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a little goes a long way

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daehyung questioned his sanity as his gaze followed yiyoung small figure, rummaging around his apartment and getting drinks and snacks ready for their extended truth or dare night.

extended because it was past 12 pm and the normal version had ended an hour prior. yiyoung had gotten a little drunk, to which daehyung had promised his employees to get him back home safely. like he good director he is.

however, yiyoung was a little too drunk and daehyung couldn’t deny being tipsy as well. so, when yiyoung had offered his place for another round of truth or dare, but private, daehyung could only comply.

he just couldn’t resist those beautiful eyes and sexy features.

thus, there they were, the two of them, in yiyoung’s small apartment.

daehyung looked around and noticed it was nice and clean for a person as chaotic as yiyoung could be in the workplace.

a loud thud made him look up. yiyoung had finally found the liquor and had placed it on the table.

“let’s get started,” yiyoung slurred softly, his eyes locked on daehyung’s.

the older man sighed. this could easily become a long night. or not, depending on how quick yiyoung would fall asleep.

the first couple rounds were slow. maybe because yiyoung was nervous — daehyung could sense something was off.

“is something wrong?” he asked.

yiyoung fervently shook his head. “no! no, i— i just— never mind. it’s your turn,” he said stuttering nearly every word.

daehyung shrug it off. if yiyoung wasn’t going to talk or tell him first, he wouldn’t ask for more either.

“truth or dare,” daehyung stated.

yiyoung was nervously rubbing his fingers and hands together. daehyung didn’t know what was making him so nervous, but he paid little mind. “truth,” yiyoung finally spoke, to which daehyung nodded.

“name your favorite body part you like to be kissed on.”

daehyung closely studied yiyoung’s facial features. the blush that had crept up because of the alcohol, was spreading more and more — to his ears and his neck.

ahn yiyoung had gotten flustered and daehyung was all here for it. the party was just getting started.

“well?” he asked after not having received an answer for another minute.

finally, yiyoung mumbled something.

“what was that? i couldn’t hear you,” daehyung said, instantly regretting the way his voice sounded so rough and harsh.

yiyoung mumbled something again.

this time, daehyung waited. he didn’t speak, but just waited. maybe his face indicated something, because yiyoung spoke up again, not soon after.

“the space below my ears,” he softly said, not looking at his director.

daehyung was taking mental notes.

“truth or dare?” yiyoung asked him.

“truth.” he was curious about which type of question was coming for him.

surprisingly, yiyoung laughed before asking his question to daehyung, and the latter got kind of confused. what…

“do you ever just want to tear off my clothes before we do it?”

daehyung was taken aback, but quickly regained his posture and touched his forehead with a sigh.

“yes,” he confessed.

yiyoung’s mouth stood agape but daehyung continued the game, unbothered.

“truth or dare?”


they went back and forth with more truths than dares, until yiyoung — finally, after daehyung had also done a couple dares — said ‘dare’.

“i dare you to sit on my lap,” daehyung said, his voice low and demanding, sending shivers down yiyoung’s spine.

yiyoung nodded and daehyung saw that he had to suppress a smile when climbing on his lap. daehyung smirked. this evening was getting better and better.

they sat now face to face and could feel each other’s breathing on their skin.

“truth or dare?” yiyoung continued.

“dare.” daehyung had spoken without leaving yiyoung’s eyes. something had switched in his eyes and daehyung was expecting something big to happen soon — if, again, his sleep didn’t win.

“undress yourself to your underwear while i’m still on top of you.”

daehyung grinned and gladly accepted the dare. he hadn’t had a drink in a while, so he was fully aware of his actions. yiyoung, however, had denied a few dares and had to drink some more. he easily undressed himself, with yiyoung still on top of him. he had covered his eyes but daehyung ripped them away from his sight, and held them on his back. yiyoung’s eyes were wide open and the red of the blush had crept down to his chest now.

daehyung could see that because his dress shirt had undone itself lower when yiyoung had climbed on top of him.

undressed, daehyung continued the truth or dare game and yiyoung had to drink more and more. the questions and dares daehyung came up with were sometimes too naughty for yiyoung to agree with.

so, he drank.

until he finally snapped. it was yiyoung’s turn. his eyes turned dark and he came a little closer into daehyung’s embrace, their bodies becoming more intimate. yiyoung had taken of his shirt in the mean time — “it’s too hot,” he had complained — so their chests were currently touching intimately.

daehyung rolled his hips a little to tease him.

yiyoung softy moaned, before uttering out the question, “truth or dare?”

