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Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey Series Timeline

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Yaz first met River in A New Year

The Doctor first met River in Ghosts…

Younger River first met an after Shhhhh… 13 and Yaz in an yet unwritten interlude involving a wedding, before Oops, maybe.

A post Shhhhh... pre or mid or post-Darillium River picks up an older post Sight Seeing?? Yaz that we meet in Oops chapter 1 on the night of her party.

Younger River first meets a post Sight Seeing?? Graham and Ryan in an yet unwritten Pre-Darillium somewhere. Could be Brooke. Brooke added an Entry in DoRS Volume II...

For this series River is being obtuse with the Doctor in ‘the Husbands of River Song’, was on purpose and her getting back at the Doctor for Ghosts... when she was ignoring not-ghost River, even though her husband has no idea why.
Her shocked look on the “Harmony and Redemption” wasn’t that he revealed he was the Doctor but was that he chose to reveal it when people were looking to exploit River to catch him.

Graham and Ryan first met River in Sight Seeing?? On Darillium.

The Doctor thought River met her first in Ghosts, and that it happened after Darillium. Yaz knows it was before.

But now at Sight Seeing?? thought River only found out her second wife was the Doctor because River saw her exit the TARDIS. River implies otherwise.

That means the Doctor at some point met/meets a River where she might not? find out she’s the Doctor, but they get married...maybe…

River does her homework, after all she is an Archaeologist. At A New Year - Knows 12 was a lecturer, pre-HoRS, but has met Nardole.
Could be a post Dyscoria River, but before the Duplicate is sent to her younger self’s timeline for Big Finishes - Series 4 Diary’s of River Song, just because I like the idea of more than one River traveling the universe....