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Keeping a Promise

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Atsushi paced back and forth in his living room in a panic.

His mind ran miles a minute as he tried finding a proper solution to his problem. Looking toward the guest sitting on his sofa, he felt faint. He didn't meant to drag an omega into his home on hunting day. After all, he was taught not to view omegas as lesser than him. Any older classmates attempts to warp his mind were knocked off through the intervention of his alpha father and omega mother. As a result, he became one of the few alphas that his omega classmates went to when it came to unruly alphas not taking a no as a legitimate no. He wasn't shy in hitting an alphas head for being a horny idiot.

His views spread to the younger wannabe delinquents in the school. As a result, the rare omega delinquent felt safer showing their dynamic in their little group of misfits. Their sense of loyalty made everyone feel safe and included.

Even though Atsushi's delinquent phase fizzling out before second year ended, greenhorn delinquents followed their senpai's for guidance.

Atsushi, Kenken, and Mario remembered tailing after Hayabusa in first year. The guy was an idol in their circles and protected them through various issues. After Hayabusa graduated, Hayabusa made sure to invite the old gang for karaoke or a Sunday hang out. Despite being busy in the workforce, Hayabusa never failed to make time for his old friends.

Atsushi's thoughts were interrupted when Sakamoto coughed into his hand. Turning his full attention onto Sakamoto, he waited for Sakamoto to berate him for his stupidity or demand to leave the apartment. Anything to stop him from overthinking himself into a frenzy.

"Shall I ready myself for the bedroom?" Sakamoto inquired. "Considering you successfully hunted-"

Atsushi's face warmed up in mortification. "No! No bedroom! Nothing!" Resuming his pacing, he began feeling weak at the knees. "J-Just let me think! Augh!"

Sakamoto sat on the sofa with his legs crossed in a dainty pose. His eyes followed Atsushi's frantic moves with hidden amusement. He could have easily averted Maeda Atsushi without issue, but he knew of his classmate's distaste with the hunting practice. He overheard Atsushi scold their fellow beta and alpha classmates over using this hunting day as a means for easy sex.

Of course, their classroom's omegas petitioned to move away from these people. The outrage from the alphas and betas did nothing more than isolate them even further. Their ridiculous words stopped when their teacher intervened and everyone was questioned. Omegas gave their description of events, while the remainder who didn't participate in the talk, corroborated their story.

As the model student, Sakamoto's word solidified their fate.

In the end, the omegas sat on the window side of the classroom while the few beta and alphas who didn't cause the issue, sat in the middle. For the alphas and betas involved, they wrote apology essays to the faculty and their omega classmates. Not that it did anything to calm the omegas sense of uneasiness over their apparent truthful thoughts.

Sakamoto felt no such feelings. He overheard worse views about omegas throughout his life. Once he began working part time, the world opened to how strangers thought of omegas. Yet, there were those who viewed omegas with respect out in the world. The classmates who separated them from those who said those callous words wouldn't disrespect them. Maeda Atsushi wouldn't disrespect his dynamic and honor his feelings.

Sakamoto and Atsushi's thoughts were interrupted from the incoming footsteps going toward the living room. Atsushi paled at having gotten his mother's attention. He forgot she tended to watch her shows during this time after she finished her preparations for dinner. He smelled her irritation as she got closer to the room. He didn't meant to cause enough of a commotion to bring her out of her bedroom.

"Atsushi! Why the hell are you making-" Aiko stopped herself at the sight of a well dressed young man sitting on her couch. Recognizing the signs of an omega, from the smell and features, adding on the hunting date, her face paled. " didn't-"

Mortified, Atsushi screeched. "I didn't do anything! I-I dragged him away from some uppity alphas who wanted a piece of him. I didn't think when I dragged him back home and it's too late for him to go home. I can't let him leave."

Relieved that her son didn't force the young man into her home, the tension on her shoulders lessened. Although, she was annoyed that Atsushi didn't think to come to her and explain the situation. "And...why didn't you come tell me first?! I thought you forced this young man-"


"Sakamoto-san into this house on hunting day!" Aiko stalked to her son and cupped his face in her hands. "Acchan, you have to calm down and think rationally. Panicking will do nothing but stress you out."

Atsushi let out a deep sigh. "Okay."

"Do you want to keep Sakamoto-san as your mate?"

Atsushi went bright red. "In the future, but we're still in high school." He peered at Sakamoto from the corner of his eyes. "That is if you want me to court you, Sakamoto! I won't force you at all-"

Sakamoto agreed. "I agree. I shall accept the first courting gift on a more...appropriate time." After all, a courtship helped cover the reason as to why he entered an alpha's home. Sakamoto was certain of neighbors peeking through their doors when they heard their arrival. Atsushi made enough noise to peek someone's interest.


Letting go of Atsushi's face, Aiko nodded with approval. "Technically, you begin scenting Sakamoto-san if you're not going through the mating. You'll scent him every few days." Atsushi's eyes widened at the idea. "Another option is biting his wrist." Aiko tackled on and showed her wrist. "Since I am part of Soichiro's pack and his mate, I get two markings. One permanent, another temporary. Of course, that is only applied during the remaining stages of a courtship."