“truth,” daehyung said, unbeknownst of which question yiyoung could ask him.

“what is your favorite toy?”

daehyung stopped slightly rolling his hips and yiyoung immediately whined because of the sudden stop.

but daehyung grinned. yiyoung really wanted to go there, huh?

“a butt plug,” he answered, in all honesty.

“o…oh,” yiyoung softly said, not knowing what else to say.

“truth or dare,” daehyung quickly asked him. he’s had his fair shares of mostly truths now, so he’d better say ‘dare’, or else—

“dare,” yiyoung said, suddenly finding a speck of dust on daehyung’s shoulder very interesting.

daehyung chuckled. that had been the right answer, but also the wrong one. he came closer towards yiyoung, slowly blowed his breath on his neck and ear, making yiyoung shiver, and whispered in his ear, “i dare you to try out that butt plug at work tomorrow morning.”

yiyoung stiffened. daehyung took advantage of the moment and softly bit his ear while brining his hand around yiyoung’s body. he softly cupped yiyoung’s butt, and squeezed it. yiyoung gasped, revealing his throat and daehyung dove into it, kissing and licking and sucking on it.

“so?” he growled. “what is your answer?”

“ah— dir…director kang,” yiyoung gasped, hesitating in giving his answer. daehyung really thought yiyoung would agree as quickly as he could.


“…” he was still hesitating.

daehyung decided to give him a little more time, by teasing him a little. his hand was still cupping yiyoung’s butt, after all.

he moved his hand up towards where both butt cheeks met each other. yiyoung moaned at the touch of daehyung’s hand feeling his ass. before yiyoung could enjoy it a little too much, daehyung pressed his thumb against his hole.

“right here,” he whispered lowly into yiyoung’s ear, who had gasped loudly at the touch. he pressed his thumb inside, causing yiyoung to cry it out. “this is where it will go in. i have my favorite butt plug laying ready for you in my office.” he moved his thumb out of yiyoung’s ass, to which the latter gasped, and quickly filled it up again with his index finger, not soon after followed by his middle finger. “that butt plug is just waiting for you to take it inside of you. come thirty minutes early for tomorrow’s shift and we’ll get you ready — together, the two of us.”

his low voice combined with the two fingers pressing along his insides were making yiyoung dizzy. his eyes rolled back, slightly, with his hands gripping into daehyung’s shoulders.

daehyung didn’t want to do anything against yiyoung’s will, but the way yiyoung had been acing on some more action lately made him think otherwise.

and it didn’t take long before yiyoung finally nodded. daehyung hadn’t said anything after that, so he knew exactly what the nod meant.

the next morning, yiyoung appeared at eight in the morning, sharp.

daehyung stepped inside his office a minute after him, and yiyoung pouted something along the lines of “you’re late,” which daehyung ignored. it was his office, after all.

he went to sit down behind his desk, legs crossed and hands together. business mode.

“please take a seat,” he commanded yiyoung, who immediately followed the order.

he opened the cabinet to his desk and got a small black box out of it and placed it in front of him.

“do you know what this is?” he asked yiyoung, who was too afraid to even answer. now that he was sitting in front of him, daehyung could see the dark edges around his eyes. they might have made it a little too late last night before daehyung decided he needed to get home.

and yiyoung didn’t answer. he only stared at the box, knowing all too well what the box contained.

daehyung slowly took the top part off the box, and placed it to the side of it. the contents revealed a silver plug, with a silver diamond topping it.

yiyoung swallowed. loudly.

daehyung could hear it. he chuckled. it wasn’t small, that was for sure.

“do you want to do it yourself or do you require my assistance?”

yiyoung couldn’t look away from the plug and swallowed loudly again. daehyung could see the doubt in his eyes, but he knew yiyoung would be able to take it all in.

“i think i might need some assistance, yes,” yiyoung finally said.

no one had moved and yiyoung’s loud breathing had just filled the room.

“good,” daehyung said. he had secretly hoped for that answer and wouldn’t know what he’d done if yiyoung had told him he’d do it himself. “you can start to undress yourself when you feel like it.”

yiyoung didn’t waste any more time and stood up, his face dark, not looking at daehyung at all. he probably was a little too embarrassed.

he undid his pants and and slid them down, his underwear following next. he kept his dress shirt and jacket on, with no need to actually remove those.

daehyung stood up, took the butt plug from its package and inspected it one last time. it was a nice plug and he knew it was being put to good use soon.

he walked over to lock the door to his office and walked back to see yiyoung fidgeting with his sleeves. he smirked as he sat down on the chair yiyoung had previously sat on.

