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I nearly had a near miss today.

The adherent I had on a note, after all these centuries, came loose and slipped out of my diary. My darling husband picked it up and was almost about to read it, before I snatched it away.

I try to be careful, there are still a few things not for my husband's eyes. I’m planning on having Nardole go with him or at least go after him, make sure he’s not alone. Also to make sure he doesn’t read what he shouldn’t from my diary after….we leave here when the day comes.

After all he doesn’t know he knows my second wife. ;D

It’s been a while since I read this, but I’d never forgotten what it said.

*The weathered nearly ancient note reattached into this diary*

The Doctor means for you to keep a record of your travels, a guidebook if you will since you’ll rarely meet him in a linear fashion.

From his perspective he won’t have one at first, he doesn’t know he needs one then, but later on in his timeline you’ll both have them.

We truly do have/will have mutual friends. But yeah you were right to be skeptical since I wasn’t actually telling you the full truth, but that’s the way the time traveler. While that was a very believable scenario, needs a little the more polish for you to pull it off as smoothly as you are capable of doing. You were however at a disadvantage, I knew you’d nick the vortex manipulator, your older self told me you would do it. That is a Spoiler for you, and here's one more.

I truly don’t know when in your personal timeline we will meet again, but someday you will give me the honor of referring to me as your second wife.’


It’s funny she didn’t think I would notice she had a double pulse, yet she showed me how to mask mine, but forgot to do the same.

Really put in a hard sell for me to to attend Luna too, shared all the secrets of the school, and the best places to eat on the moon. Almost as if she’s attended herself, which she denied.

Not sure if she realized that she inadvertently wrote down Rule #1...Actually in our travels she told me a lot of my Husband’s Rules, just didn’t use the numbers.