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Volume II

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I can’t believe I’m out here “gardening” on a planet that is night for the next 24 years.

Well I say gardening, but really I have one of the local neighbor boys to tend to things.

The Doctor found a nice little bungalow, when I said he found it, I mean I guided him in the right direction. With the perfect garden shed, which just so happens to be a fabulous gift my second wife gave me for our anniversary, my very own TARDIS that she liberated from Gallifrey, with a chameleon circuit that’s not stubbornly stuck in one shape.

I do have to say I am shocked though that he is actually planning to stay here for 24 years, I really only believed it would be the single “Earth” night, Then he’d come up with some emergency to leave off for, but it’s already been six months and that hasn’t happened.

Well it’s probably been a longer six months in total, but we have been on this planet for six months. I mean you really can’t expect us to stay in one spot for that long, we’ve been sneaking out having little “day” trips, it’s almost like stormcage again, except there’s no locks or guards.

The Doctor gave me a sonic screwdriver, which is truly unusual, unlike my wife, my bow tie wearing husband usually gave me all of time and space and not actual objects... However it seems like my Scottish Gentleman is the gift giving type as well.

I’m not sure if he expected me to truly believe he was embarrassed by the sonic trowel or not , but I doubt that he gave me a sonic screwdriver on a whim, there’s a reason. There’s also an easily removable panel. He’s gone and placed a neural relay in my sonic. He’s tried to explain it as, that it's boosting a link to the TARDIS for processing power. As explanations go it was halfway believable had he not forgotten that I am a Child of the TARDIS, and She did not back him up.

Those kinds of relays were very common on space suits of the 51st century. And other wearable tech which you won’t ever catch me wearing. So unfortunately it seems like once again in my life I am going to have to be in a space suit, I’d hoped never to experience that again.

You’re probably wondering where my husband is, well while I’m “gardening” and he is trying to convince Nardole to let him build Nardole a new body. Which will undoubtedly require us going off planet for supplies, which inevitably will lead to adventures.

One thing my husband said on our first…meal here. I was going to say evening, that is such a strange concept on this planet. As we watched the towers sing, he basically confirmed that the end of our story is coming, and after this long night is over, there will be a good chance that when I call him he doesn’t come or even worse he doesn’t know who I am… and given what is in the sonic screwdriver I believe it will kill me.

Not that I would ever ask him to confirm that. If I’ve learned nothing from having multiple memories of Lake Silencio, it is that time can be rewritten, even when they are fixed points, so long as the witnesses think what is expected to happen happens and is believable, the reality of the situation can be different, especially after they look away. Bit of distraction, a little sleight of hand here, maybe a Duplicate, after all the sale of the Diamond did go through. Also handcuffs to prevent unruly timelords from interfering.

Surprisingly that last one is from my second wife, her little offering as I work through a solution, after she’d already accidentally let a spoiler slip about The Library as the final location. To be fair she initially thought I was the data ghost as she hadn’t expected to see me standing in the TARDIS again.

When I told my husband he didn’t notice when I borrowed the TARDIS that had been true, their future selves are a bit better at noticing, however they’re never quite sure if I’m really there or not, at first.

So right now, i’m running a search to access plans for the construction of the Library that have not been labeled confidential by the Lux Corporation.

Oh I must go, it seems my sweetie was successful in his negotiation with Nardole. I’m sure we’ll be off looking for parts soon.