“bend over on the desk,” daehyung commanded him.

yiyoung didn’t think twice before following the command and hissed as he felt the wooden desk connect with his body, and immediately felt daehyung’s hands cup his ass on both cheeks.

“nice,” daehyung complimented, giving his right butt cheek a soft pat. yiyoung flinched.  

daehyung decided to not waste any more time and went to work.

yiyoung gasped and flinched once again when the butt plug first touched his entrance. daehyung smiled as he pressed it against the hole a little harder. yiyoung moaned. daehyung had to try his hardest not to push the item into yiyoung’s back at once.

he coughed, retrieving the tip from yiyoung’s ass. yiyoung’s back arched and his ass had moved a little back.

to daehyung’s surprise, he noticed yiyoung had barely said a word when he’d come in. that was nothing for him.

“are you sure you want to go along with this? you can say no if you want to,” daehyung decided to ask him.

yiyoung’s head shook wildly. “n—no, it’s okay,” he stuttered. then he whispered, “please continue.”

daehyung didn’t say anything else as he pressed the tip of the plug against yiyoung’s hole again. “then, there we go,” he announced, opening up his ass with the plug. it was going rough, but daehyung wanted to try and open it up before using lube. he should probably use his fingers first, but the sound of yiyoung’s breathing hitching as a reaction to the gold glass plug hitting his hole was turning him on more than he thought it would.

a centimeter easily went inside and he still had nine more centimeters to go.

daehyung removed the plug from yiyoung’s ass again. he needed lube.

he leaned his front — with his growing, throbbing cock pressed — against yiyoung’s naked butt and bent over his deck to open a cabinet. he retrieved the lube and stood back up right.

as a reaction, yiyoung moved his ass back a little, wanting to feel the touch of daehyung’s cock against his bare butt.

daehyung chuckled, “take it easy.”

yiyoung was getting needy but daehyung knew he had never tried taking up a butt plug before, so he really needed to take his time. ten minutes had passed, yiyoung’s shift started at 8:30, but he could always make up that he needed to have yiyoung in his office for business — with no actual lies told.

he poured some lube over yiyoung’s ass and started massaging him, the butt plug still in his hand. yiyoung could for sure feel the glass drag along the rounding of his ass.

satisfied with the glowing ass in front of him, daehyung placed the plug against yiyoung’s opening again, together with some more lube. he softly forced the plug into yiyoung’s ass.

yiyoung whined. daehyung saw his hands run up and down against his desk, his nails pressing into the wood.

daehyung ignored it and pressed it inside him a little more.

the lube made it so that at least easily two more centimeters could easily be pressed inside of him. a little more force made it a total of four centimeters. even more force added another centimeter.

daehyung was too invested in making at least half of the plug disappear into yiyoung’s ass, that it drenched out yiyoung’s pleas. when he took a break, he finally heard how heavy yiyoung’s breathing had become and his ‘stop’s and ‘director kang’s.

“i need a break,” yiyoung said.

however, daehyung could feel his ass clench around the plug and was able to press another centimeter into yiyoung.

“only four more centimeters to go,” daehyung went to whisper into his ear. the closeness of daehyung’s mouth to his ear made yiyoung stiffen up. “try to relax more,” daehyung whispered again.

yiyoung followed, but found it very hard to relax. daehyung slid one of his hands up against yiyoung’s side and felt him flinch. he never flinched when having his sides touched— unless…

daehyung chuckled while moving his finger around yiyoung’s ass hole, trying to loosen him up. he knew for sure that yiyoung was becoming hard, if not fully hard already.

they might need a little more time in the office than just the allotted time of thirty minutes in total.

slowly but surely, and with enough time, daehyung finished pushing the entirety of the plug inside yiyoung’s asshole. he smiled, satisfied at the view in front of him. yiyoung was panting a lot, his fingers clinging around the edge of the desk. 

to teasingly finish it off, daehyung pressed his, now fully erected, cock against yiyoung’s ass, that was on fire due to the butt plug filling him up.

daehyung helped him stand up straight again. he softly tapped yiyoung’s ass, told him he’s finished, and took his hand in his. he spun yiyoung around, having him sit in his lap.

