there before it would pour at 5.” Hajime had a sheepish look as he explained further, “But I lost track of time and forgot that it was pouring outside, and I didn’t have an umbrella on me.” Chiaki was starting to get a clear picture of what happened next. “So, since I knew it would be like that until next morning, I ran towards my dorm. It resulted in me being soaked from head to toe.”

Chiaki started petting Hajime’s head, and smiled, “You poor thing.” Hajime was flustered, being petted by Chiaki felt so nice and comforting. “You feel a little warmer than before. Is the pill not working?” Chiaki asked worriedly, being oblivious to Hajime’s red-filled face.

“No, I’m actually fi-” But before Hajime could finish his sentence, a loud sound came from his stomach. *Growl*

Hajime felt a little embarrassed, and Chiaki just chuckled, “You must be hungry. I think some porridge would do the trick.” She then went back to the kitchen counter to prepare porridge.

Hajime felt a little guilt for making Chiaki cook for him, but rejecting her offer would not be nice either, so he sat back and tried to relax. But then a horrible memory came back to him.

Wait! Is she going to cook!? The feelings of fear and horror filled up his heart as he remembered that lunch, she had prepared for him a couple of weeks ago. He rose from his bed and exclaimed “Wait, Chiaki, don’t!”

““Don’t” what?” Chiaki asked with an emotionless expression as she was holding a pack labeled ‘Porridge’.

“Oh, nothing. I was just about to say, “Don’t hurt yourself.” Heh.” Hajime lied, trying to keep the gamer in the dark about her terrifying cooking.

Chiaki just pouted as she held the pack in both her hands, “Don’t underestimate me. It is true that I don’t have much experience cooking, except in cooking-games. But I can at least make instant-food.” Hajime felt a little more at ease, knowing that this porridge would not be the end of him. “Now to put it in the microwave oven.”

“Wait, stop!”

After making it clear to Chiaki that a pack must be warmed in hot water, not microwaved, and being instructed on how to prepare it by Hajime, she then served it to Hajime. “It looks nice,” Hajime said as he could feel his stomach rumble.

Chiaki felt a little helpless. She might have bought food and medicine for the poor boy, but that was only because of the instruction she got from her teacher. She did not cook anything for him, and she had to be instructed by the man she was nursing on how to prepare porridge for him. Chiaki did not like that feeling. She came to help Hajime relax and be of use to him, but now it felt like she was not needed.

“Okay, let’s dig in,” Hajime said as he reached for his spoon, only to be taken by the girl who was nursing him. “Ah, Chiaki…?”

“You should relax and not use your strength!” Chiaki proclaimed, pouting over her earlier irritating feeling. “I’ll feed you.” Hajime could not help feeling flustered, the only woman to ever feeding him had been his mom. Before he could decline Chiaki’s offer, she had already taken some porridge with the spoon, and said while holding the spoon close to Hajime, “Now, say “ahh!””

Hajime had no other choice but to accept the gamer girl’s offer, no matter how embarrassing this was. He opened his mouth and said “Ahhh!” The next thing to come in his mouth was some porridge, feeling his mouth with deliciousness.

“How is it? It’s not too hot or anything, right?” Chiaki asked, worried if she did anything wrong when she prepared it.

Hajime just shook his head as he smiled, “No, it’s perfect. Thanks, Chiaki!” Chiaki could feel the warmth coming to her cheeks, wondering if she had a fever as well.

Chiaki kept on feeding Hajime porridge till there was none left, and Hajime’s stomach was full. As Hajime was looking at the empty plate that once had porridge in it, he asked Chiaki, “Have you had any lunch yet?”

Chiaki smiled and pulled up sandwiches from her backpack, “I will now. I bought them as I was buying things for you.”

“It’s good to see you bought something for yourself. I would feel bad if I were the reason you didn’t get anything to eat.”

Chiaki lightly shook her head and smiled, “Even if I forgot to buy food for myself, I would never blame you for it. But…” Chiaki blushed in embarrassment as she continued, “I actually almost forgot to buy these sandwiches, because I was worried about your wellbeing…”

Chiaki’s consideration for the boy dealt a critical hit to his heart, and made it beat thousand times more than usual. Chiaki took notice of Hajime’s condition and asked, “Hajime, are you okay? You seem to be sweating… I think.”

Hajime tried reassuring the gamer girl, “No, I’m fine! It’s just-” But Hajime didn’t get any time to finish his excuse, as Chiaki left for the bathroom and came back with a cloth.

“I’ll help you wiping off your sweat! If it’s not dealt with then you’ll get cold and feel worse again!” Hajime did understand Chiaki’s reason, but he wasn’t okay with a girl wiping his body.

“No, please! You don’t have to!”

“Take off your shirt. Now!” But Hajime’s pleading was not enough to stop Chiaki, so he did as she ordered and took off his shirt. Chiaki felt a little embarrassed, telling him to take off his shirt.

Chiaki then began wiping off sweat from Hajime’s body, starting from the front. There was no doubt that they both felt embarrassed, but Hajime thought he was the one who felt it the most. Having a girl wipe off your sweat is a little- No, it is really embarrassing. But still, it feels kind of nice to being taken care of like this. He then directed his attention to Chiaki, seeing how focused she was as she was wiping off the sweat. I’m a little jealous how she can do this without batting an eye.

But what Hajime did not know, despite Chiaki’s calm and emotionless expression, inside she was enduring a challenge! Do not pay attention to his chest! Do not pay attention to his abs! Do not pay attention to his body!!! Just help wiping off the sweat for Hajime’s sake, so he can get better! Chiaki did not have any ulterior motives for what she was doing, she just wanted to help the reserve course student out of kindness and affection she had for him.

As she was finally done with the front, she then proceeded to his back. “Would you be so kind as to bend forward? It’s easier for me to wipe your back that way”

When Hajime heard ‘wipe your back’, his fantasy, and with the help of his hormones, pictured him and her in the bathroom, both covered in bath towels as she was wiping his back. Hajime pushed his impure fantasies out of his head and nodded, “…Sure.”

When Chiaki saw her crush’s back the hormones she tried to ignore came back, giving her a ride to follow along on. She did not hesitate to put the cloth on his back and start to wipe off his sweat. But as she was wiping it all off, she also started to inspect his back, taking aback by how well his back was. She could feel something awaking inside her and she did not know if she could pull herself out of it!

“Ah, Chiaki, I think it’s okay now,” Hajime insisted, oblivious to the fact that he got Chiaki off her ride of inspecting Hajime’s back. Once she was back to herself, she covered her mouth with the cloth, she did not smell to it of course, and apologized.

When did I become like this…?

After Chiaki was done wiping off Hajime’s sweat, she suggested playing Gala Omega together. They went on for an hour before Hajime called it quits, since he could not concentrate while having a fever and did not want to slow down Chiaki. Chiaki frowned a little but was okay with Hajime just watching in the end. Time went by and it was now 3:15 PM, the time when school was out, and was also the time when Chiaki decided she should go back to her room.

“Thanks for the hospitality, Chiaki,” Hajime thanked, making Chiaki blush out of happiness. “Though, are you okay with this? I mean, you missed a whole day of school and couldn’t have fun with our classmates because of me.”

Chiaki just shook her head and answered, “I’m totally fine with this. I am glad I could be of help to you. Besides, I think they would insist on me nursing you back to health, since you are one of our classmates.” Hajime felt a sense of relief from hearing that, smiling a reassured a smile. Yet, Chiaki could sense something was still worrying Hajime. “Is there something else you’re worried about?”

Hajime was surprised Chiaki caught on, and he knew he couldn’t lie to her of all people. Hajime’s smile turned to a frown as he explained, “It’s just… A week ago, I invited you out on a date, which was supposed to be today, and now that I’ve been sick all day, we could not go. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were disappointed…”

Chiaki asked, tilting her head to the side while showing no emotions, “What are you talking about? Isn’t this a date?” Hajime couldn’t help but have a dumbfounded expression, losing all his negative thoughts as he heard Chiaki continue, “Sure, we’re not outside playing that game at the arcades you told me about. But isn’t a fun time between a girl and a boy considered a date. To me, this was a fun and great date.”

Hajime wondered if it were Chiaki’s speech, his fever, or a combination of both, but there was no doubt that his heart beating at the pace of a jackhammer. But a part of Hajime believed she was just taking pity on the sick boy, so he asked to be sure, “But what about the new game?”

Chiaki looked at Hajime with an expression of seriousness. “Your health is more important to me than any game could ever be!” Chiaki’s determent proclamation got to Hajime’s heart and soul, making him realize how important he was to Chiaki.

Before he could say anything to it, tiredness got to him. Maybe an effect of the medicine or something, but nonetheless he knew he needed sleep. “I-I feel tired. I think I need to sleep,” Hajime said as he tried to lie comfortable in his bed. “Thanks for all your help, Chiaki.”

“You’re welcome,” Chiaki said as he went for the door, but before she turned on the doorknob she hesitated. Deep inside she wanted to spend more time with him, even though she had spent worth a whole school day alone with him, that was not enough!

She let go off the handle and turned her attention towards Hajime. “Hajime, can I stay a little mor- Huh?” She could see he was already off to dreamland. “Seems like that medicine is really strong… I think.” She then looked at the box of the medicine and read the note on it. Can cause tiredness and excessive sleepiness!

Chiaki felt a little disappointed, she knew she could not just stay inside someone’s room without their permission, and she did not want to wake him up when she knew he needed some rest. Although, she was glad to see Hajime sleep peacefully.

She then walked slowly towards Hajime and said in low tone so he wouldn’t wake up, “You know, even though you have been the one thanking me, it’s actually me who wants to thank you for spending such a fun day with you.” Next thing she did was leaning to Hajime’s left side and whispered, “So, let me thank you in my way.” She put her lips towards to left cheek and gave him a smooch. After kissing him, she leaned back and went for the door before saying, “Hope you get better soon.”

As Chiaki left Hajime’s room and closed the door, a smile appeared Hajime’s lips, and he mumbled in his sleep, “C… Chiaki…”

Chapter Text

“So, for clearing our midterms, let’s celebrate!” Kaito exclaimed as he raised his glass, Shuichi and Kaede cheered in tow, and Maki just silently raised her glass. They then partook of the snacks and drinks, of course it’s only soda and barley tea, while listening to music on the music player. “This was a good idea, Akamatsu! Let me hug you for that.” Shuichi twitched his eye.

“Thanks, and no thanks,” Kaede refused, making the detective calm down. “I’m just glad you all have fun. But I’m kind of surprised you’re here, Harukawa. I thought you didn’t like this stuff, no offense.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry. Well, it is nice to have some company, sometimes. Besides…” Maki then looked over at Kaito, who was both eating a pocky stick and telling another of his heroic stories to his bro. “I was convinced by some idiot to come, so I thought why not,” she explained as she drank her barley tea, trying to hide her blush, but not good enough from Kaede, who giggled a little.

“Okay, let’s say that,” Kaede smirked, making Maki glare a little. “By the way; how did you do to your midterm exam?” Kaede asked, which made Maki gulp her tea.

Unlike all the other students, Maki’s real talent was hidden, and the school promised her to keep it a secret from the other students, under the pretend of Child Caregiver. So, her exam was different from the others, and was held in a different location.

“Well, I had to take care of children at a nearby orphanage. The children were annoying, but it seemed that they had fun,” Maki explained, creating a believable lie.

“Aww, that sounds so sweet!” Kaede exclaimed, and later Shuichi and Kaito gathered around the two girls to listen closer in, interested in how Maki’s exam went.

“Good work, Makiroll! Can you tell me which orphanage it was? Maybe I could tell them my awesome stories?”

“Sorry, but I forgot the name of the orphanage, and it was pretty far away, so we won’t find it easily.”

Shuichi had a suspicious expression on his face as he asked, “But didn’t you say it was nearb-”

“Aww, shucks!” Kaito exclaimed, interrupting Shuichi and relieving Maki for not being found out. “And here I thought I could make more sidekicks! Well, maybe next time you’ll remember.”

Despite Shuichi being a little suspicious of Maki, he decided to drop it and just enjoy the little party. “Well, my exam went fine. Though, I wish I could have presented evidence without any hesitation…”

Kaito then clapped his bro’s back as he told him, “Don’t worry, bro. You just have to train a little more! Then you won’t be so nervous anymore!”

It wasn’t because I was nervous. I was feeling embarrassment, Shuichi thought as he remembered how Kaito cheered for his bro from the audience seat, like he was his mother or something. “Yeah, you’re right, Kaito,” Shuichi agreed, keeping Kaito in the dark.

“I think you did great, Shuichi. You acted like one of those young model-looking detectives in TV dramas, and looked quite as good as them,” Kaede said in a flirtatious way, making Shuichi blush. “Also; because of your suggestions, Shuichi, I made a great piece. And the examiners only had small things to tell me on what could have been improved. It’s all thanks to you, Shuichi,” Kaede smiled, which made Shuichi’s whole face turn beet red, and Kaito and Maki giggled to Shuichi’s embarrassment.

But what nobody knew, behind Kaede’s cute smile, she was disappointed. This is NOT what was planned. It was supposed to be just him and me, she thought as she looked at the detective, who seemed to have a good time, despite his embarrassed expression. If only I was clearer to Shuichi...

It was about some hours ago, in class 79 as they kicked back and relaxed after yesterday’s midterms. “Hmm, glad it’s fucking over! I just wished I could’ve present my new ‘something to create in your sleep’ device. But someone fucking insisted it was unnecessary,” Miu frowned, glaring at Kiibo.

“But Miu, it was not necessary at all, since your other inventions was pretty conventional, and did impress the judges,” Kiibo insisted, trying to reason with the blond-haired girl in front of him.

“Tch, those judges have no good goddamn taste in genius work,” Miu sneered, ridiculing five of the best leading scientists and CEOs of manufacturing businesses. “They even said that they would employ me once I have graduated, but only based on that invention! They would make me their new boss if they saw my original invention!” Miu proclaimed, making Kiibo seriously doubt that.

“Anyway, it’s good it went fine for both of us. It’s all thanks to you, Miu,” Kiibo said, which made Miu blush and stop bragging.

“H-How? The only thing you had to do was showing how well you have equipped to your surroundings at this school,” Miu said, being a little embarrassed to the praise from earlier.

“It’s because of the daily maintenance you perform on me. Since I sometimes forget to do my daily needs to my body, it’s good I have someone so smart and talented to help me. In conclusion; it’s because of you the exam went fine, so thank you, Miu,” Kiibo thanked, not paying attention to how hot and bothered Miu got from all the compliments.

“W-W-Watch what you’re saying, you dickless hot stuff!” Miu exclaimed, which just left Kiibo dumbfounded, since his temperature was normal, and that he was made of more than just stuff.

From the sidelines, Shuichi and Kaede lightly chuckled to the scene in front of them. “Those two sure are unique,” Shuichi stated, in which Kaede nodded.

“Yeah, but that makes them cute. I think they could make a good couple.”

“Maybe, but I don’t think it’ll be a normal relationship…”

“Oh, because he’s a robot? You know, if Kiibo heard you, he would say that was robophobic,” Kaede said in a teasing way, which made Shuichi jump in his seat.

“N-No, I didn’t mean it like that! I-” But Shuichi didn’t have time to finish his excuse as he was interrupted by his girlfriend.

“I’m just kidding. But yeah, they would make quite a unique couple. Knowing how their relationship already is,” Kaede chuckled, and so did Shuichi, but a little more awkwardly. But despite Kaede smiling, something troubling was going on in her mind. It’s almost been more than a week since our last and first kiss, Kaede thought as she blushed in embarrassment from the memory. I know I’m normally not like this, but I want to kiss him again! Where is that Shuichi from last week who took my first kiss?

Ever since they had their first kiss, no improvements happened between those two. Shuichi didn’t try any new sudden moves on Kaede, and he hadn’t tried to kiss her again either, which left her disappointed and wanting for more.

I can understand he would be embarrassed about it, which is pretty cute of him, and I know that doing stuff like that all the time and being needy might ruin good relationships, but still… Kaede thought in regret, until a sudden voice got her out of her thoughts.

“Hey Kaede, are you okay?” Shuichi asked in concern for his girlfriend, who did not realize she was in a trance by her own thoughts.

“Yeah, sure, I’m fine. Haha,” Kaede laughed in her defense, hoping it’ll reassure the worried detective. “But I might have spaced out a little, did you say anything important?”

“Nah, it’s not that important. I just pointed out how easily people get tired after midterms are done. To be honest, I’m a little tired myself,” Shuichi proclaimed as he looked at his classmates, observing how tired everyone is.

Kaede nodded, “Yeah, you’re-” But she stopped in midsentence when an idea suddenly came to her. “Hey, shouldn’t we celebrate it?” Shuichi looked a little confused, and almost thought she meant celebrating how everyone was tired. Kaede picked on what her boyfriend was thinking and corrected, “I mean, celebrate that we’re done with the midterm exams!”

Shuichi had a better understanding of what she meant but was still a little confused. “Why should we celebrate that? Shouldn’t you normally do that with an exam not a midterm?” Shuichi asked.

“Well, yeah, you’re right. But this exam was different from other midterm exams. Besides, you told me you were tired as well, right?”

Shuichi had never expected someone would use his own argument against him, let alone his girlfriend. “Yeah, you have a point, so let’s celebrate it. But where should we celebrate i-”

“We can celebrate in my room,” Kaede suggested, interrupting Shuichi as she already knew what he was about to ask. “I still have some snacks and drinks, and if I miss some than I’ll just buy some more.”

Shuichi was a little surprised how much Kaede already had planned out, but he did not expect less from her. She was always the life of the party, so of course she would have thought things through. “Okay, let us agree on that. Shall it be an hour after school is over?”

Kaede smiled and nodded, which made Shuichi smile as well. But what Shuichi did not know, as he turned his head the other way to see his teacher come in, was that Kaede had a devilish smile on her lips as she thought, Everything will go as planned!

Shuichi was right, Kaede did think everything through, but it was more than Shuichi thought.

After school was over, Kaede went over to the nearby store and bought some snacks and drinks. Once she came home, she put the snacks in bowls, cooled down the drinks, and cleaned up a little. She was not a neat freak and her room was not a mess, but she had to make extra sure. She changed to some more comfortable clothes, a violet sweater, a pink skirt, and white knee socks. She even connected her music player from her phone to her speaker, so they could listen to music together.

“Now, everything is in place!” Kaede said to no one but herself. “With this, maybe we can finally kiss again!”

That’s right, the only real reason why Kaede wanted to celebrate with Shuichi, was to make him and her kiss each other. She knew that Shuichi would be too scared and embarrassed to do it in public, and even if they were alone again, there might be a chance Shuichi would still be too chicken to do it. There had been times they were alone, but Shuichi never went in for the kiss, leaving Kaede a little disappointed and annoyed. But she thought that if they were in her room, where they first time kissed, then maybe it’ll work again. This whole celebration party was the best idea Kaede had in her mind to get another kiss from her boyfriend.

Though, she did feel a little guilty. “I’m sorry, Shuichi,” Kaede apologized to the Shuichi in her mind, “I know you wanted it to be more natural, but right now this is the most natural I can make it, so I hope you’ll be fine with it!”

After a couple of minutes had passed by, the intercom rang and she opened the door to welcome her boyfriend, “Hey, Shuichi.”

“Hey, Kaede. You look great,” Shuichi complimented, making his girlfriend happy and slightly blushing.

“Thanks, you look great, too,” Kaede complimented back as she observed what he was wearing. He was wearing a black cardigan on top of a white shirt, and black pants. Kaede thought it suited him a lot, and it was nice to see him in anything other than a school uniform.

As she was about to say, ‘come in’, a thought accorded in her mind, Wait! Why didn’t he call me sweetheart? He usually calls her that when no one else was around, so it struck her as weird. Once she took her focus away from the detective in front of her, she observed there were two others behind him.

“You know, you’re right, Shuichi! You look great, Akamatsu!” Kaito complimented, not leaving so much a big effect on Kaede as when Shuichi said it, but it did make Maki glare at the astronaut. “Wow, that’s a scary look! Is something wrong, Makiroll!” Kaito asked in shock.

“It’s nothing,” Maki pouted as she was stroking one of her twin tails.

Kaede was left dumfounded, wondering why those two were here. But before she could even ask, the answer came out of Kaito’s mouth, “Thanks for inviting us, Shuichi! I knew you were a good sidekick!”

He invited them?! Kaede thought in shock. He didn’t tell me about it, and I checked my phone almost every minute in case he couldn’t come!

“I know I didn’t tell you, but I thought you would be fine with it. You did say we should celebrate it, and I thought I could invite some of our friends,” Shuichi explained as Kaede tried hide her disappointment.

“I’m happy you invited others,” Kaede said as she thought, But I would rather have it just you and me! I need to get rid of them, but I can’t just throw them out. So… “I just wish you would have told me a little sooner, I don’t know if I have enough snacks and drinks for two more…” That way they will leave on their own account.

Normally she would had been fine with more people, but now wasn’t the time.

“Don’t worry, a hero has to fix their sidekick’s mistakes, so I bought some extra snack in case there wouldn’t be enough,” Kaito proclaimed as he showed a plastic bag containing snacks, which ruined Kaede’s scheme.

“And I bought some more drinks, in case this idiot drinks everything.”

“Who are you calling an idiot?!”

Even thought Kaede was glad to see Maki being considerate of others and tried to cover up her bashfulness with an insult against the astronaut, she still wished they would leave. But she knew if she did that, then she would be seen as a bad class rep, and worst of all, her boyfriend might not find it appreciating. So, as she almost forced her smile, she welcomed them in and said, “Then come in! The fun won’t start itself!” Why does most of my plans backfire?!

After the small party started, Kaede realized how nice it turned out. They were listening to music, ate snacks, drank soda and barley tea, and talked about what they could have done better at the midterms and what they could’ve improved. They also played games, not games like Truth-Or-Dare, but more friendly games like card games or board games. Kaito always lost in Old Maiden and Uno.

But despite Kaede having fun, she still felt disappointed. This was not the original plan. This was not what she originally wanted. She just wanted to have a nice kiss with her boyfriend. But now they are not alone, now they are a group. Not really romantic.

Though, she knew that being down would not solve anything, and it was a party so she should have fun. I’m having fun, so this is fi-

“This is not what you wanted, is it, Akamtsu?” Maki’s sudden question pulled Kaede out of her thoughts.

“Wha-… What are you taking about, Harukawa?” Kaede asked, trying hide behind a smile, but Maki easily saw through it.

“I’m not like that idiot over there,” Maki proclaimed as she pointed at Kaito, who was having a blast with Shuichi. “I can see you’re disappointed, and you’ve been holding back your emotions for us, but you don’t have to do that.” Maki then proceed to look Kaede in the eyes, showing her how serious she was as she said, “If you’re not clear on what you want, then nothing will happen! Take it from my experience.” Kaede followed Maki’s gaze as they looked over at the astronaut, and the pianist could see a faint blush on the caretaker’s cheeks.

“So, what are you gonna do? Let the party go on with nothing happening, or get what you really want?”

Kaede’s eyed showed determination, knowing what choice to choose. “Thanks, Harukawa,” Kaede thanked as she rose from her seat. She then went to where Shuichi was, and asked, “Shuichi, can we talk?”

Shuichi looked up and answered, “Sure, what do you want to talk about?”

“Not here, let’s talk in private, outside,” Kaede said, trying to keep the determination in her eyes. Shuichi was a little nervous about what it could be, he knew it was trouble if she was serious.

Shuichi followed Kaede to the door, while Maki made sure Kaito wouldn’t intervene. She wasn’t against being alone with him, at all.

When the couple was outside the dorm room and Kaede closed the door, Shuichi was the first one to speak, “Is something wrong?”

Kaede looked away in hesitation for a moment, before she found determination again and spoke, “No, I just wondered why you invited those two? I mean, yeah, they’re my friends, too. But I thought it was only going to be us too…”

Seeing her sad made Shuichi feel a little guilty, so he explained, “I thought you wouldn’t be against it…” Shuichi could see it didn’t help, she still had a sad look on her face, so he had to come clean. “To be honest, I did it so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable…”

Kaede was dumbfounded, not expecting that to be the answer. “Uncomfortable? What do you mean?”

Shuichi looked away in embarrassment with redness on his cheeks as he explained, “It all started when I kissed you. At the start, I felt happy about it and thought it was the right thing to do. But then later, I thought how inconsiderate I was. I kissed you, not giving you any signals, and I still did that! So, I thought you would feel uncomfortable because of it.”

Kaede could hear the honesty and regret resonance in his voice as he explained. “But you saw me looking fine every day when I was with you. How did those times look like I was in an uncomfortable situation?” Kaede asked.

“I thought you tried to keep face, so I wouldn’t get worried,” Shuichi explained. “That’s why I invited the others, so you would comfortable. I didn’t tell you they were coming, because if I did, then you would presumably insist they didn’t need to come. I guess I might not be such a good boyfriend if I keep things from my girlfriend, huh?”

Kaede did feel happy hearing how considerate he was, but also incredibly guilty for acting like she was the saint in this situarion right now. She got closer to Shuichi and said, “Now that we’re telling the honest truth here; I have something to confess as well.” Shuichi got out of his depressive thoughts as he listened to Kaede confess. “I didn’t invite you to my room to celebrate, I did it so I could get to kiss you again.”

Shuichi’s cheeks got a little pink on them, but he tried to ignore it for now as he said, “But why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I thought you would get really embarrassed about it, and I didn’t want to become the needy girlfriend, so I thought if I created the right mood in my room you would try it again. But it seemed it did not go as planned, huh?” Kaede said as she tried to smile, but Shuichi could still see the sadness on her face.

“Then…” Shuichi knew what he had to do, so no matter how embarrassed he was, he had to be as determent as he was on that day, he kissed her. “Why don’t we make it happen now?” Kaede had a puzzled look on her face, but before she could ask, Shuichi began explaining, “Let’s do what you wanted; let’s kiss.” Kaede was a little surprised to hear that from her boyfriend, but at the same time happy and flustered.

“Are you sure? I mean, I’m all in, but are you okay with it?” Kaede asked, taking precaution for her boyfriend.

“If I wasn’t then I wouldn’t have suggested it, would I?” Shuichi teased, making Kaede giggle a little. “Also, there’s no one around, so it’s fine… sweetheart.” Hearing her boyfriend calling her that made her feel relief and happiness.

The next thing they did, they put their arms around each other’s shoulders and leaned in closer till their lips touched each other. It did not give as much of an impact as their first kiss did, but to them it was still magical. It took more than half a minute before they released their lips form each other to gather air. When they looked at each other, they could see each other smiling and blushing.

“W-We should go in again, right?” Kaede asked embarrassingly.

“Y-Yeah, the others would properly be worried if we stay out too long…” Shuichi said, being almost as embarrassed as Kaede, but not embarrassed enough to hold her hand as they headed inside.

Chapter Text

When Hajime Hinata heard from Chiaki that the medicine would get him back health the next day, he took the pill with no hesitation, believing it would work. But when he was about to wake up the next day, still not having his eyes opened, he felt heavy, and kind of hot. That pill didn’t work!

Hajime could not believe it. Now he’ll have another sick day. He started remembering back to his childhood where he was happy to be sick so he could ditch school and be cozy in his bed. But now that he’s closer to adulthood and actually liked going to school, so he can be with Chiaki and his friends, he hated being sick. Besides, the feeling of being sick did not feel good to begin with!

For a pill that’s created by the former Ultimate Pharmacist, you would think it would work like a charm. But now I feel even worse! Hajime thought as he started regretting taking that pill. It feels like something heavy is on top of me. It’s warm and moving… Wait, moving?

As Hajime started realizing something was really wrong there, he started opening his eyes and saw that something was under his duvet. He had no idea what was under it, sharing it and the bed with him. So out of curiosity and concern, he removed the duvet with his right hand, to see a sleeping Mikan Tsumiki on top of his torso.

“Ts-Tsumiki! W-What are you doing here?!” Hajime struggled to say, having a hard time to breathe thanks to Mikan’s weight on top of him. But then, as Hajime tried to make sense of this, he thought of a different question, How did she get in here? He then looked over at his door and realized the answer to that question. Chiaki was the last one to visit him, and since she did not have the key to his dorm room, she could not have locked the door. In actuality, he was supposed to lock it, but he was so sick and tired he completely forgot to do it.

But right now, the most important thing to do right now was to get Mikan off him. “T-Tsumiki, get off me… Please,” he struggled to say, only to be answered by Mikan mumbling in her sleep. He wanted to be a little louder, but it was kind of hard since she was almost crushing his lungs.

As he realized talking to her would not wake her up, he instead tried using what strength there was left to wiggle, hoping it’ll wake up the sleeping nurse. “Hm… hmmh… St…” He felt relief when he heard her make some decent sounds, but was disappointed when he heard her say, “Stop moving… It’ll be harder… to sleep… Zzz”

Hearing her sleep-talk did not help his situation. It almost felt like nothing could wake her up, and Hajime had no choice but to accept that as fact. “Good… now we can sleep more… Zzz…” Hajime didn’t stop moving as much as he lost consciousness.

Am I… gonna die here? Many guys, espically Teruteru, would mean that this death would be worth it. Hajime, based on his experience with this at first-hand, did not agree with those guys.

 But what Hajime didn’t realize was that his death would be postpone by a specific red head… which could be seen on the other hand as bad luck for the poor guy.

“Okay, let’s do it!” Mahiru told herself as she stood outside his dorm room. “Nanami said the medicine he took should make him feel better today, so I’ll wake him up and ask if we can walk to school together,” she said to herself as she was blushing, thinking of walking side-by-side alone with her crush together to school.

Mahiru knew she lost an advantage when Chiaki got to nurse Hajime yesterday. She was about to raise her hand when Chisa told the class Hajime was sick, but Chiaki was quicker. She could have suggested having both her and Chiaki go over to Hajime and nurse him, but she thought it might just annoy Hajime, and in the end dropped the idea. She also knew that if she actually did suggest that idea, Teruteru would just say something perverted like ‘Oh my… Two girls and one boy under one roof, playing doctor… Hm-hm, sounds fun and exciting. Let me join!

But Mahiru knew that this idea, basically her back-up idea, would maybe help her make some points! She hesitated a little before she clicked on the intercom, saying, “Hinata. Wake up, time for school!” She waited for a couple of seconds, but no answers came from the other side. She started getting worried, so she rang on the intercom again, and said loudly, “Hinata, wake up! You’ll be late for school!”

Still no answers. She started getting even more worried. Instead of repeating what she did, which would just attract attention from students who might pass by, she went for the doorknob and tried turning it. She opened the door, surprised it was unlocked. “It’s unlocked? Useless-yet-cool Hinata, how careless of him,” she pouted as she walked into his room.

It was a little dark, so she could not see much. She thought he might still be in bed, hence why the light was off. Hinata, are you that sick? Mahiru thought in concern. She then proceeded to find the switch so she could turn on the light. When she turned the light, she could see Hajime lying in bed. “Hinata! Are you… o… kay?” she asked, being surprised to see a sleeping Ultimate Nurse on top of Hajime.

The light in the room seemed to have woken up Mikan, still being a little drowsy. “Hmmm… Hey, Koizumi, what are you doing in my room?” she asked before she looked around, realizing where she really was. “Oh, this isn’t my room. Seemed I must have fallen asleep here, hehe~. Ah! I’m sorry for laughing out of nowhere!”

That scream from Mikan brought back Hajime’s consciousness, feeling a little lighter and less hot. “Mikan, why did you sleep on top of me?!”

“S-Sorry, next time I’ll be bottom,” Mikan suggested, making Hajime blush from the thought of it.

“That’s not the point here!” Hajime exclaimed, giving Mikan a little shock. But then Hajime could feel something terrifying not so far from him. He looked up and saw Mahiru with an angry expression.

“Hi-na-ta,” Mahiru said with anger in her tone, scaring Hajime.

Having no other options, he had to use the most cliché protagonist line that existed, “It’s not what it looks lik-”

And Mahiru responded with the most cliché tsundere line that existed, “You… IDIOT!”

That was the last thing Hajime heard before he got hit by Mahiru’s bag, losing consciousness, again.

The walk from the dorms to the academy was awkward as all hell for Hajime and Mahiru. But for Mikan, well… I’m walking to campus with my classmates! I’m so happy, but I hope I’m not a nuisance to them… Oh, I bet I am. They properly hate me… But they let me be by their side, I’m so happy. Mikan was both overjoyed and speculating so much that she had not picked up the awkwardness between Mahiru and Hajime.

Hajime had tried explaining to Mahiru what really happened, so did Mikan of course. It seemed Mikan came over last night to check on Hajime’s wellbeing. Since she was a nurse, and a classmate and friend to Hajime, she could not just stand still, doing nothing. But since it was late at night and she was pretty tired from all her work at the hospital and Nurse’s office, she fell asleep the moment she finished checking on Hajime in his sleep, right on top of him of all things.

Even though Mahiru did believe Hajime and Mikan’s explanation, it did not change how awkward the atmosphere around them became once they left the dormitory. So much for suggesting we should walk together, Mahiru thought in regret. I have nothing against Tsumiki tagging along, even thought I wanted to walk alone with him, but now it’s embarrassing and awkward after that misunderstanding! I even hit him, for god’s sake!

Meanwhile, Hajime wanted to get rid of the awkward silence, it was killing him, but he had no idea what to really say. I just got healthy and now I am in this awkward situation, and I feel pain, he thought as he rubbed his cheek, touching the place where Mahiru’s bag hit him. But he knew silence was not the answer, and they had already passed the school gate, so he had to break a leg. He thought he could start the conversation by asking about how her midterms went, “Hey, Koizumi, how-”

“Sorry, but I just remembered I have to be in class earlier than right now, so… See ya!” Mahiru interrupted as she bolted towards the classroom, leaving Hajime dejected, knowing that to be an excuse. He was properly about to ask, ‘why did I hit him?’ And who could blame him?! Mahiru thought in guilt as she ran to her class.

Mahiru’s sudden runaway woke Mikan up from her thoughts, and asked, “W-Why did Koizumi leave just now? Did I d-do something? I did, didn’t I?! I’m sorry…”

Mikan’s self-blaming got Hajime out of his dejected state, as he started to feel worried for Mikan. Hajime couldn’t stand seeing one of his friends being in a sad state.

Funny story, in the beginning, before they were friends, Hajime thought she was stalking him every time he went back to the dorms. It turned out she just looked after his wellbeing, and she was just too shy to strike up a conversation with him. It was a little worrying that Mikan had to follow him and hide every time he looked behind, but he was glad it was only for his health, and that she had done the same with the others in her class. After making it clear it wasn’t actually stalking, they became friends. The only negative outcome of it, had been Chiaki showing some rare glares when he interacted with Mikan.

“No, it wasn’t your fault,” Hajime reassured Mikan, making her stop blaming herself. “If anything, it’s my fault… I think…” Hajime mumbled to himself, using his crush’s famous catchphrase. “Let’s just go to class, okay?” Hajime asked as he smiled.

Mikan smiled back, “Y-Yes! Let’s go to the others!”

It was not much of a walk, only a few stairs up to their classroom, but at least it was not awkward. When Hajime opened the door to see his fellow classmates, one of them looked away in embarrassment, a peculiar red-haired one that is. Hajime wasn’t surprised about it but was still a little bumped out. He knew he needed to see Chiaki to make him feel a little better. But as he tried looking after the pink-haired gamer, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He took up his phone and saw a message from the said pink-haired gamer.

Chiaki: I hope you’re feeling better. BTW; I won’t be coming to school today. I was called in for an interview at a gaming company. - 8:10

Hajime felt a little sad he wouldn’t be seeing her today, but he giggled to himself as he felt happy for Chiaki.

Hajime: I am fine, thanks for asking. It’s properly because you nursed me. I hope your meeting will go fine. - 8:11

It took a little time before she texted back.

Chiaki: You’re exaggerating… I think… - 8:13

Hajime could imagine an embarrassed smile at the end of that message.

Chiaki: I’m just glad to hear you feel better 😊 -8:15

Hajime texted back ‘thanks’ and proceeded to go to his seat. But once he was close to it, he stopped in his tracks, seeing someone sitting on his desk. As he took a good look on who it was, he grimaced, feeling unpleased at who he saw. That white fluffy hair, that sickly pale skin, and those light gray-green eyes that looked at Hajime in disgust, could only belong to one student. The other Ultimate Lucky Student, and Hajime’s self-proclaimed enemy, Nagito Komaeda.

“Hey there, Hinata, something wrong?” Nagito asked as he still sat on Hajime’s desk, making Hajime feel annoyed and almost angry.

Hajime and Nagito had never been on friendly terms since Hajime transferred to Class 77-B. Ever since Hajime’s first day at Hope’s Peak, he got nothing but insults and bad treatment from Nagito. It wasn’t bullying per say, but Hajime did see it as harassment, and he knew why Nagito always treated him so horrible.

“What does a reserve course drop-out want, huh?”

And there it was. The reason for Nagito treating Hajime like that was because he never found it acceptable that a non-ultimate was inside his class. He found it unnatural, something that should not be allowed. Of course, Hajime did think the same when he transferred, thinking he did not belong with the others since he did not have a talent. But after being accepted by everyone, except for Nagito, he did not care about talent in the end and accepted he was a member of Class 77-B.

“What I want; is my desk. So, would you please leave, Komaeda?” Hajime asked, having enough of the white-haired boy in front of him.

“I will, if you bow down and lick my shoes,” Nagito demanded while smirking, making Hajime want to punch that said smirk off his face. But then, Nagito jumped off Hajime’s desk and said, “Just kidding. My shoes would just get even dirtier by some no-talent reserve course student licking them.”

Hajime was about to blow a fuse, but he tried calming down. “Whatever. It’s not like luck is really a talent, so you have no room to talk,” Hajime rebutted, thinking he made a good counter. But he later regretted mentioning Nagito’s talent once the white-haired student started to ramble on.

“It’s true, my talent is trash among trash, but it is still a talent. It’s one of the few things I believe in, and it always works in my favor… though it does bring misfortune to others when it happens.”

As soon as that was said, Akane came bursting through the wall and hit straight into Kazuichi, who was on his way to talk to Sonia. He then crashed into the window, falling out of the classroom, crashed-landed on Miu’s chocolate-making invention outside, which then exploded from the collision. The chocolates from the machine flew straight into the broken window and made it to where Nagito’s desk where, placing themselves in perfect order.

“Hey, are you done now, Akane?!” Nekomaru shouted from the hole in the wall.

Akane rose up as if nothing had happened and said before she jumped at him, “Not now or ever, Coach!”

Nagito was basically gloating as he went over to his desk, now with a lot of chocolate, “Can you see now? Even if I’m not worth much, my talent makes up for it, even with all the consequences.”

Hajime had seen many examples of Nagito’s talent doing the two months he’s been at Hope’s Peak, but it never ceases to amaze or terrify him when Nagito ex Machina happens. It also wondered him how Kazuichi wasn’t dead already.

“Not… again…” Speak of the devil, it seemed Kazuichi survived and made it to the classroom with a few burn marks and injuries, but he fainted soon after.

“Soda!” Mikan meekly yelled before she ran to Kazuichi, checking his injuries.

Hajime was relieved, knowing Kazuichi to be in good hands as he was carried off to the nurse’s office. But when he directed his vision towards Nagito, he saw him make a new expression he had never seen him in.

He was smiling and blushing. Seeing that expression was a new one for the reserve course student, as he had only seen seemingly innocent smiles and disgusted expressions from Nagito Komaeda.

Hajime had a good idea way the lucky student had that expression.

“Do you enjoy others’ pain, Komaeda?” Hajime asked, being even more frightened of Nagito than before.

Nagito’s expression stopped once he heard that. “What blaspheme are you saying? Why would I enjoy seeing one of those who are blessed by hope to be in pain?” Nagito asked, feeling insulted. “Also, now that you’ve accused me, I have something I have been meaning to say to you!”

Oh great, like I haven’t had enough of that, Hajime thought sarcastically.

Nagito got up close to Hajime, being face-to-face with each other, having a serious expression as he exclaimed, “Stop trying to defile Tsumiki!”

“… Huh?”

Hajime had no idea where that came from just now. He just stood there, trying to process what the hope dope in front of him just now said. Had Hajime done something to Mikan? He knew Nagito had always been overprotective of his classmates, hence why the former gym was turned to ruins, and why most in the class do not want to talk to him. Yet Hajime had no recollection of hurting or insulting Mikan in any way since he met her. It’s true she had cried sometimes, but it was mostly because she overthinks things.

Before Hajime could say anything, Nagito explained, “I know what you’re planning, Hinata. You’re trying to get closer to Tsumiki, making her fall for you and then treat her horrible once you two become a couple!”

Hajime knew Nagito was smart, but he knew what Nagito was spurting right there was nothing but aspersion. But at least he’s not bringing up about Hajime’s non-existent talent.

“You should know, it’s not just because you’re unqualified for her since she’s talented and you’re not!”

He still brought that up…

“It’s because you, being around her, is nothing but an insult to a girl like. You’re like a bug buzzing over high quality food.”

Even though the words were harsh, Hajime didn’t pay attention to them, he was more preoccupied about why Nagito was acting like that. He had never seen him being that angry or irrational before.

“And how she came into your room, slept on top of you, and walked to school together as nothing happened… you have a lot of guts for a reserve course student, that is.”

“Wait! How did you know-”

“You should leave her side, or I’ll, as I pray for the finest hope, make you pay!”

Hajime knew that the student in front of him was not bluffing. He was dangerous, and even though he had never hurt Hajime physically, he knew he could make it happen one day. But why was he acting like that? Hajime kept on wondering that until he directed his attention to the door being opened, showing Mikan.

“C-Can anyone please bring me my bag? I-I need some more bandages,” Mikan asked as The Imposter brought over the bag to Mikan.

Hajime then turned his attention back to Nagito, having that same expression he had a few minutes ago. Smiling and blushing. Hajime now had a clearer picture what was going on, almost as if a bolt of lightning hit him.

“Nagito,” Nagito looked at Hajime once he heard his name, “are you in love with Tsumiki?”

The air around the two students got silent, but only for few seconds before Nagito’s eyes went all haywire and his face turned all red. “Me? And Tsumiki? There’s no way trash like me has a chance with the beautiful, talented, gorgeous Mikan Tsumiki,” he said in denial and embarrassment.

Hajime smirked a little once he found out Nagito’s secret. He also might have found a way to put a damper on Nagito’s wild aspersions, and maybe be on good terms with him. “Just so you know, I don’t have feelings for her. We’re friends but that’s it, so you have nothing to worry about.”

Seemed it didn’t work, sadly.

“How can I trust something a reserve course student would say!” Nagito proclaimed, leaving Hajime with a migraine as class finally started.

If only he knew what she said that time…

Hajime then remembered back one of the things Mikan said in her sleep, about a peculiar boy with fluffy hair.

Chapter Text

Outside Hope’s peak academy, a certain ‘mage’ was outside, performing for children and their parents. The tricks were incredible, her juggling needed no retries, and her fire magic did not hurt anybody! Mostly because Kazuichi and Nagito weren’t around.

After she was done showing off her skills and bowed to her audience, who clapped and cheered, they came up to her and offered her money. But Himiko refused.

“Nyeh, thanks, but no thanks. My mana has no usage for money, only your smiles is enough to refill my mana.” And a good sleep in her bed as well.

She didn’t perform so she could make ends meet, she did it as a way to strengthen her skills with magic and, most importantly, her performance. During the midterm exams, she was quite shaky and nervous. She was performing in front of high-class illusionists, or ‘grand mages’ as she calls them. Even though her performance had no mistakes or issues to it, it was easy to tell that she wasn’t smiling, much due to nervousness.

Her number one rule as a ‘mage’ was always to smile, no matter how dangerous or unique the techniques were. The feedback she got back hurt her a little, knowing she had to overcome her nervousness and smile to her audience. Her performance just now was part of her training but performing in front of children and parents was not enough, it didn’t feel like it helped. But seeing the smiles from her audience was satisfying in its own way.

“But we have to give you something. That trick was spectacular!” praised one of the parents.

“But I really don’t need anything,” Himiko insisted.

“Except sacrifices for my next trick.”

“That’s right; except sacrifices for my… next…” Himiko then realized that someone was behind her, the one who stated that suggestion. “Hey! It is not tricks, it’s magic! And I don’t need sacrifices!” She then turned around, grimacing when she met the gremlin from her class.

“Nishishi. That’s right, tricks are for kids!” Kokichi smiled, showing his chesire smile as he laughed his signature laugh.

Himiko sighed in annoyance. “What do you want, Oma?” She knew he was here for a reason, and she also knew he would never really say why. She also knew she would regret she asked.

“Isn’t clear? I’m here to help you, Yumeno-chan~” Kokichi answered while smiling, already making Himiko doubt him.

“Sure…” Himiko sighed as she was on her way to pack all her tools and equipment.

“I’m telling the truth!” Kokichi insisted. “You wanna get better for the next exam, so that you won’t be nervous, right?” Himiko fell face-front with her tools as she heard that question.

Himiko stood up and turned to Kokichi as she asked, “H-How do you know about that?” It was a decent question, only herself, her teacher, and the examiners should know about her performance that day. So, how could he know about it?

“I’m the Supreme Leader! There’s no way I wouldn’t know!” Kokichi declared as he was during his ‘leader’ pose.

It still didn’t answer my question, Himiko thought as she sweat dropped.

“And I also know your three sizes,” Kokichi stated as he put his index finger to his lips, making her blush, both by embarrassment and anger.

“Y-You! You’d better be lying, damn you!” she demanded as she gave him a beating, which looked silly and childlike.

Kokichi easily parried himself from Himiko’s fury as he assured her, “Well, I’m a liar, so who knows?” Hearing Kokichi’s catchphrase was enough to stop her barrage of fists. “Besides, who wants your measurements, Mosquito Bites?” Then it started again.

“You stupid! Take that and that and that and that!!!” she cried as she kept on pummeling him while he just giggled as it did him no harm. The parents thought it looked cute. “I’m too busy with my mage craft anyways, so I don’t need a man in my life!”

Ignoring the endless attacks from Himiko, Kokichi asked in a serious tone as he stopped smiling, “Then what if I wanted to become your boyfriend?”

The pummeling stopped and there was silence, leaving a blushing Himiko with a surprised expression. “Nyeh?”

Himiko did not know what to make of this, seeing the trickster in front of her being serious as he just said that. Himiko knew he had to tell the t-

“It’s a lie!” Kokichi exclaimed as he showed his carefree smile. “Nishishi! You should see your face- Hmph!” He should’ve watched out for Himiko’s punch to the face.

Himiko sighed as she turned her back to Kokichi, who had landed on the ground in pain. “I should have known you lied, as usual. And now that I know you’re not serious, I’ll leave,” Himiko pouted as she took her magic tools and equipment with her.

“Then, don’t you want my help?” Kokichi asked, making Himiko stop in her tracks. “It’s true, I do lie a lot. And I mean a lot! But I was telling the truth when I said I wanted to help.”

Himiko always knew to never trust Kokichi, or strangers who offer her candy. Her mother warned her that since she was born. But, for some reason, something told her she could trust him… this time.

But she didn’t trust that feeling as she asked him, “Why should I believe you? Are you good at magic?”

Kokichi got himself off the ground and explained as he dusted off the dirt from his clothes, “Why yes, I’m the best at using magic!” Himiko’s eyes only showed suspicion, seeing the trickster proclaim that statement to the Ultimate Magician. “Okay, fine, I’m not that good at magic tricks as you, but I can do some tricks.”

“Yeah, like what? Also, it’s not magic tricks.”

Kokichi frowned a little as he corrected, “Yeah, magic, whatever! I can make the headmaster lose his job and bankrupt him, almost like it was magic!” Himiko was shaken as a leaf when she heard how confident he was. “Do you wanna see that trick?” Kokichi asked, showing one of his malevolent expressions.

“No, please don’t! I believe you!” Himiko insisted, scared by the thought of it.

Kokichi then went back to a more natural smile as he swiftly made it over to Himiko and took her left hand. “Then let’s do it,” Kokichi proclaimed as he was mere centimeters away from her face.

It took some time before Himiko took everything in. Kokichi holding her hand, being close to her face, and saying that line. It was like one of those scenes from drama series with handsome men, this time it was in real life, with Kokichi of all people. Himiko did not know why, but her heart was beating like crazy, steam was coming out of head, and she could not make any decent sentences.

But it only lasted a couple of seconds.

“Then, let’s practice your tricks,” Kokichi proclaimed, leaving Himiko silent and confused. “You said you believed me, so now you can show your tricks to me. C’mon, let’s do it! …Or did you think something else when I said, ‘let’s d- Arghhh!” A punch to his stomach stopped him from finishing his sentence, so that Himiko did not have to be more embarrassed than she already was.

“Hmph! And here I thought you were- Nothing! I didn’t think you were cool or anything!” Himiko pouted, looking back to see if Kokichi heard any of it. Luckily, he was bent over in the pain to hear anything at the moment.

Himiko could not this was happening, but she here she was, performing in front of the worst troublemaker in history. During the whole magic act Kokichi laughed, clapped, and cheered like a small child. She did not think he looked cute!

As she had finished her last trick, she bowed down as usual and gave her thanks to her audience, which was just a single Kokichi. “So, what do you think? Were you amazed by the Ultimate Mage, Himiko Yumeno!”

Kokichi gave his verdict in a child-like excitement and expression. “It was awesome! I was all like “wow” and “amazing”! I have never seen such a show before!” Himiko couldn’t tell if he was lying or being sincere, but she was without a doubt blushing. “But,” Himiko looked over at Kokichi when he started sounding more serious, “wasn’t it meaningless?”

Himiko couldn’t progress what she just heard. Her performance was pointless? Never had she heard anyone say that about her performance before in her life! Himiko was never the one to result to anger, since she thought of it as tiring and a waste of mana, but right there, at that moment, Himiko heard something snap.

“How dare you say that!? How was any of my spectacular magic abilities meaningless. You know nothing of the magic arts, so you have no right to say that!” Himiko accused, being completely red in head from anger, despite having some tears leaving her eyes.

People who were still around in the park looked shocked and scared. Some of them even knew her from her previous performances in the park, and they never thought she could get that angry or sad. But Kokichi just stood there, sitting with a stoic face, almost like he was not affected by all that yelling. “You misunderstand me, Yumeno-chan,” Kokichi proclaimed, making Himiko calm down and let out a confused ‘nyeh?’.

“Your performance was great, that was not a lie. I mean, I did lie in some parts of what I said before, but I was sincere about how amazing your tricks- Sorry, I mean, how amazing your magic was,” Kokichi explained, cleaning away the misunderstandings.

“Then, what did you mean was pointless? Was that another lie?” Himiko asked, cooling down a little.

“Who knows?” Kokichi smiled, leaving a scowling, but tired Himiko, not wanting to be left uncleared and dishonest. “Sorry, I just lied right there. I did mean your performance, but not your ability.”

Himiko was confused, having no idea what he’s trying to say. As Himiko tried thinking over what the purple-haired student meant, she started getting more tired. Looks like performing many times, getting angry at Kokichi, and thinking a lot had made her tired, and Kokichi could tell, so he just explained further.

“I mean, you were not anxious or nervous during the whole performance, right? You were in your element, performing in front of an audience that have no idea how you did all that, so it made sense you weren’t nervous. But when you were in front of those old farts, who had a lot of knowledge and expertise on it, you lost your edge and started to forget what was important, right? To entertain and make them smile.”

Himiko reflected over what Kokichi said. He was right, Kokichi, the children and the parents were nothing like those examiners. This training was indeed pointless, what use was there in training in front of a crowd who did not leave much of an impact on her as those masters did? When Himiko realized that, she felt sad and depressive, realizing how pointless it all was. It was properly the same feeling her former master felt when he was outsmarted by his own pupil, learning how pointless it was to best her.

Himiko never felt something like this before, a feeling called despair, knowing what doing something pointless felt like. Himiko thought she didn’t have the mana to cry right now. She was wrong. She could feel some tears slowly making their way to her eyes and going down her cheeks.

Kokichi walked up to her, put a hand on her shoulder and told her, “But this might be what can help you.” Himiko’s tears stooped in their tracks, as she listened on to Kokichi. “If you remember your goal, and think of the examiners as mere audience, then it’ll be a piece of cake for you!”

Himiko could make sense of what the boy in front of her said, but some doubt was still in her heart. Not doubt on Kokichi, though. “Do you really think so?”

Kokichi just laughed as he showed his signature smile, “Of course I do! You’ll blow their wizard hats off their bald heads.”

That was all she needed to get rid of that feeling of meaningless and despair, someone who could help her see clearer and optimistically. For a trickster and a liar, he can be surprisingly nice and surportive. Nyeh? She then felt something weird within her chest. What’s with my heart? Why is it beating so fast?Himiko thought as she took her right hand to where her heart was located.

She then looked Kokichi in the eyes, still holding her hand to her chest whit a bashful expression. Kokichi never broke eye contact with her as he asked, “Himiko, you know…” Himiko didn’t know why, but something inside of her made feel hot and bothered as she listened to him. “Your chest hasn’t grown, get over it! You can examine it all you want, it won’t change!”

Just like that, the feelings from before was replaced with unyielding anger and a desire to punch the trickster right in the face.


Despite Himiko’s small figure, she landed a good punch to his face, making him land on his back with swirls in his eyes. “I knew I was wrong thinking you were nice!” Himiko meekly yelled at him as she huffed out a sigh. But she then thought back on Kokichi’s advice. “But that proposal didn’t sound awful, though,” she said in a bashful expression before she walked away with her packed equipment.

As Kokichi was still lying on the ground, with a little blood coming out of his left nostril, he said to himself, “Why did I say that last part, and not want I really wanted to say?” He looked up at the sky, reflecting over his actions, until he came to a conclusion. “Oh, right. Because I’m a liar.”

