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Ju Jihoon entered his club, motioning his bodyguard to wait a little further away where he would have a good view over the room.
This evening, Jihoon’s financial advisor had told him sales of this club were surprisingly rocketing and he wanted to see the cause for it especially because the club had not have written any black numbers the months before. It got worse enough that Jihoon had thought of closing it or changing it to a Karaoke bar or what else people were interested in nowadays.

Curious and hoping he could use it for his other clubs he was here to found out what caused the increase in turnover.
Not that his other clubs were struggling but the club owner would have never achieved the status he had now if he would settle for just ‚going fine‘. Jihoon always had strived for better, bigger, more. Settling for fine only caused people to be content and contentment led to laziness.

As soon as his employee’s noticed him they were starting to bow and quickly prepare his favorite drink, the manager himself was leading him to his typical booth, with a good view over the whole club and especially the stage.

„Good evening Sir, we are humbled that you decided to visit us tonight. In fact, we have a new act and it is about to…“

„A new act?“

Jihoon raised his eyebrow, he had not been informed about this yet.

The man, Jihoon tried to remember his name but with this one he always had his problems - he was just too unmemorable as a person in all - got nervous and started to sweat. He used his sleeve to wipe his face and continued.

„Yes. We ah, we were testing if it works and…ah… we, the people like him, Sir.“


The club was mostly for men looking that loved to watch women strip and move erotically. Jihoon was interested now, how could a man be the cause of the increased turnover?

„Yes, he... he is not a dancer he sings Sir.“


The guy nodded eagerly. He wanted to say some more but the lights in the room were dimmed and Jihoon just waved his hand for him to leave him alone. The host, a woman already working at this club longer than Jihoon owned it, and by far more capable than the official manager, stepped forward. A few men cheered and she smiled her thickly in make up covered face shining bright with the light falling on it.

„My dear gentlemen, some of you already heard his angelic voice, some might only have heard of him. I present to you our starting act: Aein.“

Sweetheart Jihoon laughed and took a sip. Not very original.

Despite a man being announced the audience cheered loudly. Jihoon looked up interested and the lights got darker until only a concentrated spot on the stage was left.

The first thing Jihoon saw was a hand reaching for the microphone and then in thighs covered in thin faux leather, looking way too delicious for belonging to a man, causing Jihoon’s mouth to go dry for a moment. His eyes traveled up further, the thin white shirt clearly showed a thin silhouette. A waist that caused Jihoon’s fingers to twitch with the want to hold it between them, to press them into skin.

And then the singer’s face, sharp cheekbones a beautifully curved jawline. His lips when he licked over them, right before he started singing. Jihoon had not felt this much desire for someone in a long time. When he noticed he was staring with his mouth open and closed it and took a big gulp of his drink.

The whole room seemed to hold its breath and wait for ‚Aein’s voice to break the tension.

When he did it was Jihoon was wondering if this was what a siren sounded like. His voice was sweet and light and full of emotion. The song was about heartbreak, not exactly what you would listen to in a club like this but everyone was stunned, hanging on Aein’s lips. Following every small movement he made.

When Aein was done the crowd cheered and Jihoon was at a loss of words for a moment, still staring at the stage after the man had already left it.

Breaking out of his daze, Jihoon winked the manager over.

„Yes, Sir?“

„I want to be alone with Aein in a private room.“

Immediately the fake smile fell off the other man’s face.

„Ehm, but sir, he is not a trained dancer, he just…,“ Jihoon interrupted him quickly. „I don’t care. Send him to me in ten minutes, you know which room I’m in.“

„Yes, of course, Sir.“ The manager bowed again deeper this time and hurried away to talk to a waitress.

Jihoon sighed and got up to walk to the private room he knew was reserved for special guests. A waitress hurried over, sent by the manager who saw that he got up but he waved her off before she got to him.

When the man from before finally stepped onto the little stage with the pole in the middle, the ten minutes were almost due and Jihoon almost had thought he would not come.
Delighted that Aein did Jihoon leaned back in the couch and took the sight before him in. Aein was gazing unsure at Jihoon and seemed much more nervous than during his performance.
Jihoon tilted his head and let his eyes shamelessly wander over his legs that looked really mouth-watering in that tight leather pants, over his upper body, and the now half-opened white shirt, to his face. When Jihoon met Aein’s eyes he quickly looked at the floor.

