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Bathing during the night was always pleasant, for Shigure.

The wolf-girl breathed a deep sigh as she stepped into the moonlit lake, the water lapping up to her thighs as she wandered deeper into the crystal-blue liquid. She was completely and utterly naked, not even a pair of underwear to hide her gentle curves or plump chest, the reminder making her reflexively drape an arm over her boobs; blushing self-consciously.

She tilted her head and glanced back at the treeline behind her, tracing it intently for any sign of movement, but found none. Even though she and Genzou were out here alone she didn't want any wandering adventurer to get a look at her naked body, even if it was just her ass and back. If nothing else she didn't have to fear being attacked and possibly molested; a single scream and Genzou would come running, of that she had no doubt.

''Mn...'' Shigure bit her lip at the reminder, her thoughts shifting towards her 'Master'.

She had been thinking about him more and more recently, and not just out of boredom. Day by day she found herself watching him work, a strange fondness bubbling inside her as she watched him dutifully feed his 'pets' and play with them. When he bought expensive pet food she struggled to get anything more than annoyed, her greed for gold taking a back-seat compared to the foreign emotions fluttering in her heart.

The wolf-girl shook her head quickly, purposefully walking further out into the water. She wasn't an idiot; she knew what was happening. She was falling in love with him. The thought made her want to laugh, to shake off such a ridiculous, foolish notion... but she knew deep down it was true. She couldn't help it; for all his idiocy, he was so painfully honest and kind she couldn't help but want to help him achieve his dream. Her affection was only fuelled by how he in turn wanted to help her achieve her dream too, albeit indirectly.

However she didn't have the spine to state her affection openly. She was afraid to. She had seen how Genzou reacted when that wannabe-student approached him the first time, how he treated Altena when she asked him to fight the Demon King. There was a very real chance that if she professed her love, he would turn her down; and she didn't want things to grow awkward just because she wasn't patient enough. It wasn't like she had much competition to worry about either... not yet, anyway.

'If only he'd pay more attention to me, and not his stupid animals...' Shigure breathed a frustrated sigh, running a hand over her face.

The sound of lapping water startled her from her thoughts, the sound so gentle she almost missed it – prompting her hand to drop and her eyes to snap ahead. They swiftly landed upon a four-legged beast, silver-bodied and with a short mane of lilac hair trailing down its neck, her eyes widening upon recognising the legendary creature.

''A Unicorn...'' Shigure murmured in surprise, blinking as the creature idly wandered through the lake; ignoring her completely. Probably intelligent enough to realise she was just bathing too, and not a threat.

Rustling echoed behind her, the sound so acute it instantly drew her attention – glancing quickly over her shoulder. A rosy flush swiftly dusted Shigure's cheeks as she found Genzou crouched amongst the greenery, gazing over at her with a mixture of awe and excitement, easily fuelling the burning embarrassment flooding her.

''G-Genzou-sama!'' Shigure swiftly covered herself, crouching down in water. ''Y-You perv-!''

Water splashed and she cringed, the liquid splattering against her face. She bit her lip and waited, hearing the water wading behind her... before it moved past her. Daringly the wolf-girl cracked an eye open, gazing over at Genzou – and her embarrassment quickly melted as she found Genzou wading through the water towards the Unicorn, laughing strangely as he approached.

''Ahh, you're so pretty~''

Shigure twitched, annoyed exasperation swiftly filling her lithe frame as her crush openly ignored her in favour of the Unicorn. She bit back the irritated words that threatened to escape her lips, merely breathing a frustrated sigh as she was once again ignored; lowering herself further down into the water until it lapped at her chin and mentally grumbling to herself.

That was until Genzou glanced back at her, a light smile on his face as he extended a hand. ''Shigure, come feel it's coat! It's so soft!''

''L-Like hell I will, pervert!'' Shigure barked back, blushing as she tightened her arms around herself. The water hid her body, but she didn't want him seeing anything. ''I'm naked you know!''

''Ah.'' Genzou made an understanding sound, gently cupping the Unicorn's chin and tugging it. ''C'mon girl.''

The Unicorn neighed lightly and obliged, wading through the water at Genzou's command. Shigure blushed a rosy red as the two approached her, embarrassment swirling inside her stomach when Genzou offered her a hand again. She was close enough that she wouldn't need to walk more than a few steps, and if she was being honest she was curious as to how its coat felt.

