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Zi Yu gives Shi Xing what he needs

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Heavy footsteps reverberated through the stoney floor, waking the leanly muscled man sitting in the cell. As he came to, he ignored how the cold barren floor bit into his legs, how the icy air stole his breath, Zi Yu would not give in to weakness. Chains rattled as he shook the numbness from his arms caused by the long held position. He knew who was coming, his captor came almost daily, and with the same threat each time.

The door swung open, revealing a massive man - no, not a man, a god. Seven foot tall, with deeply tanned skin, pulled taught over rippling muscles. The god stood bare chested, even in the frigid air. White hair rustled as a booming laugh came from his throat.

“Great Swordsman Zi Yu! You should be ready today. My patience is wearing thin, and tonight is the Blood Moon Sacrifice!”

“It’s not the day.” the swordsman answered stonely, eyes downcast. Every full moon, the prisoners, save for Zi Yu, would all be rounded up to fight for their lives against their undying captors. Anyone who lived through the night would be let free, not that it had ever happened. It was a massacre disguised as a chance for freedom.

The fierce man squatted down, gripping Zi Yu’s jaw tightly, forcing him to meet his eyes. Inhuman, cruel eyes with black sclera and bright blue irises which belied his godhood. Eyes that Zi Yu couldn’t bring himself to hate. A malicious smile cut across the god’s face. “My friend, one of these days I’m going to rip you apart whether you’re ready or not. It would be better for both of us if you were ready. Don’t forget, you promised me death.”

Zi Yu was gathering his strength back slowly, but he still hadn’t fully healed his qi yet. He knew he wouldn’t be able to win against the cursed monster, and would only waste his own life, as well as the other prisoners. No, today wasn’t the day.

The monster’s calloused hand lingered on his face, waiting for an answer, but Zi Yu only stared unflinchingly. An almost imperceptible glint passed through Shi Xing’s eyes before he let out another deep laugh and stood to walk away. It was a glint Zi Yu had noticed before, as he was visited more and more often in his years as a prisoner. One that tempted to burn his cheeks, if the swordsman didn’t keep control. And he would.

“Shi Xing.” He called out, stopping the god in his tracks. Zi Yu had never initiated a conversation before. Shi Xing turned around, the wide smile returned to his face as he waited for Zi Yu to continue. “Why do you have to do this?”

“Blood. Pain. Violence. Watching my strongest foes crushed beneath my fists. Everyone has something they live for, and this is mine.” He suddenly let out a deafening roar. “I feel the moon, it is almost time.”

Wails from the other prisoners started up as they were dragged from their cells, knowing it would only be to a painful death. With any luck, they would be killed by Shi Xing, otherwise they would be eaten alive by the undead soldiers that followed him. But, if Shi Xing wasn’t there… they might have a chance to make it. The soldiers weren’t incredibly fast or strong, just immortal.

“I have a proposition.”

Shi Xing’s face twisted with interest. “Ooh? My friend, do tell.”

Zi Yu lifted his head, his untrimmed white hair falling around his face. “Don’t fight tonight. You must be tiring of your usual game. I have a new game which will satiate your needs in a different way. Just me and you.” He met Shi Xing’s eyes squarely as he spoke more than he had in years.

“Tire of my game? It’s what I look forward to most each month, and you want me to cancel it? My soldiers will go hungry, my friend, I expected more from you.”

“Your zombies can still fight. But aren’t you always visiting me because you want something more? I may not be ready to fight, but I can still fill your bloodlust.”

Shi Xing paused, his torn desires clear on his face. “Trying to save the other prisoners? How noble. One or two may be able to survive without me there, if luck is on their side. But if you’re lying to me, I won’t be letting them go.” The god walked towards Zi Yu as he continued, his words chilling the air even further. “No no, I will tear each of them apart slowly, peel off their skin, break their bones, drive them mad with pain as you watch, letting them curse you until the moment they die.” Shi Xing squatted again in front of the swordsman, letting his threat sink it. “Do you still want to play?”