So he was shy then. Jihoon’s interest flamed up even more.

„What’s your real name?“

„Sungkyu, Kim Sungkyu, Sir.“

He hugged his arms around his body but realized it was not the proper thing to do considering where he was and dropped them to the floor again.

„You're a good singer.“

At that, he finally looked up.

„Thank you, Sir.“

„Drop the Sir, you can call me Jihoon. Now Sungkyu, how about you sing something for me to loosen up a little. You seem very tight.“

Jihoon leaned back on the red leather couch and got more comfortable.

„What do you want to hear?“

„Hmm, something that gets us in the right mood?“

Sungkyu was blushing maybe because of the way Jihoon had said that. The club owner’s initial reason for getting him into a private room was to find out more about the man, not to really get a lap dance. Of course, he would not tell him that. It was fun seeing him flustered.
Jihoon decided to tease him some more.
Sungkyu cleared his throat and changed his posture, suddenly way more confident than before he started to sing the first note.

Jihoon did not know that song but the lyrics were interesting. Sungkyu did not disappoint, not with his beautiful voice and the way he sang. Not with the way he moved his hands and looked at Jihoon, fully endorsed in the song he was singing. When he walked down the little stage and came closer, Jihoon threw his initial plan of simply getting to know him out of the window. He had not gotten a lap dance from a guy before but he was eager for it now.

Sungkyu sang the last word with his eyes closed, stopping right in front of Jihoon. When the song ended he opened his eyes and his nervousness was fully back. Awkwardly he stood in front of Jihoon and seemed to be lost at what he should do.
Jihoon decided to help him a little.
He reached out for him and pulled him into his lap causing Sungkyu to gasp surprised and grab Jihoon’s shoulders to steady himself. The open shirt revealed his collarbone and chest just perfectly and Jihoon could see various moles covering his body, especially three that formed a line around his collarbone that seemed to scream for his attention.

Jihoon leaned forward and kissed them and Sungkyu’s hands tightened he let out a surprised breath. Goosebumps formed on his skin when Jihoon brushed his lips along his neck and moved his hand up along his knee and thighs, pressing down a little to feel the strong muscle underneath the leather.

„Move your hips for me Sungkyu.“

Jihoon whispered against his ear and could not help himself but grin at the shudder his words caused.

„I… I have never.“

„Don’t worry. I can guide you.“

He moved his hands to Sungkyu’s firm butt and pulled him closer so that their groans touched and placed a kiss against Sungkyu’s chest. His leather pants were so thin he could imagine very well how it would feel without them. And was he imagining it or was their no layer underneath them?
Sungkyu whimpered when Jihoon squeezed his ass hard at the thought. His cock was reacting much faster with this guy than with any one of the professional dancers working at his clubs. Maybe because he was not playing.

Still, Sungkyu was not moving on his own yet only holding onto Jihoon and breathing quickly.

„Are you afraid of me, Sungkyu?“

Jihoon whispered against his ear and leaned back to see the reaction in his eyes. They widened for a moment, then Sungkyu shook his head.
„No. I’m not I just I never did something like this.“

„Are you afraid you will lose your job?“

Sungkyu only bit his lip at this and looked down again. With a hand under his chin, Jihoon forced him to look up again.

„You don’t have to be. Your singing is what saved this club. I actually want you to work at some others too if possible and I’m gonna raise your wage.“

That had Sungkyu looking at him surprised, his lovely lips opened slightly and Jihoon wanted to kiss them so badly. He licked his lips.

„Even if I won’t give you a proper lap dance?“

Jihoon only laughed at that and leaned back letting go of Sungkyu and resting his hands on the bench.

„Even if you don’t. You're free to go, if you want to.“

Sungkyu bit his lower lip and Jihoon could do nothing else but stare. His cock twitched in his pants with the thought of them wrapped around his cock.

He wanted Sungkyu so badly.

Jihoon could not remember the last time someone lit this desire inside him. In his position he had no problems to get what he wanted he could easily tell Sungkyu to suck him off or ride him, tell him he needed to do that if he wanted to keep his job. But Jihoon wanted him out of his free will, not because he felt obliged to do it.
Jihoon forced his hands to stay down and grabbed the hard leather of the couch he was sitting on instead of Sungkyu’s hips.

„You said you will guide me?“

Jihoon’s nails scratched over the couch hard, maybe enough to leave marks.
Did Sungkyu, the most innocent-seeming person he ever had in his lap really consider giving him a lap dance?


