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Isabelle's Secret Hobby

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You stare through tired eyes at your computer screen. Ordinances, laws, debt, construction, reports, speeches...all of it had to go through you at one point or another. You love your job, but these past few weeks have been a little overwhelming. Such is the life of a mayor, you suppose…

You sigh and lean back in your chair, rubbing your temples. The outline of your computer screen was burned into your irises. You turn to the clock on the wall.

“1:34 AM?! I haven’t been outside all day!”

Grumbling in frustration, you turn to your screen and try to get back to work. Not a minute later, you hear a knock upon your door.

“Come in,” you say as politely as possible. The door opens, and in walks Isabelle, holding a cup of coffee in each hand.

“Hi, Mayor! I know you’ve been working hard all day, so I figured you deserve a break.”

You flash a worn out smile at her. “Thanks, Isabelle. All these new buildings and laws come with so much paperwork and I know you do your best, it’s just...” Before you can finish that thought, Isabelle has a finger on your lips.

“Shhh, it’s okay. Just relax.”

Your assistant circles around your office chair and places her paws onto your shoulders. She runs them gently along your shoulder blades and the sides of your neck, her fur tickling your skin just enough to leave you wanting more.

“Oh, Mayor! You’re so tense! You need someone to take care of you, ASAP!” she says with genuine concern in her voice.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it…”

“No, it’s not fine! Follow me!” She locks her fingers around your own and pulls you out of your seat. You try to ignore the warmth radiating from her hand and keep up.

She drags you through halls and passages in Town Hall that you didn’t even know existed until she finally stops at a door marked “Isabelle’s Room! Keep Out!” She turns the knob with her unoccupied paw and opens it up. She lets go of your hand and enters, standing in the middle of the room with her arms in the air

“Welcome to my secret lair! Do you like it?”

The first thing you notice is what Isabelle is standing in front of. It seems to be some kind of oblong wooden table with a hole on one of it. Next to that table is a smaller stand holding folded white towels and bottles of multicolored liquids. The room’s walls are painted with a sultry red color and candles were sprinkled throughout the room. In the corner, you notice a Chinese room divider. You truly have no idea what this place is, or how it managed to fly under your radar.

“What is this?”

“A few months ago, I started learning how to do massage therapy, and I’ve loved it so much I decided to open up my own parlor!” She rubs the back of her head with her paw cutely. “I uh, haven’t had any actual customers yet...But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know what I’m doing! Ankha and Goldie let me practice on them all the time, with all kinds of different styles!”

Briefly, your mind strays towards thoughts of Isabelle rubbing the naked bodies of two of the most beautiful women in town. You shake your head of such lewd images.

“Uh, what do you mean by different styles?” you ask, trying to get your mind off of Ankha and Goldie in the nude.

“Each style changes up how much pressure is used, what areas of the body the therapist focuses on, how long the massage lasts, and some styles even have their own unique aspects! For example, Shiatsu style from Japan would have you laying down while I use rhythmic pressures across your entire body, while Thai style would have you be doing full-body stretches and yoga while I massage the muscles that are being stretched. I’m still learning some of the more unusual styles, but I’m pretty confident in my skills! So,” she puts her hands on her hips. “Wanna try it out?”

A small part of you wants to say no. She was your co-worker, she shouldn’t be giving you a massage! But the stabbing pain in your muscles begs you to accept her generous offer. Besides, it’s not like it was inherently sexual or anything. It was just a massage.

“Please,” you unintentionally beg.

Isabelle giggles at your expense. “That’s what I thought you’d say. Here,” she tosses you a fluffy towel. “Go behind that divider, get butt naked, and cover up your shame with that towel.”


“The best massages can only be given in the nude. Trust me, it’s strictly business,” she says straight-faced.

Blushing a light pink, you duck behind the divider. Behind it lies a tall wooden dresser, looking to be cut from the same material as the massage table. You extend a hand to open one of the drawers, but you’re interrupted by Isabelle.

“You better not be looking in my wardrobe!” your assistant calls out in the angriest tone her squeaky voice could muster. You quickly retreat your hand and start getting undressed. Through the corner of your eye, you notice that the divider doesn’t really seem like it covers you up that well. The material it’s made out of is paper thin and tinted white, providing little protection against the embarrassment of having Isabelle see you naked. You see her silhouette buzzing around the room, presumably getting her work station ready for you. As soon as all your clothes are off, you tie the towel around your waist and walk back out into the open.

Isabelle regards your half-naked body like it was nothing. “Very good. Just lay down on your stomach with your face in the hole. I’ll be there in just one second.”