Zi Yu repressed a shiver at the madness in Shi Xing’s eyes, and nodded agreement.

“Ho? That’s mighty confident of you. Alright, what’s your game?”

“Take these chains off.”

“Ordering me around? Me?” Shi Xing’s laugh shook Zi Yu’s body, stirring a feeling in his stomach that he pushed away.

“I can’t do anything with them on.”

“You know, you’re the only human to talk to me this way. To look at me this way. No fear. No hatred. Almost…” Shi Xing didn’t finish his sentence as he released the cuffs.

“You are an enemy, and I will defeat you. Nothing more is needed.” Zi Yu stood, rolling his shoulders and stretching his neck from the long held position. Shi Xing looked at him with an expectant raised eyebrow.

“A room. With a bed.”

“Zi Yu, you better not be doing this just for a bed to sleep in. I won’t let you off.” Shi Xing’s laugh bounced off the walls in the cell. He met Zi Yu’s unflinching eyes. “No, I guess you wouldn’t. Follow.”

Shi Xing’s broad back led the way with confident strides, not even checking if Zi Yu was following. Of course, he had nothing to gain by trying to escape. The halls they walked were decrepit and barren, remnants of engravings and gild barely hanging on. The walls themselves were crumbing in some places - not much better than the prison. Eventually they made their way to a broad, solid looking door, whose hinges objected loudly when Shi Xing forced it open. The large room inside was much like the outside. An enormous bed, which must have once been a lavish piece, now only had tattered fabric and splintered bed posts. All of the other furniture in the room was smashed to pieces, but the larger chunks still showed signs of beautiful woodwork. Evidence of Shi Xing’s life before his curse, and his rage after.

Muted screams from outside pierced through the air, luring Shi Xing to the window. “The sacrifice has begun, come see.” Shi Xing’s massive form quivered from the pent up excitement. He turned to Zi Yu, who hadn’t moved from the entrance. “Well, my friend? Delay this any longer and I will just go join in the hunt. Watching isn’t as fun as playing.”

Zi Yu tried to shake off his hesitance, battles and pain he knew - but this was a new area for him. He walked up stiffly to Shi Xing, grabbing his arm. Shi Xing’s face broke into a surprised laugh. “I never thought I’d be grabbed so gently by you, you who fought against me so strongly before. I miss our fight, Zi Yu.”

Zi Yu ignored his taunts and pulled him over to the bed, the murderous god following surprisingly obediently. Once by it, he hesitated again, unsure exactly how to start now that they were here. It was way too late to back down now though, Shi Xing would be furious. He might be furious anyways.

His hands met hot skin as he tried to push the solid body onto the bed, but it was like pushing a stone wall. Zi Yu looked up the foot difference between them to stare at the god blankly. Shi Xing was going to have to go along willingly. He tried pushing him again, with no better progress.

“Zi Yu, it’s just occurred to me that you’re trying to seduce me. Is that what this is?” The larger man growled dangerously as Zi Yu felt his cheeks warm in embarrassment. Zi Yu felt a calloused hand at his throat and instantly he was eye level with Shi Xing. “You don’t think countless others have tried save themselves through sex? Women and men alike?” The hand around his neck tightened as the room spun. Suddenly he was pinned to the mattress, staring up at the god’s angry face. “That if I wanted, I would just take? I thought you had something interesting in mind, not this banal shit.” Shi Xing gripped tighter, threatening to crush the swordsman’s windpipe in his large grip. Zi Yu fought against his warrior’s instinct, forcing himself to lay submissive - turning this into a fight would be counterproductive.

“Dif-ferent!” Zi Yu managed to gasp out and was soon able to suck in a large gulp of air when Shi Xing loosened his grip.

“Better explain fast then, I’m all out of patience.”

