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Brotherly Distractions

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“I can’t believe you’d do that, Yumoto!” Gora yelled, “I told you that you should call for me when things like that happen!”

“I was stuck in the tub!” Yumoto screamed back, “You’re just lucky that nothing else was broken!”

Gora shook his head, “Yumo—”

“What?! You can’t fight a monster either!” Yumoto spat, “You haven’t since you were in school!”

“Enough.” Gora spoke, “You need to relax.”

“I need to relax?!” Yumoto yelled, “You’re the one yelling at me!”

“I’m upset that you’d do something like that!”

“Do what?! Do what you used to do? I’m not like you!” Yumoto replied, “I’ll never be like you! You…you…!”

Yumoto shut up quickly as Gora replied, “I never wanted you to be like me anyway.”

“I…I never…” Yumoto gasped out and Gora sighed, “Enough. Go do your chores, dinner will be done soon.”

“Of…of course.” Yumoto replied and looked down as he walked away.  

Yumoto groaned as he laid onto his futon that night, “An-chan hardly spoke to me at dinner…Am…Am I bad for getting upset?! I never said I wanted to be like him. All I’ve ever said was that I wanted to do is work here still…”


The younger boy sighed as he looked at the line on his wrist. “What would I be if I wasn’t a Battle Lover…? Would…I have friends? Would I even be happy?”

Yumoto felt tears spring into his eyes, “Am I wrong for getting angry at him? I didn’t mean to…” He bit his lip, “D-dammit…” he muttered to himself, “maybe…maybe tomorrow will be better.”


The blonde boy blinked the tears away and sighed…he hoped he didn’t upset his brother too badly.

Ryuu laughed as he walked with everyone to school. “And, and then,” He couldn’t keep his composure, “then she looked at me and went, ‘What is that ugly tan on your arm’ I told her to not worry about it!” He shook his head, “She thought I was hiding something. How can you tell a woman that ‘Oh I transform into a person who protects the world from loveless people’!?”


“Simple,” Io replied, “You don’t.”

“Why not?!” The boy groaned, “Think how many girls would adore me!”

En sighed, “Ryuu, it’s not about that. We keep it a secret because we don’t want anyone to use us.”

“How would they use us?” Ryuu smiled, “When we’re all together, we’re invincible!” He pointed at Yumoto, “We have our secret weapon.”

“Huh?” Yumoto blinked, “Me?”

“Duh! You have a bloodline of heroes!” Ryuu smiled, “Your brother was the greatest hero of all!”

“A-ah…yeah…” Yumoto muttered, “The best…”

Ryuu laughed and wrapped an arm around Yumoto, “You kicked ass in our final battle with Hireashi and Zundar! You were like ‘Ah hah! You cannot defeat our love for the world’!”

Yumoto sighed, “Thanks…”

“Hm, something wrong?” Atsushi asked and Yumoto shook his head. “No, I…I’m fine.”

Atsushi nodded, “Alright…”


“Do you guys think Wombat will come back?” En questioned, “I mean, with this new monster being around and now we’re powerless.” He looked at Yumoto, “What did your brother do after he was?”

Yumoto shrugged, “How should I know?”

“I mean he is your brother.”

“So!?” Yumoto spat, “I wasn’t told about his hero life until recently…”

En frowned, “Yumoto…” He sighed, “Sorry for bringing it up.”

Atsushi looked over at Yumoto, who wouldn’t look up at them. “Ah…it’s okay, we can’t go to school upset.” He smiled and put a hand onto the youngest club member’s head. “Isn’t that right, Yumoto.”

Yumoto sighed as he nodded, “Yes…”

With that, all five members walked to the school.

Yumoto sighed as he sat for dinner that night, eyeing his new bracelet. Wombat smiled as he sat next to him. “See, I told you I’d be back.”

Yumoto scoffed, “You didn’t tell me that.” The boy shook his head, “You left last week and didn’t leave a note!”

“I…” Wombat frowned, “you got me there…”

Gora sighed as he walked in, “Yumoto…” he sat down, “I want to talk to you.”


“To apologize.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for…” Yumoto replied, “I’m fine.”

“Yumoto, please.”

“They…they keep asking me about you!” he complained, “I..I hate having a hero as a brother!”


“Yumoto, do you think that I wanted to always be a hero?” Gora questioned, “Do you think I enjoyed leaving you all the time?”

Yumoto looked down, “I…” he shook his head, “I just wished you were around more when I was younger.”

Gora sighed, “Me too…” He put a hand on Yumoto’s shoulder, “I wanted to so much. I hated leaving you alone so much.”

The younger brother rubbed his eyes quickly as tears sprang into them. “S-sorry.”

“Yumoto, don’t apologize, you have every right to be upset.” Gora explained as he smiled softly. “I know you’re hurt.”

Yumoto nodded and Gora added, “You’re right, you’re clearly not me and I’m glad.”

“You…you are?”

“Yes. You are so different compared to me, strong, and you care so much about everything.” Gora replied, “I am your brother…I know I was more of a hero than a brother.”

Yumoto looked down from his brother, “I…I don’t resent you for that. You…had to keep the world safe.”

Gora smiled, “And that is what you must do now. You and your friends have to keep the world safe. I may not be able to help but, you can change the world.”

Yumoto nodded, “of….of course.”

Gora stood, “I’m making your favorite tonight.” He grinned.

Yumoto gasped, “Really?!”

“Of course. I…I’m glad you can forgive me, Yumoto.”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes, an-chan, I do forgive you…”

Wombat frowned as the blonde boy watched his brother leave the room. “Yumoto-san…?”

“I…” he whispered, “I do forgive him but…”

“But you’re still heartbroken over it…” Wombat replied, “I understand…but Gora-san does love you.”

“I…I know.”  Yumoto replied, “I…just need to think about it all.” He looked up at the ceiling. “I’m being selfish…but I hope…I hope that I can forgive him fully.”

Wombat smiled, “Take it little by little, okay? You are slowly learning about his past. You are allowed to be upset.”

Yumoto nodded, “I…do feel bad for getting upset but…I’m glad we both understand…”

Wombat nodded, “Don’t worry. You two still love each other. Brothers are allowed to argue.”

“Yes…” Yumoto smiled, “An-chan!” He called, “Let me help you with dinner!”


“Come on then, Yumoto!”

“Come on Wombat!”

“of course.”