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The heat between

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By the time school ended on Friday, both Tsubaki and Tadashi felt a little wrung dry by the reactions of their classmates. Many thought it was a huge joke, and those that didn’t seemed to feel either Tadashi was blackmailing Tsubaki, or she was blackmailing him. Despite eating lunch together every day, they also hadn’t so much as brushed a finger against each other since their lunch time kisses on Tuesday, which meant that Tsubaki was feeling toweringly frustrated. So she had asked him to walk her home today if he was free. She lived quite close after all. And had already told her driver she’d be walking.

She waited at the gate for him, trying very hard not to look as impatient as she felt. When he finally trotted up he was out of breath like he’d been running as hard as he could.

“Sorry! I was finishing paperwork!” The fact that he smiled when he saw her did make some of her frustration disappear. He so rarely smiled, and it made her feel special. “Shall we?” He gestured to the gates.

As soon as they stepped out, Tsubaki stopped. Tadashi looked back at her with a frown. “Is something wrong?”

“We aren’t on school grounds anymore.” She held out a hand to him, which made both of their cheeks flush pink. She was sure he was checking with the rulebook in his head whether this was ok. But then he took her hand in his and they began to walk in silence as she led him to her home.

“My parents are out.” She’d meant to bring that up far more smoothly. But as always, her brain had short circuited around Tadashi. “Uh, I mean, I talked to them last night and they’re ok with me dating. Especially after I told them you are on the committee. So they said you can come in for tea if you want.” Tsubaki kicked herself for being so awkward.

“You’ll be alone?” Tadashi looked more concerned than anything.

“Oh, no! I have some staff. They’ll be there!” Tsubaki saw her front gate approaching too fast. “I’d like you to come in if you can.” Tadashi looked at war with himself. She could see the arguments for and against, and knew that his rigid side was probably going to win. “Please, I just want to spend some time with you?”

Tadashis resistance visibly crumbled. “Ok.”

Tsubaki opened the gate, and still holding his hand, walked to the front door and inside. When they stopped to take off their shoes, Tadashi stood in place, shoes dangling limply from one hand while the other adjusted his glasses, visibly unsure of whether this was a good idea. Before he could turn tail, her maid appeared and smiled at them both.

“I have set tea and snacks at your personal table, Miss. If there is anything you need please call for me.” She gave a small nod of greeting to Tadashi and turned to go back to the kitchen. Tsubaki saw the smile get bigger as she turned away, which made her cheeks flame.

“Um, come on in.” She beckoned Tadashi to follow her upstairs into her room, praying to all the gods that had ever existed that Tadashi couldn’t read her mind. She was absolutely going to restrain herself, but that didn’t stop the mental image of throwing him on to her bed and climbing on top of him from increasing her blush exponentially. As she opened her door she could barely hear over the sound of her own heart. “If you’d like anything else we can ask for it. Anything at all.”

“Uh, thank you. Is this right, Tsubaki-san? This seems to be your bedroom.” He looked around at the huge bed and walk in wardrobe, the small table that she ate her snacks at and did homework.

Ah! Homework. That might make him stay! “Uh, I usually have something to eat and do my homework in here. Would you maybe be able to help me with some?” She tried for a joke. “Mr First-Place?”

She wasn’t sure if he looked relieved or crestfallen when she said that. But he did come further into the room and put his bag down next to the table. “Maths?” She heard his voice wobble just a little and it was her turn to stare hopelessly at him. When he turned to look at her and saw her face something in it made him freeze, staring at her like she was staring at him. Neither moved for a moment then he reached out to her like he didn’t even know he was doing it. She walked the two steps and put her arms around his chest, burying her face in between his shoulder and neck. He didn’t even hesitate and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

“I don’t know why the rules seem so much less important now. A week ago I would have been horrified if I’d been invited into your house unsupervised, let alone into your room.” Tadashis voice was lower than normal and Tsubaki felt it in her bones. It was making her feel light and dizzy again. “Now I-“ He stopped and held her tighter for a moment, shivering slightly. “Now all I’m thinking about is how much I want to kiss you again, and how much I really shouldn’t want that.”

“But not that you shouldn’t do it?” Tsubaki felt like the world was shrinking to just the feel of his arms around her.

“No. Tsubaki, can I kiss you?” It was the first time he’d initiated and her head flew up, bumping his jaw on the way up.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry. Are you ok?” Tsubaki panicked and started rubbing his jaw.

He actually chuckled “It wasn’t hard, no harm done.” Then he put his hand on hers keeping it on his cheek before moving his hand to her own cheek and bending slightly again before stopping just short of her lips, his breath filling her lungs and making her feel like no other air would ever be enough. “May I?”

Tsubaki couldn’t speak, so she simply tilted her face up to allow him all of her. He crossed the last hairsbreadth between them and pressed his lips to hers in a kiss that blew away all kisses before it. Tsubaki felt weak at the knees when Tadashi gently moved his lips against hers. She moved her hand from his cheek to his hair just behind his ears and made a breathy little sound that made his arms tighten around her. Feeling brave, Tsubaki pushed herself a little further into his arms and began to move her lips against his in tandem with his own movements. Tadashi braced himself and pulled her completely flush against him without breaking the kiss. Tsubaki whimpered into the kiss and opened her mouth just a little to encourage him to deepen the kiss again.