“I’ll show you.” There was no way he could explain it to Shi Xing’s liking, not without setting off his short temper. “You just have to lay down.” Shi Xing’s face twisted in rage.

“I want to fight!” Shi Xing roared in Zi Yu’s face. “I want a bloodbath!” He reached with both hands into the air, preparing to strike the bed with his full force. As he swung down, Zi Yu nimbly used the momentum to flip him over his head and onto the padded surface, Zi Yu now straddling him.

“I will give you what you want.” He said calmly in the face of pure fury. “Pain. Torment. Release. Blood. I can give you all of these. It will be better than fighting the weaklings outside.”

Shi Xing’s fury lessened, and didn’t move to crush Zi Yu, which was the best the swordsman could hope for. Zi Yu lifted a hand, summoning 4 faded qi swords above the bed, the most he could accomplish at the moment with some of his meridians not yet repaired.

“Restraints.” he explained simply.

Shi Xing nodded acceptance with a malevolent smile, “It wouldn’t be good for either of us if I tore you apart by accident. It took me too long to heal you back to this state.” He sprawled his arms and legs out, still managing to appear threatening with such a submissive move. Zi Yu lowered the large swords into each appendage slowly, letting Shi Xing feel each sword as it pierced through his body, eliciting a yell that was half pain, half excitement. The restraints would hurt like hell with every movement, but not sever the god’s body.

A booming laugh vibrated through Zi Yu’s core from the body between his thighs. He shivered at how surrounded it made him feel. Like the god was touching every part of him.

“Zi Yu, if this is just setting up, I can’t wait to see what you have planned! More! Give me more!”

Zi Yu put two hands on his chest to settle him down - if Shi Xing forgot and struggled too hard, he would crush the sword restraints like twigs. “If you don’t stop, I’ll have to add more.” He threatened evenly, unsure if he could actually follow through.

Shi Xing looked for a moment like he would struggle just for that, but then stopped. “I won’t push you too far.” Another thunderous laugh shook Zi Yu. “But only if you don’t disappoint!”

Pain and death didn’t scare Zi Yu, not when he was facing off against gods, not when he fought Shi Xing, not even when Tian obliterated him with a swipe of his hand. But the idea of disappointing Shi Xing now caused a knot in his stomach that he couldn’t unravel.

He summoned a smaller but more opaque qi sword, more like a dagger, and let it glint in the light of the full moon. He ghosted the edge over the giant’s body, bringing shivers wherever it touched. He followed the trail of bone white markings that were etched into the bronzed skin, down from his forehead to his hard chest, down his chiseled abs, muscles twitching enticingly under his skin, down, down further until he got to the red shorts that covered the rest.

Zi Yu locked eyes with Shi Xing’s wide-eyed gaze as he slowly sliced through the fabric, letting the brute savor the sound. And then the fabric lay open, Shi Xing’s thick cock bare to the world. Zi Yu spat into his free hand and grabbed the sizable semi hard member, pumping it slowly as he slid the dagger over Shi Xing’s hips, pressing harder this time, slicing just enough to draw a few beads of blood. Shi Xing’s reaction was immediate, his cock growing to a massive size to match his massive body. Zi Yu tried not to think about the twitching in his own pants as he gave the fat rod a few more strokes before letting go.

He crawled back up the, Zi Yu’s long white hair falling around them both, mixing with Shi Xing’s. He lowered the dagger slowly to Shi Xing’s face, sliding it gently across his check and then down to his neck.

“I could cut deep into your throat,” he whispered into Shi Xing’s ear, and put some pressure into the golden dagger. “Through your skin and muscle, your windpipe, all the way to your spine.” Droplets of ruby red appeared around the edge of the dagger. “I could cut off your head, just like this. And you wouldn’t die.” He leaned back and drew the weapon up as if to follow through with his threats. Shi Xing jerked instinctively at his restraints, breathing hard now, nostrils flaring.

