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Love Song

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Barak knows he has terrible taste in men. His own band-mates like to bully him about this, and his boyfriends have ranged from bad, to worse, to currently in prison. But he doesn’t think he’s ever managed to fall for someone quite this stupid before.

He knows he’s doomed the first time Calaf walks into the studio for a collab with a confident swagger and an air as though he owns the place. His manager, Tamal, runs around after him and puts out any fires Calaf’s overconfidence and lack of tact cause. The man is lucky he’s talented, or someone might’ve punched him in the face.

Barak knows he has a terrible taste in men, but at least his taste in men is not as bad as Calaf’s taste in women. He’s head over heels with his band’s lead female vocalist, Turandot, of whom even Barak could tell the second she showed up to record their single she’s… Well, she’s very beautiful, he’ll give her that, but she’s also the most abrasive women he has met in his whole entire life, and to top that off she also very obviously isn’t straight. She grumbles and grouches every second of the recording session, and tries, utterly in vain, to get Tamal’s attention during their shared lunch. Barak feels for her, he’s rather familiar with her predicament.

To be honest, if it weren’t so frustrating, it would be kind of funny. He’s never been in a love… square? Octagon? Whatever this is, before. He likes Calaf, Calaf likes Turandot, Turandot likes Tamal, and Tamal likes Calaf. And they all know it- well, all, except Calaf. This has to be the first time he’s fallen for a himbo. But at least the man isn’t in prison, he supposes.

His bandmates think it’s absolutely hilarious, and after a few beers he’s really starting to see their point of view. Maybe he should write a song about it. He’s never written a love song before… perhaps it’s time to change that.