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Stress Relief

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It's another quiet evening in Nayuta's hotel room. She left Itsuki's a while ago with a "Let's have sex tomorrow, Senpai!" and he'd all but slammed the door behind her, but not before she'd seen his cheeks redden. One of these days she'll get her wish- it was only a matter of time. 

She's nude as usual writing the next chapter of her book on her laptop, back pressed against a pillow resting on the headboard- her editor had been incredibly insistent she should at least try to make this deadline, and she figured if she gets it done now, she can spend more time with Itsuki.

At least that was her plan until she hears a sharp rap on her hotel room. 

"Coming," she calls out. Based on the double knock, it has to be Myaa-san- there's no one else who knows her exact room number. 

She walks up the door and opens it. 

As she expected, it's Myaa-san at the doorstep, holding a plastic bag in one hand, the other curled behind her back. She looks stressed- her eyes have dark shadows under them and she's biting the corner of her lip. 

"Myaa-san!" She'd give her a hug but she's not sure if anyone else is in the hallway. She settles for pulling on Myaa-san's arm and tugging her into the room, letting the door shut behind her. 

Myaa-san gives Nayuta a strained smile, bringing a hand to gently push Nayuta's hand from her arm. She walks across the room, sitting in the green armchair a few feet from Nayuta's bed and sets the plastic bag on the ground. 

"Is everything okay, Myaa-san?" Nayuta's concerned about her friend's unusual silence- normally she'd give her a "Nayu, put some clothes on!" but this lack of reaction is worrisome. 

She lets out a heavy sigh. "Today was such a crappy day at school, Nayu. I got assigned so much homework, I had a pop quiz in Statistics which you know I'm not very good at, and at work today I got yelled at for a mistake I didn't even make. I couldn't even sleep well last night for some reason and I had no time to take a nap today. It's been a mess." Myaa-san sighs, clutching her head in her hands and pressing her face in her lap. "I just wanted to vent so I came here." 

Nayuta walks up to her, petting her on her back. "There, there, Myaa-san. You came to the right place. What's in the bag?" She points to the ground. 

Myaa-san sighs again and opens the bag. "Beer. I figured I'd take the night off- there's no way I can get any studying done with how lousy I'm feeling. I wouldn't normally even bring beer here but I went to the convenience store and found my way here without fully realizing where I was headed."

"No problem, Myaa-san. I have some snacks on the bed too if you want." Nayuta settles on Myaa-san's lap. Her movements hitch Myaa-san's skirt slightly upwards, making her thighs directly press on Myaa-san's. The feeling of bare skin on skin excites Nayuta, especially with how deliciously soft Myaa-san's thighs feel.

Myaa-san doesn't even comment on Nayuta's position, merely leaning down and grabbing the plastic bag, using two fingers to lift the bag and balancing it on the armrest. She reaches inside for a can, popping the top and angles her head back, chugging it down in four glups. 

"Aahhh," she says contently, wiping her mouth. "Just what I needed." 

"You drank that so fast, you're going to get drunk too quickly," Nayuta comments. 

"That's the goal. The faster I get drunk the faster I can forget about this shitty day and just relax." Myaa leans into the back of the armchair, throwing her arms over the armrests and letting the empty beer can fall to the ground. Her eyelashes flutter shut, and she looks at ease for the first time since entering the room. Her uncharacteristic carelessness adds an element of vulnerability to her otherwise strong persona, and an idea hatches in Nayuta's head.

"Hey, Myaa-san?"

"Hmm?" Myaa-san looks at Nayuta through a half-lidded eye. 

"Why don't you let me help you feel better?" 

Myaa-san opens both eyes this time, narrowing them. "What did you have in mind?" 

"I know you're facing a lot of stress, but in times like these, that's what friends are for. Just follow my lead." 

Nayuta stands and, facing Myaa-san, she puts her knees on either side of Myaa-san's legs, pinning her.

"Nayu, w-what are you," Myaa-san stutters, but she doesn't get any further before Nayuta brings her hands to the buckle on Myaa-san's belt, taking her time to undo it and throwing it behind her, not caring where it falls. From this angle, she can see the top of Myaa-san's bra visible just underneath her shirt, her chest filling out said bra quite nicely. 

"I told you, Myaa-san. I'll take good care of you." Nayuta's fingers curl on the hem of Myaa-san's white shirt. She tugs the hem upwards, exposing more of Myaa-san's creamy white skin inch by inch as the shirt goes up past her enticing hips, narrow waist, and well-endowed chest cupped by a pale lacy pink bra. She pulls the shirt over Myaa-san's head and down her arms, Myaa-san surprisingly quiet.

