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Since the incident at the embassy office, Daisuke had only made the voice necessary to Suzue, who approach the group with limping and stains all over her body. It’s about “What happened?”, or “Where’s your motorbike?”, then “Are you okay? Do you need hospital treatment?”, and it ends with “I’ll call the driver to pick you up here and take you home.”.

Suzue answered those questions with a sore grimace without losing expression of admiration for him. But when Suzue asked Daisuke to come home with him, Daisuke did not answer. He was just silent, turned his head to the securities group who began to come to the embassy building. It appeared that he was pretending to be deaf with Suzue’s whining calling his name and persuading him to come home together. Even when the driver arrive in a classy car regardless of brand or series, Daisuke grabbed Suzue’s shoulder and told her to get into the passenger seat only to open his mouth to say, “Go, leave me alone.”

Haru stared at the man from afar, closely watching Daisuke, who for the first time was acting so unfriendly to Suzue. Resentment gnawed at his mind, especially when he learned that Suzue was still approaching the embassy office to save his brother who had been trapped in the security room even though the woman was limping. Also with Daisuke has yet to say sorry for pushing him roughly to fall and thank you for saving him and the president with his aides.

But when Haru saw the strange glint in Daisuke’s ultramarine blue iris, at the moment Haru realized the oddity of the man—and also with his hands that looked limp and trembling. In his imagination, Daisuke seemed to be trying to keep himself staying awake even though he knew that his legs were starting to lose the strength to stand any longer. Hence, avoiding the surrounding, Haru approached Daisuke. The man gripped his hand tightly and made the beautiful blue eyes gasp and stared straight at him.

“Come with me.” Haru whispered not to be denied. Without listening to their calling by Saeki, Kamei, and Teppei, Haru takes Daisuke to move away to a private place. Not long after, they found the best place at the moment: a public parking lot.

“Hey, tell me,” Haru opened the conversation as he slammed Daisuke’s back against a parking lot's wall. “What’s going on with you? Since you out from the room, you have been very quiet.” Haru’s hand locked Daisuke’s side and both of them were quite close, anticipating Daisuke’s not to running away from him while giving the meaning that he trying to intimidate him a little bit. “And you also act cold to Suzue.”

“I’m fine, Mr. Katou.”


Daisuke glanced sharply at Haru’s yellow ochre iris, “I am the same me as before: only speaks as necessary and treat Suzue as usual.”

The two of them glared at each other, both of them clenched their fists to hold back the emotions that began to splash between them. The tension and awkwardness between them only stayed for a few seconds as Haru untied Daisuke and folded his arm. “Okay, if you say so,” Haru tried to soften his tone. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like you’re trying to hold back from crying—for some reason.”

As if Haru managed to pull the trigger after the words came out from his mouth, Daisuke nimbly broke away from Haru’s but failed, because Haru catches him as soon as possible from going more than one step—Haru grabbed his arm, slammed his body again against the wall, and this time back to held Daisuke with both hands on Daisuke’s body. Daisuke was shocked because of that, he groaned and fell while hugging his trembling body and biting his lips. Not long after, sobs emerged from those lips.

Haru gawked, then fell with him and shook Daisuke’s body, calling out his name as if trying to pull the man’s consciousness which started to float somewhere. It cannot be denied that Haru started to panic, especially when Daisuke started to gasp and the man started coughing with whining cries. Haru slapped Daisuke lightly on his cheek, which was wet from the tears that were still flowing, but could not get the man’s attention to him. When Haru was about to call out his name again, Daisuke involuntarily pounded his chest hard enough, making him cough and grimace in pain.

“Wait, don’t do that!” Haru grabbed Daisuke’s hand before hitting his chest again, bringing it around his neck and letting Daisuke's hand grip his jacket hood tightly. “Kambe, hello, Kambe? What’s going on? Look at me.” Haru brought Daisuke’s other hand behind his neck, and now both of them gripped his back together. As if looking for comfort. As if looking for secure.

Haru pressed their foreheads together, as well as the tip of their nose. “Kambe, open your eyes and look at me. Everything is alright.” Haru whispered. Then, Daisuke opened his eyes, displaying ultramarine irises that seemed to glow with tears and various expressions gripping his consciousness. “Everything is alright—“

No.” Daisuke cut his words hoarsely.

Haru was surprised of course. But he didn’t ask any further when Daisuke whispered hoarsely again, “Everything won’t be all right if you’re late more than you should.”

“I know. Forgive me.”

Daisuke shook his head slowly. “But that’s because you were chasing the culprit, Mr. Katou.” Haru felt that the man’s hands were rubbing his back weakly. “In the end, you still managed to save us.” Then Haru felt that the man was trying to calm himself in his support. “I’m sorry I pushed you down and thank you for saving me. You did a good job, Mr. Katou.”

Haru hummed softly. “But the culprit committed suicide.”

“Not all criminals can be caught alive.”

Haru looked at Daisuke who was blinking his eyes to wipe away the tears. Haru thought that Daisuke could do it with both his hands, but Haru still did not want to make the rub on his back to stopped also with the grip to go away. Haru could do it with both hands, but Daisuke who was silently pressing his support against his body seemed to be telling him that he did not want Haru to let go. Recalling the sudden panic that Daisuke experienced a few minutes ago, makes Haru remember the main purpose of bringing Daisuke away from peoples.

“Hey, tell me,” Daisuke glanced at him with swollen eyes and questioning expression. “Did something happen to you in that room? Threats, for example? Or harassment, maybe?” Haru wanted to pinch the man in his embrace who made a surprised face and sneered at him. “I prefer you to tell me in honesty. It’s okay, I won’t be angry.”

“At the very least, don’t tell that to anyone?”

“Which matter? What happened, Kambe? I swear to God I will—“

“I have a rather excessive fear of closed and cramped spaces.”

“…… Are you claustrophobic?”

“It feels a little exaggerated to say that it is claustrophobic, but since my fear is quite close to that level… you could say so.”

Daisuke stared closely at Haru.

Their foreheads were no longer touching, but the tips of their noses were still close together so that both of them could still feel each other’s breath. The gentle strokes on Haru’s back then stopped and the tight grip on Daisuke’s vest began to loosen. Even though they were behind the car, both of them could still enjoy the beauty of each other’s faces with the dim lights shining on them, and they both listened to the laughter of peoples passing through the public parking lot where they were.

“Are you feeling better?”

“No—not yet.”

“Do you want me to do something for you?”


“What is it?” Haru glanced at Daisuke’s lips, which were swollen red from the strong bite earlier. Daisuke knowing it. clearly. “Say it, Kambe. I’ll do it for you.” Haru whispered much in love. “I’ll do anything for you.”

Slowly, the lips began to open slightly wider, as if inviting Haru to greet them kindly and taste them religiously. Haru could not get away from it, and his feelings floating miraculously when Daisuke said, “Make me feel safe and alive, Mr. Katou.”

The kiss tasted salty from the tears, felt strange from swelling and drops of blood sticking out of the caress, felt soft and alive, and felt warm in a tight, secure embrace.[]