The god’s entranced eyes followed the dagger’s path as it cut a clean line across, not the tan muscular neck, but Zi Yu’s own pale collar bone. Blood dripped from the shallow gash down onto Shi Xing’s skin, leaving deep red splatters. Shi Xing let out a roar immediately, muscles tensing over his whole body as he fought against his instincts to break free. Zi Yu smeared the blood droplets on Shi Xing’s chest with the tip of the knife, pressing just hard enough to tease the skin with pain.

He leaned directly over Shi Xing’s face, bringing the blood red dagger into view. “Do you want to taste?”

Shi Xing nodded. “Let me,” he ordered.

Zi Yu brought the knife close to his own face and then licked it slowly, watching Shi Xing’s eyes follow his reddened tongue with hunger. When he finished, he brought his mouth close to the full lips in front of him. “Do you want to taste?” he asked again.

Shi Xing didn’t bother answering, and brought his own head up to press their lips together. The large god’s tongue pressed into Zi Yu’s aggressively, attacking, tasting, taking everything he wanted.

Zi Yu broke their kiss, matching heavy breaths intermixing and flushed cheeks almost touching. He kept their faces close as they regained their breath, finding it hard to pull away now that his lips felt so empty. Control. That wasn’t what Shi Xing needed.

He forced himself to sit up, moving the knife to Shi Xing’s chest this time. He carved a small ‘X’ where his heart would be, making each slice slow and deep enough for blood to slide down the muscled chest. Shi Xing tensed under him at the pain, shivering with each drop that moved across his skin.

“I could take your heart.” He whispered, almost to himself. He looked up at Shi Xing though, and knew he was heard. Slightly louder, he continued, “It would be mine, lay motionless in my hand, and still you wouldn’t die.” He then brought the knife to his own heart, copying the same cuts. Shi Xing growled deep in his throat as the blood dripped down, biceps flexing as he pushed at the swords holding them down.

Zi Yu waited until he stopped moving to continue. He dipped his hand into the blood on Shi Xing’s chest, pressing at the wound as he did so, forcing more of the red liquid to pour out, producing a hiss from the god’s teeth.

Zi Yu then backed up until he was straddling Shi Xing’s thickly muscular thighs, his large cock standing stiff and leaking profusely. He brought the blood covered hand to it, mixing the red with the precome on the head, before moving down to stroke the length slowly.

Shi Xing threw back his head with a howl at the pleasure, his legs twitching under Zi Yu.

"Shi Xing." Zi Yu called his name stolidly. Shi Xing lifted his head to meet Zi Yu's eyes, the blue of his irises almost drowned out by the black. "Do you want me?" He asked it just as calmly, but his insides twisted, worried for rejection even if it would be easier on him.

But Shi Xing didn't disappoint as he quickly nodded with a hissed, "Yes!".

Zi Yu then brought the dagger to his own waist, cutting the sides of his pants from top to bottom as Shi Xing watched in anticipation. He pulled off the ruined pants, revealing his own throbbing member. He could have stopped to wonder why he was so hard already, untouched, and with such a dangerous partner. Or maybe why he thought of this game in the first place. But no solid thoughts formed in Zi Yu’s head, other than what Shi Xing wanted, needed, from him.

Using the hand still covered in Shi Xing's blood, he pressed their cocks together and started pumping slowly. Shi Xing howled, thrashing his head as he pulled viciously at the restraints, but still not breaking them.

Zi Yu laid the dagger on Shi Xing's stomach and then reached toward his own chest wound, pressing deeply and allowing a groan of pain to escape for Shi Xing’s pleasure. He coated his fingers in the blood, feeling Shi Xing’s eyes on him as he moved them to his backside, hesitating only slightly before forcing them inside of his hole. He wasn’t worried about mitigating the pain he would feel with Shi Xing inside of him. It could hurt no worse than battle, but he did need to make sure his body would accept the large foreign object.

