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The Devil's Bed

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Chapter 4 Beyond the Glass

Izumo stirred in her sleep, sensing the warmth of the sun boil her skin. She instinctively pulled back the sheets, giving her body room to breathe. She blinked a couple of times, breaking off the crust around her eyes. With one cautious look, she was welcomed by the yellow glow of the room. It’s been a while since she felt so well-rested. Carefully, she lifted her body up, her attention immediately landing on the prince.

Her brows creased with amusement, her lips twisting into an unfinished smile. His eyes were barely open, snoring peacefully without any care for his awkward position. One leg dangled off the edge of the couch while he lay on his stomach, one of his arms hanging right off the armrest. Honestly, he looked ridiculous, but even so, it didn’t stop her eyes to wander. His shoulder blades were perfectly arched, leaving no muscle unturned. The center of his back was dipped perfectly, creating a smooth path to his tail. It made her realize how firm his ass looked, tilting her head without even noticing. It was nicely squared, even through the cotton of his pants.

Izumo nearly choked on the saliva forming inside her mouth. She couldn’t even blame the Nine-Tails for that one!

‘Geez, how stupid! I’m acting like a horny teenage girl!’ she shouted to herself, soon recalling the events from last night clearly. ‘How humiliating!’

She pinched the bridge of her nose, wishing she could dispel the memory from her mind. Then again, she was desperate. After all this time, she still had no clue what became of her sister—her patience was running thin. Speaking of the Nine-Tails though, she was strangely quiet. It seemed whatever the prince did last night had really put an influence on her. Given his status, she guessed she shouldn’t be surprised by the capabilities of his allure around other demons—even if he was a half-breed.

“Being the son of Satan obviously has its quirks,” she whispered, wondering if that was something she had to be mindful of.

Izumo soon took notice of the layer of grime she felt upon her skin, sniffing herself curiously with slight revulsion. She was definitely in need of a bath, realizing she hadn’t really taken one since she arrived. Everything was a quick sponge down and that was it—and that hardly was enough. Not to mention her daily dose, she had a lot of maintenance to catch up to. With Rin fast asleep, she had to take advantage of the time while she had it.

Slipping herself off the bed, she hurriedly tip-toed her way over to the bathroom. She snatched her briefcase along the way, closing the door behind her—carelessly forgetting to lock it.

Rin groaned in his sleep, smacking his lips. Little by little he turned his body, giving out a sharp yelp when meeting the floor. His tail twitched into a zigzag shape from the impact.

“Damn, that hurt,” he said, still half-asleep.

Taking notice of the couch, he began to remember last night. He blushed from the memory, cringing a bit. There was no way things weren’t going to be awkward between him and Izumo this morning. Just the mere image of her nudity was enough to get his blood boiling. Shame came over him, not wanting to indulge such demonic lust. Still, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy their little tussle. The sensation of Izumo’s body pressing against his as her hands had her way with him was a battle he barely escaped from. The Nine-Tails was truly a dangerous fiend and something he would need to watch out for in the future. If he played her little games, he was sure to be eaten.

‘If I didn’t compel her in time, I’m sure we both be naked on that bed right now,’ he mused quietly, feeling a migraine coming on.

God, did he feel exhausted; wishing nothing more than to go back to sleep. Even so, the tension in his bladder was calling to be released. Keeping his eyes slightly closed, he got up and began to make his way to the bathroom. He ignored his surroundings, not even noticing the empty bed.

He scratched his stomach, letting out a yawn as he opened the door.

As soon as he did, Izumo froze inside the tub. Her body was completely immersed in bubbles, practically overflowing the tub. Rin had no clue of her presence though, mindlessly making his way to the toilet.

‘Is he even aware I’m here!?’ She wanted to scream for him to get out, but could not find her voice for the life of her.

Lifting the toilet seat, he lazily slipped down his pants, causing her to get a full look at the package he had. Izumo averted her eyes and blushed immensely at his exposure. It was just a glimpse, but there was no denying his size—even last night she had a good feel of it. The sound of urine hitting the toilet bowl could be heard as Rin sighed with relief. Despite this though, he had a weird feeling he was being watched. Turning his head to the side, Izumo squeaked as their eyes met. It took his eyes a moment to adjust to who he was looking at, realization soon dawning on him.

