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 Doctor wasn’t fond of their newest crew member, a Miss Dawn Summers, whom appeared in a flash of green light. Supposedly she would only be here for two weeks. Until then, she kept popping in with ‘medical emergencies’. Speaking of which…


 “For the last time Miss Summers a broken fingernail is not life threatening.”

 “Fine.” Dawn crossed her arms.

 Doctor ignored her for a while. Then he glanced back over at her and noticed a growing red spot on her side. “What is that?”

 Dawn lifted her shirt showing a nasty cut, “Well it’s not a broken fingernail.”


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 Faith quickly snuck out of her mother’s crappy apartment. She headed towards the snow covered hills, swiping a trash can lid on the way. She made it to the top of a hill and placed the lid on the ground.

 “What are you doing?”

 Faith whirled around to see a boy about her age. “None of your business.”

 “You shouldn’t be out at night. It’s not safe. Especially for girls,” the boy said, moving closer to Faith.

 Faith snorted looking down at the shorter boy. “I could take you. Now, go away! I’m going sledding.”

 “On a trash can lid?” The boy gave her a weird look.

 “Best way to sled and the cheapest.” Faith sat down on the lid. She looked up the boy who was still giving her that same look. “Get on, I’ll show you,” Faith said, scooting up a bit. “What’s your name?”

 He thought for a moment before sitting down behind her. “Dean.”

 “Faith.” Then she shoved off and they were flying down the hill.

 When they reached the bottom Dean jumped off. “Can I drive?”

 “Not on my lid.”

 Dean ran off, returning quickly with a grin and lid of his own. “Let’s go.”


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 “No, absolutely not! No way in hell! You’d have a better chance of getting James Potter to drag you into a closet for a midnight snog. You’re out of your muggle born mind. You’ve been smoking that shit again haven’t you, because not even Salazar Slytherin himself could make me. Not even—”

 “Severus, shut up and get on the fucking bike!” Ethan interrupted his ranting friend.

 Severus gave the motorcycle Ethan sat on one more glare. “Fine,” he grumbled as he climbed onto the back of the bike.

 “Merlin, you’re worse than a scared chit,” Ethan said as he revved up the motorcycle.

 “You crash and I’ll kill you in the most inventive way possible.” Severus tightened his arms around Ethan’s waist.

 “You’ll try.” Ethan snorted. “Now come on, let’s be a little more happy about this, Sev.”

 “We’re Slytherins, Ethan. We do not do happy. We are wicked, smug, mischievous, and clever. We are not HAPPY!” Severus yelled the last part as the bike lurched forward.

 “Fine. Let’s be wickedly smug about the fact that we mischievously and cleverly stole Black’s flying motorcycle,” Ethan shouted as the motorcycle rose into the air.

 Severus smirked. “That I can do.”


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 Buffy looked out over the ocean, watching the waves. Then she closed her eyes and felt the rocking of the boat. It reminded her of when she was younger; tucked away in her mom’s lap while they rocked back and forth on the porch swing. Safe from all the monsters.

 But now… her mom was dead, the monsters all knew her name, and it was her job to lead the armies against them. Death was her gift to give, never to receive no matter how hard she tried. Buffy opened her eyes, full of horror and sorrows.

 She turned at a man’s laughter, and their eyes locked. Laughter faded from his eyes, his own horrors filling them instead. It was like looking at someone who had shredded their own soul, because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do what they had to. She could see death in his eyes and she wanted it.

 Then the little girl at his side poked him. Immediately, his face lit up. A deceiving warmth filled his eyes as he picked her up.

 Buffy had a few days before she had to wear her own mask, and until then, her eyes would show her soul.


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 “Explain this to me,” Ripper said, looking at the spectacle straight ahead. “Cause I don’t understand.”

 Severus crossed his arms as a bunch of first years ran away screaming. “I’m not his keeper; he can do what he wants.”

 “That’s not—” Ripper paused, watching an interfering James Potter being dragged into the lake.

 “What, funny? I disagree.” Severus scoffed as Sirius Black joined Potter in the lake. “How many people do you know that can ride one of those things?”

 “That’s what I want to know. How the hell did Ethan manage to get on top of the giant squid?!”


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 The elevator doors were closing when a woman threw herself through the opening, tackling Logan to one side. Moments before the doors shut, a dagger was flung so hard it went hilt deep into the wall. Logan looked down at the leather clad beauty pressing him against the wall. He raised an eyebrow. “Going down?” The woman ran an appreciative eye over him. As she pushed herself off of him, Logan swore she copped a feel.

 “Nope,” she said, yanking the dagger out of the wall like it was nothing. “I’m going up.” She removed one of the tiles and pulled herself up out of the elevator. Then her head popped back down, “Hey, hot stuff, when the doors open I’d stand to one side if I were you.”

 “You a mutant?” Logan asked.

 “Oh no, I’m much more special than that.” She smirked. “I’ve got skills you couldn’t even begin to imagine.”

 “Oh really?”

 “I’d love to finish this conversation, but I’ve got to bounce. Maybe if you’re very lucky, we’ll meet again.” She said, pulling her head back out of the elevator.

 “Then you’ll show me your skills?” Logan called out, not expecting an answer.

 “Count on it.”


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 “Come on, Andrew, it’s the fastest way to travel.” Colin tried to cajole his cousin.

 “It’s a fireplace. That’s where fire goes not people,” Andrew said, crossing his arms and lightly glaring at Colin. “Fire purifies the evil and I’m not evil. So I have no need for the fire.”

 “It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s fun like a, umm… a big slide,” Colin said.

 “I don’t know.” Andrew glared at the fireplace.

 “Dennis has been going on and on about you visiting. You wouldn’t want to disappoint him, would you?” Colin asked innocently.

 “Okay, okay. For Denny then.” Andrew took a deep breath and stepped into the fireplace before throwing down the floo powder. He came out the other end hyperventilating.

 “Andy?” Dennis grabbed hold of the shaking man.

 “Bury me with the Star Wars DVDs… only the originals.” Then Andrew fainted.

 Dennis looked at his brother as he came tumbling out of the fireplace, “What happened?”

 “I may have lied about what traveling by floo feels like,” Colin said.

 “But it’s fun like a—” Dennis stopped mid-sentence. “Right, Andy hates roller coasters.”

 Andrew looked blearly at his two concerned cousins. “I’m feeding both of you to the wookiees.”


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 “Come on, Ripper. I just need a little idea. I can put a complete spin on it. No one will ever know,” Ethan said, trying to reach for Ripper’s paper.

 “No. My idea. My paper,” Ripper said.

 “Bella’s smiling at you again,” Ethan said, glancing over his friend’s shoulder. Ripper turned to look and Ethan snatched his paper. “What? Is this even English?”

 Ripper snatched his paper back. “It’s Ancient Sumerian. Maybe if you studied more...”

 “Oh, come on—”

 “Shut up, Ethan. I want to get my outline done.” Severus growled.

 “Fine, let me see yours then.” Ethan grabbed Severus’s paper. “What the hell is wrong with you two? We live in England. Write in bloody English.”

 Ripper smiled. “Sorry mate. Till you learn to come up with your own ideas, we’re not going to write in English. It’s for your own good.”

 “Alright, you want me to come up with my own ideas, I will.” Ethan said harshly, standing up. He sauntered over to a table where a group of Ravenclaw girls sat. He spoke to one of them briefly, before coming back.

 “You just looked at her paper.” Ripper crossed his arms.

 “Yeah, and who’s idea was that?”


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 General Hammond looked at the young man standing at attention in front of him. He glanced at the man’s file again. “Now, exactly why did the president send you here?”

 “A favor, and I need some time to renew my skills.”

 “What makes you think you’ll be useful here, son?” Hammond asked.

 “Pretty sure my file says it all,” he answered.

 Hammond tossed him the file, “It doesn’t say much of anything in here.”

 The man looked down and read the only non-blacked out line on the page, ‘Alexander Lavelle Harris’. Xander smirked, “I think it says I’m that good.”


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 This was the last day of his trip in Port Royal before William’s mother took him back home. He focused on the parchment he clutched in his grip. He cleared his throat before speaking. “I sailed the sea to meet you. Crossed the waters filled with pirates just to be with you. Ignore what your father may say, and be with me on this Valentine’s Day.” William looked back hopefully at the prettiest girl he knew, Elizabeth Swann.

 Elizabeth threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. “Of course, William. After all, you did survive the pirates.”


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 “Come on, Sev, I’ve got a surprise for you,” Ethan said, trying to drag his friend into the Great Hall.

 “I told you, Ethan. I don’t do Valentine’s Day.” Severus tried to yank his arm away.

 “But I worked all night on this present. Even Ripper helped and he doesn’t do Valentine’s Day either,” Ethan cajoled.

 “Fine.” Severus stopped fighting.

 “We’re going to kill you, Rayne.”

 Severus took one look at the four oncoming Gryffindors and laughed, “I love it.”

 “I thought you would.” Ethan smiled. Each Gryffindor boy had one word written on his forehead.






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 Willow looked at her computer. She had begun exchanging emails with Genius_of_the_Gate about two months, just a few days before Kennedy had broken up with her. Sam had been caring and a great friend while she tried to get over Kennedy. Today was Valentine’s day and Willow hoped to see a new email from her e-pal. She was excited to see one. It was a long page of equations about theoretical physics. The last equation was:

 girl – date + chocolate + stuffed animal = happiness

 Willow turned to look at the chocolate and stuffed bear from a previously unknown sender and smiled.


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 Oz looked at his boyfriend and smiled. Jason talked a lot. Said he had to make up for how much Oz didn’t. And he flirted with everything that walked by him. It was all harmless, Oz knew that now. Jason had explained to him that nobody else meant as much as he did. Not anymore. Nobody had thought these two wolves would get along, let alone get together. But they had, not because of Jason’s mouth but because of his note that had simply said I like you. Jason captured his boyfriend’s lips in a kiss. “Happy Valentine’s Day, lover.”