Chapter Text

Sitting by a desk in the library, a nice cup of tea to drink, and reading a file containing private information about serial killers and black figureheads, was all what Byakuya Togami found as entertainment and intriguing. “Fascinating. So even with the help of the famed Kirigiri family, the killer is still on the run. It also seems they’ve got a title as well, how intriguing.”

For any other normal person, this would be seen as one of the earliest signs of being a potential psychopath or sociopath. That could be one of the many reasons why not so many students or people want to interact with him, with the exception of Makoto, Celeste, and, of course, his stal- I mean, his admirer.

Ahhhh, he’s so dreamy. It’s like he’s the pinnacle of elegance, grace and perfection. My Master Togami!!! Just like how Oda Nobunaga had Ranmaru, Byakuya, not willingly, had Toko, hidden behind shelves as she admires him from afar.

Despite how this looked, Toko was not stalking him, at the moment. Byakuya knew Toko was there, they walked to the library together after all, despite the fact that Toko was more than 3 meters away from him. He wasn’t against having Toko near him, in fact he started to find it more than just tolerable, maybe he even liked it. But he still didn’t like the girl’s odor, hence the distance. But it might also be the fact that she didn’t think, she deserves to be near him.

But even so…

Even though I know this is the most acceptable distance for my darling Togami, a part of me wants to get closer to him. That time more than a month ago, he clearly stated he wanted me to be near around his space, but nothing has changed. Maybe that day was just a lucky fluke. She knew that her desires for the young lord would never be repaid, yet her heart longed for it.

Without paying attention, she put her hands together in a prayer and thought, I don’t care which God it is that is listening to my prayers, just give me the opportunity to be near my prince! She knew she wasn’t Hiro, who only begged to all the Gods in the world if he was in debt or if he met the yakuza. But she thought giving it a shot was worth a try. My Master is the only reason I want to feel any joy in this miserable world! So, please, any God out there, listen to my prayers-

“Hey!” That sudden exclamation got Toko out of her prayer and directed her attention to the blonde glasses-wearer by the desk. “You don’t smell so bad today. Did you take a bath?” Byakuya asked, looking over at where Toko was.

Toko was surprised, it was rare for Byakuya to pay positive attention to Toko, mostly it was negative things he paid attention to when regards to her. “Y-Yeah, M-Master. I t-took a bath this morning, since I h-had time and everything,” Toko explained, still a little surprised by Byakuya’s notice.

Byakuya stated, before adjusted his glasses till they reflected the light from lamp next to him, “Since your odor is not deadly as it usually is, then it’s adequate for you to spend your leisure by my presence.”

When Toko heard that, her brain stopped functioning, almost like when something is clogging the gears of an old clock. When the gears started turning again, the only words that could come out of the writer’s lips were, “E-Excuse me, Master, b-but what did you just say?”

The young master groaned before repeating with different words, “Is it not simple? I want you to stand beside me as we both read this file.”

Toko thought at that moment she was dreaming, because there was no way that the man of her dreams would ask her that. But in the end, after pinching her hand so hard that it could possibly leave a purple mark, she had to accept reality as it was.

Master asked me to accompany him! ME! How is this not a dream?! Does that mean he loves me?! It must be!!! Her thoughts were easily illustrated on her face as she drooled and moaned, slipping away to one of her fantasies…

*Toko’s fantasy*

As Toko was sitting on Byakuya’s lap, reading the interestring-yet-not-so-interesting-as-Byakuya-Togami file, they could feel each other’s breathes, entangled by their lust for each other.

As Toko was using her index finger as her guide to read the words, Byakuya’s hand slowly yet seductively caressed her hand, making the young writer look up to her master. Their gazes were fixed on each other, not breaking contact.

“Oh, Toko, the meaningless paper is not deserving of your lovely fingers. They belong to me, as your love does as well,” he said as he moved in closer, making Toko forget all about the paper.

“Ahhh! Master, you know that my whole being belongs to you. Mind, body, and soul. I’m all yours,” Toko declared.

She then felt the hands of the man she loved caress her whole upper body and next moving down to her legs, letting out moans out of pleasure.

“M-Master! Not here, what if people see us?”

“I don’t care for the eyes of mindless sheep. I only care for the beauty in front of my very eyes,” Byakuya declared while holding her jaw slightly up.

Toko looked deeper into the said eyes, before closing her own as she was expecting the arrival of his lips.

“But…” Toko opened one of her eyes when she heard him talk again. “Are you there?”


Toko woke up from her fantasy when she heard her one and only master, “Are you still there? You know that I can retrack the earlier request, right?”

Toko used her sleeves to wipe away the drool, and said, still half-moaning, “Y-Yes, I’m still here! A-And please, don’t! I was just thinking of what to write next, and I started thinking too much about it.” Toko couldn’t just flat-out say what she just imagined, but she could use half of it as an excuse.

Byakuya was a little uncertain about it, due to fear and disgust, but he couldn’t just stop there. “Then if you’re done standing there like a simpleton, come over here, now!” Byakuya ordered, not asked.

Toko nodded and walked towards the desk Byakuya was sitting by, thinking, It might not be completely like in my fantasy, but this is still the best! Byakuya pulled out her chair for her, to her it just got better and better, she felt as she was on cloud nine. Whoever God heard my prayers, thank you so much! There’s nothing I could demand more than this!

As she sat down next to Byakuya she asked, “S-So, what or w-who were you reading about?” This might not be a date for anyone else, but for Toko this was way better than that!

That was until…

“I’m reading about the notorious serial killer, Genocider Jack,” Byakuya stated matter-of-factly, not paying attention to Toko’s dejected and shocked expression.

Was the God who heard my prayers a God of Bad Luck? Was it Binbōgami? Loki? She now wished she could withdraw all her prayers.

The reason for her dismay was because of a secret no one except for herself knew about, she’s that serial killer! Or to be more precise, it was her other personality, who always shows up when she loses consciousness, sneezes, or when she’s electrified. She wasn’t completely sure how her other personality even came to be, but she thought it might be due to her horrible childhood and family issues.

Of all the criminals in the world, it just had to be ‘her’ her crush was reading about. She didn’t want anyone to know about her secret, let alone Byakuya. If things were different, such as if she didn’t have much of a choice, then she would tell him first things first, but right now the situation was too good to ruin. She even made sure to do everything in her power to not let that maniac out, she sealed her doors shut, made traps for herself before she goes to sleep, and took great distance away from pepper and blood. She could not let her secret be discovered here and now!

Acting like nothing, she asked as if she was curious, “W-Wow, I’ve heard about her- Him! He’s that dangerous serial killer who crucifies his victims, right?”

Byakuya nodded, “That’s right, though it’s not sure if Jack is a ‘he’.” Toko was just glad he did not look too much into her mistake in words. “Though, how did you know that Genocider Jack crucifies his victims? It’s not known to the public”

Toko was sweating bullets, realizing she was at the deep end. Despite not sharing memories with her counterpart, she had woken up to one of her many crime scenes, and they could never leave her memories. She had to clean up her mistakes, luckily her talent saved her. “It says right here in the file,” she stated as she pointed to the line that mentioned that.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. You most have read it when you just arrived here. As expected of the Ultimate Writing Prodigy,” Byakuya praised, making Toko drool a bit.

Wait, this is no time to drool! Toko thought as she wiped away the drool. I need to make sure he doesn’t figure out it’s me. Well, kinda me. There was no doubt that Byakuya would investigate her througly once the truth is out. She knew that a confession from her mouth wouldn’t be enough when she had evidence literally under her dress, and even if she wanted him to undress her, the circumstances were not at the right timing at the moment. She had tried to get rid of the scissors, but it seemed they returned under her dress at some point.

By the way, did you know that Genocider Jack only kills when it’s a holiday or weekend?” Byakuya asked. “The report says it might be because the killer is a student.”

Toko wasn’t good at keeping a poker face, but she was better than some clairvoyant idiot. “Oh, really, maybe they’re a college student or something? I mean, these are all men, and some are adults, it should be hard for someone who’s in high or middle school to commit these murders,” Toko reasoned, hoping to pull his suspicion away from her.

But, Byakuya had a suspicious look on his face as he commented, “Not necessary. It’s true that, killing someone who’s taller than you, is pretty tough, but if the murder is planned efficiently, then it’s not impossible.” Toko was getting a little nervous, but it wasn’t enough to make her panic. That was until Byakuya continued, “Also, how could you tell the victims were only men? You haven’t seen all the victims.”

There were no words on earth to describe the fear Toko was feeling inside her head, she knew she messed up! But she had to cool down and use her talent with words and writings to find an excuse. Or maybe to turn Byakuya’s words against him.

“Wait, they’re more victims? I thought the victims on this page were only ones,” she said as she pointed nervously at the pictures of the victims. Her nervousness and fear came in hand for ones, making it look like it’s fear of how the victims now look like and how there are more of them on the other pages.

Now she had to hope her crush hadn’t picked up her lie. “I see, so you thought these were the only victims. *sigh* And I here I thought you knew more about this notorious serial killer. Frankly, I’m disappointed. And looking at how scared you are is not making it better.”

Toko was relieved he hadn’t seen through her lie, but she was also turned on from the abuse. After realizing it, Toko slapped her cheeks to cool down and think clearly. I need to keep up the façade, or else… “W-Well, I don’t really f-follow up on that weird serial killer. I-I don’t get why p-people talk about that disgusting serial killer to begin with. I really d-don’t understand w-what goes through her head, killing and killing l-like nothing. B-But reading with you is a pleasure, Master.”

Byakuya felt a little annoyed and disgusted by how Toko called him ‘master’, hence why he said, “How long are you gonna call me ‘master’?” Toko had troubling expression as he said that. “It’s true I stand higher than you and all the other students, but you don’t need to call me ‘master’. Just call me by my esteemed name.”

Toko was a little confused where all that came from, but she was without a doubt happy to hear that, though she did feel a little sad not to call him ‘master’ anymore. “Okay, I’ll do that from now on. T-”

“But before that,” Byakuya interrupted, looking directly into the eyes of the Ultimate Writing Prodigy, “I have a question about your earlier statement. You wouldn’t mind me asking, do you?”

Toko turned from happy to total panic, what could she had said wrong earlier? “What do you mean? What did I say?”

Byakuya adjusted his glasses before answering, “Earlier when I showed you the serial killer, you said ‘he’, before I said the gender is unknown.”

Toko took her hands up in defense. “Yeah, but isn’t it mostly m-men who are serial killers? That’s why I t-thought it could be a male.”

“It’s true that most killers we hear about are men, but earlier you said something peculiar.” Toko had a suspicious look on her face, having no idea what she could have said that connected to the other statement. “You said, and I quote, “I really don’t understand what goes through her head.”” Toko then realized where she messed up. “Why did you change the culprit’s gender to female, when you earlier insisted it could be a man?”

Now Toko knew she dug her own grave, so deep it might be impossible to dig out of. Toko couldn’t play dumb anymore at this point, not when the young progeny in front of her had a point, and the way Toko said it without noticing basically put the nail on the coffin.

H-H-H-H-H-H-H-How can I fix this? Can I even fix this? No, it’s impossible! He has already figured it out! Toko thought in despair, seeing no way out of this nightmare. The only thing she could be proud at this point, was that she managed to keep her secret safe from him for over a year. But feeling proud was not what Toko prioritized right now!

Byakuya leaned closer in, putting his hands on Toko’s fragile shoulders. Normally, it would be here where Toko’s fantasies would run wild, but her fear made sure to keep her in place. “Toko, are you…” The suspense was killing her, thinking that her secret was now going to be revealed by her prince charming!

“… as secretly interested in Genocider Jack as I am?”

huh? was the only word in Toko’s mind by the moment.

Before she could ask anything, he continued, “You have been investigating the fiendish murderer in secret as I have, correct? The fact that you know so much as I, must mean you have looked into who that fiend is, right?”

Toko didn’t know if another God had helped her situation, but she was beyond relief that such a misunderstanding had arrived, and she couldn’t let go of such a great excuse! “Yeah, t-that’s right! I don’t like how that ghoulish k-killer had made a menace of where I live, so I have wanted to find leads to who i-it could b-be. I-I even listened in on the conversation between police officers and h-heard the killer m-might be a woman.”

Toko was no born liar, like a certain classmate or underclassman, but she was somehow able to fool someone like Byakuya. “That makes sense, someone of your intelligence wouldn’t have figured that out by yourself,” Byakuya insulted, trying to ignore Toko’s masochism side showing up. “Well, in any case,” he said as he let go off her shoulders and was about to flip the page on the document, “it seems I was correct in assuming it would be interesting to read with you.”

Toko’s expression turned normal and then to a happy one as she moved closer in so she could read with him, before being told to not be too close to him.

As the time limit in the library was over, the two headed out of the library, saying their goodbyes and goodnights. “Goodnight, M- I mean, Togami,” she corrected herself, remembering what he and her had agreed on. But, for some reason he looked unpleasant, which confused Toko.

“Good grief, didn’t I lecture you good enough?” he asked in disappointment as he adjusted his glasses.

Toko looked down on the ground, starting to remember her place. Of course, I don’t deserve to-

“You shall call me by my name, Byakuya!” Byakuya declared, giving Toko a shock of confusion and happiness. “I told you not to call me by my esteemed last name, right? So hence, you shall call me by my first name, but only when we’re alone, am I clear?”

Toko’s brain was basically fried by the shock she retrieved from the man in front of her, not having the ability to speak human language anymore. It took about some seconds before she replied, “C-Crystal!”

Byakuya’s only respond was a nod and a turn as he left for his dorm room. Toko couldn’t believe this was happening, but she knew that this time it wasn’t one of her fantasies, she made sure by pinching her sides really hard. She was so happy that she skipped away to her room like a maiden in love.

But, without Toko knowing, Byakuya said in a low voice, "One day, you will tell me your secret… from your own mouth… or from hers…"

Chapter Text

At Hope’s Peak, having a part-time job is not against school regulation if it has something to do with their talents. For example, working in a restaurant or cafeteria is acceptable for the Ultimate Chef. Working in a music shop as long as the student is a musician is fine. And if they work in a hospital, despite being a student, then it’s completely okay if their talent is medicine or health related.

But for others, it might be more than just a part-time job. For Sayaka Maizono, who uses most of her time on becoming an idol, takes it like a full-time job. Where she practices songs and trains her dance moves with her group.

“Good work, everyone! You’re all set for the performance next week!” Sayaka and her group took a breather as they heard that from their trainer, glad to hear how well they did and how prepared they were. But then, the trainer frowned, as she looked exclusively at the team leader. “Maizono darling, despite you not falling behind whatsoever, something feels wrong when you were dancing and singing.”

Sayaka had a worried expression, as she knew her trainer was right. “Maybe it’s nothing, but if you don’t do something about it before next week, then it might create problems at the performance,” her trainer advised. “Now then, everybody hit the showers. That’s all for today.”

While some from the group yawned out of exhausting, some paid attention to Sayaka’s worried expression. Ayaka Haneyama, also known as Ayakasu, could see that Sayaka’s mind was on what their coach said. She started getting even more worried for her rival, as Sayaka had the same expression since they entered the changing room, in the bath, and out of the bath, too.

When they were changing to their normal clothes, Ayaka finally asked, “Does what she said bother you that much?” Her question woke up Sayaka from her thoughts. She was a little glad she heard her. Despite her jealousy of Sayaka’s talent, she was still one of her best friends.

Sayaka tried her best to change her expression to her more usual expression. “N-Not really. It is true that what she said had me a little worried, but she is right in the end. So, I’m not that worried about it,” Sayaka laughed it off, but Ayaka had her suspicions, and she might have a clue to what it was.

Ayaka took out her phone from the locker as she looked after her proof. “Does it have something to do with this guy?” she asked as she showed Sayaka a picture of Makoto kissing Kyoko’s cheek. The mixture of sadness and anger on Sayaka’s face was all the Guardian Deity of Iron needed as proof.

“You’re right. I thought about that event during our practice, I just didn’t realize it ruined some of my performance earlier,” Sayaka confessed as she was putting on her clothes.

“You must be head over heels for this guy, huh?” Ayaka questioned, receiving a nod from her best friend. But then, Ayaka showed an expression of naughtiness and playfulness as she asked, “He does look cute. I wonder how he’ll taste-”

Ayaka didn’t finish her sentence as she saw a chilling expression from her best friend, something she had never seen before from her. “Ayaka, we might be friends and rivals, but if you dare to do anything to him… then I won’t forgive you…”

Ayaka was only planning on kidding around, she didn’t expect it to give this kind of a result. “I… I was just joking! You know I only like handsome men.” Sayaka turned her expression back to normal, but she was still skeptical around Ayaka. “But I wonder, what do you see in him? Besides the fact he has a cute face, he looks average.”

Sayaka suddenly smiled as if she was a maiden in love. “He’s more than just average! When you get to know him, then he doesn’t at all look like an average person.”

Ayaka was kind of freaked out how quickly Sayaka’s attitude made a 180 once she started talking about the boy she loved. “Okay… But what about his height? When I saw him at a point, he seemed quite short to me. Shorter than you, I think,” Ayaka stated.

Sayaka giggled, “That’s what makes him even cuter. He’s like a tiny animal.” Ayaka thought she couldn’t quite understand her friend’s love requirements. “Besides, he really nice and kind towards everyone. Also, he…” Sayaka trailed off, making Ayaka lean in to hear what made her best friend fall in love with him, “He saved a crane.”

Sayaka had a genuine smile on her face as she said that, while Ayaka couldn’t really understand how that works out.

As soon as Sayaka had put the rest of her clothes on, and adjusted some make-up, she left as she waved off to her best friend. “See you tomorrow, Ayaka!” Ayaka waved back to Sayaka, supporting her best friend, despite still not understanding what Sayaka saw in that short student.

As Sayaka was walking her way through the city back to her dorm room near the academy, she thought about Makoto and what her trainer said. I know it was an accident, Naegi has always been clumsy. But that kiss from Kirigiri wasn’t!

She then started remembering back when she looked outside her classroom and saw Kyoko kissing Makoto’s cheek. That kiss had been on her mind since then. I didn’t think Kirigiri would be that bold. Kissing him on purpose like that! That should’ve been me!

Sayaka looked down at her hands, thinking, I can’t change what has happened, so I need to make an encore, or else… Makoto will be taking away! She closed her fists with determination, thinking of ways she could sway her love interest.

Her thinking kept on and on until she made it to the shopping district. Maybe if I cook something for him? Nah, it’s played out. Besides, he likes the curry served in the cafeteria, anyway. As she walked around some small shops, looking for ideas, she still couldn’t think what would work. Damn, my mind can’t focus. If only Naegi was here in per-

“Hey, Maizono, fancy seeing you here!” A certain voice got Sayaka out of her dejected thinking, and she knew who that voice belonged to.

“N-Naegi?” Sayaka questioned, not believing her wish actually came true, despite seeing him in the flesh.

“Yep, that’s my family name,” Makoto chuckled. “I was actually surprised to see you here. Were you on your way back to the academy from your idol training?”

“Yeah, we were just done. But why are you here?” Then a thought occurred before Makoto could answer. “You forgot to buy your sister a present, and you were out to buy her one as an apology, right?”

Makoto was taken aback by how correct Sayaka was. “How did you know that?!”

Makoto soon regretted asking that, knowing what was coming next from Sayaka’s lips. “Because I’m psychic.” Despite how many times Sayaka had said that punchline, it still created laughter between the two students. “Just teasing, I knew because you forgot last year, remember.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right…” Makoto said, showing a sheepish smile as he remembered how mad Komaru was, for forgetting his own little sister’s birthday. “When you’re at a school where nothing normal happens, you easily forget everything else,” he chuckled as he scratched his cheek.

As Sayaka was still giggling, an idea came to her, lighting up a lightbulb over her head.

“Well, see you at scho- Woah!” Makoto exclaimed as his right hand was jerked forward by the blue-haired girl in front of him.

“How about we walk around a little, while we’re looking for a gift for your sister?” Sayaka purposed as she showed a smile, leaving Makoto blushing a little by the skin contact and how approachable Sayaka was.

“Maaaaaaan! After looking around for more than an hour, we still haven’t found the right gift…” Makoto sighed as he drank his cream soda.

“Well, finding a gift you think might be “the one” does raise the bar a little too much, don’t you think?” Sayaka suggested as she took a sip from her drink, which made Makoto show a sheepish expression.

During their walk around the shopping district, they couldn’t find the right gift, or at least the gift Makoto thinks would please Komaru. He knew that satisfying his sister, after forgetting her birthday, meant to buy a top-tier gift for her. They looked for clothes, but since Makoto weren’t sure about his sister’s taste in clothes, it had to be a hard pass. They also went into a manga shop, and he knew Komaru liked shoujo manga, but he wasn’t sure if she already had or read that precise manga. Sayaka had proposed going to an accessory shop, but Komaru weren’t the kind of girl to walk around with accessories. Not to mention, he felt kind of awkward for buying his sister an accessory, he meant it’s more something a boyfriend does for his girlfriend.

So, after looking around aimlessly around the shopping district, they decided to take a break at a small café nearby.

“Have you tried asking your sister what she wants?” Sayaka asked.

“I tried that, I texted her about it, but she said that she wouldn’t tell since she was angry. I didn’t think she would be that angry,” Makoto said in regret for forgetting his sister’s birthday. Sayaka giggled a little to that, making Makoto wonder where that came from.

“Sorry, it’s just… I don’t have any siblings, and I have never been in a fight between siblings, so I found it enjoyable to see. Nothing harmful meant by that, of course,” Sayaka explained, having an envious look in her eyes, which Makoto paid attention to.

“Also, I don’t think your sister is that angry with you. She properly just feels lonely without her big brother around and it might fright her that you’ll maybe forget about her,” Sayaka suggested in a positive matter, relieving Makoto a little. “I just wished I could have helped better.”

“It’s fine, really,” Makoto assured. “Besides, you do not know her as well as I do. But still, thank you for helping me.”

Sayaka blushed a little as she said, “You’re too kind, Naegi.” It’s even because of that kindness that I fell for you. Even after looking around in the shopping district and finding nothing, you still don’t blame others. Hm, now that I think about it… “Doesn’t this seem like a date?” Sayaka asked in a teasing tone, making Makoto choke on his drink.

“Wh… Where did that come from?” Makoto asked as he finally got air.

Sayaka couldn’t stop teasing the boy in front of her. “I mean, you and I, a boy and a girl, alone together in a place, having fun. Doesn’t it look like a date to you? You must have at least thought about it?”

Makoto looked all fidgety and red as he tried to find the right words, to Sayaka it looked cute. “Yeah- I mean, no, I didn’t think that! I mean, sure it could look like a date, but that doesn’t mean I thought that, at all!” Makoto insisted, not realizing Sayaka looked a little disappointed.

Sayaka knew she had to stop her teasing. “Just teasing you. Just thought it would be fun to see your reaction.” And to know if you might have thought of this as a date. Because I kind of did.

Makoto calmed down as he said, “Y-Yeah, of course you did. I mean, there’s no way you would go on a date with me.”

Instead of answering to that she just thought, That’s not true, I really want to. I Just want you to realize it! She then looked at the boy in front of her as he kept on drinking his drink. If only you knew how much you mean to me…

Sayaka then started remembering back to her time in middle school, when Sayaka for the first time fell for Makoto.

At that time, in her first year of middle school, Sayaka made it pretty far as an idol. Everyone in her school knew about her, fans on the street asked for her autograph, and she was pretty happy where she was now. But something was troubling her. She was doubting if she should continue being an idol. No, it was more precise to say she was having doubt if she could continue, thanks to doubting her abilities and her chances of success. It wasn’t because she doubted her talent, she herself knew she had talent, even her manager praises her to the heavens. But she doubted if her talent could even help her through the idol industry, she had heard how dark it could be, and she was afraid if she should take that chance. Even though she wanted to become an idol, so she could bring smiles to everyone, she was wondering if she had the determination to reach the top.

But then…

“Hey, look!” said some student in her class as he pointed outside the window. “Looks like Naegi ended up doing it anyway. He can sometimes be such a sucker.”

“Everyone, pay attention in class!” yelled the teacher, but Sayaka ignored it as she looked outside and saw Makoto, helping the crane as it pecked on his ahoge.

She had seen him a few times in school, but she had never talked to him before. She had paid attention to some of his stares, but they were just like the others’, looks of admiration. She had heard of his name before, but that’s only from when people teased him. At that time, he never interested her, not because he wasn’t popular or someone she didn’t like, but just plainly because she didn’t find him to be interesting.

But at that moment, she found him peculiar.

Why is he doing that? Why is he doing something unnecessary? Something he doesn’t have to do. Shouldn’t this be handled by a teacher, or a member of the student council? They might be lazy, but why is he doing it? She couldn’t understand it, Makoto had no reason to do it. Sure, he could be a member of the livestock committee, but normally no one would go out of their way to help an animal that big! So, why?

That question was answered, as if the person in question could hear it.

“If actions aren’t taking, then nothing will happen, y’know,” Makoto said to himself as he was still trying to help the crane.

That answer, which Sayaka could hear since she was sitting by the window, woke something up in Sayaka. It made her realize why he did it. He did it because if nothing was done, then the crane would just stay at the pound. It’s true the work might just had been put on him, but he did what no one else dared to do, actually take actions instead of hesitating!

At that point, Sayaka found the determination to become the best idol ever, even if the path she was going to take would be dark, she was willing to take it! But more than that, she felt admiration for Makoto’s actions, and felt something she had never felt in her heart before.

Could this… be…

As time went by, they didn’t interact with each other, thanks to they weren’t in the same class, and how popularity in middle school separate people. But she was happy that her and Makoto are in the same class now, but not as much when she learned that another girl was also targeting Makoto.

But today she felt lucky, she managed to spend a date-like experience with Makoto, though she wished Makoto would had seen it as date. I know you care for your sister but is your sister more important than thinking this as date with me. Many boys would kill for this opportunity, you know. What are you, a siscon? Sayaka thought as she pouted. She then started remembering some of the things Makoto told about his sister. Like how she loves shoujo manga, she’s taller than him, she’s a big fan of Sa- Wait a minute!

Sayaka then slammed her hands on the table, shaking the drinks and giving Makoto a small shock. But before asking why the commotion, Sayaka said, “I’ve got it! Makoto, do you have a piece of paper, a white pamphlet, or a picture of me?”

Makoto was dumbfounded, having no idea where she was going, but still searched in his backpack, nonetheless. “Actually, I have picture of everyone, even one of you. But why? What do you need it for?” Makoto asked as he handed her the picture.

Instead of answering his question, she just winked at him and took out a marker from her pocket, which she used to write something on the picture. “And there! Now you have a gift for your sister!” Sayaka proclaimed as she showed the picture to Makoto, but this time with her signature on it.

Makoto was beyond grateful for that. Komaru is a fan of Sayaka, so there was no doubt in Makoto’s mind she would be happy for such a gift. But as he tried to take it from Sayaka’s hands, she pulled it back towards herself, so it was out of his reach, making the lucky stundent confused and bewildered.

“Gifts are not free, Makoto; you need to pay for it,” Sayaka stated, giving him one of her signature smiles, but in a teasing way.

Makoto, having no other choice, asked, “What do you want?”

Here was the chance she needed. “Just call me by my first name, and let me call you by your first name,” Sayaka demanded, smiling like she needed nothing else in the world.

Makoto was both confused and embarrassed. “Is that all?” Makoto asked as the only reply he got was a nod and the autograph waving in her left hand. “Fine then… S-Sayaka.”

Without Makoto knowing, Sayaka’s heart was beating at the same pace as a jackhammer, and it took almost everything in her to keep her usual smiling face. She then gladly handed him the picture as she said while smiling, “Glad to be of help… Makoto.”

The next day, the coach clapped as practice was over for Sayaka and her group. “Bravo! See that is spectacular! Seems you have gotten back to yourself, Maizono darling!” the coach praised.

As the girls were on their way changing, Ayaka asked Sayaka, “You seem to be in a better mood. Did something good happen?”

The only reply she got from her best friend was, “Nothing much, just that a crane has been able to fly again.”

Ayaka had no idea what that meant, but in the end, she was just happy to see her friend being in a better mood.

Chapter Text

Everybody has a way to spend their days off. Some play videogames in their rooms, some hang out with their friends and talk about life, and some just focus on their studies, even if the next test is more than one month away. Mahiru, however, used her time on her photo album in her room.

Mahiru hummed as she said to herself, “And this one should be here, between the one with Owari and Nidai fighting and the one where Soda came back to us with his injuries.” She then placed the picture, which showed Kazuichi falling out of the window from the collision with Akane.

“I wonder if I have enough albums? I should stop taking so many pictures,” she said to herself as she kept on putting photos in her album, which doesn’t have much space left. Her creed of never deleting a photo was starting to bite her in the end. “There are just so many opportunities, which have already filled more than 20 a- Ah!” She stopped herself in her tracks as she was about to commit a big mistake.

“You have your own little place to be,” she said to the photo as she rose from her chair and went to her cabinet filled with albums. “It should be… here!” When she finally found what she looked for, she pulled out the only pink album out of all the other albums. What else was special about it was the big red heart on the front of it. She opened it and said, “Here, right next to the other picture of him,” and put a picture of Hajime with a little anger on his face. It was properly from when Nagito trash-talked to him.

That is right, that specific, pink photo album is filled with nothing more than photos of Hajime and his expressions. “Seeing him make such an angry is so rare. I’m really glad I paid attention to it and took a picture of it before it was too late!” Mahiru said to herself as she hugged her special photo album, not at all weird or anything.

As a photographer, she had made sure to prioritize which photos belong to which category. Family pictures in family albums, pictures of friends in friend albums, and pictures of her classmates in her class albums. She also has albums for animals, cars, nature, and even crime photos. She wished she didn’t have that last one, though.

But she never thought in the beginning she would make an album about her crush. “If he were to see this, he might think I’m a freak…” she said to herself, picturing a peculiar spikey-haired boy.


That sudden ring made Mahiru almost jump in fright! Without hesitating she put back the pink album back in the cabinet and picked up the phone. “Hello, Mahiru Koizumi speaking.”

“Hey, Mahiru-onee,” said the voice over the phone, and Mahiru knew who that voice belonged to.

“Hey, Hiyoko, is something the matter? Do you need help with your kimono, again? I thought you had learned it already.”

“No, it’s not that, and you know I can do it now, I’m not a kid!” Hiyoko exclaimed over the phone. “I called because I was supposed to relay a message to you from our teacher.”

“What is it?”

“She told me that we have to clean our rooms today, and we’re going to be paired up with one of our classmates,” Hiyoko stated.

Mahiru was starting to get the picture now, not literary, though. “So basically, you want to ask me to help you clean up?” It was not the first time Hiyoko had asked Mahiru for help, she saw Mahiru as her big sister and has always relied on her assistance with either her kimono or with homework.

“No, not this time.” Mahiru had a dumbfounded expression on her face as she heard that. “This time our teacher had picked out who we are going to work together with. Seems like I’ll work with pig-barf,” she said in dismay over the phone.

“Then, who is my partner?” Mahiru asked.

Even though Mahiru could not see Hiyoko’s expression, she could, for some reason, imagine a little evil grin as she heard her say, “Seems like you’ll be paired up with Hinata-onii.”

Mahiru felt as if her heart came to a stop. “W-W-Wait! How did it become like that?! Shouldn’t it be members of the same sex?”

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe someone convinced our teacher that you and Hinata-onii had had a rocky start, and that cleaning with each other might strengthen your bond. Who knows?” Mahiru was starting to see the truth, and as she did, her face started grimacing. “She was even more convinced when she heard that you need to become friends with boys, as well, so you can enjoy your youth.”

“Why does it sound like you know more than you should, Hiyoko?” Mahiru asked in an almost angry tone.

“What are you talking about? I have no idea,” she said acting like she knew nothing. Mahiru didn’t buy that. “Welp, see you later. Have fun with him.”

“Hey, wai-” But it was too late when she hung up. “That little…”

*Ding dong*

She felt her heart leave her chest when she heard the intercom rang. He’s already here? That Hiyoko, she must have told the teacher to relay the message to her so I wouldn’t run away in time! Mahiru thought as she finally figured out Hiyoko’s master plan. But then she thought, Maybe it’s just Sato who came to hang out. Yeah that’s i-”

“Hey, Koizumi, are you there? It’s me, Hinata.”

No, that’s him, no doubt, Mahiru thought as she could only surrender at this point.

She walked over to the door and opened it, revealing her crush. “Hey,” he said with a smile, “seems we’ll be helping each other clean.”

After seeing Hajime smiling, and thinking that an opportunity had arrived, despite how out of the blue this was, she couldn’t help but feeling a little ecstatic.

“Then please come in.”

There are many things to do while cleaning. You can have a conversation about a topic or another, you can work two-and-two on cleaning a place in the room, or you can, while taking a break, enjoy playing a simple game together or watching a video. These two… did none of those things!

“I’m done over here by the window, is it okay if I clean the shelves now?” Hajime asked while he was holding a dust broom.

“Sure,” Mahiru said with a sheepish smile. We’ve been cleaning for more than half an hour, and nothing’s happened! Mahiru thought as she furrowed her brow before changing to a depressive expression. And here is my big chance. A chance to get on Hinata’s good side, and for him to see my good side. And here I am, just being a big chicken. Sorry, Hiyoko…

“Wow, you have a big collection!” Hajime said, impressed over the shelf filled with many albums with different colors, giving the black shelf some more color.

Mahiru picked up on that and looked over at Hajime. “Oh yeah, all those. It’s all the photos I have taken since I came to Hope’s Peak.”

Hajime, still impressed, asked, “It makes sense since you’re the Ultimate Photographer, but isn’t it too many pictures? There’s almost no more space on the shelf.”

Mahiru answered with pride in her voice as she walked closer to where Hajime was, “It’s because I never delete a single photo I take.”

Hajime then wondered. “Is it because you only take good ones? Makes you look like a perfectionist or something,” he joked.

She giggled a little to the joke before answering, “No, I even keep the bad taken ones. All my photos are like memories, my way of remembering how I see people. If I deleted a single picture, then I would delete a memory, and those will always be precious to me, even the bad or embarrassing ones.” Hajime was taken aback a little by hearing Mahiru’s profound reason.

Then she realized something. We’re having a normal conversation, and I’m not blowing it! Yes! she thought as she mentally folded her fist in accomplishment, and she knew she could keep going. “Hey, wanna take a break and look at the photos? There are pictures of our class before you came.”

Hajime nodded as he said, “Sure, it could be fun. Maybe we could eat some snacks meanwhile-”

“No way!” Mahiru refused, making Hajime stop in his sentence and sweat drop. “What is it with you boys and your-” Wait, what are you doing, stupid?! Mahiru thought to herself so she would stop. Mahiru then tried to regain composure before she said, “I mean, no. Because the photos and the albums would get ruined if we did that.”

Hajime was a little confused about Mahiru’s mood change but decided not to question it. “Okay,” he said with a sheepish smile, “which one should we start with?”

Without hesitating, Mahiru walked over to the shelf and asked as her index finger was one a red album, “What about the ones about the first year of Class 77-b?”

Hajime looked a little confused. “You mean ‘the one’, right?”

“No,” she answered as she took five albums out of her shelf, “I meant ‘the ones’.”

Hajime could see each page of the albums to be about the same size as a A4 paper, so he wondered how many things that class did in one year. Then again, it was not that surprising, considering what class he ended up in. He was also not against reading them, this way he could see what he missed before becoming a member of Class 77-b.

“Sure,” he said with a smile filled with excitement.

“And this one was taken when Tsumiki fell over Tanaka’s birthday cake, which Hanamura made. It took everything in our power to stop that pervert from licking her,” Mahiru explained as she was being a little embarrassed over that memory.

“It’s kinda impressive you took a photo at that precise moment,” Hajime said as he sweat-dropped.

“It was supposed to be a picture of Tanaka blowing out the candles. Tsumiki tripped as she tried to give him her present, again.” Hajime wasn’t surprised by that last statement.

Mahiru was glad to spend time with Hajime this way, sitting down on the carpet on the floor and looking at photos together. Their quality time had only lasted for about half an hour, but for her, time didn’t matter. They made it to the album containing the pictures taken in Winter.

This was a special moment for Mahiru since this was intimate for her. The only other people she had ever shared her pictures with had been her close friends and her mom. She had never shared her pictures with a boy, not even her dad. And as she realized that, she then knew for sure that she had deep feelings for Hajime, since she was okay with sharing this with him.

Mahiru flipped to the next page and pointed at a photo. “Ah, this one was taken when we had a Christmas Party.” The photo showed all members of Class 77-b, where some were wearing Santa hats, Gundam and Kazuichi were at the Christmas tree, and five of the girls in the middle, with Mikan wearing a tight Christmas dress, giving her chest some cleavage.

“What are you staring at?” Mahiru questioned as she was suspicious of Hajime.

“What, no- Yeah, it’s true I looked, but-” The frown on Mahiru’s eyebrows didn’t rise. “I was more amazed about how well this was taken. It clearly shows how much fun and joy there is around you guys.”

Mahiru blushed to that comment and she could feel the warmth in her face. She could tell he didn’t make it up, thanks to her experience with commentaries and flattering she had gotten on her pictures. Even if she didn’t think much about her pictures, she was still glad when others liked them.

She then directed her attention towards Hajime, staring at his profile. I wish you were there with us, she thought, thinking how much time she could have spent with him if he were there. She moved in closer to his face, not even realizing it herself. Her heart was beating like crazy, and she couldn’t stop yearning to show how much she liked him.

That was until…

“Chiaki was having a lot of fun that time, huh?” Hajime said, almost not paying attention to his surroundings, not even noticing how close Mahiru was to him. Mahiru did, however.

Wait! What was I about to do there?! Mahiru asked herself as she leaned back from Hajime’s face. She could then see how much Hajime was in his own world, as his eyesight’s only direction was at Chiaki. To her, Hajime looked like a man who had completely fallen in love. Mahiru felt as if her heart was caught in a vise.

“I wish I was there with you guys,” Hajime said in regret.

You properly would have been, Mahiru thought as she remembered over a year ago, when Chiaki asked her class if she could invite a guy to the party. Mahiru now knew who she talked about, considering Chiaki’s affection towards Hajime. The class was fine with getting him to the party, but Mahiru intervened, saying it would not be a good idea, considering the security guards. She remembered how dejected Chiaki looked that time, and now at this moment Mahiru had that same expression on her face.

“Seems the album is over,” Hajime said as he closed the album, waking Mahiru from her depressive thinking. “I thought you said it covered Winter, where is January and February?”

Mahiru knew that thinking sad would get her nowhere, so she got rid of that kind of thinking and tried her best. “Well, we did a lot in December, so it filled out quite a lot.” Mahiru stated. She then looked around her to find it, but she couldn’t find the album she needed. “Weird, I thought I had them all here.”

Hajime then picked himself up from the floor as he walked towards the cabinet. “Let me get it for you.”

“Thanks,” Mahiru said as she thought, It might be certain Hinata has feelings for Nanami, but there is still a window open for me. There’re not dating, so it’s not over!

Hajime asked as he was about to pull an album out, “Is it this one?”

“Yeah, it-” Her sentence came to a mid-stop as she observed the album, which was pink. It’s over… Everything’s over! It wasn’t an understatement to say her mind was a mess right now.

“I thought so. Since it’s pink and everything, it might represent Valentine’s day,” Hajime reasoned, being oblivious to Mahiru’s panicked expression.

If he opens that album, then it’s all over! He would think I’m some pervert or freak! I need to stop him, Mahiru thought as she sprung into action, almost literally.

“It’s kind of cute, you kno- Huh?” was the last thing Hajime said before a charging Mahiru collided with him, who leaped towards him in an attempt to stop him from opening up her secret!


The collision from the impact made them both bump into the cabinet and later fall on the floor, where some of the albums fell with them as a result. It took a few seconds before Mahiru slowly pulled herself up. “Argh, why did I do that?” Mahiru questioned herself as she opened her eyes, seeing the prize before her eyes. “There it is- Huh?” But her eyes averted from the prize when she saw something she desired even more.

Hinata? Hinata is below me! Mahiru thought in bewilderment. This is like one of those scenes in shoujo manga! But I should get off him, he must be embarrassed about thi- Huh? She could then see that Hajime didn’t react, nor did he move. There was only one answer… He lost consciousness!

It seemed that when they both hit the cabinet, Hajime must have hit his head on one of the shelves, causing him to lose consciousness.

“Sorry, Hinata,” Mahiru apologized to an unconscious Hajime, but then a wicked thought came to the head of the photographer when she looked at his lips. No, there’s no way I could do that!

Oh, why not? Then a devil version of Mahiru showed up on her shoulder. Don’t you want to continue what you were about to do?

Why should I? Mahiru asked the devil on her shoulder.

If not now, then when? It’s not like he’ll notice that you kissed him or anything! So, it’s basically his own fault in the end, right?

Yeah… You have a point-

Don’t! Mahiru looked over at her other shoulder, seeing an angel version of herself. It isn’t okay! It would be unfair against poor Hinata! We shouldn’t do something like this without his notice!

Yeah, that’s true, Mahiru considered, before getting interrupted by the devil again.

Oh, put a sock in it, you goody-two-shoes! Devil Mahiru exclaimed at Angel Mahiru as she pointed at her. Mahiru deserves to be a little bad! There’s nothing wrong with that.

Wait, I’m not trying to be bad, Mahiru proclaimed as Angel Mahiru nodded.

That’s right, Mahiru is always such a sweet and kind-

Yeah, but if she keeps on the whole nice girl act, Hinata won’t notice her. This kiss will be a huge step for her on her route to romance!

Both Mahiru and Angel Mahiru were taken aback by Devil Mahiru’s statement, but Mahiru was still skeptical. But still, this isn’t decent! Right, Ange- Wait, why are you looking like you’re thinking it over? Mahiru questioned her angel-self.

To be honest, I am you, so I want to help you succeed in your romantic endeavors. So, Devil Mahiru has a point.

Mahiru couldn’t believe her angel-self to give up so easily while Devil Mahiru smirked in victory. That settles it, doesn’t it? Go, kiss him!

Mahiru had no time to object, seeing as both her devil side and angel side were in an agreement, so without batting an eye, she leaned closer towards his lips. Seconds felt like hours for her, and her heart kept on beating faster and faster as she got closer to his lips. Nervousness from giving him her first kiss made her close her eyes.

Go! Go! Go!


I can do it!


Mahiru opened her eyes as she heard that, and quickly moved away before his eyes opened.

Dammit! Devil Mahiru cursed as she broke her pitchfork in two.

So close! Angel Mahiru yelled as she threw her lyre to the ground.

As Hajime opened his eyes, the only thing he could feel was pain in the back of his head. He then leaned up a little and caressed the back of his head. “Awww… What happened?”

Despite Mahiru being a little disappointed, she was relieved Hajime hadn’t caught on. “That was my bad, sorry,” Mahiru apologized as she clapped her hands together in front of her.

Hajime looked a little confused. “Why did you do that? Was the album something private?”

Mahiru was taken aback a little, she didn’t think he would say that. She honestly thought he would get angry and maybe yell at her, but here he was, being calm and understandable about her reason. Mahiru cracked a little smile as she said while blushing, “Yeah, I haven’t shown anyone this one. Not even my own mom. It contains pictures that are very precious to me.”

Hajime, still having no idea what could be in that album, could see she wasn’t lying thanks to that earnest smile of hers. At this point, Hajime knew this was the moment to ask her something important.

“Um, Koizumi, there’s something I have to ask you,” he announced, making Mahiru tense up a little.

“S-Sure! What is it?” Mahiru asked, feeling the red coming to her face. I-Is he g-going to c-c-con-

“Do you want to be my friend?”

Mahiru was left dumbfounded and a little disappointed, but she did her best not to let the latter emotion show on her face. “B-But aren’t we already friends?”

Hajime didn’t leave eye contact with her as he answered her, “We’re classmates, but I don’t feel like we’re friends, since you get kind of mean against me.” Mahiru kind of flinched when she knew he had a point. “But to be honest with you, you seem like someone I can easily talk to in my class. Someone who is closer to the same wavelength as me. So, I want us to know each better and become friends, what do you say?” Hajime proposed with a smile on his face as he put his hand out.

This isn’t totally what you wanted…

… but it is a great place to start from, right?

Mahiru couldn’t disagree with those two, and she couldn’t go against that smile either. “Sure, let’s become real friends from now on,” Mahiru responded with a smile and a blush as she took Hajime’s hand in a good handshake.

The atmosphere around the two students turned cheery and comfortable, a feeling both of them could use in that problematic class of theirs.


“Hinata,” the atmosphere from before turned a little dark for Hajime’s taste as he could see the smile on Mahiru’s face still being there, but with some anger behind it as she scowled, “that doesn’t excuse you from wrecking my cabinet!”

Hajime imagined a demon behind Mahiru as she rose to her feet and looked down at the poor boy. “Hinata, what do you say to that, huh?”

“Getting to it, ma’am!” he said before he bolted over the fallen albums and placed them back into the cabinet, not noticing Mahiru getting back to her smile from before and giggling a little.

There’s no need to rush things. For now, I’ll enjoy it as it is.

Chapter Text

Faith. A word mostly used in religion or to a significant other. To the Ultimate Anthropologist, Korekiyo Shinguji, he had faith in a person based on his knowledge about different religions.

“Oh, Sister, I really miss your warmth,” Kiyo said to himself after making sure no one was around him in the small forest on the ground of the academy. “You must still be lonely up there, even with all the wonderful friends I have sent to you. You must be disappointed!”

“No, sweet Korekiyo,” his ‘sister’ told him, “you’ve done a wonderful job. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Kiyo then closes his mask again as he says, “Your praise feels me with the utmost joy, Sister. But even still, I can’t let you feel even a little bit lonely. And since I came here, to this wonderful academy, I have laid eyes on many wonderful girl friends for you.”

He starts remembering all the girls he had met. An upperclassman with shoulder-length pink hair who likes games, a lavender-haired girl who always wear gloves, and a classmate of his with beautiful fingers for piano. He really wanted to send all the girls he had met to his sister, except for a few rude, unsociable, and disgusting girls. But he had a problem...

“This school has two Ultimate Detectives, top level security, and a headmaster who used to be a detective himself,” Kiyo noted to himself as he remembered his research into who Jin Kirigiri was before he became the headmaster. “I hadn’t been able to do my deeds since I came here two months ago. I need to do something now!”

Kiyo took down his mask as he told himself in a girly voice, “It’s fine, Korekiyo. I’m patient, because I know you can fulfil my needs. I love you.”

“I love you as well, Sister,” Kiyo says to his ‘sister’ as he goes back to his normal voice and took on his mask. “But if I have to start now, who should I choose first…” He puts his hand to his chin as he starts to think.

“Angie!” That sudden exclamation got the attention of the anthropologist, making him look from the bushes, hoping not to be discovered. “It’s not fair, I want to spend time with Himiko, too!”

“Nyeh, since when did we go by first-name basis?” Himiko asked as she yawned.

“Nyahahaha! Angie thought that Himiko maybe wanted to know more of the might of Atua!” Angie proclaimed as she hugged Himiko, who was only a little annoyed by it, unlike Tenko who was really annoyed by it.

When Kiyo heard the name of Angie’s God, he thought, Atua is not a God I have read or heard about in any of the studies I have undergone. Besides, this “God” is a little suspicious if you ask me.

Kiyo kept on observing the girls, seeing Tenko stepping closer to Angie as she said, “Himiko don’t need no Atua! She just needs to learn Neo Aikido and combine it with her magic!” Both Himiko and Kiyo were sweat dropping to that.

“That’s not really how magic works,” Himiko lazily explained, being too tired to really care anymore, not even about the fact that Angie was still hugging her.

“But with Atua she won’t be lonely,” Angie explained, which made Kiyo’s eyes widened, while Tenko just tilted her head in confusion and suspicion. “Atua never leaves anyone, and he is always kind and loving to all. I want everyone to feel safe and comfortable in Atua’s grace.”

Tenko still didn’t buy it, and Himiko was too tired to really care, but Kiyo found nothing but respect for Angie. So wonderful! A girl who wants nothing more than safety and warmth for other people! She is perfect, she’ll make a great friend for sister! Done thinking that, he immediately went to his dorm room to plan his next ‘rite’ for a friend to his sister.

The next day, as Angie was heading over to the art room, she did not pay attention to the shadow that was following her. “Get some paint! Get some paint! Get some paint!” Angie chanted as she swung her arms in marry. “Atua needs more paint for art that’ll be created soon!”

Kiyo followed her stealthily, making sure that not Angie or anybody else would sense his presence. As Angie opened the door to the art room and went inside, Kiyo went to the door and held it so it would not close on him. He kept on observing her through the gap in the door, waiting for when the time was right. He also looked behind him in case some noisy detective would be around.

“It’s really weird how all the paint I gathered in classroom just disappeared like nothing. Like poof! Even Atua is confused,” she said as she wondered.

It was good idea taking all her paint while she was off to the little ladies’ room, Kiyo thought to himself as he tired not to break out in a gleeful smile. Now, when she goes to where the paint is, which is underneath that statue, I’ll pull the string which is connected to a place that supports the statue’s head in its place, Kiyo thought as he looked over at the string’s route around the art room. He was really glad that there were no one came to the art room. And when I pull the string, the head will fall and send Yonaga to my sister. I’ll act like a usual witness and get rid of the wires when nobody is looking. The plan cannot fail!

As Angie’s eyes had got the paint buckets on sight, she wasted no time getting over to where it was, having no idea her demise was near. When Kiyo could see Angie facing downwards and reaching for the paint buckets, he pulled the string and the support piece fell off.

But then…

“On second thought, nope!” Angie stated to herself as she hurriedly turned her attention away from the paint buckets, avoiding the statue’s head as it instead hit the floor with a *Thump*. Kiyo just stood there with a dumbfounded expression as he saw his plan fail in front of him.

“Atua tells me that I should leave the painting as it is and find other materials!”

Kiyo could not understand how this went wrong. He had used all night on that plan, and it failed by nothing more than a sudden change in decision. Kiyo couldn’t tell if that was luck or some kind of protection from her God, but he knew he couldn’t stop here!

“Oh! The head of the statue fell off! That is so weird,” Angie said surprised as she finally paid attention to the fallen head of the statue, ruining a part of the floor.

The next day, Angie decided to make a sculpture out of wood, just like she did on her home Island. “This brings back memories of Angie’s time on the Island. I miss my follow Atua believers, so I’ll send them a picture of this when Atua thinks it’s done!”

Kiyo was just lucky enough that Angie chose the gymnasium to build the sculpture, where she was utterly alone. When precisely one minute has passed, the stage light on top of her will fall and hit her head, he thought as he looked from the entrance.

He came to the gymnasium before her and did some work on one of the stage lights. He knew exactly where she would position herself in the hall, so for him it was child’s play to make such a plan, but it was hard work to tamper with the stage light and to make it up there without falling down to his own doom.

Also, if she moves away from the spot and avoids the impact of the stage light, a crossbow I have set up with a sensor, which will activate after the stage light falls, will shot and hit her in the head. The crossbar belongs to Harukawa, which I took without her permission. She should know you cannot hide your true identity from a fellow killer. That way she will be a suspect instead of me.

As he waited for the minute to pass, he felt like something was odd. What is this fee-

He stopped in the middle of his thought progress as he saw the stage light fall down on Angie’s head. Except, she dodged it by skipping to the left to inspect the progress of her sculpture, totally ignoring the presence of a stage light hitting the floor.

For sister’s sake! Oh, well, I still have my crossbow!

Then, as he thought about his last ace up his sleeves, the crossbow’s sensor detected Angie’s movement, and shot the arrow, aiming for her left temple. For anybody else watching this, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with what happened, but to Kiyo time moved slow enough. So slow that the arrow moved 4 times slower than it regularly should. His patience was starting to run out, just waiting for the arrow to pierce her skull. But oddly enough, Kiyo felt a little sense of uncertainty. Why was that?

Kiyo didn’t have more time to think about it as he saw another miracle happen to Angie. It was so stupidly convenient how a chisel saved her life, by casually raising it up near her head as it reflected the arrow.

“Time to work with this side. Atua, give me guidance!” Angie said right after the arrow got blocked, still not paying attention to anything around her.

How is this possible?! Kiyo wondered. The fact that a chisel saved her from the arrow is nothing but mere happenstance! It’s like she’s protected or… No, that’s just idiotic. The matter of fact is, I failed sister… Yet, I feel strangely relived… Why? I failed, so why?

Kiyo kept on thinking about it as he walked back to his dorm room, but knew he had to throw that kind of thinking to the side, so he could think of a new plan.

“Okay, everyone, you’re doing great!” Angie praised Tenko and Himiko as they posed in weird positions for her outside Hope’s Peak. “Just hold on for one more hour, then it’s over!”

“We’ve stood like this for two hours! Can’t you speed up the process?!” Tenko aggressively asked, almost losing strength in her body.

“Nyeh… I need more mana to stand like this…” Himiko yawned.

“You can do it! Atua says you have to keep up the work!”

“That Atua of yours is a slave driver!” Tenko exclaimed, regretting to help Angia only because Himiko was there as well.

But what none of the girls knew, there was a guy hiding in the bushes, he just didn’t expect he had to hide in the place it all began.

For this plan, I’ll use a seesaw… Or that was my plan in the beginning, but I want to save it for a better time. I’ll use a simple plan, seeing as complex ideas have not being rather successful, Kiyo thought as he held onto a knife, ready to strike down Angie. The other two girls could also be good friends for Sister, but one too many will bring me in jeopardy, so their turn will be next. I’m just lucky the girls are facing the other way. That way, they won’t witness Yonaga’s demise by my hands, and they’ll be the sole suspects.

It had been proven many times that the simplest methods have shown must success, so for Kiyo, if this wouldn’t work, then nothing could kill this girl.

As soon as his mind was ready for the kill, literally, he walked out from his hiding place and slowly walked towards the tanned girl. He was ready to cover her mouth from behind and stab her in the heart with reverse grip on the knife. He walked closer and closer to her as he looked to the sides, making sure there was no other witness around.