“Izumo!” he squeaked, turning his body away in order to conceal his manhood. “What are you doing here!?”

“I’m taking a bath! What does it look like?!” she questioned back with equal dismay. “Don’t you know how to knock?” she berated angrily.

“The door was unlocked! I thought you were asleep!” he said, helplessly defending himself as he tried to focus on his task at hand. “I needed to pee!”

She clenched her eyes shut, burying herself in the bubbles. “Just hurry up!”

He quickly forced the rest of his bladder to empty itself out, jiggling a bit to make sure he was fully done. Without any further delay, he picked up his pants and rushed out the door.

Izumo sat there, completely stunned by the sudden event.

Before long, she could hear the Nine-Tails purring at the back of her mind, signaling her return.

‘The prince sure knows how to tease a thousand year old fox.’

Izumo dragged her head down under the water, having no words.

Rin had his face buried in his hands. This morning could have gone so much better. Then again, they should expect this sort of scenario, shouldn’t they? Sharing a room together, especially when you’re supposed to be husband and wife, sort of came with the memo. It sure as hell would be easier to accept than have this happen all the time.

“We have to get past this somehow,” he said, propping his cheek against his fist.

He waited patiently by the bed, knowing full well the conversation they were about to have. After much shuffling behind the door, Izumo stepped out—and to his relief, with clothes on.

“Go—good morning…” she barely managed to say, blushing lightly with a frown.

He tilted his head down, mimicking her. “Go—good morning…”


And for once, without the Nine-Tail’s snarky comments butting in.

Rin began to sweat—he always hated pauses like this. He roughly scratched the back of his head, sighing with exasperation. “Listen, Izumo, I didn’t mean to walk into you like that. You have to believe me.”

“I know…” she said, nodding with understanding. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You just…took me by surprise.”

“So….you’re not mad at me?” he asked, not quite convinced.

She shook her head. “Not as much as I would like to be,” she answered honestly. “Besides, you’re right, I didn’t lock the door, so….I guess I’m partially to blame for that.”

“Wow…” he said with astonishment.

“What?” she asked, slightly annoyed.

“Nothing, just thought you wouldn’t admit you were wrong,” he said, chuckling a bit.

“Well, you still should have knocked,” she barked, keeping her pride.

“Alright, you got me there,” he said, agreeing with her. “Just as long as we’re still friends.”

“We’re not friends,” she sharply tried to remind him.

He ignored her comment, deciding to smile instead, which just infuriated her even more. For the son of Satan, he certainly did not act the part! It’s like her trying to kill him yesterday never even happened!

“By the way, is that what you’re really wearing?” he asked, pointing at her attire.

Izumo stared down at her dress, questioning it as well. It was a traditional Chinese dress—elegant, but tight. It hugged her body in all the right places, revealing her outer thighs and legs perfectly. She supposed that was the goal, creating an erotic look for her petite size. Rin looked away, not wanting to seem like he was staring.

“It’s all I have,” she answered flatly, “I didn’t really get to have much of a fashion choice.”

“Uh…maybe we can get you your own clothes,” he offered, “One of your own choosing. We’ll even see to add a hole for your tail!”

She seemed skeptical. “Do you have the power to actually do that?”

He shrugged. “Probably not, but….I can try!” he chimed.

She hopelessly shook her head—so foolish.

Just then, a low growl was heard inside the room. Rin stared down at Izumo’s stomach, finding it to be the culprit. The girl blushed from the sound, well aware of the reason. The poor apple from yesterday proving her downfall.

Rin held a grin like no other, obviously amused. “Seems like someone is hungry,” he commented shrewdly.

Her ears twitched, her glare growing profound.

Rin just laughed at her reaction. “I’ll go get ready so that way we can get you something to eat.” He went to gather his things, not even giving her a chance to be stubborn about it.