With a quiet grumble Shigure slowly rose out of the water, mindfully covering her womanhood with one hand and her breasts with her other arm, glaring lightly at Genzou for forcing her into such an embarrassing position. Her 'Master' was mercifully oblivious, too focused on stroking the Unicorn's silver hide to truly notice her annoyance. Something that extracted a quiet grumble from Shigure, before she stepped closer.

Only then did it occur to her that both her hands were occupied. 'Crap...'

Genzou was still distracted, but he'd look at her if all she did was just stand there; probably mistake her hesitation as nervousness. Shigure's mind raced as she tried to decide which hand to use, her embarrassment growing by the second – and as Genzou began to tilt his head towards her, she acted; uncovering her breasts and laying her hand on the Unicorn's coat.

''Ah...'' It was soft, her fingers sinking into the lightly-furry hide. Not so thick it could be called fur, but not so rough it was hide. ''Wow...''

''Mm.'' Genzou hummed warmly in agreement, stroking the Unicorn's face. ''Incredible, isn't she?''

''Yes...'' Shigure briefly forgot her nudity, transfixed by the magical horse before her.

For what felt like hours they petted the Unicorn, though in actuality was little more than a few minutes. Soon the magical horse grew tired of their petting and gently nudged its head free from Genzou's grip, the water lapping around its legs as it manoeuvred away from them and climbed back onto the riverbank, disappearing into the moonlit forest.

''Beautiful, wasn't she?'' Genzou asked lightly, glancing over at her.

Shigure smiled softly. ''Mm.''

Her 'Master' didn't take his eyes off her, the long stare slowly reigniting Shigure's earlier embarrassment; her cheeks growing red and her free hand quickly returning to her chest, covering her round breasts. ''W-What is it?''

Genzou hummed, not taking his eyes off her; his hair partially hiding one eye like always. ''You look beautiful too.''

''E-Eh?!'' Shigure's cheeks flooded scarlet. ''D-Don't just say that so suddenly, you-!''

Anything she wanted to yell at him immediately dried up as Genzou slid his arms around her; causing her words to disappear into a quiet 'eh?'. Her eyes widened at their closeness, her face a burning crimson colour as she was pulled up against his shirt-clad chest, her naked frame practically pressing against him. Her heart pounded in her chest like a war drum but she didn't pull away, remaining frozen stiff as he held her.

''I know I haven't been paying attention to you recently...'' Genzou stated with surprising tenderness, one hand slipping up into her hair; stroking her head pleasantly. ''But I wanted to thank you. For all your help.''

Shigure squirmed at the sudden attention, glancing aside. ''Y-You're welcome... Genzou-sama...''

Genzou chuckled; a deep, rumbling sound that made her cheeks darken further. A breeze blew past her and reminded her once more of her nudity, and at the back of her mind she realised this could be her chance. The thought made her heart flutter, tentatively removing her hands from her breasts and crotch, and instead laying them on his shoulders; curling her fingers around his thick shoulders and squeezing them.

''I-If you really wanna thank me...'' Shigure hesitantly spoke, forcing herself to look him in the eye. ''Then... do me a favour.''

Her 'Master' smiled. ''Name it.''

Shigure gulped once – before she leaned up, pressing her lips against Genzou's. It was a kiss born out of passion more than anything else, her pale pink lips meshing against his firmer ones; packed with desperate emotion that conveyed the genuine affection she felt for him. Not quite love yet, but something rapidly approaching it; honest and pure.

Several seconds passed and Shigure reluctantly pulled back, a spike of disappointment filling her – when Genzou kissed her back. The wolf-girl moaned in surprise as he tightened his hold on her, his arms pulling on her lower back and holding her flush against him, her breasts squishing up against his chest in a way that left her shuddering; her nipples hard from the cold air. She slid her hands up his neck and cupped his cheeks, prolonging the deep kiss for as long as physically possible, wanting to keep the moment going.

Only when her lungs burned for air did Shigure pull back, sucking in a gasp of air. ''Ah... haah...''

Genzou didn't anything; panting lightly and giving her a kind smile that left her heart fluttering. The second she could breathe again she tugged on his head, pulling him down to her level – and swiftly crashing their lips together in another kiss. He was more prepared this time, a moan escaping her throat as he kissed her back with surprising passion; fresh shudders shooting through her as his hands started to wander. Intimately she felt his hand slip up her hair, snaking through it until she reached her ears; and pinched the tips.