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 Katelyn looked at her boyfriend of three months. It was Valentine’s Day and it had been perfect. He had taken her out to dinner and bought her the Lord of Rings special edition trilogy. She had searched long and hard for a gift for him. She hoped he would like it.

 “Katelyn, is something wrong? It was my friends, wasn’t it? I knew I shouldn’t have brought them to—”

 “No, everything’s fine, Andrew.” She handed him his gift. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

 Andrew opened it and gave a squeal before hugging her. “A signed photo of Jason Nesmith! I love you.”


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 “Alright kiddo, I’m off to L.A.,” Lindsey said, ruffling his niece’s hair.

 “No, not on Valentine’s Day! You can’t go!” Claire cried, latching onto him.

 “I got to go, Claire-bear.” Lindsey reached into his bag to pull out a medium sized stuffed bear holding a heart. Claire hugged the bear and ran out of the room. Lindsey sighed and started to walk out.

 “Waaaaait!” She came rushing back in with a red card.

 Lindsey smiled as he read the six-year-old’s scribbling of Happy V Day. He hugged her one last time. “I’ll come back for Easter.”

 “You promise?”



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 Dean was watching his brother from the pool table. It was his first Valentine’s Day since Jess had died and Sam sat dejectedly at the bar. He watched a tall brunette walk over to Sam and hand him something. His brother looked at it and smiled. She beamed at him before walking away.

 “Dude, what did she give you?” Dean asked, joining his brother. Sam held up a candy heart. It didn’t say love you or some shit. In black, it said Valentine’s Day Sucks. Dean grabbed Sam and went to her table.

 She smiled at them. “Hi, I’m Dawn.”


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 The guy from the elevator was hot and he was hers. No one was waiting for him back in New York, just like she didn’t have anyone waiting for her. There was no other way she’d want to spend her Valentine’s Day. Hot guy, sex, beer, and pizza. Except he was getting up to leave. “Logan, where you going?”

 “You said your plane leaves in two hours. You need to get going, if you’re going to make it,” Logan said.

 Faith grabbed him. “Didn’t you read the fine print? The plane doesn’t leave without me. It’ll wait.”

 “In that case...”


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 Drusilla swayed as she approached the little girl dressed in black. The child was playing in a graveyard. As she came closer, the girl turned towards her. “It was written in the stars that I would find you here,” Drusilla said. “A day playing in the middle of the night. I have a present for you on the day the earth wears its heart out in the open.” She pulled out a small guillotine from behind her back.

 Wednesday took it and nodded at the vampire. “Thank you, this is much appreciated. I will tell my grandmother you said hello.”


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 Inara glanced at her latest client. Something about him reminded her of Mal, yet he was much more refined. She had thoroughly enjoyed their love making. The man had skills beyond that taught to a companion. But afterward he surprised her by asking her to sit for a portrait. He said it was his tradition for Valentine’s Day. She agreed, though she did not know of this day that he spoke of. The drawing was breathtaking and he had given it to her to keep. In return, she decided to do some calligraphy for him.

 “What does it mean?”



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 “Oh crap!” Phoebe dropped the spell she was holding as a man appeared before her. “That wasn’t supposed to happen. I know the words were right. Prue’s going to kill me.”

 “Can I ask you three questions and if the answer to them is no I’d like to propose something.” Phoebe nodded. “Are you planning to sacrifice me? Are you an evil demon? Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked seriously.

 Phoebe laughed. “No to all three.”

 “Then may I propose since it’s Valentine’s Day that I take you out for dinner?”

 “Sure.” Phoebe held out her hand. “Phoebe.”



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 Illyria looked at her little brother and cocked her head to the side. “Why would this day concern you? I know the mortals revere it.”

 Q looked at his sister and sighed. “They don’t revere it. You need to work harder to understand mortals.”

 “Mortals are beneath me.”

 “But they’re so entertaining and they do get so worked up over it.”

 “Why are you here?” she asked again.

 “I,” he began while handing her a yellow withered page, “have something for you.”

 “It’s the prayer written to me by my most favored priest.”

 Q kissed her cheek. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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 “I don’t care that you hate Valentine’s Day. I thought of the perfect gift. So stop dragging your boots.” John said, pulling his goth girlfriend with him.

 “It’s just a dumb holiday thought up by card companies.” Kit paused as he stopped her in front of a field of flowers. “Flowers? John, eww.” John smirked and pulled out his lighter. He set a certain patch on fire. Suddenly the words Happy Valentine’s Day appeared in fire. Kit smiled. “Oh, alright, perfect gift.”

 “It gets better.” He waved his hand. Now it was written in dead flowers. Kit kissed him soundly.


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 “Ripper, give me my book back.” Andromeda laughed.

 “But there’s a prophecy in here. It says the son of the Watcher will fall for a daughter of Black and they will be together forever, once he kisses her on the day of hearts.” Ripper grinned.

 “Does it?” Andromeda asked coyly.

 “Please. Stop. I’m about to throw up,” Severus said.

 “You’re just angry because you don’t have anyone to kiss.” Andromeda smirked.

 “I can fix that,” Ethan said. Severus was about to protest when Narcissa was shoved into his lap. She smiled before kissing him. “Told you I could fix that.”


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 Nick struggled against the ropes that chained him to the doorway. He had a gag in his mouth so he couldn’t yell for help. He didn’t know how he got here, but he knew he had to get away. Something was coming.

 Something was a woman in a long burgundy dress. She ran her hands over his face and laughed. “Little Nicky all tied up in a doorway to hell. No control to stop the forces coming through to get you. The big bad dog muzzled, on his leash like he should be.” Nick tried to pull away as she pulled herself closer to him. Suddenly her face changed. Her eyes were golden and there were ridges on her forehead. She giggled. “Oh Nicky, I bet you taste like fire and sarcasm.” She leaned closer and ran her tongue across his neck. Nick swallowed hard. This chick was a psycho and a link. Suddenly she stood upright. “To continue, please insert three more tokens.”

 Nick shot up in his bed and looked around. Then he ran a shaking hand over his face. “What the fuck was that?”

 Oceans away, Drusilla giggled in her sleep as she pulled Miss Edith closer.


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 “Ya’ll so cute. You know, you should—”

 “No, Rogue.” Logan said. He sipped his coke and tried to watch the football game.

 Rogue rose from her section of the couch. “Why not, sugah? You two are perfect.”

 “I’m trying to watch this, Rogue,” Logan growled.

 Rogue stood in front of the TV. “Well—”

 “I’m not going to ask Faith to marry me!” Logan yelled.

 “Good, cause I ain’t one for a wedding,” Faith said from the doorway with two beers in hand.

 She moved around Rogue to sit in Logan’s lap. “Hey R, could you move? You’re in the way.”


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 “Would you look at that,” Sammy said.

 “Look at what, exactly?” Jason looked in the direction of Sammy’s tilted head. “Damn, she’s hot. You thinking of batting for the other team, Sammy? Can’t say I blame you with that one.”

 Sammy smacked Jason. “Stop thinking with your boy parts for once and use your head.”

 “I am thinking with my—”

 She smacked him again. “This is what I get for being friends with a stripper.”

 “This, and a free show whenever you want, but only for you, baby. And six of your closest, hottest friends, of course.” Jason turned to face Sammy and noticed something out of the corner of his eye. “Holy shit what was that?”

 “Do you see it?” Sammy asked.

 “Damn. Don’t know how I missed that. It completely increases the hotness.” Jason ducked before she could smack him again. “Hey, she’s coming this way. Don’t say anything, Sammy.”

 The woman walked up to them and before she could say anything Sammy blurted out, “Did you know, you glow green?” Her eyes grew big. “Shit, I just said that out loud.”

 The woman paused and then smiled before saying, “Did you know, it’s a full moon tonight?”


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 Dawn hated this place, The Academy. She had no idea how they had got their hands on her. If she didn’t know better, the Must Be Tuesday rule was still in effect. Those damn—

 “Two by two. Hands of blue.”

 Dawn turned to the young girl huddled in the corner. River Tam. That girl had a touch of Earth-That-Was. River set off her weirdo-meter. If Dawn had to name the weird, she would guess psychic.

 River was crying again. She had just been brought back after one of her sessions. She always cried after them. But then she would wipe away her tears and smile. Something shone in this little girl’s eyes that so many of the other children had lost.

 Dawn had escaped with the help of the Scoobies’ descendants. The Academy had tried to come after her, but they had been shown the error of their ways.

 In her three years there, she had never been able to find out why River Tam always kept hope in her eyes. She switched on her monitor to see if there were any new waves. One caught her attention in particular. A bounty for River Tam… and her brother Simon.



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 Dean was whistling while he, slowly and methodically, cleaned his weapons. He had just finished a patrol with a few baby slayers. Currently, he was in the Cleveland Slayers’ Headquarters in one of the many weapons rooms. He barely noticed when the door opened and someone stomped in. He had just moved on to his shotgun when a knife was slammed down into the table an inch away from his fingers. Unconcerned, he looked up to see Faith glaring at him.

 “Can you, please, find a better way to use your lips?” Faith asked.

 “Sure I could, but you’d have to lean a little closer.” Dean smirked.

 Faith raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth to reply, but someone interrupted her. “Faith, honeykins, this sexual tension between you two is thick enough to cut through with that knife. The boy is yours for the taking. I’ve seen it, unless you want Kennedy to get him,” Lorne said from the doorway. Dean gave Lorne a look of horror before turning to Faith, who tackled him to the floor and began kissing him. Lorne smiled at them. Then he turned to leave, humming Can You Feel the Love Tonight under his breath.


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 Oz crept silently through the cemetery. It was pouring and he couldn’t get a clear scent of his prey, but he knew they were somewhere out here. Suddenly, he was slammed against a tree and a shotgun was shoved into his face. Two guys held him captive; they could be siblings. Although, with the height difference, it was hard to tell who was older.

