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In the Cold, Cold Night

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Jimmy was tired of lawyering as Saul like for the past 10 years.

He was grumpily making his way home in the dark, cold, rain after defending some hopeless criminal in court. Some stoner kid named Pinkman and another dude named


The raindrops were ruining his suit, but Jimmy was too pissed to care about it. He just cared about getting home, and bustled through the late night city crowd. He was very tired.

He pushed through the crowd, his head faced down, his suitcase swaying back and forth. 


"Jimmy? What are you doing here?" Said a familiar woman's voice.




Jimmy was shocked to see Kim here. On the street this late. In the rain. Jimmy's eyes softened when he met Kim's.

"Oh, uhh hi Kim. Just coming back from an appointment with a client. What's up?"

"Jimmy, we haven't spoken in forever, and now I'm an office worker at some HR department."

She looked at him in the rain and put her umbrella over him. Jimmy shivered. Kim went up on her tiptoes and kissed Jimmy.

"I missed you, Kim" Jimmy was flushed.

They smooched under a dim streetlamp on the sidewalk. 

"Yeah, I know Saul." She emphasized the name Saul sourly. And Kim turned around and walked the other way.

Jimmy was left in the cold, cold rain. And missed Kim's touch. He felt like that was all he needed to complete him. But she was lost in the bustling crowd, and Jimmy hasn't seen

her since that night.