''M-Mm~'' Shigure moaned into the kiss, quivering as he started fondling her wolf ears.

Her 'Master' took advantage of her pleasure, eagerly playing with her wolf ears even as their lips meshed together. She broke off for air but he reinitiated the kiss not a second later, silencing her protests before she could make them; her chest heaving from his passion-filled kisses and growing light-headed from the limited air in her lungs.

Shigure mewled as his other hand slid down her back, tracing the curve of her spine all the way down to her ass – before grabbing her tail. A spike of sharp pleasure shot up her lower back and she squealed, her hips buckling as he gave her wolf tail a gentle tug, causing an indescribable warmth to flood her pelvis and stomach, arousal filling her naked body as he toyed with her appendages.

''Mmaah...'' Their lips broke apart, and Shigure slid her hands down. ''Genzou-sama... please...''

She dug her nails into his shoulders. ''M-More...''

Genzou obliged, leaning down and capturing her lips in another passionate kiss, melting Shigure's heart and eliciting a pleased moan from her throat. He tugged on her wolf tail again, the simple act sending pleasure shooting through her pelvis and making her whimper, her pleasure only heightening when he stroked his fingers through her tail; his gentle touch only adding to her slow-building arousal.

Their lips popped apart but she kissed him not two seconds later, mewling into his mouth when he kissed her back with equal passion. His hand relentlessly toyed with her tail and ears, and she moaned as she traced the rim of her wolf ear; sending teasing jolts of warmth through her scalp that felt like an invisible massage. She leaned into his hands, sticking her butt out a little more so he could fondle the base of her tail; something he did happily.

''Ahh...'' Shigure broke off the kiss, panting. ''Idiot... pay attention... to other parts... too...''

The wolf-girl glared lightly at him as she spoke, running her nails down his shoulders and to his shirt-clad chest, ripping small tears in the fabric from how sharp they were. Genzou flashed her a light smile and released her sensitive tail, instead sliding his hand down to her shapely rear and grabbing a handful; earning a quiet whimper from Shigure as she intimately felt his fingers sink into her butt, fondling her ass affectionately.

His other hand gave her wolf ear one last pinch before slipping down her cheek, a mewl escaping her when it fell onto her shoulder and shifted down. She tilted her torso back without breaking off the kiss, shuddering with excitement as his hand landed on her breast – his thick fingers curling around her boob and giving it a slow, eager squeeze; extracting a low moan from Shigure as pleasure teased her nerves.

''Ah... that's it...'' Shigure murmured softly, breaking off the deep kiss.

The wolf-girl let her own hand wander down his front, quivering with eager excitement as she felt his bulging pants. Genzou grunted lightly and she took that as a good sign, palming his crotch aggressively and earning a grope to her breast and ass, his rough touch making her mewl. A distinct warmth bubbled in her pelvis and made her pussy tingle with want, the fiery excitement causing her to bite her bottom lip reflexively, stifling the horny urges swelling inside her.

''Genzou-sama is excited too, huh?'' She murmured, gripping the zipper of his pants and pulling it down.

His hard cock sprung out into the open, his surprising girth eliciting an embarrassed squeak from Shigure, her cheeks colouring themselves red – the colour all the more apparent in the silver moonlight. She swallowed her nerves and curled her fingers around his thick cock, gently stroking his hardness and moaning when he groped her ass again. Rather than savour his touch she instead wiggled herself out of his groping hands, blushing as she lowered herself down onto her knees; the water lapping up to her breasts.

''Shigure...'' Genzou murmured, his deep voice sending a thrilling shiver through her.

''L-Let me...'' Shigure mumbled back, gaze transfixed on the thick cock in front of her. ''...make you feel good.''

As the last syllable left her lips she licked the tip, earning a low groan from her 'Master' and enticing her to do it again, her tongue gently stroking his cock. Her wolfish nature came out and her licks quickly became longer and wetter, saliva coating her tongue as she lapped at his dick and essentially gave his cock a tongue-bath, leaving his shaft glistening under the moonlight. She uncurled her fingers as needed, slowly stroking him off constantly even as she methodically licked every part of his cock, her own saliva wet against her palm when she shifted her grip.