 “Why are you following us?” the taller one asked.

 Oz raised an eyebrow and replied, “Wasn’t.”

 “Oh, really?” the shorter man scoffed.

 “Yes,” Oz said, before pushing the taller man to the side and throwing a stake over his head. A vampire screamed before turning to dust. Oz grabbed the other one by the wrist-- “Move.”-- and shoved him into his brother. Then he punched a second vampire in the jaw before staking him too. Oz turned to look at the brothers on the ground.

 “Okay, maybe you weren’t following us,” the taller brother said, shoving the other man off him.

 The shorter brother stood up and glared. “No shit, Sammy, what gave you that idea?”

 Sammy rolled his eyes and turned to Oz. “So, you a hunter?”


 “Then what are you?”

 Oz shrugged. “Bored.”


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 He wasn’t pretty. Strangely enough, that was Willow’s first thought. He was handsome enough in a rugged sort of way. But his aura was tainted with black. With bad magic. Death magic. A stain left by killing someone with magic. Yet it was tinged with sadness framed by blue. There was also humanity, goodness, a willingness to help others. Willow delved a little deeper. Okay, help for profit at times. He was just…. perfect.

 “Excuse me, miss? Could you not do that?”

 Willow’s eyes widened slightly. “Do what?”

 Harry Dresden slid into the seat across from her. “Sift through my aura like that. I prefer to be on a first name basis” —he raised an eyebrow— “if we’re going to get that personable.”

 Willow gave a shy smile. “Willow Rosenberg.”

 “And what, pray tell, would the Slayer’s Grey Witch want with me.” Harry sighed and rubbed his eyes. ‘Just his lousy luck,’ Harry thought. ‘This was the last thing he needed, to be involved in their group. The slayer and her people were none of his concern, he wasn’t even supposed to—’ “What was that?”

 Willow smiled wider. “We would like to offer you a job.”

 Harry groaned. ‘Hell’s bells…’


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 There were girls everywhere in front of an immense gothic style castle. All sizes, shapes, colors, and ages, anywhere from ten years old to fifty. If you didn’t know that probably all of these girls could snap you in two, any straight guy would be in heaven. Some were chatting in groups, others were sunbathing, and a few were reading or doing homework. That looked normal; however there was also a group throwing knives at each other and catching them. One girl was scaling the castle wall without any gear until a woman came outside and yelled at her. Yet he noticed that as soon as he and Willow passed over the gate’s threshold, every girl and woman tensed. Some just turned to look at him, while others reached for where they were hiding weapons. One girl flat out pointed a crossbow at him after jumping down from a tree.


 “What?” Harry turned to look at Willow who had asked him a question.

 “What do you think?” She added, “Of the offer?”

 He tried to tell himself that these were strong women. There was no reason he should get involved. He had enough problems.

 Harry sighed. “I’ll do it.”


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 Lucius dodged the curse that was thrown in his direction. How dare this muggle Wiccan filth be in his master’s home. He had found her and quickly called the other Death Eaters. Except she was holding her own against five wizards. They began with ten but five had been neutralized— make that six, Goyle was just transfigured into a rat. Who did this muggle bitch think she was?

 All the Death Eaters screamed as they were forced to their knees. “How dare you,” Lord Voldemort hissed, “treat my daughter this way.”

 “Aww, but I was having fun.”

 “Not now, Amy.”


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 Oz was running through the sewers as fast as he could. Cain was about fifty feet behind him. The werewolf turned down another tunnel. He couldn’t waste any time trying to climb back up a ladder. The sewers had been the quickest way to get Cain away from Jordy, but he hadn’t thought about how to get back to the surface. He quickly glanced behind him as he took another left turn. He ran into a solid mass and fell backwards.

 “Watch where you’re going, kid,” a guy said.

 Oz looked at the guy he had bounced off of. He was wearing a trench coat, a hat, and no shoes to cover his large, three toed, green feet. ‘Okay, so probably not a guy. Probably, most definitely a demon,’ he thought.

 “What the hell are you doing in the sewer?” the demon asked.

 Which was when Cain rounded the corner. The hunter had barely lined up a shot when the demon disarmed him and knocked him out. The demon’s hat had been removed in the scuffle revealing the head of a turtle. The demon turtle held out a hand to Oz. “You okay?”

 Oz could only say one thing. “Huh.”


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 Xander and Daniel stared out the window at the lake beside Jack’s cabin. Jack was sitting in his lawn chair with a pole in one hand and a beer in the other. But that wasn’t the cause for their staring. No, it was the man sitting in the lawn chair next to Jack. Also with a beer and pole in each hand.

 “Apparently they know each other from way back,” Xander said.

 “I didn’t think Jack liked scientists. Hell, I had to save his life just for him to open up to me,” Daniel grumbled.

 “Well, technically Giles isn’t a scientist. He’s a research man. Savior of books and destroyer of computers.” Xander smirked.

 “Well, Jack can relate to the destruction of computer parts. He filled his last computer with so many viruses that it took Sam a week to fix it.” Daniel smiled at the memory.

 Xander let a confused look overcome his smirk as Giles laughed at something Jack said. “Well that’s one shared trait. But Giles fishing? I thought he was too… British to do something like that.”

 Daniel shrugged. “Technically they aren’t fishing.”

 “But poles… lake…” Xander gestured.

 “There aren’t any fish in the lake.”



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 Luna was so excited. Her father was taking her to see the Deeper Well for the holidays. She had wanted to visit it since she was little. ‘Imagine all the Old Ones just sleeping there waiting to arise to see how their creations had changed.’

 “Come on, dear.”

 “Yes, Father, I’m coming.” Luna grabbed onto the toothbrush and they were portkeyed to the Deeper Well.

 A man stepped forward to block their way. He glared at them harshly. “If you ask me a question, I will kill you.”

 Luna looked him over thoughtfully. “Fascinating, the nargles have been here too.”


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 “Hey, did you see that?!”

 “See what? There are so many freaking people here. I mean this is a little ridiculous, even for rush hour,” Willow said.

 “No, look there.” Xander turned his friend towards a pillar between platforms 9 and 10. “I think two thirds of these people are going over there.”

 “Hey! Those two boys just disappeared through the pillar,” Willow said before clapping her hand over her mouth.

 Xander held out a hand. “Wanna check it out?”

 “But we’ve got—”

 “A couple hours.” Xander gave her puppy eyes. “Come on, Velma, put on your Scooby hat.”



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 Meg frowned as she entered the store. She was due to meet up with the Winchester boys in a few days along with their precious daddy. She just needed to get one more ingredient for her spell before their meeting. And of course, the only place she could find it was Sunnydale.

 ‘This hell hole is annoying with its slayers and demented vampires. Honestly, how could a demon expect to get work done in a place like this?’ she thought.

 A familiar face greeted her. “Hi. Welcome to the Magic Box. How can I help you spend your money?”



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 Vi delivered another kick to the punching bag. A lone tear fell down her cheek and she hurriedly wiped it away. She delivered another kick and blew out her breath. “Stupid Josef. I HATE HIM!” The punching bag flew across the room to join the other broken four slumped against the wall. More tears fell down her cheeks. “He thinks he’s cool just ‘cause he’s a soul-having-demon who’s over four hundred years old. That he can stand ME up.” Vi slumped against the wall and put her head against her knees. When she lifted her head, she found a face way too close to hers. “Josef!”

 “Are you crying?” he asked in a nonchalant voice.

 “No!” Vi yelled standing up. “And you would have nothing to do with it if I was.”

 He tilted his head at her, “You would cry over me?”

 “No, I don’t cry over annoying sexy vampires who are jerks.”

 “Sexy?” Josef smirked.

 “I meant dumb. Dumb, annoying vampire who are no shows.” Vi crossed her arms.

 Josef’s smirk grew wider. “What about vampires with gifts and explanations?”

 “What’s the explanation?”

 “Mick was in trouble, again.”

 “Next time,” -she poked him hard in the chest- “text.”


Chapter Text

 Scott Evil was hanging out in a bar trying to look evilly cool. Just looking evil wasn’t enough when you were a teenager, you had to be cool too. He was doing a lot better than his two friends Johnny Disaster and Al Destruction. They just looked like they were guilty of stealing the proverbial cookie from the proverbial jar.

 “Dude, you didn’t tell us you had a twin,” Johnny said, pointing at the lead bass guitarist that just stepped onto the stage with the rest of the band ‘The Dingoes Ate My Baby’.

 “Maybe it’s because Scotty’s the failed prototype they couldn’t destroy. That Scott Evil is so much cooler looking.” Al snickered.

 Scott purposely tripped Al making it look like he just felt up the extremely hot girl who was sitting near them. Almost immediately the girl’s roided out boyfriend began beating the crap out of Al. Suddenly Scott’s phone rang.

 “Oh, Scott I have to tell you not only were you not a test tube baby but you had a twin brother that you were separated from at birth! It was all lies! LIES!” Came the screeching voice of Frau Farbissina.

 Scott snapped his phone shut. “Wicked.”


Chapter Text

 Vi glared at her phone and contemplated smashing it into the wall.

 "Come on, Vi, it’s not that bad." Xander’s voice came over the phone.

 "Not that bad! What ever happened to no slayer ever needing to be alone again? Slayer teams? Reinforcements? Andrew for God’s sake?" Vi tried not to screech into her phone.

 "You can handle it, Vi. It’s just recon." He paused to cough although it sounded suspiciously like a laugh. "And no, we couldn’t have sent Kennedy."

 “Penelope, come on girl!”

 "Crap, I have to go." Vi hung up her phone before grabbing her pom poms.


Chapter Text

 “You had better be telling the truth, or I swear to Slytherin, this time I will poison you,” Severus threatened the boy who was smirking at him.

 “Oh come on, Sev, when have I ever lied to you?” Ethan threw an arm around Severus’s shoulder.

