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Danganronpa Hearts

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It was the start of the new year at Hope’s Peak Academy, the most prestigious high school in Japan, where only the best of the best gather for strengthening their talents. Right now, it’s spring, where just as the sakura trees blossomed, so does love for the students at the academy.

At the very first day of the new year, one boy, named Makoto Naegi, was called out during his break by one of his classmates, who he just so happens to have a crush on. Her name is Kyoko Kirigiri, and she, unlike Makoto, has a real talent, which is that of the Ultimate Detective. Makoto doesn’t have a real talent, only luck, or unluck as he sees it. But what he has going for him is his optimism, which is in full gear at this moment!

It’s not that he is naïve about the situation, even though he sometimes is in other situations and any other times, it’s just that he has seen the signs since last year. The fact that she only talks to him, she places more trust in him than others, and, ultimately, she sometimes blushes when she’s around him, every time he either says nice things unintentionally or when he is too close to her. And, of course, he blushes too.

She asked him if he could talk with her behind the academy, where Makoto knew that nobody would be. It’s a big cliché on all schools (mostly in fiction) that nobody talks with each other behind the school and can potentially be used as a place to confess to each other. This does not exclude the best school in all of Japan.

When they finally arrived at their destination Makoto was happy. No, that’s an understatement, he was ecstatic! This is the first time anyone was going to confess to him, ever! He stood silently in front of Kyoko, ready for the confession. It was like time began to move slowly, and for once he was impatient, he couldn’t wait to hear those words. He wanted to hear her confess-

“This is a very important case, so I really need your help, Naegi-kun.”

At that moment, Makoto, who had hoped for the best, the absolute best moment of his life, just remembered one fact about himself: Makoto. Naegi. Is. Unlucky!

When he heard those words from Kyoko, not only did time start to go to normal speed again for him, it also left him with one word coming out of his mouth, while he had the look of someone in disappointment and confusion, “What?”

Kyoko facepalmed to Makoto’s remark and said, “Did I not make myself clear? *sigh* Then I’ll say it again: I need your help with a very important case, Naegi-kun.” The unlucky student wasn’t surprised at all by Kyoko’s sudden request, because he and Kyoko had been through a lot of cases together, and as he himself knows, he can’t refuse an offer from a classmate, or in this case; his crush.

So even thought he was a little sad of how it turned out to be, he still accepted it and asked, “Sure, I’ll help, but what is so important about this case?” As soon as he said that, the detective cleared her throat.

“It’s a murder case, like always.”

Figures! was the only thought that ran through Makoto’s mind.

“But”, as the detective continued, “the culprit has been caught. By me no less.”

If the optimistic boy wasn’t surprised before, then he is now. Because this is the first time that, since he kind of became her partner, she had caught a culprit without his help. As soon as he was about to ask when this happened, she caught him off and said, “And if you wonder when it happened, then it happened yesterday when you were busy.”

Makoto knew that part about him being busy to be true, but something about what she said still doesn’t make sense. Because no matter if he was busy or not, she would take him by his hood, or his ahoge, which he hopes never happens again, and takes him with her on the case. Makoto isn’t the smartest, but he observed that something was weird with Kyoko’s request. Maybe this is another one of her tests to check his detective abilities? Makoto didn’t want to disappoint her, especially since she has so much trust in him. Or maybe this has another purpose? Makoto had to ask further so he could get to the truth. He knew he had to watch out though, because he’s dealing with a detective, and not a certain clairvoyant who can barely button his shirt or tie his own shoes, if his shoes had shoelaces to begin with.

“So, what do you need my help for? Do I need to come over with you to meet with the culprit?” He knew that the only way he could get the truth out of Kyoko, was to get her to make a mistake, and he had to do it without being caught. It will be a challenge, but thanks to all the training/torture, from the Ultimate Gambler, Celestia Ludenberg, and the Ultimate Affluent Progeny, Byakuya Togami, he’s more than prepared. He knows it won’t be easy with the Ultimate Detective, Kyoko Kirigiri, who is also known as the Ice Queen for her poker face, so a slipup from her will be tough to get!

It was first Kyoko’s turn to talk, “That won’t be necessary. We can just talk here.” With that being said the lucky boy thought this, So she doesn’t want me to meet the culprit? Could this mean that this culprit doesn’t exist?

Then it was Makoto’s turn, “Okay than, but what is it you want to talk about, concerning the culprit?” He knew he had to keep the naivety on his face, so she wouldn’t discover his façade. He hates deceiving his friends, especially Kyoko, but he had to find out what she’s hiding. He had to wait for the perfect opportunity where she’ll mess up. It could take some time, but she had to slip up at some point.

“How can we make the culprit confess that she likes the man she protected from the victim?”

When that was said by the detective the boy thought, Too fast! Way too fast! I thought it would take longer than this! It’s a natural thought, because normally it would take longer to re-armor a detective’s statement, but she just made a lot of mistakes! One of them being the gender of the culprit, and the gender of a different person who she never mentioned to begin with! The second being that how the relationship works between the culprit and the other person. The third and final mistake is on how to make someone else confess their love for a boy!

