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“Helloooo~?” Takumi let out a sigh when that Tabby girl made her way into the Temple of Fidchell. “Oh! There you are!”

“Is there something you mean?” He held in a sigh, but rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Ryou told me you’ve been holding yourself up here…” Tabby moved to stand in front of him, her lips quirked into a smile. “And I told him I’d get you to go out for a while!”

“No, thank you.” He turned away from her, a frown on his face. “I’m just fine here.”

“Oh come onnnnn…” Tabby poked him in the side. “Just come on one adventure with me, or it’ll be Ryou knocking next time!”

Takumi sighed. He didn’t like the idea of spending time with either of them right now, but he felt he might actually prefer Ryou… He turned to tell Tabby just that, but too late, it seemed.

He may be more muscular than her, but she was stronger and faster. She had his arm in her hands and was dragging him out the door before he knew it. Out onto some adventure he had no interest in.


Moe didn’t know how to talk to this guy, really… Oh man, this was super awkward. Why had Ryou roped her of all people into this? And why had she agreed?! She should’ve thought on this longer…

...Maybe he was a softie under it all, like Ryou, though. She just had to be persistent, and things would turn out al--

“What kind of adventure are we on, exactly?” Yata looked at her, fixing his glasses. “I have things to do today, you know.”

“We’re just looking for some treasure.” She gestured vaguely to the dungeon around them. “It might take a while, so get ready!”

He rubbed his temples. “I just said I have things to do today. Though I suppose I can’t expect a normal citizen to understand that…”

“Oh! Ryou told me what to say in cases like this!” Moe raised a finger as she looked at him. “Aura isn’t into you, dude!”

Yata began to sputter and Moe could tell she hit a sore spot with her comment. Ryou knew what he was doing when he told her about that, then, huh?

“This has nothing to do with Aura! Don’t you say her name so casually!”

“Then what is it about, huh?” She placed her hands on her hips, pouting at him. “Tell me!”

“Fidchell gave me a vision…” He cleared his throat and she saw his cheeks going red. “About my… future relationship.”

“...Aura isn’t gonna date you, you know!”

“Shut up!”



Takumi had not time to react before Tabby was knocking him to the ground and winding him so completely. He turned to face her, a frown on his face, ready to yell at her for being so reckless… When he realized just why she had knocked him to a ground.

A large monster he hadn’t seen had nearly taken his head off there, and the only reason it was still on his shoulders was because of her. As she clashed with it, her gauntlets cutting into the monster… He couldn’t help but…

Think that, for a moment, she looked stunning. As stunning as the woman showed in his vision.

She turned to look at him after she downed the thing, a smile on her face as she offered a hand to him. “You okay? Sorry about pushing you like that!”

He brushed her hand away, pulling himself off and pushing those thoughts of this girl being stunning to the back of his mind. “I’ll make it up to you with a free fortune reading once we leave.”

“Really?!” Tabby’s ears perked up as she moved to his side. “That’s so cool! What kind of reading will you do?”

“That completely depends on what Fidchell wants to show you…” He crossed his arms. “Really, you know nothing…”

“Hey! I know plenty!”



“An adventurous cat, a new challenge standing in her way… A chance for romance, in front of her it soon will lay…” Moe couldn’t help but blush a bit as Yata recited her apparent fortune to her. “Hard to accept for both it will be… But new worlds it will open, for both to see.”

“W-wow… All I could really get from that is something about a romance.” Moe poked her fingers together, refusing to look at Yata. “Did you maybe get anything else from it? The gender of my future partner or anything?”

“No.” He shook his head. “Fidchell’s fortunes are always vague, only I can truly see anything… and…”

He coughed, awkward. Moe frowned, arms crossed against her chest. Just what was he hiding…?

“Well, if that’s all you can share with me, fine!” She stuck out her tongue. “I don’t wanna know anything else about my future lover, anyway! It’ll be more fun to find out on my own!”

He crossed his arms as well, looking away. “Fine by me, I don’t plan on stopping you.”

“Good, you’re at least not that big of a jerk!” She stuck out her tongue, making her way for the door of the temple. “Good luck waiting for Aura!”

“I’m starting to think Aura isn’t who I’m waiting for…”

She tilted her head to the side, pretending she didn’t hear what he said clearly. “Huh? What was that?”

“Nothing…!” He crossed his arms, keeping his eyes off of her. “Get going, then. You’re making it hard to think without distraction.”

“Okay… But I’ll visit again!”

“...Feel free, if you must.”