 “I could name quite a few times, starting with, say our, last period when you told me you didn’t use all my parchment to make spelled paper missiles.” Severus glared.

 “But that was funny. I didn’t know Pettigrew could run that fast. Besides I swear I’m telling you the truth. On my life as a Slytherin.” Ethan smiled.

 “Fine.” Severus pointed his wand covertly at Potter. “Electus Tela!” He snorted as the Gryffindor noticed the spell’s effect.

 “I never lie when it comes to hexes, especially if they concern James Potter.”

 “You stupid Slytherins! I’m going to bloody murder you!” James screamed over his own clothes, which were singing loudly.

 Ripper laughed and started singing along, “Slytherins are the champions. Slytherins are the champions. Hexed all the Gryffindorks. Cause Slytherins are the saviors of the school!”

 “You three need help,” Lily said as she walked past. “I’ll have a better song for you by Charms.”


Chapter Text

 “Sev.” Ripper knelt down next to the other teen and put a hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay?” His hand was knocked away for his efforts.

 “I’m fine. Leave me alone,” Severus said, turning his back on his friend.

 “Yeah, sure, you’re fine and I’ve just spent the last hour in a closet snogging James Potter.” Ripper scoffed.

 “No! You weren’t!” Severus shouted, shoving Ripper away from him. “Cause if you were, then he wouldn’t have been threatening to de-pants me in front of everybody while dangling me upside down.”

 “Sev I didn’t—”

 “And then it would have been you who stopped him and not Lily.” Severus stood up and started walking away.

 Ripper rushed to his feet and chased after him. “Sev, I’m sorry I’ll make it up to you, I swear.” Severus merely walked faster. Ripper grabbed his arm and spun him around. “Listen to me Severus, I can fix this. I can. All I need is hair gel, a couple chocolate frogs, a broom, a singing telegram and Ethan.”

 Severus glared at Ripper for a few moments before a begrudging smile came across his lips. “You’re stupid.”

 “No,” he countered. “I’m creative and preparing for revenge.”


Chapter Text

 “We’re from the FBI. I’m Agent Johnson and that’s Agent Lancaster. You’re committing a felony by holding us captive.” Dean squinted against the blinding light.

 “Lie,” a female voice said.

 “Look. I found FBI badges,” a different female spoke. She sounded younger than the first speaker.

 Another woman spoke in a husky tone, “Yo, let me see. Damn, these are good fakes.”

 “Telling the truth might make this easier for you,” the first woman said.

 “Might?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

 “Yeah, well, if you’re evil, it’s not going to help you.” The second woman reasoned.

 Dean opened his mouth to speak but Sam spoke first, “Sam and Dean Winchester, we’re hunters. Believe it or not there are supernatural things like—” The light blinding them turned off.

 “Nice going, Sammy.”

 Recess lighting in the ceiling came on revealing the three women. “Sorry about that,” the first speaker, a redhead, said. “We knew you were coming, except we kinda figured you would come through the front door not over the wall,”

 Even though Sam knew that it might flip over the chair he was tied to, he still did it.

 Dean yelped as Sam’s foot connected hard against his shin. “Bitch!”



Chapter Text

 “One of these doors leads to your freedom and one to your certain demise.
 One of us always tells the truth, while the other always lies.
 Only one question is allowed, be you in a group of three or four.
 So ask what you came for and then choose your door.”

 “Are they serious? I know they’re magic but this is a bit ridiculous.” Xander raised a haggard eyebrow.

 Dawn sighed, leaning against him. “I’m too tired to think.”

 “Then simply ask and I will tell you the right door,” one of the creepy door knockers said.

 “No, no, I will!” the identical door knocker shouted.

 “Buffy,” Dawn whined.

 The tired blonde stepped forward brandishing her axe. “I do not want to play this stupid game. I am tired and want to get out of this freaking labyrinth. Tell me the safe way out or I will cut you into tiny pieces and feed you to those birds over there. They look pretty hungry to me.” She paused but after a few moments raised her axe.

 The door screamed together, “Me! Me!” and “Him! Him!”

 As the group left the doors behind, they heard a timid, “Can we retire yet?”


Chapter Text

 Spike groaned as he heard the door open and HE returned. Blighter called himself Death. At least that’s what Spike had heard before he was taken off the streets. Self-important prick. Spike had killed two slayers, saved thousands, and even helped take down the Senior Partners’ army. He was William the Bloody and he would not be broken by some egotistical human.

 “Tell me what I want to know,” Death said as he picked up a bottle of holy water.

 Spike snarled. “I don’t effing know what you want to know. So piss off.”

 “Stop lying and I’ll let you go.” Death gave his stupid ‘practiced in the mirror til it was perfect’ smile.

 Spike snorted. “Yeah, let me go straight into the sun. I’m not lying to you. In fact, I haven’t told you a single lie. You want to know the truth of the matter? Here it is. I’ll spell it out for you. They are coming for me. And nothing will stop them, not even my death. And when they find you, you’ll wish you’d never heard of me. I just hope I’m still alive so I can kick your ass myself before lighting it on fire.”


Chapter Text

 Andrew knew the scoobies were worried about him. He couldn’t act normal, not after the letter he received on Friday. Dawn had tried to get him to explain what was wrong, but he refused. They made Willow make sure he wasn’t possessed. He couldn’t even manage to deliver his normal ‘not evil anymore’ speech. In the end, it was Faith who he finally told what was wrong and why it felt like nothing mattered.

 Andrew’s cousin had died. He wouldn’t go into any of the details or specifics, other than his cousin died a hero. That was all they needed to know, he had said.

 This group of heroes didn’t need to know about the wizard war where children died fighting a monster of a man named Voldemort. Kids like his cousin. The letter didn’t delve into the grim details of his cousin’s death, not that he would want to know.

 Andrew tried to honor his cousin the best way he could. He had received so many pictures from his cousin at school. On one wall in his room, he created a collage. In the exact middle was a picture of him and his two cousins, Dennis and Colin Creevey.


Chapter Text

 Linus looked down at the redhead who was glaring daggers at him. He tried to think how Danny would deal with Tess in this situation. So he tried Danny’s infamous line and hoped for better results. “I only lied about being a thief,” he said before throwing up his hands to block Willow’s fists.

 “That means you lied about everything!” she shouted. “You haven’t told me a single truthful thing. Tell me the real reason you’re dating me and just maybe you won’t be beaten to death with a shovel. At least not by me; Buffy and Xander are a whole other matter. Not to mention every other single girl in that School, Faith who is rather partial to chainsaws, Giles who would still use his fists, or Andrew who would talk you to death before beating you with winged monkeys, and—”

 Linus risked everything and put his hand over her mouth to stop her babbling. He had no idea what to tell her. He couldn’t just tell her that he and a group of fourteen others were looking to steal a priceless artifact from her mysterious school’s library. He only knew one thing. “Falling for you was not a lie.”


Chapter Text

 Kit sighed and kicked the chair next to her. All she did was write a poem… about vampires. So what, she was homesick but still, what did they do? Send her to the guidance counselor because the stupid English teacher couldn’t interpret a stupid poem correctly.

 She glanced at the guy a seat over. He had been muttering for the past five minutes and the only audible phrases had been ‘for crying out loud’, ‘damn stupid big-me’, and ‘going to freaking kill Loki’. He finally noticed Kit and said, “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

 Kit raised an eyebrow. “Do you want the truth or the more interesting?”

 The boy shrugged. “How about both?”

 “I took out a couple cheerleaders who were making fun of the weird new girl which would of course be me. Or, I wrote a poem about home.” She looked at him expectantly.

 He glanced at the ceiling. “Let’s see. I corrected my history teacher so much he thinks I’m delusional. Or I’m actually in trouble because they think I’m an alien.”

 Kit looked him over critically. “You’re pretty cute for a delusional delinquent… or an alien. What period do you have lunch?”


Chapter Text

 “Who is it?” Rupert asked as he opened the door.

 “Bang, you’re dead,” said the man currently holding a gun at Rupert’s head. “Never going to kill a rogue slayer if you’re going to be that stupid.”

 Rupert glared. “Well, given that I’m going to be an actual Watcher and not one of their assassins, I consider that to be a good thing. What do you want, GC?”

 “Just need a connection to the Council to inform them of some new happenings. And maybe I wanted to catch up with an old friend,” GC said.

 Rupert snorted. “You don’t have any friends.”

 “Ouch, that’s harsh, Ripper. I think you hurt my feelings,” GC said sarcastically.

 “Don’t call me Ripper,” Rupert snapped. “I don't want to be reminded of my past anymore and you bloody well know it.”

 “Mr. Good Cat?”

 Rupert looked around GC to see a boy of twelve at the bottom of his apartment’s steps. “Who is that?”

 GC motioned for the boy to stay put. “New happenings.”

 “And does he have a name?” Rupert asked.

 GC looked at the boy as if he was considering something very serious. After a few moments of contemplation, he responded, “Slevin.”


Chapter Text

 “That’s a good way to get yourself shot in the foot, Ripper,” GC remarked, not taking his eyes off a boy, barely in his teens, who was shooting a target with a 9mm.

 “Only the foot, GC? I think you’re getting soft in your old age,” Rupert said as he leaned against the wall.

 “Don’t tempt me,” GC said, before shouting. “Correct your stance, Slevin.” Immediately, Slevin shifted his feet around.

 “What did you tell the Council?” Rupert wondered.

 “That I can’t work on the East Coast anymore. Travers was pissed considering the current slayer is in New York. But Nikki’s a good kid, no chance of her going rogue.”

 “Did he ask why?” Rupert paused when GC shot him a look. “Right of course. Did you at least te— No, of course you didn’t. You probably did what you always do. Tell a lie wrapped up in the truth. So what was it this time?”

 “My current contract does not allow for any dealings in New York,” GC said before once again shouting at Slevin. “Put up the gun. Bring the target.” They both waited for Slevin to make his way over with his target sheet.