With this Makoto came to a conclusion: Kyoko. Is. Too. Shy. To. Confess. Her. Feelings. And/Or. Doesn’t. Know. How!... or something like that.

Instead of Kyoko being the one on a standstill, it was Makoto who had no idea on how to response to it. She’s obviously using this fake case to cover up her affections for Makoto! He was thinking that all this might just be in his head, and that all of this was a misunderstanding from his standpoint. But that thought perished as soon as he paid attention to her face. Her cheeks were crimson red! The color he never thought would be on the cheeks of the Ice Queen from his class. He had seen red, or a shade of red, but never crimson red! Crimson red of embarrassment and shyness.

“So,” with that word spoken he woke up from his train of thoughts, “how do we do it?”

“D-Do what?” asked the boy who had just gone through a major revelation in his head.

The Ice Queen repeated what she said while having crimson cheeks and her arms crossed, “How do we make her confess her feelings?”

Makoto knew what she truly meant, and he could use this opportunity to confess as well, but he couldn’t do that against her. She is already as embarrassed as she can be, and with his unpredictable luck, then it wouldn’t be a good idea. So, he does what he always does and play the partner to the detective. “First; are you sure she has feelings for him?” It was his way of being extra sure.

She bluntly said without hesitation, “Completely! No matter how much she tries to deny her feelings, she knows that she really likes him!” Makoto was beyond glad to hear that, so much that he couldn’t contain his fake naivety, or hide his blush. But he had to be serious right now, so he used all of his strength to hold back his smile. Makoto didn’t had time to beat around the bush, he had to help the culprit, aka. Kyoko, to confess her feelings to the third person, aka. Makoto.

“Okay, you can try to…” as soon as those words left Makoto’s mouth, trying to explain his idea on how to confess, one thought came through his mind: He. Has. Never. Confessed. Or. Being. Confessed. To. Ever. In. His. Life!

Not only did he feel a little sad, he also felt stupid for believing he knew how to confess to someone, when he has never tried that himself! I should have tried confessing to Maizono-san when I had the chance in middle school… He thought with tears running down his eyes because of his regrets. I should just have tried, even if--- Wait! I got it! At that moment, the boy suddenly felt like he was lucky, because he stumbled upon a realization.

Kyoko was just standing there waiting for the rest of what would come out of Makoto’s mouth, but she was also worried, because she thought she saw tears or something like that on the boy’s face. She tried calling his name, but she was cut off when Makoto said, “No! That’s wrong!” When Kyoko heard that, she could see determination in the lucky boy’s eyes, which she saw many times when they were investigating cases together. It was probably also one of the reasons what made her fall in love with him.

While still having determination in his eyes and in his heart, he continued, “No, there is no right way to make one confess their feelings to someone. And you can’t force or trick them into confessing their feelings. It’s themselves who have to say it, with their own will and hope!”

Kyoko was speechless, not because the speech was great, but because it somehow made sense to the detective, because she had no idea on how to really confess. It’s not that she has no feelings or lack any, but it’s the opposite of it; she is very emotional. But she knows that some people may take advantage of it, so she never shows it to anyone. Maybe it was due to that that she doesn’t know how to confess and thought that confessing would be the same as solving a case, because there’s always a logical answer to a case. But no, that’s not the same, because it’s got something to do with emotions, not with logic. Dammit, who am I, Togami or something? Was what ran through the detective’s mind.

The boy continued, “In my opinion; you have to be honest about your feelings and confess your love.”

The boy felt a little embarrassed about his speech, but Kyoko thought, What a naïve answer, yet he’s right. I need to be honest about my feelings and confess with my own voice. “Naegi-ku-. No, let me call you by your first name.” This surprised the lucky student, but he had no time to react to it. “Makoto, to be honest, I-”

But she was interrupted by the sound of the school bell, which could be heard all around campus. Talk about bad timing!

As soon as he heard that, his looked over to where that sound came from and thought about how unlucky he was right now, but then he looked back at Kyoko, who had embarrassment written all over her face. Makoto tried to call her name, but she turned around and walked away. Normally, a normal person would give up in this situation, but Makoto, who is the most normal person, never gives up in any way, and tries to call her name one more time.

“Kiri, wait!”

“Don’t call me that!” was what came out of the Ice Queen’s mouth and was what made Makoto regret his actions.

I am really unlucky after a-

“Seeing as I’m calling you by your first name from now on, it would seem fair that you call me Kyoko. No more Kirigiri or Kiri from now on, and no honorifics either.”

With that said, she walks away towards the direction to classroom 78, while Makoto just stood there and thought, It wasn’t a confession, yet, why do I feel lucky? And, of course, he doesn’t know this, but Kyoko, the Ice Queen, was smiling of the thought that from now she will hear him say ‘Kyoko’ to her every day in school.