After a few moments of stretching that seemed to go on forever, Zi Yu took his fingers out and once again grabbed the dagger. He lined himself over Shi Xing’s throbbing meat and forced himself to stare into the god’s black eyes as he slowly lowered himself down. The pain was intense, but not unbearable, as he was stretched around the dark god. He allowed heavy breaths and small gasps of pain fall from his lips, watching how Shi Xing drank them in, seemingly unbreathing in rapture.

Once he felt the entire length inside of him, Zi Yu surprised himself with a small hum of pleasure, feeling so… full… of Shi Xing, feeling him throbbing deep, deep inside of him, feeling the god’s hot desire for more. A deep growl came from Shi Xing, reverberating through to Zi Yu, causing the man to shiver with pleasure. He tried to focus on his purpose as he brought the dagger to Shi Xing’s stomach, at the top of his abs, pressing down harshly.

"I could slice you straight down your middle." He started inching the dagger down his abdomen, leaving a bloody line as Shi Xing quivered under him with excitement. "Your guts would spill out, your organs, your intestines, you would be empty. And still you wouldn't die." He finished his line and then brought the dagger to himself, cutting in at the same location. Blood trickled down his stomach as the pain caused him to groan and tighten around the heavy rod inside of him.

Only halfway done with his own bloody line, his hand stalled as Shi Xing suddenly shook the walls with a roar. Flexing, the qi swords shattered into golden pieces around the room. Zi Yu felt a sliver of worry, and what was possibly excitement, pass through him as Shi Xing tore the dagger from his hands. But to Zi Yu’s surprise, he tossed it to the side, grabbing, instead, onto Zi Yu’s body. Shi Xing got to his knees, holding Zi Yu in place easily, and moved to push Zi Yu against headboard.

“I like your game, Great Swordsman.” He growled before capturing Zi Yu in a forceful kiss. His tongue invaded the open mouth, needy movements threatening to consume everything.

Zi Yu felt his hand captured in a tight grasp as it was moved up to Shi Xing’s chest, where the ‘X’ lay over his heart. Shi Xing forced the man’s fingers to dig into the god’s open wound, growling into the kiss as he did so. Zi Yu took the hint and played with the wound as Shi Xing let go, forcing more and more blood to flow down the god’s chest and drip onto his own body.

Shi Xing then began to move inside of Zi Yu. He started with short thrusts, tight against the swordsman’s body and then lengthened each one until he was almost fully pulling out before pushing back in. Zi Yu dug his fingers into Shi Xing’s chest as he felt pleasure grow inside of him, Shi Xing now hitting a spot that made him see stars every time he rubbed across it. He heard light moans escaping from his own mouth, mixing with the god's deep grunts.

The arms around him tightened, almost crushing, as Shi Xing sped up. Zi Yu’s moans became louder as he clung to the tanned muscles, trying to anchor himself as he felt like he was losing his mind. His balls tightened as Shi Xing’s thrusts slowed to deeper, forceful, needy strokes, and then cried out as the god lowered his head to bite onto Zi Yu’s shoulder, breaking the skin. The pain and pleasure had him shooting off onto them both, and felt a heat seep inside of him from the god’s own climax.

Covered now in both blood and semen, Shi Xing let them separate and collapse onto the bed. Heavy breaths filled the silence as they both lay in exhaustion. A small laugh rumbled from Shi Xing, but he didn’t speak. Eventually he turned and pulled Zi Yu close to himself, fitting them together, even though it likely burned against his own wounds. Zi Yu was too tired to ask, too tired to think about what was happening outside. He just let the deep breaths from Shi Xing lull him to sleep, as he wondered why he was never able to dislike the cruel god.

Zi Yu woke as a tiny shard of light came in through the window. He moved to rise, but Shi Xing’s heavy arm tightened around him.

“I’ll keep my promise.” The voice rumbled around him. “If there’s any alive, they’re free.”