 “He’s getting better.”


Chapter Text

 “Can I hel— Good god, GC, what happened?” Rupert quickly opened his door to allow GC and the fifteen year old Slevin into his apartment. GC was a little banged up but the kid was barely conscious. The older man was practically carrying him.

 “Took the kid on a Council sanctioned kill for a warlock in Surrey who had been raising demons to kill off all his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends. It should have been an easy kill,” GC said as he laid Slevin down on Rupert’s couch. “But we were ambushed by a couple of vampires.” Rupert immediately started tending to Slevin and managed to get a couple of painkillers down the kid’s throat before he completely passed out. “I told him it would be simple, easy. Practice with a rifle for the sniper kill. I told him not to worry.” GC waved off Rupert when he tried to tend to him.

 “And what of the vampires?” Rupert asked.

 “Dust. Would have been a lot simpler if not for the kid. He didn’t know what to do; I didn’t tell him about the supernatural.” GC shook his head.

 “Are you going to tell him the truth?”

 “What do you think?”


Chapter Text

 They were still after him, the vampires and the lycans. This time, the vampires had been faster. Whatever they had injected him with had zapped Michael of all his strength. Now he was chained to a chair surrounded by eight chatty vampires, while Selene had been taken to a different room. He had no idea what they were going to do to her. He knew exactly what these vampires wanted to do to him as they wouldn’t shut up about the possibilities. Michael only had one, well, two hopes. Either Selene got out unscathed and saved him, or these idiots stayed preoccupied making diabolical plans until his strength returned. That was until a guy with bleach blonde hair and a black leather duster crashed through the windows. In a flurry of blows he made quick work of the other vampires.

 “Who are you?” Micheal asked.

 “Spike,” he said, grabbing a key. “You must be Michael. Heard Selene got caught, figured I’d try to get even.” He unchained Michael before chucking the key.

 “Get even?”

 “She saved me, I save you.”

 “Don’t you mean save her?” Michael asked.

 Spike snorted. “You’ve met Selene right? She doesn’t need anyone to save her.”


Chapter Text

 “Seriously!” Shawn groaned. He was tied to a chair in a dark room. He could feel someone's back against his own. “Gus?”

 “That would be a no,” Xander said.

 “Xander! Ugh. I can't believe I'm tied up in a dark room... again,” Shawn whined.

 “You're dating a slayer and claim to be a psychic. Are you seriously surprised?” Xander asked.

 “Yes,” Shawn half-shouted before leaning hard against the ropes. “Jules’s only been a slayer for two weeks and this is the third time I've been mannapped since then.”

 “Are you just upset because Gus wasn't kidnapped with you?”

 “Maybe... Yes.”


Chapter Text

 Buffy couldn't stop her tears. Three months of dating a normal guy who knew nothing about the supernatural without anything bad happening. She knew it was too good to last. Still, she never thought when the inevitable did happen that it would end in his death. Some demon had just snapped his neck. Buffy managed to kill it but that wasn't going to bring her boyfriend back.

 “Whoa!” Jack sat up suddenly, dislodging her. “Buffy, I can explain.”

 Buffy sighed in relief before punching him in the shoulder. “You stupid, non-normal person! Next time duck when I tell you to.”


Chapter Text

 On Wash’s seventeenth birthday, he eagerly waited for the package that should be arriving any minute. Wash knew that his uncle would come home with it, once he finished his shift at the post office. But his uncle came home empty handed. He told Wash not to worry about it, that maybe it got sent to the wrong place and he’d keep an eye out for it. Wash tried to remain optimistic, sometimes ships ran behind. Besides Xan never forgot anything, especially birthdays.

 Xan had come into his family right after he had been born. For as long as Wash could remember, Xan had been a pseudo big brother living with his family, until five years ago when he said that he had to go. But Xan always sent gifts for every special occasion in the Washburne household.

 Three months, and four missed special occasions later, Wash could only assume the worst. Xan must have forgotten them. He refused to consider the worst alternative.

 Then his uncle brought home a ginormous crate. They opened it and Wash grabbed a small package with his name on it. Upon opening he smiled widely at the gift and note.

Remember Spike the pterodactyl?


Chapter Text

 Willow looked at the bar with reluctance. She didn’t really want to go in, it looked very red-necky. But she had been driving for six hours straight and hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning. So into the Road House she went, hopefully for some non-vomity food.

 Willow grabbed a seat at the bar. The place was dead, completely empty except for the female bartender, a teenager doing her homework a few seats down, and a guy a few years younger than Willow passed out on the pool table.

 Willow placed an order with the woman but she kept glancing back at the guy on the pool table. He looked so familiar but she couldn’t place him.

 “You got a problem?” the woman asked. Willow noticed both of the bartender's hands going under the bar.

 Willow shook her head quickly. She did not want to deal with a bartender and her gun. Again. “No. He just looks like someone I know and I can’t figure out who.”

 The woman looked over Willow carefully before shrugging. “His name’s Ash if that helps any.”

 Willow shrugged as well. It wasn’t until she was almost done eating that she shouted, “Oh goddess, it’s Dave Ackly.”


Chapter Text

 Ash had been sleeping peacefully on his favorite pool table when he heard someone scream a name. A name he’d never forget but that reminded him of a place he wished he didn’t remember. Ash practically fell off the table while rubbing his eyes trying to see who had shouted.

 He looked around, Jo was doing her homework ignoring everyone, while Ellen was behind the bar staring at a redhead who was looking at him like he was a ghost. Ash tried to play it off like nothing was wrong. “What’s all the shouting for? I’m awake.” The redhead narrowed her eyes. She walked up to and poked him in the shoulder. Hard. “Hey what’d you do that for?” Ash asked, rubbing his shoulder. She frowned at him and Ash took a step back. Some instinct leftover from Sunnydale screamed at him to back away from the woman. “What?”

 “Okay, I’m confused. You look like you could be Dave Ackly’s twin yet I know he didn’t have one and I saw him die so you better explain what is going on mister non-First guy,” she said, still glaring at him.

 “Everyone always says I look just like my older brother.”


Chapter Text

 A young woman barely out of her teens was flipping through a large book as she walked up to the cash register. “Hello. I’m in a hurry and I need the blood of an Anorak, and this is the one place I will find it,” she said.

 Dawn straightened and turned to shout, “Giles! Do we have the blood of an Anorak?”

 “You do,” the woman said. At the same time Giles called, “Underneath the counter.”

 “Oh,” Dawn remarked. “That will be-”

 “39.45, here you are.” The woman held out the exact amount.

 “Okaaay.” She took the cash and started to wrap up the bottle. “So, what are you reading?”

 “A family book,” she replied, clutching it to her chest.

 “The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch?”

 “Well, yes.”

 Dawn shrugged after a moment. “Yeah, my family’s got some issues too.” She leaned on the counter as she handed over the bagged bottle of blood. “How many prophecies did she make?”

 The woman ran a finger along one of the pages. “4,823 prophecies. Thank you, Dawn,” she said before leaving.

 “Hey, Giles? Have you ever heard of the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch?”


Chapter Text

 “An exchange program? Really, Buffy?! In Nowheresville, Virginia?” Dawn complained.

 “We need to know about this school, Dawnie. I’m not sending you away.” Buffy poked her sister in the side. “I’m sending you on a mission.”

 Dawn perked up. “Oh, well, in that case, tell me more.”


 “Ric, it should be me going.” Hope crossed her arms in frustration.

 “I need you here, Hope,” Ric said from his desk. “Josie and Lizzie can handle this. It’s only for a month. We need to find out what these slayers are.”

 Hope huffed as she sat down, “Fine, but next mission’s mine.”


Chapter Text

 Faith sat on her bed waiting for her boyfriend, the first one that had been true in a long time. They had been dating for eight months and somehow she hadn’t messed it up. She was giving him space to be him and trusting him.

 However, once every month around midnight, he disappeared. He’d come back late the next night saying he spent the time in church. She had initially taken him at his word, his tattoos spoke of his faith. Still, she had noticed the news during his days in church, the ones about a mobster or bad guy getting killed by the last Saint. Faith ignored it for a while hoping there was no connection. Then she had done research on the Boondock Saints. The father and brother had died and he was the only one left.

 “Connor!” Faith shouted, jumping off the bed as her boyfriend fell through the door. He was covered in blood. “What happened?”

 “It’s alright, love. Just need a wee rest.”

 “Yeah in a hospital.”

 He could barely shake his head. “No hospitals, just a little faith and maybe an iron.”

 “You’re gonna need more than a prayer,” she said, grabbing her phone.


Chapter Text

 Oz kept glancing at his cousin as they drove into a small nowhere town. His baby cousin was all grown up, grown up enough to be told that he was adopted. When Jordy asked if Oz could help him find his birth family, it was a no-brainer. He knew his cousin was hoping that maybe his biological family could provide some answers about his beastly nature. Oz had been bitten by Jordy, but Jordy had been born this way. He parked the car in front of a badly burned house in the woods. “Jordy?”

 “I’m ready to meet the Hales.”


Chapter Text

 “Just think it through with me,” the guidance counselor said kindly.

 Jel sighed as he shuffled through the papers in front of him. An acceptance letter from the University of California, a pamphlet about joining the marines, and an acceptance letter from the local university. “I don’t know. I mean majoring in law sounds fun, I think I could be a really good lawyer. My mother’s family has always been part of the military and they think I should go there before college. I’m not against serving my country plus what my uncles have taught me about knives is pretty cool. But my dad needs help here and if I stay I could do something more with literature or art at the local college.”

 “What is your gut feeling or a wish if you want?”

 "I just wish I could do all three.”

 The counselor’s visage changed and a deep voice said, “Wish granted.”

 Jel stumbled out of his chair and fell to the ground, however three identical Jel’s rose from the floor looking slightly confused as they took in their surroundings.