And then, he was right behind her, a good enough distance to strike! This was a golden opportunity for him, and he could not let it go!

But he didn’t do anything. He just stood there, still being behind his target with a knife in his hand. He was supposed to cover her mouth by now, but instead he’s hesitating. Why?

Why can’t I do it? Why is my body not moving as I want it to? Kiyo had never hesitated when he killed a woman, never once! And then, a thought came to his head.

Or is it because I don’t want to kill her? To him it sounded stupid in the beginning, but once it sank in, he started to lose motivation to kill the defenseless girl in front of him. For some reason, he felt like he would regret killing this girl, and he could feel like he heard that warning from somewhere in his chest.

Wait, my heart is telling me not to kill her. Could it be that I- AH!

Before he could finish his thoughts, a vision of a female-looking Kiyo showed up in his mind, holding his body as she whispered in his ear, Weren’t you going to give me friends, sweet Korekiyo?

Kiyo started sweating and panicking but tried not letting out noises. He could feel his mind starting to break, as if an evil spirit went inside his head and started torturing him from the inside. Y-Yes, Sister, I promised… b-but-

Are you saying that this girl is an exception? Every word from the girl’s lips corrupted his mind as she kept on whispering in his ear. Is she more important to you than me, your beloved?

N-No, how could I-I love anybody else than you?

Then… She moved her hand down to Kiyo’s, still holding the knife. You know what to do.

Kiyo raised the knife up, ready to plunge it into Angie, completely forgetting his original plan. Y-Yes, I’ll send her to you! Kiyo could not think straight, his mind was filled with images of his sister, encouraging him to kill Angie.

But despite how corrupted his mind became, somewhere in the deepest part of his mind a voice said, Something, anything, save her… Save her just like the other times she’d been saved. I don’t care what happens to me, just-


Just as he deeply wished, right as the knife was mere centimeters away from her back, an ice-cream truck ran right into him, as it drove out of control. Angie picked up on that and saw to her left side an unconscious Kiyo on the ground and an ice-cream truck hitting a tree.

“Just as I thought I was unlucky for not having any money on me, the truck got some technical issues and it spilled out all the ice cream as it drove off out of control. How lucky can I be?” Nagito asked himself, not paying attention to the accident that transpired.

The next thing Kiyo saw was a white roof. He could also feel that his body was in pain, and that he was on a bed. He did not have to be a genius to figure out he was in the nurse’s office. But as he looked around, he could see Angie showing a genuine smile out of relief and concern.

“Thanks, be it to Atua, for your health and recovery,” Angie declared she got closer and closer to Kiyo’s face, which he found to be a little embarrassing for some reason. “It was good that your bones weren’t broken, it just proves Atua has a loving heart.”

Even if it was not a God or some other mystical reason, it was still a miracle to him that he wasn’t that badly hurt. But he didn’t feel happy about it, he think he deserved worse, since he was about to kill someone, he considered a friend, but was starting to care more about. He felt guilt, and if he had to confide his secret to anybody, it had to be to the target he was about to kill.

“Yonaga, I-”

“Thank you for trying to save Angie, Kiyo,” Angie thanked as she hugged him, interrupting his confession and leaving him dumbfounded. “You saw the truck as it was about to hit Angie, so you tried to warn me. That was really sweet of you.”

Kiyo didn’t know what to make of this, but he knew he couldn’t go against the force at play here, he had been a witness to it a few times this week, after all. “I’m just glad you weren’t hurt,” he said sincerely.

He didn’t know if there really is an ‘Atua’, who might have been the one pulling the strings, but he knew something was controlling his destiny with Angie. He also didn’t know that he was going to spend more time with her, but in his heart, he desired it.

Chapter Text

At the local café Noir, works a man in his fifties, quietly polishing his cops as he takes orders from his customers. The man’s name is Haruo Fudo, and he was an admirer of Hope’s Peak. After graduating from college, Haruo decided to open his own café near the school where he wanted to enjoy the most of his youth around, something he wants to see the other students from that school experience, hence why he opened it where it is now.

He had seen many students having a good time in his café. But he had never seen anything like those six certain students, and they had become something he looked forward to every week. And right now, on the left side of café, he could see one half of his favorite group of youngsters, arguing about the main topic when it’s about youth. Love.

“So, let me get this straight…” Hajime said as he bridged his nose. “You two have each kissed and/or got kissed by the girls you like at this point? Whereas I have just rejected Chiaki’s kiss…” Hajime said dejected, feeling regret over a choice he thought was correct, but now started to wonder since both of his underclassmen have reached further bases than he had.

“Well, like I told you last week, it was a spur of the moment thing when I kissed her. I didn’t plan to kiss her that day,” Shuichi confirmed, feeling both happiness and a little embarrassment from the first time he and Kaede had kissed.

“But you kissed again, not so long ago, right?” Hajime asked as he looked dejected.

Shuichi just avoided eye contact and confirmed with a nod, which made Hajime hit his head on the table. The owner tried hiding his giggle.

“But Hajime, I haven’t really kissed Kyoko, it was an accident, remember? And besides, it was only on the cheek, not on the lips or anywhere else,” Makoto said, hoping it could lift Hajime’s spirit.

Hajime lifted his head a little, making eye contact with Makoto. Makoto started to think Hajime might feel a little better, but was wrong when Hajime said, “But you said she kissed you on the cheek, but unlike in your case, she did it willingly.” The truth bullet hit Makoto, but it also recoiled so Hajime also took damage.

“Y-Yeah, but I think she only did it so it wouldn’t be awkward for us both,” Makoto suggested as he scratched his cheek.

The other two and the owner thought at the same time, No way in hell that was the case!

Makoto couldn’t stand seeing one of his friends feeling dejected and sad, and so didn’t Shuichi. So, as if the two could read each other’s mind, they nodded at each other. “B-But Hajime, didn’t you tell us Nanami-senpai came to your room and nursed you back to health?”

“Y-Yeah, that’s pretty impressive. I mean, having a girl over at your place and feeding you must be great, right?” Shuichi asked.

They could see it had effect on Hajime as he lifted his head from the table and stood normally in his chair. They were happy to see him not hitting his head on the table, so was the owner but for different reasons.

“Y-Yeah, that was pretty nice and sweet of her to do, it made me quite happy she was willing to do that for me,” Hajime said as he blushed from the memory of Chiaki nursing him, and Makoto and Shuichi were happy to see it working. “But” their smiles turned to frowns right when the ‘but’ came in, “it only happened because I got sick on the day when I was supposed to go on a date with her, which I could later figure out my feelings for her…”

Then Hajime went back to his dejected state, and so did Makoto and Shuichi, realizing it to be hard to help poor Hajime. “Even so,” Hajime began to say, getting the attention of both Makoto and Shuichi, “she did say at the end she felt like it was a date to her. She even stated she liked it.” Hajime then cracked a smile, making both his two friends smile as well.

Although, I wonder about that kiss I dreamed about. Was it really a dream? Hajime pondered, not wanting to mention it to his friends due to embarrassment.

“But don’t you like Nanami-senpai already? Why do you then have a problem with accepting her confession?” Shuichi asked as he took a sip from his coffee.

“Well, it’s true I like her, it’s just…” Complicated? Confusing? There were many words as there were stars in the night sky, but Hajime was not really sure himself why he won’t just tell Chiaki he liked her too. He wanted to find out the reason better by going on that date with her, but it didn’t happen.

Makoto could read the expression on Hajime’s face and said reassuringly, “If you don’t know then you don’t have to say it. Also, I am sure you’ll find out somehow, just keep on and don’t give up on hope.”

Hajime had heard his share of hope-speeches from his classmate Nagito, but the one Makoto just gave was a little better and actually encouraged him a little. “Thanks, Mako-”


“Oh, I got a text.” Hajime said as he took up his phone from his pocket. He looked at the message and giggled a little, the other two boys had an idea who it was and smirked a little.

“You seem pretty happy,” Makoto stated.

“Was it from Nanami-senpai?” Shuichi asked, already thinking he knew the answer.

“No, it’s from Koizumi. She just texted me about something funny that happened,” he said as he showed the text to the guys, whereas they looked dumbfounded and later looked at him with suspicious eyes.

“You mean, as in Koizumi-senpai?” Makoto asked.

“Yeah,” Hajime casually answered while he texted back to Mahiru.

“And she’s girl, if I remember correctly?” Shuichi asked.

“Yeah, and?” Hajime asked he just sent his reply to Mahiru.

The two students sat up as they slammed the table, getting the attention of Hajime, and the owner. Hajime could see how serious the both of them were, and he felt as if he did something wrong.

“Are you serious?! You’re texting with another girl!” Makoto exclaimed, showing some anger on his face.

“How can you be like that behind Nanami-senpai’s back?” Shuichi accused.

Hajime felt a little confused about why they started accusing him out of the blue. “Hey, what are you talking about? Koizumi and I are just friends!”

“But a girl and a guy texting, is more than just typical friendship, right there!” Shuichi stated, almost as if he was laying down the evidence in front of a culprit.

Makoto started having second thoughts, though. “Well, a guy and a girl can text with each other if they’re friends. Sayaka and I do that sometimes as well,” Makoto stated, which made Hajime look at Makoto with suspicion at his underclassman.

“Don’t think we’re in the same here, Makoto!” Hajime said as he pointed at Makoto, taking Makoto aback a little. “Unlike you, I don’t call Koizumi by her first name.”

“Wait- No, I… It isn’t like tha-”

“And you’re my upperclassman. How disappointing…”

“Weren’t you on my side earlier, Shuichi?” Makoto asked.

The owner, who was nothing more than an observer, just giggled as he thought, Ah, youth… What a wonderful experience for the young ones. Which reminds me… He then directed his attention to the other table to the left side of the café, where the other half were having their own discussion.

“So, you kissed Naegi on the cheek not so long ago?” Chiaki asked as she drank her coffee with milk and sugar in it.

“Yeah, but I’m worried he might take it the wrong way and think it’s platonic or something,” Kyoko admitted, being a little worried despite not showing it on her face.

“And you, Kaede, have started kissing more frequently with Saihara, right?”

Kaede blushed a little as she answered, “Y-Yeah, though, it’s not like we kiss every day or something like that, hehe.”

After Chiaki heard that, she began to frown a little, something that did not fit the look of this young lady. “When I tried kissing Hajime, the only thing that has happened had been a no go and a no count…” She then started to turn on her game and play it, making the girls realize she tried to cheer herself up, and they sweat dropped to it.

“B-But you told us he only rejected your kiss because he wanted to be in a relationship with you first,” Kaede said, wanting to cheer up her fellow female friend. She then looked over at Kyoko and nodded, giving a symbol she’s hoping she could understand. Luckily, she got it since she nodded back.

“I think he did the right thing. I mean, from a logical and emotional side of things, if Hinata-senpai just agreed on kissing you with his own feelings uncertain, then it might create problems in the future,” Kyoko stated. They could both see Chiaki stopped gaming, meaning she might be in better mood now. “Also, wasn’t he the one to ask you out on a date?”

“Yeah, you told us that during our last meeting. Now that I think about it, Shuichi still has not asked me out on a date, yet” Kaede said in realization, since it was her who asked Shuichi on most activities as of yet.

“That’s true, but Hajime got sick, so we didn’t go on a date after all. I did say to him I liked being with him and thought it as a date, but a small part of me was still disappointed… I think,” she said with some remorse and then went back to her console.

This is tougher than I thought. And here I thought Kyoko, or I might be the toughest challenges here, Kaede thought. “But in the end, you still had fun with him, and you went over to his house. Not even Kyoko had been at Naegi-senpai’s place, yet.” Kyoko directed a small glare at Kaede, which she didn’t notice. “And you even kissed him on the cheek. The way you told us it happened was very romantic. I wish I could’ve seen it.”

Kaede could see her struggle gave fruit as Chiaki stopped tapping on her Game Girl and started blushing as she cracked a smile.

“But as you told us, he was asleep when you kissed him, that means he probably doesn’t remember it, does that then count?” Kyoko stated logically, forgetting what she was originally supposed to do here, mostly because she felt a little resentment for having her relationship status compared with another’s.

Kaede shot a glare at Kyoko, and Kyoko started regretting her actions from before. “No, what I meant was-”

“It’s okay,” Chiaki interrupted as she turned off her game and placed it down on the table. “It’s true, between all of us here, my efforts haven’t had any results yet, my relationship status is the same as before,” Chiaki affirmed, showing some sadness over her face.

“That’s not true, what abo-”

“Even if that might be true,” Kyoko interrupted Kaede. Kaede was afraid Kyoko might make it worse, but she learned she was wrong about that feeling when she heard Kyoko say, “Are you sure Hinata-senpai thinks the same? I think he might really care about you more than you think.”

Kaede felt proud to call that woman next to her her upperclassman, and Chiaki took those words from Kyoko to heart. “Thanks, Kyoko.” She then rose from her seat as she said, “I need to go to the ladies’ room. Do any of you need anything when I come back?”

They both respectfully declined her offer and saw her head off to the restroom. Kyoko looked over at the Game Girl Chiaki left behind and started looking at it. After looking for a while she confirmed, “This game was never started. Its batteries are dead and have been for a while.”

Kaede was taken aback a little as she realized something after hearing Kyoko’s statement. “If that’s true, and she hadn’t noticed, then she must be more worried than she gave away.”

As Chiaki was washing her hands she thought, I should have told them what really worried me, and why I said that earlier.

She then started going back memory lane, to what happened two days ago. It was a normal school day, just like any other. The teacher was upbeat as always, Kazuichi tried having a conversation with Sonia and failed, and Akane and Nekomaru moved out of the room to fight and destroy some property as always.

When class was over, Chiaki looked over at the spiky-haired boy and wanted to go talk to him. It was a shame their seats are not next to each other, but it didn’t prevent her from wanting to talk with the boy she had a crush on. But seeing another female talk with him did the job.

It was Mahiru. Mahiru had a casual conversation with the boy Chiaki was dead set on talking with, and she could see they both had a good time with each other. They were chatting and laughing, something that Chiaki wished she could have done with him instead of that other girl.

Then she felt something arching in her heart, something she had never felt before, so instead of going over to talk with Hajime, she walked out of class and played her game until its batteries ran out. At that point she wished her seat was next to his, so that she would have made it before Mahiru and not having to feel that horrible feeling in her heart.

That was the reason why she had doubts about her relationship status with Hajime. She was starting to think she might lose him, a thing she never had thought of until that day two days ago. She knew that Mahiru had some feelings for Hajime, she will not forget what happened during that lunch episode over a month ago. She just didn’t think Mahiru would make any new moves on Hajime, and she learned there she was naïve. Watching Hajime having fun with another girl like that made Chiaki feel jealousy, a feeling that was new to her, and was something she just did not want.

As she kept on thinking about that while walking out of the restrooms, a certain voice waked her up from her melancholy thoughts. “Chiaki, what are you doing here?” She then looked to her left and saw the very man she had thought about who came out of the men’s restroom.

Chiaki was not ready for Hajime to suddenly be here, but she had to come up with something, and she couldn’t just tell the truth, so she had to twist the truth a little. “I came with some friends here to chat and drink some coffee. And why are you here, Hajime?” Chiaki asked, being curious as well.

Hajime was in the same state as Chiaki, so he did the same. “Well, I came with some friends as well. Still, what a surprise to see you here,” he said with some blush on his cheeks, as much of a blush as Chiaki also had.

Then, a thought occurred in Chiaki’s head, but it wasn’t a good thought, and if Chiaki would say it, then she would regret it in the future. She wanted to ask him about his relationship with Mahiru, asking what else is there. But inside Chiaki knew it wasn’t something to ask, it showed distrust, something Chiaki never wanted to show or believe in. Even though she knew there was nothing wrong in doubting and trusting someone, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to show distrust to a man, who she knows, was someone she can trust. This was something that would bite her in the end, and she knew that, yet she couldn’t resist asking the very thing that had been aching her heart for these past two days.

“Hajime, I want to ask y-”

“Sorry, but can I go first?” Hajime interrupted as he asked. Chiaki was taken aback a little, but she nodded nonetheless and held her tongue. “Do you want to go on a date with me, next week on Saturday?”

Chiaki had a lot to progress at that point, but she had to react somehow, so she tilted her head to the side and said, “Huh?”

Hajime scratched the back of his head in embarrassment as he repeated the question, “I wanted to know if you have time to go on a date with me on Saturday next week. We could have some fun around the city before playing that game we didn’t get to play. Unless you already have played it?”

“N-No, I haven’t played it, yet.” Chiaki was, first of all, really happy inside, so much so she could jump around like a rabbit, but she was also in a way confused. “But why so suddenly?”

Hajime looked a little disappointed when he asked, “Is that a no, then?”

Chiaki answered hurridly, “No, of course not! I would love to go on a date with you!” Hajime had no words for how happy he felt right now, but he could show how flustered he was on his face, so was Chiaki, of course. “It’s just, we kind of went on a date a week ago, and I learned from dating sims that you should wait a little for the next date… I think.”

Hajime stopped being embarrassed when he looked at her with determination, which made her heart go aflutter. “That wasn’t a real date. I was happy you thought of it as a date, but I want to take you on a real date, a date you would actually like. No, something we both would like! This is my way of making up for it.”

Chiaki loved how passionate he was, despite her inner disagreement with Hajime having to redeem himself, she thought he didn’t have to. But…

The way you want to make things better for others and yourself, is one of the many things I love about you… I think.

“Also, I want to thank you for taking care of me, I really appreciate when you took care of me. So,” Hajime asked, having some pink on his cheeks, “do you have time, and do you want to?”

Chiaki smiled as she answered, “I’m game, Hajime.” Hajime swore he saw hearts coming out Chiaki, and he wouldn’t lie if he said it didn’t happen to him right now when he saw her smiling like an angel.

“Is it really that wrong to have another female friend when you’re crushing on someone else?” Makoto asked quite innocently as Shuichi looked at him disappointment.

“Well, if they go by first name basis.”

“Yeah, but I do that with Kyoko, too!”

“Yeah, because you’re crushing on her!” Shuichi stated as he rose from his chair and looked into the eyes of his upperclassman, and once he realized his position, he leaned back into his chair and went silent. “Sorry for being so aggressive there.” Makoto’s first reaction was to laugh, leaving Shuichi flustered and embarrassed. “H-Hey, it’s not that funny!”

“Hahaha, no, it’s not that,” Makoto assured as he tried to stop laughing. “It’s just, it’s amazing how much you have changed since you started dating Akamatsu. I couldn’t stop but laughing when I realized it.”

Shuichi stopped being embarrassed and showed a smile as he said, “Yeah, I’ve started becoming better at being assertive, thanks to Kaede. But it also has to do with you two. Talking with you two really helps me in a way, I can’t really explain it.”

Makoto smiled bashfully as he was glad to help a friend. “Seems we are good upperclassmen, after all, huh?” Makoto got taken aback when he heard that behind him, and saw it was Hajime who said it.

“Hey, Hajime, do you feel better now?” Makoto asked as Hajime went back to his seat.

“Well, yeah, because I’ve got a date with Chiaki, again,” Hajime said with a sheepish smile, while the others reacted in a happy and surprised expression.

“Why does that sound familiar?” Shuichi wondered.

The owner Haruo was delighted to see one of his customers in such a happy situation. But he was even more delighted to see on the other side his café that the two girls were glad for the pink-haired girl’s happiness, who was so glad to know how her crush looked at their relationship status.

Chapter Text

It was a hot day in June at Hope’s Peak, even for the students who were wearing summer versions of their school uniform. Kazuichi Soda, even though he didn’t have his usual jumpsuit jacket on, sweat like a pig. For some reason that thought of being compared to a pig made him feel… funny. Anyway, he didn’t sweat like he was in a sauna only because of the heat, it was because this was the day, the day he would finally confess.

As he waited at the meeting spot behind Hope’s Peak for about 5 minutes, the princess arrived right on schedule as the note he left in her locker told her to. It was expected for a princess to be punctual, after all, but the mechanic wished she arrived her a little later. Watching her in front of him shining like a goddess, wearing the same uniform as always, because it was both a winter and a summer uniform, made him melt as if she was the sun herself.

“So,” Sonia spoke, waking up Kazuichi as he put himself together, “what did you want to talk to me about?”

This was it! Kazuichi’s properly last chance to confess! Since this was his 3rd year in high school, he knew he had to confess at one point, or else he would be left with regrets, and would think about it every day from the moment he graduates to the day he dies in his deathbed. Besides, seeing his two best friends, Hajime and Fuyuhiko getting girls of their own, he knew he had to step up his game!

With nothing to lose, and a whole lot of sweat on his skin, he gathered up his courage and said, “Miss Sonia, would you-”


“I didn’t even finish!” Kazuichi exclaimed as tears came out of his eyes.

“Wait, no, you misunderstand. You see, in my country, when people invite us to meet, we usually say ‘sorry’ right after we ask what the purpose for meeting with us is,” Sonia explained.

Kazuichi rubbed the beanie on his head as he said with a confused expression, “That was weirdly timed, huh? Another new thing about your country.”

“But what were you trying to say?” Sonia asked, showing a curious expression on her face. But then it turned to horrified expression as she asked, “Are you going to go by your country’s custom by harboring money like one of those Yakuzas? But I thought that was Kuzuryu’s occupa-”

“No, that’s not what I was trying to do!” Kazuichi cut her off, trying to clear the misunderstanding. “What I wanted to do, was…” Before he finished his sentenced, he clenched his fist and took a deep breath. “WOULD YOU GO OUT WITH ME!!!” he confessed as he bowed down till his head hit the ground.

Kazuichi could not see her expression, but he could feel the tension. Even though he did what was needed to be done, he felt like he was so embarrassed he wanted to build a machine with a huge drill on it, dig a large hole with it, and then jump in the hole to be there for a millennium. The next sound he heard only took 5 seconds to be made, but for Kazuichi it was like half an hour.

“Sorry, but I can’t accept your confession. I don’t feel the same for you as you do for me,” Sonia admitted.

When Kazuichi heard that, he lifted his head and stood up, having the expression of someone who had his heart broken. “W-W-Well, that’s fine… but could you tell me why?” Kazuichi asked, wanting to know what Sonia didn’t see in him.

Sonia was taken aback a little as she answered, “W-Well… you see…” Sonia had her reason, one simple reason that was understandable, and anyone who had been in her shoes would agree with her. He was annoying! Ever since the first moment they met, Kazuichi had been nothing more than annoying and followed her everywhere like some love-sick dog. The following wasn’t that bad in the beginning, but as Kazuichi started to be everywhere she was, she started seeing him like a stalker or something. Not only that, but she didn’t see him as a man, since it took him more than 2 years for him to confess.

But she knew that telling him the truth would leave him devastated, she had known him for more than 2 years, after all. So, she had to let him down gently. “You’re just not my type, I’m sorry,” Sonia apologized as she bowed down politely.

Sonia knew now what would happen; he would cry anyway and from then on it would be awkward, but she knew this was the only way to let him down-

“Huh, that’s okay then,” Kazuichi said nonchalantly as he smilled, leaving Sonia with a perplexed expression. “Phew, and here I thought it was because you hated me or something. Glad it’s not that, then we can still be friends,” Kazuichi happily said as he grinned, showing his shark-like teeth.

Sonia stood there, trying to take everything in. She could not believe how easily he took it, she honestly thought he would say something like ‘Dammit all!’ or ‘I won’t give up, I-I will make you fall for me!’. This was unexpected for the young princess.

“A-Are you really okay?” Sonia asked, wondering if it was all just an act.

Kazuichi had a natural expression on his face before he put his hands behind his head and smiled as he answered, “Yeah, I mean, sure, I’m a little hurt. I mean, it’s a heartbreak, after all. But I’m just glad I confessed before we graduated, now I won’t have much to regret now.”

Sonia was surprised at how Kazuichi’s thought progress worked, she didn’t expect him out of all in her class to be like that.

“Besides,” he said as he showed a great smile, which showed all his teeth, “if I get hung down by all the bad things, then I wouldn’t be able to move forward. Bad things happen, but that shouldn’t get to me, don’t cha know?”

Sonia understood him, but at the same time didn’t. As a princess, she normally expects what others would say to whatever she demands or orders, disagreeing or agreeing. But this time, it didn’t go as she thought. She just watched as Kazuichi looked happy as a clam, and he even admitted he was hurt a little, another thing she didn’t expect from him. She always thought he was negative and dishonest, but this was like a whole new side she had never seen of him before.

“Well, I have to go home now, see ya tomorrow,” Kazuichi said as he waved goodbye to Sonia, who still just stood there, trying to understand what just happened.

“So, let me get something straight here,” Chiaki clarified before she asked, “Kazuichi asked you out yesterday, in which you rejected him, and instead of seeing him crying and run off like Mario does when he finds out Princess Peach is in another castle, he just acted like his usual self and was fine with it, like how Kirby is fine with everything in the world?”

Sonia was bent over her desk as her eyes looked out of focus and empty, almost as if she had no way to really show how she feels at this point. “I don’t understand your game references, but something like that, yeah…” Sonia answered, not making eye contact with Chiaki, but simply staring off into nowhere. She’d been like that since Chiaki entered the classroom, she was just glad Sonia wasn’t crying, but the look on her face was enough to worry the gamer girl. At least the princess could talk.

“But shouldn’t you be glad he’s not mad at you? I mean, that way it won’t create a problem for us all as friends. It worked out fine in the end.”

Sonia started to direct her attention to her best friend as she said, “Yeah, but…”

“But, what?” Chiaki asked as she tilted her head to the side in curiosity.

“Why do I feel so disappointed? Is it because I feel like I’m higher than all of you?” Sonia asked, not really knowing that a normal person would be a little angry after hearing that, good thing Chiaki doesn’t really care about that.

“No, it can’t be that. In this class we’re all the same, no matter where we come from,” Sonia said as she lifted herself from her desk.

““Sorry, but no,”” Nagito and Hiyoko said in unison as Nagito have Hajime a small glare while Hiyoko bullied Mikan, making Chiaki and Sonia sweat drop.

“But then, why am I acting like this? It’s true as you said, I should be glad he’s happy and still wants to be my friend, but I feel dissatisfied for some reason. This must be the fabled Japanese saying, “One opportunity, one encounter?””

“I don’t think that’s it… I think,” Chiaki said as she wondered what saying Sonia was looking for. “Still, I think you’re just overthinking all of this. I’m not an expert about these things, but you should calm down and not think too much about it,” Chiaki insisted.

Sonia thought what Chiaki said and came to a conclusion. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s all fine, after all,” Sonia declared as she smiled, making Chiaki smile in relief.

As soon as she said that, however, the guy in question from the conversation earlier showed up in class. “Hey guys, good morning,” Kazuichi said to all his classmates, not noticing Sonia twitch her right eye, as if she was had some resentment against him or something. Sonia noticed it and wondered why her eye did that.

Kazuichi noticed Sonia as he walked in and said as he waved, “Hey Mis- Oh! Sorry, I mean, hey Sonia and Nanami.” He then walked back to his seat, not noticing Sonia bump her head on her desk, alarming Chiaki a little.

He used to call me “Miss Sonia”. It’s changed! Why did he change it? Well, it makes sense I rejected him, so now he would stop being interested in me like that. But why does it piss me off he doesn’t use ‘Miss’ anymore, and why does the thought that he’s lost interest in me bug me even more?! Sonia thought, not showing it on her face, but somehow Chiaki could tell what the princess was thinking. Maybe being an introvert for some time and not showing much emotion makes it easy for her to understand another who doesn’t reveal their real thoughts…

“Don’t worry, Sonia, it’ll be fine.” I think, Chiaki thought, not wanting to discourage the princess.

Without anyone paying attention to Sonia’s expression, she showed a determined expression as she glared at Kazuichi, who was talking with Hajime. I will find out one day what this feeling is about, and I’ll do whatever it takes! As the future Queen of the Kingdom of Novoselic, I promise!

Kazuichi stopped talking as he started shivering a little, worrying Hajime. “Kazuichi, is everything alright?”

Kazuichi got back his composure quickly as he answered, “Yeah, it’s just I got a weird feeling like I’m being targeted or something.” Hajime’s only reaction to that was with a dead pan expression and a sweat drop.

“By the way, are you fine after getting rejected by Sonia?” Hajime asked, wanting to shift the conversation something else. “I mean, you said you’ve liked her even before I came to this class. I was actually surprised when you texted me about it on Line and had smileys with it, too.”

Kazuichi laid back in his seat as he put his hands behind his head and smiled. “To be honest, I was disappointed at first, but I didn’t regret what I did, and that made me, for some reason, happy. She also never said she hated me, which meant we could still be friends, and that made me happy,” Kazuichi explained, making Hajime a little proud of him to say all that with such honesty. “I feel like confessing to her was the right thing to do. I know I will have no regret after that.”

If only he knew what the future had in store for him, if he knew he would be screaming…

Chapter Text

Chihiro could hardly breathe, he did not know where to look, and he could feel her all over his body, since the space was really small. Even though the room had not nearly enough light, he could still see and imagine the tanned girl’s body, which was too stimulating for the poor boy.


“Shhhi!” Hina shushed as she put her index finger to his mouth. “Quiet, or else they’ll hear us!” Hina whispered with lowest voice as she could.

It’s not them I’m worried about, I’m more about how close you are! Chihiro thought as he couldn’t say the words right due to him being flustered and embarrassed. How did we get into this situation?! he asked himself as he was stuck in a locker with Hina in the girls’ changing room.

About 15 minutes ago--

“The boy’s locker room is closed?” Chihiro asked as he took some rice from his lunchbox. He was sitting together and eating lunch with Taka and Mondo, his two best friends.

“Yeah! It seems it needs some renovations due to a fight between some upperclassmen,” Taka explained as he ate some hotpot from the cafeteria.

“You mean the fight between Owari-senpai and Nidai-senpai? I remember ‘cause I was there when it happened,” Mondo stated as he remembered back to when Akane busted down the door and challenged Nekomaru to a fight as the boys were changing. Nekomaru won by the way. “That chick could have waited till we were done or something…”

“Well, they are our energetic upperclassmen, after all,” Chihiro defended. “But did their fight create that much devastation?”

“It’s nothing as big as another upperclassman’s activities,” Taka pointed out as he thought about the gymnasium. “But right now, it’s unavailable, so we can’t change in there. By the way, Chihiro, weren’t you planning on going swimming soon today, since we don’t have any classes after lunch today?”

Chihiro perked up as he heard that, having a flashback to that day where Hina saw his elephant in the girls’ locker room. Thanks to that he didn’t get to swim that day or any other day, but he planned on giving it a try today, and he knew that as a man, he shouldn’t give up his plans!

“Looks like you have to cancel it today-”

“B-But I can change in the girls’ locker room! If I’m fast and s-sneaky enough, then nobody will realize it!” Chihiro suggested, leaving Taka and Mondo speechless and deadpanned.

Taka crossed his fingers and took them to his face, not looking Chihiro in the eyes. “Chihiro, you know you’re a boy, right? Didn’t you say that you would stop pretending to be a girl?” Taka asked in the same way as when his father interrogates criminals at the station.

“Chihiro, you’re my friend and second bro, but even I can see that not being a good idea. And to be honest, you know I am not the smartest here,” Mondo pointed out as he looked honestly at the young, small boy.

Chihiro started getting nervous and flustered. “N-No, you misunderstand! Since not everyone knows of my true gender, nobody would think it’s weird,” Chihiro explained.

Taka and Mondo still looked worried. “That’s true. However! The scanner is there, so-”

“That’s no problem!” Chihiro interrupted as he looked for his e-Handbook. When he finally found it, he showed it to his friends as he proclaimed, “I programmed it to work for both genders!”

“You did that!?”

“Dude, that’s both impressive and devious of you. Didn’t expect that from you!” Mondo exclaimed, wondering if the time spent on Hope’s Peak had slowly corrupted the poor boy’s mind and innocence.

“Well, I should go now! If I hurry, I might have a better chance at making it before the others get there!” Chihiro said as he waved goodbye to his friends, still being worried for him, though.

Chihiro speed walked over to locker rooms, made sure no one who knew him was there, and placed his ear to the door to hear if there was anyone in the room. He couldn’t hear a soul, so he took out his e-Handbook and put it to the scanner, and luckily it worked. It worked! Chihiro thought in triumph as he opened the door and went inside.

“Okay, I have to change fast or else…” Chihiro said to himself as he took off his dark green jacket and brown skirt. But before he could take any more off, the door opened, giving him a shock!

“Sorry, but I just- Huh?!” He stopped midsentence when he saw who entered the locker room. It was the person he least wanted to see at this place, again. “Hina!” Chihiro almost screamed, which many would see as role-reversal as this point. “It’s not what you think! I just- Mmph!” Before he could make an excuse, Hina rushed over to him like a bat out of hell and covered his mouth. The next thing she did was push him into the nearest locker together with the clothes he took off and go in with him.

Chihiro was befuddled by Hina’s actions, but before he could ask her why she just did that, Hina spoke as she put her index finger to her own mouth, “Shhh, be quiet or else they’ll hear you!”

Who?! Chihito thought. Then as he looked outside through the grills, he saw the girls from 79 come into the locker room, and then he realized what Hina meant.

“We have to wait till they’re gone, so hold your breath and don’t say anything, okay?” Hina whispered, in which the programmer just nodded as response.

I get it now, but still… “Thanks, you saved me there, but how did you know I was here?” Chihiro asked as quietly as he could, but not so quiet so Hina could still hear him.

Hina was first taken aback and blushed before she mumbled, “Well… you see…” Theere is no way I can tell him!

About 25 minutes ago--

It was during lunch time as she was sitting with one of her best friends, Kyoko. “Hina, shouldn’t you eat a more proper supplement than donuts? You know they’re high in calories,” Kyoko pointed out as she took a bite from her bowl of katsudon.

Hina stopped chewing and shallowed before answering, “Donuts are one of the best things, ever! Besides, I’ve eaten them since middle school… but am I starting to gain some pounds, Kyoko-chan?” As Hina asked, she started to swing her body from right to left, making her boobs swing from side to side, resulting in Kyoko sulking a little.

“Yeah, a little…” In the wrong places, she thought out of jealousy, not paying attention to Hina being shocked from hearing that.

“Dammit, I knew I was starting to get fat!” Hina exclaimed as she was about to sulk.

As soon as Kyoko could see her best friend being sad, she stopped her little jealousy and said in a supportive way, “No, Hina, you’re not getting fatter. You have a nice body.” Though, I wonder if all the calories from the donuts goes to her chest…

Hina stopped sulking the moment she heard those supportive words and started giggling out of joy, “Thanks, Kyoko-chan.” She then took another donut and was about to eat it, before she started to think about a serious matter that’s been on her mind for a while. “Hey, Kyoko-chan, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it? Is it about Fujisaki?” Kyoko deducted, and by judging Hina being taken aback and dropping her donut, it seemed she hit bull’s eye.

“As expected from the Ultimate Detective,” she giggled with a sheepish smile as she scratched the back of her head. “It’s been more than weeks since I accidently saw h-h-his-”

“Dick for Kiibo! I should make that!” But before she could finish her sentence, another girl from a table not so far from them said something else.

Hina started blushing like crazy and Kyoko, despite not showing it, was also feeling a little embarrassed hearing it.

“Iruma, you shouldn’t say such things in the cafeteria, what if some degenerate hears you!” Tenko strongly advices, in which both Hina and Kyoko nodded to.

“Shit up! I was hit by inspiration for what to invent for my next exam! A robotic dick that works in any way like a normal dick fucking does!” Miu vulgarly declares.

“I think you mean “shut up”. You replaced the ‘u’ with an ‘i’,” Tsumugi explained to Miu. “Also, I plainly think that you shouldn’t invent that for such an important event.”

Miu shrugged, “Sure, whatever. Besides, it’s meant for Kiibo, and I would be dammed if I show it to others when it’s only meant for him!”

Himiko yawned as she stated, “This is what happens when you invite Iruma to lunch…” Miu just flipped the bird in response to that. “Also, we have swim classes soon, so we should hurry back to class to get our things. Nyeh, I wish I had more mana, lifting my duffle bag is such a pain…”

Tenko rose from her seat as she suggested, “Then let me help you!” Himiko was too tired to decline, so she just left the table, and so did the others with her. “Was that a yes, or a yes?” Tenko asked as she followed the girls to their classroom.

After they were gone, Hina and Kyoko went back to their earlier discussion. “So, did you and Fujisaki talk about it?” Kyoko asked.

“Of course not!” Hina exclaimed. “I haven’t even been able to face him since that day! I mean, wouldn’t you act the same way if the happened to yo- … You know, never mind.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Anyway,” Hina said as she tried to avoid the subject, “I want to make up for looking at his… thing. I know it’s also his fault for leaving me as the last to tell, but I’m at fault, too. I didn’t get all the signs since I’m not so smart.”

“I think you should go over to him now, then,” Kyoko suggested. “You should do it now before it might be too late.”

Hina’s eyes had determination in them as she heard that, she knew she was embarrassed about the subject, but not doing anything about it is worse! So, without hesitation, she took the remaining donuts and ate them in a flash, leaving Kyoko both fascinated and confused as she was sweat dropping. What is she made off?

“Thanks, Kyoko-chan! Now I’ll head off to see Fujisaki!” Hina exclaimed before running off to find Chihiro.

It was a small run for someone as Hina, who knew that Chihiro was eating with his two best friends in the classroom of 78th. Before she was about to step into the classroom, she took a deep breath to calm down and get mentally ready to look Chihiro in the eyes and apologies.

But before she could open the door, the another door to the classroom opened, and she could see Chihiro, who waved off to his friends before he hurried off. Hina was both stunned and disappointed by Chihiro’s sudden leave, now she had to wait for a better time. But then before she gave up, she could hear the boys inside the classroom…

“I really hope it’ll go well for him, not being exposed and everything.”

“Well, he just has to hurry and change in the girl’s locker room before the girls sees him.”


“I know that it’s the only options he has, since the boy’s locker room is closed off, but for a boy to go into the girl’s locker is not welcome in a school environment!”

“You really had to say it, bro?”

You’ve got to be kidding me! Hina thought as she remembered the girls from earlier talk about going to swim later. She then knew at that point; she had to hurry and help Chihiro! She ran as fast as she could, but she was too late as Chihiro had just entered the locker room. I didn’t make it! What should I do?! What should I-

An idea came to her head, but it was risky and embarrassing, but now was no time for that. She could hear the girls from class 79 getting closer, so she gathered up her courage, opened the door, and entered.

Hina had no other choice in the end, so she had to go with this risky plan. Pulling him out of the room would look suspicious and she wouldn’t be fast enough to pull him out without anyone noticing. So, in the end she had to go into a locker with him and keep quiet. Luckily, the lockers had been replaced with bigger ones, so that even people could fit in.

Still… Of all things, it had to be like this?! This is really embarrassing! Hina thought in regret. But it properly won’t be for long, so it’ll be fine.

Chihiro on the other hand was even more embarrassed, putting Hina’s embarrassment to shame. I understand we have to wait till they’re gone, but… Chihiro thought as he looked directly at Hina’s chest, which shows cleavage since the room is so small. There is nowhere else to look! He thought as he got even redder than before.

Hina had not paid attention to Chihiro’s flustered expression since she had to keep an eye out for when they are gone. Luckily enough, no one had noticed anything, and they hadn’t used this specific locker either.

“And that’s why I won’t show Kiibo’s dick to the examiners!” Miu explained to Kaede, who did not look comfortable hearing it.

“You said you had something serious to say, and that was it? At least you kept all that in until we got to the locker room,” Kaede sighed, not noticing the some of the other girls having a deadpan expression on their faces.

“Whatever! Besides, someone with small tits like you should not talk!” Miu said as she showed off her own assets in a showy bra.

Chihiro wasn’t look.

Kaede pouted before she quickly got over to Miu and grabbed her assets, making Miu squeak out of embarrassment. “This is for always making fun of my che- Hey, they are pretty big!” Kaede exclaimed in amazement as she kept on foundling them. Soon some of the other girls did the same, wondering what diet she went through to get such a great rack.

Chihiro definitely wasn’t looking!

Hina just looked as she thought, It’s not always good to have big ones, you kno- But her train of thoughts came to a stop when she saw smoke coming out of Chihiro’s ears and his face was redder than a tomato, he also started fidgeting a little.

“Are you okay, Fujisaki?” She asked quietly yet concerned.

It took some time for Chihiro to form decent sentences as he answered, “It’s nothing, I just- A- Ah-”

Oh no, Hina thought in panic, she knew what was about to happen! He’s about to sneeze! There’s no way we won’t be exposed when that happens! What should I do?! I need to block it somehow!

As Chihiro was about to sneeze and blow their cover, almost literally, Hina went by her instinct and pulled the boy closer to her, which luckily it stopped the sneeze. The boy was relieved at first, but then he realized where his face was. You didn’t have to be a genius to figure out with such a small place that she had to place his face right in the middle of her bosom to prevent the sneeze!

Chihiro started from being relieved to outright panicking as he got the grasp of where his head was. This is amaz- No, this isn’t right! I need to get out of- Ohhh, it smells nice! NO! Bad Chihiro! Don’t take advantage of Hina’s- But it feels so soft and squeezy- Stop! This isn’t the time for- Ohhh-

Hina had no idea about Chihiro’s little inner freak out with his hormones out of control, since she was busier with her own emotions, being so flustered that she had to close her eyes. I have never tried this before, giving a boy a hug, I mean. I have hugged Yuta before, but that doesn’t count. This is my first time, just wished it wasn’t under these circumstances! Hina thought of embarrassment and regret, before she opened her eyes and saw that the girls were gone. “They’re gone? They’re gone! Yes! Fujisaki, the coast is… Fujisaki! Are you okay?! Why are you having a nosebleed?!”

Chihiro didn’t answer, instead his eyes kept on spinning as blood got out of his nostrils. Out of concern for Chihiro’s health, Hina opened the locker door and leaped out of the locker together him in a hurry and tried helping by stopping his nose bleeding and pulling him back to planet earth.

Chihiro jumped up once he came back, asking, “What happened?” He then started remembering what happened and blood started coming out of his nose, again.

“Fujisaki, you’re still bleeding!”

After helping him again stopping his nose bleeding, the mood got awkwardly silent, not surprising since the two hadn’t talked since what happened a couple of weeks ago, and that whole situation earlier.

Wait, this is no time to be quiet! Hina thought as she tried to pump herself up. This is the time to apologize, once and for all! After she thought that, she turned around, facing him, and was ready to apologize. “Fujisaki, I’m sor-”

“I’M SO SORRY, HINA!!!!!” Chihiro apologized in a bowing position.

Hina was taken aback by that sudden apology, and relieved no one could him due to the walls being soundproof. “W-Why are you apologizing? If anything, it should be me who-”

“It’s because I didn’t tell you earlier about my gender!” Chihiro explained, still in a bowing position. “I should have told you earlier, but I was just a coward for not telling you earlier, and I still am! I didn’t even find the courage to apologize when I should have!”

Hina could now understand what Chihiro meant. So, he also felt guilt. And here I thought I was the one… She couldn’t stand seeing him like that, so she did what Hina did best. “It’s not your fault, Fujisaki. It’s not easy to tell someone a secret, and that whole situation was just an accident, anyway. Besides, I don’t think you’re a coward.”

Chihiro looked up as he heard that. “R-Really?” he asked.

Hina nodded as she continued, “You went into the girl’s locker room without being afraid! Even though you shouldn’t do such a thing, it was still impressive how brave you were! Not many men here have the guts you have.”

Chihiro started being a little happy when he heard that, despite being embarrassed and feeling guilt about the fact that he entered the girls’ locker room illegally.

“Also,” Hina said as she scratched the back of her head with a sheepish smile on her lips, “I wanna apologize for not only putting you through all that, but also for not getting the hints you were a guy all along.”

Chihiro just shook his head from side-to-side as he said forgivingly, “It’s okay, it’s not your fault.”

Hina felt happy hearing about it, glad that now everything was back to normal. But that feeling soon stopped once Chihiro took Hina’s hand, giving her a little shock. “Wait, what are you-”

“We should get out of here before they get back,” Chihiro explained as he took her with him out of the locker rooms in a hurry, still holding her hand.

After Chihiro put his skirt and jacket on again, he bowed before he left. “Thanks, Hina, see ya later,” he said as he waved her farewell.

Hina waved back as she said back, “See ya later!” Then after Chihiro was out of Hina’s vision, she looked down at her hand, the same one Chihiro was holding not so long ago. His hand felt… kind of hard… but comfortable…

Chihiro, on the other hand, was blushing over the memory of Hina’s chest in his room as he kept on chanting, “Sorry Hina, sorry Hina, sorry Hina…”

Chapter Text

Confessing. An action that is performed by one or many people, where they say their honest feeling or telling the truth about a certain matter. Usually used either in trials where they’re under oath, for telling the truth about something they feel bad about, or, as most popular known as, to tell your feelings to a certain someone.

Kyoko could only fulfill two of out three of them.

Since she realized her feelings for Makoto, she knew she wanted him more than a friend and wanted him to be by her side. But since the start of this year’s Spring, or in chapter 1, Kyoko had not been able to confess her feelings to that peculiar lucky student.

And why was it so hard for her? She could easily confess in court, and if she did something she would regret, she would talk about it to have a clear mind. But when it was about love, then it was hard for her. At first, she did not know how and tried to trick Makoto to help her with it, where in the end she realized what to really do. And since then, she had failed every time she had the chance!

When they were alone, which was the most comfortable for Kyoko, either the school bell would ring, some ball would hit Makoto right in the face, or some blue-haired girl would ruin it by just being there. Kyoko wondered if it was Makoto’s bad luck, or that the universe doesn’t want an emotionless girl to be together with an emotional boy. Kyoko didn’t believe in any of those to be the answer.

But this time, Kyoko found a way. It was classic, but it was very effective!

Kyoko was by the entrance to Hope’s Peak, near the lockers where there was no soul around. “Good, my chance is here,” she said to herself as she fished out something from her pocket.

“The skeleton key!” Kyoko exclaimed as she took it out, but then looked at it again and realized, “My mistake, I forgot I had it with me…” She put down her key back in her pocket and looked over in her other pocket. “This!” Kyoko exclaimed to herself, this time, holding a letter, but not any kind of letter. It was a love letter!

Normally this wasn’t Kyoko’s style, she would face it head on and try her best, but lately it hadn’t borne any fruit for the lavender-haired girl. Not left with much else, and not much time, since there was competition as well, she had no other choice than this. Besides, some boys actually find this action to show the girl to be shy and that raises the boy’s affection for the girl… at least that’s what most books say.

“If it worked for Akamatsu with her crush, then it might help me,” Kyoko said to herself to feel some encouragement. She had Makoto’s locker in sight, and as she tried to keep herself calm and remember that it’s just a locker, she still felt nervous about it. It’s just a locker, it’s just a locker, it’s just a locker, she kept on chanting in her head.

The letter was basically the same as with Kaede’s, except in this she confesses and says that she’ll wait for his answer at a specific place. It felt as if it’s the letter that does the job, but if she herself had failed so many times already, then it was high time for a different approach.

As Kyoko walked in a slow pace to the locker due to nervousness, a certain voice out of the blue appeared, breaking the detective’s concentration. “Kirigiri, why are you still here?” Or, should I say, out of someone blue?

“Huh? Maizono?” Kyoko asked as her observant eyes caught sight of Sayaka, who looked a little surprised seeing Kyoko by the entrance. Kyoko knew that this would create trouble, especially with the Bewitching Idol, so she had to trick her to get away from the scene. “I forgot some of my things in our class, and I was on my way back to the dorms.”

Sayaka changed her expression to a smiling one, but Kyoko could feel there was something behind that smile. “Really? But it seemed as if you were on your way to one of the lockers, which isn’t yours,” Sayaka said behind a smile that seemed innocent.

Kyoko, without showing, gulped as she was caught red-handed. Luckily, she came with a counterargument, “And why are you here, Maizono? Didn’t you go back earlier than the rest of us?”

Sayaka looked a little shocked as she heard that, making Kyoko smirk in victory. “I… too forgot something in my class, and I noticed it as I was close to the dorms. Tehe,” Sayaka laughed innocently. Kyoko did not buy that, however.

“I see,” Kyoko said as she played along, “seems like that could happen to anyone, huh?”

Sayaka laughed a little as she said, “Yeah, guess so…”

They just stood there as awkward silence took over the situation, not really knowing what else to say. That was until Sayaka began to speak, “We should properly go now, right?”

Kyoko nodded, “Yeah, true to that.”

After they made an agreement about going home, they first thing they both did was to take a step further to Makoto’s locker. Once they both noticed the other taking that step, they both stopped in their trance and glared at each other.

“Maizono… what do you think you’re doing?” Kyoko asked as if she was interrogating the blue-haired girl to her right, giving her one of her famous Kirigiri-glare.

“I would like to ask you the same… Kirigiri,” Sayaka said, somehow not being intimidated by Kyoko’s glare, and instead showed her a glare of her own, just not as intimidating. “I thought we agreed on going home. So, pray tell, why did you get closer to Makoto’s locker?”

Kyoko’s eyes widened when she heard Sayaka say Makoto’s first name so nonchalantly, but she had bigger fish to fry right now. “I’m a little tired, so I might not have paid attention to my surroundings.”

Sayaka didn’t lower glare as she said, “That makes sense, so have I.”

Kyoko’s glare didn’t stop either. “I see.”

“Then why don’t we help each other back to our dorms,” Sayaka suggested, despite her suspicious expression.

“Sorry, but I would rather not. I think I can deal with it myself,” Kyoko said as she refused.

They both said nothing and stood there for a while, until they both directed their attention to the entrance and started walking that way… But then they both turned towards Makoto’s locker at the same time and ran to the locker, crashing into each other as they glared at one another.

“What is your problem, why are you getting in my way?!” they both asked each other as they looked at each other with anger in their eyes.

“You said before we should go back, so why did you go the other way, and what did you just say before, Sayaka Maizono?!”

“That’s my line, Kyoko Kirigiri,” Sayaka retorted, not stopping to glare at Kyoko, “don’t you have more important things to do?”

“I already cleared most of my work not so long ago, and that’s why I’m tired,” Kyoko explained, still holding her Kirigiri-glare at Sayaka.

“Is that also why you couldn’t tell the difference between straight forward and back?” Sayaka asked, almost ridiculing the lavender-haired girl in front of her.

“I don’t want to hear that from a girl who looks like a typical airhead, who thinks it’s funny to act like a psychic, despite how childish it is.” Sayaka felt as if something snapped in her head.

“That’s rich, coming from a girl who barely shows any emotions like a robot, and can’t tell when to be nice or to be just plain rude.” Kyoko felt as if something snapped in her head as well.



“That’s it!” they both yelled at each other and put up their hands as if they were about to attack each other.

But as they did that, an envelope each fell from their pockets the moment they took their hands up. When they both saw the two envelopes, which was written ‘To: Makoto’, they stopped what they were about to do and started conversing with each other.

Kyoko started, “So, you were planning on giving him a letter, too?”

Sayaka nodded, “Yeah, just didn’t think you were going to do the same. Though I did have my suspicions.” Sayaka then picked up her letter and giggled a little.

Kyoko giggled a little as well after she picked up her envelope, “Yeah, so did I.”

They then both started giggling together, creating a friendly environment around each other, the same kind when two female classmates have fun and chat. Many would say this was the truest meaning of enjoying your youth…

At the same time, they stopped laughing and tried to take the other’s letter, crashing as their hands hit each other.

“Give me that letter! Like hell I’ll let you give that to Makoto!” they yelled at each other as they were clashing heads, completely ruining the nice environment from earlier.

Kyoko couldn’t believe this was happening to her, normally she was this calm and collected person, not trying to show her feelings to others, but right now was different. She had heard from people and culprits that love make people go crazy, and now she truly believed it.

Sayaka didn’t want to have a conflict with a classmate, to be honest she had nothing against Kyoko, but her pride as a woman was at stake. And right now, Kyoko was just another one who was in the way.


“Ice Queen!”


“Flat chest!”

“Unnecessary chest!”

“No fashion taste!”

“Too much blue!”

“Too much purple!”

Their arguing kept on and on, and more insults came after the next. Love really drives one crazy, none of these two had any idea that today would be the day they would argue with each other like that. They were so distracted by their fight that they didn’t notice a particular lucky boy until he called after them.

“Kyoko, Sayaka, why are you guys still here?” Makoto asked, unknowingly stopping the girls’ fight as they shoved each of their envelopes in their pockets and tried acting nonchalant.

“Makoto, how long have you been standing there?” Kyoko asked worriedly but did not try showing it.

“I just arrived here,” Makoto answered, relieving both Kyoko and Sayaka without him knowing. “Did something happened? It looked like something intense happened when I arrived.” He did see that last part though.

Sayaka answered almost in a heartbeat, “We just accidently bumped into each other.”

Kyoko looked skeptical at Sayaka as she thought, You really think he’ll buy that?

“Oh, that can happen. Are you both okay?” Makoto asked, buying Sayaka’s lie.

It worked? Kyoko thought, having forgotten how naïve Makoto could be.

“We’re totally fine,” Sayaka answered with an innocent smile, “but why are you here?”

Makoto answered as he showed the girls a trash bag with a sign that said, ‘flammable trash’, “I was picked for cleaning duty this week.”

Kyoko and Sayaka had one thought in mind, I forgot he was on cleaning duty! The girls had planned on putting the letter in his locker when he was not around the school, but they somehow forgot he was on cleaning duty.

“The incinerator inside is broken, so I have to take it over to the one outside,” Makoto explained as he sighed. “Wonder how you can break an incinerator… Well, at least we still have one.” The girls smiled over the boy’s optimism, one of the best points of the lucky student. “Sorry, I would love to chat more, but I have my duties to take care off,” he said as he left the two girls.

Sayaka waved him off as she said, “Good work- Ah!” Then an idea came to her head! This is my chance!