Tadashi made a low noise in his throat and did just that, opening his own lips a little more and slowly running his tongue along where they joined hers causing her to gasp into his mouth before tightening her own hold on him and walking herself backwards towards her bed. Restraint be damned, if she didn’t feel more of this she was likely to climb out of her own skin. The backs of her knees hit the bed and she pulled him down with her, trying unsuccessfully to not break the kiss.

Tadashi lifted his head and braced the hand that had been on her cheek on the bed to lift the rest of his torso up. “Tsubaki, I have said this before, but you have some crazy hidden strength.” He tried to roll off but she tightened her grip on his waist and moved her other hand to his shoulder. “This is getting a little intense.”

“Just a little more? Please?” Tsubaki didn’t even bother hiding what she really wanted, but she’d be happy with just a few more kisses. Tadashi frowned a little, at war with himself yet again. Then he dipped his head to her ear.

“Only if you tell me what thoughts you actually had about me.”

Tsubaki had never felt hotter, her heart combusted and fire settled between her legs. “Oh god, Tadashi.” She whined, needy and hot. “What haven’t I thought about? Even everyday conversation sets me off. Let alone some of the things that have happened.” She pulled him closer and whispered a sinful prayer into his ear. “I touched myself the night after you accidentally grabbed my breast, you know. I made myself cum thinking of you touching me.”

Tadashis arm gave out, and he collapsed on top of her. He clearly hadn’t expected that. He gasped and breathed into her shoulder. “Definitely getting out of hand here, Tsubaki. We should stop.” But he didn’t even try to move.

“You said you’d give me more if I told you.” She edged further into the bed, drawing him with her. He followed with no resistance.

The fire was still burning between her legs, hotter than it had ever been before. And she knew friction was the best way to get what she wanted from previous experimentation. So once she was lying fully on the bed she shifted positions slightly so that her thighs were on either side of his hips.

And rolled them upwards.

The effect on Tadashi was instant, like she’d touched him with a live wire. He bucked his own hips and muffled a groan in her shoulder. And she felt him through their clothes. He was hard and hot, pushing into where her left leg joined her hips. Just to the side of where she needed him.

She shifted again to get him on target and lifted her hips again. This time they both bucked and shook. “Ohhhhh Tadashi… More. AH!” This time he moved, pushing his hips straight down into her and holding her there. Lifting up he pressed his lips to her with such heat that she wasn’t sure which felt better. Whimpering with need, she squirmed under him, making him pant into her mouth between kisses. “Touch me. Oh touch me please.” Her voice rose on the last word when his hand just barely touched the skin of her stomach where her shirt had bunched up.

When he didn’t move any further she grabbed his hand and waited. He stopped kissing her and looked at her to see if she wanted to stop. But instead she held his eyes and slipped his hand further into her shirt, running his fingers over her stomach and up to the wire of her bra. She brought her other hand up to the back of his neck and brought his forehead to hers, still keeping her eyes on his.

Her voice came out low and commanding. “More.”

Something snapped behind his eyes and his hand started moving on its own, drifting slowly just under her bra, teasing her under her tight shirt. “Touch me too.” Tsubaki was more than happy to comply, removing her hand from her own shirt and frantically pulling his shirt out of his pants so she could burrow under it. Lips met again as their hands started to explore. Tsubaki clawed at his back and began to squirm under him again, trying to get him to move again. Tadashi drew stuttering swirls on her skin while he flexed his hips into her.

Tsubaki was making breathy little noises that Tadashi swallowed. Every move either of them made was setting fireworks off in her spine. Tadashi shifted and suddenly the nape of her neck was prickling and the fire where he pushed against her was condensed. She threw her head back with a high whine and brought her ankles to the back of his thighs, arching against him while she reached for her pleasure.

Tadashi moved faster, leaving open mouthed kisses on her neck. His voice rumbled in his chest, not words or moans but somewhere in between. Tsubaki beat him to the end, keening while her muscles strained. Tadashi slid both arms between her and the bed and held her to him as he moved against her once, twice, thrice. Then he began to shake and buried his face in her neck again. They stayed like that for what felt like forever before they began to loosen, Tadashi slipping to the side to lie on his back and Tsubaki turning slightly to keep as much contact as possible.

Neither spoke for a while, Tsubaki moving so she was no longer trapping his arm, but using it to cushion her head. She used a nervous finger to trace his collar, both feeling incredibly satisfied and scared that she’d pushed him too far in her greed. Then Tadashi turned his head and kissed her forehead, right at her hairline. Chaste and sweet.

“Thank you. I know that was probably the most immoral thing I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t change it.” Tadashi sounded relaxed and a little sleepy, something she’d never heard before.

Rising up on her elbow Tsubaki studied him. “Thank you too. That was amazing.” She felt suddenly like that wasn’t enough. “I really like you.”

The simple statement seemed to be all she needed to say, so she crept further into the hollow under his arm and curled against him.

“I like you too, Tsubaki. More than I realised.” Tadashi sounded thoughtful. Then his natural pragmatism took over. “I may need a shower though. And I think I need to change into my gym clothes.”

Tsubaki giggled. “I have an en suite over there, you can wash up and change in there.” Standing up, she offered him a hand to rise.

When he did they stood blushing and smiling at each other, before he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. “Really, I do like you.” Then he grabbed his school bag and all but ran to her bathroom.


Tsubaki drifted over to the snacks and still warm tea on her table. Picking up a plate of her favourite salad she looked at what else had been offered. Then she dropped the plate.
Under the plate was a little square foil wrapper with a little drawing of her maid giving a thumbs up on it.