He made a beeline towards the bathroom but stopped when reaching the doorway. “Hey, Izumo,” he started solemnly, gaining her attention, “We’re married, and like it or not, we do share this room together. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but even I think it’s silly for us to try and hide that. We’re bound to see each other vulnerable in some way or another.”

She hated to admit it, but he was right. They couldn’t play tip-toe forever. It was something they both just had to accept, knowing full well the criteria of what the ring on their fingers meant. Honestly, it was childish for her to think that they could avoid it. Somehow though, the tension between them felt lighter—maybe he was more mature than she gave him credit for.

He soon laughed, breaking her thoughts. “But, for now, I’ll lock the door,” he said, giving her a playful grin before closing it behind him.

On second thought, maybe not.

Yuri stepped out into the hallway, closing the door behind her. She gave a restless sigh, leaning her back against the doorframe. Satan was just getting worst, his condition borderline fatal. Despite some manner of relief, she felt nothing but regret. Once upon a time she really thought they could run away together and be happy—that love was enough to sustain him. Yuri couldn’t help but give a hollow laugh of her own naivety. All that was left now between them was a shell of broken promises.


A voice broke through the darkness within her mind like a beacon. She turned her head, welcoming the wielder to her heart. “Shiro…” she said, providing him a forced smile.

He studied the bags under her eyes, contemplating his next choice of words. “Are you okay?” he asked, deciding to be direct.

She wiped her eyes, hoping it didn’t seem like she was crying. “I’m good, was just a long night.”

Shiro frowned, knowing full well how clingy Satan was for her.

‘Probably whined all night for her to stay with him,’ he bitterly thought.

“Have you checked on Rin and Izumo this morning?” she soon asked, changing the subject.

“Not yet, I figured to give those two some alone time,” he said, shrugging, “They have to get along in some way or another.”

She giggled at his words, causing him to look disgruntled. “What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Nothing, it’s just, made me think about the past,” she said, reflecting on their childhood, “It’s not like we got along either, you know. It took years for me to melt that heart of yours before you actually called me your friend.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, what did you expect? You nagged at me practically every day! Besides….I didn’t think it was all that bad,” he answered with a grumble, blushing slightly— a side of him only meant for her to see.

“No…I suppose it wasn’t,” she said, smiling warmly at him.

Out of pure habit, he slowly took her hand in his. Shiro rubbed her palm, seeking to calm whatever fears she held hidden. His eyes lingered on her lips, wanting to hear her breathless gasps as he took hold of them with the taste of his smokey ones. Little did he know of her own feelings of wanting to hold him against her—his hair always captivating her to hold as she buried herself into his scent. Before such fantasies could even be tempted to come to fruition though, Yuri pulled her hand away. It left the older gentleman bare and cold.

“I should go,” she said, bowing her head, “There some elixirs I need to pick up for Satan from Drac.”

He scoffed grudgingly. “Yeah, I should go too. Lucifer and his cronies are heading back to their base today. Got to make sure everything is ready for them to leave.”

Yuri bit her lip with a nod, understanding his duties.

Taking opposite paths from each other, she felt a tug at her heart as she walked past him. Shiro dared not look back, knowing the danger of prolonging such desires. The choices they made have brought nothing but pain, and they had to live with it. Yuri could only pray that Rin and Izumo wouldn’t be as misfortunate.

“There we go!” Rin cheered, opening the door to a whole new area.

Izumo stared in awe at the sudden change of scenery, having expected the hallway to the castle. Instead, she was welcomed by a private kitchen area, containing all manner of silverware and tools used for cooking. She studied all the pots and pans, including the selection of fruits and vegetables that hung overhead.

“Pretty neat, huh?” Rin asked, admiring his little haven. “Guess you can say this is my hobby.”

She looked at him with disbelief. “Are you saying you can cook?”

He nodded bashfully. “I know, sounds weird. The son of Satan a gourmet fanatic? Doesn’t really sound possible.”

“That’s because it doesn’t,” she answered bluntly. “And all because of that key you have, we were able to teleport easily here?” she asked, studying the small artifact curiously in question.