Kyoko’s observant eyes paid attention to Sayaka’s grin and how her hand moved in her pocket, the pocket assumed to be where the letter was in. Maizono… is she?

Sayaka looked over at Kyoko with an innocent smile before she started to leap over to Makoto. You didn’t have to be an Ultimate Detective to figure out Sayaka’s plan, and once Kyoko had the general idea of it, she sprang into action as well!

That little! Kyoko thought in anger.

This wasn’t part of the plan, but giving it to him personally makes it feel more romantic, not to mention…

Knowing Makoto, once he gets the letter there is no way he could refuse it, and if things play along to what else could happen…

He will then later on accept my confession! It’ll definitely work!

I won’t let it work!

Sayaka took up her envelope as soon as she saw Makoto, trying to call for him, “Hey, Mako- Argh!” But she was stopped short by Kyoko, who tackled her from behind, making her lose her grip on the letter.

She looked back to glare at Kyoko, who glared back. “What is wrong with you?!”

“That’s my line!” Kyoko accused back, but before the two girls could argue further, they both saw two envelopes drift in the wind and following the stream.

My letter! It must have happened when I lost my grip on it due to Kirigiri tackling me!

My envelope must have slipped out of my pocket when I tackled Maizono!

They both just stood there as they saw the envelopes follow the wind’s direction, heading towards Makoto’s direction. “The wind sure is strong today,” Makoto observed.

The girls tried calling out to him at the same time, “Makoto!”

“What?” Makoto asked as he turned his direction at the two girls, not noticing the two letters that flew by his blind side and straight into the open incinerator. The girls were left stunned as they saw their ticket to a relationship with Makoto burning to ash.

Makoto observed how the girls were on the ground and pointed in his direction. “You guys okay, why are you on the ground… Oh, you pointing at the incinerator? If you’re wondering why it’s on, I turned it before I started cleaning. Though, when I look back at it that could have been dangerous, haha…” Makoto explained with a sheepish smile, the girls didn’t listen as they were drowning in their own distress.

Even though Sayaka was quite disappointed in how it ended, Kyoko was the most disappointed out of the two. Not even love letters work, dose it has something to do with Makoto’s luck? No, even if the letter didn’t get burned, it still wouldn’t be in Makoto’s hands. To be honest; even if Maizono wasn’t there, I properly would have been too much of a chicken to really send it to him…

And as Kyoko was stuck in her depressive thinking, a hand came into her view and saw it belonged to Makoto. “Need a hand?” Makoto asked, waiting for his hand to be taken.

At that instance, she thought, What would Makoto do? She then laughed to herself, as she already knew the answer to that. I shouldn’t give up, no matter what! That’s what Makoto would say at this point, Kyoko thought as she smiled and took his hand. “Thanks.”

Sayaka pouted a little, “What about me, Makoto?”

Makoto was taken aback a little. “Sorry, I did mean the both of you,” Makoto proclaimed with a sheepish smile.

Since Makoto still had work to do around school, and extra work as class rep, he stayed in school and continued. The girls did ask if they could help, but Makoto said that this was his responsibility, so he insisted on doing it alone. In truth, he just wanted to show them his manliness. Right now, he was regretting it…

That just left Kyoko and Sayaka to walk home together, creating a really awkward mood for the two. None said a word since they left the academy. Kyoko felt guilty for tackling Sayaka and for calling her all those things, so once they reached the dormitory, Kyoko spoke up, “Maizono, I’m-”

“I’m sorry, Kirigiri!” Sayaka interrupted as she apologized. Kyoko was taken aback a little, but she just listened on instead of asking questions. “I called you all those things and I even tried playing dirty by taking a huge leap. I’m so sorry!”

Kyoko couldn’t handle looking like she was the good person here, when she knew she wasn’t a saint, either. “I’m sorry as well, I didn’t mean any of those things I called you, and it wasn’t right of me to tackle you like that.”

“Well, it couldn’t be helped in the end, we’re both in love-”

“With that optimistic boy, right?” Kyoko finished Sayaka statement as she smirked, leaving Sayaka a little shocked.

“How did you know?” Sayaka asked befuddled.

“Because I’m psychic,” Kyoko answered with the same smug, leaving Sayaka to laugh, and soon Kyoko giggled with her. And this one wasn’t a façade, but a real laugh between classmates.

As soon as their little laughter died down, they both looked at each other in determination. Sayaka then took up her hand as she declared, “I’m not giving up, are you?”

Kyoko smilled back, “In your dreams.” Kyoko took Sayaka’s hand in a good handshake, accepting her challenge.

Chapter Text

“Here, I made this for you,” Peko bashfully said as she handed Fuyuhiko a homemade bento.

“T-Thanks,” Fuyuhiko said as he politely took the bento off her hands. When he opened it, he saw what a masterpiece she had created, and it was full of his favorite dishes. And most importantly… “Karintō!”

“That’s right, I thought of it as dessert since it’s your favorite,” Peko explained while blushing, which Fuyuhiko was too.

“T… Then let’s get to eating!” Fuyuhiko declared as he took a bite of the food in the bento box, and he couldn’t help but be overjoyed. “It’s delicious!” Peko couldn’t but be overjoyed as well when she heard Fuyuhiko praise her food.

For Fuyuhiko, dating your crush from childhood was the best feeling ever. Not only that, but being open about it, despite lying about it to his parents, really lifts off a heavy burden from your shoulders. They had only been dating for about two months, but their relationship had gone swimmingly, and they have never had a single argument.

“I’m glad you’re enyoing it…”


“… Young Master!”

“That’s it!” Fuyuhiko yelled as he still had some food in his mouth.

At first Peko was surprised, but later frowned a little as she lectured him, “You should not talk with food in your mouth.”

“What are you, my mom?! Wait, that’s not the point,” he exclaimed as he swallowed the food in his mouth. “Why are you still calling me 'Young Master'? We have been dating for two months now, and yet you still call me that! Just call me by my name already!”

“No,” Peko said bluntly, irritating Fuyuhiko a little. “As you’re the next heir of the Kuzuryu Clan, and as I’m your bodyguard for your wellbeing, there’s no other thing to call you then ‘Young Master’!”

“What about the name I was born with?!” Fuyuhiko asked as he still looked irritated. “Peko, since we’re a real couple, we should stop thinking of our relationship as plain business.”

“But when we interact with others, I don’t call you ‘Young Master’ in front of them,” Peko stated calmly.

“Yeah, but you only call me by my last name when that happens,” Fuyuhiko countered angrily.

Peko looked a little displeased with that. “But don’t you do the same when you address me in front of others?” Peko asked, making Fuyuhiko get taken aback a little by that truth bullet.

“I-It’s n-not like I’m e-embarrassed about it or anything,” Fuyuhiko stated, but Peko didn’t buy that as she looked at him with suspicion in her eyes. “But still, I call you by your first name when we’re alone.”

“Because you’ve always done that since we were children,” Peko stated nonchalantly.

“Yeah, but now it’s different since we’re dating, and I would be glad if you started calling me by my first name, too. I mean, that’s what a normal couple do, anyway.”

Peko took notice of that and sat up, surprising Fuyuhiko a little. “Is that what you think?” Peko asked with scary eyes, which even Fuyuhiko was not completely a fan of. “A couple only call each other by their first names?”

Without a second notice, she took hold of Fuyuhiko’s hand and almost yanked him of the seat he was seating in. Luckily, he didn’t drop his bento box.

“W-What’s the sudden hurry for, Peko?” Fuyuhiko asked as he was bewildered, and was also blushing since Peko was holding his hand.

“If words won’t convince you, then I’ll just show you!” Peko declared as she dragged Fuyuhiko with her.




The gymnasium was shaken as the brawl between Akane and Nekomaru was under commence, blows were dealt as if their lives were on the line, and each blow was filled with 100% power. The punches and kicks never stopped, and it was almost so fast no one could keep an eye on what happened, unless you’re used to such speed.

“DORADORADORADORADORADORA!” Akane cries as she keeps up the attack on Nekomaru, who parries off every punch and kick, but was starting to lose ground.

“I… I’m impressed! You’ve finally made me go on the defensive, you’ve gotten better!” Nekomaru praised Akane, feeling overjoyed over the battle.

Akane smiled as she kept on rushing. “Ya noticed? I thought about changing my battle cry with this one since it was new!”

Nekomaru sweat dropped when he stated, “I don’t think that’s why you got better, and, sorry to say, BUT IT’S NOT ANY NEWER!!!”

After his sudden roar, he started getting the upper hand again, pushing Akane back by only his voice.

“Y- You’ve gotta be kidding me! You still have that much power left?!” Being surprised by Nekomaru’s overwhelming spirit left her unguarded, which Nekomaru took advantage over as he punched her in the gut, knocking all the air out of her body.

“You let your guard down! It’s my win!” Nekomaru announced, not bragging, but honestly declaring facts.

Akane groaned a little but said as she lifted herself from the ground with a smirk on her face, “Yeah, it’s my loss, but next time I’ll win, Coach!”

Nekomaru couldn’t help but smile at her determination. He offered her a hand, and she took it… before she about to round kick him at the right side of his face. “And this is that time!”

But Nekomaru blocked it easily and punched her one more time, but this time on the head. “I win again!”

That was a dirty move of her, and he still declared that to be a fight?! Fuyuhiko yelled in his head at what he saw in front of him.

He and Peko were looking from a distance near the entrance to the gymnasium, beholding the fight in front of them. “Peko, why are you showing me this? We see this every fucking day in our class at lunch time! Well, except on Tuesdays when Hanamura offers his meat dishes to us… He always says he’ll serve his ‘meat’ to us…” Fuyuhiko stated, feeling horrible and disgusted inside from remembering that last part.

Peko looked at him with a stoic expression as she explained, “You stated earlier that couples call each other by their first names, right?” Fuyuhiko hesitantly nodded. “I wanted to prove you wrong and that’s why I brought you here.”

Fuyuhiko could not see the logic in that, all he saw was a dangerous fight between Akane and Neko… maru… “Wait, so your proof is them?! They’re the couple you wanna use to convince me?” Fuyhiko asked as he started to doubt Peko’s judgement.

She just simply nodded and said nonchalantly, “That’s right. Akane calls Nekomaru ‘Coach’ or ‘Coach Nekomaru’, so it’s not that unnatural.”

Fuyuhiko almost wanted to laugh, thinking Peko was trying to make a joke. Then again, this would be a first. “Peko, I understand what you’re thinking, to be honest, I almost thought the same thing in my first year, but they don’t have that type of relationship going on.”

Then Peko started smirking, scaring Fuyuhiko a little. “You sure? Take a good look and listen in on their conversation.”

Fuyuhiko hesitantly did as he was told and looked over at the two students. “You know this is called peeking, right?” Fuyuhiko asked, but Peko just ignored him.

As Nekomaru helped Akane up on her feet, he started saying, “So, now I have to decide where our date is going to be. I thought about Crossing View in Shibuya, since there is more space for you to move.”

Fuyuhiko was starting to progress what he just heard, not believing his in his own ears. “Did he just say “date”?” he asked as he doubted reality. “Oh, he must mean as meeting for a fight,” he said as he thought that to be the truth. Peko just smirked at that instead of answering.

“I’m glad you remember I’m more into open places than cramped places, like that time when we went to that café nearby. Being on a date in only one place with no fresh air is not for me,” Akane stated.

The young yakuza was again not believing his ears. “W-Wait, so they had been to other places, but she makes it sound as if they didn’t fight or anything like fucking that!”

“Also remember-”

“I know; since our first date I haven’t tried fighting you like I promised,” Akane interrupted, making Fuyuhiko drop his jaw.

“No, I was about to say; remember to wear something more appropriate this time, okay!” Nekomaru said as he almost yelled at her.

“What was wrong with the last thing I wore. Mom said that wearing that type of clothing would get a man’s heart easiest!” Akane as she remembered what her mother instructed her to do when she told her about having a boyfriend.

“Akane, you had very little clothing. If anything, you showed so much skin that I had to give you my jacket… and my pants!” Nekomaru yelled, being a little embarrassed and furious from that memory.

Fuyuhiko, who was still peeking on the couple, was starting to face reality, slowly. “S-So, not only did they not fight, but she also even tried dressing to rattle him in?!” Fuyuhiko asked, while Peko just silently nodded. “T-That still doesn’t completely prove they’re dating. They might just try it out to learn about each other or something-”

“W-Well, I didn’t dislike having Coach’s jacket on… since it smelled like ya,” Akane stated in an unusual bashful expression, making Nekomaru blush and Fuyuhiko to drop his jaw to the floor. Peko didn’t want to show it on her face, but she was secretly smirking in victory inside.

“Fine, I will try something nicer. But remember, I don’t have much taste in fashion,” Akane stated before Nekomaru took hold of her shoulders, looking into her eyes.

“No matter what you wear, you’ll look beautiful,” Nekomaru declared as Akane’s whole face started turning red and Fuyuhiko puked pure sugar out of his mouth.

Fuyuhiko and Peko left the gymnasium before the other two did and went to their spot from before. Fuyuhiko was still perplexed about what he saw. “So, they really are dating?”

“Naturally,” Peko stated nonchalantly.

““Naturally,” my ass! How can it be you knew, and I didn’t?!” Fuyuhiko asked, but in Peko’s ears it sounded like a command.

“I thought you knew, too,” Peko answered honestly. “They started acting different later during our second year. They started talking more than fighting, Akane shared her food with Nekomaru, and I saw them walk together holding hands by coincidence-”

“Wait!” Fuyuhiko interrupted. “Akane actually shared food with someone?!”

“Young Master, is that what you found to be the most shocking?” Peko asked. “The point is, they don’t need to call each other by their first names. So, there is nothing wrong with the way we do things.”

Fuyuhiko was in disbelief about that, since Akane and Nekomaru aren’t what you would call a normal couple. “Well, Nekomaru wasn’t against it, but that’s just how it is. I’m not like him, I want to hear you call me by my first name,” Fuyuhiko stated.

Peko’s glasses hid her eyes as she said, “Can’t.”

“Why?!” Fuyuhiko asked as he yelled. “You can’t always call me ‘Young Master’!”

“Of course, I can-”

“No, you can’t!” Fuyuhiko interrupted. “It would be weird if you called me ‘Young Master’ when we get marri- Hmph!” Fuyuhiko stated before he shut his own mouth, leaving both him and the white-haired girl completely bashful and red in the face. “My point is, I want to know why you don’t want to call me by my first name,” he said as he was making his point clear to her.

Peko looked perplexed as she was trying to find the courage to tell him the truth. “The truth is… I’m just really shy…” Peko answered.

Fuyuhiko had not expected that to be the answer, and, honestly, no one else would had expected that either. He really thought it was because of a habit, or some other deep reason, but not this. Fuyuhiko, who was still taken aback by Peko’s answer, asked, “Is that all? We’ve known each other since we were kids! So, how could that be so hard-”

“Sorry, but it’s not so easy!” Peko interrupted. “It’s harder for me than you believe. Calling you by something so personal, despite having known you since birth, is such a huge step for me.”

Fuyuhiko was starting to sink in what she said and tried understanding her, but he still didn’t budge. “Peko, I don’t want you to push yourself, but it would make me happy if you at least tried for my sake. It would make me happy,” he said honestly.

That’s no fair, Young Master, she thought as she knew she couldn’t resist her boyfriend when he was being so honest. “Then, if you would let me…” She took a breather so she could calm down before she finally said, still a little hesitant and with a shy look on her face, “F-… Fuyuhiko.”

Fuyuhiko thought at one point his heart had stopped. Not only was it his girlfriend who called him by his first name for the first time, but she had to do it in a way that looked so cute! It took a second for him to come back to planet earth, but he was so flustered he couldn’t look at her, which disappointed her a little.

“Could it be… it was not to your like-”

“No, it was fantastic- I mean… thanks. I liked it,” he stated as he looked away bashfully, which just made Peko smile.

To be honest; I was planning on trying it sometime… But I’m glad you gave me the confidence I needed, Peko thought as she imagined Fuyuhiko’s expression, and how cute he looked with that.

Chapter Text

The air was cold, all eyes were on him, and he was right now facing the toughest challenge yet. The odds were against him, he didn’t have the skills nor the talent, but he did have the courage and spirit to face the challenge in front of him…


How the hell can I win this?! Hajime thought in despair, while most of his classmates kept on cheering, some were staring daggers at him.

“Hajime, it wasn’t supposed to be personal, but now it is,” Chiaki declared as she put on her most serious expression.

How did it become like this? Hajime thought in bewilderment, barely able to hold his finger over the controller on his end. Hajime then started going back memory lane…

It was 10 AM, and right now Hajime was only thinking one thing… a mixture of excitement and tiredness. Since this was his first date with Chiaki, he constantly thought of what could go wrong on their date, which didn’t give him much sleep, maybe only about 4 hours in total. Yet his excitement gave him enough energy to be up and awake.

While he was waiting, he looked at a window to view at his reflection. He could see he was wearing dark-green pants and a white sleeveless shirt. He honestly couldn’t help but feel like he looked plain, but he knew he didn’t have much fashion sense to begin with, and he also knew he didn’t have to overdo all this, so he was okay with how he was dressed.

He was right now at the meeting spot, which was the train station at Shibuya. Even though it was only 10 right now, he started wondering if she overslept or something, it wouldn’t be surprising if that was the case. But soon he was more surprised than worried when his eyes were covered by someone from behind.

“Hey hey, guess who?” said the voice behind him, and it didn’t take him long to figure it out who it was, but he couldn’t really answer when he could feel something soft behind him, which made him fluster.

“C-C-Chiaki?” Hajime said as he tried his best to play it cool.

After he gave the correct answer she smiled and removed her hands from his eyes and stepped back, giving Hajime time to relax from the softness on his back. “Bingo, that’s correct,” Chiaki said with a pure and innocent smile.

When Hajime got a good view at Chiaki, he was blown away. Chiaki was wearing a light blue sweater, a pink frilly skirt, gray knee socks, and a blue backpack. Hajime couldn’t stop but gawking at her until he realized it.

“You look really cute in those clothes, Chiaki,” Hajime complimented bashfully, but it seemed to have touched Chiaki, since a blush was coming up.

“Thanks,” Chiaki said with a smile and red cheeks, completely ecstatic over the compliment she got. “So, shall we go… I think?” Chiaki proposed.

“Y-Yeah, let’s do that,” he said as he reached for her hand and took hold of it, which he didn’t realize he did until just now. He had some dreams about how the date would have went, so he started during one of the things from one of those dreams out of instinct. “Sorry, I was a little to hasty there, wasn’t I?” Hajime said as he took his hand back, which made Chiaki pout.

She then took hold his hand again, which surprised Hajime. “No! On a date, the girl and the boy hold hands,” Chiaki stated annoyingly. “That’s what all the dating sims had taught me… I think.”

Hajime changed from being surprised to being skeptical. “Is that really a good idea to reference to?” Hajime asked as he doubted Chiaki’s knowledge on dating.

“Then… don’t you wanna hold my hand?” Chiaki asked with the cutest and purest expression Hajime had seen, which he couldn’t fight against.

“No, in fact, I really want to-”

“Then, it’s settled!” Chiaki declared as she interrupted Hajime, and started intertwining her fingers with his, which Hajime didn’t fight against. They then went out to the heart of Shibuya to spend their date.

The first thing they did was look around Shibuya a little, walking together hand-in-hand. Yet, they had not started a conversation yet, since this was probably their first date with anyone ever.

“I realized you weren’t wearing your hoodie today?” Hajime asked as a way to break the ice, which seemed to have worked.

“Yeah,” Chiaki said as she put her hand to where her hoodie usual was, “I thought I should try something else, since this is a date and everything. Wearing a hoodie might had made me look like a child…”

“No, that’s wrong!” Hajime stated with some passion, which got Chiaki’s full attention. “Your hoodie is like a part of who you are, something I’ve started getting used to. Also…” He looked away briefly with a hint of embarrassment and nervousness before he finished saying, “I think it makes you look cute.”

Chiaki’s heart went aflutter when she heard that, and then started leaning in on Hajime as she hugged his arm, making Hajime almost jump in his place. “You really know when to pick the right choices to raise someone’s flag,” Chiaki stated more as fact than just as a compliment.

Hajime’s heart started beating like a jackhammer, never before had a girl been so close to him or said any of those things to him. But his attention was pulled over to where he felt hatred and resentment behind him, which made his heart beat faster for different reasons.

“Who is that normal guy?”

“Why is such a cute girl with such a blend guy?”

“I’m so jealous I could kill him!”

Despite not hearing those random people say all that from their mouths, he could for some reason hear it from their hearts.

“Chiaki, I think you should let go of my arm. Please?” Hajime almost pleaded, hoping it would stop the starring from the guys around them.

Chiaki just looked at him with a stoic expression, as if she had no idea what he meant. “Why? This feels really comfortable.”

Despite how much Hajime wanted to edge this moment into memory, the feeling of bloodlust from the guys made him wish it would stop right now! “Chiaki, I think it would be better if- Hey, are you asleep?!” Hajime asked in a bewildered tone.

What Hajime did not know, was that even though Hajime had not gotten much sleep last night, Chiaki got not even a wink of sleep, being too excited for her date with Hajime.

“So… comfortable…” the gamer girl mumbled in her sleep, making Hajime sweat drop.

I just wish I could feel comfortable despite the tension in the air…

Hajime somehow managed to bring a sleeping Chiaki to the family restaurant he wanted to start their date at. It wouldn’t be good if their stomachs were empty before they could get to the main event. Chiaki woke up the moment they made it inside the restaurant, something Hajime wished happened a lot earlier… though his heart really liked the feeling of Chiaki being close to him.

Hajime couldn’t really concentrate on what to order, since his heart hadn’t calmed down yet. Chiaki, on the other hand, looked as stoic as ever as she looked over the menu, though she stole some few glances at Hajime.

“Hajime,” Chiaki said as she put down the menu card, getting the attention of the boy in question, “Are you okay?”

The reserve course student was a little embarrassed, but he knew he couldn’t keep secrets from her. “W-Well, it’s just…”

Chiaki could already tell what was wrong, or at least a little. “You don’t have to be nervous. This is my first date as well. So, let’s just enjoy ourselves, okay?”

Hajime never understood how she does it. She always finds the right words for the right situations, even before he became a student at Hope’s Peak’s main course. She had always been there when he needed advice, even when he didn’t know what to do with his futu-… Wait, when did-

“Your order?” a voice out of nowhere interrupted his thinking. He looked to where the voice came from, and he saw it belonged to a waitress. “Have you decided on anything?”

Before Hajime could find the words, Chiaki cut in, “We haven’t decided yet, could you give us some more time to choose?”

The waitress bowed and excused herself as she left, giving Hajime time to exhale. “Thanks, Chiaki. You really saved me there.”

Chiaki smiled as she blushed. “It was nothing, I think,” she said as she picked up the menu card again. “Now, let’s decide before she comes back again.”

“Y-Yeah,” Hajime nodded as he read the menu card. I knew it… she really knows when to save me… that’s why I’ll change it…

After haven eaten a good lunch, they went to the nearest shopping district and looked at some of the things. A normal couple would look inside a clothing shop, an accessory shop, or some food stalls, but Hajime knew where their first destination should be.

“All these games are finally out! If only I had enough money to buy all these- Oh, a new console has been released!” Chiaki said in glee as she looked over all the games and consoles there were around on the shelves, while Hajime smiled in accomplishment.

I knew this was a good idea, Hajime thought, being happy over how ecstatic Chiaki was as she goes from one shelf to the other faster than anyone could comprehend. I know that the guy should buy the girl a present at the end of the date, but… He thought as tears almost made their way out of his eyes, I just hope she doesn’t want anything expensive…

His thoughts about how empty his wallet would be disappeared when Chiaki said, “Well, let’s go.”

“That was fast,” Hajime said a little surprised, “I thought you wanted to spend more time or wanted some of the games.” I really hope you’re not thinking of that last thing!

Chiaki just shook her head. “Nope, I’ve already seen my fair share of all the new games and consoles, and as long as they are there and I have enough money till next time, then I’ll buy every last one of them!” she said in determination, making Hajime wonder how she’ll get all that money in the first place. “Also, I couldn’t ask you to buy all or some of those new games. That would be unfair against you, Hajime… I think…” Chiaki confessed as Hajime thought she couldn’t be any kinder and/or cuter at this point!

But Hajime couldn’t stand the idea of not giving her at least something! “Chiaki, could you wait outside a little?” Hajime asked, which Chiaki just nodded stoically but a little confused.

After waiting for about five minutes, wondering what was so important that Hajime had to keep Chiaki out of the store. Don’t tell me… is he gonna buy something big to me?! She then imagined Hajime buying some console that was more than what he could afford, making her feel guilt later on. Just kidding, she thought as she calmed down a little, Hajime might be indecisive, but he’s not reckless… I think.

Her train of thoughts stopped when she saw Hajime going out of the store, holding a paper bag in his hand. She could tell by its size that it was neither a console or a game, if anything it could be a figure or something.

“Here,” Hajime said as he offered her the paper bag, which she politely took of his hands. As Chiaki’s eyes were inspecting the bag, trying to figure out what was inside, Hajime advised, “You should open it when you get home. That way it’s more surprising.”

Chiaki had a stoic expression as she thought about it, but later cracked a smile when she started liking the idea. “Okay,” she said as she nodded and smiled.

“I just hope you like it, even if it isn’t much,” Hajime said, being a little unsure of his choice.

Hearing that made Chiaki grimace a little as she declared, “No, that’s wrong! I’m pretty sure whatever you give me will always be wonderful to me!”

Hajime couldn’t stop his face from being red. How can she say that with such a straight face?! He thought as he put his hands to his face in embarrassment.

After some more walking around, where they talked about games and whatnot, they finally made it to their final destination, the arcade! When Hajime came in, the only sounds he heard where the people tapping on the controls and different BGMs. When Hajime looked over at his date, he could tell on Chiaki’s expression she was in paradise and was eager to play some games.

“Let’s play that one! No, that one! No, wait, this game is more improved! Wai- What about- Or maybe-” Hajime just stood there as Chiaki couldn’t decide on what to begin with but was really enthusiastic to play almost all the games, even the ones she had already played before.

Hajime did not expect any less from the Ultimate Gamer. “Easy there,” he said reassuringly, “we can play all the games you-”

“No,” Chiaki declared as she cut off Hajime, taken him aback a little, “we’re gonna play that one, right?” She then pointed at the two arcade machines that stood next to each other, both sharing a big signboard that said, “Gala Omega Z!!!

Hajime wasn’t surprised, since this was the topic of their date, to play a new game they both can play together. “Yeah,” Hajime said with determination in his eyes. This game wasn’t a completely new game to the world, but it was a sequel to a classic game both Hajime and Chiaki had been a fan of, Gala Omega, which was the very game that brought them together.

“It’s really a classic game, so I’m really glad the company behind it decided to make a sequel of it!” Chiaki said in glee, keeping her hands up to her chest in excitement.

Hajime nodded, “Same. To be honest, I thought they never would publish a sequel, good thing I happened to find out by accident.” Hajime started to wonder if his talent was luck.

“I knew for some time,” Chiaki said as she pulled out gaming magazines and articles from her backpack. “I’ve been keeping tabs on how the company has been during and all the games they published ever since I played Gala Omega.”

Hajime sweat dropped a little but shouldn’t be surprised since she’s the Ultimate Gamer.

“Well, let’s get over there and play together,” Chiaki said as she took the lead with Hajime in hand, blushing a little and couldn’t hide her smile. “Let’s play Co-op-”

“No,” Hajime exclaimed, making Chiaki stop in her tracks and looked at Hajime with some element of surprise on her face. “I wanna play against you, if you don’t mind.”

Chiaki never thought he would suggest that, normally they would play Co-op with most games, which Chiaki had started to like even more since she figured out her feelings for Hajime. Though, it is not like they had not played against each other before, but she remembered he stopped once he knew he was no match for her. But here she could see he had determination in his eyes, as if he needed this fight, and as gamer, she could not refuse his request.

“Alright, I’m game,” she said with a proud smile, acknowledging Hajime’s determination, and he would not have it any other way.

When they got to the two joined arcade machines, they both sat down next to each other and looked at the screen as it showed a spaceship blasting a big, dark spaceship, which later exploded and showed the title of the game.

Chiaki couldn’t hold back her smile as she said, “There really is nothing like this in the whole genre!”

Hajime nodded, “I feel the same, despite you being a bigger fan of it then me. But that’s why I’m still wondering why you haven’t played it yet, since you’re such a big fan.”

Chiaki looked angrily at Hajime as she pouted, “Because I wanted my first time to be with Hajime.” Hajime’s face turned bright red, being in shock over how Chiaki can say such words without knowing how anyone else would hear it.

“So, you’ve saving yourself for Hinata, huh?”

“Don’t make it worse, Hana- Wait,” Hajime held back his tongue when he looked towards where the voice came from and saw a familiar looking chef right behind him and Chiaki. “Hanamura, what are you doing here?!” Hajime asked in bewilderment as he saw someone he had not expected on this day, even Chiaki was a surprised, even though she had her stoic expression on her face.

“Ah, monsieur, it’s not only me here,” Teruteru declared as he waved his hand to the side in a gentlemanly way to show the rest of the company, “they’re here, too.”

Hajime couldn’t hide his shocked expression as he saw Kazuichi, Sonia, Gundham, Ryota, the Ultimate Imposter, Mikan, Nekomaru, Akane, Ibuki, Fuyuhiko, Peko, and, for some reason, Nagito all standing and looking at the couple.

Hajime had no words for what he was feeling, but he knew what to ask in this situation as any other would. “What are you guys doing here?!” he asked.

Kazuichi stepped forward as he answered for everybody, “You see, the thing is, when you told me about this date of yours… it kind of slipped out and these guys heard about it.”

Hajime really resisted the urge to smack the mechanic right now, but he knew it was his own fault for telling him in the first place. “But why are you here then?”

“I’m mostly here cuz the others are here, since I’m the kinda guy who just follows along,” Kazuichi answered honestly.

Hajime then looked at the others as they answered in tow, starting with Sonia and ending with Nagito.

“I wanted to support my best friend, and not for any other gu- I mean, reasons!”

“That sounded suspicious…”

“The Overlord of Darkness have to be present when the closest of contracts are about to be forged, even if it’s not the taste for someone as highly as me!”

“You were just curious, weren’t you?”

“Sexual harassment is not allowed, and you’re still high schoolers, so I need to keep a good eye on you two!”

“You should calm down, Mitarai.”

“I need to be there for Ryota, in case he passes over from fatigue, again.”

“That’s actually a good and caring reason.”

“I-I-I wanted to show you my s-support, Hinata!”

“That’s nice of you, Tsumuki, but you didn’t have to show u- Wait, don’t cry!”

“As a team manager, it’s my duty to watch over my classmates as they grow up!”

“That’s really nice, but don’t treat it like with a sport team…”

“I heard the group talking about a ‘meat’ date, so of course I came!”

“I think you meant ‘neat’ date?”

“Ibuki would never miss such a lovey-dovey date between the two of you!”

“And you’re just unstoppable…”

“I’m here to make sure you don’t go to no love hotel, okay?”

“Your reason is almost the same as Ryota’s!”

“I’m here because Young Mas- Sorry, I mean, since my boyfriend is here, I tagged along.”

“You don’t need to be everywhere he is, you know?”

“I just want to see by my own eyes when you understand the huge gap between you and an ultimate… The gap will make you feel hopeless and daunting, not knowing what to do with yourself… and…”


Hajime decided to ignore the rest of what Nagito said and turned his attention towards Teruteru, who looked forward to his turn.

“And I thought that maybe we could turn it into a three- No, an or-”

Hajime turned around and sat down as he said, “Let’s just play, shall we?”

“Yeah,” Chiaki nodded in consent.

Teruteru looked dejected as he stared on the floor as he was rejected… No one came to pat him on the shoulder.

However, what none of the others knew, near the entrance to the arcade, another member of Class 77-b stood by, wearing a hat and some sunglasses to hide their identity. This mystery person had their attention towards the young couple, who were about to play a game against each other. Even though the person tried to keep urges in check, the feeling of jealousy couldn’t be restrained. They just had to hope they wouldn’t be discovered.

“Mahiru-onee, you know that you look really suspicious like that, right?” Hiyoko asked as she felt a little disappointed in the girl in front of her, who she normally looks up to.

Mahiru was taken aback as she took of her sunglasses. “Be quiet! What if they others heard you?” she shushed in a low voice, trying not give away her identity.

Hiyoko just sighed. “You could just have come with all of us if you just accepted the invitation, instead you refused and now have to act like a stalker.”

“I’m not a stalker!” Mahiru protested. “It would be embarrassing if I just showed up after I refused the invitation.”

“I don’t think anyone in our class would take it as embarrassing,” Hiyoko stated as she looked over at her classmates. “Besides, you were probably planning on tailing them to begin with, since you’re worried if Hinata-onii will get snatched away.”

Mahiru blushed and looked away as she said, “Don’t say it like that. Also, you are one to talk, since you also refused their invitation and are still here.”

That part was true, but she only did all that because of Mahiru. I knew you would refuse and come anyway since it’s you. Someone has to be there for you when reckless things happen. She still remembered how devastated Mahiru was when Sato got suspended from the Reserve Course for three months, and since that day Hiyoko made a vow, to be there for Mahiru when desperate times were there, and right now… Mahiru being a stalker and worried for her love life is the very definition of desperate!

“Well, leaving you here all alone being creepy would not be fun, so I might as well be here with you,” Hiyoko said as she half-lied about her reason, she then brought up a handkerchief and put it around her head as she put on some sunglasses. “Then let’s go inside to look less suspicious,” Hiyoko suggested, in which Mahiru nodded while sweat dropping to how suspicious the young dancer looked.

The game began and the couple were ready to play, while the crowd behind them looked with anticipation and excitement, even though they had a good idea who would win here.

“It has to be Nanami, right?”

“Well, yeah, she is the Ultimate Gamer, after all.”

“Ibuki feels bad for Hajime, but in the end it’s inevitable. Wow, Ibuki said another complicated word!”

“It makes sense that a nobody would never stand a chance against a true Ultimate. Man, even in my head I’m helpless and worthless…”

Hajime could for some reason hear all that, he started to wonder if he was psychic… Just kidding. Besides, it’s true she’s the Ultimate Gamer, and I have never won a game against her, but this is very different! Hajime thought, and he was right, this was different.

The game they are playing might be a sequel they had both played, but it was not the same, since there were new ways to control the spaceship, new enemies, and some of the elements had been removed. And that fact was why he might be able to win, since both him and Chiaki had never tried this game. Though, that does not mean his victory was an absolute certainty, but it gave him some hope!

The game starts off normally with their each of their spaceship blasting off, and the enemies came forth. Both Hajime and Chiaki started to hit the buttons and shoots down the enemies. After a couple of minutes had passed the challenge got tougher, but none of them were bothered, since there were used to the environment, but that changed when a big boss showed up, taken them both aback. It was a new one none of them had seen before, even Chiaki wasn’t ready, which was why she got shot down one second before Hajime got killed.

Even though the difference in time was small, all the students of Class 77-b had a shocked expression on their faces, even on Mahiru’s and Hiyoko’s faces. Nanami died first?! They all thought in shock.

Chiaki was surprised herself; this was a first. Not the first time she had died, but that she died before another player did. In all her years of being a gamer, this was a first, and for some reason it felt weird, like a feeling of discovering something new, and a hint of annoyance.

But the one to be shocked the most should be Hajime, since this was the first time, he managed to get one on Chiaki after all their times of gaming. Yet, he didn’t think about it, since he knew this was not over yet! He was glad, though, but he didn’t want to let that feeling take over.

“Ready for next round?” Hajime asked as he looked to his side where Chiaki was.

At first, she was silent, and her bangs covered her eyes as she hung her head, almost like she was turned off or something, but soon after she lifted her head and looked at Hajime with her “gamer face” she said, “Ready!”

Without hesitation, Hajime and Chiaki started the game again, ready to take on round 2. The crowd in the background were more into it than before, they even started taking bets now, though Hajime could hear there were many more in favor of Chiaki than him, but he tried not letting that get to him.

The game started the same way as before, but for them it felt as if the pace of when the enemies came to be faster than before. They might had gotten used to the routine at this point. Hajime felt some confidence from the last round, but he knew it came from a small-time difference and an element of surprise none of them were ready for. But this time they were both ready for the boss, and even though they both had it hard with fighting it off, they both managed to defeat it. Hajime thought he could relax a little, but as soon as he tried leaning back, he saw that Chiaki still looked focused on the game, as if she did not have time to relax yet, and at that instance he realized something Chiaki probably already did. Hajime tried going back to the game, but he was not ready, not at all ready for the next boss who were not only bigger, but also more dangerous and had more blasters. Chiaki maneuvered through most of the blasts, while Hajime who was panicking got shot down and died.

The others weren’t as shocked as before, but they were still surprised a little. Even Nagito was taken aback a little. “And here I thought that… no, maybe I was being a little too hopeful and naive there.”

As Hajime saw the screen with a “Game Over” in capital words, he looked over Chiaki as she finished off the boss and how she did it. He then thought of how big the gap between them was and how he might not be able to win, after all. But right after Chiaki cleared the boss, a small enemy showed up, something even a noob could beat, but Chiaki did nothing as it shot her spaceship down, making everyone wonder why she did that.

She then looked over at Hajime as she asked, “Are you ready?”

Hajime’s eyes widened as he realized something. Did she let herself be shot because… Hajime smiled as he looked confidently at Chiaki. “I’m game!”

The gamer girl couldn’t help but smile and blush, seeing the expression she knew looked best on the boy she loved.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, everyone looked excited on how this would turn out, even Mahiru and Hiyoko were so intrigued that they forgot their main objective. But one was more focused on this than the others, Kazuichi Soda had the expression of someone who was anticipating that something extraordinary would happen.

Mikan paid attention to that and asked Kazuichi, “I-I know this m-match is important to t-them, b-but it’s just a game, right?”

Kazuichi didn’t look at Mikan as he answered, “This game is more important than you think, Tsumiki. This game might be a literal game-changer for them!”

At first, Mikan had no idea what he meant, but then after thinking it over, she got an idea. Could be that… Hajime really wants to win this battle so he can… When she thought she had gotten the complete picture, she spoke up with no hesitation, for the first time, too. “H-H-Hajime, you can do it! I’ll be rooting for you!”

Hajime looked back and smiled awkwardly; he normally never gets rooted for. Chiaki wasn’t against it, she thought it was nice of Mikan to root for Hajime, besides, she knew that Mikan and Hajime were only friends, so she knew there was nothing behind it.

“If you win, then I’ll try my best to sleep below you (when you’re sick)!” Mikan cheered, getting the attention of everyone around her, even Mahiru and Hiyoko. Chiaki, Mahiru, and Nagito had a more shocked expression than the others, while Hajime, who probably knew what she meant, was speechless.

“N-Not only that, but I’ll also feed you (when you don’t have the strength to it)!” The shocked expressions on Mahiru’s and Nagito’s faces changed to anger, while Hajime was starting to sweat even more from all the misunderstandings.

“A-And I’ll take a b-bath with you, (so) I’ll wash y-your body for you (when you can’t)!” Mikan said, still not fully explaining what she meant, giving her a lot of shocked expressions from her classmates, the customers, and the clerks who worked at the arcade.

“Ts-Tsumiki… why did you… say it… like…” Hajime tried to form decent sentences, but couldn’t as the environment have got way heavier, and he got suspicious looks on him from his classmates. Except from Nagito who looked at him with even more disgust than before.

“I hope you get reborn as an even lower, pitiful creature than me!”

Hajime knew he had to do something, so he looked over to the only one he knew he could trust right now. “Kazuichi, please tell the-”

“We’re no longer soul brothers, traitor! Normie!” Kazuichi accused with plain jealousy in his eyes, as if he felt betrayed or something, just like how Hajime felt right now.

Hajime could feel the weight even more, but he still had hope, since there was at least one decent person next to him. “W-Well, shall we p-”

“Sorry, Hajime,” Chiaki said in a cold and stoic voice, which got the attention of Hajime, and not in a good way, “but I feel like crushing you. So, I’m not holding back!” Despite not showing it on her face, Hajime could tell she was really angry, and that honestly frightened him.

“Yeah, crush him, Nanami!” Mahiru yelled in the far back with fury in her eyes, luckily not been noticed by Hajime or the others, but Hiyoko was sweat dropping, however.

I feel like this has turned into something more serious than it should… Hajime thought as if his death was near. But he knew that right now he had to fight, so he ignored the situation as good as he could and started concentrating on the game.

The game started like how it did the other two times, but this time Hajime was even more prepared for what was coming. He was even prepared for the first boss, and he beat it faster than he did last time. But as he was playing, he took some few glances over at Chiaki, and he could tell she was still quite mad, since she tapped on the buttons rather furiously.

Stupid Hajime, Chiaki thought as she pouted. I didn’t think they had that bond… though, I might just misunderstand some things here. I remember Mikan said the same thing to me after I helped her move some things. But still, hearing all that being said to Hajime made me a little more mad than usual… and this is the first time I’ve ever felt like this while playing a game… this doesn’t feel great at all.

When Hajime was confronted by the second boss, he had some trouble and were close to lose his life, but after seeing how Chiaki cleared it the last time, he used what he remembered and beat the enemy at the same time as Chiaki. He would normally feel a sense of accomplishment, but right now he didn’t. You would think it was because he was worried about how Chiaki felt, but it was actually something else. It felt like a premonition, as if he had to move to the side to win. He did as his instincts told him and moved his spaceship to the right side, and when he did, a big blue laser showed up, giving a shock to Hajime and the crowd behind him.

A sudden laser attack?! Hajime thought, still a little taken aback. Good thing I moved to the right before it blasted my spaceship. After the beam vanished, a new enemy ship showed up, being only a little bigger than the last boss. No time to relax! Time to beat this thing and-

“Chiaki… lost?” That sudden question from Kazuichi got the attention of Hajime. He then stopped playing and saw Chiaki with widened eyes as she stared at her screen as it said in capital letters “Game Over!”

W… What? Chiaki asked herself, having trouble to know which expression to have on her face right now. How did it happened- No, I know why it happened. I was still thinking about how mad I was, so I didn’t think about a possible surprise attack. But, in the end it doesn’t change what happened. I lost, fair and square… huh? The Chiaki felt something new inside her. Is this what it feels like to lose? It doesn’t feel good, to be honest…

Chiaki then looked over at Hajime, who just looked genuinely surprised, not fully believing he just won. Not knowing what to really feel, he did what came to him first, and that was to smile with a natural grin.

To anyone else who just lost that grin would be a little irritating, but to Chiaki… Though, I’m glad I lost to him, Chiaki thought as she felt proud for the boy in front of her.

Hajime then stood up as his spaceship died, being more interested in what’s in front of him, literally. Chiaki stood up as well and looked into Hajime’s eyes, seeing how serious he was. Something inside told Chiaki this might be important, and that she had to hear him out.

Hajime hesitated a little before he finally got the courage to speak. “Chiaki… I-”

“Crap!” That sudden exclamation from Kazuichi got the attention of both Hajime and Chiaki. “The last train home will leave soon if we don’t hurry!” Kazuichi exclaimed in a panic, which eventually made the other students panic as well, even Hajime and Chiaki knew they had to hurry.

Time is so cruel… thought Hajime and Chiaki at the same time.

It seemed a problem arrived for most of the trains, which caused most of them to only run at this time, so the students were only lucky they managed to get on one in time. Was it perhaps because Nagito was with them?

The trip on the way home was comfortable for most of the students, though it was hard for Mahiru and Hiyoko, since they still had to hide, and it was awkward for Hajime and Chiaki. Hajime couldn’t continue what he wanted to say to Chiaki, seeing as this wasn’t really the timing, instead he tried making small talk, but it didn’t lead to much as Chiaki mostly nodded. She was a little tired from everything today, and Hajime couldn’t really blame her.

They didn’t get to be alone when they reached Hope’s Peak, seeing as the next day was a school day so the students had to be at their dorm rooms at this point.

When Chiaki entered her dorm room, the first thing she did was lie face down in her bed as she sighed. She then rolled onto her back and said to herself, “Today was pretty fun, I think. Even though the others were there, it was still fun. Maybe next time we should invite the other- No, for some reason I don’t want the others to be there… I think.”

Chiaki then speculated on what Hajime was trying to say at the arcade. She also thought about why Hajime proposed a challenge in the first place and how out of the blue it was. Her train of thoughts came to a stop when she remembered that Hajime needed to think about his answer to Chiaki’s confession. Chiaki lifted herself from her back as she said, “Could it be… he used the challenge as a way to find his answer to my confession? Then, was he going to say-”


Chiaki stopped her thinking process as she looked for her phone, wondering if it was Hajime, and she was right.

Hajime: Have you opened your present yet? - 18:56.

Chiaki answered that she hadn’t but were going to now. She looked at her present before he opened it, wondering what was in the paperback. She opened it carefully and lifted it up, eyes widened with sparkles as they took a good look at it. It was a keychain with an avatar of a spaceship from Gala Omega, but instead of being white it was pink.


She looked in a hurry on her phone and saw a picture of Hajime with his own keychain with a spaceship, but the spaceship was green. Under the picture it said, “Now we have something that match.” Chiaki couldn’t help but smile and blush, thinking this might be the best day in her life, for now.

Chiaki: Yeah, and thank you, for the present and, especially, our fun date. It was the best; I will never forget it! 😊 - 19:00.

Chapter Text

The Ultimate Animator, Ryota Mitarai, could not believe it, he didn’t want to believe it, as an otaku and an introvert, that this was happening. He stood awkwardly on the street, wearing his school uniform, which he thought as his best clothes, waiting for a person who triggered this whole event for him.

T-This must be joke… That’s right, nothing but a joke, Ryota thought pessimistically. There’s no way I got asked out by a girl. I mean, it’s me, a lonely otaku who’s only good skill is making anime. Not to mention, thanks to I don’t sleep much, the bags under my eyes are really dark, making me look even worse than a normal otaku. I can’t think of any reason why someone like her asked a boring, useless, creepy guy like me on a d-d-d- That word is not even what describes this event! It must just be a pra-

“Hey, Mitarai-senpai!” That sudden exclamation got Ryota out of his gloomy thoughts as he turned his attention towards where that voice came from, and when he saw the blue-haired girl, he was taken aback by how pretty she was. “Sorry that I had to make you wait. I got caught up in work last night, so I forgot about time and slept really late,” apologized the Ultimate Cosplayer, Tsumugi Shirogane, who was wearing a pink shirt and a light-purple skirt.

Ryota knew that this was here where he would say something about her clothes and how it suited her, but the negative thoughts from earlier and the shock from seeing Tsumugi looking so cute, made him only be able to mumble.

Tsumugi sighed as she looked to the side. “I knew,” Tsumugi said, which stopped Ryota from mumbling. “These clothes were Akamatsu’s idea, a classmate of mine, but I insisted that these wouldn’t fit a plain girl like me…”

“That’s not true!” Ryota said from bottom of his lungs with the same kind of passion he has for anime, making Tsumugi gasp. “You look really cute in those clothes! You don’t at all look plain! Rather… I’m the plain one for wearing my school uniform…”

Tsumugi blushed from the compliment and said honestly, “I think the uniform gives you a certain charm.” Ryota couldn’t help but blush. “I think this will be a fun date,” Tsumugi said with a smile on her face.

A part of Ryota still didn’t believe this was a date, but in the end, he was here with a girl, and he remembered what his best friend, the Ultimate Imposter told him yesterday. “Listen, Mitarai, when a man is on a date with a woman, it is the man’s job to escort her to a place to eat to start it off.” That seemed more like how he wanted to start a date, but still, he’s right. “T-Then, let’s find a place to eat?”

Tsumugi looked at Ryota with anticipation as she asked, “What did you have in mind?”

Ryota answered, still a little nervous, “What about some ramen?”

“Ah, lik-” Tsumugi said before she stopped herself from continuing, confusing Ryota a little. “I mean, sure, I love ramen.” Ryota mentally high-fived himself. “Do you know a place?”

“There’s one right over there,” Ryota said as he pointed at a small ramen place that usually had businessmen in it, not really a place for a date, which Tsumugi could tell right away.

“L-Let me choose the place, okay?” Tsumugi insisted. Ryota felt a little down for not fulfilling his role.

At the end, Tsumugi found a nearby fast-food restaurant, which was typically where young couples gather, a fine enough place for a date. Mitarai had admittedly never been to such a place, but the Imposter had frequently brought him food from there, and it wasn’t bad.

Ryota and Tsumugi sat a table, sitting across from each other and waiting for their food to be brought to their table. The air around them was awkward, none of them said a word, which made Ryota remember another advice from the Imposter, “Remember, always try to break the ice when you’re both quiet. Also, just because Tsumiki said you got a little better that doesn’t mean you have to work till the bone!” He’s right, I have to say something! As the young animator tried to break the ice, someone else got to him.

“So, you usually come here?” Tsumugi asked, having no idea how deflated Ryota was.

“Not really, why do you ask?”

“No real reason, I just saw how you easily picked what you wanted,” Tsumugi answered as she remembered how quickly he were to pick his menu.

“Oh, that’s because a friend of mine usually orders that menu for me every time he’s here. I’m too busy with work that I forget to buy food for myself,” Ryota said as he bashfully patted himself behind the head.

Tsumugi giggled a little. “Sounds like a really good friend you have there.”

“Y-Yeah, he’s been taking care of me when I couldn’t,” Ryota said as he thought, Thought, I feel bad for ignoring his advice about taking a break…

Tsumugi then started blushing as she suggested, “T-Then, what if I made you a bento?” Ryota though he was having a heart attack when he heard that. “I might look plain, but I can at least make food.”

Ryota had heard of this; a girl making lunch for a guy was basically a thing for normies, something out of his world! “You don’t have to do that for someone like me!” Ryota insisted, almost rising himself from his chair. “Besides, inviting me out for lunch is already more than e- Ah!” Ryota then came back to a topic that’s been on his mind for some time. “Why did you invite me out, anyway?”

He still remembered that day when she out of nowhere suddenly asked if he was free the nearest Saturday and asked him out for lunch. He still didn’t know why he didn’t say no to her offer, but in the end, he can’t chance the past.

Tsumugi had a plain look on her face before she pointed her index finger into the air as she answered, “Well, you could say it’s because I wanted to thank you.”

Ryota looked puzzled. “To thank me? But why?”

Tsumugi then looked down as her cheeks blushed. “Remember that time a month ago, when you saved me from that stalker who was about to molest me?”

The gears in Ryota’s head started turning, and he remembered it now, how a big, fat otaku was getting closer to a blue-haired girl wearing a strange outfit. Ryota was originally only near because he was buying materials to his next anime, and he didn’t want to a part of what was about to transpire, but he couldn’t ignore a girl who was about to be sexually harassed. He rushed towards the man, despite the mass comparison between the two, and yelled “That’s sexually harassment!!!” He managed to push the man away, possibly due to being surprised by the sudden push and yell. The girl turned her head and had a brief eye-to-eye contact with her savior before turning again and ran off in a hurry, relieving Ryota. But his relief disappeared as the fat stalker came back to his feet and looked down on the animator as he was about to beat him. Ryota was just lucky Nekomaru was nearby or else the animator’s next anime had to be postponed.

Ryota then compared the girl from his memories with the girl in front of him. “That was you?!” he exclaimed as if he found out the truth.

Tsumugi said as she smiled and blushed, “Yup, that was me. That guy had been stalking me for some time, after you intervened, he stopped following me. You don’t know how much I owe you for what you did, and… it made me feel something for you…”

Ryota’s heart kept on beating, hearing something so cute was out this world for him. Something in him took over, wanting to say something which could be reckless, but still… “Sh-Shi-Shirogane, I-”

“Here’s your menu. Sorry for the wait,” apologized a waiter as he put the food on their table.

“It’s fine,” insisted Tsumugi to the waitress before the latter left their table. Tsumugi then looked over to Ryota as she asked, “What were you about to ask sens- Senpai?”

Ryota just looked deflated as he answered, “N-Nothing.” He then took a bite of his hamburger as he kept on sulking.

When that same waiter came back to the station to take on more orders, one of his colleagues said, “Thanks, Takamura. I was busy over here, so-”

“It’s fine,” interrupted Takamura, who tried both taking on orders and keeping up a conversation. “We all have to work together as good as we can.”

The colleague nodded as he said, “As always, you know what to say. By the way, sorry if it sounds rude,” he then pointed at Takamura’s body and asked, “but have you gained weight?”

The overweight ‘Takamura’ tried holding back his shocked expression without letting it show on his face. “It must be your imagination. Besides, aren’t you supposed to take care of those burgers? The manager won’t be pleased if you slack off,” ‘Takamura’ said as he changed the topic, making his colleague sweat drop and hurry to work.

When the colleague was gone the suspicious ‘Takamura’ let out a sigh of relief, as he looked over at Ryota from the cashier. Mitarai… I was so worried how you were holding up, so I came here to make sure everything was fine, he thought as he took orders from customers. It was just good that they chose a place where there is a part-timer I already knew the identity of. I just hope nobody finds him in the locker or if he’s gonna remember anything, the Imposter wondered as he remembered how he used the chloroform he borrowed from Mikan to knock out the real Takamura. He did feel some regret for what he did, but he was more worried for his best friend than someone he didn’t even knew.

I knew he was about to say something he would regret, so I was glad I brought them their food before he could say anything further. Though, I am sorry, Mitarai, he thought as he looked at a dejected looking Ryota.

Mitarai, I’m glad to see you took on my advice and went on that date with her, she seems like a nice girl. But… The Imposter than looked closely at the blue-haired girl and wondered, Why do I feel like she’s holding back- Could it be?! Is she one of those maneaters that like to pounce on innocent people?! He then imagined Tsumugi taking Ryota to some hotel and later do stuff to him that would ruin him in both body, mind, and spirit.