“but your pants, and my… ass,” yiyoung muttered. right, his ass was still glistening in lube.

the director shook his head. “don't worry about it, i’ve got spares hanging in the office closet. yiyoung nodded. he looked content for now, but flinched instantly when daehyung rubbed his hand against his ass.

the time told daehyung it was twenty minutes to nine. still caressing yiyoung’s butt, he quickly eyed yiyoung’s dick. it was still hard. his own cock was probably pressed up against yiyoung’s thigh, but yiyoung didn’t let him know that.

daehyung decided to ignore the business that was poking up into the air, and helped yiyoung stand up. he followed after, and walked over to the cabinet that held spare pants. changing into a clean one, he straightened his tie after checking himself in the mirror that hid inside the cabinet.

he eyed his watched. “i have a meeting at nine. take your time in getting up and going, don’t force yourself for now.” yiyoung nodded, following his director’s every move.

daehyung walked over towards the door, stopping right in front of it to remember something very important he shouldn’t forget to tell yiyoung.

“oh and—”

but yiyoung had interrupted him with something inaudible.

“what was that?”

“time,” yiyoung muttered, repeating himself. “what’s the time… that i need to have the… plug inside of me?” he was hesitant in speaking out the last portion of the sentence. he probably felt it move inside of him when he’d taken a step in turning around.

daehyung laughed. yiyoung had interrupted him a little too fast. “three hours.”

with that, he left his office.

daehyung checked in with yiyoung a couple times during the three hours.

at first, after his first meeting, yiyoung had still looked fine. there was a slight blush coloring his face, but yiyoung had brushed it off to his co-workers as if he’d been running around prior to talking to them.

daehyung had smirked and went on with his own work.

an hour later, yiyoung had started to sweat a little. he never sweated much in the workplace, but with something pressing inside his ass a little too much, it was inevitable.

daehyung had liked what he saw.

the last hour had become very hard for yiyoung. he needed to sit down most of the time, but when he did that, the butt plug would just press into him more and more. daehyung saw him spy the time more and more during this hour and in the last half hour asked for mr ahn yiyoung to follow him into his office.

hearing this, yiyoung more than happily followed his boss.

daehyung let him in first, closing the door on them. he didn’t forget to lock it.

he sat down in his chair, and gestured yiyoung to sit into the chair in which he had sat in this morning.

he didn’t speak up yet. yiyoung was too afraid to speak up first, too. he found the wooden desk in front of him more interesting, and daehyung liked looking at the disheveled face in front of him a little too much to speak up.

but time was ticking and he knew the butt plug shouldn’t stay in much longer.

“how was it?” he finally asked.

yiyoung looked up, his face nearly wrecked. it was red, the blush running up to his ears and his chest, like it had done last night.


“it… felt surprisingly good,” yiyoung admitted, astonishing daehyung as well.

“was it now?”

yiyoung nodded. interesting.

daehyung sat back in his chair more relaxed and announced, “it’s time to remove the butt plug.”

“ah— don’t say it so profoundly,” yiyoung said, hiding his face from daehyung.

daehyung snickered. there was no other way for him to announce that it needed to be removed, so he didn’t really get why yiyoung was suddenly acting so [word].

“come over here,” he asked of yiyoung, who immediately stood up, and winced as a possible reaction on the item moving inside of him.

yiyoung stood next to daehyung, not knowing where to look. daehyung rolled his chair back a little and opened up his lap for yiyoung.

“take of your pants and come sit on my lap like you did last night.”

he saw yiyoung clench and unclench his jaw, but was amused when yiyoung didn’t hesitate in forcefully bringing his pants and underwear down and sitting down on his lap. daehyung laughed and hissed at the touch of yiyoung sitting on his lap. it was like it remembered the touch of it from last night.

yiyoung’s bare bottom was very apparent in touching daehyung, and yiyoung hadn’t left any room for daehyung’s dick to breathe.

but it didn’t need to. daehyung had decided for the two of them on his own that he needed the thing out of yiyoung’s ass and fast, and fill it up with something else, longer and thicker.

he pressed yiyoung’s chest against his own with his left hand and worked his right hand around yiyoung’s body, caressing his ass like he had this morning. only this time he was sitting more comfortably by sitting back in his own chair.