Genzou groaned at the attention she was giving him, empowering Shigure to lean in and kiss the tip – her pale lips parting to let his cock inside her mouth. Her tongue brushed against the underside of his girth and helped guide his hardness into her mouth, his sheer size forcing Shigure to open her mouth to its widest just to comfortably accommodate his shaft. She didn't hesitate to take him in deeper, mewling softly as she sunk her lips down his length, gradually taking more and more of his big cock in until she had two-thirds snugly fitted inside her wet mouth.

''Mmph...'' Shigure's brows knitted together as the tip hit the back of her throat – but she was determined, her expression tightening as she consciously suppressed her gag reflex.

Her efforts didn't go unrewarded – a low, heavy moan escaping Genzou as his cock slid down her tight throat. Shigure kept pushing her head down his length until her nose finally pressed against his pelvis, his large cock throbbing in her throat and making her shudder with arousal, feeling the warmth between her legs reach new heights. The coolness of the lake failed to stifle the burning urge and it took an effort to not touch herself, her full focus remaining on her 'Master' in that moment.

''Mm...'' Shigure leaned back a bit, a wet slurp escaping as she tipped her head back – and then promptly shoved her head back down, groaning when his cock speared down her throat.

Over and over again Shigure moved her head, slurping the muscled man's cock with passionate bobs of her head. Occasionally she opened her pale blue eyes and looked up at his tight, pleasure-filled visage, but the sight of him making such a hot expression embarrassed her to the point she closed her eyes again, groaning around his big dick. At some point Genzou laid his thick hands on her head, tenderly playing with her wolf ears as she sucked him off, the gentle stimulation fuelling the heat in her pussy.

Shigure laid her hands on his toned hips, grunting lightly as she worked her lips faster, sliding them along his pulsing shaft with cute groans of effort. She could taste salty pre-cum on her tongue and slurped his dick even more eagerly, her tongue teasing the underside of his big dick as she sought to coax out her lover's climax. Genzou groaned deeply at her ministrations and played with her ears more roughly, the tingling sensations in her scalp making Shigure moan lustfully, her voice teasing his cock with the vibrations.

''Ahh... Shigure...'' Genzou groaned out, gently rocking his hips. ''I...!''

At that moment Shigure decided to lean her head back, his cock popping out of her mouth – and with a sharp grunt Genzou came. Thick ropes of milky-white cum erupted from his cock and splattered across the wolf-girl's face, eliciting a startled squeak from Shigure as she hastily grabbed his cock and jerked him off, causing even more ropes of cum to shoot out. They landed across her cheeks or draped across her plump breasts, coating her skin in a shiny sheen.

''Mn...'' Shigure shuddered at the lewd feeling, her hand slowing down as his climax ended.

Soon she uncurled her fingers completely, panting lightly from the exertion. She spared a glance up at Genzou and immediately flushed at the intense gaze he was giving her, prompting Shigure to embarrassedly look away – instead opting to lean back into the water, submerging herself and letting the clean lake water wash away the cum. When she decided to sit back up her body and face was clean of his seed, water droplets running off her glistening frame.

Water splashed, and Shigure squeaked as Genzou knelt down in front of her. His clothes got soaked by the lake but his eyes were only on her, and his hands beneath the water. Shigure's breathing quickened as she felt his hands land on her shins beneath the water, tenderly squeezing her legs as if asking for permission. After a second of steaming embarrassment, Shigure complied – whimpering as she spread her legs apart beneath the water's surface.

''I'll be gentle.'' Genzou said tenderly.

Shigure smiled demurely back, heart pounding a million miles a minute as he moved between her spread legs. The water hid what was going on but she could intimately feel it; the coolness of the water highlighting his warm hands as they slid over her inner-thighs, fingertips briefly brushing against her pussy lips and making her gasp, his touch tender yet no less exciting. He grasped her knees next and opened them a little wider, allowing him to shift between them fully, his cock poking her pelvis as he got into position.

Soon she felt the thick tip press right up against her pussy lips, rubbing her hot core slowly.

''Ah... d-do it...'' Shigure licked her dry lips, leaning back on her elbows.

In response Genzou hummed, and eased his hips forth. His shaft easily penetrate her virgin lips and pushed inside her, eliciting a sharp gasp from Shigure's lips – eyes widening and back arching as a rush of pure pleasure bolted up her spine. The warmth in her pussy blossomed, all her nerves heightening to the point she could intimately feel his cock pushing into her pussy, spreading her tight inner walls apart bit by bit, no pain to be found. Only pure, mouth-slackening pleasure.

''Ohh~'' Shigure shuddered with pure bliss.