As Mitarai’s best friend and classmate, I will save h-

“Hey, could you take my order or what?” said a customer who interrupted the Imposter’s thoughts. “We’ve waited for some time,” he added as he pointed back on the long line behind him.

The Imposters went back to his role as ‘Takamura’ and apologized as he took on all the orders. When he was finally done with the long line, he wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked for Ryota and Tsumugi, only to see nothing but an empty table. They’re gone?! I need to hurry!

“Hey, Takamura, sorry but could you-”

“Sorry, can’t! Have to hurry!” the Imposter said as he wasted no time to run after his target, leaving the colleague to just stand there as he wondered what the hurry was about.

Ryota and Tsumugi had a satisfied look on their faces as they just left the fast-food restaurant. “The food was really good, despite being a fast-food restaurant,” said Tsumugi, which Ryota nodded to.

“Yeah, I now understand better why he recommend this place,” Ryota said he thought of the Imposter, who was trying to make his way through the crowd but was unsuccessful as his mass created a gapping problem. Quite literally.

As Ryota kept on thinking, he started remembering that day Tsumugi talked about earlier. He turned his direction towards Tsumugi and asked with a serious look on his face, “Shirogane, is it okay if I ask you something?”

Tsumugi had a neutral expression as she said, “Sure, what is it?” When that was said, the Imposter made through the crowd and got outside, as he could hear the conversation between the two in front of him.

“What were you wearing that day? It didn’t look like normal clothes,” Ryota said, not paying attention to a third-party listening in.

Not normal clothes, the Imposter thought as he wondered what that could mean, until he came to a conclusion. Was she wearing those clothes escort wears? he thought as he got even more worried for his friend’s safety. He could later on see that Tsumugi had what seemed to be a worried expression.

Before she answered, she looked away, as if she was embarrassed or something, “Do you really want to know? It’s nothing big.”

Ryota shook his head as he said, “No, I want to be certain of something.”

Glad to see you feel confident, but if you’re thinking the same as me, then now is not the time to be confident! The Imposter thought as he wanted to yell that to the animator.

Tsumugi hesitantly said, “Okay,” before she reached for her purse to look after something. “But before then, I have something else to do…”

When the imposter saw that, he instantly went into panic and thought, She’s gonna do something to him, now that he knows her secret! Normally the Imposter was really fast, but what happened next was faster than the Imposter had time to start running.

“Can I have your autograph, Mitarai-sensei?!” Tsumugi asked as she handed out a cover featuring an anime that was animated by Ryota. Both Ryota and the Imposter just stood there, processing everything that happened just now, but the Imposter was the one mostly hit by this turn of events.

Ryota sweat dropped a little before asking, “Wait, so you’re a fan of mine?”

Tsumugi nodded before answering, still bowing while holding the cover, “Yeah, your style of animating is beyond supreme! When I got accepted at Hope’s Peak, I heard of an Ultimate Animator and I wanted to meet you when I learned it was you! But I got nervous and couldn’t really do anything about it… That was until you saved me that day, and it gave me thecourage to talk and invite you out for lunch as thanks.”

It all started to sink in for Ryota, and then he realized, “Then what you were wearing that day really was-”

“Yup, it was something a character from your movie had on,” Tsumugi said as she interrupted him. “I’m the Ultimate Cosplayer, so I made it myself.”

Ultimate Cosplayer, Ryota thought as he remembered what happened earlier when they met up today. “Then, when I said we should go for ramen, were you referring to Naru-”

“Correct again, I was referring to that anime. To be honest, I wanted to talk about anime with you, but some advice prevented me,” Tsumugi confessed.

Even though Ryota was glad his suspicions from earlier on to be true, he didn’t feel glad when he thought about it. So, that was what it was all about. She was just another fan who was out for an autograph, Ryota thought dejectedly, feeling a little hurt and disappointed. It was weird, since he thought from the beginning it wasn’t a date… but inside, he thought a little it was.

Poor Mitarai, the Imposter thought as he saw the young animator write down his autograph for the cosplayer. When we get back to dorms, I’ll treat you to lots of food!

Then as he gave the movie back with his signature on it to Tsumugi, he turned around and said, “Well, see ya later,” as he was on his way to the nearest bus stop.

“Why are you going?” Tsumugi asked confused, stopping Ryota in his tracks. He then looked back towards the cosplayer as she stated, “The date is not over, yet.”

Both Ryota and the Imposter were confused, but Ryota was the most. “But I thought you only invited me out so you could have my autograph.”

Tsumugi had a serious look on her face as she stated, “I asked for your autograph and told you my true self so you would know who I really am, or else I would feel guilty about this date.”

Ryota had heard her say date a lot of times now, yet a part of him still couldn’t comprehend it. “So, this is a real date? Does that mean you l-l-l-l-l-”

Before Ryota could keep on stuttering, Tsumugi decided to interrupt, “Well, I’ve actually had a crush on you since I saw all your works. The animation touched me for some time now, but the moment I really fell for you, was when you saved me from the molester.”

Tsumugi started blushing more and more, so was Ryota from hearing all that from a real girl. But at the same time, it made all the noises of self-doubt in his head to resurface.

Wait wait wait wait wait, is she actually- No, don’t get your hopes up!

“The advice about not talking about anime was Kaede’s idea, since she said it might ruin the mood for our date,” Tsumugi explained. She started regretting not telling Kaede that she was going on a date with an animator.

No way no way no way! Girls had been ignoring me for years and I have no other good qualities!

“That’s why, I want to know…” Tsumugi started as her cheeks blushed bright pink. “Do you wanna be my boy-”

“OH, LOOK AT THE TIME!” Ryota yelled loudly as he took up his phone and looked at it. “SORRY, BUT I HAVE WORK, SO I HAVE TO GO NOW! SEE YA AT SCHOOL!!!” He than ran off, leaving Tsumugi all alone, and the Imposter just stood there, worried now for both Tsumugi and Ryota.

Maybe I shouldn’t have come to look after him, after all…

Chapter Text

During Summer, many students usually hang out in class or outside, just like in class 79.

“Hey, let’s go outside and play basketball!” Kaito almost ordered as if he was basically the leader of the class, despite it being Kaede who was the class representative. Kaito did have the charisma of a leader, so no one was really against his proposal.

“Yeah, it could be fun,” Kaede said, having no objections whatsoever. She then looked over to Shuichi asked, “You’re coming too, right, Shuichi?”

“Sure, even though I’m not really athletic,” Shuichi meekly said, even though he wasn’t going to reject the offer either way.

“Even though it’s from an idiot, there’s no way I could refuse,” Maki said in a light harsh tone, not revealing how much she looked forward to spending time with her crush, despite it not being those two alone.

Soon, everyone in class started to follow along, even Miu and Kokichi were in on it, despite some making a “tch” sound to it. Kaito was glad to see many of his classmates being on board with his proposal, looking forward to spending time with them all, even if one of them was Kokichi. But his smile started to drop as he started counting the numbers and could only see 14 of his friends. He then started looking around his classroom until he saw the man he was looking for, seating in his seat and looking at a cat magazine.

Kaito waved his hand to the peculiar, short student and called out, “Hey Hoshi, what do you say to play basketball with us?!”

The Ultimate Tennis Pro, or as he looks at it, the former Ultimate Tennis Pro, Ryoma Hoshi didn’t move his eyes away from his magazine as he answered, “Sorry, but I have to turn down your proposal. Besides…” He then had the expression of a man who had lost everything, not having a reason to look forward to anything at all. “You wouldn’t want the man who killed people to play basketball with you, would you?”

All the students were brought down a little by the mood, even Kaede was taken aback by it a little. Ryoma had made it clear since he started in class 79 that he was not like the others, he was a killer who used his talent for murder. At first, people were a little afraid of him when they met him, but some of the students approached him, and later the rest started having normal conversations with him. But that didn’t change the fact that being a killer scared most people. Kiyo was glad he didn’t reveal anything when he introduced himself.

But not everyone was afraid of him or was affected by the mood so easily, a certain astronaut in training was a good example. “Com’on man, we know why you did it and we don’t judge you! Just come play with us, it’s better than being all alone, y’know?” Kaito said, still not giving up on his former hero.

Ryoma sighed as he kept on insisting, “Just go on without me, you’ll have more fun like that.”

“Do you honestly think that is true?” asked a voice in the crowd, getting the attention of the tennis pro. He knew who that voice belonged to, and it was the Ultimate Maid, Kirumi Tojo. “You should come with us, it might be more to pleasure than you think,” Kirumi advised.

Ryoma looked away and said, “I do think that it is true. If I go along, I’ll ruin the game, and I know you don’t want that.” The other students wanted to object, but they could hear he didn’t say it for their sakes, but possibly for his own, and that he just wanted to be alone. They knew they were a class, but even they had to respect a classmate’s wish.

Kaito shrugged as he scratched the back of his head, “Fine, but you should know, you’ll continue to regret it if you keep on being like that.” He then turned around and left, and soon the others followed suit.

“Well, with his height he would only bring his team down, am I right? Hahaha!” Miu laughed, getting many glares from her classmates, which made her whimper. “I-I’m sorry, j-just don’t have such s-scary faces!”

Soon the others had left, leaving Ryoma by himself, but before the last student could leave, they gave him a look, which he caught on to. But before he could see who it was, they had already left, leaving him to wonder who it was. He then brushed it off and looked at his magazine ones again, looking at the same page he had been looking at for some time now, not turning the page yet.

“You still can’t take on an invitation from your classmates, huh?” he said to no one but himself. “You still got a ways to go.”

He then looked outside the window, during what Kaito was right on earlier. “…you’ll continue to regret it if you keep on being like that…” “I don’t know if he’s smart or stupid… Yet… in the end he’s right.”

Ryoma shrugged as he thought about it, thinking if he had just said yes and followed along. Inside he knew he wanted to spend time with his classmates, but due to the negative outcome of his past, his will to be happy and live his life with his friends had been suppressed into the darkest part of his core. He thought at first, he was starting to change since he enrolled at Hope’s Peak, meeting people like Kaito, Kaede, and all his other classmates, who just screamed life and freedom. But it just wasn’t enough, he felt bad for the generous person who freed him from deathroll and helped him get admitted to Hope’s Peak. Now that he was thinking about it, he still did not know who that generous person was, but Ryoma thought it was funny that person wanted to help a murderer like him.

Ryoma looked down on his dark shoes as he said to himself, “Guess I really am a coward…”

“Please, don’t say such things to yourself, Hoshi,” said a voice from the entrance to the classroom, getting the full attention of Ryoma. He had what seemed to be a surprised expression on his face when he saw who it was.

“Tojo, you still here?” Ryoma asked, starting to wonder if his mind was playing tricks on him, since he knew he wanted to see her.

Out of all the people in class, she was a special case for him. When he talked with her, he felt at ease, secure and calm. It might be due to her small resembling to his… former lover, but nonetheless, she was without a doubt someone that made him see some light in the world he thought was only dark. He honestly felt like a jerk from rejecting her offer from earlier, so seeing her right now was kind of awkward for him.

“I thought you were out with the others.”

Kirumi elegantly bowed her head as she replied, “True, but leaving a person who is in disarray like you are, would be a tarnish to my profession.”

Ryoma could feel the dedication in her voice, showing no sign of discouragement to back down from her words. That was one of the many things Ryoma respected about Kirumi.

“Besides, having one member missing won’t be a problem, since they’re fourteen in total. I’m sure there will occur no problems,” Kirumi continued, assuring all things to be alright.

Ryoma looked to the side and thought, Did you consider the possible problem between Oma and Momota? He then easily imagined Kokichi taunting an angry Kaito, where Maki is holding herself back from strangling the little gremlin, and Miu just laughed at the scene.

“Or is it too much for you to spend some time with a simple maid and classmate?” Kirumi asked, knowing full well that Ryoma couldn’t refuse her company now.

Ryoma smirked in his usual cool way. “Sure, be my guest, but do you really want to spend your precious time with a murderer like me?” He asked in a melancholy tone.

Kirumi stopped smiling and pursed her lips in a straight line, looking at Ryoma with a sad look in her eyes as she asked, “Why do you always call yourself that?”

Ryoma shrugged a little as he answered, “Because I am a-”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Kirumi interrupted, making Ryoma go speechless. “Why do you always call yourself that when people try open up to you? To me, it looks like you use it as your way of escape from the warmth people try to give you.” Each word hit the tennis pro in the gut, knowing every word to be true- No, more like he didn’t notice it, until the maid pointed it out.

Kirumi continued as she said, “Just like Momota said earlier, no one is judging you for what you did, so you don’t have to be lik-”

“That’s enough,” Ryoma said in a calm tone, but Kirumi could easily hear the hostility in his voice. “What would you know? You still got a ways to go if you think you can understand someone like me, who used his talent for murder and have no future in sight. Unlike you, who can use her talent to serve many people and make them happy, and have a bright future ahead, I have nothing but darkness on my road.”

The mood between them got heavy, so heavy it was almost unbearable. It was unlike Ryoma to snap like that, even though he sounded calm and collected, it was easy to see that he was on edge. When the young tennis player cooled down and placed his beanie over his forehead, he could feel the guilt for saying all that to one of the few people he truly respected. “Sorry for saying all that, it was really uncool of me.”

Kirumi was silent, and Ryoma couldn’t blame her. Who could think up any words after that display? He didn’t even think Kaito would come up with anything.

“Do you honestly think that, Hoshi?” Kirumi asked, getting the full attention of the young tennis pro. “It’s true, as you said, that you used your talent to kill a mafia organization. Even if they were scum of the earth and that they killed all the people who loved you dearly, it doesn’t excuse your actions and that you’re a murderer.”

Ryoma shrugged, “If you know that then why-”

“But,” Ryoma stopped when he heard Kirumi continue, “your future is not full of nothing but darkness.” The tennis pro widened his eyes when he heard that, he expected it only as an encouragement when someone would say that, but from Kirumi’s lips it sounded like facts. “You were given a second chance, to fix and rebuild yourself, despite all odds. You should not look at the only road you thought you were given, but instead look at the other one that was made.”

If it weren’t because of Ryoma’s toughness he would’ve cried, but he couldn’t dismiss he was moved. Inside he probably- No, he desired to hear those words, as a way to make him look at the bright side of life.

“When I heard about you going on deathroll, I knew I had to do something quick, or else your future would truly be gone. It was risky of me to do, but…” Kirumi then looked Ryoma in the eyes with a bright smile on her lips as she proudly declared, “I’m glad I made the right call.”

Ryoma was moved beyond words when he heard that, but that lasted only a couple of seconds until he had what seemed to be a puzzled expression. “Wait, you make it sound as if you had a hand in my escape from deathroll…”

Ryoma wasn’t a man who got easily shocked, but he couldn’t stop his eyes from widening when he put the pieces together.

Kirumi answered for him as if she read his mind, “Well, it was more than just a hand in it all.”

Ryoma tried his best to stop his jaw from dropping, not wanting to ruin his character. “Y-You were the person who saved me?” Ryoma asked, not believing that the person who saved his life was his classmate this whole time. “Then, are you also the one who got me enrolled here?”

Kirumi answered honestly, “Well, I talked with the headmaster and the scout about it, and they were more on board with it than I thought.”

Ryoma still had trouble believing all of this, not only because of how convenient it was they got to meet each other like this, but also because it almost seemed impossible… “But how can a maid a have so much authority? Are one of your clients that powerful?” Ryoma asked, getting even more curious about who Kirumi really was.

Kirumi had a what seemed to be a joyful smile as she answered, “Well, when you take care of the country itself, no one would raise an objection to cancelling a simple execution.”

The way Kirumi answered it made it seem even more unbelievable, normally no one would believe it at first, but Ryoma had seen a lot of strange things in his class in the last two months. “So, I’m classmates with the Prime Minister, huh?” Ryoma said nonchalantly, almost laughing it off but at the same time accepting it as fact. “I guess I shouldn’t tell anyone else, right?”

Kirumi nodded and bowed her head down a little, “Yes, I would appreciate it.”

“The Prime Minister shouldn’t bow their head to a former prison inmate,” Ryoma said almost teasingly. “I wasn’t going to, anyway, since it wouldn’t be cool to blow such a bombshell on all the others. Oma might even say something outrageous to it.”

Kirumi laughed a little at the last part, giggling in a way that was oddly cute for someone like her. Now that Ryoma thought about it, this was the first time he heard her giggle, and he couldn’t deny he liked that sound from her.

“By the way, why did you save me? Was it because you felt pity for a man who might have had a future?” Ryoma asked, feeling more curious than he remembered he ever was.

Kirumi just smiled as she answered, “That… is an answer for later. I’ve already revealed a lot today.” Ryoma had a look disappointment and a little of shock, which not many could really tell. “If you want to know, then learn to love yourself a little more. You would look more cooler that way,” she said before turning around and was on her way to leave.

“Hey, where are you going?” Ryoma asked as he almost tried to leave his seat, wanting to go after her.

“Sorry for my sudden assent, but I have to fulfill some of my duties somewhere else,” she stated as she made it to the door before she had one last look at Ryoma. “Just remember what I said, okay? Earlier you proved it, so you know you can do it.”

She then left the classroom, leaving Ryoma to ponder about what she meant, until he remembered what he said earlier, “The Prime Minister shouldn’t bow their head to a former prison inmate…” “Hot damn, she was right. It wasn’t a murderer this time,” he said to himself, almost wanting to laugh. “But…” he then looked outside the window as he said, “I still got a ways to go… yet I feel like I’ll make it there.”

Chapter Text

Basketball. An American team sport that had gotten a lot of popularity both as a game and as entertainment. But the most important part of the game is teamwork, without it, the game would lose all purpose. Yes, it would lose all purpose…

“I said: I’m gonna be team captain!” Kaito exclaimed at Kokichi as he pointed at himself. “Who else but the Luminary of the Stars should be the captain?!”

Kokichi just glared back, but not as serious as Kaito, probably because he was having a little fun of provoking the astronaut. “Oh, I don’t know, what about an actual leader? There’s a reason my title is the Ultimate Supreme Leader!” Kokichi rebutted. “Also, why should an astronaut be team captain? Are you the captain of your crew- Oh, my mistake, you’re still in-training, right?”

Kaito normally wasn’t bothered when someone called out his rank, but when it came from Kokichi, then he was crossing the line. “What did you say!” Kaito exclaimed, but somehow calmed down when he came with his own rebuttal. “Well, yeah, but basketball is a team game, and I have got training in teamwork and communication.”

Kokichi just snickered as he said, “Well, they don’t train basketball for outer space, whereas I train it daily with my underlings.”

Kaito just shrugged. “Oh yeah, that must be another lie of yours.”

“No, it’s not!”

“Yes, it is!”

“No, it’s not!”

“Yes, it is!”

“No, it’s not!”

“Yes, it is!”

They just continued bickering as the rest of Class 79 just sweat dropped and sighed, whereas Miu was just laughing. “That idiot can’t see that Oma is just teasing him,” Maki stated on the outside, but on the inside, she tried holding back on taking Kaito’s side in the argument. She knew she would feel embarrassed if she took part of endless, pointless disagreement.

“Those degenerate males! We haven’t even agreed on how we’re going to decide the teams!” Tenko yelled at the two boys, not getting a reply back.

“Nyeh, what a pain…” Himiko complained as she laid back on the bench. “If only Tojo didn’t leave us, she would’ve stopped their argument easily…”

“Well, she did say she had some urgent matters to deal with, so we couldn’t just stop her,” Kiyo stated as he remembered how convicted she looked before she went to her own matters. “Her convictions are so beautiful!”

Everyone was a little creeped out when they heard him say that out of nowhere. The one to say something to break the awkward silence was Kaede. “Anyway, we should still decide on the teams. Anyone with an idea?”

Shuichi was glad that Kaede was his girlfriend, being the confident leader she could be in any situation, something he knew he wasn’t and couldn’t be.

As Shuichi was feeling proud of Kaede, the piano girl thought, I don’t care how the teams are set up, or who becomes the captains of each team, as long… She then took a quick glance at her boyfriend, As long as I can be on the same as him, then I don’t care.

Ever since they’ve begun dating Kaede had since developed a certain need for the detective boy, wanting to be near him most of the time. True, she had noticed it was not something that should be a habit, but she couldn’t help it, she wanted to be with the man who had touched her heart so deeply. She had not taken much of his space, so he couldn’t have much room to breathe, but she had been with him a lot more than usual. Shuichi didn’t seem to mind it, but a part of Kaede was afraid he wouldn’t be okay with it later, which was why she tried holding back. But knowing that she might be on the same team was an opportunity she wanted.

“It doesn’t seem those fucktards over there will decide on it anytime soon,” Miu proclaimed as she pointed at the two students, who were still arguing like dogs.

Kiibo had a look as he was in deep thoughts. “Maybe we could decide on Rock-Paper-Scissors?”

“Normally I would be fine with that, but that would be too long,” Rantaro stated with his usual smile. He then pointed at the two arguing boys as he continued, “Besides, we need those two, too.”

Kaede could see the problem, which was why she thought of an idea that could get her on the same team as Shuichi. She wouldn’t have to worry either, since she was the class rep and everyone trusted her, she knew her plan would work. She did feel a little bad deceiving her friends and classmates…

“What about-” Kaede suggested before she got interrupted by Tenko to her right.

“Let’s make it a girls vs. dege- I mean, girls vs. boys battle!” Tenko yelled, getting the attention of her classmates, except for Kaito and Kokichi. But before anyone could agree with her idea, most of them looked at her with disappointed looks on their faces, already thinking what her true goal was there.

“Don’t look at me like that! I’m not planning on dividing the girls and the degenera- I mean, the boys. I was thinking that since there are 7 of each gender here, wouldn’t it be easier that way?” Tenko proposed, making most of the students lose their earlier expressions and was a little surprised by her explanation.

“Wow, you’ve changed a little, Chabashira. You even tried not calling us guys degenerates. Did something change?” Rantaro asked curiously.

Tenko looked to the side in some disgust, making Rantaro see that she hadn’t changed that much, as she answered his question. “It’s nothing much, it was just what senpai one time told me about when deciding groups.”

“When you say “senpai”, do you mean your boyfriend?” Himiko asked, getting the jump on Tenko, despite it not being the young magician’s objective to surprise her, she was just curious.

“H-H-H-H-He isn’t my boyfriend! If anything, he’s my pretend boyfriend! Don’t ever joke about it, Himiko!” Tenko exclaimed as she went over to bearhug Himiko, who could only think it was pain to her, almost literally, since it felt like her ribs were being crushed.

While everyone seemed to like Tenko’s idea, one was not a big fan of it.

No good! Now I can’t be with Shuichi! Kaede practically screamed in her head, not wanting to show her true thoughts out in the open. I mean, it’s not a bad idea, but this way Shuichi and I can’t be on the same team!

She looked worriedly at Shuichi, wondering what he was thinking. Hmm, not a bad idea. That way we spare time on picking others, was all Shuichi thought. The thought of him and Kaede not being on the same team was not the biggest topic for him. He had already used a lot of time with her, so his Kaede-satisfaction bar was pretty full. Maybe I can even show off a little to Kaede… just kidding. It would only be the case if I was even good at basketball to begin with. With all that in the back of his head, he had nothing to worry abo-

“Then we should make Saihara the captain of our team,” Kiyo suggested, getting the drop on Shuichi without asking for his opinion. “It’s only fair since there was no way we were going to ask those two,” he said as he pointed at the two male students, who seemed to be fighting now, “and it’s obvious that Akamatsu is going be the captain of your team.”

Before Shuichi could even object, Tenko cut in, “Sure, I mean, I was gonna nominate myself, considering it was my idea, but I have no leader skills, which I’m a little ashamed of.”

Don’t I get a say in any of this? Shuichi thought, almost about to say it, before Rantaro came up to him and raised a thumps-up to the detective.

“We’re counting on you, captain,” he said as Gonta came behind Shuichi and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Gonta know that Shuichi will do good job as captain,” Gonta said, not at all noticing Shuichi looking dejected, as if the detective lost the will to fight back.

Kaede on the other hand, was so busy with her own thinking that she paid no attention to her surroundings or what was just said. I don’t wanna fight against Shuichi, he’s my boyfriend! Also, I don’t wanna hurt him in this game, she thought as she pictured how the game would proceed, where she ran into Shuichi and knocked him down by accident. She wasn’t doubting that could happen, and no one would disagree, either. Well, maybe I could just make it so that we won’t be facing each other-

Kaede’s train of thoughts came to a halt when a hand touched her shoulder. “Let’s start our strategy meeting, cap’n,” Tsumugi suggested, trying to get into the game.

Kaede looked at her puzzled. “Cap’n? What do you mean?” Kaede asked.

“It’s short for ‘captain’,” Tsumugi explained. “It’s the first time I’ve used it… Except that time when I cosplayed as Kuro-”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Kaede interrupted. “Why am I captain?”

“What do you have in your ears, wax from kink play?” Miu vulgarly asked. “We agreed with the boys that you should be captain, and that Pooichi is the captain of their team. Are you that dumb, Kaedeidiot?”

Ignoring the insult entirely, she thought one thing, Now we have to face each other…

Fact: The captain is the one who’s mostly on the field.

While, on the other hand, Shuichi was also thinking up a storm, having a heavy burden on his shoulders. Why did I have to be captain?! There is no way I can lead a team. I’m nothing like Kaede or Kai- Shuichi stopped his thinking as he saw Kaito throwing his fists after Kokichi as he just dodged them easily. I’m nothing like Kaede, so how can I lead a team?

Rantaro looked over at Shuichi, and thought he realized something. He walked up to Shuichi and looked at him with understanding eyes. “Saihara, could it be that something’s bothering you?” Rantaro asked.

Shuichi nodded hesitantly as he thought, I’m glad that Amami realized what I was thinking. He can be pretty aloof, so he might be able to replace me as captain. “Yeah, sorry, but there is, but I couldn’t really say it.”

Rantaro nodded understandingly. “Of course, leave it to me,” Rantaro assured as he turned his back to Shuichi and walked towards the other guys.

Shuichi thought as he looked at Rantaro’s back, Amami, we might not talk much, but I’m thankful you understood me and-

“Hey, Gonta, could you maybe pick up those two troublemakers? Without them we can’t start the game and it’s clearly bothering our captain,” the adventurer explained to Gonta, making Shuichi almost fall forward like in a comedy anime.

That’s not what’s bothering me! Shuichi screamed in his head but couldn’t say much as Gonta hurriedly ran over to Kaito and Kokichi, picked them up like a pair of luggage, and ran back to the other guys. I really have no way of getting out of this, do I?

The game had started fine for the students, it stood 8-2 to the girls. It wasn’t that surprising, considering Maki and Tenko are one of the most agile students in Class 79. The boys would’ve gotten more points if Kokichi and Kaito didn’t fight all the time and Gonta and Kiyo were on the field, but right now they were on the bench due to losing a game of Rock-Paper-Scissor.

“This just proves that girls are better than degenerate males!” Tenko yelled out, trying to taunt the boys. Instead, they just ignored it.

“And here I thought she tried to change…” Rantaro said in regret.

“The adrenalin might have trigged back her usual personality,” Shuichi deduced in-between breathes due to being a little exhausted.

Kaede looked on the field as she thought, Oh no, Shuichi’s team is losing… Why did Tenko and Maki have to be the ones who won Rock-Paper-Scissors?! Why couldn’t it be Himiko or Tsumugi? She then looked over at the bench to see Himiko almost falling asleep and Tsumugi trying to remember the lines from the countless basketball-anime she had seen. If this continues Shuichi will lose and he might hate me for it…

Shuichi stood there and thought, I don’t really care about winning, but we might have a chance if Kokichi and Kaito weren’t here at the same time, and that the tall students were able to help us. Right after he thought that the game started again, with Rantaro dribbling the ball. Anyway, I have to try my best with this game, and so will Kaede!

Kaede thought as she started to get ready to play again, I’ll try my best to help Shuichi get a chance!

The two’s goals were almost the same, but so different from each other.

At first it went fine for the boys, but before Rantaro could pass the ball to Shuichi or Kiibo, who were the only playable players on the field, Tenko took the ball from Rantaro and gave it to Angie. The artist tossed it to Maki, who slam-dunked the ball into the boys’ net, leaving the boys with jaw-dropped expressions. Well, except for Kaito, who stopped fighting with Kokichi so he could see Maki play and was astonished by how good she was, and Kokichi who used the opportunity to land a quick jap to the astronaut’s stomach.

The girls ran up to Maki as they praised her for her good work and skills. Maki brushed off the compliments as she used her right hand to push one of her pigtails behind her back and said, “It’s nothing special.” I hope Kaito watched me… she thought as she blushed a little. She looked over in Kaito’s direction and saw him down on the ground, holding his stomach in pain. She could also see Kokichi laughing, already giving her a good idea what happened and a good reason why she should use her real talent here and now on the little gremlin.

Luckily, before the former assassin would blow her cover in front of her classmates, and Rantaro whistled by using his two fingers and called out to Kokichi as he pointed at him, “Hey, Oma, you can’t hurt your teammate!”

Kokichi acted innocently with a smile on his face. “It wasn’t me; it was Tenko since Kaito’s a male and all.”

Tenko looked frustrated as she retorted, “In Neo Aikido; we don’t punch! Also, I didn’t do it!”

Kokichi just laughed, “Nishishi, of course you didn’t! I just lied. I did it because he irritated me.”

Rantaro just sighed as Shuichi said back, “Still, you shouldn’t hurt Kaito or anyone else…” Shuichi hesitated a little before he said, “Sorry, but you have to sit out and let another take your place!”

Kokichi changed his silly expression to a more serious one, which made Shuichi regret his actions a little. “So, you’re benching me?”

Maybe I should just have stayed quiet- No, I just did what Kaede would do… Shuichi thought. But still, this is Oma we’re talking about. There’s no way he would just willingly-

“You got it, cappy!” Kokichi said, shocking Shuichi a little from that reply. “Then I’ll just sit over there with Kee-boy.”

The robot looked shocked as he said in retort, “Why do I have to sit on the bench as well?” Kiibo looked down at his body and thought it over. “Yeah, maybe I should sit over as well, my body feels a little tired. It seems I need some maintenance.”

Miu’s eyes started sparklingly as she ran over to Shuichi linked her arm with Kiibo’s arm. “Then let me take care of your body.”

“You mean for maintenance, right?”

“Sure, that too,” Miu proclaimed before she ran with Kiibo over to the nurse’s office, while Kokichi just stood there and wondered how he could entertain himself.

Both teams had agreed on taking a small break before continuing the game. Some were stretching, some were relaxing, some didn’t need to relax, like Himiko since she didn’t do anything, and then there’re the ones who nervously think too much about the situation. Not surprising Shuichi was in that last category.

It’s no use, I’m not fit to lead a team… the detective thought despairingly. But he knew he wasn’t sad about not being a good leader, but more about how he hadn’t changed. Kaede believes that she might have helped me grow more confident, and I thought that as well, which is why I thought I might be a better captain than I thought. But the scoreboard is absolute proof of how wrong I was… I really haven’t cha-

“Bro, why are you so tense?” Kaito asked as he put his arm around his bro. Kaito’s question got Shuichi out of his negative thoughts and made him face his bro. “You need to relax, you’re just playing a game, not solving a case.”

Shuichi looked away, his eyes hidden by his bangs, as he confessed, “Kaito, be honest with me, can you see me as a leader.”

Kaito, still having his arm around Shuichi’s shoulder, thought a little as he answered, “No, not really.”

Shuichi was a little surprised at hearing that, he thought his bro would say something like ‘Don’t give up!’ or ‘Have confidence!’. But instead, he heard an answer that didn’t really help. Then I really am-

“At least, that was my first impression of you.”


Kaito continued, “When I first saw you, you had no qualities to be a leader, truth be told. But today you proved me wrong.”

Shuichi wondered when that was, because from what he could see he did not show much in the game.

“You had the guts to say your opinion to Oma, remember,” Kaito reminded the detective. “The captain’s job is not only on the field, but also to be able to be honest with your teammates and give them orders that can work in the team’s best favor. They also need to be fair and tough, and you were that when you benched Oma.”

Shuichi’s eyes started to clear, seeing that as his proof of his growth. Maybe I haven’t changed that much, nobody does, no matter how they do it. But… “One step can lead to more than a hundred,” Shuichi said with some confidence, but that line confused the astronaut a little. “Thanks, Kaito.”

Kaito just smiled. “No problem, bro.” the astronaut then released his bro, who was on his way to the middle of the playing field. Seems like the game was about to begin again.

When Kaede was on her way to the middle as well, she thought, I need to give Shuichi’s team the victory! Chabashira is on the bench, and the boys have Gonta and Kiyo on the field, so they might be able to make a comeback! But I should give them a little push.

Kaede had a good plan on how to do that, and it was simple, when Shuichi and Kaede are ready to take the ball in the air, Kaede will purposely let Shuichi take the ball, giving them the lead… but…

Is this really fair for my team? They’re just playing their best and shouldn’t be betrayed by their captain’s actions… Kaede looked back at her team, feeling an immense feeling of guilt, but she pushed those feelings to the furthest depth of her mind as she remembered why she’s helping the other team in the first place. It’s all for Shuichi! That makes it alright! He deserves what’s best for h-

Kaede couldn’t continue her thoughts when she made it to the middle of the field and laid her eyes on Shuichi, who had confident written in his eyes. S-Shuichi doesn’t look like he has any doubt in his heart. If anything, it’s like he actually believes in himself. Why was I thinking of letting him win? Not only would it be unfair towards my team but also towards Shuichi, he’s my boyfriend, I should be fairer against him than anyone else!

Kaede then threw away her plan as she gave her boyfriend her own confident smile and went for the ball as it was thrown up in the air.

As the game was over and the rest of class 79 had gone back to their dorm rooms, two students were walking together, both being exhausted from the game.

“It was just supposed to be a friendly game, who knew it would change so much,” Shuichi said tiredly.

Kaede giggle, “Well, you yourself did a lot when you got the ball in the second half-time, which later got all the others to play seriously as well.”

Shuichi smiled as he remembered back on how he did during the game. It’s true that he wasn’t as good as some of the others, but he did good, still. “I couldn’t lead my team to victory, though.”

Kaede just smiled as she said, “What are you talking about, we all won, it was a draw. Also, it was just a fun game, not some NBA match.”

Shuichi stopped walking as he told Kaede, “It’s not the match itself I’m talking about. I’m talking about showing you how much I’ve changed. I wanted you to be proud of me. Truth be told, I didn’t want to be captain; I didn’t even get to object… But then I thought that it was my opportunity to show you how much I’ve changed.”

Kaede at first had a calm expression before she showed a sincere smile on her lips. “Idiot,” she first said, giving the detective a little shock, “you have showed me many times when you’ve gotten more confident… and cooler.” She blushed before she gave him a peck on the lips.

Shuichi was about to put his hand to his lips before he stopped and went for another kiss, which the piano girl was more than welcome to accept.

Chapter Text

Nagito was a lot of things; intelligent, clever, shrewd, insane, dangerous, psychotic, crazy, and many others you don’t need to know. Despite all that, he was not evil, he was in fact one of the nicest guys with intentions for the greater hope. But that was also one of the reasons he was dangerous, he goes overboard to fulfill his goals for others and he never asks for their opinion on the matter, and of course they never forgive him for his actions. There was one time when he blew up a gymnasium to help out his classmates escape from that year’s exams. A classmate of his was sad because her best friend was suspended from school and that soon affected everyone. Luckily, no one died, but Nagito got suspended for some time, and when he came back, he met Hajime, who he didn’t like at first glance. But he was glad to see the rest of his classmates, though they didn’t return the favor, and there was one he was gladder to see than others.

“N-… Nagi-… Wa-- -p, Nag-!” a voice could be heard, but it was tough to clearly hear it, but Nagito could tell the voice was feminine. It was tough to open his eyes, but with every strength there was left in his body he tried. Right before he could clearly open just one of his two eyes, a deafening scream ran through his ears, “NAGITO, WAKE UUUUUUP!!!”

Nagito could hear nothing in the first 5 seconds before his hearing came back and he started observing his surroundings as he asked tiredly, “Where am I? The nurse’s office?” There was no doubt it was the nurse’s office; he had been there more times than any other student. It’s not a joke, he has the record for the most visits at the nurse’s office. “Tsumiki, do you know why I’m here?”

Mikan was taken aback at first but tried to regain her composure as she answered the lucky student’s question while stuttering, “Y-You were hurt in a-an accident. I-It happened while you were t-taking a walk o-outside.”

To Nagito it was nothing new, but usually he remembers what happens in good details. As he tried to remember what happened, he felt a stinging pain in his head. He took his hand to his head and felt the touch of bandages. Seems like he figured out why he couldn’t remember what happened, he had always wondered how amnesia would feel like.

“I-I-I’m just glad you weren’t h-hit that badly,” Mikan said in worried tone, making Nagito blush a little from hearing that. “B-But I thought something lucky h-happens to you as consequence for y-your unlucky a-accidents- ARGH! I k-know I shouldn’t just assume things!!!!”

“No, you’re right, Tsumiki, after something unlucky happens something lucky come-” Nagito said before he stopped himself mid-sentence. Wait, couldn’t this be considered lucky? Nagito thought as he looked at the nurse, who was still crying, and realized what this opportunity meant! This means that I am alone with Tsumiki!

There were only those two, and Nagito have had a crush on Mikan in some time now, so this was not just lucky for him, but the best opportunity for him and he knew that! Now that it is like that, I should just… Except, this was Nagito we’re talking about, not do a thing! Because there’s no way she would date a lowly piece of trash like me!

Nagito had zero confidence! One of the main things you needed to date your crush was confidence! What attracts most people was confidence in it’s purest, and even if a person doesn’t have much of it, they still try to gather what little they have to be in a relationship they truly wish to be in.

But Nagito had none of that, in fact, if you would compare him to a bottle of soda and the soda was confidence, then the bottle would be completely empty, not even leaving a single drop of it. Nagito realized in his life that he was lower than trash, lower than scum, lower than filth, lower than the lowest. He had never seen himself as someone who could win at anything, be good at anything, or be seen as an ultimate. He had accepted his role in life and was fine with it… even if it meant he could never have lov-

“Nagito,” Mikan suddenly said, breaking Nagito’s thoughts, “you n-need to stay here for a little while before you go back to c-class. So, I’ll accompany while you wait.”

Nagito knew he couldn’t completely control his luck, but it seemed to go against his wishes. “Tsumiki, you don’t need to keep trash like me compa-” Nagito objected before he got interrupted again by Mikan.

“I have some g-games with me we could play,” Mikan said as she showed a variety of boardgames to Nagito. “I-I asked Nanami if I could borrow some from her.”

Nagito cracked a little a smile as he said, “Sure, that could be fun.” Luck has never been under my control, but this could still be nice~ He thought as he looked at all the games: MoMopoly, a Ludo game, a set of dices of Yatzee, and some other boardgames with dices… He looked at Mikan with his natural sincere smile before he said, “Um, Tsumiki, these games are based on luck.”

Tsumiki looked down at the games and screamed in realization. Nagito knew there was no fun in a game where only one always win, except when you play with Chiaki, and Nagito couldn’t control his luck, but it had been clear to him it shows up in games or situations where luck was the main factor.

I knew it was too good to be true, as if someone with no worth could be with someone as beautiful as Tsumi-

“W-Wait!” Mikan almost screamed, breaking the thought progress inside Nagito’s head. “I-It’s true that you always win in these games, b-b-b-but we could see if it changes!”

Nagito’s winning in a game of luck was normally considered a guarantee, even the man himself knew that, but he was intrigued by the idea to see his luck fail. It’s not as if I want to use it as an excuse to spend time with Tsumiki! “Fine, let’s play.”

“Yay!” Mikan said with glee, which got Nagito to think how cute she looked there.

If anyone else was at the scene, they wouldn’t be surprised at what they saw. Nagito wasn’t either, this was what he knew would happen. In all the games based on luck, he won, and when it looked like he was about to lose, he miraculously made a come back and won. Though, it seemed that Mikan was still surprised by this event, despite saying that she knew that Nagito would win either way. The shock from how he won might be what she was really surprised about.

Now that the lucky 3rd year had showed the nurse it was pointless to play a boardgame with him, he could finally give her a reason not to spend time with him. “Tsumiki…” But for some reason, he couldn’t say it, it was like he was held back to speak, as if chains had taken hold of him so he couldn’t proceed further.

“You were right…” Mikan said sadly. “Playing these games weren’t that fun, huh?”

Nagito felt guilt, for making her feel inferior to him, something that he knew was incorrect, since she was a true ultimate! … but then again, this was his goal to begin with. “See? Playing with me wouldn’t be fair for you, of course you wouldn’t like tha-”

“N-No, that’s w-wrong!” she refuted, uncharacteristic for her of all people. “I-I had plenty of fun.”

Nagito widened his eyes in bewilderment. “But you never won a single time, for an ultimate like you it shouldn’t be fair! How was that fun?”

Mikan looked away at first before she tried to talk again, “I-It’s true that it isn’t fun to lose r-repeatedly, but then I-I remembered what Hinata said one time.”

Nagito twitched his right eye in disgust from hearing that reserve course student’s name, but didn’t say anything as he let Mikan continue, “He said t-that he learned from playing with Nanami every day, and even when he lost every time, he still found it fun n-nonetheless. A-And when I played with you, I was having some fun as w-well.” She blushed at the last part.

Nagito could tell she was not lying to make him feel better, but in his head, it didn’t make sense to hear all that. “But what about what you said before? About how I was right?” Nagito asked.

Mikan felt a little frightened to hear Nagito ask like that, so he apologized fast so she could calm down before answering. “It’s just, e-even if I had fun, I c-could tell you weren’t having a-any fun at all.” Nagito looked surprised when he heard that. “You had y-your usual smile, b-but you still looked sad. You had that same expression w-when you mentioned h-how the games are luck based.”

Nagito felt dumbfounded, he never had a clue that he had that expression that whole time… No, he did know, he just hoped Mikan wouldn’t notice. Ever since Mikan proposed playing boardgames with him, a sad feeling started to hurt his heart, but he didn’t want to worry his crush, so he tried to hide it by smiling. But it didn’t seem to work, and yet Nagito wasn’t disappointed or sad about Mikan knowing. The lucky student felt touched, he didn’t remember the last time someone even cared to notice how he really felt, not even his own mother cared.

When Nagito looked at Mikan again, he could tell she was about to cry. “I-I’m s-sorry that I made you f-feel sa-” He couldn’t stand it.

“No, that’s wrong!” Nagito yelled form the bottom of his lungs, which stopped Mikan from about to cry. “It isn’t your fault! It’s my luck’s fault! It always brings forth disaster for others while supplying me with riches and desires! In other words; it’s my fau-”

“It isn’t your fault!” Mikan interrupted, this time without stuttering. “Your l-luck isn’t what defines you. It’s true t-that it hurts others, a-and that you gain many things from it that y-you never asked for! But it’s never your f-fault if you didn’t intend o-on it! So, don’t blame yourself because of your luck!”

Nagito had never thought of it like that, no one ever gave him that kind of perspective. He thought that if his luck was involved, then it was automatically his fault. But if that’s true then… “Then you don’t need to apologize either, Tsumiki.”

Mikan was taken aback a little before she said, “N-no, that’s true. When I’m c-clumsy or doing something s-stupid then it’s my-”

“But you never intended on it either, so how is it your fault?” Nagito asked with seriousness in his eyes. He then took his hand to Mikan’s right cheek and said, “You don’t need to apologize, if you believe in what you said to be true. You never intended on being clumsy, or doing something by mistake, so don’t blame yourself just because you were involved.”

Mikan felt as if she was about to cry, and she let the tears out, but not as many as usual. She felt as if her shoulder got a little lighter. She then looked into Nagito’s eyes and unexpectedly went forward, which surprised Nagito and made him panic.

Wait wait wait wait wait! No, we can’t do this! I have to get out of this! He wanted to push her away, step back, or even hope that the bed he was on was really springy so he could jump away from this situation, but he couldn’t move. He felt as if his whole body were paralyzed and couldn’t move a muscle. I can’t move! This is a disaster! Lowly trash and elites shouldn’t kiss! … But why am I not completely against it?

In the end, he stopped thinking about escaping, and tried to follow the flow. Ready to accept what he truly wanted in his heart, something he didn’t think he deserved. As his and Mikan’s lips were only inches away-


The wall collapsed, stopping the two students from fulfilling the deed. When the smoke and debris were gone, all they could see was Makoto Naegi being unconscious in front of them. Instead of thinking about what they were about to do earlier, the two students wondered why an underclassman suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Why do I feel like that my luck and his luck was involved somehow…?

To Be Continued!

Chapter Text

Makoto was many things; naïve, normal, kind, optimistic, the list goes on from there. But one particular trait about him was that he was very observant, he could find clues or holes in people’s statements that not many would notice, even the ones that Kyoko and Byakuya wouldn’t notice. Though, there are special occasions when he lets down his guard. For example, when he goes down the hall and hadn’t noticed someone keeping an eye on him. A certain black-haired, military student named-

“Hey, Mukuro, when are you gonna stop being such a big dorkinsteine and try confessing to him so you will only be a dorkinsteine?” Junko asked with a boring look in her eyes.

If it had been someone who did not have her sister’s voice, Mukuro would’ve taken out her survival knife and slashed the person’s throat, luckily it only took her 0.000000000001 seconds when she recognized that voice. “Huh?! What do you mean confessing? I thought we haven’t done anything yet, or did you do something without your big sister?”

Before the two girls arrived at Hope’s Peak, they were known as the Ultimate Despair Sisters, and had no other wish than to spread despair to anyone and everywhere they could. The youngest sister, Junko Enoshima, used her talent as the Ultimate Analyst to get the attention of the Steering Committee to get her and her oldest sister enrolled into the academy. Mukuro was the muscle, Junko was the brain, so all the oldest sister had to do was waiting for when her sister gave her the orders. But…

--1 year ago--

“What do you mean we’re dropping the idea?” Mukuro asked with the most shocked expression she ever had on her face. “I thought you wanted to spread despair to all of humanity?”

Junko had a normal expression on her face as she explained, “Oh, that? Well, I thought about it and even tried imagining it for me and I could see how it would prolong.” Junko started grinning and her eyes began spinning.

“I would find this so-called Ultimate Hope student, get him to join me, later find one with a talent that can help me brainwash people, which I would use to despair-hypnotize a class and make them into me. Then after killing the steering committee, my boyfriend, and lots of others I don’t care about, I would start the tragedy! Many people will drop like flies and my people will go out and create mayhem for nothing but despair! Then after my class has isolated themselves, with us, from the outside world, I would kill the headmaster, steal our classmates’ memories, and start a killing game, where I, of course, am the mastermind! And, to save the best for last, when my plan gets stopped by some nobody, I will kill myself and feel the best of the best of despair!!! … but that’s just boring,” Junko said, having the most bored expression on her face.

“But… isn’t that what you always wanted?” Mukuro asked, completely confused. “Are you sick? Do you have a fever? Let me check your temperature-”

“Eh, get off me, you stink!” Junko exclaimed, pushing her sister away. “It’s not like something’s wrong with me or anything,” said the girl who loves despair, “it’s just, like, if you already know the outcome of something that should be unpredictable then it’s lost all meaning. Besides, I found out that the Hope Cultivation Plan is called off and that the Steering Committee are in jail.”

Junko looked as if she lost all motivation to do anything, but not in a despair-kind of way that would please her, instead it was just a normal boring way, a way she hated more than anything. Mukuro could tell that, and she knew that she had to act like the older sister at one point, so she wanted to cheer Junko up, but stopped when Junko started laughing out of nowhere.

“This is hilarious! I should feel despair right now, instead I’m feeling nothing!” Junko laughed. “Now I can only live a life where nothing special happens, except when people struggle with love and puberty, and even though it isn’t what I originally wanted, it is still interesting!”

Mukuro had never thought she would see her sister laugh for real, normally her laugh was either an act or a way to make someone who already felt despair feel even worse. At first, Mukuro was surprised by this development, but she also felt a little but of happiness for her sister, and a strange feeling of relief.

Why… am I glad that Junko couldn’t put her plan into motion? Is it the despair? No, it’s something else, Mukuro thought in bewilderment, but she didn’t have time to continue her thoughts as she saw Junko walking forward and wanted to catch up to her little sister.


Now a year had passed, and Junko really hadn’t done anything. If anything weird happened, then it was mostly the prankster from class 79’s handiwork, and if something exploded or got destroyed, then it was usually a certain whitehaired upperclassman’s involvement. If Junko had done something without Mukuro’s assistance, it would break her heart, and normally that would’ve pleased her a lot, but after trying to live a normal school life for a year, the despair part of Mukuro had been reduced in size that it almost can’t be seen.

“I’m not talking about confessing about a crime,” Junko explained before she pointed at her sister and continued, “I’m talking about your feeling for Naegi the shrimp.”

Mukuro’s worried expression quickly changed to a blushed expression and she started to only mumble, “W… Wh… What are… you a-are talking a-about… Junko…”

Junko didn’t have to be the Ultimate Analyst to see through her sister’s horrible poker face. “Despite being able to kill people like no one’s business and eat steak right after, you still aren’t brave enough to be even 1 meter near Gene Eric over there.”

Mukuro looked to the side in shame, knowing what her sister said to be true. Mukuro’s childhood had mostly been about war, fighting, killing, shooting, infiltrating, bombing, destroying, the list goes on. But having feelings for a boy, the first boy who had ever smiled at her, was not something she had ever been used to. In a whole year, where she could’ve made some progress with Makoto, the only thing she had ever done was stalk- Keeping distance from him and observing. Always being a few meters away from him, never tried to start a conversation with him, or even tried saying hey to him.

Junko did not want to act like the supporting sister, but she found it annoying when her sister was like that, and she was looking forward to her date with Yasuke later today, so having Mukuro’s sad expression on her mind was not what she wanted right now.

“If you really want to do something about your situation, the try talking to him,” Junko suggested, but Mukuro’s only reply was to still not look in Junko’s direction. Junko then had a devilish expression on her face as an idea came to her mind. “If you don’t hurry, one of the two girls might snatch him away from you.”

Mukuro’s expression changed to a frightening one, a face that screamed ‘I’m going to kill them!’, and Junko was glad that motivated Mukuro. Junko showed a cheshire smile as she asked, “Then you know what to do, right?”

“Yup,” Mukuro answered as she took out a grenade she had hidden on in clothes, “I have to take out the competition!” She then pulled the pin with her teeth.

Junko kind of knew this would happen, but didn’t really want it to happen, not right now though. “N-No, I have a plan, so you don’t need to kill anyone.”

Mukuro cooled down and had a normal expression on her face when she heard that. “Oh, okay,” she said as she nonchalantly threw out the grenade through the open window.

Meanwhile, a certain tall, lucky student was thinking out loud, “I wonder if trash like me could ever have a chance to be alone with Tsumiki… that would be considered lucky for someone like me-” but he stopped midsentence when he saw a grenade land close to him, and exploded before he could even react, blasting him away towards a nearby wall and hit his head.

“Did anyone hear that explosion from earlier today?” Makoto asked his friend who were around his seat.

“I did, but I thought it was just my imagination,” Taka said. “Maybe it was Iruma’s doing?”

“It could be Mioda-senpai. Maybe she played too loud, and the amplifiers couldn’t handle it and they exploded?” Leon suggested.

“Or Kiibo self-destructed, just like the attempt of Android 1-” Hifumi suggested before getting interrupted by Hiro.

“Or maybe, Ikusaba-chi threw her grenade outside which blew up right next to an upperclassman, which later sent him to nurse’s office?” Hiro suggested, giving him nothing but suspicious looks from his classmates.

“Yeah, no way is that true,” Leon said honestly, while the others nodded. “Also, how did you come to that conclusion?”

Hiro scratched his lower chin as he explained, “Well, truth be told, I tried a little fortune telling before coming to school today, and I foresaw that scene I just told you guys about in my mind, but I also saw something else. Naegi-chi!” Hiro then pointed at Makoto, giving the little student a little shock. “You will see double, and your world will be turned upside-down!”

Makoto had heard a lot of Hiro’s supposedly accurate predictions, and he knew how wrong the older student could be, but what he did not know, was that he would soon start to regret not taking it seriously. “Whatever, Hiro. Also, I’m not paying for that prediction,” Makoto pointed out before leaving his seat.

“Damn it, so close!” Hiro exclaimed.

“It will never happen, Hiro.”

Makoto left the classroom and was waiting to meet up with Junko, who sent him a text about meeting up with him outside class so he could help her with something. “I wonder what she wants my help wi- Oh, hey Enoshima!” Makoto said as he waved over at Junko.

Junko waved back, “Hey Naegi, ready to head out?”

“Sure, what is it tha-…. Huh?” Makoto stopped himself from finishing his sentence when something struck him as weird.

Junko looked a little tense when Makoto started staring at her. “W-What is it, Naegi. Is my charm that overbearing for you?” Junko teased as she posed.

“It’s just… something about you seems… off,” Makoto pointed out and Junko was taken aback a little.

“Well, you see… I started using a new brand of make-up, so it might make me look a little different from what you’re used to,” Junko explained.

Makoto’s suspicious look was still there, making the girl sweat a little out of nervousness, before the boy dropped his earlier expression and showed an innocent smile. “Oh, okay. That makes sense!” he said fully believing it. “So, where are we heading to?”

“Well, ehh,” the girl who claimed to be Junko said as she tried to remember the plan her sister told her.

--5 minutes ago--

“Junko, not that I doubt your intelligence, but…” Mukuro said as she put on a blond-haired twin tailed-wig, “are you sure this plan will actually work?”

Junko shrugged, “Huh, do you doubt your sister’s brilliant plan?” She then took forth her make-up kit and spared no time to put make-up on Mukuro’s face as she said, “It’s true that, despite us being twins and all, we don’t have the same face, or that you have a beautiful body as me, we still have some similarities. Like, our voices sound the same, and with some extreme work with this make-up, you’ll, kind of, look like me. Though you should cover your chest and put some pads in.”

