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Spirit of the Sega Saturn

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This fanvid tells the peculiar story of Segata Sanshiro reincarnating as a horse in a world that has forgotten the mystic ways of the Sega Saturn. Of course, there's only one course of action the legendary Saturn spokesman can take: kick some SERIOUS ass and make everyone play Sega's quality games UNTIL THEIR FINGERS BREAK!


I originally wanted to do some kind of mondegreen vid to this song, but I'm not sure even my mondegreening ear can come up with anything funnier than the actual lyrics... nor anything more bizarre than setting Spirit to Segata's theme song.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron created by Dreamworks SKG. Segata Sanshiro created by SEGA. Translation of the lyrics courtesy of Wikipedia - the 21:26 , 1 December 2007 edit of the Segata Sanshiro article. Further credits in the video file.

ETA: Aaaand I just noticed a tyop in the credits. Should be clear what I MEANT, though. ^^'