[…]. he trailed his index finger in circles on yiyoung’s ass. the man that was being controlled by his every touch, shivered at the feeling of his finger trailing on his ass, and finally meeting its goal.

the butt plug.

daehyung didn’t say anything, but he could feel his breathing becoming heavier. he had to suppress a ‘tch’. he wanted to fill up yiyoung on his own and quick.

his heavy breathing made yiyoung shiver even more, and finally threw his arms around daehyung’s neck to embrace him.

the closeness made daehyung dizzy — but he would never admit that.

he pulled the lube from the cabinet and drenched his fingers in it before pulling out the plug. he made sure to take his time, slowly pulling out the plug after lubing up the rim of his hole a little.

it felt too resisting.

“try to push it out a little,” daehyung suddenly spoke, surprised by his own voice. it was low and soft, almost caring.

yiyoung had moaned at the sound of it. daehyung had to suppress a shiver.

he felt the push coming and the pulling out of the butt plug was becoming easier. before he knew it, but still taking around a minute, the plug was removed from yiyoung’s ass. yiyoung gasped loudly at the sudden loss of something filling him up.

daehyung threw the plug on the ground and sneaked his hands underneath yiyoung’s body quckly. he removed his belt from his pants, zipping his pants open, and feeling his hands brush past yiyoung’s erect dick. daehyung breathed out loudly.

before he could remove his underwear, however, yiyoung had caught his breath and figured out what was going to happen next. he slapped away daehyung’s hands and in any other situation daehyung would have gone off on yiyoung. but in a situation like this… daehyung could only sit back and watch it unfold in front of him.

he smirked when yiyoung fumbled his hands around the rim of his underwear, nearly hesitant in removing the fabric.

yiyoung had seen his director’s cock often, but daehyung could figure why he would suddenly feel so nervous.

rolling down the fabric, daehyung’s cock sprang free. yiyoung inhaled deeply, his eyes focused on the throbbing cock in front of him. his eyes changed and he moved his hands up to touch the big present in front of him.

not wanting to be the only one who was being touched, daehyung moved his hand around yiyoung’s body and forced two fingers inside of him. yiyoung gasped at the feeling of his asshole being filled with something again, trying his best not to squeeze his director’s cock at the touch, and daehyung grinned when he felt he could easily insert a third one.

daehyung growled lowly, deep in his throat. he didn’t want to waste any more time and pulled his fingers from yiyoung’s hole. yiyoung hissed and daehyung drifted his hands to the bottom of yiyoung’s thighs.

apparently, yiyoung was thinking the same, snapping away daehyung’s hands a second time. he pushed daehyung back in his chair a little more and sat up straight on daehyung’s lap, a little higher so his hole was lining up with daehyung’s cock. he moved his feet up so he could support himself better.

he positioned himself up over daehyung cock, holding it up and pressing it against his hole. he moved down, hissing as it didn’t go in as planned. it was still too big for his hole. daehyung helped a little by pressing against him too, having two forces trying to connect each other. yiyoung gasped loudly.

daehyung opened the cap from the lube and put some on his hand, stroking his own cock up and down, lubing it up. he moved his hand up, touching yiyoung’s hole that was trying to open against daehyung’s dick.

it was working, daehyung could slide into yiyoung more and more and their bodies were finally connect to the very edge. yiyoung was whining as he finally felt all of his director’s big cock inside of him.

“finally,” he whispered.

“oh?” daehyung questioned, slowly helping in moving yiyoung’s hips up and down.

“i’ve been wanting your cock since last night,” yiyoung slurred.

it sounded like he was drunk, but he shouldn’t have had a drop since last night. had it been the plug?

“have you now?” daehyung asked him, teasing yiyoung by keeping him down and tightly connecting them. nodding, yiyoung’s eyes rolled back, extending his neck.

“you locked the door, right?” yiyoung suddenly asked him, carefully removing daehyung’s hands from his body, to take full control of the situation.

although he never showed it visibly to yiyoung, daehyung couldn’t help but get even more aroused when yiyoung decided to take control.

it was uncomfortable for yiyoung, daehyung could see that. but he let yiyoung be and have him take full control.

with a pained expression yiyoung slowly moved up and down, his hands supporting on the chair’s arm rests and his legs planted next to his director’s hips.

daehyung couldn’t help but move his hands back to yiyoung’s hips. when he did that, though, he also unconsciously helped stabilize yiyoung’s movements. yiyoung felt like his current position wasn’t going to do much, so he stopped for a second, and moved his hands back, putting them behind him, on daehyung’s knees.