Mukuro had noticed that their voices did sound the same, and she didn’t doubt Junko’s make-up skills, but she still had her doubts. “That might be true, but why do I have to look like you?”

“Because you need to feel more familiar with him, and your shyness is one of the main factors that stands in your way. Since your shyness comes mostly from self-consciousness, if you act like me and get closer to him, then you will get more used to him,” Junko explained as she put the finishing touch on her sister’s face.

Mukuro understood the plan better now, and some of her doubt had disappeared now, but she was suspicious of her sister. Not the same kind of doubt she has when she gets a drink form her and she wondered if there was poison in it, but a different kind. “But why are you helping me?” Mukuro asked.

Junko hesitated as she had a neutral expression on her face before she showed her usual weird grin. “Because we’re sisters, sister!” she answered as she thought, And so that I can go on my date without thinking of you, and so that I might be able to see you feel despair from a possible heartbreak.

What a great sister, right?

“Thanks Junko,” Mukuro said in a happy tone that almost made Junko feel real happiness for her sister. Maybe she’s actually trying to be nice? Mukuro thought.

“Whatever. Now, I’ve sent Naegi a message about meeting me, meaning you, outside class to help me, again you, with something. So, see ya later,” Junko said as she waved goodbye to her sister and was on her way to leave.

“W-Wait, are you not going to keep an eye on me?” Mukuro asked.

“No, of course not! I’m having a date with Yasuke!” Junko answered happily before she left out of Mukuro’s sight.

Well, makes sense she wouldn’t change that fast…

Not surprising.


“I’ll tell you more about it when we reach there, for now let’s walk together,” Mukuro suggested, trying her best to keep up the façade to fool Makoto.

“Oh, okay sure,” Makoto said, having no clue whatsoever. “Then we can have a talk,” he said with a bright smile that made Mukuro almost faint from nosebleed, but she hurriedly put her hand to her nose. “You okay?”

“Y… Yeah, totally fine,” she said through her hand, “let’s go.” Her and Makoto then walked through the halls as they began talking…

Or at least that should’ve happened, instead there was only silence between the two. I can’t think of anything to talk about!!! Mukuro thought panickily. I’ve only made it this far thanks to Junko, but I don’t know what to say to ‘break the ice’, as Junko would say. Maybe I should try acting like her?

“So, eh-” Mukuro said as she tried to act like her sister, “have you got any girlfriends?”

Makoto stared blankly back, having no idea how to answer back, and Mukuro couldn’t blame him either. Also, she didn’t know why she just said that. Of all the things I could imagine Junko to say, that one had to be it?! Sure, she would say something like that, but even she wouldn’t start a conversation like that!

Makoto scratched his cheek in embarrassment as his cheeks reddened, even more worrying the soldier. “Well, no, but… it’s kind of complicated…” Makoto said, remembering some the awkward moments he had lately with a certain lavender-haired girl.

Mukuro knew she was blowing it, so she had to fix it, and quick! “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel embarrassed. Act like I didn’t ask you that, okay?” she said as she tried her best to act her like her sister, using the usual smile and the way she talks like a gal. “The mood was really awkward, so, like, I thought it would be fun to prank you a little. Just didn’t think you would, like, be that embarrassed about it.”

Makoto’s cheeks started to go back to their usual colors. “Oh, okay, that makes sense,” he said as he scratched the back of his head.

Even thought it was only five minutes, the two started talking about normal things, like movies, studies, and just mostly what’s hip in this day and age. It was good that Mukuro stalked looked after Makoto and took notes of what he liked and practiced in her mind how her talk with Makoto would be like. Totally normal stuff.

They then proceed to go outside. “What is it that you need my help with that we have to go outside?” Makoto asked, changing the subject of their earlier conversation.

“Like I told you, I’ll tell you when we reach there,” Mukuro said, but she could tell by Makoto’s expression that that curiosity was about to reach its end. “Though, I might as well I tell you,” she said she played with the end of one of the wig’s twin tails. “It’s something heavy that I was asked to move by one of our teachers. What a drag. But I’m only a girl, so I need strong boy to help me lift it.”

Makoto looked relieved now that he finally got the answer to why he was asked for help. But that wasn’t the complete truth, because there was more to the plan.

Mukuro was going to lead him to where the thing she was supposed to lift was, except it doesn’t exist. She will act surprised and confused, and of course Makoto wouldn’t doubt Junko, since they’re classmates. The plan’s sole purpose was for Mukuro to get more used to be around Makoto, even if it would not be long, so it didn’t matter if she didn’t confess already. Besides, confessing here and now would only lead to confusion and make it more complicated than it had to be.

“Oh, okay, but why ask for me? Couldn’t you have asked for Owada’s or Ogami’s help?” Makoto asked.

Mukuro knew Makoto was right, and didn’t think about that at all, but she had to cover it up somehow. “Well… they’re a little scary, so I was afraid of asking them,” she said, but then she thought about a different question Makoto might ask, so she covered up quickly, “and I don’t, at all, trust that dude Kuwata to help me without trying to hit on me. So, out of all the boys; you’re the only one I can trust with this.”

Makoto looked as if it made sense to him, but he wasn’t completely convinced, since he knew there was one person who would always help her and was pretty strong. “What about your sister? Wouldn’t Ikusaba be good enough help?” Makoto asked.

Mukuro’s pretend smile dropped and she started going silent before she said, “S-She was busy, so she didn’t have time. But you’re right, she would’ve been great help with muscle work, but then again that’s all she’s good for…” Mukuro then completely forgot who she was pretending to be. “She’s nothing like her good-looking sister, who has boobs, intelligence, and is more a girl than her brawn for brains sister could ever be. There’s nothing girly about her at all…”

“That’s wrong!” Makoto objected, taking Mukuro completely off-guard. “You shouldn’t talk that way about your sister! Your sister and you might not look the same, but she is plenty girly already! I can tell because I know… I know she has a girly side to herself; she just doesn’t show it much. If she smiled a little more, than she would look cute!”

Mukuro’s blush wouldn’t stop until her head was red as a tomato, not at all expecting to hear those words from her crush. Naegi is defending me! He’s defending me! He even said I’m girly, and that I would look cute! I can’t control how fast my heart is beating!!! Mukuro’s train of thoughts of what Makoto said filled her head so much that there was no space left in her head.

After his big outburst, he realized what he just said and who he said it to. “Please don’t tell Ikusaba I said that. It’s a little embarrassing.”

Once her train of thoughts stopped, she knew that she couldn’t keep on lying to him anymore, he deserved to know the truth. “Naegi, I’m no-”

“Jeez! That Yasuke has the gall to cancel our date due to an emergency operation?! So, a 5-year-old’s life is more important than a date with me! OMG!!!” a familiar voice yelled out in anger, getting the full attention of both Makoto and Mukuro. “Huh?”

“W… Why are there two Enoshimas?” Makoto asked as he shifted his pointy finger from one Junko to the other, completely confused by the situation.

Junko had a surprised expression for once, but it had nothing on Mukuro’s panic expression, so she did what any normal girl would do in this situation and threw Makoto against the nearest wall.

“Wha- ARGH!!!” Makoto yelled before hitting the wall with a *Bam!*

Mukuro, completely panicking, then pulled out a small shotgun and fired it at Makoto, but luckily for Mukuro and Makoto, the shot only fired around the lucky boy, resulting in him not getting harmed. Though, the wall couldn’t handle more, so it tumbled over with Makoto and showed the Nurse’s Office, where a certain white-haired, lucky student was with a purple-haired student.

“Well… that happened…”

Mukuro looked down at the ground, not having her wig on anymore, sitting right next to Junko on a bench. “I had no idea you would go all soldier mode because you panicked. If only that stupid Yasuke didn’t have to save lives… I hope he calls me,” Junko said, leaning back. “Luckily, normie boy has no memory of what happened, but it was still a fiasco you could say.”

At that moment, Mukuro cracked a smile, which was a little unusual for Junko to see. “No, I don’t think so,” Mukuro protested, confusing Junko. Mukuro then thought about the moment when Makoto said all those things earlier, falling even more in love with Makoto than before.

Chapter Text

Tenko had no idea what she was doing. She had no idea why she was doing this. She had no intention of doing this, but here she was, waiting at the train station for a specific person, looking her best in her summer clothes.

“I can’t believe I’m wearing something like this,” she said to herself as she looked over what she was wearing. She was wearing a white summer dress with a skirt that was as long as the skirt on her school uniform, and a blue jean jacket on the outside. She put her hair in a ponytail and a ribbon at the top of her head. “These clothes are too cute for someone like me…”

She was ready for many things in her life when she stepped into the world of Neo Aikido, fighting bad guys, beating harassing guys, and kicking the asses of lowlife guys. But she was not ready to this with any guy-

“Hey, there you are!” A sudden yell stopped her from thinking when she looked over to the origin of the voice. “Gladd to see you’re early, as expected from a member of the Disciplinary Committee!” Taka exclaimed.

Tenko had a good look at what he was wearing, blue jeans, a white shirt, and a black blazer with rolled up sleeves. To be honest, Tenko thought he would be wearing his school uniform, considering who he was, but she didn’t mind what he’s wea-

Wait, what am I thinking?! Don’t be distracted by his nic- I mean, his choice in clothes! I need to prove him wrong! Tenko then pointed at Taka and exclaimed, “Of course I’m early! While you’re… just on time!” She looked at the clock and could see it to be precisely 10 O’clock.

“Well, yeah, we agreed on that time, didn’t we?” the Ultimate Moral Compass asked.

I should’ve known better than anyone- No, just like everyone, that senpai would be here right on time… Tenko thought. But still, just because he’s on time doesn’t mean this is gonna be perfect or anything! He hasn’t even complimented my-

“By the way, you look good in those clothes, Chabashira! It makes you look cute,” Taka complimented Tenko, who was starting to blush.

Damn, he complimented me! Still, speaking of clothes… “T-Thanks… but more importantly, those clothes…” she stated as she pointed at his clothes.

Taka looked over his clothes as he said, “Oh, these? Well, if I had to be honest, these clothes weren’t my idea. Professor Naegi was the one who recommended them to me, he said that wearing a school uniform wouldn’t be polite for an occasion such as this!” Tenko could relate, the clothes she was wearing was Kaede’s idea.

“Well, okay, so should we go?” Tenko asked. “We have to see if this d-d-d-d-d-d-d-”

“Excuse me, but are you looking for the word ‘date’?” Taka asked as he interrupted Tenko’s stuttering, which resulted in her getting her face covered red in embarrassment.

“WHATEVER!” Tenko shouted. “Let’s just go!” The aikido master then proceeded to lead forward, leaving behind the moral compass so he had to hurry up.

That’s right, these two were on a date, but why did this happen? Let’s look back about a couple of days ago.

--A couple of days ago--

Not long ago, Taka proposed a deal with Tenko. To prove that not all guys were degenerates, the two of them should try dating, and if Tenko breaks up with him for trying anything indecent towards her or makes her feel uncomfortable, he would have no other choice but to admit she was right. But if Taka can prove he had been a good boyfriend towards her for a whole year, she would try her best to be nicer towards others of the opposite sex, and never throw a single innocent male out of no reason.

More than a month had passed, and Tenko had learned a thing or two from the hall monitor and had improved a little. She hadn’t used the word ‘degenerate’ as much, she had been little nicer towards them, and she hadn’t thrown any men, yet. But despite all the changes that had happened, she was not satisfied.

I still haven’t been able to prove him wrong! Tenko thought as she bent over her desk, she then looked over at her senpai who was looking through papers. I’m supposed to prove him wrong, but I haven’t caught him red-handed doing anything inappropriate towards me! Didn’t master tell me that males can’t keep their hands away from women once their dating them? So why has senpai not even touched me! …not that I want him to or anything. She really was starting to change.

Taka had done nothing towards Tenko since they started pretend-dating. The only things he did was walk her to school and texting her at night, though he always started with a formal greeting with every text he sends her. He hadn’t even hold hands with her, let alone tried to kiss her. He must be what Gonta always calls himself, a gentleman.

But without Tenko knowing, A month has passed and Tenko had started to see the truth a little more, but still, who knew dating was this tough! Taka was just not used to dating, so he was very inexperienced. His former schools were primarily boy schools, and the schools were strict on no dating. I need to be more of a boyfriend to further convince her, but what can I do! He really was the definition of a virgin.

There must be a way to catch him during anything perverted towards me! And she was the definition to a predator… not the sexual kind.

If only there was an event where it was possible- Wait, that’s it!!!

“Let’s go on a date!” they both proposed at the same time. There was awkward silence for some time before one of them piped up.

“Sorry, you were saying?” Taka asked, having a little red on his cheeks.

“No, it’s fine, you can say what you were saying. You are the senpai, after all,” Tenko stated, making Taka feel a little prouder of her.

Taka coughed into his hand as he tried to propose, “I just thought that we haven’t tried going on a date, and it’s been a month when we agreed on our deal… so if you have time on Saturday this week then-”

Tenko cut him off as she accepted his invitation, “Yes, I’m available this whole weekend! Let’s go!”

Taka was taken aback by Tenko’s enthusiasm but was delighted, still. “Good, then let’s meet at the train station at 10 O’clock sharp!” he announced as he thought, I’ll do my best to convince you!

Tenko bowed her head quickly as she agreed on the timing, “Deal!” I’ll do my best in catching you red-handed!


Now the date hit off, but they both had no idea what to do, since this was a first date for both of them. Tenko thought Taka would act inappropriate, but not only had he been on time, he even dressed nicely and complimented her clothes.

He has to slip up at one point! Tenko thought before Taka said something.

“Maybe we should get something to eat, it is soon lunch!” Taka recommended, in which Tenko nodded, but then an idea came to her mind.

“Sure, I’m in. But don’t choose some ramen place,” Tenko said. “Since you’re my date, aren’t you supposed to bring me to some luxurious place?” Tenko had heard that guys who can’t pay enough are considered to be horrible dates, and she knows that school students won’t have enough money, so in her mind she was smirking in victory.

“Why should I take you to a place like that? We’re only students!” Taka stated with a perplexed expression, not at all noticing he caught Tenko off guard. “I was thinking a family restaurant would be nice, and I did consider paying for you as well!”

Tenko knew Taka was always school ready, but never thought he would ever be date ready. What, did he read a manual on how to be a good date? Tenko thought, not knowing she was almost right.

The day before the date he tried reading a book about dating, but Makoto and Leon could tell that wouldn’t work on a real date, so before Taka would completely trust the dating book, they took it away from him and gave him tips and help on how to act on date. It was Leon’s idea to pay for the food.

It’s like he’s prepared for anything… I shouldn’t be surprised when it’s coming from senpai… Tenko thought as she reflected over who her date was. “A family restaurant does sound nice, haven’t been to one in some time, and you don’t need to pay… I was joking,” she bashfully said before she pointed at him, “but if I catch you talking with your mouth full, chew loudly, or show any bad manners; I’ll leave!”

“Who do you think I am?” Taka asked sweat dropping.

When they reached the family restaurant, they both found a seat and looked through the menu. Meanwhile, Tenko was more focused on something else then what was on the menu card. How can a dege- I mean, how can a boy be this polite. Well, he’s not always polite. He yells a lot, can be annoying, and he sometimes says that stupid ‘in a school environment’ line. But if I look behind all that he’s pret-

“Have you chosen what you want to eat, Chabashira?” Taka asked, not knowing he cut of Tenko’s train of thoughts.

“N-… No, I haven’t chosen, yet,” Tenko answered before she started the train again, What was I about to think there?! This is a man we’re talking about! A man! Sure, he’s not like most men, but… Tenko shook her head to clear her mind, so she could finally choose what to eat. “I have decided now, I’ll take this special tribe hot pot their serving this week!”

“You really love tribe hot pot, huh?” Taka said before he closed his menu and said what he chose, “I’ll take-”

“Wait, how did you know I love tribe hot pot?” Tenko asked, showing some signs of being surprised.

Taka straightened his back as he answered, “Well, to be honest, I’ve seen you eat that every time in the cafeteria,” his cheeks blushed a little when he said, “and you always looked really happy when you ate it.”

“Senpai… are you a stalker?!” Tenko yelled, getting the attention of the other customers, and prepared her fighting stance.

“A-A s-s-s-stalker?! No! I just happen to see you there every time I eat there with Bro and Fujisaki,” Taka said in his defense, and Tenko could hear the honesty in his tone.

“S-Sorry, I know you aren’t like that,” Tenko apologized, and she was honest, because she didn’t accuse him because she was overthinking or anything. She was just panicking and was embarrassed when the hall monitor pointed out her love for tribe hot pot. The way he said it made her heart skip beats.

“So, what are you getting?” Tenko asked, trying to stir the conversation to another topic.

“I thought I would try the same,” Taka said with a smile as he pressed the button to call the waiter.

Tenko thought, He really is trying to be a good date to convince me, yet I have been doing nothing but trying to catch him in acts he won’t commit… Still, just because you act like a good boyfriend doesn’t mean you will ever convi-

Her thoughts were cut off by the must masculine filled voice you would ever hear, “Heya, Bro! Glad to see you here!”

Taka looked surprised as he said with a smile, “Bro, what a coincidence!”

“You can say that twice, Bro!” Mondo said as he returned the smile. But what the two manly friends did not pay attention to was Tenko’s expression that showed disgust.

Of all people it had to be the most degenerate of degenerates! Tenko thought, going back to her usual way of addressing men. And worst of all, he’s friends with senpai… how did they become friends? Their personalities are complete opposites… Wait, that’s not important!

“So, did you also decide to eat here, Bro?” Taka asked.

“Of course, Bro, why else would I be here?” Mondo answered with a wide smile and leaned his arm over his bro’s shoulder. “Their food here is great!” he exclaimed as he laughed, and his bro followed suit.

The whole ‘Bro’ pit is so degenerate-like, and it’s starting to get annoying! Tenko thought in anger. It’s like I’m not even here to them!

Mondo stopped laughing and observed the other person by the table, weirdly it was because he felt as if he’s life was targeted or something. “Hey, you’re that femi- I mean, Chabashira, ain’t ya?”

You were about to say something a simple degenerate would! “Yeah, and you must be Owada-senpai, right?” Tenko asked instead of saying what she was thinking.

Taka coughed into his fist and it got the attention of his bro. “As you can see, Bro, Chabashira and I are on a date,” Taka stated.

The biker released his bro’s shoulder and said, “Oh, sorry for interrupting then, Bro.” He then got an idea in his head, or some place in his pompadour. “Hey, what if we eat together?” Mondo proposed.

Tenko had the expression of someone in shock. Wait, why?! she thought.

As if Mondo read the aikido girl’s mind he explained, “I thought it would be nicer if we all ate together.”

Despite his pure intentions, Tenko did not want any of it. Don’t this degenerate know what a third-wheel is? It would ruin senpai’s and my date! After she thought that, a realization hit Tenko.

Wait, if senpai accepts Owada-senpai’s proposal that would make him an irresponsible date, and that would help me prove him wrong! This is the perf- But for some reason, she didn’t feel happy about that thought, it made her feel… weirdly disappointed.

“Sorry, Bro,” Taka said, “but it wouldn’t be a date if we had one more. Besides…” Taka then directed his gaze towards his date, “I don’t think Chabashira would be fine with it, since she’s still not completely comfortable around men. Being alone with me must be draining for her as it is.”

Mondo could see Taka’s point and agreed, “Oh yeah, you’re right there, Bro. A man gotta reflect over that stuff, so I should go and make sure you two enjoy yourselves.” He then waved off and left to find a different table.

Meanwhile, Tenko was thinking, No, you’re wrong, senpai. I never thought it was draining for me to be with you, in fact I felt… She was then awestruck by a weird feeling in her chest. Why is my heart…

“Everything alright, Chabashira?” Taka asked, giving Tenko a little shock.

She showed an embarrassed expression before she shook her head and said, “It’s nothing!”

The date was over, and most they did was walking around the street and looking at shops. They didn’t talk as much as a normal couple would, but it was mostly because Tenko couldn’t focus on thinking on what to say, she still felt weird since what happened at the family restaurant.

They made it over to the dormitory and was about to go their severed ways to their own rooms. “Well, I don’t know if you found our date comfortable, but I hope you at least had some fun,” Taka said, hoping he wasn’t a complete failure as a date.

“I did have fun,” Tenko admitted looking away in some embarrassment, “and you’re wrong, I didn’t think our date was uncomfortable.”

Something inside Taka’s head screamed out the word ‘cute’, but he couldn’t comprehend why. “I’m glad to hear!” he exclaimed as his cheeks blushed a little.

“But, ending it like this wouldn’t be nice,” Tenko stated, getting the full attention of Taka.

“Then, am I correct in assuming that there is something you want to do before we end our date?” Taka asked, wondering what the girl in front of him was after.

“Yes, and the something I want is…” Tenko’s face got redder as she tried to find the courage to speak further, “for us to call each other by our first names.”

Taka’s face got really red as he almost fell down from shock. “W-W-W-W-We can’t do that! It’s not appropriate in a school environment!” Taka almost screamed out!

“You know, you’re being called by a nickname by many of your friends,” Tenko pointed out, and Taka knew she was right, “also, we’re dating, so shouldn’t we call each other by our first names?”

Taka almost wanted to point out they’re only pretend-dating, but he couldn’t see how it would hurt. “Sure, let’s do that then!”

“But,” Tenko continued, “I’m not gonna call you ‘Taka’, it wouldn’t look serious. So, is it okay, Kiyotaka?”

Taka had never heard another woman call him by his real name, except from his mom, and the way Tenko said it made his heart beat so fast he was wondering if he had too much coffee this morning.

“It’s okay,” he said as he covered his face in embarrassment, “Tenko.”

Because Tenko had never heard her name being said by another man, except her master, she blushed crimson red and ran away fast to her dorm room, and headed straight to her bed. “Why am I feeling like this?!” she asked herself as she screamed into her pillow.

Meanwhile, Taka just stood there and wondered what just transpired. “Did I say something wrong? That must be it, I must have done something wrong!”

They still have a long way to go…

Chapter Text

Before the delightful summer vacation shows up, students go through two trials that’s beyond hell for them. One of them, are the final exams that’s always held before summer vacation begins, and the students must study for them, if they ever want a good summer vacation.

The second one is earning money! For most, summer vacation is about spending a lot of money, using it on food, traveling, and, most importantly, on dates. Which is why that most students take on part-time jobs, but it is always limited for Hope’s Peak students, since they can only work with something regarded to their talents.

But, when your talent is not affiliated to any job requirements, you can get any job that is considered normal or easy. Like a newspaper boy, a delivery boy, or a barrister at a certain café.

“Does it fit, Mr. Naegi?” asked the manager of the café, Haruo Fudo, as he looked at his new employee wearing the uniform required to wear while working at the café.

“It fits perfectly, Fudo, but I don’t now if it suits me…” Makoto answered as he looked over his uniform, which mostly considered with black pants, a shirt with a red bowtie and brown west, and black shoes.

The manager put a hand under his chin as he observed the young lucky student. “In my personal opinion; it looks rather splendid on you, Mr. Naegi.”

Makoto blushed a little, almost thinking the manager was just being kind towards the boy. “Thanks sir. Also, you don’t need to call me ‘Mr.’, I’m the employee here,” Makoto stated.

The manager just laughed, “It’s just a habit of mine, don’t take it seriously.” He then led the way to the door to the staff room, they were right now in the kitchen. “In here are your coworkers. Just like you, they’re also students.”

“Okay, got it,” Makoto nodded. He was in a way excited to see who he was going to work with, but a thought came to his mind that worried him a little and blocked the feeling of excitement.

I sure hope Hajime and Shuichi won’t be here at this café today, they would definitely ask why I started working part-time here. Normally we meet here every week, but I sent a text about meeting at a different time this week, so they shouldn’t be here today. When Makoto took hold of the doorknob, he shook his head, getting rid of the worrying thoughts. Forget about it! I should just focus on meeting my new cowork-

As soon as he opened the door to the staff room, he swore that his jaw dropped to the floor when he saw Hajime and Shuichi in that room, also wearing the uniforms. And they seemed to be equally surprised since they had the same expression as Makoto had right now.

“What are you guys doing here?!” Makoto asked.

“We should ask you that!” The two exclaimed in unison

“I should get even closer to him?” Kyoko asked before she took a sip of her civet coffee. “Aren’t I already close to him?”

“That is true,” Kaede conceded, “but you told me how he has gotten closer to Maizono-senpai, right? Naegi looks like a nice guy, and he is a hormonal teenager, so it would only be a matter of time if you lose your opportunity to confess to his face!”

Chiaki mostly played on her game, but she sometimes said some few sentences, for example, “She has a point, I think.”

Kyoko sighed as she closed her eyes, I have confessed, a lot of times! It just didn’t succeed thanks to those accidents… She remembered the letter incident clearly as she closed her eyes. “You may be right, but what would you propose I should do? We’re already classmates, we call each other by our first names, and he helps me with my detective work. Frankly, I can’t see how him and I could get any closer,” Kyoko stated, opening her eyes and put down her cup of civet coffee so she could her cross her arms

Kaede did not think of that, so she thought for a little before an idea came to mind. “What about work?” the piano girl proposed.

Kyoko had a stoic expression as she heard that. “Didn’t I just tell you that he helps me with my detective work?” Kyoko asked as she took another sip of her coffee.

Kaede did not falter, however. “Tsk tsk, and you call yourself a detective?” Kaede asked as she smirked but dropped it when Kyoko glared at her. “I-I just meant, what about if you both had a workplace for the two of you. A place only for you two. Your detective work doesn’t give you two enough time, right?”

Kyoko thought about that proposal before she consented, “You have a good point. A special place for us both would lead to the perfect occasion of confessing, and, as you said, my detective work doesn’t give me much time to talk about personal things with him, since I concentrate thoroughly on solving the cases.”

Kaede couldn’t hide her smile, feeling she had accomplished something. “Then-”

“But sadly, it won’t happen,” Kyoko stated as she cut off Kaede, who crashed her forehead on the table.

“Why?” Kaede asked she raised her swollen forehead from the table.

Kyoko answered, “Because, a detective can't work the same part-time job as the Ultimate Lucky Student can, who could mostly work as delivery boy or a barista.”

“That’s wrong. A detective can work here, if they can use it as experience to gather intel,” Shuichi stated. “Besides, my uncle’s detective agency is on hiatus thanks to a certain case he’s on right now, and he won’t be back for two months, so I needed to find a place I could work at.”

“Okay, that makes sense,” Makoto admitted as he then looked over at Hajime, “and you’re here because of work too, right?”

Hajime nodded, “Yup, my allowance was getting thin because my dad got fired from work, and who knows when he’ll find another job. I thought about this place since it was close to the academy and we’ve been here a few times.”

Makoto nodded to that reasoning before being asked by Shuichi, “Why are you here, the same reason as Hajime?”

Makoto had a sheepish smile as he answered, “Well, you could say that…” The two other boys looked at him with suspicious looks, making the lucky student quickly give in. “Okay, fine… Summer break is coming by, and I wanted to invite Kyoko out, but traveling money is expensive, not to mention that if I have to be a good date, I need to pay for food and other stuff for her…”

The two boys could understand Makoto at that, they knew they had to as well, eventually. “Please just don’t tell Kyoko or the others. I want to surprise Kyoko, and the others would just laugh at me for wearing this… One of my classmates says that they would prefer me in a butler’s outfit…”

“We promise,” they both said in unison before thinking, But why did you then pick the place closest to the academy?

“By the way, Chiaki?” Kaede asked as she looked over at Chiaki, who was playing her game before pausing it and looked at the piano girl. “Has anything new happened after your date with Hinata-senpai?” The moment the piano girl asked that, her eyes had sparkles in them.

Chiaki had a usual stoic expression before she answered her, “Not much… I think.”

“That’s it?!” Kaede exclaimed. “Hasn’t anything happened between you two?!”

“It’s not like nothing happened after that. We’ve talked more and we’ve played more games together, but besides that, nothing new has happened… I think,” Chiaki said before she took a sip of her drink.

“But what about his answer?” Kaede continued on asking. “Didn’t you say he was about to finally say his answer?”

Chiaki tilted her head as she asked a question, “Did I? I said it could be what he was about to do, but I never found out in the end.”

Kaede couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “But haven’t you tried asking him about it? Hasn’t it been on your mind for some time?”

“Of course, it had, but I think it would be best if he himself came back to it,” Chiaki answered with a smile. Kaede knew Chiaki wasn’t wrong there, she just wished that at least one of her two friends around the table finally got a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Chiaki was thinking, Even so… I want to know what his answer was…

“… and that’s my answer to her confession,” Hajime told his two friends, both of them having a shocked expression. “What do you two think? Too cheesy?”

“No, not at all,” Shuichi answered as he shook his head.

“It sounds like the right answer to me,” Makoto agreed with Shuichi, before turning towards the door when it opened and revealed their boss.

“Sorry to interrupt your discussion, but are you ready to serve the guests?” Haruo asked his employees.

They all stood firm and confident when they exclaimed in unison, “Ready!”

“Good,” Haruo said as he smiled and left the room.

“Now that I think about it, we could talk about our troubles here when we’re on break,” Shuichi proposed.

“That does sound like a good idea,” Hajime agreed. “Besides, we all don’t want the girls to find out about this.”

Makoto looked a little confused when he heard that. “Wait, you guys also want to surprise the girls?”

Hajime and Shuichi looked at each other before answering the small student’s question. “Well, I’m planning on it as well, just like you, but Shuichi has a different reason.”

Makoto looked over at Shuichi as he answered, “If Kaede finds out, she might ask to work here as well, since there is a piano here, but…” Shuichi then looked over to the side, as if he was ashamed of something, “I kind of want some time for myself. If Kaede works here she won’t leave my side.”

The boys looked a little worried at Shuichi, but it was understandable, since everyone wants some time for themselves. Shuichi could see the worried looks on their faces, so he pushed his worries to the side and smiled, “Well, we should start working, or else the boss might get unhappy.”

The other boys smiled as well and tried to focus on getting to work. “Right,” Hajime agreed and followed Shuichi to the door, so did Makoto. As they made it to the kitchen and were about to head out to the hall, one of them remembered something important.

“Wait!” Makoto exclaimed, stopping the other two. “I just remembered something! Kyoko comes here sometimes. Like that day when she asked me out on a date!”

A realization hit Hajime as well when he heard that. “Oh yeah, Chiaki came here at one point, too! When I asked her out on a date.”

“Is it normal for people to ask others out on dates at this café or something?” Shuichi asked jokingly, before a thought came to mind. “Could it be possible that Kaede might come here as well?”

When that was said they all realized what this meant. They’ll find out we work here!!!

When you’re in a group, there would be people who panic, but there was always one that kept a cold head and thought reasonable. “Well, we don’t know if one of them is here today,” Shuichi suggested, which seemed to have calmed the other two.

“Y-Yeah, you have a point,” Hajime agreed.

“It’s not like they would all be here right now,” Makoto also agreed, not at all knowing how wrong he and his two friends were but realized it when they opened the door and saw the girls sitting at a table together.

They’re here!!!

As if someone heard their thoughts, Kaede looked behind her before the door to the kitchen closed quickly.

“Something wrong?” Chiaki asked as she tilted her head to the side.

“No, it’s nothing,” Kaede answered. “I thought I felt a presence of someone dear to me.”

Kyoko nodded as she deduced, “That might just have been your imagination.” Though I felt the same in a way…

Meanwhile, in the kitchen. “Why are they all here?!” Hajime asked his friends in low tone.

“I don’t know!” Makoto answered. “I did think at least one of them would be here, but I didn’t think they would all be here!”

“What should we do?” Shuichi asked. “We can’t just be in here!”

“That’s right!” A sudden exclamation was heard from the entrance, revealing the owner of Noir. “I didn’t hire you so you could hide in the kitchen,” Haruo said as he thought, Though it is fun to see youngins go through the ruthlessness of love~ Seems he knows the reason of the boys retreat.

The boys would wholeheartedly agree with that, but the situation was too much right now. “Can’t we work in the kitchen?”

The owner put a hand under his chin as he was thinking it over. “Sure,” he said, making the boys feel relieved, until he said, “but only two of you, got it?!” The boys gulped, but they bowed and said ‘understood’ as they accepted his offer. “Just decide on who’ll be out there, serving the customers, okay?” He then left the room with a smile on his lips.

“Okay, so how should we decide on who goes out there?” Makoto asked, which got answered by Hajime.

“Why don’t we present our arguments for why we don’t want to? That way we can see who has the lesser reason.”

“Sure,” Shuichi agreed. “Well, like I said earlier, I want to have some space from Kaede. Just a little break, you know? And if she sees me in this, she might try asking for a part-time job here.”

“I want to surprise Kyoko with spending time with her during summer break, so I can’t tell her yet,” Makoto stated.

“The same as Makoto, but it would be a little awkward for me to Chiaki face now, after what I just told you guys about my answer earlier,” Hajime said.

At this point, everyone came to a decision on each argument, We all have a good reason not to go out there! they thought at the same time, remembering that the girls are out there.

“We all have a sound reason, so we have to decide a different way,” Makoto proclaimed.

Hajime looked as if he got a good idea in his head. “Why not Rock-Paper-Scissor?” Hajime proposed. That idea was so common that the boys forgot about it until Hajime presented it.

Makoto didn’t look happy about it, knowing he might not win, since his luck wasn’t really on his side. “Can’t we just find a different-”

“I’m in!” Shuichi exclaimed as he cut off Makoto.

Makoto could tell what was going on. You guys! You know I’ll lose, how could you?! he thought in some resentment, and as if they could read his mind, the two other boys looked at him with smug expressions on their faces.

Don’t take it personally, Makoto, Hajime thought, as if he thought Makoto could read his mind.

This is the only solution! Shuichi thought, getting ready to play his hand, which the others were ready to as well.





The boys were left speechless at the result.


“No way…”

“I won!” Makoto exclaimed as he jumped up and down, shocking both Hajime and Shuichi. “I thought my talent would never let me win in Rock-Paper-Scissor ever, but it finally did!” Hajime and Shuichi could tell his glee not only came from escaping meeting the girls, but more from a long term of losing in Rock-Paper-Scissor. They felt sorry for him.

“So now it’s only us, Shuichi,” Hajime said as he got ready for round two, in which Shuichi just nodded and followed suit.





Shuichi was sweating bullets when he looked at his hand forming that of scissors, while Hajime’s was formed as a rock. “Sorry,” Hajime apologized, knowing that he sent out Shuichi.

Shuichi, who now knew it was inevitable, accepted his role and got himself mentally prepared. “It’s fine. I lost, faire and square. One of us had to do it, anyway,” Shuichi proclaimed as he opened the door and headed outside to the customers, expecting that the girls, especially Kaede, would see him.

“Huh?” But what he did not expect was that Kaede and the girls weren’t at the table they were sitting at before, nor were they anywhere around. “But I thought the guys and me saw them,” he said to himself, wondering over the enigma, before he came to a simple solution.

“Oh, they must have left,” he deduced. “I guess it wasn’t necessary to decide on who went out.”

“And why is that?”

“Because Kaede and the other girls were here. But now that they aren’t, we didn’t need to panic,” Shuichi explained to the person behind him.

“Oh, really?” the person asked, “And who are the others?”

“Makoto and Hajime… Wait,” he said as he started to reflect over what he just did. Normally he would’ve noticed something was wrong right there, but he was so relieved that he did not take in his surroundings carefully.

“I see,” the person said. Shuichi turned around and saw who that person was, and he could instantly identity her.


But before that, let’s go back in time a little.

--5 minutes ago--

“I guess it really was nothing, huh?” Kaede surrendered, finally giving up on figuring out what that feeling from earlier was. “I would be glad if it was Shuichi. Then I could enjoy some time with him,” she said with hearts in her eyes.

Kyoko deduced something from what the piano girl said, and she didn’t think it was positive. “Kaede, didn’t you tell us earlier that you were worried if you spent too much time with him and that it might bother him?”

Chiaki said nothing to the situation, but she nodded, showing that she did follow along on the conversation.

Kaede looked reluctant before she agreed, “Yeah, I did. But still, my heart can’t stop but longing for him… and also,” she continued while looking really sad, “I don’t want to lose him… again.”

Kyoko’s eyes widened when she heard that. “What do you mean ‘again’? Did you date once before?” Kyoko asked, completely confused, since she had no recollection of Kaede ever mentioning she had dated Shuichi before coming to Hope’s Peak.

Kyoko’s question caught off Kaede, because even she was confused why she said that. “No… first time I met him was at the academy… So why would I…” The conundrum kept on racing in her head, until she remembered something else important. “Shoot, I forgot! I have to leave now. I have to go to my part-time job.”

Chiaki turned off her game as she said, “Oh yeah, me too. I need to go now, or I’ll be late… I think.”

Kyoko looked a little surprised, despite not showing it. “You two have work?” Kyoko asked.

“Yeah, I decided to get one, now that summer vacation is near,” Kaede explained. “I found a nice restaurant where I play the piano for customers.”

“But can’t you do the same here?” Kyoko asked as she pointed at the piano not far from where they were sitting.

Kaede shook her head as she explained, “Nope, I figured it would be smarter to work at a place where the guys we like might not be.”

“That does sound smarter,” Kyoko agreed, “since we had occurrences when they appeared here.”

Chiaki nodded to that statement, “Yeah. By the way, I’m working at the arcade. It’s fun, and they let me play some of their games when I’ve done good work.” She then packed her game away as she was ready to leave, before Kaede stopped her in her tracks.

“Wait, let’s go together. I think the arcade is not far from the restaurant I work at,” Kaede suggested before she looked over at Kyoko. “Are you coming with us, Kyoko?”

Kyoko shook her head and explained, “Sorry, as much as I would like to, I have to go to the ladies’ room, and I don’t want to be the reason you two are late.”

Kaede could see the valid in Kyoko’s statement and said before she and Chiaki left, “Okay, see you at school.”

“See ya,” Chiaki said she waved before hurrying with Kaede.

As soon as the girls left, Kyoko stood up from her chair and walked over to the ladies’s room while she thought, Meeting one of them here would create some problems… but what are the chances of that happening?

Little did she know…


“Kyoko Kirigiri-senpai!” Shuichi exclaimed, being totally shocked seeing his upperclassman in both detective work and school right in front of him.

“The full name is unnecessary,” Kyoko stated stoically. “What is necessary is for me to know, is your statement. Why would Hinata-senpai, Mako- Ahem, Naegi, and you panic because the girls and I were here, Saihara?” Kyoko asked as if she was interrogating her underclassman.

Shuichi was sweating buckets; he had never thought of the day where another detective would interrogate him with questions. Normally, it would be him that would ask someone questions either regarding testimony to a case, or when he himself interrogates others, but he was not ready for this. Especially when the female detective was using her fearsome Kirigiri-glare on the male detective, who still have some issues with looking people in the eyes.

“Well… you see,” he said as he was about to testify everything he knew, until he picked up something weird in Kyoko’s earlier statement. “Wait, so you guys were here after all?! Why?!” Shuichi pointed out, which got Kyoko to stop her glare as she realized her mistake.

They both headed outside, not wanting to disturb the other customers. It took some time explaining to each other what was really going on. Since they both kept secrets from each other, it was only fair that they both were earnest, since there might be a day when they know they’ll work together. Kyoko started as Shuichi finished.

“So, let me get this clear: You, Hinata-senpai, and Ma-… Naegi all have love troubles, even though you just got a girlfriend, and decided to have your conversations here. And by some stroke of pure coincidence, all of you got a part-time job here. And when you all three saw me with the girls, you panicked and decided to send one out. Unfortunate, that one was you, Shuichi Saihara.”

“That’s about right. Meanwhile, you needed help with confessing to Makoto, and when you just so happened to be a witness to Kaede’s confession to me…” Shuichi blushed a little. “You thought she might be able to help you, and so did Chiaki by pure chance. Then today, out of all days, you all decided to have a talk here, not having any clue that we boys were here.”

Kyoko just nodded, confirming Shuichi’s explanation. “Correct.”

“But what can this lead to?” Shuichi asked. “Now we both know the truth, and you should know now that Makoto like y-”

Before Shuichi could finish his sentence, Kyoko took her hand up to interrupt him, “Enough about that. But concerning this predicament, it’s obvious we can’t tell the others.”

Shuichi nodded; he knew the boys wouldn’t forgive him so easily. And of course, Kyoko was in the same boat. Right now, this was a secret only between the two detectives.

“So, should we just act like nothing?” Shuichi asked.

“No,” Kyoko answered, showing a smirk that worried Shuichi a little. “From today on, we are now accomplices, so it stands to reason that we should help each other.”

Shuichi couldn’t believe he was hearing this from a detective he admired. “Help each other? What do you mean?”

Kyoko flipped the right side of her hair to the right as she explained, “You’ll help me with getting Makoto to make some more advancements on me and hint him that he should soon confess to me.”

Shuichi was really wondering if he was talking to an Ultimate Detective here. “B-But didn’t you want to confess to him? And also, what would you help me with?”

Kyoko looked at him with her usual stoic look as she answered nonchalantly, “Of course, I want to confess to him as well, but it doesn’t hurt for him to make some moves either. Regarding your incentive, I’ll keep what you said a secret from Kaede.”

“That’s all?!” Shuichi exclaimed, feeling like he got the short end of the stick. “This doesn’t feel right to begin with, I don’t want to manipulate an upperclassman who has been nothing but kind towards me.”

Kyoko nodded, “Yeah, I’m not proud either, but…” she flipped her hair to the side as she stated, “to get the love of a person, you sometimes need to take risks, isn’t that right?”

Shuichi couldn’t help but feel that that sentence belonged to a more serious scenario. “Still, I have to decline. I can not be a part of this.”

Kyoko blinked as she said, “Okay, if that’s how you feel, then there is nothing to do.” She then picked up her phone as she asked him, “By the way, my kanji is sometimes rusty, but how do you write your name? Kaede needs to know who I’m referring to.”

“Okay, I’m in! Just don’t text to her about what I said, please!” Shuichi begged as he bowed.

Kyoko smirked in victory and put away her phone. “Good, then let’s shake hands to put a seal on the deal,” Kyoko said as she took out her hand.

Shuichi took and shook it, feeling like he made a pact with the devil. Though, he knew that wasn’t the case at all. He could tell that Kyoko was telling the truth when she stated earlier that she wasn’t glad that she had to blackmail her underclassman, but love does crazy things to a woman, and Shuichi knew all about it. He had taken cases of jealous girlfriends who had suspicions on their boyfriends cheating on them, and he had seen a new side of Kaede since they started dating, so he couldn’t really blame Kyoko for acting like that.

After finishing the handshake, they both went their separate ways, not knowing what this agreement would bring in the future but was something they would both look back on every time they met for work.

Though, the manager didn’t look happy when he saw Shuichi return. “Mr. Saihara,” Haruo said with a smile on his face, while it was obvious to see that he wasn’t happy, “you need to tell me when you leave to take a break outside, when I clearly stated that I wanted some work here.”

Shuichi thought minutes ago that his troubles couldn’t get any worse, now he stands corrected with even more work and some scolding.

Chapter Text

As the Ultimate Animator, Ryota Mitarai knew when something would not continue. Just like how a manga had to end short, or how an anime couldn’t get a second season. It was all about how it good it was. The better it was, the longer it continued like a certain pirate manga, but if it couldn’t go with the expectations of the auditions, than it ends really short like the series no one ever hears about ever again.

Ryota classified his date with Tsumugi as something that wouldn’t get a sequel, since he ended the date rather fast and just ran away. That’s why he never thought he would get a second chance…

Until he forgot that some series get a second chance, sometimes sooner than expected.

“I hear that a new anime movie from your favorite animator will be out in the theaters this weekend,” Tsumugi told Ryota in the halls. “So, are you busy this weekend?”

Ryota couldn’t stop but fidgeting as he answered, “Well, I-I’m not really busy, but-”

“Great,” the cosplayer interrupted as soon as she heard what she needed, “then it’s a date.” She then smiled as she turned around and left. “I have to go back to class, but I look forward to our date. It’s on Saturday and the movie starts at 11 O’clock.”

Ryota could do nothing but wave back and surrender to his fate. And here I thought she lost interest in me…

As Ryota walked back to his class and still wondered why Tsumugi hadn’t given up, a voice behind him greeted, “Oh, hey Mitarai-dono!”

Ryota looked back and smiled as he saw the Ultimate Fanfic Creator. “Hey Yamada, how’s your project for the exams going?” Ryota asked.

“It is of course done, even earlier than expected. Of course, it is no surprise considering it is the Alpha and the Omega you’re talking to!” Hifumi boasted, using his deep voice before he toned it down. “Actually, I came with a more important matter to discuss.”

It piqued Ryota’s curiosity. “What is it? Did something bad happen?” Ryota asked as he tilted his head.

Hifumi had a very shocked expression. “How could you forget, Mitarai-dono?! It’s true that exams might have been on your mind, but we’ve talked about it before! As your best nerd friend, it is good that I reminded you!” Hifumi exclaimed as he pointed at Ryota, who was sweat dropping.

Ryota still wondered how he became friends with the obese man in front of him. It is actually a funny story.

Remember that otaku who stalked Tsumugi before Ryota intervened? Yeah, that was Hifumi. The day after that happened, which Ryota didn’t tell Tsumugi about, Hifumi confronted Ryota at the school, and just as Ryota thought the nerd in front of him would beat him up, he instead asked for his forgiveness and an autograph.

Ryota must have a thing to be asked for his autograph by otakus…

Hifumi even came clean when he told Ryota that he was only ‘following’ Tsumugi, because she was wearing the outfit of one of his favorite characters. Tsumugi’s cosplay was so realistic that Hifumi believed he was seeing the real deal, so he followed her to confirm his belief, only to be tackled by Ryota and later held in for questioning by Nekomaru.

After that day, Ryota and Hifumi became friends, or as Hifumi referred to as ‘Two Souls Who Have Traveled Through Dimensions To Finally Meet!’ Until he shortened it to ‘Best Nerd Friends’ by Ryota’s request.

“What was it? Sorry, I must have forgotten about it…” Ryota apologized, knowing his mind must have been occupied by Tsumugi’s invitation.

Hifumi exhaled through his nose as he explained, “We have a marathon of Demon Angel☆Pretty Pudgy Princess this weekend!”

Ryota blanked when he heard that, knowing that would intervene with his movie date with Tsumugi. “Wait, can’t we just record it for a different weekend?”

Hifumi almost looked angry when he yelled, “Damnations! Don’t you know that watching it right where it is, scheduled to cancel other of my favorite shows, is the pinnacle of an anime marathon?!”

Ryota should have known it wouldn’t be easy to convince an anime enthusiast as the Ultimate Fanfic Creator in front of him. “No, i-it’s just that something else came up,” Ryota explained.

Hifumi went silent before he adjusted his glasses and asked, “Mitarai-dono, does this ‘something’ have to do with…” he finished with a deeper tone, “a female?!”

Ryota almost squeaked and only answered with shaken his head.

Hifumi went back to his usual voice as he laughed, “I’m just messing with you! You and a woman? Like that’s gonna happen.” Ryota had no choice to agree, not wanting to make his friend angry at him. “That of the 2D is disgusting, and they find us disgusting as well, so why shouldn’t we treat them the same?!”

Ryota knew he couldn’t tell Hifumi the truth, the Imposter would be okay with it, but the obese man in front of him was different. “No, of course it wouldn’t be a girl. I just have something else to do with my other friend.”

“You mean the Ultimate Imposter?” Hifumi asked. “Well, that’s fair. He’s been longer friends with you than we have.”

Ryota was surprised, he thought Hifumi would be more tenacious than that. “Are you really okay with that?”

Hifumi nodded as his glasses reflected the light, “Of course! We’re friends! Comrades in arms! We shouldn’t stop each other from our other duties! So, you’re hereby free to have fun with your other best friend!”

Ryota couldn’t believe how understandable Hifumi was, it started hurting in Ryota’s chest from guilt. He’s such a good friend, and here I am lying to his face! How I could be like that?!

The guilt, despite only being there for only 10 seconds, started to spread in his body until he bowed as he apologized, “Sorry, I lied! The Imposter and me don’t have any plans! I was scared to tell you my real reason!”

Hifumi just sighed as he said, “It’s okay, my best nerd friend.” He stepped down and grabbed hold of Ryota’s shoulders. “You can be honest with me. Whatever you say, my body will be harder than any orichalcum!”

“Yamada…” Ryota said he looked up before he stood up. “Okay, I’m glad to hear that. It’s because I was asked out on a date by Shirogane from class 79.”

Hifumi had the most serious, biggest shocked expression on his face! As Ryota kept on explaining about Tsumugi, the date from a few weeks ago, and how she might like him, Hifumi heard nothing of it as his anger kept on growing.

“But I don’t think she actually lik- Huh?” Ryota stood still as Hifumi grabbed hold of Ryota’s shoulders again, but this time menacing.

“You’re going on a date?!” Hifumi asked with a tone that was new to Ryota but was even more terrifying than his other voices. Ryota thought he might need a new set of underwear for what was coming next, but he just closed his eyes, fearing the inevitable. “Then go on that date, you idiot!”

But he wasn’t ready for that.

Ryota opened his eyes, blinking in confusion. “But… I thought you hated the idea of dating someone from the 2D world?”

Hifumi released his friend as he proudly admitted, “Of course, my love will only be that of the caliber of the 2D. But if a girl can accept you for you, then it means she’s a saint who can accept you and your hobbies!”

“Wow, thanks Yamada!” Ryota felt some happiness from hearing that, but… “But there might be a possibility that she doesn’t really like me…” Ryota said as he looked down.

Hifumi swore that he was about to punch one of his only friends right now. “Don’t think that and get ready for your date, you doofus!”

Despite Hifumi’s encouraging words from earlier, he felt regret for losing a person to watch the marathon with. “Who am I gonna invite to that marathon instead? Mitarai-dono was the only other otaku-friend I could think of…”

“Oh my~ I never thought a pig ever had worries,” said a black-haired girl harshly, which got the attention of Hifumi.

Hifumi could instantly tell who that high-class tone belonged to! “Celestia Ludenberg?!” Hifumi squealed.

Celeste played with one of her bangs as she asked, “Why the full name? Celeste is just fine. And having that expression on your face is most unwelcome. It’s as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

The Ultimate Gambler, Celestia Ludenberg, was considered to be one of the most untrustworthy people at Hope’s Peak, known as the Queen of Lies. To Hifumi, she was a nightmare. He did fancy her because of her unique style in clothing and her attitude, it reminded him of one of his favorite anime characters, and that she exclusively asks for his services, despite always receiving nothing but horrible treatment back. Hifumi was fine with it for a year, but after finally having enough, he stopped serving her royal milk tea, and treated her the same way he treated other girls, either being a weirdo towards them or finding them repulsive for being 3D.

“It’s none of your business, Miss Bunny!” Hifumi pouted, not wanting to associate someone of the 3D.

Celeste just giggled, but Hifumi could tell she was a little angry behind that smile. “Oh, you think a pig like you can hide things from me? Your brain must be as big as the number of girls who like you,” Celeste said in a rude manner. “You were wondering who you wanted to watch that anime marathon with, right?”

Hifumi looked shocked when he heard that. “How in Medaka’s Box could you know that?!”

Celeste tilted her head and smiled, “Oh Yamada dear, you best not know.”

Hifumi pouted, “Mmph, as expected from Miss Bunny, the Queen of Lies.”

Celeste sighed, “I prefer Queen of Lies over that first, ridiculous nickname to any time.”

“But what would you use that info to? Mock me?” Hifumi asked, almost as if he challenged her or something. “Go ahead! My brain and heart have created an impermeable shield to protect themselves from soul shredding words!”

Celeste did not look amused as she commented, “It’s a wonder how you can say such outlandish nonsense, and shouldn’t that ‘shield’ protect your soul then?” Celeste then went back to her usual smile as she stated, “No, I’m here to help you, my former servant.”

Hifumi did not believe her, only having doubt in his eyes. “And why, pray tell, would you wanna do that?”

Celeste just smiled, “What a stupid question; I just wanna help my former servant.” That did not clear away the suspicion in Hifumi’s eyes.

“Sure-” Hifumi said as he looked away, that was if he could, but Celeste’s hard grip on his jaw made it almost impossible.

“Look!” Celeste practically yelled at Hifumi. “When I say I wanna help, then I’ll help! Got it, you fucknugget?!”

Hifumi would say yes, but right now he could only squeal out of fright, but the gothic dressed girl took that as a yes. “Good,” she said as she released his jaw. “Now, tell me what this show is about?”

Hifumi, having no other choice, told her about the anime, what the story plot and genres were, and how many episodes it would be. “So, who do you think would possibly want to watch it with me?”

Celeste played with one her bangs as she was thinking it over, until she finally said, “Well, there is no soul on this school who be as big as an anime fan as you, excluding Mitarai-senpai.” Hifumi looked down in the dumps when he heard that. “But if we don’t include the fact that it is an anime, then it is possible to pick some students.”

Hifumi practically had sparks in his eyes when he heard that. “Yippee!” Hifumi cheered, before he was cut off by Celeste.

“Settle down, that doesn’t mean the number is high.” Hifumi looked a little confused as he looked over at Celeste. “They need to be okay being near you.”

Hifumi looked a little shocked by that remark, but in his heart, he knew she was right. He had no friends before he came to Hope’s Peak, and there are still some people who aren’t comfortable around him, especially the girls. “I can’t think of a single one!” he exclaimed, basically giving up at this point.

Celeste smiled, the same smile she had on when she had the perfect hand in poker or the right combination in a game of mahjong. “Yamada dear, you just need someone who has been near you many times. Someone who has been able to tolerate you for a year, and might, as some of the other students would say, give a shot watching what you like.”

Hifumi started seeing the light, and he could finally think of the perfect person in mind to watch that marathon with. “Miss- I mean, Ludenberg-dono, you have shown me the way, and I know who to invite.”

Celeste smiled as she asked, “Oh, and who might that person be?”