You follow her instructions, walking carefully and making sure that your towel doesn’t fall. You lift your head out of the hole and look around the room. All the candles in the room are now lit, and the space is filled with the slight scent of roses. So this is what she was doing when I was getting undressed, you deduce. You turn your head to the left, towards the divider. Isabelle’s silhouette is clearly visible, and she appears to be...unbuttoning her shirt? You crane your neck to get a closer look at the divider. Her paws are reaching around and fiddling with something on her back. When she pulls her hands away, she’s holding a bra that you assume was the one she was just wearing. She tosses it over her shoulder and starts working on her skirt. Oh God, you could see one of her nipples sticking out of a small mound attached to her chest…

This was even more arousing than if she was just getting naked right in front of you. The imagination element of what her body looked like still played a big part, but the fact that she was just doing this! It suddenly dawns on you that if you could see her like this, then she could definitely have seen you. Your heartbeat quickens and your dick starts pushing against the table beneath it. Did Isabelle buy such a revealing divider on purpose? Did she want her customers to see her naked silhouette? And most importantly, how could she have been so naughty without you noticing?

As these thoughts race through your head, Isabelle was lifting her legs and pulling her panties down. Her tail briefly got caught on them, but sprang back to life the moment that they were off. She turns around and opens up one of her dresser drawers, shadowy tail wagging with anticipation. She pulls out a complicated-looking outfit and unfolds it. She sticks her arms through the sleeves and ties a knot around her belly. Finally, she grabs a thick rod and spears it through the hair sticking out of her head.

“Alright! Ready or not, here I come!”

She gracefully steps out of the divider and into your view. She was wearing a flower-printed green kimono with a salmon-pink sash. The sleeves hung loosely at her wrists, and the dress stopped just short of her feet, exposing her cute yellow feet. She had a silver hair stick piercing through her natural “topknot”.

“So? How do I look?” she asks, striking a pose.

“Stunning,” you reply honestly.

She tilts her head and smiles with her eyes closed. “Why, thank you! Now, how about you put your head back in the hole and I’ll get started?”

You nod and comply, staring straight down at the floor. The room gradually darkens until only the soft glow of candlelight is left to ward off the darkness.

“You’ve been staring at that ugly computer screen all day. Your eyes will thank you if you relax them with some natural light.”

You hear the opening and closing of a plastic lid. Isabelle starts by running her warm, slick hands over your shoulder blades, fingers digging in slightly to find any knotted muscles.

Isabelle’s surprisingly strong fingers sink into the tip of your left shoulder blade. Firmly, she kneads her fingers into your muscles, working out all of the knots that come with sitting hunched over at a computer all day. The fur on her fingers was completely saturated with oil and clung to her skin, making her fingers almost like little oil sponges. With every squeeze of her digits against your skin came a slight burst of oil came along with it, seeping directly into the muscle she was stimulating.

“Fuck…” you whisper under your breath. You close your weary eyes and let all your other senses experience this massage in their stead. The candles were oozing a sweet, flowery scent that soak into your sinuses and cleanse out your mind. Very faintly, you hear Isabelle humming a tune to herself, and you can only imagine the smile she’s wearing.

Your assistant was finished with the left shoulder and moved along to the left side of your stiff neck. Inch by inch, Isabelle undoes all of the tension that had accumulated over the last few weeks with her magical fingers. Before you know it, every muscle in your neck was loosened, and every knot in your shoulders was replaced with relaxed muscles.

“Phew! You sure were carrying a lot of tension in your shoulders, huh Mayor? Don’t get up yet, I’m not even close to done!”

You weren’t planning on it in the slightest.

Gently, she traces her hands down to your right arm, the baggy sleeve of her kimono tickling your skin as it drags past. Firmly, she presses both of her thumbs into the soft back of your wrists. You never knew how much stress you carried right there until Isabelle made it all just melt away. She intertwines the four fingers of her right hand with yours and kneads her thumbs into your palm. You groan as the rigid muscles are loosened. When she’s done, you flex your fingers and crack your knuckles. Holy shit, you haven’t felt this lumber in your whole life! She repeats the process with your left hand just as gracefully as she did with your right. You could feel the blood flowing down your arm into the complicated web of capillaries in your fingertips then back up your arm to your heart. Isabelle’s God-given hands had to have worked out some kind of blockage in your veins.

“Okay, you can turn around now,” she says.

Lazily, you flip yourself onto your back, resting your head into the same hole, facing upwards this time around. Isabelle applies a fresh dose of lotion on her hands and positions herself behind your head. With the delicate precision of a professional, your assistant sinks her fingers into the tender front of your neck. She starts on the left side, pushing with just enough pressure to stimulate the tendons and let the oil sink in. You open your eyes and look up to see Isabelle’s cute face wearing a kind smile. She was so genuinely passionate about being a masseuse that it warms your soul. She maneuvers her fingers through the soft flesh of your neck and over the firm lump of your throat, working out every kink as she goes.