Rin tucked the item away. “Yeah, but it’s supposed to be a secret. Only a few of us have it here for the castle, and sadly, mine could only take us here, or back where I came from.”

“Interesting,” Izumo answered, not wanting to seem too impressed.

“But hey! Make yourself comfortable! I’ll start prepping breakfast for ya!” He gleamed, already rolling up his sleeves.

Izumo cautiously took a seat by a table nearby—it was an antique, one you would probably see in normal homes. All in all, it wasn’t a glamorous setting, but it was quite homey from the space it provided. The tiles had a turquoise glaze to them around the walls, fitting with the wooden honey-colored floor beneath them. Already she could smell a change in the room, watching as Rin started to grill some eggs together. God, it’s been a while she could remember a meal, her stomach growling even louder.

Rin took notice of the sound, laughing in amusement. “I hope you’re not a picky eater. Then again, maybe it’s good if you are, so I can try to make something you’ll actually like.”

“I’m not a vegetarian if that’s what you mean,” she answered curtly.

“A meat lover, that’s good to know!” he exclaimed joyfully, beginning to cut some chicken cutlets for protein choice.

“How did you get into this, anyway?” she asked, genuinely curious.

The pan hissed as he dumped the chunks he cut onto it. “Believe it or not, from Shiro.” He decided to elaborate when noticing her confusion. “He’s the priest who married us.”

His image popped up in Izumo’s head, causing her to choke back in shock. “That guy?! Wow….I wouldn’t have guessed it. He seems a bit rough around the edges to be a priest.”

“Yeah, you got a point, but he’s been more of a father to me than Satan that’s for sure,” he said, his eyes becoming soft.

Izumo studied his face, doing her best to figure him out. Her mind was brewing with questions, each swirling around the other. There was obviously more to the prince than she led on.

Even so, she remained vigilant. “Yeah, I wouldn’t call him father material.”

“What about you?” Rin reverted. “What about your parents?” he asked, innocently flipping some omelets together.

Izumo flinched, flashes of her mother being possessed and blood entering her thoughts without warning. She gritted her teeth, deciding to answer with her usual tone of bitterness, “That’s none of your business.”

Rin lowered the flames to the stove, turning to frown at her. “Listen, mystery girl. Like or not, I’m going to sound like a broken record to remind you…” He took in a deep breath, calming his own frustration down. “But I’m your husband, and yeah, we’re not in love, but I’m still the only person you have right now. We’re partners…and I really would appreciate you opening up a little more so this doesn’t become hell for us both.”

She just stared at him with that trademark glare that never seemed to falter from her face.

Rin sighed. Damn, why was he forced to marry someone so stubborn?

“Do you always play the nice guy?” she asked, not impressed by his words. “Hate to break it to you, but this is hell no matter how you sugar coat it. I don’t need to tell you anything. Your whole friendship thing is also ridiculous. Who tries to feed someone who tried to kill them last night? Are you from another dimension? Because a logical person would turn their killer in!”

“Geez, this again? You sure know how to not let things go,” he said with vexation.

Seriously? He was one to talk!

“Well, if you been through what I have! You would understand!”

“Make me understand then! Because not telling me isn’t helping either!” he snapped back.

‘Kami, all this bickering! You two act like rabid dogs! I have the sense to kill you both!’ The Nine-Tails added, clearly annoyed by the energy between them.

Silence befell them, creating tension between the two again. Rin gave up and decided to go back to his cooking. Izumo in the meantime just sat and pouted as if she was eight. There was no way she was going to fall for this charade. The audacity that he thought getting to know her would make things easier was practically insulting. She clenched her hands on her lap, a hidden rage consuming her. The worst part of it being, despite everything, she still couldn’t find herself to hate him.

It didn’t take much effort for the aroma of Rin’s cooking to overcome the taut air of the room. Izumo also couldn’t deny the anticipation she had to eat either. Rin carefully slid the omelets he made onto their own plate, all neatly folded with steam coming off them. He brought it over to the table, collecting some silverware along the way. The girl patiently waited for him to set everything up, watching him walk over to the fridge with a playful swish of his tail.

