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Autistic Danganronpa Oneshots

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Chiaki was walking through the mall with her parents, and it was really loud. Whenever one noise went off, she would plug her ears. But she found a way to calm herself down.

She saw neon lights flashing at one of the stores, and she really enjoyed it. It relaxed her from all the hell breaking loose at that mall. There were some more flashing pattern signs she passed by as well when they were leaving.

"Sorry I was acting like that at the mall.", Chiaki told her parents.

"Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with it. You can't help being noise-sensitive.", her mom told her.

When they got home, she went right up to her room to go play video games, like what she always does. What game should she play?

She got Gala Omega out and started playing it. She liked it because of the neon lights flashing in that game. They always flashed whenever she cleared a stage and went on to the next one. It calmed her down a lot. She even went to the bonus menu on the game and turned on the lights for display and sat just looking at them in silence. She fell asleep quickly as well since it was already 10 PM.