Genzou groaned in agreement, his hands planting on either side of his as he buried more of his cock inside her. She tightened around his girth and whimpered, feeling him push deeper and deeper, making her pussy feel so incredibly full. She tried to breathe but it was impossible, her lungs failing to get enough air from the sheer pleasure coursing through her veins, her whimper evolving into a catatonic groan of bliss.

Soon the tip hit her deepest parts, finally bottoming out inside her. She shivered at the feeling, tipping her head back and gazing into Genzou's eyes, the moon hanging overhead and casting a partial shadow over his face. She raised her right hand up, water audibly trickling off it, and cupped his cheek – swiftly pulling him down into a messy, moaning kiss.

''Mm...'' Their kiss lasted only a moment before their lips popped apart, and she spoke. ''Move.''

Her 'Master' obeyed. A short gasp fled Shigure's lips as his cock slid back out of her tingling pussy, leaving her insides feeling so achingly empty – only to plunge back inside a second later, stretching her womanhood to fit his big cock. The thrust was slow but no less pleasurable, the water limiting how fast he could move his hips, but in that moment neither cared; both too busy enduring the blissful sensation of being united.

''Ah... ah~'' Shigure moaned blissfully as he moved a little faster, his shaft sliding in and out of her lower lips.

She released his cheek and put her elbow beneath the water, leaning back as he began to pump into her in earnest. His cock spread her tight insides apart with each thrust, the tip bumping against her deepest parts like a gentle hammer, sending hot jolts quivering up into her stomach. She curled her fingers into fists and dug her nails into her palms, biting her bottom lip as she rode out the pleasure, groaning through pursed lips as she was forced to spread her legs a tiny bit wider to let him move easier.

Suddenly his thrusts slowed down, both his hands sliding down to her lower back. ''G-Genzou-sama...?''

''Just a moment.'' He murmured to her, grabbing her ass.

Shigure had exactly one second to make a confused sound – before she let out a startled squeal as he picked her up. His cock was still snugly buried inside her womanhood, making her instinctively wrap her legs around his waist and snake her arms around his thick neck, blushing deeply as he held her in his arms – in full view of any potential voyeurs. His hands settled on her butt, groping it a few times as he steadied his hold on her, and before she could voice her embarrassment her 'Master' resumed moving. Fast.

''Hya~!'' Shigure squealed in pleasurable surprise, buckling as Genzou bucked his hips back and forth with quick, hot thrusts – plunging his hardness into her weeping pussy far quicker than before.

The sudden roughness only fuelled her pleasure, hot moans fleeing her throat as he buried his full length into her quivering pussy with rapid, pounding thrusts. His pelvis slapped against hers loudly, the sound echoing throughout the entire lake as he made love to her so passionately it melted her mind – her voice growing hoarse from how much she was moaning. She swallowed the saliva in her mouth but couldn't contain her moans, hot pleasure spreading through her pelvis as she neared her limit.

''G-Genzou-sama!'' Shigure cried out in pleasure, throwing her head back – uncaring of how her plump breasts bounced right in front of his face. ''I... I-I'm cum- Myaa~!''

With a loud shriek of pleasure Shigure orgasmed, her pussy tightening like a wet vice around his shaft as her honey squirted out around it. The sudden tightness immediately pushed Genzou over the limit, a harsh grunt escaping him as he yanked her all the way down his cock – and moaned as he blew his load inside her, hot spurts of cum shooting into her body and pumping her full; so much shooting inside that it soon began dribbling back out, dripping from her creampied folds.

''A... Ah...'' Shigure twitched once, and then went slack – moaning weakly. ''Ahh... a-amazing...''

Genzou flashed her a tight smile, pulling her close. Shigure moaned as their lips met in a messy kiss, shuddering as he slowly released her smooth butt – though not before copping one last feel of her ass. Her legs slipped down and dipped into the water, the cool lake water lapping up to her knees as she stood on her own two, albeit very weak feet.

With a punctuating gasp they broke apart, her blushing visage meeting his flushed face. ''Genzou-sama...''

A cool wind suddenly blew by, chilling Shigure and making her shiver. ''A-Ah... l-let's get back to the camp...''

Genzou breathlessly hummed, prompting Shigure to turn around and start wading through the shallow lake, heading back to the shore. That was the plan anyway – a plan swiftly interrupted when Genzou suddenly grabbed her tail, gently yanking on it and setting her nerves alight.

