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What do you say, Old Girl, tea and biscuits in the rainforest?

The TARDIS shifts corridors and a green door appears around the next corner, Doctor paused standing in front of the door.

Get a shift on Yaz, the tea is getting cold.

YAZ and THE DOCTOR are sat upon a blanket near a river bank, relaxing with a tea service and various snacks spread out between them, some more nutritious than others. The Doctor sits cross legged guarding a large pile of custard creams.

*laughing* Don’t worry they’re all yours.

(Abruptly changes demeanor)
So the Plus in their Child was like artron energy from the vortex woven into her DNA, a triple helix like my people, two hearts, and a keen sense of time.
They did succeed in making her my very own bespoke psychopath.
An assassin programmed to kill me when we first met, she also saved my life that same day. So as first dates in 1938 Berlin go it was mixed messages.


No worries, I married her when she was older and broke time trying to stop a fixed point…but it had to happen, but it didn’t have to happen the way the universe thought so, cheers, I’m not dead. Bit confusing I know, it’s like time woven into this...Wait...No...Hang on, woven...I need the files from Demons Run... Later though.
Now back to rules:
Never use weapons, unless it can be rebuilt.
I haven’t given it a number yet, but I’m sure it’s in the top 10.
Never be Cruel, Never be Cowardly.
Never eat pears.
Remember hate is alway foolish, Love is always wise.
Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind.
Laugh hard, run fast, be kind.
What I told myself, before I met you all. When I still was a

You aren’t joking about being a Scotsman or being thousands of years old?

Nope, I did say I was trying not to use Rule 1.
Actually if you count the time I was stuck in a place, punching a hole in 20 feet of wall, harder than pure diamond. I’d be over 4 1/2 billion years old, but we don’t count that.

That’s horrible! Why? Who did that to you?

The Lord President Rassilon and the rest of the High Council of Gallifrey. They wanted something, could have been freed, if I’d given it.
Don’t worry, not everyone was like that, the kind people, the regular people, those who saw my actions during the Time War, the Citadels Guards that refused to execute me, they stood by me as I kicked Rassilon and the rest of the High Council off my planet. My title as Lord President, restored once again.

Your President....that's....Better than a clerk.

Not really, no travel benefits.
I tricked them though, because what they did cost Clara her life.
I made them bring Clara back, pulled her from timestream, heartbeat frozen in the moment before death, then I stole a TARDIS and ran away, again….In fact I have no idea if Rassilon returned after I was gone. He probably did, it would be just like him to return. Like a bad penny him.

Long Pause, the Doctor goes silent, thinking about things the Masters said, things Missy said, and the High Council concern about the Hybrid. Memory of Missy saying everyone is a Hybrid and a friend inside the enemy, the enemy inside the friend..

Doctor, Who are people you’ve mentioned: Amy, Rory, and Clara. Past us? Past “fam”? And where are they now?

Friends, In-laws even.
The Ponds, Amy and Rory Williams they lived a long life, in the past.
I couldn’t get back to 1938 New York, I barely got there the first time.
In fact I can’t take you to New York anytime during their lifetime there.
The TARDIS just won’t go there or at least she’s refused to so far.
Their daughter, River, with her vortex manipulator found a way, she would send me updates and take messages back-and-forth.

River, your wife, the 52nd Century University Professor, is the same person that tried to assassinate you in 1938 Germany and was the daughter of friends you traveled with?

Yup, 10 points to Yaz.
I did meet River first though.
When I was younger, still wore sandshoes and had great hair. Not ginger though.
She was at least in her 200’s, not that I knew that at the time.
Not exactly sure how old she was, during our time on Darillium, she once claimed older eyes, tried to clarify and I was informed you never ask a lady her age. As time travelers especially as ones that didn’t always travel together we’d tended to be vague about ages anyway, even though we celebrated birthdays.

Now, about Clara, I don’t know what happened to her.
I took her to a place, I thought her heart would restart, it didn’t.
Clara the impossible girl that met me over and over throughout time and space.
I mean it’s possible we could still meet her somewhere along my timeline, maybe. Not sure really. I lost my memories of her.
Before I died...before I regenerated into this face, I was given a gift that returned my memories of her. I don’t know if that means she returned to the moment of her death or if she is still somewhere out in the universe traveling in a stolen tardis with Lady ME, Ashildr, could be both..

She can pilot a TARDIS, is she also a Timelord?

No, a human, she became...too like me.
She was following Rule 1: “Use your enemies’ power against them.”
She came up with a plan, she didn’t tell me the plan before going forward with it.
I once told her she made a mighty fine Doctor, exceptional Doctor even, but goodness had nothing to do with it. Local knowledge...Rigsy was her companion then, so naturally when he was in trouble again she wanted to protect him....she was told “You can pass the Mark on, but you can’t cheat death.” And she was trying to be clever, because that’s what I did, that’s what I taught her to do. But she was lacking key knowledge of the Shades true nature and the contract of the mark.

Because you didn’t tell her?

I realized too late, my interactions with Mayor Me/Ashildr, even my very act of saving Ashildr’s life all those centuries ago could have brought her to Gallifrey’s attention, especially an anomaly that early in Earth's history.
All the prophecies about the Hybrid, Timelords can be a devious lot, none more so than those of the Prydonian Chapter especially Rassilon. Somehow they knew ME was a hybrid, but they’d eliminated her as the threat. However if I’d created one Hybrid how many others might I have made, they wanted to know who the hybrid threat to Gallifrey was and thought I knew. So they laid a trap, On a trap street and Clara died, and I was very angry.

Didn’t you say, your family was Prydonian.
Calling them devious, doesn’t sound like you are a fan?

