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"Loss...?" Klim repeated softly, looking at her, then slowly, to Bellri, who slept right then. "I see."

That Klim Nick, self-spouted genius, might take time to understand the change in a person's well-being, did not come as a surprise to Nored Nug. He seemed that kind of person who'd absorb all the goings-on of his surroundings in a battlefield in a microsecond, then trip and crash his face to the floor trying to do the same in a social climate.

As his gaze fell back, she shifted herself around a little, straightening her back up against Bellri's bed, an arm propped over one knee. That expression of Klim's, lost in thought, seemed unchanged, but perception came easy to her.

"But," he said, and it was in his eyes, a strange gentleness. "He saved me."

A twinge caught in her brow. She knew it, from when a particular kind of woman stood before Bellri, and lit up in his eyes curiosity. But it was that kind of pettiness she couldn't bear feeling at the moment, taped down and dull and dampened, so she turned away. Bellri's face had dry, reddened tracks. Not even half an hour past he'd screamed and woken, prompting Aida to rush in, only to find him asleep again.

When she brought her eyes back, Klim had turned to go. He had a regular gait to the door, before pausing. He looked to her again, then Bell, and even though his mouth had opened, it snapped shut again, and she listened as the regular gait turned to hurried footsteps down the hall.

She'd seen it, Klim Nick wanting to say "thank you." She glanced at Bellri, wanting to smile.

But Bellri had his eyes open, and clouded, and watering again, locked onto the ceiling.