 “Jacob, Elliot, Lindsey, you boys may go,” the counselor spoke as if nothing was amiss.





Chapter Text

 “I enjoy most musicals. They’re actually one of my favorite things. I just like the break from reality with people bursting out into choreographed dance and song,” Richard said to his present partner at the speed dating event he was participating in. It was his usual opening line, either that or hiking.

 Willow made a disgusted look. “Me, not so much. Because, you know, too much singing and dancing can cause flamage.”

 Richard raised an eyebrow at her. “What?”

 “Stupid Sweet. This de- guy completely ruined things that involve singing and dancing for me. So I’m a no-go on musicals.”


Chapter Text

 Cordelia walked briskly down the street scanning the crowd. She only had so much time before they realized she was gone. After watching the world, she had found someone who could use her gift for good and no one was going to stop her from fully passing on her gift.

 She zoned in on two men staring at a food truck. She grabbed one of them by the collar to pass her gift the only way she knew how.

 “Shawn!” his friend said, tapping him on the shoulder without glancing in their direction.

 Cordelia pulled back to say, “No one can take that away from you. Free will and all that mumbo-jumbo. You better keep doing what you’re doing Shawn Spencer.” Then she vanished.

 “Okay. That was unexpected but explainable,” Shawn said, spinning in a circle to case the area. He cried out as a flurry of images flashed in front of his eyes. “Gus,” he called out, “I think I just had a vision.”

 “So did I. The peanut guy is now here from 4 to 10.”


Chapter Text

 “He used a love spell or put something in her drink,” Severus said as he paced across the floor. “Maybe he’s blackmailing her.” He shook his head. “He was supposed to be a phase.” Severus stopped and glared at the two men. “Are you going to help or not?”

 Ethan pulled a bottle of fire whiskey out of his bag. “You could show up smashed?”

 Severus flipped him the bird.

 “It’s time to face reality, Sev,” Ripper said. “Narcissus is marrying Lucius Malfoy and you missed out.”

 “See what happens when you say no to a Hogsmeade weekend,” Ethan added.


Chapter Text

  Andrew watched with interest as Mr. Giles talked with Mr. Ford and his team. He had researched the team and something had been bugging him about them from the start.

  “But where would the money go?” Mr. Ford asked.

  “That’s it!” Andrew started pointing. “You’re Robin Hood, she’s Maid Marian, she’s Broomhilde, he’s Little John, and he’s Achoo!”

  Mr. Ford started laughing while Sophie huffed. “Don’t put ideas in his head.”

  “Pretty sure that’s not a new idea, Sophie,” Elliot said.

  Mr. Giles sighed before saying, “Andrew, we’ve talked about voicing your parallels.”

  Mr. Ford smiled. “The kid’s not wrong.”


Chapter Text

 Gwen looked around the museum with some interest but most of her attention was focused on the man beside her. He wasn’t her normal type and her definition of a date was not to tour an art museum. For safety measures, she rarely toured art museums so as not to appear on any cameras. She loved art; it was practically a vice.

 They paused in front of a painting and she knew. She had to have it. Discretely she began downloading schematics on her phone. She made agreeing noises when her date spoke without actually hearing anything he said.

 “You know,” Bruce said, taking her phone. “You’re hard enough to shop for as it is. It doesn’t help if you steal things before I have a chance to give them to you.” He paused for a second. “Plus, if you steal then I’d feel obligated to think about handing you over to the police. And you know how much I hate thinking about handing over my girlfriends to the police.”

 Gwen grinned while shrugging her shoulders. “Well that’s what happens when you pick up girls while fighting crime. Just be glad I’m not Poison Ivy. Now that girl’s got issues.”


Chapter Text

 Jo looked over the man who had taken a seat in her section. He didn’t look like he belonged here. He was younger and more punk than their normal crowd. Although he was probably only a year or two older than her. He had ripped jeans and shirt, and purple spiked hair. When she walked over, she couldn’t help asking, “Are you sure you’re in the right place?”

 The boy looked around. “Yeah.”

 “Are you looking for someone?”

 “Could be.”

 She tried to stare him down but it didn’t seem to have any effect. “What are you doing here?”

 He shrugged. “No.”

 “What?” she asked.

 “I don’t really feel like lying,” he explained.

 Jo ground her teeth. She needed to get some feelers into this guy. He felt off. “What’s your name?”

 He looked around her as the door opened. “Oz,” he said after a moment.

 “And how do I know that’s not a lie?” She knew she was going to have to bring in some bigger guns for this.

 “I guess you could card me,” he offered.

 She smiled her best waitress smile. “Alright whatcha having?”

 He turned to face her and said with a straight face, “Diet coke.”


Chapter Text

 “It’s a toy! I don’t understand its significance.”

 “It is not a toy! It is an original Hans Solo Star Wars action figure. And you just ruined it!”

 “I didn’t ruin it. All I did was open it. Was I not supposed to?”

 “Of course you’re not! How would you feel if I messed up all your nicely sorted books?”

 “You wouldn’t.”

 The two men glared at each other and Giles said to Xander, “I had imagined that Andrew and Zack would be friends.”

 Xander just shook his head. “Nerds and geeks don’t always play well together. Two different extremes.”


Chapter Text

 “Ugh cookies, cookies and more freaking cookies. Would it be too much to ask for a hot wing or something?”

 Teal’c turned to look at the dark haired woman standing by the dessert table. The general’s house and backyard was filled mostly with young women and a few men for his granddaughter’s graduation party. He walked over to stand beside her while he grabbed some of the cookies. “I do not think hot wings would go well with cookies.”

 The woman arched an eyebrow at Teal’c. “Well,” she drew out the word slowly as she assessed him. “I wasn’t planning on making a cookie hot wing sandwich. That’s more something Dawn would do.” She made a face. “I need to remember to never mention that to Dawn.”

 “If you want more savory food, why are you at the dessert table? The hot food is inside the house,” Teal’c said.

 “Wait, there’s more food inside the house?” she asked. After Teal’c nodded, she smiled and leaned in. “How savory are we talking here?”

 “Three trays of hot wings, nachos, buffalo chicken dip, mini meatballs, sandwiches–”

 Faith held up a hand. “Yo, say no more. You’ve saved my stomach. Thanks, man.”



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 Glorificus came to herself in a restroom where cheering and loud music was coming through the walls. Upon leaving she found herself surrounded in a sea of people. This was the perfect place for a pick-me-up. She just needed to separate some of the herd.

 “Courtney! Like what are you doing? And what are you wearing?” an Asian cheerleader asked.

 “Whitney—” A girl that could be Glorificus’s twin appeared. “OMG, you stole my face!”

 “Like that’s crazy,” Glorificus said, grabbing both girls’ hands. “Come on, we’ve got to talk about this.” She began to drag them away from the crowd.


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 “No, Dennis, don’t!” Andrew called out trying to grab his little cousin.

 Dennis easily evaded Andrew and withdrew his wand. “Expelliarmus!”

 “Ow!” Came a muffled shout from behind a wall that now looked to be a curtain shaped person.

 “Dennis, you’re going to get in trouble for using magic outside of school.” Colin smacked his brother on the arm.

 “Am not. We’re on a hellmouth, stupid. They can’t see if we’re using magic here,” Dennis said smugly.

 Andrew meanwhile went and pulled the curtain off of the person it now covered. “I should have known it was you, Jonathon. You jerk, what were you trying to do?”

 “I just wanted to help. You said you wanted to spend more time with your little cousins,” Jonathon said as he stood up.

 Andrew looked back at his cousins who were glaring at his friend. “No. I bet you were practicing for what you were going to do to Buffy. You were, weren’t you?”

 Jonathon lowered his head. “Yeah…”

 “And you wanted to use me and my cousins as specimens?” Andrew crossed his arms. “Not cool, man.”

 Jonathon sighed. “It would have been. If someone didn’t have the attention span of a squirrel.”


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 Spike laid on the ground with the rest of the people in the bank as the ragtag group of robbers made their way into the vault. Spike sighed to himself. ‘Nothing ever changes in the verse. Humans always gonna act the same.’

 “Well at least we ain’t pillaging and raping.” One of the robbers, a young girl who had pointed out a man with a hidden gun, said to him. “Rape, pillage, and plunder. Three tricks of every bad guy’s trade. Can only do one right now. Should only be doing one right now.”

 “Is that so reader?” Spike smirked at her. “But the other two can be so much fun.”

 River frowned and flicked him in the forehead. “Not my fun, that’s more theirs.”

 Both River and Spike turned to the doorway at the same time. “Oh bloody hell,” Spike said as River started to convulse, causing Jayne to come over and point a gun at Spike.

 “What the hell?”

 “Reavers.” River breathed.

 Spike got up off the ground and started toward the door. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jayne yelled.

 “Sorry, mate, gotta run. You heard your girl, reavers are coming.”

 “Mal, we got trouble,” Jayne shouted.


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 “Sir, it appears that the line has reverted back to Miss Summers. We will have to make do with one slayer again,” the watcher said.

 “Well that just won’t do.” Quentin Travers pulled out a piece of paper and placed it in front of the other man.

 “The Dollhouse, sir?”

 “I think it is time to try. They can give her the skills and know-how. I have a coven that will do the rest. We will give her a background that will make her trust anyone who makes her feel important and safe.”

 “And this slayer’s name will be?”



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 “Make do? Make do?! This isn’t a freaking cake we’re talking about! You can’t substitute one person for another and get the same result. I need her,” Dean ranted at Giles.

 Giles shook his head. “Willow’s needed elsewhere. You’ll have to take Dresden.”

 Harry sighed. “I have to work with these two again? Bob is going to be thrilled.”

 “No freaking way. I’m not working that damn ghost.”

 Sam laughed, while Dean glared at him. “Come on Dean. You can see your girlfriend later. Besides, Bob’s not that bad.”

 “He makes out with another ghost again and his skull’s toast.”