Sakamoto interjected. "I agree with the wrist bite. It lasts longer and I am in dire need of a pack bite."

Aiko and Atsushi snapped their heads toward his direction.

Aiko tilted her head to the side. "What do you mean? Don't tell me..."

Sakamoto held up his bare wrists. "My father hasn't applied the bite mark since he left for his overseas work. He reapplies mother's whenever he visits our home, but our schedules tend to clash often. So, I haven't gotten a pack bite in years. Although, I tend to apply a fake prosthetic and an alpha scent to deter alphas from forcing an alpha pack leader role."

Atsushi gaped. " the random alpha scent I smell on you is not your father?! What the-"

Sakamoto shook his head. "It is a generic scent used by professionals in case beta blockers cease to work. Some omegas are potent enough to burst through the scent. I learned to use scrubs and washing gels to tone down my natural scent. This fake alpha scent helps to keep me secured from anyone wanting to take advantage."

Aiko uttered out in disbelief. "Your mother hasn't noticed the change of scent? That's impossible?!"

Sakamoto sighed. "Mother is focused on her activities to take notice of another scent in her home. It is careless on her part. Who knows what sort of individual could walk into our home and she doesn't take notice. I tend to doublecheck my surroundings before I relax." He sighed deep. "In any case, the bite will help keep gossip down to a minimum."

Aiko grimaced. "I hear you. The rules were still pretty strict back in my youth. My rebellion into delinquency did nothing more than deter families from wanting me to marry into their families. Not that I cared. My parents picks were terrible matches through scent alone. I was lucky that Soichiro was honorable to court me after he hid me during hunting day. I would have been unmarriageable if I wasn't taken. was quite similar to what Atsushi did."

Atsushi huffed. "Then, why the hell did you assume the worst? Don't you know your own son? You two taught me better than to be a knucklehead alpha. Hell, you two would beat my ass."

Aiko walked toward the sofa and sat next to Sakamoto. Fluttering her lashes, she sarcastically proclaimed. "Atsushi, I'm just a dainty little omega housewife who wouldn't dare lay a hand on her son." Snorting, she relaxed on the cushions. "We'd lecture your ear off until you get the message. Beating up a person doesn't do a thing to teach lessons. A good nip does wonders."

Atsushi winced.

The moment he made it to the front door of his apartment, Maeda Soichiro breathed through his nose. He tended to give himself a minute to decompress from his work filled day. Depending on the workload of the week, Aiko prepared him a cup of caffeine free tea while he soaked his feet on the foot bath. He watched a mind numbing drama that he and Atsushi criticized.

When he opened the door, he picked up the scent of an unknown omega.

A crisp scent of apples, sage, and mint.

Checking the date on his phone, he narrowed his eyes. Hunting day. No wonder his office dismissed omega employees earlier in the day with their work. He tended to forget about the day since his only son was an alpha and his wife stayed at home. She didn't dare test unsavory alphas who grabbed mated omegas for fun. It was in poor taste to snatch a mated omega, but there were still those who targeted any omega.

Unless, Aiko helped hide an omega for the night. She housed more than enough delinquent omegas whose parents locked them out as a form of punishment. Hence, a guest room was made for these omegas with reinforced locks for their brand of personal safety. There were plenty who distrusted Soichiro and Atsushi for their alpha status and they rather not aggravate them.

Aiko's parents never went to this extreme to get rid of their unruly omega daughter. Regardless of their arguments, they didn't want anything terrible to happen to their only child. When their son arrived as an alpha, his presence soothed over their previous annoyances over their daughter.

Of course, they hid Atsushi's delinquent years to calm their old anxieties. Aiko thought it best to paint a decent picture of their normal alpha son. No need to strain their ailing health over a repeat of what their daughter did in her youth. In any case, they thought of Atsushi as a perfect angel of a grandson.

Shuffling inside, the door closed behind him as he kicked off his shoes and removed his blazer. He overheard his wife welcoming him home before she resumed her conversation with someone in the living room. The unknown omega answered in a clear voice. His son began speaking as well.

Aiko popped her head out in the hallway with a beaming smile. "Hello, dear. We'll have dinner in a little bit, we just...have some company."

"I noticed." Soichiro ignored his slippers and hopped over the step. "One of your guests, Aiko?"

Aiko sheepishly smiled. "Not mine. Acchan brought his friend home after an incident happened on his way home. Nothing bad, I assure you."

Wasting no time, he rushed past his wife and entered the living room. Searching the room, he noted his son sat in a different sofa than his guest. To his relief, Atsushi wasn't behaving badly in front of their guest. His son broke from his conversation with the omega to welcome him home with a nod and a wave.

Soichiro turned his attention onto the omega who slurped his cup of tea with calmness. He didn't appear stressed or afraid of being in his home. Observing his mannerisms, he tried seeing any stress, but he saw nothing of the sort. Good.

Still, the fact Atsushi brought in the omega meant their neighbors would comment on it in the morning.

