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The Hummingbird in My Flower Garden

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It's wonderful to
See you again, my friend,
Hovering there in front
Of a beautiful flower
Wings beating back and forth
Until they almost blur
Just to keep you in place
As you poke your proboscis
Deep into the flower,
Drinking the sweet nectar

I didn't want to say good-bye to you
So I decided to immortalize you
By using stained glass and lead,
Shaping them until I could
See you there, oblivious to me,
Before you finished and
Flew on to the next flower

Now I can see you whenever I want,
Even when this part of the world
Is in deepest winter, falling snow,
Wind blowing what's on the ground
Into mysterious, wavelike snow-drifts,
I can sit on the sofa and reach up
To touch the stained glass and lead,
Where it hangs in front of the window,
It almost feels as if it was the real you

Then, when Spring returns,
The leaves and flowers reappear,
The grass starts growing again,
And there in the midst of a sea
Of colors I can see you or maybe
It's your sister or brother or
One of your children, hovering
In front of flower after flower,
Making sure that year after year
There will always be flowers to see
And wonderful scents to smell

This morning I decided to make a bouquet
And placed the flowers in a crystal vase
Half-filled with water on the table
Near the sofa I like to spend afternoons on,
That way I can enjoy both the artwork
That freezes you in place like a photograph,
And the flowers that you tend so well

Come and go as you please, my friend,
I will always be happy to see you again,
Knowing that when you leave
You will return again another day,
You and others like yourself,
Perennials just like the flowers
That grow, wilt, die, and are reborn
In my flower garden each and every year