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queen of abipa

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Don yawned and rubbed his eyes, waking up in a whole new world. He didn’t know where he was. All he knew was that he had the urge to save someone. 

To save Gilda.

Running through the land of what was called Abipa, Don didn’t stop until he collided with someone. He fell to the ground and noticed a girl besides him.

“Hi, I’m Chroniko!” The person greeted. “The palace is where you need to go!”

Though, Don could only focus on her hat that looked like bunny ears. Before Don could say anything to her… a purple Vanilla man pulled her away.

Don rose himself up and continued his journey to the palace. Eventually, he made it there and opened the doors.

“Excuse me!” Don spoke out to the people eating dinner. “Uh, I’m looking for someone named Gilda!”

Suddenly, Gilda appeared meters before him on a throne chair. “Hello, Don.”

“Gilda! I’m here to take you back home!” Don told her.

“That won’t be necessary. I enjoy being here with Popo. He’s my advisor while I am everyone’s queen.” Gilda announced as she made her way towards Don. “Yes, the Queen of Abipa!”

Don was in disbelief. There was no way she was a queen. It just didn’t make any sense. “Gilda, this is ridiculous! Just come home please!”

“No, you bean. I must stay here for the Kaiba plant. To store memory chips and new bodies for all! Plus, new outfits!” Gilda explained to him. “You should stay, Don. We can rule this place together. Just the two of us..” 

Noticing Gilda getting closer to him, he gently pushed her away. “No! Gilda, this isn’t right! We have your own leader back home! Emma! She needs us! I won’t accept to follow any other leader! Not even you!”

Concerned of his behavior, Gilda took a few steps back. “I don’t know who this Emma is… but you’re just as dumb.”

Don was taken aback. “Wait… you don’t remember Emma? What about Ray? Chris? Violet? Zack? All of our family?” 

Gilda smiled. “Nope.”

“Then… how do you remember me?” Don asked, reaching out for her.

“Hm, good question!”  Gilda exclaimed before calling on her advisor. “Popo, bring me the splat blasting gun.” 

“Here you go, Queen Gilda.” Popo said, handing her the gun.

Gilda redirected it to Don and positioned it in place. “Well, I’m not about too!”

Don gasped. “Gilda, you don’t even know how to use a gun!”

“That’s what you think, bean!” Gilda said before blasting all the other guests into goop. “Whoops, my finger slipped! Anyways, now it’s your turn to get splat!

Don wasn’t focused on the fact he was about to be killed by his longtime friend, but on her advisor that was behind her.

His suspicion was right. 

Pushing Gilda out the way, Don took the splat from Popo. With her eyes widened in realization, she screamed his name in agony “DOOOOON!”

“Also, Queen Gilda?” Popo called before raising the blasting gun in her direction. “I’m the true king! Me, Poop alongside Cheki!”

Those were the last words she heard before getting splat.

Then, she woke up in her own world in tears. 

“Gilda, Gilda!” Someone called out in worry. 

“Huh… Don?” Gilda groggily asked.

“Yes, yes! It’s me! I’m so glad you’re back!” Don cried, taking both of her hands. 

Gilda smiled and hugged him lovingly. “Yes, I am home with our leader…”

“And you.”