He mumbled and before Sungkyu could ask what he meant he had grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss. Jihoon licked into his mouth, ravishing it and tasting peppermint, something sweet underneath, and to his surprise no alcohol.

„Grind your hips down as if you’re riding someone.“

Sungkyu had either done that before or he was a natural.

Jihoon moaned into his mouth when he rubbed so perfectly against his dick, moved just in the right way and then there was his hardness pressing against Jihoon’s stomach with each roll of his hips forward.

He is hard too.

„You’re sure you’ve never done this before.“

Jihoon broke their kiss and smirked, he leaned in, nibbled on Sungkyu’s earlobe and licked over the shell. Sungkyu moaned quietly and the rhythm of his hips stuttered for a moment before he moved them a little slower but more forcefully.

„I really normally don’t do things like this, especially not with people I don’t know.“

Jihoon moved his hands along his pants and over his ass. He believed him and felt flustered that he could get him to act like this.

„And I guess you normally wear underwear?“

Sungkyu tilted his head to the side when Jihoon sucked on his neck.

„I normally don’t wear pants too tight for underwear.“

„Looks like a lot of firsts for you today. Anything else you want to add to the list.“

Jihoon let go of him and their eyes met. Sungkyu’s pupils were fully blown, making his eyes dark with desire and his lips were red and swollen from their kisses.
I want them around my cock so badly.
Sungkyu swallowed thickly and licked his lips. Teasingly Jihoon squeezed his ass again, enjoying the reaction he got for it.


Jihoon thought about it, about letting him knee between his legs and use his mouth, but he was not that sure yet, how far Sungkyu would allow him to go and how far he was willing to go.
Blowing someone was very intimate after all, for some people even more than anal sex.
Instead, Jihoon got back to guide him.

„As much as I love to see your face. A proper lap dance works better if you turn around.“

Sungkyu blushed again, he stopped the movement of his hips and wanted to slide off of but Jihoon stopped him for a quick kiss. Then he clapped against his thighs and motioned him to turn around.
As soon as Sungkyu was sitting on his lap again, now with his back against Jihoon’s chest, he pulled him closer and trust his hip up against his ass. Sungkyu lay his head back into his neck and Jihoon kissed his shoulder. He opened the rest of the buttons on his shirt and moved his hands over Sungkyu’s warm skin. Sungkyu moaned quietly when he pinched his nipple but still kept the steady grinding of his hips against Jihoon’s groan.

He was really a natural. Jihoon guessed that a lot of men would pay a lot of money to have him for a lap dance. There was something about him, especially while watching him sing that caught everyone's attention. And Jihoon was not caught easily.
But if someone got his full interest, he was he was not ready to share. The simple thought that another man or woman would touch Sungkyu made him awfully jealous.
Jihoon would never allow anyone else a private session like this, not even if they offered a fortune.

Making sure to leave a nice bruise Jihoon sucked on Sungkyu’s neck and the singer just let him, and even reached his hand back to Jihoon’s neck, holding him close.

„Can I touch you?“

Jihoon brushed his hand along the waistband of Sungkyu’s pants and dipped his thumb in, pulling it down a little.

„Yes. Please.“ Sungkyu immediately begged with a breathless voice.

„So needy, has it been too long that someone touched you like this or am I just your type?“


Sungkyu’s blurted out without hesitation, his breath hitched in surprise when Jihoon bit down on his shoulder while cupping his cock through his pants.
Jihoon could clearly feel the outline of the singer’s hardened cock through the thin material as if it was just a second skin wrapped around it, could feel the hotness of it. Jihoon brushed up and down, pressing his thumb a little harder against it reveling in the sweet moans he got as a reward.

He liked Sungkyu’s voice, it was beautiful already when he sang but Jihoon noticed he preferred it even more while moaning. It made him wonder how it sounded when he got more desperate or even when he cried out in pleasure.

Carefully he opened the button and zipper and laughed about the relieved sigh when Sungkyu’s cock sprang free. Jihoon wrapped his hand around it and brushed his thumb over the tip, causing Sungkyu to snap his hips forward. He smirked against Sungkyu’s neck.

