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Except for Kyle

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The bell at South Park Elementary echoed throughout the school. Eric was just about to go to class when all of a sudden he bumped into Kyle.
"Kyle, what the fuck are you doing?" Eric demanded.
"I'm just gonna go to class, Eric." Kyle muttered while picking up his dropped papers.
"Well, I've got an anal probe lodged firmly in my asshole. I need a little fucking help to get it outta there. No way I'll ever let some probably pedo doctor embarrass me about it, so do it asshole." Eric snapped angrily.
Kyle's face looked stone cold and unsurprised. Kyle was apprehensive and unsure how to feel about this, but he half-heartedly nodded his head after a pause.
"Fine! Eric, geez man. I thought you could handle this yourself, but I guess it's like really deep." Kyle scratched his face.
"Let's go to the school restrooms then." Eric said hurridly. Eric took Kyle's hand and led him to the restrooms. He opened the stall door and shut it as Kyle spoke up.
"Let's see it then, Eric. I'm tired of putting up with your shit sometimes." Kyle sighed. Was Eric ever going to change his selfishness? Probably not.
Eric leaned against the wall as he pulled down his navy blue jean pants and Kyle cautiously reached in to pull it out of Eric's ass crack. Kyle really reached down and deep to get it out. But it seemed to be lodged in. Eric moaned as Kyle moved his fingers around. Suddenly, Kyle found the grasp on the probe as he slowly pulled it out.
"Yeah, thanks Kyle. I'd never let anyone touch me there except for you." Kyle nodded silently as he held the anal probe that came out.

Eric kissed Kyle and grabbed his as Kyle stood in shock. Eric forced Kyle down to his erect dick and took off Kyle's green ushanka as his red afro hair popped out.