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curtwen at the beach

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[A beach, somewhere]

Owen breathed in the fresh, salty air. The ocean stretched far as the eye could see, blurring the line between water and sky. Water sparkled in the distance, it’s blinding beauty mesmerizing.The waves at the crashed rather loudly, drawing Owen’s attention to the shore where Curt appeared to be collecting shells and looking very adorable. His eyes lingered on Curt for a moment longer then returned to looking at the ocean.

The life of a spy very rarely allowed for down time, so it was a near miracle that both Curt and Owen had time off together. They also got lucky with the gorgeous weather and the time of day, the beach was deserted.

really, luck had nothing to do with it. the deserted beach was hardly necessary, but one could never be too safe when it came to the circumstances of curt and owen’s relationship, in more ways then one-

Owen could vaguely hear Curt shout something, but he couldn’t quite make it out over the crash of the waves.

“What did you say, love?”

“I said, come and join me over here!”

Owen sighed, then stood up and walked over to where Curt was attempting to hold handfuls of shells.

“Look, I found a cool one.”

Curt held up a large, ridged, perfectly white shell. Curt was temporarily distracted by a creme conch shell that had washed up with the tide. He grabbed it and tried to pass it to Owen.

“Hold this please?”

Owen hesitantly took it, pinching it with two fingers.

“It won’t bite you!”

“I know, but you can never be too careful-“

“About a shell,” Curt chuckled. “Really, O?”

There was a beat as Curt dropped his many shells onto the sand. He stood, assuming the air of a courteous gentleman.

“Would the kind British sir care to wade with me?”

Curt extended his hand, a smile creeping onto his face.

“I-i well- I-” Owen stumbled over his words, growing increasingly flustered as a pink tint appeared on his cheeks.

“Oh- well, I suppose why not!”

Owen took Curt’s hand, and Curt half-dragged him to the water’s edge, where waves of water lapped at the sand.

“Run in with me on three?”

Owen nodded, not quite managing to hide the fear on his face.

Curt’s barely contained smile grew larger.

”What, are you scared?”

“I- of course not!” came Owen’s indignant response.

“Really? What, you afraid that the ocean will swallow you whole?”

Curt’s lighthearted mocking appeared to help. Owen rolled his eyes, looking significantly less scared.

“Ok. Three, two, one!”

Curt rushed into cold water, yanking Owen along with him. Owen couldn’t help but to let out a small yelp of surprise from the stinging cold water. A new wave broke, sending a rush of water towards the two.


Curt attempted to repress a sigh and pulled Owen deeper into the water.

“The water’s not that bad. You’re capable of singlehandedly dismantling a bomb but can’t stand in cold water?”

Owen looked mildly alarmed.

“Shhh, what if someone heard us?”

Curt looked dubious.

“This beach is empty. And besides, if someone heard, they wouldn’t believe us anyway. Really O, you need to lighten up! This a beach, not enemy territory- What?”

Curt, while talking, hadn’t noticed the wave that was heading straight towards him. Owen managed to get his head above the wave, but Curt wasn’t as lucky. He came up sputtering and looking miffed.

“Humph. What, don’t look at me like that!”

Owen had been stifling a laugh, but now it . Curt playfully shoved Owen down into the water. Now Owen came up, looking amused.

The two played in the waves for a bit longer. After a bit, they decided to build a sandcastle together. Or more accurately, Curt wanted to build a sandcastle and forced Owen to help him. Owen was attempting to sculpt something out of sand, but it wasn’t going well.

“What’s that supposed to be? A window?”

“No, it’s supposed to be stairs.”

“Really? Cause it looks a lot like a wind-“

“It looks like stairs! I took artistic license, cut me some slack.”

Curt dropped in, and continued to work on the moat.

“Could you grab a bucket of water?”

Owen shook his head.

Curt tried to utilize the infamous puppy dog eyes, but no avail.

“I’m busy with these stairs. If you want water, you can go get it yourself.”

Curt gave an exasperated sigh, and stood. He took a bucket and filled it with water, carrying it back to where they were building the castle. He snuck up behind Owen and unceremoniously dumped the bucket of water on his head.

“Bloody hell! What was that for?”

“I felt like it.”

“Well, I feel like drowning you in the ocean, but am I going to do it?”

“Maybe. I never know with you.”

Owen decided to disregard this statement.

“The point is, just because you have an impulse doesn’t mean you have to go through with it.” Owen was once again drenched with cold water.

“You were saying?”

Curt had never looked so innocent.