You had been fighting back an erection for the entirety of your session, but you had finally reached your breaking point. It was the intimate affections she was pouring into your hands that had finally pushed you over the edge. The towel around your waist had a growing lump sticking out of its middle. You start to sweat and look up at Isabelle’s face. Her eyes were closed and she was wearing a loving smile as her hands rub your temples with angelic grace.

Your boner reaches full mast and undoes the towel’s knot. In hindsight, you probably shouldn’t have tied it in front of your dick…The white linen falls to the ground with a faint *plump*. The sound was so soft it was almost inaudible. Hell, you only heard it because you were staring straight at it when it landed. You pray to every god out there that Isabelle doesn’t notice your arousal…

But it was too late. Your assistant’s enhanced canine ears perk up the second the towel lands. She had noticed that something was up. She abruptly stopped humming and opened one of her eyes to check out the sound. In those few brief moments before she sees your dick, you notice that she doesn’t stop smiling or massaging your temples.

But that was only temporary. Her eyes and mouth widen with shock when she makes visual contact with your exposed shaft. After registering this, she turns her gaze to meet your own.

“Mayor, you didn’t tell me that you needed massaged down there, too,” she purrs huskily.

“I...Wait, what?” To your pleasant surprise, she isn’t angry. In fact, she’s the exact opposite.

“There’s another style of massage that I didn’t tell you about earlier. It’s called ‘Happy Ending.’ Ankha taught it to me,” she explains. “Basically, once the massage is done, the masseuse has to give their client an orgasm. It’s the ultimate technique for complete bodily relaxation!”

You’re completely speechless. Was your assistant really asking if she could make you cum?

Isabelle circles around and clambers on top of your body. She plants her butt in between your calves with her legs dangling over your knees and the table edge. The cloth of her kimono feels silky smooth on your skin. She bends over, putting her face level with your cock.

“Now, I’ve only practiced this style on vaginas, so forgive me if I’m not the best at it.”

Without breaking eye contact, she kisses the head of your dick, making it jump. She giggles and starts to lick up and down your shaft with her tongue. It was warm, slippery, and dripping with saliva, just what you would expect from a dog. Once your dick is thoroughly spit-shined, she plunges it into her mouth. You groan and admire the petite young beauty currently giving you lip service. Her beetle black eyes never look away from your face once, staring intently with burning passion behind them. She’s using both of her paws as impromptu hair pins to hold back her floppy ears. The collar of her kimono is sagging, giving you a perfectly voyeuristic view of her perky breasts. They’re a slightly lighter tone than the rest of her skin, teetering on the edge of yellow and cream-colored. Whenever she goes down a bit further on your cock, you’re able to catch a glimpse of her nipples, which you notice are the same color as her ears. Behind her, you note that her tail is wagging like crazy. She’s obviously enjoying this as much as you are.

Isabelle’s blowjob skills are nowhere near as refined as Ankha’s, Beau’s or Sable’s, but her inexperience is part of her charm. She was drooling hot saliva all over your balls, each droplet pushing you that much closer to orgasm. Her tongue dances sloppily around your shaft, whilst the fur on her lips was tickling the veins of your dick. She was still a beginner, so she didn’t take in anything more than she could fit in her mouth, and that was fine by you.

You’re already close to the edge of your climax. A small part of you wants to hold on just a bit longer and enjoy the moist heaven of Isabelle’s mouth, but your body is so utterly loose that you don’t even think it’s possible.

“Isabelle...I’m cumming…” is all your vocal cords can muster. She’s showing no signs of pulling off, not that you minded. You groan and blow your load inside of her mouth. She winces slightly when it hits the back of her throat, but she holds steadfast in keeping eye contact with you.

Once your balls are emptied, she lifts her body up and wipes her mouth. Seems like she had no problems in swallowing down your cum.

“Mayor, you were so pent up! Sexual frustration can negatively affect your morale, you know.”

You blush and look away. “Yeah, it’s just...I’ve been really busy with work and by the time I’m done I have no energy left to masturbate or find a fuck buddy…”

She smiles and tilts her head. “That’s okay. It’s good that you’re working so hard for the town, but you have to remember to relax a little! If you ever need a massage or just wanna skip straight to the ending, just ask. I’m available any time.”

“That sounds nice,” you reply honestly. She stands up off the table and you follow suit. Damn, your body feels amazing! Isabelle’s magic touches had completely rejuvenated you.

“I feel like I could suplex a mountain! Thanks, Isabelle! I’m gonna go and finish all my work for the next two weeks!” you announce confidently and bolt out the door.

“Wait! Mayor! Your clothes!”