On the contrary, Prydonians were noted for their cunning and deviousness and honesty about it. It is those that forsworn their vows as a Prydonian, that are especially dangerous. Like The Master.
A Chancellor once lamented that the Prydonians were comprised of "renegades, fugitives, lunatics and ingrates". I suppose that is true to a certain extent, there was a group of us ‘The Deca’ most of us left for various reasons, just as well, we would have made terrible politicians.

It’s never good for me to be angry. I can go too far.
There are some, that call me the Oncoming Storm, the Destroyer of Worlds, the Imp of the Pandorica, the Beast of Trenzalore, the Butcher of Skull Moon, and in the Language of the Gamma Forest the Doctor means Mighty Warrior.
I once destroyed the Twelfth Cyber Legion.

You're not really all those things, you do good, you help people, you save people, you save whole planets. As for the Cybermen, Well good, they nearly wipe out the Human Race.

No, not good, Not justified, they hadn’t done that, yet…
That cyber fleet monitored their local galactic quadrant.
They knew the exact location where Amy was being held.
I wanted to send a message, just to make a point, to the people that took Amy, to let them know I was coming for them.

I suppose It's understandable, she is your mother in-law.

Except I didn’t know that, not then.
She was my best friend, and they stole her from & Rory.
They had her for months.
They were using Flesh, sending a signal into the TARDIS, everywhen we were, all that time, her mind was with us, but her actual body was with Madame Kovarian all the while she was pregnant with their daughter, Melody.

I thought their daughter was River?

The DOCTOR jumps up and rushes over to the bank of the river. Gestures for YAZ to follow, she does. As they kneel by the water.

“The only water in the forest is the River”.
The TARDIS told Rory, when she had a body. Didn’t get the reference at the time....
In the Language of the Gamma Forests Melody Pond is River Song.

Is that what this place is, a copy of the Gamma Forests?
And their name for you is Mighty Warrior?

Yes, it was a warning from my wife.
What I might become if I continued down that path, The Oncoming Storm, able to turn armies around at the very mention of my name. Able call upon an army of my own friends...

That’s...hard to imagine, you leading an ar...

I was running around being clever,
orchestrating things from behind the scenes until the big reveal.
Demon’s run, but count the cost.
The Battle’s Won, but the Child is lost.

THE DOCTOR, stands and returns to a smaller pile of custard creams at the picnic blanket. YAZ sighs and walks back with the Doctor.

What is that?
You mentioned Demons Run earlier, I thought it was a place.

It's both, that is part of a poem, as old as time, about what happened at Demons that place got its name, like I said a warning from my wife, the very child that was lost.

Will you tell me the full poem?

THE DOCTOR stalls, pouring more tea, sorting out snacks.

I sent Rory to call on River, to join the fight. She said it was her birthday and she couldn’t show until the end ....I was so slow then…I didn’t get it.
She couldn’t be there as an adult, because she was already there as the child.
“Demon’s run when a good man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the sun,
When a good man goes to war.
Friendship dies and true love lies,
Night will fall and the dark will rise,
When a good man goes to war.
Demon’s run, but count the cost.
The battle's won, but the child is lost.”

What happened? Were you able to find the child?
River...Melody, did you reunite her with Amy and Rory?

No, little Melody Pond was not returned to her mother,
but Mels Zucker did grow up with her mother and father, as best friends.
Amy named her daughter after her...her daughter.
The Ponds worked it out once, how long they traveled with me, 10 years, and during that time I traveled on my own for at least 200 years of it. Well, not all on my own, I ran into River a lot then.

It’s never been good for me to travel alone too long. The TARDIS knows that, I think that’s why I couldn’t get you all home right away.
My wife, after Darillium, had Nardole stay with me. A night on Darillium is 24 earth standard years, and oh did we stretch out those years, but always back from an adventure just minutes after we left.

*teasingly* Are you sure it was minutes later, on the same day?

Oi! Very funny, besides it was River that got us home on time.
The TARDIS taught River how to pilot her.

TARDIS makes a pleased sound.

Oh, could the TARDIS teach us how to as well?

The TARDIS can be heard making an almost sad noise.

Not in the same way, River as a child of the TARDIS, has natural telepathic abilities, and they have a special bond. a TARDIS can do that with her pilots.
You’d have to use the telepathic interface, and concentrate on exactly where and when you want to be, if you stay focused and not waver, then she should take you where you need to be.

Pilots, plural?

Yaz, There are 6 sides to the console for a reason, it is meant to be flown easily with 6 pilots, 2 minimum, 1 if all maneuvers are pre-planned and plotted, before leaving.

*grins* Oh, really, you do a lot of pre planning, then?

The Doctor glares, not fond of this kind of teasing, purses her lips and changes the subject.

Yaz, I’m concerned about what you all said when you first came on.

(Still amused)
I’m surprised you heard us, the way you were interrupting.

You need to remember this in an emergency you can ask the TARDIS for the voice interface to activate, and use the telepathic circuits.

Would that work with any TARDIS, or just yours?

Oh, best with this Old Girl, right?

THE DOCTOR pats the “ground” and TARDIS hums agreeably.

I doubt you could just take one from Gallifrey without a Timelord to disable the security protocols, but if that was done, it could, maybe work.

How would I know, if the protocols were disabled?

THE DOCTOR picks up the remaining picnic items, grabs the blanket and throws it over a shoulder.

Come on Yaz, off to one of the old desktops, I’ll show you.

A Cloister bell tolls THE DOCTOR and YAZ running toward the console room. They run past GRAHAM and RYAN who are awake now...

What is it?

The TARDIS helpfully plays a Dalek warning “You are the Doctor, you are an enemy of the Daleks” throughout the TARDIS.