“Makoto Naegi, of course!” Hifumi answered, not paying attention to what could be a shocked expression on Celeste’s face. “He doesn’t seem to find me weird as some of the other guys do, and he has helped me with my personal manga project one time, so it makes sense I would ask him.”

Celeste wasn’t saying anything, she just stood there and smiled.

“Thank you, Ludenberg-dono. How can I repay you for your sudden kindness?” Hifumi asked.

Celeste kept the same smile as she answered, “You don’t need to pay me. Though, if it wouldn’t be much trouble,” she then brought forth an I.O.U. pamphlet from her pocket, “when you make it big, you would owe me about 60% of what you will earn from your piece-of-trash work.”

Hifumi retorted, “How is that not much trouble?! I would lose a lot of hard-earned money! Also, do you always have an I.O.U. pamphlet on you?!”

Celeste just giggled her usual laugh as she said, “I was merely just jesting with you. But you can repay me by calling me ‘Celeste’ like the others do.”

Hifumi didn’t look agreeable to that proposal, he’s more comfortable calling people by their last name, but he did owe Celeste, and this couldn’t become blackmail like with her victims, so it was better than nothing. “Sure, Celeste-do-”

“No ‘dono’.”


“Good,” she said as she smiled. “Well, hope you and Naegi have a good time,” she said before she waved him goodbye.

Hifumi was starting to see why his friend Ryota was entering the world of 3D. “Hmm, maybe real girls aren’t that bad, after all,” Hifumi wondered as he scratched his chin.

Meanwhile, behind the school, the trash cans were knocked over by a girl wearing red shoes. “That stupid pig!” the girl yelled. “First, he leaves my side, and now he chooses some normal guy to spend time with, especially when I gave him those hints!” She kept on that outburst as she stomped on the trach cans.

Once she was done, and the trash cans were a complete reck and unrecognizable, she sighed and composed herself. “Well, it’s not that bad,” she stated to herself. “Now he’ll at least call me by name, and I won’t give up. The game is not over!”

Chapter Text

The former Ultimate Housekeeper, Chisa Yukizome, was a certain woman with many charms: her smile, positive attitude, and her many ways to threaten her students with her pair of Wakizashi. It was with those charms that had given her such popularity as the homeroom teacher of Class 77-b. But today, she had a serious look on her face. That was because, she had a special announcement for her rotten oranges, an announcement she at the same time had been looking forward to and at the same time not.

“The exams are coming up soon, however…” Chisa hung her head, as some of the other students were gulping, before she raised her head and showed a wonderful smile, “are you all ready for summer vacation?!”

As soon as that exclamation was heard, the students cheered and jumped, pumped to spend the next one to two months of vacation. Before Chisa became the homeroom teacher of Class 77-b, everyday was basically summer vacation to them, so it became mundane to them, but now it had become more important to them.

Chisa wiped the tears from her eyes with her handkerchief as she sobbed, “I’m happy you all look forward to it… but I’ll really miss you little rotten oranges…”

Mahiru smiled sheepishly as she pointed out, “But summer vacation is still a month away…”

Chisa then put down her handkerchief on her desk with a thud, as she said enthusiastically, “Now, I know it’s early, but as you all know, we usually prepare for an activity we’ll all do as a class before you all go home to where you come from.”

Everyone had a smile on their lips as they heard that, and who could blame them, those events were always fun and entertaining. Well, in their eyes it was…

“But, not to be a party-pooper, but we have to tune down a little…” Chisa announced as some of the students had questionable looks on their faces, as if they had no clue what she was on about.

As she could tell on their faces, she took up a clipboard as she read out loud, “There had been reports about property damage due to a fight between two students,” Akane and Nekomaru almost jumped, “brought dangerous animals with them,” Gundham looked to the side, “not to mention, all the sexual harassment…” Teruteru looked proud. “There are lots more and they were all at one place: the indoor pool during last year’s summer event.”

Some of the students looked guilty, while the rest acted as if it didn’t concern them at all.

“That’s why; I think it’s fair we have the most honorable student in this class to pick out where we should go this final year,” Chisa announced as she lifted her pointy finger up in the air before it fell down and pointed at the student she mentioned. “Hajime Hinata!”

Hajime had a shocked and puzzled look on his face as he pointed at himself and asked, “Me? Why?”

Chisa simply smiled and declared, “Because you’re one of our class reps, and…” she then looked at the other students as she said, “you have been the one with the best behaviors here.” Hajime couldn’t help but mentally agree with her. “So, do you have any place in mind for our final summer event as class 77-b?” Chisa asked with a kind smile, not knowing how heavy the responsibility she gave Hajime was.

Hajime was about to mentally panic before he saw Chiaki smile and nod at him, giving him the peace of mind, he needed to suggest an event. “What about going to a summer festival?” Hajime asked.

They all stood silent, even Chisa, making Hajime think his choice was poorly thought of, until he heard the cheers from his classmates. “That is a delightful idea, my little rotten orange! My students actually went to one when I wasn’t with them two years ago, so I’m glad to come with them this time!”

Hajime’s smile came forth, without him even realizing it. Seeing all of his classmates being happy for his suggestion, brought forth a warm feeling in his chest, making him realize how much happy he truly was in this class.

After class was over for the day, Hajime and Kazuichi walked outside Hope’s Peak to lie down in the grass while looking at sky with the drifting clouds.

“Man, a summer festival, what a sweet idea, Hajime my man!” Kazuichi praised Hajime. “Even though it was the most cliche choice of them all, it still was a good one.”

Hajime didn’t know if that really was a compliment, but what he was more caught on was that something was missing from Kazuichi’s statement, giving him a confused expression.

“Hey Haj, why are ya looking at me like that?” Kazuichi asked, feeling a little creeped out.

“First, I don’t recall ever accepting that nickname,” Hajime annoyingly remarked, “second, it feels kinda weird to hear you say that.”

Kazuichi wondered, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I was expecting to hear you say, “I can’t wait to see Miss Sonia in a yukata” or something like that when you thought about the summer festival,” Hajime explained while Kazuichi just had a perplexed expression.

“Hey, you’re right,” Kazuichi agreed. “Seems I’m over from how I normally talked about Miss Sonia.” Kazuichi smiled proudly, meanwhile Hajime didn’t want to remark how he called her ‘Miss Sonia’ there.

“Still, why did you choose that then? Do you like festivals or something, or do you want to see Chiaki in yukata?” Kazuichi asked with a toothy grin.

“No, that’s not why!” Hajime 50% lied. “It’s where I’ll answer to her confession.”

Kazuichi had a surprised expression on his face as if he was scared out of his mind, though it was mostly meant as just being surprised. He rose his back up as he looked over at Hajime to his right and asked, still in shock, “Wait, you’ve finally reached your answer?! Then why not just go to her and say it?!”

Hajime inhaled and exhaled through his nose before he could answer, “I want it to be special, and I thought that during it under a festival or something would make it better than in a school or a town.”

“You know, she confessed to you in a classroom, right?” Kazuichi pointed out, “So, you don’t need to make it that special.”

“Still, I want it to be in a place that’s right for me, just like how she thought it was right for her when we were in that classroom alone.” Kazuichi could see the honesty in Hajime’s eyes when he said that, believing that Hajime was being serious.

Kazuichi shrugged, “Whatever, if you think that’s the right choice, then it’s good. I’m just glad that you beat her in that game, or else you wouldn’t have come to your answer.”

Hajime looked confused. “What are you talking about?”


Meanwhile, Chiaki and Sonia were talking in a special garden outside Hope’s Peak, handled elegantly and delicately by none other than the former Ultimate Farmer, Daisuke Bandai. Daisuke built it one year ago with the help from the Ultimate Botanist, when he last visited the academy. Sonia had since then used it as a place to have tea parties with some her friends, and right now she was drinking tea with Chiaki.

Sonia slammed down her teacup as she exclaimed, “Why didn’t he say it?!”
Chiaki wondered as she tilted her head, “What do you mean?”

Sonia almost sulked as tears ran down her face, “Soda! He didn’t say “I can’t wait to see Miss Sonia in a yukata!” or somerhing like that!” Chiaki agreed she was also expecting that to happen, even though she knew Kazuichi was no longer interested in Sonia.

Chiaki said, “I think you’re overreacting, it’s not like he didn’t say it because he hated you or something. Also, I thought you weren’t interested in him like that, so why does it bother you?”

Sonia wiped her tears away as she wondered about that herself. “I don’t know why, but ever since I rejected his confession, I’ve started to feel weird every time I see him or think about him.”

Chiaki was starting to see a pattern here, but it didn’t make sense to her, but then again, she knew that feelings were a complicated matter. She couldn’t tell Sonia her opinion on how it sounded, she knew Sonia had to realize it herself, just like Chiaki did with her feelings towards Hajime.

“Speaking of confessions,” Sonia said as the tears were gone and sparkles were in her eyes, “had Hinata told you his answer yet?”

Chiaki just shook her head. “Nope, he hasn’t.”

Sonia looked disappointed as she sighed, “And here I thought a date would get you two even closer, instead you’re acting like my neighbor country. They still hadn’t accepted our weapon trade deal…”

As much as Chiaki wanted answers to whatever that was about, even she knew that curiosity could kill.

“It’s fine,” Chiaki insisted, “I can wait as long as it takes.” Except she was 50% lying there.

Chiaki had expected it would take some time, due to Hajime being indecisive and having low self-confidence, so she tried her best to be as patient as she could. But her patient was about to run dry, like the container of a game character’s HP, only having 1% or lower left. She was starting to get even more impatient than when she is waiting for the newest game. At this point she basically wanted to go straight up to his face and ask him, but she knew that wouldn’t help, and she feared it might end up making Hajime dislike her.

“That is naïve!” Sonia objected, getting the jump on Chiaki, despite not showing it on her stoic face. “Do you think my country don’t take actions when nothing is done?! We strike first and strike hard!” Chiaki sweat dropped hearing all that, but then again, she knew Sonia had a point there. “Also, aren’t you afraid Koizumi will strike as well?”

Chiaki flinched when she heard Mahiru being mentioned. “What do you mean?” Chiaki asked.

Sonia took a sip of her tea as she answered, “Haven’t you noticed? Koizumi has gotten closer to Hinata, and I don’t think she wants to get closer to a man without intentions.”

Now that Chiaki looked back on it all, she did see Hajime hang out with Mahiru sometimes, though it looked very friendly on Hajime’s end, it probably wasn’t that way Mahiru’s perspective. Chiaki didn’t think much about it, nor did she think a challenger would appear. It’s true that Mahiru did show up with a lunchbox she wanted to share with Hajime, which worried Chiaki in the beginning, but because Mahiru didn’t try much and Chiaki didn’t think much about it after that event, she wasn’t really accepting of the fact that the red-haired girl would be a threat. Then again, she didn’t want to think any one of her classmates as an enemy.

“I trust Hajime.” Chiaki said with conviction, surprising Sonia a little from hearing her sure she was. “Even if Koizumi does have feelings for him and she confesses to him, he wouldn’t just accept her confession without replying to my confession first.”

Sonia could tell Chiaki was scared, but her conviction shined through, enough to even make Sonia believe in her. Mostly because, she didn’t add ‘I think’ in her sentence.

“You mean I should confess to him during the festival?” Mahiru asked before she took a new bite from her dessert.

“Yep,” Hiyoko answered as she put a piece of a Japanese version of ice cream in her mouth.

The two girls were right now in a traditional Japanese tea house, one of Hiyoko’s many favorite places to eat Japanese traditional desserts.

P.S. she doesn’t drink the tea there. Too bitter for her.

Mahiru still wondered how she was getting love advice from Hiyoko in the first place, she even knew Hiyoko never had a boyfriend, yet her advice hadn’t been wrong. Though some her tactics had been extreme, like that time with the cleaning.

Mahiru blushed slightly as she said, “S-Still, confessing to him in front of so many people! I can’t-”

“I never said you had to confess to him in front of other people,” Hiyoko pointed out as she pointed her spoon at the photographer, before she pulled it back and waved it in the air as she continued explaining, “you just need to lead to him a secure place where no one can interrupt you two.”

Mahiru could see that to be slightly less embarrassing, but the mental image of her and her love interest being alone under the night sky, while fireworks are fired and exploding into beautiful colors, only spreads the red on Mahiru’s face even further.

“It’s good that you have made sure Hinata-onii looks a little more at you. That way he has some affections towards you, and with a confession in that situation, then there is no way he could decline,” Hiyoko deducted.

Mahiru wondered how Hiyoko had so much knowledge about all that, it’s as if she herself has someone she…

“Hiyoko?” Mahiru asked, receiving a nod from the traditional dancer as she took another bite of her dessert. “Do you have someone you like?”

As soon as that question was asked, Hiyko spited out her piece of the ice cream and started coughing. “Me, have a crush on someone?! Please!” she denied. “There is no way I would like that weirdo!”

Mahiru smirked, “So it is someone?” Seeing Hiyoko blush like crazy made her revenge taste sweeter to her than the dessert she had in front of her. “Who is it? Someone from her class?” She wasn’t going to let down anytime soon.

Hiyoko, still blushing, turned her face to the left as she said, “As if any of those weirdos are like hi- I mean, shut up! How could you tease me like that, Mahiru-onee?!” She started crying, making Mahiru feel a little guilty.

“Okay, I’m sorry, really,” Mahiru apologized with a sheepish smile, but it didn’t seem to be enough for Hiyoko. “What about this; if you forgive me, I’ll do anything you say, only for today.”

“You mean it?!” Hiyoko asked with a big smile, and the tears were gone. Mahiru nodded, which just widened Hiyoko’s smile. “Okay, then you have to confess to him at the festival, okay?”

Mahiru did not think of that…

A part of Mahiru wanted to decline, but she did promise to do anything for the little girl right now. Besides, she knew it would only be a matter of time before it would be too late for her. She had to strike now before Chiaki does!

“Also, I want you to go shopping with me so we can buy yukatas to us for the festival.”

Mahiru looked a little confused. “I know I need one, but why do you? Don’t you have a whole closet full of Japanese clothing?” Mahiru asked.

Hiyoko then started fidgeting, as if she was embarrassed. “Come a little closer.”

Mahiru leaned in so Hiyoko could whisper in her ear, revealing a more surprising secret than Hiyoko having a crush.

“You have grown?!”

Back to the two boys, Kazuichi was beyond surprised on what he thought was the reason Hajime asked for a 1 v. 1 fight against Chiaki. “Didn’t you challenge her so you could think you could be someone worthy of her, like you told me days before your date with her?”

Hajime rose up a little as he explained, “Yeah, it was true that I challenge with a motive in mind, but I didn’t do it to think I had to be worthy of her, I did it to test something.”

Kazuichi looked perplexed as he asked, “Test what?”

Hajime looked at the sky as he answered, “If I really love her and could spend my life with her.”

Kazuichi was speechless, but his widened eyes showed his surprise, not a goofy one he usually shows, but a more serious one.

“I know how important she is to me, she helped me overcome my complex with not having a talent, she gave me a better life here at the academy, and most importantly…” he shook his head instead of saying the last reason. “The important thing is, I think I want to stand by her side for a long time if I want be her lover. That’s why, I had to make sure, if I really love her, and could live up to being by her side, which was why I asked her to compete with me in that game. Winning or losing wasn’t important to me, just seeing if it was possible to be by her side and my love for her, knowing that I could be happy everyday with her.”

Kazuichi had to take all that in for a few seconds before he could ask, “So, what answer did you reach?”

Hajime, still looking at the sky, answered, “My answer is… yes, nothing would make me happier than by being by Chiaki’s side as her lover.”

Kazuichi had a big smile, showing all of his teeth. “That’s great, man! Now that’s my soul bro!”

“But I won’t accept her confession,” Hajime continued as he stood up and walked away.

“Yeah, oka- Wait, what?!”

Chapter Text

A path is always opened for whoever prays for their dreams, beliefs, or desires. In many religions, a path is meant as a way to believe in something that gives your life purpose. For Kiyo, his path had always been hidden from the masses, where many believed his path to be about learning the many ways of anthropology, and ropes, but his true path was to give his deceased sister 100 friends. But recently, his path had been blocked, and he was starting to burst with all the bloodlust that filled his veins. Which was why he had finally decided to send a new friend to his sister.

Kiyo, wearing black Japanese traditional clothing, which was his usual clothes, was hiding in the masses to find his next victim. People tried to ignore him due to his appearance with the mask and bandages, but he was glad that they didn’t pick up the murderous intent he was trying to conceal.

I need to send some good girls to Sister now, or she’ll be displeased! Kiyo thought. But I can’t kill some stranger I don’t know about! What if they turn out to be ill-mannered girls, who’ll be a bad influence on dear Sister?! And the children are non-passable, she needs friends that are close to her appropriate age! Who is perfect for Sis- Kiyo stopped in his thoughts when he spotted a blue-haired girl, who he recognized.

Tsumugi Shirogane?! What is she doing around here? As Kiyo wondered, his questions were answered when he saw the light brown-haired man by her side. I see, Kiyo thought as he put his hand to caress his face, so Shirogane is on a date, how splendid! As her friend, I wish to congratulate her… by letting her see my sister.


“I’m glad to see you came, senpai! I’ve been looking forward to this movie date!” Tsumugi happily said while blushing slightly.

“T-That so? T-Then I’m glad,” Ryota nervously said, he still didn’t accept the reality he was in.

None of the two had noticed Kiyo’s presence, which worked completely in his favor.

The walk to the movie theater wasn’t long, but they conversed well until they got there, or at least that was what should have happened. Tsumugi tried her best to start a normal conversation with Ryota, but due to his nervous and shy nature the only things he could answer back with was ‘okay’, ‘right’, and ‘that’s good to hear.’ Still, she wasn’t mad at him, in fact she found it cute how flustered he could be, but she wished he would feel comfortable on this date.

Maybe watching the movie will help? And just like Tsumugi thought, Ryota looked brighter than he did before and had some excitement in his eyes. Seems I have nothing to worry about.

Ryota turned to Tsumugi as he thanked, “Thank you for inviting me, Shirogane. And here I thought that it was nothing but a delusion from the lack of sleep.”

Tsumugi just laughed, “Don’t be silly, why wouldn’t I invite you out on a date?”

Ryota blushed. “There’s no way this is d-d-d-d-d-d-d-da-”

“Date,” Tsumugi finished for Ryota, making him even redder in the face as he covered his face. “Sorry, I couldn’t stop teasing you.”

Ryota looked up as he felt some relief. “So, this isn’t a date after all-”

“Nope, it definitely is one,” Tsumugi stated, not stopping him from blushing. As Ryota was about to object, he was silenced when the blue-haired girl took hold of his hand. “Well, we should order our tickets.” She took the frail-looking boy with her as they went to the reception, having no idea they were followed.

Kiyo deduced as he observed, So, it seems that the seemingly plain Shirogane is the more assertive one in the relationship, if they even are dating, that is. They remind me of a couple in my class. Shirogane’s interest in anime and manga might not be the best influence on Sister, but she is kind and has some interest in fashion, so she could be a good friend to Sister.

He listened in so he could hear what movie they were choosing. Oh, The Water Flows? The animated movie about a true story, and is said to leave many with tears, sounds like a beautiful movie for those two… and the last she’ll ever see. As an underclassman, I feel sorry for Mitarai-senpai, but someone has to take the fall.

As soon as the two anime fans got their tickets and went in, the anthropologist walked up to the rection and ordered, “I would like to buy tickets for The Water Flows, please?”

The receptionist nodded. “Sure, and where do you wanna sit?”

Kiyo thought about it as he put his hand to his mouth. I’m not completely sure where they’ll sit, but I have to make sure they won’t notice me… “In the backrow, thanks.”

The receptionist keyed on the computer as she asked, “So backrow tickets for two, then?”

Kiyo looked puzzled as he wondered, “Two?” He then looked to his right and saw a familiar platin-haired, brown-skinned girl with a smile on her lips. “Yonaga! What are you doing here?!”

Angie just smiled as she innocently answered, “Why? Because Atua wanted to see a movie, and as his vessel, Angie couldn’t refuse. Then Angie looked over and saw you, Kiyo, and Atua said to join you.”

Kiyo said with some amusement in his voice, “Oh really? What a coincidence,” as he thought, Curse that God of hers! So not only is her God protecting her but also others?!

Angie shook her head. “Nope, it’s all in Atua’s plan, so why don’t we watch the movie together?”

Kiyo knew that having her along would bring nothing but bad luck on his conquest of bringing friends to his sister, just like the experience from when he tried to kill Angie. He did find her interesting, and had gotten closer to her, but right now wasn’t the time to bond!

“Sure, but I don’t think the movie is anything for you,” he stated, hoping she would back off. He didn’t want to reject her offer, so he had to convince it wouldn’t be interesting for her.

“Angie believes the movie would give Atua great inspiration for making more art, he did say it was this exact movie Angie should watch!” Angie explained.

So, she was already planning on watching that exact movie?! He thought in anguish. “Then let’s watch the movie together,” Kiyo said, mentally giving up on sending her away.

“Yay! Atua is glad!” Angie cheered as she paid for her part of the ticket.

Ryota couldn’t feel comfortable in his seat, despite how comfortable it literally was. He was fidgeting like nobody’s business, his hands were sweating, and he couldn’t focus on the commercials shown on the big screen. Why am I shaking so much? It’s just watching a movie with a friend… despite the fact that she said it was a date- No, there’s no way it’s a date! I shouldn’t get my hopes up-

Ryota got pulled out of his thoughts when he felt a hand on top of his left hand. It was so soft and warm that it relieved him of all his stress and worries. He looked to his left to see Tsumugi smiling at him.

“There is no need to worry,” she said, comforting the worried animator. “If it helps; it’s my first movie date, too.”

Ryota looked a little surprised when he heard that. “Really? Still, you must have been on many dates during middle school, right?” Ryota asked as he scratched his cheek with the only free hand he had.

The cosplayer shook her head as she smiled, “Nope, never been on a date with anyone but you! The guys at my former schools were not my main interest, since I was more interested in making my costumes and watching the newest episodes of my favorite anime.” She then looked to the side with some sadness in her eyes as she continued, “Besides, no one would like a plain girl like me…”

“That’s not true!” Ryota protested. “There is no way a beautiful girl like you is plai-” before he could finish his sentence, he realized what he just said and shut himself up. It didn’t make it better for him when he could hear chatter behind him. “S-Sorry…”

Tsumugi said nothing as her whole face went pink of embarrassment before she could muster out a single sentence, “T-There’s no need for that… it was sweet.”

None of them had taken account of the fact that their hands were still on top of each other, they just laid back and relaxed as the movie started.

Kiyo, on the other hand, couldn’t relax as he kept an eye on his target but couldn’t move from his spot. He was glad that Angie hadn’t taken notice of Tsumugi, but it would’ve been easier for him if she wasn’t around. It’s unfortunate I can’t move in closer without rousing suspicion from Yonaga, but if I follow my back-up plan, then everything will go fine, he thought as he went over his plan.

The plan was simple, just wait until Tsumugi goes to the bathroom and tell Angie that he has to go as well, then when the timing is right, he sends the cosplayer to his sister. He, of course, had another plan, where he waits for Angie to go to the ladies’ room where he will have free room to kill Tsumugi. That’s right! The plan involves the use of the toilet!

… something seems wrong about that last part.

Anyway, this just shows that Kiyo won’t give up on his conquest, but weirdly enough, even with all that planning, he doesn’t seem to be as motivated as he was before. Why am I… considering to not go through with this? I want to send friends to Sister, but why have I lost all motivation to carry on? As if he already knew the answer to that question, he looked to his right and could see Angie, enjoying the movie with observant eyes. Is it her?

Is my dear brother giving up on me? a feminine voice said in his head, which gave him a shock. He looked to his left, where there should be an empty seat, he sees his sister with his face with lipstick on. Is my brother forsaken me, for another girl?

No, what are you talking about, Sister?! Kiyo thought instead for talking. Yonaga is nothing to me!

And now my sweet Korekiyo is lying to me, his sister of all people. I expected better things from you. Despite the smile on his sister’s lips and her playful tone, it was clear that she was saying was nothing but venom.

What do you mean, Sister?

I have seen how you’ve hung out with her instead of sending her or any other girl to me, it’s clear to anyone you care for her more than you think.

Kiyo could do nothing as he widened his eyes, realizing how right his sister was right now. He remembered how happy he was when he talked with Angie, how they shared their vision on religion and art, and how, out of all his classmates, he finds Angie to be the most interesting person.

So, it’s fine if you don’t send her to me.

Kiyo had what seemed to be a surprised expression on his face as he asked his sister, R-Really?

His sister smiled as she said, Of course, anyone who Korekiyo cares for, I should care for as well. As that was heard in Kiyo’s head, he felt relief until she continued and had an ominous smile on her lips that made her look like a demon. But only if you can send that blue-haired girl to me. I like her, so she might become a good friend to me.

Kiyo felt conflicted, but in the end, he had to do what his sister said. So, ignoring his original plan, he took out a hidden knife he had on him and was ready to stand up from his seat.

That’s right! Send more friends to me and make me happy!

Kiyo thought emotionlessly, T-That’s right! This is all for Sis-

“You shouldn’t do it,” Angie said, stopping Kiyo before he rose from his seat. Kiyo looked over at Angie, still watching the movie as she said, “Atua warned me that you would do something terrible, something that you don’t want to do anymore. Atua is glad that you changed for the better, little by little, but he would be sad to see you go astray.”

Kiyo had no idea if Angie knew what she was talking about, if she knew this whole time and acted like nothing until now, or if this God of hers actually did tell her the truth about Kiyo. But one thing he was sure about, was that what Angie said made him calm down and feel free.

“Angie has no idea what Atua means by your earlier deeds, but Angie is sure that she has trust in you, Kiyo,” Angie said as she finally looked at him with a pure smile.

Kiyo felt something wet on his cheeks and took his hand to check what it was. He could tell right there that it was his tears, something that hadn’t been shown on his face since the death of his sister.

Did I… cry?

He soon turned his head over to where his sister was sitting, now only seeing an empty chair. He felt sad for not seeing his sister, but without fully understanding it, he felt relieved. That feeling made him relax and sit back so he could enjoy watching the movie with Angie next to him.

As the movie was now over and done, Ryota, not running away this time, followed Tsumugi over to the dorms.

“Thanks for inviting me, Shirogane,” Ryota thanked Tsumugi.

Tsumugi just shook her head, “There’s no need for that. I was having a good time as well.” That smile for hers just reddened Ryota’s cheeks. “Well, see you in school,” Tsumugi said as waved goodbye and went into her room.

Tsumugi laid back in her bed as she said to herself, “Seeing Mitarai-senpai with such a wonderous expression as he watched the movie just made me fall even harder in love with him, and the best part is that he didn’t move his hand away during the movie.”

So, she did notice.

“I look forward to our next date.”

Meanwhile, as Mitarai walked to his dorm room he though convinced, I’m sure there won’t be a next time!

The path between this couple will be tough, but will they overcome it?

Chapter Text

At his former high school, Leon was consistently worried for how his exams would go, he knew he wasn’t an honor student, or a good student at all. That’s why he had nothing to worry about at Hope’s Peak, since Baseball was the same as taking a walk or spelling your name. So, he had nothing to worry about with the exam, but that doesn’t mean that nothing worries him.

Right now, as he walked over to the music room, he looked at his phone to check the time. 15:15, so I’m almost on time. Can’t believe that I’m actually coming on time for something, I didn’t even come on time for practice when I was on the baseball team. Or when I come to class… He then looked at the date, which got his worries to reach greater heights, even greater than his winning streaks.

It’s today, huh? Leon thought. Today that our band will have to break up…

Leon than started going back memory lane.

--1 week ago--

“What do you mean we have to break the brand, which are one are you talking about?! There are so many we can’t choice! I don’t wanna go up against the big C or P, they’ve fought each other since the 80’s!” Ibuki exclaimed with a horrified expression.

Koichi and Leon sweat dropped before Koichi coughed in his left hand as he corrected her, “’Band’ not ‘brand’, and I didn’t mean it like that, I meant, since what you have can be considered a club under normal school regulations, your band needs to have the same number of members as clubs normally have.”

Leon did remember that being a rule in Japanese schools, but since he was always forced into the baseball clubs, he never really took notice of it. If he did, he would’ve told Ibuki eons ago.

“But I’m the Ultimate Musician, and I can play all instruments, and I have Leon-chan over here,” she said as she pointed with both her index fingers over at Leon, “who still needs training!”

“Don’t say that last part if you’re trying to defend our band!” Leon retorted.

“Still,” Koichi interrupted as he took forth a flask, “it doesn’t matter if you could play all five instruments, you’ll not be considered a band. You need at least three more members before next month, or else the headmaster will have no other choice than to disband you guys.” He then turned his back to them as he took a sip from his flask before he said, “good luck” and left the music room.

Ibuki sat down on one of the chairs with her head in the palm of her hands as she sighed, “I can’t believe it…”

Leon had never thought he would see Ibuki of all people to look down, so he joined her and sat down next to her. “Yeah…”

Ibuki continued, “I can’t believe he would drink during school hour; this isn’t happy hour!”

Leon nodded, “Yeah- Wait, what?! That isn’t the point!” He than sat up, getting the full attention of his upperclassman, who looked at him curiously. “Isn’t the fact that our band getting dissolved an issue to you?!”

Ibuki stood up and narrowed her eyes as she stated, “Of course it is!”

“Then why aren’t you more worried about than the fact that Kizakura-sensei is drinking on the job?!” Leon asked.

“Because drinking on the job is a big no-no!” Ibuki answered, in which Leon would’ve agreed, but couldn’t since he took the band situation seriously. “And Ibuki already thought of getting more members.”

Leon looked puzzled from hearing that. “Wait, what?”

Ibuki raised her chin, and her nose grew as she explained, “I thought of it for some time, and now we have some motivation behind it!”

Leon sweat dropped as he deadpanned, Then why didn’t you do it before today? He then asked, “Then why didn’t you say that to Kizakura-sensei, instead of insisting it could be fine with only the two of us? Don’t tell me you forgot it or something…”

Ibuki shook her head condescendingly as she stated, “I did it so we could buy more time!” She showed a thump up, winked her with left eye, and put her tongue out.

Leon sweat dropped as he retorted, “That would’ve still worked if you said you were about to recruit members!”


And now, a week flew by… Leon thought. She said to find more members, but she said she didn’t need my help, which just worried me. I mean, ain’t no way any normal person would say yes to be a member of her band…

Leon had only spent about two months knowing Ibuki, and even he could tell that Ibuki might not be the best at recruiting people, since not many could deal with her hyperactive personality. Leon wasn’t recruited, he himself asked to join, so he doesn’t count.

With this, we won’t meet up like how we usually do… Leon thought sadly. But maybe, I could use this as a way to prove I want to be closer to her- Wait, what am I thinking? He shook his head to remove those thoughts as he reached for the doorknob to the music room. Mioda-senpai might not show it, but she will without a doubt be sad, so I should cheer her u-

As soon as he opened the door, he was blown away by confetti, and flew straight for about 2 meters before he hit the floor. When he stood up, he saw Ibuki with her usual grin, while she was holding a guitar that was coupled up to a machine behind her back that had what look liked giant confetti holders to it.

“Here he is! Our fifth and final member! And he’s even on time! Here is Leon Kuwata-chan!” Ibuki yelled into her microphone, which could be heard by everyone on the 4th floor.

Leon had to adjust his ears, not only to the sudden confetti explosion, but also Ibuki’s loud exclamation of what could be Leon’s introduction, before he could ask his upperclassman, “What the hell was that about?! Also, what do you mean by “fifth” and “final”?! And more importantly, how do you always get those weird machines?!”

Ibuki smiled proudly as she answered every question she got from her underclassman, “Ibuki wanted to surprise you with the best way possible! Did I surprise you?”

Leon had an annoyed expression on his face as he answered, “More like shocked than surprised.”

“Close enough!” Ibuki exclaimed happily. “To answer your other question; it’s because with you, me, and the other three we make 5.” She pointed behind her, and Leon could see the others she was talking about.

He could see two male upperclassmen and one female underclassman. One of the upperclassmen had brown hair, green eyes and a green tie, meanwhile the other had the look of a person who had 8th grade syndrome. The underclassman had blond hair and a pink west. His mouth stood agape as he stood shocked to see what he thought was impossible.

Ibuki ignored his expression as she said, “And to answer your final question, Ibuki got this from her classmate Soda!”

Leon ignored that as he asked his upperclassman, “How did you find them?!”

Ibuki looked a little disappointed as she tilted her body a little to side. “Leon-chan, you’re asking as if you doubted your upperclassman,” as soon as Leon thought she was dead-on, she suddenly smiled, “as if! There is no way you would doubt Ibuki!” Leon took a sigh of relief. “Ibuki could imagine that Hajime-chan would be good at drums, Gundham-chan can play bass apparently, and Kaede-chan can play the keyboard!”

Leon already knew what talent Ibuki had, but he never thought her talent would help create a band. He really shouldn’t have underestimated his upperclassman. She really can be amazing, sometimes…

Ibuki interrupted Leon’s thought progress as she slapped him on the back, rather hard without her realizing. “So, why don’t you get to know them better, while Ibuki will find the other instruments!”

Before he could get a word in, the musician had already left the music room. “Geez, that girl never stays still, does she?” Leon sighed.

“Well, that’s Mioda for you,” Hajime added while smiling sheepishly. “She’s without a doubt the life of the party.”

“Indeed,” Gundham agreed. “The distorted siren knows not the art of silence or patience.”

Leon looked at Gundham with suspicion as he leaned over to Hajime’s side as he whispered, “Any idea what he’s talking about?”

Hajime whispered back, “No clue, just roll along with it.”

“Still,” Kaede said as stood up from her chair, “Mioda-senpai is inspiring in her own way, being honest and not hiding anything. As fellow musician, I kinda look up to her.”

Leon asked, “So, you’re the Ultimate Keyboard Player?”

Kaede sweat dropped as she corrected him, “No, I’m the Ultimate Pianist. My name is Kaede Akamatsu, and I’m in class 79.”

Leon checked her out, and he thought she looked cute and had a good body. He could imagine trying to hook up with her, but an image of Ibuki in his mind stopped him from further trying that idea. That and Hajime putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Also; she has a boyfriend,” Hajime stated, already knowing what Leon was thinking.

Leon looked apologetic as he apologized, “Sorry for looking at your girl, man.”

Hajime looked shocked as he objected, “Wait, no, I mean- She’s not my girlfriend, I just know her boyfriend, that’s all.”

Leon smiled as he said, “So you’re a real friend, huh? I like that.”

Hajime smiled sheepishly as he introduced himself, “Glad to hear that, I guess. My name is Hajime Hinata, and I’m in the same class as Mioda, and so is Tana-”

“Fool!” Gundham yelled as he interrupted Hajime. “How dare trash like you think he could introduce the supreme being, known as Gundham Tanaka?!”

“And there you have it,” Hajime stated. “And don’t take what he says personal that’s just how he is.”

Leon sweat dropped as he nodded, “R-Right…” And here I thought Yamada was the weirdest one at this school… His eyes then widened as he asked, “What did Mioda-senpai mean when she said she could imagine you playing drums? Are you the Ultimate Drummer?”

Hajime had a sheepish smile as he scratched his cheek, “Actually… I don’t really have a talent, I’m a transfer student from the reserve course. Mioda just said that, because when I met her for the first time, she said that was the best instrument for me.”

Leon nodded; he could easily imagine Ibuki saying something like that, her talent really is not just for show. “That makes sense, and was that the same for the supposed overlord over there?” Leon asked as he pointed at Gundham, who was playing with his hamsters.

Hajime shook his head as he explained, “No, actually, he said, “ordinary beings such as yourselves have no means to understand the basics of this fine instrument, so I shall show you all!” and then he joined our band, which Mioda gladly appreciated.”

Leon sweat dropped as he said, “Oh, so he wasn’t asked, he was just being coy about it…”

“And what do you play?” Hajime asked.

Leon answered, “I play guitar and do vocals too. Actually, it was what I wanted training with, which is why I joined the band in the first place. My dream is to become a rock star!”

Hajime sweat dropped, “But aren’t you already a baseball star?”

Leon sighed, since this was not first time, he ever heard that, “You probably don’t know this, but I. Hate. Baseball! My interest is the career of being a rock star!”

Hajime had no reason to ask for further details, but he was wondering about something. “Then, is that the only reason why you stay with Mioda and this band?”

Leon almost jumped when that question came up, and Kaede looked curios. “I want to know as well. Sorry to say, but you don’t look like the kind of guy who would be able to handle Mioda-senpai’s special quirks.”

“This man has the looks of a foolish punk, but he sure is persistent in following the siren and her antics,” Gundham commended.

Leon felt as if he was cornered, he knew lying would lead nowhere as he had no other choice but to be honest here. He sighed before he said, “I might as well, now that we’re going to be a band… It’s true that senpai can be irresponsible, reckless, annoying, loud, and has caused lots of problems for me and possibly other students… But after spending such much time with her, and learned a lot from her, not only am I proud of her… but-”

Ibuki then opened the door as she exclaimed, “Hey guys, I’m ba-”

“Ibuki Mioda has become important to me, not just as a senpai!” Leon exclaimed, not noticing the very girl he just talked about until he directed his head back towards her. “Ahhhh….”

“I-I-I-I-I-I-Ibukiforgotsomethingsoshehastogonowbye!” she said nonsensible before she slammed the door and left.

Leon tried to stop her, but he was too late, and the others said nothing as they could only stare at their dejected bandmember and sweat drop. “Why am I so stupid stupid stupid?”

Meanwhile, as Ibuki ran down the hallways and held her hands to her blushing cheeks she thought, What was that? Did Ibuki hear him confess?! Nononononononononononono! No way! What will Ibuki do now?!

Chapter Text

Shuichi was sweating as he waited in his chair outside the café, not due to the heat from the sun, but to his meeting with his upperclassman. He then blinked as he could see Makoto in his summer clothes as he approached him and waved at him.

“Sorry I was late, my alarm clock broke… again,” Makoto apologized as he showed a sheepish smile.

Shuichi just scratched his neck as he responded, “That’s okay. That can happen to anyone,” as he thought, But how could it break so many times?

Makoto took a chair and sat down in it. “Still, I found it kinda weird you suddenly wanted to meet with me at this café. Hajime is not here, so I guess it must be something else than usual,” Makoto said as he tried his best to be casual about his secret meetings with his two friends, in case one of the girls were around.

“No, I tried getting Hajime, but he was busy, so I could only contact you,” Shuichi stated, which Makoto nodded to.

“Oh okay, that makes sense. So has anything new happened-” Before Makoto could ask his question, he was cut off by Shuichi.

“Actually, I think we should talk about your relationship with Kirigiri-senpai,” Shuichi proposed.

Makoto looked confused as he asked, “Sure, I’m up for it, but why suddenly about my relationship with Kyoko?”

Shuichi looked like he was about to jump, before he waved his left hand side-to-side and said, “N-Nothing, I just thought it should about you this time. There’s no other reason.”

Makoto smiled as he believed Shuichi’s words, “Oh, okay,” not knowing the detective was lying.

The real reason for the invitation was due to what happened a couple of weeks ago, when Kyoko accidently found out about the boys’ secret meeting and then started blackmail- I mean, started negotiating with Shuichi.

Kyoko instructed Shuichi to invite Makoto over to the meeting, without Hajime being there, and giving him an earpiece and a wiretap. This way Kyoko could listen in and control the conversation in her way.

Kyoko thought as she was sitting at a different table, wearing red wig, sunglasses, and stylish clothes, I don’t really like during something so manipulating, but since confessing normally hasn’t worked for me, and Makoto not gathering enough courage to do it himself, a little push in the right direction shouldn’t be a problem.

Shuichi’s hair hid the earpiece in his right ear, but Kyoko knew that if a third person was there, then it would be discovered at one point, which was why Hajime wasn’t invited.

Kyoko whispered into her own earpiece, “Okay, start with…”

Shuichi nodded slightly as he got his orders, “So, have you tried confessing to her?”

Makoto blushed bright red as he muttered, “W-Well, I-I haven’t really t-tried yet… B-Besides, I don’t know if she actually likes me…”

Both Kyoko and Shuichi deadpanned, I’m pretty sure I do/she does!

Shuichi suggested with a sheepish smile, “But isn’t it worth giving it a shot? I mean, you could at least try.”

Makoto looked down before he thanked the waiter for the cola. “It’s just, Kyoko’s amazing and beautiful! Not to mention cool and smart…” Makoto admitted, not being aware that Shuichi’s gaze was fixated on Kyoko, who was as red in the face as the color of her wig. “… there’s no way she would date a guy who isn’t even close to her level-”

“That’s wrong!” Shuichi objected, getting the jump on Makoto. Shuichi looked surprised too, he just followed what he heard in his earpiece, but he had to wing it somehow. “I mean, we don’t know for sure if she doesn’t like you. You did say that she showed some signs, right? Like when she tried to make you confess, when she invited you out, or when she kissed you on the cheek?”

Makoto blushed when he remembered those moments before he retorted, “But those could have some other reasons behind it…”

Shuichi and Kyoko both deadpanned, Like what?

Makoto then started looking upwards with his thumb and index finger under his chin as he said, “But maybe she did do those things because she likes me… this is confusing…”

Both Kyoko and Shuichi looked a little happy when they heard that and were excited to hear what his final verdict would be.

“I think I will-”

But as Makoto was about to reveal his answer, he was suddenly interrupted by a person who came to his and Shuichi’s table.

“Naegi, thank god you’re here!” Hina exclaimed out of pure relief, surprising Makoto, Shuichi, and Kyoko.

“H-Hina, what’s the problem?” Makoto asked, still a little surprised.

Hina asked, “Do you know where Kyoko is? I really need her help!”

Kyoko in her disguise wondered, Me? Why does she need my help? Did something terrible happen?

Shuichi asked out of curiosity, “Do you mind telling me what it is? Maybe I can help, I’m sorta detective myself.”

Hina closed her eyes to prepare herself before she looked at them seriously and told them, “Someone stole my precious donuts!”

That’s all?! Thought Makoto, Shuichi, and Kyoko.

She continued as she was crying, “Someone stole them my secret hiding place, and when I looked around the school, I found the box in the cafeteria. But before I could celebrate, I found it empty, only leaving crumbs…”

The three students who heard this testimony found it a little silly, but they all agreed it wasn’t nice of whoever did that.

Makoto sweat dropped as he told Hina, “Don’t worry, Hina, I will tell her when I see her.”

Both Kyoko and Shuichi thought, That’s not necessary, Makoto.

Hina wiped her tears away as he said, “Really? Thanks, Naegi, you’re the best.” She then turned around and walked back, before something came to mind and turned back to Makoto and asked, “Reminds me; can you keep a secret?”

Makoto looked puzzled before he nodded his head, relieving Hina as she confessed, “Actually, I tried looking for Kyoko in her room, but when I came in, she wasn’t around.”

Kyoko found that weird. I don’t remember forgetting to lock my door before I left.

Hina continued, “But before I left, I saw her bra on her bed…”

Kyoko was, once again, puzzled, And I certainly don’t remember leaving one of my bras on my bed either!

Makoto wondered as he sweat dropped, “Okay, I follow, but what’s the secret in all that?”

Hina smiled sheepishly as she admitted, “…I broke it.”

Kyoko thought in what anger she had, YOU DID WHAT?!

“I’m not really the most fashionable girl in the class, so when I saw the design on that bra, I really wanted to wear it just for a few seconds. But weirdly it broke at the front,” Hina confessed, genuinely curios on the last part, but the blushes on the boys’ faces revealed the answer.

Kyoko thought, trying her best to hold back her frustrations, I know Hina had no ill will when she did that, but even she should be able to tell the difference in size!

Hina looked as if a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders as she thanked Makoto, “Phew, I knew confessing it to someone would help, now I feel lighter. Welp, I’ll go now. See ya, Makoto, and remember, don’t tell Kyoko that last part!”

Makoto sweat dropped while Shuichi had a complicated expression, as he knew that it wasn’t a secret to Kyoko anymore.

“Well…” Shuichi whispered into his earpiece while Makoto still had to connect his brain to earth, “should we really continue after what just happened? … Kyoko?”

Kyoko had to gather her composure before she could reply back, she wrote a mental note to herself never forget putting her bra in her drawer. “Here’s a thing you should remember as a detective, Saihara; no matter the circumstances, no matter what just happened, a detective never gives up.”

Shuichi nodded on the other side as he heard Kyoko say, “Just keep on the act and ask him again.”

“Roger,” he answered quietly in his earpiece before he asked Makoto, “So, what do you think?”

Makoto returned back to planet earth with that question as he answered, “About Hina breaking Kyoko’s bra?”

“Yea- I mean, no!” Shuichi objected as he blushed a little, “I was talking about your answer about confessing to Kirigiri?”

Makoto answered, still blushing, “Well, even with what just happened, my answer is still-”

“Naegi-chi, thank god you’re here!” a sudden outburst cut off Makoto, almost giving grief to Shuichi and Kyoko.

“Hiro?!” Makoto asked surprised as Hiro went down on all four, as if he was praying.

“Listen, I need your help with finding Kirigiri-chi!” Hiro begged as he put his hands together.

Kyoko wondered, Someone needs my help, again? She listened closer to hear what it was this time. It might be financial problems; I just hope he doesn’t think I’ll sell my organs like he thought Makoto would…

Makoto sweat dropped as he asked, “What is it then?”

Hiro looked seriously as he answered, “I need to know why my money disappears!”

That’s not my job, besides it’s without a doubt your fault! Kyoko thought as if she answered him. Ask Togami for help like that!

Makoto would probably have said the same thing, but he just said, “Then I’ll try to remember it in the future.”

Hiro looked glad as he took hold of Makoto’s hands and said, “Thanks, man, you’re a life saver! I just wish I could’ve repaid you with the donuts.”

Makoto tilted his head as he wondered, “Huh? Why donuts?”

Hiro answered, “Because I found a whole box of them in the cafeteria. I hadn’t eaten a lot due to my finances, so I couldn’t stop but eat them all.”

It was you?! thought Makoto, Shuichi, and Kyoko as the mysteries to Hina’s disappearing donuts were solved.


“So, wait, you didn’t find them in some secret place?” Shuichi asked.

Hiro looked confused as he asked, “Nope, how would a cafeteria be a secret place?”

Kyoko thought, So Hiro just found them, but didn’t steal them from Hina’s secret stash? That means somebody else stole them. Still, Kyoko then showed an impressed expression as she thought, Saihara seeing the contradiction was pretty impressive. He really does deserve to be the other Ultimate Detective. And yet I am here, using him to achieve my goals…

“Still,” Hiro continued, “I’m glad I found you here, though I thought Kirigiri-chi would be here.”

Kyoko almost jumped when she heard that. Wait, how did he know?

As if Hiro heard her, he said, “I used my divinations to locate her, and it said she was around here…” Hiro scratched the back of his head, not noticing how close he was to being correct. “I even used her bra of all things…”

What? Kyoko thought as her eyes widened.

Makoto looked confused as he asked, “W-W-What does her bra have anything to do with divination?”

Hiro laughed as he answered, “Well, it’s a new divination skill I picked up, where I use a medium a person uses to locate them. In this case I used her bra I found in her drawer in her room, and I later left it on the bed!”

It was you who took out my bra?! Kyoko thought with anger.

Makoto had heard many stupid things from Hiro, but that one took the cake. “Please, don’t tell me you thought of using that skill for the exam, right?”

Hiro looked surprised as he answered, “Yeah, how did you?! Are you secretly also psychic?!”

Shuichi sweat dropped both by the conversation in front of him, and from the fact he could feel Kyoko’s anger behind him.

“Anyway, I’ll scram now, see ya,” Hiro said as he waved goodbye.

Makoto looked dumbfounded, not even noticing Shuichi talking into his earpiece, “Kirigiri-senpai, are you there?”

Silence was there for a couple seconds before he could hear Kyoko breathe in and out before she answered, “Yes.”

“Maybe we should stop here?” Shuichi proposed, “I think all this has been stimulating eno-” but he was cut off on the other end.

“No, this is nothing! These circumstances have been nothing but coincidences, and there is no way a third one like those would happen. We. Will. Continue!”

Shuichi remembered at that point how stubborn a girl could be, but this girl was even more stubborn than his girlfriend. “Okay, I’ll try…” he said back before he talked to Makoto, “Hey, are you okay?”

Makoto blinked as he got of his dumbfounded expression and answered, “Honestly, I think I need a little break after hearing all that. Besides, I need to remember telling her that Hina and Hiro need her help…”

Shuichi thought, That part has already been dealt with, in more ways than one… Shuichi was also about to agree that Makoto needed a break, but he remembered what was on the line, or else he would get an earful from Kaede…

“Well,” Makoto said before he stood up, “I should head bac-” but was stopped as Shuichi held down Makoto’s left hand. “Um, Shuichi?”

Shuichi looked at him with desperate eyes as he begged, “Please… just tell me your answer, then you can relax as much as you want!”

The lucky student looked terrified as he started sweating, “S-Sure… You sometimes scare me, Shuichi.” Makoto breathed in and out as he tried getting what composure he had left in his stressed-out body and said, “I-”

“Sorry for interrupting you, Naegi,” Celeste interrupted, almost making both Shuichi and Kyoko fall on their heads. “Do you know where Kirigiri is?”

Kyoko thought, Again?! Why does everyone want my help, and why do they always ask Makoto for my location? Do they think he’s a phone? Actually, just use a phone! Better yet, your e-Handbooks!

Makoto knew that unlike Hina and Hiro, she was actually serious, even though she isn’t using her real name, so he could be sure that whatever Celeste would say wouldn’t be… special. “So, what is it?”

Celeste looked the same as she answered, “I want to play a game of poker with her.”

That’s all?

Celeste continued, “She’s the only one out of our classmates who have a natural poker face, it would be interesting to play a game with her.”

Makoto could see the logic in that statement. “I-I’ll remember to tell her.”

“That would be delightful,” Celeste smiled. “But maybe it won’t be necessary.”

Makoto looked intrigued as he asked, “What do you mean?”

Celeste answered, “I gave her something she might like, though I don’t know if she had seen it yet.”

Kyoko wondered, She gave me something? A gift?

Makoto smiled as he complimented her, “That’s really nice. What was it?”

Celeste answered nonchalantly, “A bra.”

And like that, all common sense disappeared from the three students. Makoto blushed as he asked, “W-Why a bra?!”

Celeste tilted her head as she answered, “Oh my, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. It’s just, with you being acceptable to many of our secrets, I couldn’t stop but being a little honest. Well, now that we’re here, I might as well continue. I gave her a good quality bra that might be in her style and put it in her drawer, on top of all her other bras, so it would be taken first. I though she would use her sleuthing skills to figure out it was me.”

Kyoko deduced, That would mean that the one Hiro took out was the one Celeste gave me, which later got broken by Hina! Hiro could have taken it out since it was the one on top!

Makoto then asked, “But how did you put it into her room?”

Celeste smiled as she answered, “Simple, I asked Fujisaki for his help. He was easy to mani- I mean, to convince. Though, on hindsight, I might have forgotten to close the door.”

“I’m pretty sure you were about to say ‘manipulate’,” Makoto stated.

“Hm, what are you talking about?” Celeste asked as if she had no idea what he was on about. “That reminds me, I have another thing I have to be honest about.”

Kyoko was starting to have enough of all this as she thought, Another thing to confess? What do they see him as? The Ultimate Priest or something? What could it be this time?

Celeste confessed, “I took Hina’s donuts from her secret stash.”

IT WAS YOU?! three students thought at the same time.

Celeste looked dumbfounded as she could see the surprised looks on Makoto’s and Shuichi’s faces. “I know it wasn’t pleasant of me, but it shouldn’t be that surprising.”

“Oh yeah, right,” Makoto said as he laughed on it. “But why did you do it?”

Shuichi wondered that too, as far as he could tell, Celeste didn’t look like a donut eater.

Celeste continued her confession, “I saw Hina one time putting her donuts in the storage room, hidden behind the track suits…”

Of all places to hide them… Kyoko thought.

“Then, I suddenly started craving some common food, don’t tell anyone,” she said directly to Shuichi, “and I wanted some of those donuts. So, as I made sure no one was around, I went into the storage room and stole them. I then took them with me to the cafeteria and took delight on some of them, but then I heard the footsteps of someone, so I ran away to the kitchen and hid. When I came back, the box was empty, only leaving crumps…”

Kyoko thought deadpanned, So, it was all connected… Celeste not only stole Hina’s donuts, who Hiro ate later, but she also planted a bra in my drawer, which Hiro used for his divinations, which got broken by Hina… And here I thought my cases were tough to deal with, this is too much of a mouthful.

“Well, I would say I feel freer now, since I confessed. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but being honest have its perks,” Celeste said, which Makoto and Shuichi just sweat dropped to.

Meanwhile, Kyoko took in that last part in what Celeste said. Being honest has its perks? Maybe she has a point… Kyoko spoke into her earpiece, “Saihara…

As Celeste waved goodbye, Makoto didn’t look as tired with the other confessions, so he had some energy to tell Shuichi his decision, “So, I think I will-”

But he stopped as he saw Shuichi rise a hand. “There’s no need,” the detective simply said, confusing the lucky student across from him, “you don’t need to make a decision here and now, or confess to her here and now either. You should do it when you feel comfortable and ready.”

Makoto felt relieved, but for a moment he swore that he saw Kyoko in Shuichi’s place, as if it was her who spoke to him just now.

“T-Thanks, Shuichi, but I will find out about it at one point!” He then rose up from his seat and walked back. “See ya next time!”

Shuichi waved back, “See ya,” and then waited for when Makoto was out of sight and felt a presence behind him. “Are you sure about this, senpai?”

Kyoko took off her wig as she answered, “This is the right way, it was wrong of me for trying to push Makoto.”

Shuichi smiled proudly of his upperclassman, but then wondered, “But what changed your mind, was it what Celeste said?”