"Myaa-san, I'm going to take your skirt off now," Nayuta says softly. Myaa-san merely nods once. In the yellow light of the nightlight, Myaa-san's lips look deliciously plump and perfect, and Nayuta leans down to press her lips to them- they're as soft and warm as they seem, tasting of cherry chapstick. Nayuta slides a thumb on each side of the waistband, pushing the skirt down her hips. Myaa-san slightly lifts so Nayuta can guide it down Myaa-san's plush thighs to just past her knees, but that's all Nayuta needs.

Nayuta wraps her arms around Myaa-san's neck, leaning her body forward so Myaa-san's pressed against the back of the armchair again. She darts her tongue out to lick the tight seam of Myaa-san's pursed lips and they part open just enough for it to slither inside, the taste of the beer mingling with shared saliva. Myaa's hands circle her waist, migrating lower to squeeze Nayuta's ass.  

Their tongues dancing around each other's, her hands descend Myaa-san's back, feeling for the clasp. She's never liked underwear, finding it an inconvenient barrier to her carnal desires. Once she's found it, she unhooks the bra, sliding the straps down her shoulders. Her eager hands cup Myaa-san's large breasts, admiring their weight and shape as she sinks her fingers into the soft, supple flesh. 

She drags her thumb upward, flicking it across a nipple and is surprised to feel it's already hard. Myaa-san's definitely enjoying the attention. Another moan, louder this time, erupts when Nayuta experimentally pinches at the nipple, bringing her other hand to mirror the action on the other side. Nayuta briefly wonders if the moans would be audible through the walls, but that seems unlikely given how she's never received noise complaints from all the times Nayuta's pleasured herself at night thinking of Itsuki. 

But it's Myaa-san who's caught her interest now. Myaa-san breaks the kiss and leans forward, pressing her lips at the hollow of Nayuta’s neck, trailing kisses upward towards Nayuta’s jawline and nibbling at the base. Her hands skirt up Nayuta's sides, moving to cup Nayuta's own ample chest. A harder pinch of Myaa-san's nipple elicits a sharp bite. 

She giggles then brings her head down to Myaa-san's right nipple, enclosing it fully with with her lips. Myaa-san continues her own ministrations on Nayuta's breasts, kneading at the flesh. Nayuta circles the base with her tongue before she flicks up towards the sensitive bud. Myaa-san arches her back, pressing even further into the armchair. Her thighs press into Nayu’s, trapping her between them.  

"Nnnn, Nayu, Nayu, d-don't stop," Myaa-san mewls, and Nayuta feels Myaa-san's hands leave her breasts and claw the skin covering her shoulder blades, her fingernails digging as Nayuta teethes the bud. Heat pools between her legs, and Nayuta wonders briefly what's Myaa-san's situation down there. She starts caressing the skin from Myaa-san's left nipple with her fingertips as she moves her hand down to Myaa-san's knee, gliding it back up along the curve of Myaa-san's silky inner thigh until she reaches her panties. 

She palms it, earning a hiss as it rubs against what must be sensitive flesh. It's already damp, the cotton fabric wet with Myaa's arousal. Nayuta moves her mouth to cover Myaa's left nipple and slides the panties to the side, stroking the slick folds. 

Nayuta releases Myaa-san's nipple and looks up at her face. "You're already so wet," she teases, "and I'm just getting started."

"I, I mean, you," Myaa-san stutters. Nayuta merely giggles. "I like it, Myaa-san." She starts licking the flesh surrounding the nipple, lightly nipping at it. She slides a finger into the core and hears Myaa-san take a deep shuddering breath. Encouraged, Nayuta inserts another finger, and Myaa bucks her hips forward. 

She curls her fingers against a soft bundle and Myaa-san groans, sending a shiver down Nayuta's spine. She climbs further into Myaa-san's lap, pushing her chest against Myaa-san while her palm presses against Myaa-san, thrusting faster and faster. The fingertips at her back claw more deeply into her, raking against her skin. 

Nayuta bites at the fold between Myaa-san's neck and shoulder to leave her own mark and lets go. "Are you close, Myaa-san?" she breathes, nibbling at the shell of Myaa-san's ear. 

A high-pitched mewl is the only answer as the muscles clamp down on Nayuta's fingers. Nayuta leaves her fingers in as Myaa-san cries out her name and rides out the waves of her orgasm, bending her neck further back. 