"Maeda Atsushi-"

Getting up from his seat, Atsushi went up to his father and hissed. "No! What the fuck?! I might be an idiot, but I would never force an omega or anyone to do anything they don't want."

"Don't you dare swear in front of me, Atsushi!" Soichiro nipped Atsushi's neck with his hand and his son hunched in submission. "How dare you behave in such a way in front of two omegas? You might get away with this in school, but I will not tolerate such unruliness!"

Aiko walked back into the living room with crossed arms. "Soichiro, no need to embarrass Acchan in front of his classmate. I already yelled at him over the same assumptions. You should be proud, he saved an omega during hunting day. He actually listened to our lectures." She went beside Sakamoto and introduced him. "This is Sakamoto-"

Sakamoto got up and bowed deep. "A pleasure to meet you,"

Soichiro bowed. "A pleasure as well. Maeda Soichiro. Welcome to our home, my sincerest apologies for our careless son."

Atsushi rubbed his neck with a grumble. "I think I'll get a bruise from this."

Sakamoto sat back down. "No need to apologize, Atsushi-san helped keep me safe from a band of alphas. He has agreed on courting me as propriety stipulates on a more...appropriate time." He peered over at Atsushi, who was rubbing the back of his neck. "If it is no trouble, I can have Atsushi-san walk me back home."

"It's too late to escort you home. It would be careless and irresponsible of us to let you step foot out of our home. Even if Atsushi is strong, he is weak against a full grown alpha or a group of alphas. The fact he managed to shield the both of you is lucky."

Atsushi huffed. "Pa, I'm not weak,"

Soichiro flicked Atsushi's forehead. "Have you managed to land a hit on me, Atsushi?"

Atsushi muttered with a pout. "No..."

"Now, are you serious in pursuing Sakamoto-san, Atsushi?" Soichiro arched a brow. "I rather not have his parents set up a meeting due to a careless announcement of courtship."

Atsushi nodded his head. "Yeah."

Soichiro sighed. "Alright then, we shall speak with his parents on an appropriate day."

Aiko piped up. "I think we might have issue with that..." She patted Sakamoto's shoulder with sympathy. "Sakamoto-san's family is absent enough where he doesn't have a pack bite on his wrist. We might have to jump over every decent milestone for safety's sake."

Soichiro's head whipped toward her. "Pardon? No bite mark?" He then turned to Sakamoto who lifted his wrists and showed them off. "Are you comfortable taking our family pack mark? I won't find offense if you deny the act. Many omegas wait until the bonding ceremony to get a bite from the pack alpha."

Sakamoto reassured him. "It is no issue on my part. I am on my last year of high school and it's expected for me to search for a mate. Although, I prefer to attend university and have a job before the bonding ceremony."

"Acceptable." Soichiro stated.

Aiko nodded her head. "We're modern thinking in this house. You don't need to become a househusband if you don't want to. I didn't attend university due to my own carelessness in school. I didn't have a dream either so it worked out for me."

Sakamoto smiled light. "Thank you."

Brandished with a new wrist mark, Sakamoto glowed in happiness. The security of a pack alpha relaxed any hidden insecurities omegas felt without a pack alpha. In fact, he kept touching his left wrist with his fingertips without thinking. He enjoyed the musky wood scent that came from Maeda Soichiro. Maeda Aiko's cinnamon scent caused Sakamoto to feel warm and homey.

As Sakamoto sat on his desk, he set out his materials for the day and placed his bookbag on the hook. In his daydream state, he didn't notice the chatter building up in the omega side of the room. The few omegas who were friendly with him, bombarded his desk with tears in their eyes. Looking up, he snapped out of his haze in confusion.

Aina appeared faint when she spoke. "No- Sakamoto-kun." She peered down at his wrist to see his brand new pack mate mark. "What happened? Your pack mate smell is different! Don't tell me you-"

The other omegas in class clamored to Sakamoto's desk with anguish in their voices. All of them exclaimed their disbelief that Sakamoto became victim to the hunting day. Braver omegas glared at the ones who wanted to snag an omega for themselves. Most of them hunched their shoulders in shame. Ever since they ignored these alphas and betas, they tried every tactic to get their attention.

None of their efforts worked to soothe their anger.

After all, no one joked about snatching an omega on hunting day for devious purposes.

"No, I was not forced into a mating. This is a result of a promise of courtship." Sakamoto explained himself. "I was saved from a pack of alphas who infiltrated my neighborhood and I ended up in a trusted alphas home. No need to fret everyone. I am safe in his family pack."

Yagi curved her finger underneath her chin as she sniffed the new alpha smell. Realization struck her and she turned toward Maeda Atsushi. When they made eye contact Atsushi's face went bright red and he averted his eyes.

Yagi huffed out. "Good. At least your alpha was considerate of your decision."

Aina harrumphed. "We'll see how good he is when the first courting gift is presented to you." She checked her well manicured nails with a smug smile. "You deserve nothing but the best, Sakamoto-kun!"

The rest of the omegas agreed.

Sakamoto chuckled. "Thank you all for your concern, but I'm certain my future alpha will gift me whatever comes from his heart."

The end.