''H-HYAA!'' Shigure squealed, clutching at her pussy as hot arousal burned her folds. ''Genzou-sama! Y-You can't just- ah~!''

Another sharp cry escaped the wolf-girl as Genzou tugged on her tail again, a slight smile on his face. Shigure whimpered with pure pleasure, each tug sending hot bolts of pleasure straight to her hypersensitive pussy. Slowly her 'Master' started stroking her tail or running his fingers through it, the feeling so good it made her pant with lust, her lower lips tingling with increasing heat. On instinct she stuck her ass back out towards him, her knees pressing together as she leaned her torso forwards, whimpering as she struggled to stay standing.

Because of that she left herself open to Genzou getting behind her – and pushing his wet cock back into her pussy. Shigure moaned in surprise, his shaft easing the needy burn in her pussy and melting her mind, the sheer sexual relief she felt in that moment quelling any petulant arguments she held. His thick hands landed on her hips and without hesitation he began to thrust; plunging his thick girth into her sensitive folds with slow, powerful thrusts.

''A-Ah... ah, Mm... y-you pervert~'' Shigure moaned out, her eyes fluttering shut as she was fucked.

His hands soon left her hips and grabbed her arms instead, pulling them back and forcing Shigure to arch her back slightly, moaning blissfully as her 'Master' railed her from behind. Their mixed fluids acted as lubricant and let him plunge into her with impunity, his cock hitting all her good spots and melting her mind into putty once more, the sensation of his cock filling her pussy nearly making her drool.

His pelvis audibly smacked against her ass each time as he finally bottomed out, the impact simultaneously embarrassing and arousing Shigure. Due to her position her breasts bounced and jiggled freely, her nipples hard from both the cold and the lust coursing through her. As if sensing her thoughts Genzou suddenly released her right arm and groped her breast instead, fondling her plump tit with passionate squeezes.

''Mn... Shigure...'' He grunted into her ear. ''Hold on a second.''

Shigure groaned deeply as he slowed down, tensing herself in preparation. Her guess wasn't wrong; a hot moan escaping the wolf-girl as he grabbed her thighs and picked her up, holding her against his chest as he waded through the water towards the shoreline. His cock throbbed and pulsed in her tingling pussy, the needy warmth making her rock her hips, but it wasn't enough to satisfy her horny urges.

Mercifully they reached the shore quickly. The moment they were close enough Genzou laid her down on all fours onto the dirt bank, his dick still buried inside her as he spooned her – and Shigure let out a cry of bliss as he began to pound into her doggystyle. His thrusts were even faster and rougher than before, practically jack-hammering his dick into her womanhood so fast it felt like he was punching her stomach, melting her mind with the powerful sensation.

''A-Ah~! Genzou-sama~!'' Shigure howled with pleasure, her knees buckling as he repeatedly hammered her cervix. ''I-I'm gonna cum! I'm seriously gonn- oh god YES~!''

Shigure screamed out with pleasure as his cock punched a sensitive spot inside her, finally pushing her to her second orgasm of the night. White-hot pleasure raced through her womanhood and her knees gave out, sending her flopping down onto the dirt bank with a shrill cry, her honey squirting out her sopping pussy.

As she writhed against the ground Genzou groaned, pressing himself flush against her ass and grinding on her butt, his cock sliding between her cheeks – before with a groan he came, shooting long ropes of cum up her back. They splattered up the curve of her spine and over her shoulder blades, several getting in her silver-blue hair or even hitting her nape; the feeling of being cummed on only making Shigure moan deeper.

''Ohh~'' Shigure moaned into the dirt, shuddering as powerful tremors twitched through her body.

For a long minute, heavy panting filled the air. Then Genzou grabbed her thigh and gently rolled her onto her back, exposing Shigure's body to his lustful gaze – and allowing him to lean down, claiming her lips in a deep kiss.

''Mm~'' The wolf-girl moaned into the kiss, cupping his cheeks and holding him there for as long as she could – murmuring into his lips when they pulled apart. ''Genzou-sama...''

''Shigure.'' His dick throbbed against her pelvis. ''Can we go one more time?''

Shigure blushed, an exasperated, fond expression crossing her face. ''Haah... fine, just one more time you big oaf.''

Genzou flashed her a familiar grin, and plunged back inside her quivering pussy – causing Shigure's howls of pleasure to echo through the woods as the newfound couple went for their third round.