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Happy Birthday, Sakamoto-kun

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The room was spinning. Sakamoto in- and exhaled through his nose with strain as his throat was occupied by Atsushi's cock, thrusting in and out of his throat at rapid speed.

Atsushi grunted as he eyed his spectacled friend, his eyes weren't visible, all Atsushi could see was the man's puffy, pink and wet lips covered in drool as he took his cock. Sloppy noises echoed through the room whenever he pulled his member out and plunged it back in Sakamoto's mouth.

Atsushi moaned, his head felt so good inside of the tight and wet heat that were Sakamoto's inner walls, squeezing his it as if it was trying to milk him.


"You good, Atsushi?" Shou chuckled as he saw the other male's legs almost buckle in half. The brunet nodded but his face said otherwise.

Shou focused his attention back on Sakamoto's body as the younger man's hole squeezed around his shaft. The blond let out a moan and pulled his hips back slowly before slamming it back between Sakamoto's wet and hot walls. The ravenet shook at the force and a pathetic whine left his throat. Shou chuckled and ran a hand up the other man's slender but toned stomach, dipping his thumb in his bellybutton. "Fuck, Sakamoto, you feel so fucking good, wish we'd done this sooner."

As Sakamoto couldn't speak, he ran his big hand over Shou's abs in response, dipping his thumb in Shou's navel like the other did to him.

The blond took this as a sign of agreement and held onto the hand tracing his body, bringing it up to his lips to give the fingers light kisses and teasing licks.

"You're really- hmm- enjoying this, aren't you, Shou-san?" Yoshinobu panted and bucked his hips. His dick was currently occupied by Sakamoto's other hand. His slender digits rubbed along the younger man's shaft, his index finger and thumb teasing the leaking tip.

"What about you? You're shaking, Yoshi, Sakamoto's hands are soft, right?" Shou shot back at him. He let go of Sakamoto's hand and grabbed onto the male's milky thighs, wrapping them over his shoulders and leaning in for a better angle. 

Sakamoto jolted in his position and began shaking vigorously, his hips bucking up and his cock twitching, threatening to shoot his load any moment now.

"Hey, Yoshi, help Sakamoto out and blow him, will you? Looks like he's about to cum," Shou chuckled, increasing the speed of his thrusts. Sakamoto's and Shou's skin slammed against one another rhythmically, adding onto the lewd noises that filled the room.

The ravenet was still barely hanging onto his breath as Atsushi rammed his dick how the other's throat, "Fuck-! I'm- gonna cum!" he warned and kept a tight grip on Sakamoto's throat to keep himself from falling over.

"Eat all of Acchan's cum, yeah?" Shou patted Sakamoto's stomach sweetly and stood up straight from his hunched position. He put Sakamoto's right leg together with his left and hissed at how tight the man's ass was once his legs were closed. "Fuck, you're so good when you're tight."


Sakamoto's shaking worsened at the overwhelming amount of pleasure washing over him. Acchan shooting his load down his throat, Shou fucking his tight ass and Yoshi sucking his rock hard cock. 

Atsushi pulled out and Sakamoto could properly cry out without being chocked. It made Shou laugh, "Damn, Sakamoto, never knew you were such a slut. Right, Acchan?"

The latter just nodded and sat on a pillow on Sakamoto's bed, looking down at the ravenet who stared right back at him. His usual cool and collected eyes were lust-filled, the man looked so far gone, looked so different from his confident and composed self. He was fucked beyond what he could take, only laying there docile and taking what his three friends gave him without complaint.

Atsushi trailed his fingers over Sakamoto's neck before wrapping his whole hand around it without putting any pressure on his pulse points. The man leaned down and covered his lips with his own, his tongue darted out and went straight into Sakomoto's mouth, playing with his tongue.

The spectacled man closed his eyes in pleasure and held onto Acchan's neck to keep him close while they frolicked around in each other's mouths.

Shou was watching them while biting his bottom lip, the performance only pushed him closer to his climax.

Yoshinobu popped off Sakamoto's cock to speak to the elder man and continued to rub the leaking member, "Are you gonna cum, Shou-san?"

"Yeah, if he keeps squeezing on my dick like this I will. You're a naughty one, ain'tcha, Sakamoto?" the blond raised his hand and landed it with a harsh smack on one of Sakamoto's pale ass cheeks. The latter jolted and moaned into Atsushi's mouth, making the brunet mewl in turn as the vibrations turned him on once more. 

Shou roared in laughter at the beautiful display. His attention was averted to Yoshinobu who yelped and followed it up with a choke. He popped off of Sakamoto once more and rubbed him as thick streams of cum dripped down the shaft and from Yoshi's lips. "Ah, you took me by surprise Sakamoto-kun." he chuckled and dove back down to lick whatever had spilt.

Sakamoto and Acchan broke off their make-out session so Sakamoto could apologize, "Apologies, I was too distracted to notice I was getting close,"

"Ever so polite, even when you're being fucked, eh?" Shou chuckled. He spread Sakamoto's legs once more but bent them back while he kept plunging into the younger man.

"! Should you doing me change my manners at all, Shou- san?" Sakamoto almost looked cocky if he didn't look so flustered and exhausted. 

Shou resorted to spanking Sakamoto once more, getting another yelp from him, "Kinky shit,". The ravenet lolled his head to the side and eyed Atsushi once more. The latter smiled at him and bent down for another kiss. They resumed their previous session but Acchan snaked his hands around the other man's pasty chest, taking each of his nipples between his fingers and rolling them around.

Sakamoto bucked his chest and hips, jerking at the sudden assault on his nubs. He squeezed down on Shou who groaned loudly.

"Oh, fuck! Sakamoto- you're...!" and with a loud cry he shot his load inside the younger male, both of them moaning in sync, Sakamoto's slightly hollowed by Acchan's mouth.

Shou pulled out and watched his seed spilling out of Sakamoto's gaping hole.

The four men panted in unison and made their way off of Sakamoto's bed, the tallest of them being Shou, carried Sakamoto out to his bathroom where they would all clean up together.