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 He had survived the battle against the senior partners and their army. He was the only one who had. Gun had died first. Then Illyria and then Spike who managed to save his coat before turning to dust. Angel had survived the past. He survived the present. And now 500 years later he wished he had gone out in a blaze of glory with the rest of his team.

 Another girl was brought in to fight him. This one was different from the rest. Angel could tell. Those bastards had finally done it. The Academy finally had themselves a slayer.


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 I remembered her name.

 ‘Buffy Summers.’

 I remembered how she looked.

 ‘A blonde whirlwind who could fight with the best of them.’

 I remember her accomplishments, all the times she succeeded and even the times she had failed.

 ‘She saved the world a lot.’

 I remember her friends that supported her.

 ‘The core Scoobies will always back her up.’

 But in the midst of all that I had forgotten one fatal fact.

 ‘Buffy Summers was not immortal.’

 And with those final thoughts The Immortal, only known to his very close friends as Methos, walked away from the oldest slayer’s funeral.


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Part 1

 Vi looked at Cassie shaking her head. “I don’t get it.”

 “Don’t get what?” Cassie asked.

 “How you can still be a virgin,” Vi said loudly, causing Cassie to blush. “That was the 12th guy in the last hour that has made a pass at you, not counting all the ones that just stared at you. You are missing out.”

 “I told you, chastity is considered a big deal where I come from. It’s one of our virtues.”

 “Just keep telling yourself that when you get kidnapped for virgin blood for the third week in a row.”

 “Don’t jinx me.”


Part 2

 “A virgin.”

 Cassie and Vi turned to look at the group of demons that appeared out of nowhere. Cassie hit Vi in the arm. “You jinxed me, you jerk.” Vi pulled out a short sword from her back. Cassie pulled out her phone, saying, “No wonder you kept shifting during the movie.”

 “We don’t need help. I can handle these guys.” Vi yelled, decapitating one demon.

 “What about those guys?”


 “What happens if we both get knocked out? I texted him but what if he can’t find us?”

 “Tracking device in the butt.”

 “…You better be talking about yourself.”


Part 3

 “What is with this town?” Connor asked as he quickly killed the three demons surrounding a guy from his class. “It’s getting annoying the amount of virgins I have to save.”

 Max sighed. “I really need to fix that. Seriously after last year. Freaking witches.”

 Connor untied him. “You’re in the know?” He looked him over. “Do you have a girlfriend? Any plans to turn evil? Why are you still a virgin? What are you doing tonight?”

 “Yes. No. No. Because. Nothing.” Max looked confused. “Why?”

 “Any good with a sword?”

 “Does an axe count?”

 “Oh yeah.”

 Connor’s phone buzzed.


Part 4

 “It’s freaking huge!”

 “Look out!”

 “Don’t aim for the tentacles!”

 “For the love of God, someone throw me the sword!”

 There was a loud splat as the newly risen demon exploded over everything. Connor looked around before whispering to Vi, “Wow, girl and guy virgin blood equals big demon.”

 She nodded. “Really big.”

 Max helped Cassie up off the floor. “Hi. I’m Max.”

 “Cassie.” She smiled at him.

 “Is this your normal Friday, too?”

 “Maybe together they can get rid of their pesky little virtue problem.” Connor smiled.

 “Please call it what it is.” Vi rolled her eyes. “A vice.”


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 “You’re fishing,” Oz said, making the man who had been talking at him non stop, doing weird gestures the entire time, pause. “Interesting technique. Never seen the police use a psychic as bait before. Could use a sidekick though.”

 “Oh I have one. I could get him if you think that would help,” Shawn said, finally taking the seat opposite Oz. “I call him Magic Head.”

 Oz raised an eyebrow. “Which would make you what caped crusader?”

 “The type that can solve crimes with a single vision by just one touch on an object from the crime scene,” Shawn said, standing up.

 “So why am I still here?” Oz asked. “Or is your vision not filled with the answer yet?”

 Shawn opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by Detective Lassitor coming through the door. “Spencer! Get out.”

 “Aww but Lassie I was just about to get somewhere,” Shawn whined.

 “I just got my stun gun back and I’d be happy to test it on you.” Lassitor smiled widely.

 “Fine, I’m going. I just have one more question. It’s of the utmost importance that he answers it.” Shawn paused as if to compose himself. “What’s with the pink hair?”


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 Oz sighed as he was once again back in the Santa Barbara police station. It was his own fault. He was so focused on getting rid of Cain and protecting the other wolf that he somehow messed up. At least the other wolf managed to not be involved in this whole mess. Oz figured he would just be a witness to a terrible animal attack. But part of the fight between Oz and Cain had gotten caught on a bad quality tape. Oz shifted in the uncomfortable chair in the lobby. He closed his eyes and tried to meditate but opened them when someone held a cup of coffee under his nose.

 A tall lanky officer was the one holding the cup. His nametag said McNabb. He smelled very familiar to Oz. He took the cup from the officer.

 McNabb gave Oz an unsure smile. “I thought you might want some coffee. I didn’t know what you’d want in it. So I brought some cream packets and sugar. I… um… just wanted to say thank you.” He leaned in closer. “For the other night. I thought I was toast.”

 Oz raised an eyebrow. ‘So this was the wolf he saved.’


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 “Shawn what do you want?” Gus asked. “I’m missing a meeting for this.”

 “You didn’t need to go to that sales rep meeting.” Shawn put two fingers against his head. “I sense it would be a total bore.”

 Gus smacked him in the arm. “I’m leaving.”

 “Get down, there he is.” Shawn dragged Gus behind a table containing a bunch of folded towels.

 “There who is?” Gus carefully snuck a peak over the towels.

 “The kid with the pink spiked hair,” Shawn said.

 “I don’t see a girl with pink hair,” Gus said.

 “That would be because it’s that guy with pink hair.” Shawn pointed out Oz. “I think he saw us.” Shawn pulled Gus down again. “He’s the missing link for this case. I can feel it.”

 “What case?” Gus asked. “We don’t have a case right now.”

 “Oh but we do, a case with wolf bites, a tape, a dead bounty hunter, and that kid.” At the same time both Shawn and Gus peered over the towels. “Whoa, where’d he go?”


 Gus screamed as the entire stack of towels fell on his and Shawn’s head. He then ran away still screaming.

 Oz smirked. “Now that’s an exit.”


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 “I don’t know about this Tara,” Willow said, looking at the creepy house with uncertainty before evaluating her girlfriend who had chosen to dress in all black this morning.

 “These people are the only family I can be proud of and I want you to meet them. Please Willow,” Tara pleaded. “It would really mean a lot to me.”

 “But what if they don’t like me?” Willow asked.

 “Trust me they will. Tell them that D'hoffryn offered you a position, that’ll make Wednesday like you at least.” Tara gave a small smirk. “My maternal great grandmother’s family values are quite different from my father's.”

 “Okay I’m ready.” Willow let out a breath.

 Tara grasped her hand and led her to the doorway where she pressed the doorbell and a very loud scream sounded through the house rather than a bell. Willow tried to back away when the door was opened by a very large man resembling Frankenstein’s monster.

 “Hello, Lurch,” Tara said, smiling. “Could you tell Aunt Morticia that I’m here.” The man groaned in an affirmative before walking away.

 Willow leaned in to whisper, “Now I think I know why you wanted to go to school by a hellmouth.”


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 Wednesday lit the matches, ready to throw them on the gas soaked logs when someone caught her eye. “Cousin Tara?”

 Tara walked onto stage around the flames with a hesitant smile. “Seems you’re enjoying camp?”

 “I am now.”

 “I came to see the play and bring you home. Your parents couldn’t make it,” Tara explained. “I enjoyed your speech. Ad libbed?”

 “The original script was trash.”

 “Wednesday.” Joel called.

 “Say goodbye to your friend while I find your brother.”

 “That shouldn’t be too hard, he’s dressed as a giant turkey burning down the cabins.”


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 “You call this a magic shop?” Severus opened one of the books on the shelf. “Honestly Ripper, how do you get any of your homework done if this is all you have.”

 “I manage.” Ripper shrugged.

 “Merlin, they have Orbs of Thesula. What the hell can you actually do with one of these things besides use it as a paper weight?”

 “Ensoul a vampire,” Ripper said offhandedly.

 Ethan put an arm around Severus. “Or you could chuck them at Black and Potter while they’re flying on the quidditch field. Paper weights can do massive damage.”

 Severus smirked. “These will do.”


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  Dr. Chase grabbed the chart of his latest surgery patient ignoring the teenage girl in the room.

  “There’s no jello in your hands,” she said.

  “I beg your pardon?” Chase said with a raised eyebrow.

  “If you want to see Xander you have to bring jello,” she demanded.

  Chase took a moment to look around the room noting it was filled with different types of jello.

  “Close your mouth and move, Chase,” House spoke from behind him. “Alright kid, I got some of the blue kind. Now tell me how you managed to get every single nurse to offer jello.”


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 “Look. You can't just go attacking every demon-” Xander stopped scolding the pouting slayer. In the corner of the cemetery he noticed a familiar shape. A shape that was supposed to be dead. “Dean Winchester?”

 Dean came closer and sighed. “Hey Xander.”

 “What are you doing here? What are you doing alive?”

 “Oh, you know, magic or some angel-y shit.”

 “How long you been back?”

 “A couple of months.”

 “And why doesn’t Buffy know yet?”

 “I've been a bit busy-”

 “Remember when she found out Spike was still alive after he supposedly died?”

 Dean paused. “Shit. Give me your phone.”


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 Sheep, lots of sheep. In fact there were 76 sheep; Dawn should know she’d counted eight times. She wanted to go somewhere else away from the annoying sheep that kept trying to eat her shirt. Unfortunately the rules were clear: if you fell through a portal and were not in immediate danger you have to stay in that place until Willow finds you.