„Keep going, move your hips, your still here to give me a lap dance, remember.“
Jihoon put his free hand on Sungkyu’s hip and guided their movements. He kissed his neck once more and leaned back to be able to trust his hips up properly and enjoy the view of Sungkyu gracefully moving his body in his lap.
Sungkyu put his hands on Jihoon’s knees, trying to get some more leverage and moved his hips differently, more rubbing his ass against Jihoon’s groan than a steady roll of his hips.

Jihoon moaned and let go of his cock to grab both of his hips harder now. The friction was so good, he would come in his pants if they kept going. Sungkyu moaned wantonly and Jihoon was wondering if he could ask for more.

He stopped Sungkyu’s movements with a hard grip on his hips and moved his hands down over his thighs while leaning up again. His chest against Sungkyu’s back he nibbled on his earlobe. Sungkyu willingly spread his legs when he moved his hands back up along their insides.

„How far are you willing to go?“
He whispered against Sungkyu’s neck.

„I’m not the type for one night stands.“ Sungkyu answered breathlessly the needy moan at the end and the jerk of his hips betraying his words when Jihoon’s hand was on his cock again.

„What if I tell you I want to see you again after this?“ It was not a lie, Jihoon realized once the words were out. There was so much more he wanted to do with him.

„I want your mouth around my cock.“

Sungyku swallowed hard at his words and Jihoon thought he would decline but then he moved quickly off his lap. For a moment Jihoon was sure he would leave but instead he turned around and got on his knees between Jihoon’s legs, licking his full lips.
The club owner felt his mouth go dry when Sungkyu sucked in his lower lip in while eying the noticeable bulge Jihoon’s his pants.
Almost shyly he looked up and placed his hands on Jihoon’s thighs, asking silently for approval.

„Go on.“

It was the only encouragement Sungkyu needed. Jihoon noticed the slight tremble of Sungkyu’s hands when he opened his pants nervously. The shy flicker of his eyes at the sight of Jihoon’s fully erect cock. How carefully he reached out and wrapped his hand around it while licking his lips again. The way he hesitated, despite the obvious want in his eyes, made Jihoon wonder.

„Have you sucked off someone before?“

Sungkyu shook his head.

„Are you disappointed?“
Sungkyu did not dare to meet his eyes but Jihoon reached out for his chin. He brushed his thumb over Sungkyu’s lower lip, causing him to open his mouth.

„Surprisingly, I’m turned on even more now.“ He smiled at Sungkyu, letting go of him.

„Don’t worry with that beautiful mouth of yours you can’t do much wrong. Just keep your teeth out of it.“
Sungkyu nodded, flustered and then his gaze fell on Jihoon’s cock again.

He wrapped his hand around it and started to pump it experimentally, then he sat up some more and Jihoon grabbed the couch again when those full lips wrapped around his head. A soft tongue traced over it, before dipping into the slit slightly and Jihoon could not help but jerk his hips up.
Sungkyu gasped surprised but except that stayed were he was, taking those extra inches of Jihoon’s cock into his mouth, going even a little deeper.
His mouth was so perfectly wet and hot around Jihoon, he wanted to trust in further, wanted to feel the tip of his cock brush against the back of Sungkyu’s neck, wanted to hear what this would do to his voice.

Reassuringly he brushed over Sungkyu’s hair.

„You’re doing so good already.“

Slowly Sungkyu bobbed his head, his hand still around Jihoon’s cock too, pumping the part that was not in his mouth in sync to the movements of his head. Every time he tried to take in some more until he went too deep, gagged an couched and had to move back. He pressed his eyes together and swallowed hard.

Jihoon patted his head and brushed a single tear away with his thumb.

„Don’t worry, just try again slower, you don’t have to take all if you can’t.“

Sungkyu blinked, his eyes wet and red but shook his head.

„I want to take it all.“
With those words his mouth was on Jihoon again, taking in more of him than before.
Sungkyu did not gag again but stayed still, fighting the natural reflex, his breath tickled Jihoon’s cock. It was extremely hard for Jihoon to keep his hips still while seeing those lips spread wide around him.
His cock twitched at the sight and Sungkyu’s moaned. The singer pressed his tongue against the underside of Jihoon’s cock and he sucked on it, hollowing his cheeks around him. Then he took even more of his cock in and Jihoon could feel his tip hitting the back of Sungkyu’s throat.
Jihoon leaned his head back and bit his own lip, trying to stay still and allow Sungkyu the time to adjust.
He gulped and Jihoon whimpered at the feeling of his throat clenching around his cock.

