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Oops, was this your party?

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The TARDIS YAZ took from Sheffield, was used to get to the DOCTOR’S house I mean TARDIS. And that one was sent back, using the recall circuit to Earth moments after it left with instructions to hide its console room better from the 61st century & contemporary humans that may be living or visiting. RIVER has just left in the TARDIS the DOCTOR hid as a Tree because in retrospect the DOCTOR is now worried about leaving it unattended should some nefarious other older/younger version of the Master ever discover it.

YAZ is using a data pad, to look at her record, and has found that some of her Secondments seem different from the one she knows the Doctor has put there.
As YAZ scrolls through the list, she sees assignments from ‘Special Branch’ as well as 2 from UNIT.

Doctor how can I have a Secondment from UNIT, I thought they had been disbanded?

UNIT has been around since the 60s Yaz,
I’m sure we’ll run into them at some point in time.

Yes I’m sure that’s the case Doctor
but if they only exist in the past,
how can I have assignments from them
in my file currently?
This could cause problems with my superiors,
if they look into it, Could get in trouble couldn’t I?

The DOCTOR walks around the console and joins YAZ to look at the data pad.
Tries to open the UNIT file and when it doesn’t open, sonics the data pad.

Try now, should open fine.
What does it say, who signed off on the Secondment?

One is a scan of a letter signed by a Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.
The other one is from a Chief Scientific Officer Kate Stewart.
Doctor, this is weird, it has dates from past events, but they reference Secondments with future dates and it says I….

La, La, La….
Now that you’ve read that, do you know what this means?
Now, when you meet the Brigadier and Kate
You’re going to have to ask them to sign off on the Secondments,
and have them sealed,
and dated to the time zone that we’ve left.

How could that possibly work?

Well Kate does have or did have access to a vortex manipulator.
If they got it working I’m sure she could have arranged something.
We are in the vortex right now, what’s the date of the file you’re looking at, is it also in the future?

Oh, uh, yes it’s from the future.

In that case you shouldn’t be looking at it,
It is a terrible habit to get into, just ask my wife.

EXT. TARDIS - Night - Outside of a mechanic shop / garage.

What is this place? it’s not the usual landing spot.
Did you check, are we actually in Sheffield?

You wanted to go home?
I’m sorry, I didn’t know you wanted to leave.
We can go... I can take you home.
Although, it does have a certain Northern like taste in the air, early 2020’s I’d say, but I’ll come back here and look ‘round, find out what’s what’s see why the Old Girl brought me here.

Not leave, It’s just….
I left Ryan and Graham without explaining what I was trying,
I wanted to check on them, make sure they’re not worried.
But we’re here now, let’s check it out and find out what’s up and help?

Love a maintenance shop.
(Cheerily marches towards the building)

EXT. SHEFFIELD - NIGHT - Edge of a park.
A woman can be seen leaning up against the tree, as another one walks down along the sidewalk.

(Calls out to the other)
Fancy a trip in time and space, Detective?
I hear you have a party you’re not supposed to get to
As you’re already there. Care to join me for a gala instead?

As they approach each other, you can see from the light of the street that it’s YASMIN and RIVER.