Kyoko showed a smile as she answered, “That, and from hearing the others as well. Maybe none of the events would have happened if I didn’t try this scheme. It felt like I was being punished, and I agree that I deserved it.”

Shuichi, again, smiled at his upperclassman, knowing that to be how a real detective should be, and was looking forward to the moment when they get to work together in the future.

Chapter Text

The one thing that schools prepare you for, but you still fear them to your very bones. The moment, many students wish never happens, but is necessary for the future and improvement! And it is held, even at Hope’s Peak!

The exams!

“Kaede Akamatsu,” announced an examiner, “regarding to your performance…”

Kaede swallowed nervously, getting ready for the results of her hard work…

“You have passed with flying colors!” the examiner exclaimed in joy. “I can’t believe you could play the most modern-day song this year and transform it into classic!”

The examiner next to him nodded, “Indeed! It usual takes weeks for some pianists to convert one genre into another, but this song had only been released two weeks ago!”

The female examiner to the left complimented Kaede, “To convert one genre into another in such short time and play it so beautifully; you definitely deserve the title of Ultimate Pianist!”

Kaede smiled to their praises as she thought, It really was a coincidence when I heard that song and got inspiration to make a classical version of it… I just didn’t expect it to be the thing that helped me pass!

Kaede then bowed as she left the stage and so did the examiners. Koichi looked over from the podium as he whistled, “That really was quite a show! I knew she had the talent the moment I heard her play. This class 79 really is something else.”

He could then see Kaede running happily over to Shuichi and embraced him in a loving and happy hug. He smiled as he said to himself, “And they sure are enjoying their youth.” He then took a drink from his flask and put it away as he saw the next student enter.

The next student was someone no one could ignore due to his huge presence and his kind and innocent personality. Everybody knew him as the Ultimate Entomologist, Gonta Gokuhara.

“Looks like it’s the giant insect man’s turn… honestly; not looking forward to what will happen…” He started having memories of when that particular student released a horde of insects on school ground, frightening the other students. Though, he didn’t do it to terrorize the students, but to make them like insects, and because some purple-haired student tricked him.

The examiners, who were expect entomologists and bio scientists, were looking forward to what they’ll see, especially when that student in front of them was holding a jar and was smiling. The same kind of smile that a child has when he wants to show his new favorite toy to everyone in class to show-and-tell.

The old examiner in the middle, who had a serious expression on his face asked, “Name and talent.”

Gonta answered happily, “Gonta’s name is Gonta Gokuhara! Gonta’s talent is Ultimate Entomologist!”

The examiner thought, This huge child’s smile is irritating me! It’s as if he doesn’t understand this situation, but I’ll put some sense into him! “I hope you have something interesting to show us, or else it will be dire!”

Gonta asked confused, “Gonta don’t understand! How could what Gonta have turn into “dire”? Also, Gonta doesn’t know “dire”, is it new insect?”

The examiners looked more confused than Gonta, wondering if he was being honest or sarcastic, where many knew he was the first one.

The man in the middle said annoyed, “Never mind, just show us what you have in your jar.”

“Gonta would gladly, but first Gonta has one more friend to show.” He showed his bug box to the examiners and explains, “Gonta wants to introduce this new bug. Gonta thinks you all know this bug, right?”

The man in the middle nodded, “That’s correct, we know of it. It’s new an insect that showed up three months ago, and we named it Parvulus, which in latin means The Little One, since it was so small, but not microscopic. Besides its size, nothing is special about it.”

Gonta said, “Gonta is sorry to say, but you wrong.”

The man turned bitter, being corrected by a student, who wasn’t good at speaking.

“Really?” the man asked challenging. “And how are we wrong? Have you found out something new about this specimen, which my team of experts, who had examined it for many months, couldn’t find?!”

Gonta looked scared, but when he thought of insects, and a special someone, he got the courage to stand on his feet. “No, Gonta could not find anything new about this bug…” The old man smiled smugly, “at its now stage!”

The man in the middle looked intrigued, wondered what he meant, until a thought came to him, Does he mean…?

Before the man could ask Gonta, the long, brown-haired student said, “Once bug here goes into its instars, bug here becomes a beautiful butterfly-like insect with many colorful wings!”

The man in the middle stood up as he objected, “That is preposterous! No way would my team have missed such an experiment! A metamorphosis for that kind of insect is beyond ridiculous!”

Gonta objected back, “No, not ridiculous!” He then turned on a button on his insect box and lights were turned on in the box. “Gonta found out this bug needs right light and right temperature before it can begin its instar!”

The examiners next to the man in the middle looked intrigued, while the man thought it was nothing but a waste of time, but as he saw that tiny insect make a shell around itself, he was left speechless. After only 30 seconds, the pupa started to break, and out of it came a special insect with wings that looked as beautiful as the ones on a butterfly, though the body looked a little different.

While the four examiners were beyond surprised, the man in the middle couldn’t believe what he was seeing, not believing that a mere student could find out something him and his own team couldn’t find out.

The man in the middle stood up and explained, “No way that was possible, it must be fake, since we have never seen a thing like that in public! Where are the others, one mere example isn’t acceptable!”

Koichi looked disapproving at that man, and so did the other examiners. But before anyone could object to what the man in the middle said, Gonta spoke up, “Oh, you want to see the others?”

The man in the middle looked puzzled, as he just saw Gonta open his jar, and with it came out more than thousands of that kind of insect, surprising the man as he was spectating over how beautiful it looked. He could instantly tell that they were the same as the one in the insect box.

“Gonta thinks that these bugs hid well and make them selves flat. That is why they fit in this jar even if the jar is not big,” Gonta explained.

The man in the middle thought as he looked at those insects, Maybe I misjudged him… How low have I sunken…?

After Gonta called out for his insect friends and got them back in the jar, the man in the middle stood up as he announced, “Gonta Gokuhara, you have passed the exam… but!”

The others looked scared by that ‘but’, and Gonta turned worried, but the old man smiled.

“I wished the name would be more fitting, especially with this new revelation! So, as it is you who made this discovery, what would you name it?”

Gonta smiled as he answered, “Gonta already thought of that, since Parvulus sounded sad. Gonta likes Flospulli!”

The man in the middle looked intrigued, “Oh, Flower Chick? That’s a peculiar name, but not bad. How did you come up with it?”

Gonta blushed as he answered, “A friend helped me with that bug, she was big help…”

The old man smiled as he announced, “I like it! From here on this insect is named Flospulli!”

Gonta left the scene as he imagined that particular person and wondered, Why is Gonta’s face getting hotter?

As the next five examiners showed up, Koichi leaned back as he felt impressed. Gokuhara’s display was more beautiful than I expected, really! To follow it up was Chabashira, who showed her skills and fought against both men and women. I still find it hard that that was the same girl who accused me of sexual harassment… And then Saihara made a great presentation of a case that was hard to figure out, even for one of the best police forces!

Koichi looked down as he saw Shuichi kissing Kaede. He smiled at the sight, but something was aching him as he looked closer. Probably just my imagination… Now, who’s ne- Oh no!

He frowned as he saw a blond-haired girl dragging an object with her. It was 2 meters tall, cubic-formed, and was cloaked. After the girl placed her mysterious object in the middle of the stage, she coughed into her hand as she was ready to present her project.

“Fingers and Fappers, you all know me as the golden brained genius, Miu Iruma! And I’m ready to show my newest inventions to all you fuckers!” Miu shouted vulgarly, getting nothing but grimaced expressions from not only the examiners and the spectators, but also from the very man who scouted her.

Koichi looked at his flask as he said to himself, “I need more than this to withstand this nightmare… I just hope she didn’t create something offensive… again!”

Miu pulled away the cloak and revealed an iron box. Miu explained, “This box contains my newest inventions! Originally, I thought of using the insect box Gonta showed earlier to my presentation, but I thought it was fucking lame!”

Many wouldn’t think so, Koichi deadpanned.

“I will now open this box with my special key, not to my chastity belt, if I even wore something like that!” Miu laughed, and of course no one laughed with her.

Miu inserted the key into the lock and the box fell apart, showing something that impressed the examiners and the audience, not to mention Koichi as well. “Wait! Isn’t that…”

They could all see a person, hovering from the ground, equipped with high level gadgets and whatnot. A canon on his right hand, a jetpack on his back, and a scouter on his left eye. But most importantly, they could all notice who that person was.

“I’m terribly sorry that Miu forgot to mention it during her introduction, but this was meant to be a dual exam, so I’ll introduce myself as well,” the polite boy(?) apologized as he began his introduction. “I’m the Ultimate Robot, K1-B0, but people call me “Kiibo”, and I would like to show my adjustments to these equipments as my project.”

Miu cut in as she finished, “And I, the Ultimate Inventor, Miu Iruma, would like to present his equipments, which I invented, as my project for this fucking exam!”

Everyone’s jaws dropped to the floor, never before being witnessed to a dual presentation! Koichi’s surprised expression was soon replaced by an enjoyed expression as he smiled, “I see, now that is impressive. Under normal circumstances that would’ve been rejected and made sure that they both would’ve failed, but since the examiners aren’t just inventors but also machine experts and CEOs of technology companies, they can’t fail them.”

The examiners, still perplexed over this being legal, were later spectators to Kiibo’s demonstration his equipments. As targets showed up on the stage, which was another of Miu’s inventions, he flew up and shot at the targets with precise accuracy, clearing away the targets on the stage.

Many stood up and clapped, so did the examiners, surprised of the feat of a high school girl and a robot. As soon as Kiibo landed back on the stage, he bowed to the applause as Miu stood there acting high and mighty.

The middle right examiner stood up as he praised both students, “That was spectacular!”

Miu just laughed, “Of course, as you would expect from a beautiful and sexy genius!”

Kiibo, on the other hand, was being humble, “I am honored to hear such praises.”

Koichi looked happily at the two students but started to frown as he remembered who that examiner was. “Wait, why is he here?!”

The man introduced himself, “I’m the CEO of a company that helps our country with the weapons and technology to fight against upcoming threads. Your display right now would be the greatest assist to our country’s defends!”

Kiibo started looking a little worried, but since he still can’t read the room, he used his inner calculation to predict what the man was hinting at.

“And since he’s only a robot, we won’t have to worry about sending manpower out anymore,” the man said as he didn’t care how it sounded and didn’t care about how terrified Kiibo looked. “So, what do you say to work for me you two-”

But before he could finish his proposal, a laugh from Miu could be heard, completely cutting off the CEO. “Ahahahahaha! Man, I can’t fucking believe I’m hearing something that stupid!”

The CEO felt so insulted that a vein could be seen on his forehead. “Just what was stupid?”

Miu looked annoyed as she explained, “Duh! There are three reasons! First, I didn’t present a weapon; I showed only these inventions ‘cause I didn’t have any other idea! Second, these were specially made for Kiibo because he needs to fucking defend himself against future threads! And third…”

Miu approached the CEO as she pulled him up on his hair, making everyone else gasp at what they were seeing. She took her face closer to the CEO’s as she said with anger, “Kiibo is not a fucking weapon! He’s more precious to me than all the money and fame could ever bring me! So, you don’t get to take him!”

Kiibo, despite being a robot, felt moved. Never once had anyone ever defended him like that, nor had anyone beside his creator said he was precious to them.

Miu released the CEO as she walked off from the stage with Kiibo, not paying attention to hear that they both passed the exam, despite the CEO’s objections.

As Miu and Kiibo went to the exit, the robot wanted to express his gratitude to the inventor, “Miu that was amazing! I feel nothing but gra… ti.. tude?”

He stopped talking when he saw Miu shaking and breaking down to tears. The next thing she did was hug Kiibo, making the robot blush. “I was soooooooooo scared! That CEO looked hella scary! I hope he doesn’t sue me or take you away!”

Kiibo didn’t know what to say, but he knew what he was feeling in his AI. He felt nothing but proud of Miu. Despite how scared she was, she still stood up to a higher power for Kiibo’s sake, and possibly her own.

Kiibo returned the hug and rubbed her back, believing that to be info he got from his memory bank.

No, that wasn’t it! For the first time, Kiibo did that due to instincts and compassion, but he wasn’t aware of that at that time.

Koichi felt proud to see the 79th class do such impressive presentations and they had all passed, except for one. The only one missing was Himiko, and it was her turn now… if only she showed up that is.

Koichi looked puzzled and worried as he tipped his fedora. “This isn’t looking good. The examiners are there, and the stage is set, but we need the magician herself.”

Where was the young magician? The answer to that was in one of the preparation rooms, which each students uses to prepare or stress out before the exam, except Himiko hadn’t been stressing out, she was shaking like a leaf!

“J-J-J-J-Just take it easy! I-I-I-It will be fine! I-I-I-I have t-t-trained my tric- I mean, my magic for a whole month! So… why can’t I perform a not-go-nervous spell?!”

Himiko was more nervous now than she was the last time. The realization of her lack of self-confidence from her midterm exam gave her more trouble than she thought. Kokichi’s advice from about two months ago did help a little, but when the final exam got nearer and nearer, nervousness hit her like a canon, and she hadn’t been able to gather any calmness or confidence.

Why am I no good at this? Do I have any magic to begin with?

“H… o! Yu… an!”

Why isn’t master here? He would know what to do!

“He… lo! Yum… -chan!”

I knew it! I wasn’t worthy of being a ma-


A sudden yell to her ear woke her up from her depths of self-doubt and worries. She put her hand to one of her ears in pain, looked to her side and saw the biggest liar she had ever met.


Kokichi giggled as he answered, “Yup, you rang?”

Himiko tried looking displeased, but her blush didn’t help hiding that she was glad to see someone, despite it being Kokichi.

“What do you want? Don’t you have an exam to attend?” Himiko asked with suspicion in her eyes.

Kokichi smiled his usual grin as he answered, “Ah, those old things? I skipped them! No supreme leader has to attend exams!”

Himiko looked at him with doubt, which Kokichi could clearly see. He turned his back to her as he looked bored and said, “Fine, I lied, I did attend, and passed.” But then he turned his head to look over his shoulder so he could see Himiko, while he made a creepy smile. “Wanna know how?”

Himiko knew she would regret it if she asked, knowing how Kokichi was, he probably said something to the examiners that frightened them. Funny enough, she was right.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter!” Kokichi said as he turned around to Himiko and pointed at her while smiling. “What does matter is to show those old farts what you can do!”

Himiko looked a little shocked when he pointed at her, but then looked down to the side as she sighed, “Nyeh… I don’t know if I can…”

Kokichi’s smile disappeared, having a serious look on his face. His eyes were hidden by his bangs as he approached Himiko, making her jump in her place.

“O-Oma, what are you?” the mage tried to ask before the trickster put his hands on her shoulders and got even closer to her, making her completely red in the face.

“Yumeno-chan… you…” he said in a frightening tone as he released one of her shoulders.

Himiko closed her eyes, fearing what was about to happen. She had never truly been scared of Kokichi before now, but the way he was acting was starting to scare her.

“… are so stupid!”


Himiko felt some pain on her forehead, which made her take her hands up to her forehead and feel it. She opened eyes next and saw Kokichi smile at her.

“Now you won’t be scared,” Kokichi said as he giggled. Himiko was beyond confused, wondering what flicking her forehead was all about. “Geez, for a mage you’re pretty stupid, so I had no choice but to use my own little spell.”

Himiko took a step back, still holding her hands over her forehead as she asked the prankster, “Who are you calling stupid?! And what spell?!”

Kokichi closed his eyes as he smiled, “The spell that stops stupidity- doesn’t work on idiots like Momota-chan, he’s a born idiot!”

Himiko felt some anger, but it was soon replaced with relief as she didn’t feel nervous anymore. Himiko wondered, “Oma, did you try to he-”

“Well, that’s a wrap!” Kokichi exclaimed as he clapped his hands together. “I have to leave now before they find me here, and you should hurry before you’re disqualified! But then again, my organization needs a mage, so our door is always open to you, even if you fail!” he finished before he closed the doors and left.

Himiko smiled and felt ready, not shaking anymore as she went onto the stage.

The examiners didn’t have much patient left and the students of class 79 grew worried, especially Tenko.

“Since the student known as the Ultimate Magician hadn’t shown up yet, we have to-”

“Not so fast!” a sudden shout from the speakers cut off one of the examiners’ announcement. “Also; it’s not Ultimate Magician…” Than smoke came forth, and within was a girl with a witch’s hat and a cape, who used her cape to fan away the smoke in a single swift! “I’m the Ultimate Mage, Himiko Yumeno!”

The examiners were impressed but were more excited to see what she was going to present. The smoke was still on the ground, but suddenly chains came forth and wrapped themselves around her arms and legs, stealing away her freedom. Then at the top, they could see what looked like an iron maiden, slowly coming down before it stopped but was then suddenly dropped down on the little mage!


Everyone gasped, even the examiners were shocked and worried, except for one. The man in the outmost left, who seemed to be the oldest and most experienced magician around, could already guess the trick. But his eyes widened when the iron maiden opened up, revealing nothing to be inside!

Then fire was lit in the iron maiden, making the old man grow curious to what would happen next, but only worried Tenko even more as she tried to get on to the stage, but was stopped by Gonta.

The smoke on the stage soon went into the open iron maiden, and once all the smoke was inside, the iron maiden closed and went poof, only to show the girl who everyone thought would be a pancake by now.

“And ta-da!” Himiko exclaimed, “That was the newest magic by the Ultimate Mage, Himiko Yumeno! Extreme Iron Maiden Escape Magic!”

Everyone stood up at the same time and gave her a thunderous applause. The audience, her classmates, Koichi, and the four examiners, everyone was amazed by her wonderful and exciting trick. The old man, who was the only who didn’t clap, was beyond speechless. The reason he didn’t clap, was because he didn’t know to express himself for seeing something like that.

But he did have one thing to say to the young magician, “The Ultimate Magi- I mean, Mage, Himiko Yumeno… you have passed without a doubt!”

Himiko felt relieved now that it was all over, but there was one thing that felt unfinished to the young magician. When she was on the stage, she could see everyone looking at her, but one person wasn’t there. One purple-haired prankster that is.

She asked herself, “Where was Oma?”

“I’m right here!” a voice said behind her as they hugged her, causing her to blush madly.

“Oma!” Himiko exclaimed as she got out of the hug. “Where were you when I performed?!”

Kokichi looked confused as he asked, “Why would you need to know that?” He then started to smile mischievous as he asked, “Were you looking forward to me seeing your performance?”

Himiko blushed again as she retorted, “N-No! Why would I care if you saw my performan-”

“I did see it,” Kokichi interrupted. “And it was beyond awesome!” Himiko blushed when she heard that.

Himiko hadn’t known Kokichi for long, but she knew that he was hard to figure out, because of his lies. But at that moment, she could tell he was telling the truth. Was she starting to understand him?

“And now it’s times for the rewards!” Kokichi exclaimed as Himiko wondered what he was on about. “We both did well on the exams, so we should reward ourselves!”

Himiko grew a little worried hearing that, knowing Kokichi, he might ask for something stupid or ridiculous. “Nyeh, sound like a pain, I don’t wanna…”

Kokichi just smiled as he objected, “Nope, can’t go against my spell!”

Himiko looked surprised. “Nyeh?”

Kokichi explained, “My spell from earlier, remember?” Himiko took her right hand to her forehead, remembering that flick she got earlier. “That spell not only gets rid of stupidity, but you have to follow one of my orders!”

Himiko looked angry as she objected, “No way such a stupid spell exists!”

“Doesn’t matter!” Kokichi simply said. “Now, I want…” he slowly said as he approached Himiko, already giving her ideas on what he wants…

Himiko thought as she closed her eyes, I-Is he gonna k-k-k-k-

“This hat!”


She opened her eyes again and saw Kokichi holding her hat in his left hand, which angered her even more, especially when he was playing around with it.

“Why my hat of all things?!” Himiko asked as she tried getting her hat back, but with effortless attempts.

“Because,” he said before he quickly got on her left side and whispered into her ear, “then I wouldn’t be able to do this!”


The next thing Himiko felt, was something soft and wet on her left cheek. Himiko had experienced this feeling before with her mother every time she got to bed, but this felt different and more embarrassing. One she connected the dots and looked to her left side, she started to blush, her eyes had swirls in them, and steam shaped hearts came out of her head.


Chapter Text

--About 2 years ago--

“See ya tomorrow,” Chiaki thought as it repeated in her head over and over again, while she was waiting for Hajime at the gate to the reserve course. He said that, but it had been three months since then…

Chiaki had always enjoyed Hajime’s company, almost on the same level as with her classmates, maybe even more, so hearing that he would be busy and not always be there to their usual gaming sessions made her feel sad and somewhat lonely. Saying that he would see her the next day gave her hope, but who knew that that hope didn’t give much result to Chiaki as she hadn’t heard or seen him these three months.

Still, she waited for him every day, always after school, right as classes ended, and stood by the gate. To hear his voice, to see his face, to be near him, she waited for any opportunity when Hajime stepped out from that school. She missed him way more than she thought she would.

She still didn’t understand why… Why he was so important to her, why she cared so much for him, or why having him nearby made her feel so comfortable…

When she asked her teacher where he was or how he was doing, she always got the answer back; that he was doing fine and was busy. Chiaki could tell halfway that her teacher wasn’t telling the whole truth, but she knew that her teacher must have had some kind of reason to lie like that. She didn’t want to doubt her own teacher, but she wondered how much Chisa really knew about Hajime’s situation.

Hinata… where are you?

“Nanami, what are you doing here?” A voice asked the gamer girl, and she looked up with hope and anticipation on who that voice belonged to. Only to be disappointed that it was her teacher. In hindsight, she knew that voice didn’t sound like his.

“Oh, it’s you, Miss Yukizome,” the gamer girl said dejectedly.

Yukizome pouted cutely as she said, “Hey, what kinda face is that to show your teacher, who is currently teaching the reserve course students?”

At that point, due to one of her students blowing up the gymnasium, she was punished and sentenced to teach in the reserve course until the next spring.

*Cough* Nagito *Cough*

“Aren’t you happy to see me?”

Chiaki said, “It’s not that, I’m just waiting for Hinata.”

Chisa looked worried at Chiaki. She smiled as she complimented the gamer girl, “That’s impressive! You’ve been waiting for him for three months now! He must be very important to you!”

Chiaki blushed and wondered, H-How does she know it was three months?

Chisa then showed a frown as she suggested, “But maybe you should stop and let it go, it doesn’t look like it’ll bring any results.” Chiaki’s eyes widened. “Maybe he’ll come to you? So just be patient and-”

“No, I can’t!” Chiaki objected, surprising her teacher. “I don’t know why, but something is happening to him, and that makes me worried! I felt like this ever since that day at the fountain! I don’t know what it is, but Hinata might be in danger! I know it’s just a feeling, and I might only say this because I miss him, but I want to be there for him and help him!”

Chisa felt moved by her student’s words, and at the same time she felt regret. Regret over not being honest with her student. She knew she was defending her students, but she never thought it hurt one of them, or considered the thought that a reserve course student she had taken a liking to was in danger.

“So please,” Chiaki begged while tearing up, “if you know anything about Hinata, please tell me!”

Chisa knew this would go against Kyosuke’s orders, but she knew that actions were needed to be taken!

“Nanami, what I’m about to tell you will be frightening and hard to handle, and you will be involved in something dangerous, and as a teacher; I wouldn’t involve you in this. So, I’ll ask you this one and only time; are you willing to risk everything to save Hinata?” Chisa asked her student with seriousness in her voice.

Chiaki wiped what tears she had on her cheeks clean off as she looked her teacher in the eyes and said with determination, “Yes! I will do anything to play games with Hinata one more time!”


Hajime waited by the entrance to the festival in his dark-green yukata with Kazuichi and Fuyuhiko, one wearing no yukata but a tank top, the other in a black yukata with horizontal white stripes.

Kazuichi put his hands behinds his head as he said happily, “Man, sure am glad that this festival is earlier than the normal ones.”

Fuyuhiko snickered, “Damn right! Since summer festivals are usually celebrated later in summer, this one is special.” He then looked over at Hajime as he praised him, “I’m hella impressed, Hinata. And here I thought you had to have Komaeda’s fucking luck to find a festival like this one.”

Hajime smiled sheepishly by the compliment, “It’s nothing, really. I just happened to hear about it from my parents.”

Kazuichi smiled his usual grin, “Sure must be nice to have such nice parents, especially when you wanted to give Nanami your answer fast.”

Fuyuhiko looked curios to that last remark and asked Kazuichi what he meant, but Hajime heard nothing of it as he remembered back to when he contacted his parents.

All he did was answer back to his parents’ message on what he was doing for summer vacation, and when he mentioned the summer festival and that it was important to him, they told him about the earliest festival that wasn’t far from Hope’s Peak.

But what he was most intrigued about, was the last part of the message, which he looked at right now on his phone.

Mom: Still not enough to forgive us, but we hope it helped you in some way.

She’s still worked up on that… Hajime thought before he heard Kazuichi call out.

“Hey, there they are!” Kazuichi waved his hand in the air as he called for them, “Heeeeey, we’re over here!”

It wasn’t everybody, but it was Ryota, his imposter, Akane, Nekomaru, Ibuki, Teruteru, Hiyoko, and Mahiru.

Ryota in his brown yukata apologized, “Sorry we’re late, we would have been here earlier, if only…”

The Imposter who wore the same color as Ryota cut in as he said, “Don’t try to blame yourself, even though you should have put down your work for today earlier.”

The animator looked dejected still, but to counter it came in Ibuki with her enthusiastic personality and purple yukata. “That’s right, you should only feel guilty about not inviting your girlfriend!”

And just like that, Ryota’s whole face went pink out of embarrassment. “We’re not dating or anything like that!!!” he objected, while the Imposter was smiling.

“You say that, yet you went on a date two times with her,” the Imposter stated as Ibuki looked curios.


“Just leave me be!” Ryota exclaimed as he ran off into the festival at alarming speed.

The Imposter looked deadpanned as he said to the group, “Sorry, I’ll take responsibility for this, since I was the one who began this.” He then went off to look for him.

Ibuki looked as she was deep in thought until she said, “If I could write a song about this, it would be “The stick running from the giant pig!”” Everyone sweated dropped to Ibuki’s naming sense before she ran off as well. “I’ll go as well!!!”

Kazuichi sweat dropped as he asked his friends, “Can anybody understand how her head works...?” Everyone just sighed as their only answer. To change the subject, Kazuichi leaned an arm over Fuyuhiko’s shoulder and asked the young yakuza in a teasing tone, “So, are you disappointed that Pekoyama isn’t here yet?”

Fuyuhiko looked embarrassed and angry at the same time. Embarragry? “Shut ya fucking mouth! Why should I care?!”

Kazuichi kept his usual grin as he asked back, “What~? Are you still embarrassed to be her boyfriend?”

Fuyuhiko had his eyes widened as he pushed Kazuichi away from him, and then he almost shouted out in pure anger, “So what if we’re dating?! I don’t freakin’ care how cute Peko would look in a fucking yukata?!”

Everybody looked as if they were dumbstruck. “Why is everyone fucking starring at me like that?”

Kazuichi had an even more teasing smile as he answered the young yakuza’s question, but was interrupted by Hajime, “Well, first off, you called Pekoyama by her first name just now.” Fuyuhiko felt as he was hit by a truth bullet to his left arm. “Then you tried to deny that you look forward to Pekoyama looking cute in a yukata, which we can tell is a lie,” Hajime stated, as another bullet hit Fuyuhiko’s left chest. “And, to top it all off, Pekoyama is right behind you and heard everything.”

Fuyuhiko turned around and saw his beautiful girlfriend in a black yukata with white and red stripes, having red cheeks on her face that blew the baby gangster away as he felt a truth bullet hit him straight in the forehead.

Peko came straight to her boyfriend, almost saying ‘young master’ by mistake before correcting herself and pulled him up slightly. Meanwhile, Kazuichi was jealous and said, “Man, I wish I had a beautiful girlfriend who would be at my every need!”

Hajime sweat dropped to Kazuichi’s outburst and asked, “Ever wondered how you never had one?”

Akane, who wore a red yukata, but loosely tired up, had drool coming out of her mouth as if she was some wild animal. As she was about to run straight into the festival, Nekomaru, who was wearing a blue yukata with pulled up sleeves, pulled her up by the collar of her yukata and said, “It’s too early! I know you’re hungry and had already smelled the food, but we can’t get in there yet before the rest is here!”

Akane had a disappointed look as she objected, “That’s not fair! Three people already went in, so why can’t I?!”

Nekomaru sighed, “That was a special case, and unlike you, they won’t start eating already…” He then thought of the Ultimate Imposter, already seeing the contradiction in his own statement.

Akane sighed and gave in, “Fine, but then…” she then looked up at her boyfriend as she continued, “Remember to share whatever food you find with me, okay?”

Nekomaru blushed at his girlfriend as looked away embarrassed. “O-Of course, what kinda couch wouldn’t share his food with his students?!”

Hajime interjected, “But aren’t you a couple?”

“That’s just how they are…” stated Mahiru as she walked up to Hajime. She was wearing a light green yukata and had the right side of hair tired back with a yukata hair ornament, so that her forehead was more visible.

Hiyoko in her white yukata popped up between Hajime and Mahiru, and said, “Enough about those weirdoes! What do you think of Mahiru-onee in a yukata?” Mahiru hissed at Hiyoko out of embarrassment, but Hiyoko just smiled mischievously.

Hajime put some thoughts into his words as he took a good look at Mahiru, who blushed by how much attention she got from her crush. “Her green yukata really suits her, since it contrasts to her hair, and that hair ornament matches perfectly to her. So, she looks good in that yukata,” Hajime evaluated, not paying attention to the massive blush on Mahiru’s blush.

Hiyoko smiled, “Of course it does, I am the one who chose it for her, after all!” And it seems to have left an impression on you as well, Hinata-onii.

“I agree, she looks good in that yukata… I think,” said a voice not so far away, and Hajime instantly knew who that voice and the way to finish a sentence belonged to. He turned around to see that he was correct on who it was.

Chiaki walked up with the rest of the class, Sonia, Gundham, Teruteru, Nagito, Mikan, and their teacher, Chisa, but Hajime paid more attention to what Chiaki was wearing and how stunning she looked. It was a light-blue yukata with pink flowers, and she was carrying a little bag, probably filled with money for the game booth stalls.

Hajime was speechless on how beautiful Chiaki looked, until she approached him and asked, “Hey hey, are you okay?”

Hajime came back to planet earth as he said, “I’m fine, it’s just… you look so beautiful in that yukata.”

Chiaki blushed by the compliment and smiled, “Thanks, you look good in yours, too.” The way she didn’t add ‘I think’ into her statement made it all better for Hajime.

Hiyoko, on the other hand, didn’t look pleased at the situation. Oh no, he said it all natural, this isn’t good! she thought as she turned to Mahiru, “Mahiru-onee, you need to- huh?” But stopped midsentence as she saw her big sis blushing and daydreaming about Hajime’s compliment. It’s no good, she’s a lost cause…

Chisa had a sheepish smile as she apologized, “Sorry, we would have been here earlier, but some things took some time…”

Mikan in her pink yukata cried with tears in her eyes, “I’m so soooooorry! I-I have never tried putting on a yukata before, so I got tangled up in it three times!!!”

Teruteru in his dark-red yukata nodded his head while nose bleeding, remembering the scene of Mikan in an embarrassing position as she tried putting on her yukata. A scene he was happy to be a witness to!

Meanwhile, Sonia approached Kazuichi in her dark purple yukata, and said, “Good afternoon, Soda.”

Kazuichi with his hands behind his head greeted back, “Oh, hey m- I mean, Sonia.”

That last second chance in his sentence really irritated Sonia for some reason. “I’m really excited to enjoy this wonderful occasion at this festival! I even bought this yukata,” she stated as she turned around, showing her yukata.

Kazuichi smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m excited, too.”

Sonia smiled and nodded in return, but inside she thought, Why aren’t you complimenting my yukata?!

Chisa clapped her hands together as she got the attention of her class and announced, “Okay, we’re all here… Is what I would say, but we’re missing some rotten oranges.”

Hajime raised his hand as he explained, “Ibuki ran after Imposter as he ran after Mitarai.”

Chisa sighed, “Of course, but they’re simply enjoying youth, so it’s fine!” Chisa stood proudly in her light-pink yukata as she raised her fist in the air and announced, “Let’s enjoy this last summer festival together!!!”

Everyone else raised their fist in the air as well, excited to spend some time together.

The Imposter managed to catch up to Ryota, not surprising, considering one barely walked outside and wasn’t the healthiest person, and the other is incredibly fast… and here many would think it would be the other way around when looking at the two students’ physics.

“Mitarai, I’m sorry for how I acted, I wasn’t trying to embarrass you or anything,” The Imposter apologized.

Ryota shook his head and said, “It wasn’t that I was embarrassed about… why is Mioda here as well?”

The Imposter looked to his back and saw a curios Ibuki. “Ibuki felt sorry for teasing poor Mitarai as well, so she came to make up for it.”

The two boys sweat dropped, but Ryota continued anyway, “I was embarrassed over how you misunderstood the situation.”

“Misunderstood?” The Imposter and Ibuki asked at the same time.

“About the situation between Shirogane and me. Because we won’t be together, ever.”

Chiaki had many favorite gaming places, and some were quite rare, one of them was the game stalls at a summer festival. It wasn’t an exestuation to say she was in heaven right now!

Everyone in her class had seen it coming, especially Hajime, the only problem here was that Chiaki gets too absorbed in these kinds of games, so much so that she won’t be much sociable. She knew that which was why she was holding back, so she could spend time with Hajime and the others.

But one person saw this as a great opportunity as her smile crept up on her. “Nanami-onee, don’t you feel bad leaving all these game stalls unattended?” Hiyoko asked. “You won’t be playing these games another year if you don’t take the offer now.”

Chiaki felt her head spinning, resisting games was harder than she thought. She looked over at Hajime as if she was asking for his opinion, if he was fine with not spending that much time with her. Instead for a disappointed expression she was expected from him, he just kindly smiled.

“It’s fine, go beat those stalls!” Hajime encouraged, which made Chiaki smile happily. As long as I can be alone with you before the fireworks starts, then I’m fine with anything.

Chiaki was about to run over to the first booth she found but was pulled on the back of her yukata by her teacher. “Before we split up, we should tell who we wanna group up with,” Chisa said.

Sonia came forth and declared, “I will go with Nanami, since someone has to make sure she doesn’t get lost.” Everyone nodded to that. “And Soda here will go with us, as well.”

Kazuichi looked confused. “Huh, why me?”

Sonia smiled and looked at Kazuichi while squinted her eyes, “Are you going against an order?”

Kazuichi stiffened and said, “No, of course not, ma’am!” Hajime sweat dropped to what he was seeing.

“Then I will-” Hajime announced before he was interrupted by Hiyoko.

“Hinata-onii will go with Mahiru-onee and me!” Both Hajime and Mahiru looked surprised by Hiyoko announcement, but before any of them could object Chisa nodded to it and accepted it.

“That’s understood!”

“I’ll go with coach and Tanaka,” Akane said.

“That’s something!” Chisa exclaimed. “Why not be alone with Nidai?”

And then, everyone was a witness to the most surprising thing they’ve ever seen, Akane blushing like an innocent maiden and said honestly, “Because… it’s embarrassing being alone at a festival with a guy.”

So, she can be a girl at times… everyone thought in unison.

Teruteru looked aroused as he proposed, “Hm-hm, then I’ll take along to make you fell better- Actually, much better- AW!” An axe kick to the top of his head was all that was needed to make that cook shut his mouth.

“Just to make sure no one gets fucking harassed by this pansy, Peko and I will take him along with us,” Fuyuhiko stated, while getting a good starring from the others. “What is this time?!”

Kazuichi explained the obvious, “You called her by her first name, again.”

Fuyuhiko blushed and looked down in embarrassment, while Peko clapped him on the back and thought he looked cute.

Chisa then announced, “Okay, it’s settled! Group one consists of Nanami, Sonia, and Soda. Group 2 is Hinata, Koizumi, and Saionji. Group 3 is Akane, Nekomaru, and Tanaka. Group 4 is Kuzuryu, Pekoyama, and Hanamura. Group 4 will be Tsumiki, Komaeda and me, as we look for Mioda, Imposter, and Mitarai. We’ll meet at the hill where we can see the firework display together, is that understood?”

Everyone said at once as they cheered, “Yes!”

Chisa smiled as she announced, “Great! Then let’s have some fun!”

Hajime and Mahiru were supposed to be with Hiyoko, but not long after the groups split up, Hiyoko said she had some things to check out alone, leaving Mahiru alone with her crush.

Hajime smiled as he asked, “Wanna walk around a little? Saionji never said we had to wait for her, and we might bump into her at one point when she’s done.”

Mahiru blushed as she nodded, “S-Sure, let’s see some of the stalls.”

What none of them took notice of, was that Hiyoko was still around, just in hiding. I can’t leave Mahiru-onee alone like this, so I’ll be here to support her when she needs it.

As Hajime and Mahiru walked around some of the stalls and had some fun, the photographer pointed at a stall that sold masks. “Hey, look, some masks! Let’s buy some now that we’re here.”

Hajime smiled, “Sure.”

Mahiru asked for a Hyottoko mask, and Hajime asked for a green alien mask. “I know it’s weird, but I really like this kind of mask for some reason. It might be because it reminds me of my mom’s face when she colds that deadbeat of a father.”

Hajime sweat dropped at that last part before he said, “No, I think it’s cute you like something like that.”

Mahiru hid her face behind the Hyottoko mask so Hajime wouldn’t see her blushing face. “Hinata, you dummy…” She whispered. Hajime looked curios at what she said earlier, but she quickly asked before he could, “Why did you buy that mask? Is it the color?”

Hajime smiled sheepishly as he admitted, “It has some part in it… but it’s actually because it’s a character from a game Chiaki and I play.”

Mahiru frowned when she heard that. “I… see…”

Hajime noticed and asked, “Is something wrong?”

Mahiru quickly changed her frown into a pout as she denied, “It’s nothing. Let’s just see more stalls.”

As Chisa was more focused on looking after Ibuki and the others, she did not take notice of something she would have been even more interested in. The tension between Nagito and Mikan.

Even though the two teens weren’t alone, they still felt embarrassed and blushed slightly. The worst was that they couldn’t bring anything to the table to discuss about.

I must be really lucky to be alone with Tsumiki, though I might be unlucky since Yukizome-sensei is here. Still, I learned from last time I should at least try talking to her more, but do piece of filth like me even deserve such?

He must feel awful for being with me- No, stop thinking like that Mikan! Hinata said himself that I should try, and I owe him that much since he’s been so kind towards me… and I think Hinata will hate me if I try nothing.

As the two students had inner discussions with themselves over and over again, none of them found the courage to be the first one to speak.

Mikan knew that her past was full of bullying and abuse, and but deep inside she always wanted to fight back. This situation was almost the same to her as her past, because she knew that if she doesn’t say anything now, nothing will change!

With the newfound determination within Mikan’s heart, she turned to face Nagito and asked as she closed her eyes out of embarrassment, “K-K-Komaeda, when we have found Mioda and the others, let’s have fun together, just us two, okay?!”

Except, she realized, after opening her eyes that she asked nothing but air, as Nagito had completely disappeared. As Mikan was squealing out of confusion and worry, Chisa said, “And now we have to look for four students.”

Kazuichi and Sonia stood as spectators to Chiaki not only playing at the stalls, but also how she run each of them out of business. All the gifts she had won was carried by Kazuichi and Sonia so she could better focus on the games.

“Man, at this point she’ll be banned from the stalls at the next festival…” Kazuichi stated while sweat dropping.

Sonia, on the other hand, was just smiling as she was happy for her best friend. “That’s just how she is… hm?”

“What is it, Sonia?”

Sonia panicked a little before she assured the mechanic, “Oh, it’s nothing.” How is he having a normal conversation with me?! Shouldn’t he act all flustered?! She thought behind that smile.


But before she could continue her inner monologue, she paid attention to Chiaki sighing as she was playing at the shooting stall, and she could see on Chiaki’s face that she wasn’t as excited as she should’ve been. Rather, she looked a little disappointed and sad.

Sonia asked Kazuichi, “Have you noticed how Nanami’s been acting?”

Kazuichi looked closer at Chiaki from where he stood and agreed, “Now I have, and she seems a little different…”

But that sad expression quickly got replaced by a bright smile as she not only won the game but received the grand prize. A new game station that could be played by two, and Sonia already got an idea why the gamer girl suddenly became happy again.

I think, she realized, as she played these games that she would have more fun if Hajime was around, Sonia deduced.

Chiaki then said to herself, “I hope Hajime would be happy to play this with me.”

Akane’s stomach was growling like a furious beast, having not gotten a single thing to eat. “Why is this world so unfair!!! Can’t I just get one bite to eat?!”

Nekomaru sighed as he answered her, “Because you’re infamous to all the stalls.” He then pointed at the stalls that had signs, which showed a face of Akane with cross over her face.

Gundham in his black yukata leaned back as he said, “It’s only natural that the aura of your dangerous, gluttonies appetite, which can rival even Cerberus itself, would make the common folk be wary of you.”

Akane just complained, “I don’t care about all that! I just want food! Now!”

Nekomaru couldn’t stand seeing his girlfriend in that stead, so he thought up an idea. He walked deeper into the festival and returned some time later, with a huge palate of yakisoba.

Akane looked entranced by the smell of the food, but most of all, she looked up at the very man who brought her the food. “Where did you…”

Nekomaru explained, “There is a stall we walked by earlier that challenges customers to see if they can eat this whole palate of yakisoba, and if they can’t we have to pay up. When I told them about you, they were happy to see they finally got a challenge.”

Gundham was taken aback by how huge that potion of yakisoba was. “It’s almost as big as pandemonium!!!”

Akane just smiled as she took up her chopsticks and declared, “Pandaminimum or palindrome, I don’t care! I’ll eat this whole thing done!”

Nekomaru smiled happily when he saw his girlfriend eat that big potion of yakisoba, meanwhile Gundham looked terrified by how Akane ate, scaring him more than any animal ever could.

Mahiru felt like she was in th7th heaven, enjoying her time with Hajime as much as she could at the festival. They had been around most of the stalls, ate some food, and played goldfish scooping, which Hajime was surprisingly good at.

“Thanks for letting me have it, Hinata, but are you sure?” Mahiru asked as she was holding the bag with the goldfish in it.

Hajime nodded, “I’m sure. Besides, you wanted it more than I did. I could practically see you only looking at the goldfish.”

Mahiru blushed and looked to the side as she said, “Idiot…” But then smiled as she said, “But thanks.”

As the moment got cozy for her, she felt a vibration in her bag and looked for her phone in it. It was only a message, and it was simple.

Hiyoko: The mood is good, now lead him somewhere devoid of people. - 18:31.

Mahiru realized two things. One, Hiyoko was nearby, definitely hiding. Two, Hiyoko was right, and it was time to confess. There was a secret place where a couple could see the fireworks, alone. Hiyoko knew the area which the festival was held, so of course she told Mahiru about it and how it could be used as the perfect place for confessing.

Mahiru knew that it was now or never, so she had to lead Hajime over there now! “Hey, Hinata, let’s go this-”

“I wonder if Chiaki is having fun,” Hajime said as he looked at the stalls, the one with games that is.

Mahiru could then tell on Hajime’s face that he only had one thing on his mind, Chiaki. Actually, now that she was thinking about it, he had that same look on his face when he and the photographer walked around the festival. Even when he was me, he was mostly thinking of her…

Hajime stopped looking absentmindedly and asked Mahiru, “So, what were you about to sa- huh?” He was cut off as Mahiru hugged him and didn’t look in the eyes.

“It’s always her…” she muttered.

Hajime didn’t quite get what she said, so he asked, “What do you mean?”

“It’s always her!!!” she shouted out of anger and jealously. “You were only thinking of her, weren’t you?! Why is it always her?! I understand she’s cute and a kind person, but what about me?! I am here, not her! I’m the one you’re supposed to have fun with! Why don’t you get it?!”

Due to the tension many looked at the scene that was unfolded, while some looked away out of kindness and respect, and to not be involved. Hajime saw the starring and knew he had to do something. “Koizumi, what are you talking about? What’s wrong?!”

Mahiru cried as she laid her face to Hajime’s chest, still hugging him, “You dense, unreliable idiot! You don’t understand how I feel! You can’t even understand how much I love you!”

“… Huh?”

At that point, right there, for Hajime, time not only stopped, but the people around him seemed to have disappeared. No, it wasn’t that. It was as if darkness was around him, and only some people were illuminated.

One of them, was of course Hajime, shocked by Mahiru’s sudden confession.

The second was Mahiru, who was still sobbing as she was hugging Hajime tightly.

And the third one, who Hajime could clearly see from a little far, was Chiaki, who was holding a box containing a game station. But what he paid most attention to, was Chiaki’s shocked and sad expression, a new expression he had never seen on the gamer girl’s face, and never wished to see, either.

When the light came back to Hajime, and everyone could be seen, Chiaki dropped her game station and ran off in the opposite direction. Hajime called out, “Wait, Chiaki!!!” but it was useless, she was too far away.

He looked down at Mahiru as he apologized, “Sorry it has to be like this, but I have to go, so could you release me…?”

Mahiru was sniffling, but she released him as she tried to calm down. As Hajime was about to run off in the same direction as Chiaki was, Mahiru called out to him, “But why is she so important to you?! Could you at least tell me that much?”

Hajime stopped in his tracks as he looked at Mahiru with resolution in his eyes, and answered, “She’s the reason I’m here today.”

Chapter Text

--About a year and a half ago--

Hajime’s eyes were barely open, feeling so tired and out of mind due to the medicine and injections he took, which were used as a way to make him feel prepared for the next stage of the Hope Cultivation Plan. Once the operation will be done, he would be reborn with all the ultimate talents the school had gathered data on. Making him into the perfect human.

But, despite how clouded his mind was and how his soul was barely there within him, one person occupied his mind as if he was haunted. Well, ‘haunted’ wasn’t the word, ‘reminded’ was more like it, as for why he was going to go through that inhumane experiment.

Nanami, he thought, Soon… Soon I’ll be someone worthy of you… Someone you won’t feel disappointed or embarrassed to be around… Someone who can give you a challenge, be on your level and understand you… Finally, I can-

But before he could further his thinking, the door to his room opened automatically. He said, thinking it was one of the surgeons ready to begin the operation, “So… it’s finally ti-” but stopped midsentence, when he saw that particular person not wearing a white coat and glasses but had a very familiar hood with cat ears. “Nanami?”

He thought the medicine and all the other stuff the scientists had injected him with made him see an hallucination, but Hajime knew in his heart that that person in front of him was Chiaki Nanami, without a doubt.

“Hey hey,” she said as she approached him while showing a caring smile, “let’s leave this place and play games.”

Hajime was befuddled without a parrel, he knew that the location he was in was secret to anyone outside the project, not even the teachers at the academy knew anything about, let alone students. “How did you know…?” Hajime asked.

Chiaki smiled kindly, “My teac- I mean, my former teacher and her friends helped me find you.”

Hajime did feel happiness in his heart and was starting to go back to his normal self, while still suffering some effects from the experiments, but he felt some anger within himself. “Why don’t you get it…?”

Chiaki looked a little sad when hearing Hajime’s voice sounding so sad and angry.

“I’m doing all this for you, why don’t you get it?! Natsumi wanted to be with her brother so badly, but she ended up in a hospital, and Sato wanted to protect her friend, but she ended up being suspended due to being unstable!” Hajime yelled, feeling remorse and regret. “They all ended up like that because the world couldn’t accept us less fortunate people being with the elite! That’s why I wanted to be someone worthy of you! That’s why I have to go through this!”

Hajime recoiled, not being fully handled to use so much energy in his present state. Chiaki waited a little until she asked, “Even if it changes you forever?”

Hajime looked surprised. “What do you mean?”

Chiaki looked worried while she explained, “They didn’t tell you, huh? The experiment is beyond cruel, it might give you all the talents in the world, but you’ll lose yourself in the progress… You won’t be you anymore.”

Hajime was not told about that, but in the end, it didn’t change anything, not for Hajime that is. “Even so, I have to do this, for yo-”

“But I don’t want that!!!” Chiaki objected, cutting off Hajime. “What I want, is to play with the Hinata that’s in front of me, not someone else that’s using his body!”

Hajime could hear the honesty in her voice, she wasn’t lying, and it was moving him, but as he looked at his hand, he said regrettably, “But with these talents, I could save people that I couldn’t save…”

“No matter what talents you get, you can’t change what happened in the past,” Chiaki said. “Sorry, but you have to live with it, no matter how painful it is. But I’ll be there to bear the pain with you while playing games with you.”

Hajime knew she wasn’t saying all that just to convince him to drop out of the experiment, she really meant it all. Still, Hajime wasn’t fully convinced. “But what can I do, with how I am-”

“When are you gonna stop being so indecisive!” Chiaki interrupted him, giving quite a shock to Hajime. “Sorry, but I wanted to say that to you since that day at the water fountain… I think. But truth be told, I never cared about talent, ability, or anything close to that, I just want you as you are! The Hajime Hinata who became my first friend!”

Hajime felt as if he could finally see through the cloud that obscured his mind, finally seeing the shining road, a path he should have followed, but was too blind to see it before now.

Chiaki extended a hand to him and asked, “So, wanna leave this place? It’s your choice to change your future.”

Hajime didn’t hesitate, he smiled as he leaned up and reached for her hand.


Here’s a little fact: The specific shoes that girls wear at a summer festival are called zouri. They are sandals which has a sole with straps called hanao, which makes them non-fitting for running, since the straps can easily snap.

Chiaki learned that as she fell face front on the ground, lucky that the ground wasn’t wet so she wouldn’t get too dirty.

Chiaki could still feel the tears on her cheeks, which reminded her of why she was running earlier. That scene where she saw Mahiru hugging Hajime and confessed her feelings to him, was too much for the poor gamer girl. She didn’t hesitate when she ran away, nor did she think where she was running to. She just wanted to get away from it all, and far away as possible, but the snapped hanao on her left zouri made it all the more difficult. Though, she could tell she was pretty far away from the festival already and was by the river.

“Since I can’t get walk for now, I should just wait here… I think,” Chiaki said to herself.

Chiaki then sat down on the grass as she looked at the nearby river, feeling sad and dejected.

Chiaki hung her head as she muttered, “…Hajime…”

The Imposter looked puzzled as he asked his best friend, “What in God’s name makes you think that?”

Ibuki nodded, “Yup, Ibuki doesn’t get it either! Ibuki hasn’t met this Shinogame person, but Ibuki thinks she likes you, too!”

The Imposter sweat dropped as he corrected Ibuki, “It’s Shirogane, Mioda.”

Ryoma exclaimed, with what power he had in his weak body, “Because she’s too good for me! I mean, look at me! I’m weaker than most people, I’m not sociable, popular, or have anything good going on for me! The only thing I have is making anime, so why would any girl like someone like me!”

Ibuki looked worried. “But Ibuki doesn’t think she doesn’t like you. In fact, it’s the opposite!”

Ryota said as he hung his head, “I know she likes me…” That statement made Ibuki speechless and surprised the Imposter. “I always knew, but at first I tried to deny it… but even so, I couldn’t run away from the truth, she does like me. But I still can’t accept her feelings. I’m doing this for her, not for me. If I started dating her, a beautiful girl with a kind personality, people would start talking behind her back, like how she’s dating less of a man...”

Ibuki still said nothing, never seen such self-loathing in her life, not even she had any way to encourage her classmate at that point.

“That’s why, I can’t do it. I just can-”

“Would you stop all that nonsense!” the Imposter objected, interrupting Ryota and giving him a shock. “You’re doing this for her? That’s just nonsense! It’s just the opposite!”

Ryota got angry, so angry that he looked the Imposter in the eyes and stood up. “How is it the opposite? I’m protecting her-”

“By hurting her?” the Imposter asked. “What you’re doing is nothing but hurting her, just like how you hurt yourself, when you never took care of yourself! If you truly want to make her happy, then face her and tell her your true feelings!”

Ryota had always been protected by the Imposter, ever since they met in their 1st year. So, it was bound to reason that Ryota was shocked to see the Imposter yelling at him like that. But instead of feeling sad or sorry for himself, he instead got motivation in his heart. Even though he never realized it himself, Ryota needed a wake-up call; a way to make him see the truth, and he was glad that it came from his best friend, who never raised his voice to him before now.

Ryota took forth his smartphone and texted something on it. Ibuki looked curious as she asked, “What are you doing?”

Ryota clicked one final time on his phone before he smiled and looked over in the direction of his two friends, “I just asked Shirogane if she wants to meet at this summer’s Comiket, so I can tell her my feelings.”

The Imposter smiled proudly at his friend while Ibuki cheered loudly… until Ryota started sweating and turned purple.

“W-W-Wait, maybe it wasn’t right of me! Oh no, she has already read it! This can’t be gooooooooood!” Ryota exclaimed regrettably, making the Imposter sweat drop a little.

I’m starting to get worried again… but I believe you’ll be fine.

Hajime had been running for who knows how long, the only things he was sure of, was that he was running in the same direction as Chiaki, or at least he think he does, and that he was inside the nearest forest, outside the festival.

“Chiaki!” he shouted as he called for her. “Where are you?! Let’s talk about it, okay?!” But to no avail, only greeted back with silence and the sound of the cicadas. “Damn…” he sighed as he took a break for a breather. “She won’t even answer her phone… where could she be?”

“Sorry, but I have no idea, honestly…”

“It’s okay, still thank… you…” Hajime stopped talking when he finally realized he wasn’t alone. “Komaeda, what are you doing here?!” he asked as he was shocked to see his white-haired classmate.

Nagito answered back with some resentment in his voice, “As if a reserve course student has any right to know… but if you wanna know the truth, well…” Nagito then thought back on the event that only happened not so long ago.

“As you know; I was grouped up with Tsumiki and sensei as we looked for Mitarai and the others, but then I saw a kid trying to start off some f