“Did you want juice, coffee, or tea?” he asked calmly, though with an obvious edge to his voice.

Izumo answered, doing her best to act civil. “Tea,” she answered dully.

He looked over his shoulder at her, actually producing a smile. “Of course,” he said as if it was obvious.

Izumo was peeved by his response.

“Orange juice all for me then,” he said happily, taking out a jug for himself.

Pulling out a rack of teas, he placed it at the center of the table. Izumo was stunned by the selection, going for chai as her choice. They prepped their drinks in silence, satisfied with the spread they had. Just before Izumo could take a bite of her food though, Rin lightly slapped her hand. She pulled it back, appalled by the action.

“Got to say grace first,” he said, offering her a small smile. “Least you can do after being so ungrateful to my apple yesterday.”

“Really?” She frowned, utterly annoyed.

He clapped his hands together, not bothering to indulge her. “Iitadakimasu!” he chimed, signaling her to do the same.

Izumo sighed and begrudgingly followed his example. “Iitadakimasu!” she nearly shouted, before quickly digging in.

Rin couldn’t help but find some enjoyment in her response. Someone was definitely cranky when they were hungry—it was something he gladly took note of. After literally taking her first bite though, Izumo froze, her eyes beginning to water. She dared not let the tears fall though, trapping the spoon inside her mouth. The taste that hit her tongue was beyond her expectation. It was rich with flavor, quelling the hunger she stubbornly held for so long. Everything was perfectly wrapped together with layers of ingredients that it was practically overwhelming.

To think all those days at the lab she was missing out on something like this? And for him to even do such a thing for her—she didn’t deserve it.

“Izumo?” Rin spoke out, concern etching his face from her sudden stillness.

She swallowed, gaining back her composure. “Rin, I….this…this is delicious…”

He beamed. “You really like it? I’m glad!”

She pondered her next words, hating how guilty she suddenly felt. “Look, it’s not easy for me to say this, but…thank you.”

He was stunned by her response, shifting quickly into a smile. “You’re welcome. And…I’m sorry for asking about your parents. If you don’t want to talk about it, I understand. It was stupid of me to even do so.”

“Well, at least you can admit that,” she said sharply, reaching for another bite of her meal. “Honestly, I’m starting to truly think I am married to an idiot.”

Unamused, his hand slowly reached for her plate. “If that’s how you feel, I can take it back.”

She pulled it close to her, giving him a glare. “Don’t you dare!”

He chuckled, returning to his own meal. They ate in peace, Rin tempting to talk practically every time he took a bite. Izumo could tell already he was a chatty one when provoked by silence. She tried to amuse him though, answering at least simpler questions. They ranged from favorite color to her age, to basically about anything he could think of. Silly things, but enough for them to strike a normal conversation.

‘What if all of this is just a ploy though? A false sense of security just so he can imprison me as his brother did?’ Izumo questioned deeply with mistrust.

‘If it means rutting involved, then I will gladly submit.’

‘God, can you think of nothing but sex!’ Izumo shouted at the evil vixen.

“I am ancient being, cub. There are needs even I miss after being sealed away for so long. You have fed me nothing but hatred! As divine as it is, there is more that I hunger for. Being your age, you should have long given yourself to such pleasures already!”

‘Yeah, not happening. I have other things to worry about than love.’

The kitsune snickered slyly. “Who said anything about love? Silly pup, you’re more of a fool than I thought.”

Izumo flushed at her own choice of words, banishing the conversation altogether. Luckily, a new distraction came one that nearly made her squeal. A black cat jumped on top of the table, sniffing the food excitedly before glowering at Rin.

’Rin! How could you eat without me?’ he wined, his words ringing into Izumo’s mind.

“Sorry, Kuro,” he responded, “My bad! It was sort of unplanned, you know I wouldn’t do it on purpose. Here, let me prepare you a bowl.” He got up, causing Kuro to hop excitedly.