Sungkyu moved his head back a little and slowly forward, he stilled again before Jihoon’s cock could slip down his throat further. The singer needed a few more tries but when he finally was able to take all of him until his nose was buried against Jihoon’s pelvis Jihoon could not help but grip his hair and hold him close.
When Jihoon noticed what he was doing he wanted to quickly let go but Sungkyu only moaned around him and swallowed again and Jihoon almost came.

He forced himself to loosen his grip in Sungkyu’s hair and let him move again.
Sungkyu took him so well.
Despite the tear running down his cheek Sungkyu kept moaning around Jihoon and his skillful tongue pressed against his cock just right.
The way he sucked him in and considering he never did this before he had to be a natural. Maybe it helped that he had a cock himself and could imagine what might feel good but the way he hollowed his checks around Jihoon or how he swallowed him down his throat, pressed his tongue against him, was just perfect.
Jihoon shuddered with the thought of what he could do with his mouth if he was more practiced.

Sungkyu released him and took him into his hand, he was breathing hard and looked up at Jihoon, chin wet with saliva and lips swollen and dark read. Jihoon jerked his hips up into his hand.

„Am I doing good?“

His voice was hoarse. His sweet, calm voice was raspy and horse. Jihoon moaned lowly and cupped his cheek again. His heart almost melting at the way Sungkyu leaned into the touch. This guy he barely knew was going to kill him, probably while his lips were wrapped around him.

„You’re doing more than good. So much more than good.“

Sungkyu smiled at that and then his mouth was on Jihoon’s cock again, taking him in completely in one go. He was not going to last much longer, Jihoon knew, not with Sungkyu going down on his cock like that.

„I’m going to come soon if you keep that up.“
It was meant as a warning but only seemed to encourage Sungkyu even more, he was bobbing his head faster now and reached for his balls with one hand to cup them. His lips a sweet and steady pressure around his cock while it was gliding in and out of his mouth. Sungkyu’s throat tightening around him, bringing him closer and closer to the edge.
Jihoon could feel the familiar build-up, the restlessness that took over his body with the need to come and release the tension.

He tugged on Sungkyu’s hair, trying to get him off his cock but Sungkyu just whimpered and kept moving.

„Sungkyu, you have to stop or I’m gonna come into your mouth.“

„Just do.“
Sungkyu’s lips were off his cock only a quick moment to mutter the words before he was engulfing Jihoon’s cock again.
And Jihoon let go.
Buried deep inside Sungkyu’s throat he let the release take over. He came so long and hard he had not for years if ever before and Sungkyu kept swallowing around him, until Jihoon jerk his hips at the sensation on his now oversensitive cock.

Jihoon motioned Jihoon to let go by pushing weakly against his shoulder he needed a few minutes to come down again. His head rolled heavily to the side, while he was watching Sungkyu, who was breathing hard too, lips covered in saliva and come.
Jihoon felt too heavy to even lift his arm that had fallen to the couch at some point. In a daze he watched Sungkyu sucking in his lower lip to get the come there and licking over it.
If he moaned weakly at that it was not his fault. Sungkyu was simply too much.

Jihoon motioned him to get onto his lap and Sungkyu got up groaning uncomfortably, his knees were probably aching form the position.
Ignoring his initial thought Jihoon grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the couch. He changed his own position in one swift motion so that Sungkyu was lying under him. Without wasting another second he kissed him eagerly and wrapped his hand around Sungkyu’s cock, pumping him fast and hard, while using the generous amount of precome his cock had leaked while he was sucking Jihoon off.

Sungkyu arched his back and thrust his hips into his hand. His moans muffled by Jihoon's lips and tongue, ravishing his mouth. The taste of his own come not bothering him as long as he could kiss Sungkyu until he was unable to remember having ever kissed anyone else.

Only when Sungkyu came, he let go of his lips, allowing him to moan and desperately gasp for air. Jihoon observed Sungkyu’s beautiful face, when pleasure hit him, enjoyed how his body tensed against before he went totally slack and soft.
Jihoon let go of Sungkyu’s cock, looking straight into his eyes while tasting some of the come on his hand. Smirking at the weak moan and shocked gasped that he got as a reaction.
He brought his hand to Sungkyu’s lips, more to tease him but his heart stopped a beat when he actually opened his mouth and licked his own come off of Jihoon’s hand and that was the final moment Jihoon knew.

This man would be the death of him.