She carefully pulls out her fingers, bringing them to her lips. Myaa-san's panting, her chest heaving. Nayuta makes sure she's watching as she dips one finger into her lips then another, licking each digit slowly. 

"You taste so good, Myaa-san. Just like I'd hoped." The watery, thin juice is salty but also has a hint of sweetness. Myaa-san's hands drop from Nayuta's back.  

"God, Nayu, I don't know what possessed you to do that, but that was incredible." 

Nayu gave her a smug smile. "As expected from the great Nayuta Kani after all. But we're not done yet, Myaa-san." 

Myaa-san looks at her in shock. "Huh?" 

She presses down onto Myaa-san's thighs, letting her feel the wetness that's beaded at her folds. "Can't you do me a favor too, Myaa-san?" 

Myaa-san blushes at her tone, "N-Nayu!" 

Her point made, Nayuta stands up, pulling on Myaa-san's arm. "Let's make ourselves more...comfortable." She turns around and feels Myaa-san hesitating briefly before she stands up, following Nayuta to the bed. 

Nayuta walks to the side and pushes her laptop to the side, then swings her legs up. Myaa-san takes a seat on the edge of the bed next to her. 

Once Myaa-san's seated, Nayuta climbs into her lap and pushes her down onto the bed. "N-Nayu!" With Myaa-san's hair strewn over the bed spread, a pink blush gracing her cheeks and her pupils blown open and wide, Nayuta finds her heartbeat speeding up at how delectable she looks. She leans down, capturing Myaa-san's lips once again as her hand seeks Myaa-san's, lacing their fingers together. 

At first gentle, the kiss deepens when Myaa-san slips her tongue in Nayuta's mouth. She hooks a leg through Nayuta's and uses it as leverage to roll them over so she's on top, surprising Nayuta with her forwardness.

Myaa-san's tongue thoroughly explores every inch of Nayuta's mouth, and Nayuta feels a hand wiggle into her unoccupied one, intertwining them. Myaa-san pulls out and she props herself up, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. "My turn," she smirks. 

She presses her face directly between Nayuta's breasts, licking at the cleavage. Nayuta shivers, excited to see this new side of her friend. Once Myaa's tongue has traveled down the length, she lifts her head and angles it towards Nayuta's left breast, licking at the nipple just once in a quick stroke. 

She brings her face back down into Nayuta's soft belly, trailing kisses down to her navel. She licks it and continues kissing until she reaches Nayuta's crotch. 

Myaa-san untangles their hands, bringing them to Nayuta's thighs and spreading them. "Open nice and wide, just for me," she murmurs. She brings her face down to her thigh, gnawing lightly as she moves her mouth upwards and Nayuta grips the bedsheets tighter, bunching them around her fist. She feels a hot breath warming her entrance and her leg thrown effortlessly over a shoulder, pushing her further down the bed. She props herself on her elbows and cranes her neck to see Myaa-san's tongue darting forward to dip into the cleft before it drags itself the entire length up. With the same thoroughness as Myaa-san explored her mouth Nayuta feels the tongue scour every inch of her folds, unrelenting and painstaking as it moves to lap at her entrance. 

She buries her hand in Myaa-san's hair, twisting her fingers in the soft russet locks and guiding her to her clit. She lets out an unfiltered moan, throwing her neck back as Myaa-san skillfully wraps her mouth around the sensitive bundle of nerves as if she's done this a thousand times before. Myaa-san keeps sucking at the swollen nub, flicking at it occasionally but much like Nayuta had done earlier, she wiggles one finger, then another in quick succession in Nayuta's entrance, slick with Nayuta's arousal. Her fingers prod, teasing along her inner folds until they inevitably find her pleasure spot and Nayuta shudders. 

"M-Myaa-san, Myaa-san," is all she's capable of letting out and when Myaa-san curls her fingers, she slams her thighs against Myaa-san's head, pressing on her ears. 

The pressure building inside her, she arches her back and finally gives in, spots dancing across her vision as waves of pleasure overwhelm her. She drops to the bed limply, releasing her death grip on Myaa-san's hair. Myaa-san lets go and shifts her body upward, burrowing her head in the crook of Nayuta's neck and throwing an arm over Nayuta's torso. 

"How was that?" she murmurs, threading a leg around Nayuta's and pulling it closer to her. 

With Myaa-san tucked into her, Nayuta struggles to catch her breath. “I’m impressed, Myaa-san. But…”

Nayuta repositions herself to straddle Myaa-san’s left leg. “I’m not quite satisfied yet.”

Approaching her ear like a cat toying with its prey, she whispers, “Shall we continue, Myaa-san?”