Izumo stared at the feline in awe, wanting to pet him with every fiber of her being. Despite the little thing being a demon, he was super cute! She bit her lip, her hands twitching beneath the table. She couldn’t dare let Rin see this side of her, she had to resist! The demon prince came back and put a bowl down in front of Kuro, who instantly began to chow on it. Izumo began to quiver at this point, his little mewls while he ate triggering her to nearly lose it.

Rin caught notice of her sudden odd behavior. “Uh, Izumo? You okay there?”

She whipped her head at him in alarm, her cheeks reddening. “I—I’m fi—fine!” She wanted to hit herself for stuttering.

Her eyes shifted between him and Kuro, piquing his curiosity even further.

“Are you…do you not like cats or something?” he asked shrewdly.

“N—no! That’s not…the problem.” She forced herself to bite back her inner thoughts from escaping.

“Why are you acting so weird then?”

The sudden interrogation was clearly making her lose her wits—it didn’t help that Kuro was a mere foot away from her eager hands.

She vexedly sat on her hands, wishing to drop the subject. “That’s the pot calling the coffee kettle black.”

“What? What does coffee have to do with this?”

“Oh! Never mind!” She sighed irritably.

Rin frowned at her retreat from the topic, deciding to focus on petting Kuro instead. The cat meowed, and thanked his master for the meal, purring into his touch. Izumo couldn’t help but be jealous, craving to give her own affection to the feline. If only her pride would just allow her to be honest. Sensing her turmoil, Rin took a glance to study her once more. Her eyes were clearly aimed at Kuro, but more importantly, what his hand was doing. Testing his theory, he began to scratch the top of his familiar’s head, earning a small whimper from the girl. The reaction he got from her was priceless, her face contorting horribly at hiding her desires.

“Izumo, do you…want to pet him?” he asked without thinking.

She flinched, realizing she was caught.

“Really?” She was hesitant to even dare indulge herself in such a vulnerable act.

Rin laughed, he couldn’t believe how something so simple could be such a daunting task for her.

He offered his hand out, giving her permission. “Go ahead.”

She reached forward, easing her hand into Kuro’s fur. She squeaked from how soft he was, her face softening into joy. The cat was pleased by her gentle strokes but was quickly discouraged when she spoke.

“Who’s a cute wittle kitty? You are! Oh, such a soft wittle baby!” she chimed, starling Rin.

‘I’m not a baby! I’m over a hundred years old!’ he cried out from the insult, grudgingly purring as she moved to stroke his chin.

“Awww, of course, you are such a cutie pie!” Izumo cooed, halting only for a moment to glare at Rin’s amused grin. “What?” she snapped.

He raised his hands in defense. “Nothing!”

His smile remained hidden as she returned her attention to Kuro. To think she thought he was the strange one—the coffee calling the kettle black was starting to make more sense to him than he realized.

“Such a shame you guys couldn’t stay long,” Shiro commented shrewdly.

He was currently escorting Lucifer and Homare to their car, his grin obvious to everyone. Shura stood behind him, guarding at best. Lucifer paid no mind to them, entering the vehicle without a single word.

It was Homare who took it upon herself to speak in his place. “The matrimony was a success, all that’s left is to see what the outcome of it will bring.”

“Oh?” Shiro asked, quite curious. “And what is that you demons hope to gain from this anyway?”

Homare couldn’t resist the small grin that appeared on her lips from his plucky response. “You don’t pass me as a simpleton, priest. I’m sure you don’t need me to answer that.”

He grimaced angrily at her—her wits truly matching with her father’s.

Not wasting time for farewells, Homare climbed into the backseat with Lucifer. She grabbed the door handle, holding it just for a moment. “We’ll be in touch,” she said ominously.

The car drove off immediately after she shut the door, causing no further delay. Shura walked up behind Shiro, her expression apprehensive. “We’re going to have to speed our operation if we’re going to intersect whatever they have planned.”

Shiro studied the vehicle as it disappeared into the distance. “Do you think that’s what's best?” he asked her.

Shura was caught off guard by his question. “Of course it is,” she answered firmly. “Shiro, don’t let that woman get to you; you know what we’re doing is the right thing.”

He didn’t respond, fearing his voice would betray him.

End Chapter