 Dawn sighed and looked for anything interesting to do before Willow found her. Suddenly she heard the weirdest noise. She turned to look behind her and noticed a blue telephone box phasing in and out of view. Dawn perked up. Hopefully the people in the box would be of the good variety.


 Dawn grimaced and took a step back. Now there were only 74 sheep in the field. Maybe they weren’t good people. There was no reason to aim for sheep when portalling. That’s just mean.

 A man and a woman stepped out of the box. The woman raised an eyebrow at the man. “Really Doctor?”

 The man shrugged. “Whoops?”

 The girl arched her other eyebrow.

 “I didn’t see them,” he amended. She shook her head and he tried one more time, “They had it coming?”


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 Rupert Giles glared at the owl in front of him on his patio table. It had a letter tied to its claw.

 “Go on Rupert, open it,” his mother urged. When he refused to move, she took the letter and opened it. She handed it to his father saying, “It seems that Durmstrang wants him as well.”

 “Ripper!” A shout came as Ethan jumped the fence into their yard.

 Mrs. Giles grabbed Ethan by the collar as he joined them at the table. “I know your mother taught you better manners than jumping fences and screaming at the top of your lungs.”

 Ethan looked down. “Yes ma’am.”

 “Have you gotten any letters yet?” Mr. Giles asked.

 Ethan nodded. “Yes sir. Dad wanted to send me to Durmstrang, but my uncle said the best school for me would be Hogwarts.”

 Mr. Giles nodded as well. “Well if Harold Travers thinks Hogwarts is the best school then that’s where Rupert will be starting as well. Come dear, let’s get a quill so we can respond.”

 Rupert waited for his parents to leave before asking, “Your uncle said that?”

 “Hell no, he still wants to sell me to that clan of Dreval demons.”


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 Severus sat alone, reading his textbook on the train. He had been afraid to join Lily in her compartment with two boys he didn’t know. He heard shouting and a bunch of doors slamming before those same two boys threw themselves into his compartment. They now wore ball caps and large jackets that they quickly shedded, throwing them on the shelf above his head. One boy hurled himself down on the opposite bench pretending to sleep while the other sat next to Severus.

 “Do us a favor and just go with it?” the boy pleaded. The shouting and slamming was getting closer. Severus stared at him in confusion and a bit of shock.

 The door slammed open revealing four prefects “Did you see—” one of them began.

 “The hair should be werewolf. It’ll be more potent,” the boy said leaning over Severus’ text.

 Severus looked at the potion in surprise. “But just using pure wolf makes it stabler.”

 “No! The dragons are lactose intolerant!” the other boy screamed before flailing widely and falling out of the seat.

 “Uh, nevermind,” one of the prefects said before shutting the door.

 The boy held out his hand. “I’m Ripper and that’s Ethan.”



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 Severus knew his place in the wizarding world. His mother had explained to him in long details many times. Her blood was pure and would have been an advantage but his father’s blood had ruined any chance of him having a high standing. The best he could hope for was to be a lackey. Although she never used that specific word. She told him it is always important who you sit next to at all times. She had given him specific names also. Black, Malfoy, Lestrange, Zabini.

 Severus kept this in mind as he looked over who was getting into what boats. He saw Lucius Malfoy, and the twin Parkison boys climbing into one boat. He took a step towards that boat when he heard someone shouting his name.

 “Severus! Over here! Severus!”

 A few boats over was Lily Evans jumping up and down smiling at him like there was no tomorrow. The two boys from the train were sitting in the boat with her. One of them waved while the other nodded in his direction. Severus paused. He had already sat in the wrong place on the train ride to Hogwarts. How much could one little boat ride hurt?


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 Ethan was trying not to smile. If he smiled he would ruin everything. As long as he looked sad and scared, no one would blame him. Also repeatedly saying ‘Sorry’ and ‘I didn’t mean too’ helped a lot too. After all he was only eleven, who could blame a clearly muggle born eleven year old.

 The sea of students in front of him had a mixture of expressions on their faces. They ranged from shock and awe to anger. The teachers were looking at him with pity and just a smidge of sympathy. Ethan looked at all of them and had tears well up in his eyes. There were only three people he couldn’t look at. Because they knew. Ripper had issued the challenge. He thought he could not pull it off. Severus had given him the spell. Well he had suggested one. And Lily had been the witness. Or a co-conspirator.

 “It is alright Mr. Rayne,” Headmaster Dumbledore patted him on the shoulder. “I know it was an accident. I’m sure the Sorting Hat will be fine in a few moments.”

 Ethan sniffled pathetically. Setting the sorting hat on fire without getting in trouble. Easiest quid he ever made.


Chapter Text

 Giles looked through the resumes for potential watchers that covered a small portion of his desk. A timid knock broke his concentration. After sighing, he called out. “It’s open.”

 A young Asian woman strode in and handed Giles a paper covered in looping script. She turned to walk out but Giles stopped her. “Wait a moment.”

 It was an application to be a watcher. Giles’ eyes widened as he looked over her previous experience. “Do you truly wish to leave the wizarding world after being freed from Voldemort?”

 “Yes,” she said quietly. “I do.”

 “Please take a seat Miss Chang.”


Chapter Text

 “You lost him!” Kennedy screamed at Vi.

 “I didn’t lose him. How could I lose him?!? You were in front of me.” Vi glared back at the other slayer.

 Caridad sighed. “Well I’m not telling Giles that we lost him again.”

 “I don’t see what the big deal is anyway. It’s not like he’s actually even killed anyone yet.” Rona crossed her arms and leaned against a tree. “Maybe he’s a good vampire.”

 This immediately sent the four girls into an argument. And from the darkness a man decked in red chuckled. “I love messing with all these new slayers.”


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 “Tell me a story,” A young Hoban Washburne nicknamed Wash by his babysitter begged with clasped hands and tiny hops. “Please, Xan.”

 “What type of story do you want kiddo?” Xan asked as he tucked Wash into bed.

 “The best type. Don’t you remember?” Wash gave him puppy eyes.

 Xan pretended to think really hard. “The best type? Bunnies? Aliens?”

 Each time Wash shook his head and loudly shouted, “No!”

 Finally Xan smiled. “Oh of course the best type. Well then let me tell you about Buffy the velociraptor and her faithful companions Willow the brontosaurus and Xander the triceratops.”


Chapter Text

 “Hey, Dawn,” Jon O’Neill said as he knocked on his tutor’s door. ‘Stupid colleges and their language requirement. He could have taken something easy but noooo he had something to prove to himself.’ “Dawn!” he called.

 Dawn rolled her eyes upon opening the door. “Cool your jets, Jon,” she chided him and moved back into her apartment.

 “What? You’re not gonna invite me in?” Jon raised an eyebrow.

 Dawn turned around. “Door’s open.”

 Jon shrugged and crossed the threshold. “You’re so weird Dawn. I wouldn’t have pegged you for the superstitious type.”

 Dawn smirked. “You say superstition I say protection.”


Chapter Text

 Five hundred years since he had fought another demon. Five hundred years since he had fought beside a slayer. Five hundred years since he had experienced any real fear.

 But in one second it all came back as a girl of about 16 danced as she fought her way around in a bar. And for a second Spike thought to get up and join the fight until his eyes locked with hers and he remembered the name of a slayer he had tried so hard to forget. One that never failed to make a shiver run down his spine.



Chapter Text

 Greg remembered growing up. The crazy mom, the younger sister and the dad planning all the vacations. His dad was awesome, willing to help with anything school-related or random hobbies. He was always there for him even now when he was all grown up, and he rarely remembered this one little tidbit about his dad: Henry Sanders wasn’t his biological father. But Greg had a feeling he wasn’t going to be forgetting that any time soon as he stared at the man standing at the receptionist’s desk asking for him.

 “And you are?” the receptionist asked.

 “Ethan Rayne. His dad.”


Chapter Text

 Willow paced in front of three seated young adults. She finally stopped to say, “Let me guess.”

 One of them slouched more and muttered, “Please don’t.”

 “No, I want to guess what happened here,” Willow said, glaring down at her students. "I said Josie will be having a guest that might give you some wiggins. Don't react to her. She’s been vetted and deemed to be safe.” Willow began to pace again. “Maybe you thought Headmaster Rosenberg is testing us or maybe she’s been spelled to say this. Clearly we should attack this young woman upon entry. Am I at all close?"

 The students began to mutter over each other. Willow silenced them with a shake of her head. "I want to hear apologies now." She pointed in the direction of two young women standing in the corner of the office.

 "Sorry Josie, Sorry Hope."

 Hope smiled showing fangs. "Who doesn't like a bit of sparring? Even if it was pretty pathetic."

 "Hope!" Josie said, smacking her in the arm.

 Willow spoke again, “No, Hope is right. Your offensive spells need a lot of work. All of you will be retaking Basic Offense 101.”

 "Nice school you got here, Jo."


Chapter Text

 “I didn’t plan to get us lost in the woods,” Shawn complained as he shoved a branch out of his face.

 “Again,” Gus added as he slapped at the branch that Shawn let go of.

 “That is not helpful, Gus.”

 Oz leaned out from behind a tree to say, “Maybe-” He broke off speaking as both grown men let out shrill screams and then had to dodge a shoe Gus threw at him.

 Gus shoved Shawn. “I’m done. We found him, now you’re on your own.” He stomped past Oz to grab his shoe and continued walking.

 “But you drove!”


Chapter Text

 Jackie put a hand in front of Logan as Gabe walked towards them. “You don’t want to do this.”

 Gabe smiled. “Actually I really do. It’ll be fun,” he said, taking out his key. Jackie shifted her stance, planting her feet firmly. He stopped to look her over before gesturing with the key. “What is this?”

 “This is something you don’t want to mess with,” Jackie said, raising her fists.

 Logan whispered, “What are you doing?”

 “Blowing my cover,” she said before releasing a kick that launched Gabe into a wall. “Those keys aren’t the only magical things out there.”