not that it was much more stable now, but at least the area was broader than that of the arm rests.

yiyoung and daehyung simultaneously groaned and hissed when yiyoung leaned his body back. daehyung’s cock twitched inside of him, the feeling of the access broadening inside of yiyoung causing for the bigger reaction.

yiyoung started moving again, feeling more able and agile than before. his face was disheveled and his shirt was wrinkled, his cock dancing against it. daehyung’s eyes twirled at the sight of it made a mental note to get him a new one later.

daehyung let one of his hands go from yiyoung’s hips when the latter had starting moving again, more than he’d done before. the position was intoxicating and daehyung felt like he was coming soon — sooner than ever before. it didn’t look like yiyoung was about to come soon, though, so daehyung decided to give him a helping hand.

he moved his hand in between their bodies and trailed his long fingers over yiyoung’s shaft. it was rock hard, yet soft to the touch. daehyung had to suppress a shiver when his hand clasped itself around yiyoung. he slowly moved his hands up and down, in a comfortable manner. he’d found the same rhythm yiyoung had with his body, making sure there were no disruptions in stimuli. he worked his hand up and down quicker and quicker, he still had a lot of stamina to waste.

yiyoung, on the other hand, was panting loudly and starting to feel worn out. daehyung noticed and let go of yiyoung’s dick, and steadied his hand back on yiyoung’s hips, moving more down towards his ass. his strong hands tilted him up and held him there.

yiyoung squealed, “director kang— wha—ah!”

before yiyoung could finish talking, daehyung tried slamming himself into yiyoung. however, it didn’t work. with his back being the only thing touching the chair for a short moment, it nearly slipped away from under them. daehyung thought quick, swiftly sneaking his hands underneath yiyoung’s legs, and hoisted him up — resulting in daehyung carrying him from underneath his legs.

“much better,” he growled, supporting yiyoung’s bottom better. “hold on tight,” he mumbled, before grunting loudly and slamming yiyoung’s body down on his cock, his own bottom plunging into him as well.

yiyoung cried it out, slamming his hand on mouth. that might have been too loud, but at this moment, daehyung couldn’t care less.

he needed to come and quick.

he became rougher and rougher, their bodies slamming into each other like a tidal wave. yiyoung still had his hand in front of his mouth, trying to soften his screams, but daehyung knew it was a lost cause.

he didn’t care at all and just wanted to come.

for all he knew the entire staff already knew they were having these types of activities together anyways.

he pounded himself into yiyoung hard and loud. the slapping of his thighs connecting with yiyoung’s butt were overwhelming and nearly drowning out yiyoung’s pleas to go slower.

daehyung ignored them.

he only went faster.

before he knew it, yiyoung came. his cum drenched both their dress shirts but neither cared too much. especially daehyung, he still needed to come.

he was close, though. yiyoung’s pleas became louder and his head fell into the crook of daehyung’s shoulder.

daehyung went into overdrive, he couldn’t stop and even his stamina was far from running out. he continued pounding into yiyoung until he finally came, shooting his load into yiyoung’s ass. it immediately tightened around daehyung’s cock and he bit daehyung’s shoulder when he felt his ass being filled.

daehyung grinned. “since when did you become a biter?” he asked yiyoung, riding out his own orgasm.

yiyoung became flustered and looked away from daehyung, not answering him.

slowly, he was being let go and had his feet touch the ground. his knees buckled underneath him, giving out. daehyung managed to catch him just in time and held him.

“let me get you a towel,” daehyung whispered, surprised by his soft voice. who knew he had it in him to put up such a sweet voice? he certainly didn’t.

he planted yiyoung on his office chair and got him a towel and helped him clean himself. yiyoung still hadn’t gotten back from his high, which was why daehyung took over and cleaned the man up in front of him entirely.

he was drenched in sweat, his dress shirt (and his own, he noticed) were colored with cum. daehyung remembered the mental note to get yiyoung a new shirt soon.

daehyung undressed him, cleaned up his sweat, put on some clean clothes that were way too big because they were daehyung’s and let him rest in his office chair.

it looked like he was about to fall asleep, so he let him rest.

daehyung sat down on his wooden desk, and moved his hand along it, grinning. this morning yiyoung had been spread on it, receiving a butt plug and now he was knocked out and nearly fallen asleep in his chair.

he could only stare at the man in front of him, wearing his clothes. he’d have to wait until all of his workers had gone home, so he could take his last present employee home with him, hopping onto round two.