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That Time She Was Jealous

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Ri Jeong Hyeok nodded and smiled politely at the banter of the older woman beside him and the gentleman diagonally across from him. Their drunken laughter travelled easily from two tables down from them.

“Umma, Uncle, that’s enough. You’re being too loud,” Seo Dan hissed at them and rolling her eyes simultaneously. She looked apologetic towards Jeong Hyeok which he only gave a slight smile telling her it’s fine.

“Dan-ah, you’re so uptight. It’s a fun night with old friends, loosen up!” Seo Dan’s mother retorted. “Jeong Hyok-ssi please it’s your turn to let us know your many adventures here in Switzerland,”

“It’s nothing to be said. I mostly practice my music and meet with old professors and mentors” he politely answered.

“How boring! Are you telling me you’re being trendy like Dan here and staying single?” Dan’s mother hiccuped while pointing an accusing finger at her daughter. To which Dan replied with a tsk and another eye roll. “Forgive my umma, Ri Jeong Hyeok-ssi. I think it’s time for us to part ways, I do not have the strength and the patience to hurl these two to the hotel” she bitingly remarked but without venom on her voice.

“Not yet, Dan. Another round more for old time’s sake!” Dan’s uncle barked to a non-visible waiter. “Surely, Ri Jeong Hyeok-ssi is not in a hurry to go back to his dorm room”

Ri Jeong Hyeok only smiled in response at them. Actually, their statements are much farther from the truth. One, Ri Jeong Hyeok is definitely not single and two, he is in fact in a hurry to go back to his beautiful cabin by the lake. He is already calculating the time it would take to wrap it up with their dinner and drive back to Yoon Se-ri and their home. He unknowingly smiles at the thought and his mind immediately drifts back to her.

He couldn’t wait to go back. The day had turn interestingly well for him and he intended to close the night in the same manner.


He arrived last week in Switzerland for their annual rendezvous bearing the news that Seo Dan and her family will be arriving too. Dan was invited as a special performer for the music festival that Jeong Hyeok participates in. She brought with her, her eager mother and uncle. They insist they wanted to meet Jeong Hyeok in Switzerland as well.

When he broke the news to Se-ri he was wary. No, he does’t have any residual feelings for Seo Dan, not that there was any in the first place. But he knew how awkward it sounded. He may be new to dating and relationships but he knew that if the tables were turned he will definitely be uncomfortable if Se-ri have dinner dates with past relations - even if it was just a fling or an inconsequential relationship to her.

If she felt discomfort with the idea she didn’t let it show instead she was all smiles. With a hint of nonchalance she remarked, “It’s nice to have dinner with them. Take them to that Michelin star restaurant near their hotel, they will love the wine selections there.” He looked at her carefully but there was no sarcasm he could detect. After that, the conversation seem to have been forgotten and they settled swiftly back to their routine of being together.

Meeting only weeks at a time in a year seem daunting, but Jeong Hyeok counts his blessings more than his troubles. Having Yoon Se-ri in his arms and enveloping her in his love even in small pockets of time is more than he could’ve hoped for. Thankfully, her views are exactly the same.

The day of the dinner Ri Jeong Hyeok vowed that he will make it up for Se-ri. He would give her extra care and assurance so she will not feel insecure in any way. He knows that she is aware that his heart, body and soul is only hers but doubts can creep up when you let your guards down. He intended to feed her heartily throughout the day that’s why he is up early in the kitchen cooking what seem to be a feast. He was tinkering with the fancy coffee machine she recently purchased when he felt her arms snake around his waist and head burrowing between his shoulder blades.

“Hmph you left me on the bed,” she lousily admonished. He smiled and naturally leaned back to her embrace. He never imagined that there will be mornings in his life as sweet as this one. These simple gestures, he couldn’t ever take for granted. “I wanted to start on breakfast” he replied with a smile as he feel her embrace tightening. He felt her lips on his neck and he instinctively stiffen as her hands traverse his chest. When he felt her soft tongue nibble at his nape he couldn’t resist twisting his body to face her.

She looked at him through her lashes and as their eyes met he saw her irises went dark and instantly she is standing on tiptoes tasting his mouth. There were no resistance from him as he clutched her hips towards him and their mouth danced in a frantic pace. Her nails were lightly scratching the hairs close to his neck and it felt so good in combination with the way her body presses on him. He was painfully hard in a second.

Se-ri was kissing him breathless and it made his knees weak. He cupped her buttocks pressing her more to him that when it hit a spot for both of them, she left out a soft moan that undid him. She wrapped her strong legs on his hips and Jeong Hyeok supported her weight by carrying her towards the empty countertop. If it was possible, her kisses became more frantic taking him in a breathless kissing frenzy. Her tongue was dominant and he was putty in her actions. Her intentions became clearer when she tugged on his cotton shirt urging him to take it off. To help her, he momentarily let go and grabbed the back of his shirt to swiftly take it out. Their eyes not once leaving each other. Se-ri meanwhile placed her hands on the knot of her robe and enticingly opened it revealing she was wearing nothing underneath at all. He knew his eyes went comically wide as she gave him a triumphant smile.

“Like what you see, Jeong Hyeok-ssi?” She teased. Before grabbing his head and continued assaulting his lips. Jeong Hyeok’s hands instinctively traversed the body presented to him. He kneaded her breasts gently at first but when she leaned in for more of his touch, he let go of his restraint fondling it relentlessly and twisting her hardened nipples with his fingers. They both moaned in unison and he wasted no time tasting it. She grabbed his head not too gently urging him on. His other hand travelled to her smooth thighs and swiftly found her center which he found to be dripping ready for him. He involuntarily growled at this, as he inserted a finger at her waiting folds.

“You shouldn’t have left me on the bed,” she purred.

He looked into her eyes as he pumped his finger in and out, enjoying her reactions. Head thrown back, lips slightly open, hands clutching on his shoulders. She was a sight to behold, a sight only meant for him and he wondered how lucky has he gotten.

He inserted another finger without any resistance and she let out a sigh of pleasure as his reward. “Jeong Hyeok-ssi... I need you, now!” She growled. He cannot take out his pants fast enough. He grasped her legs behind her knees and urged her to the edge of the counter. The tip of his straining member brushed that sweet spot of nerves in her and she jolted towards him. He slowly rocked his hips, teasing her. Her eyes closed in ecstasy.

“Yoon Se-ri, look at me,” he urged. “Look at me when I make you come,” he gently commanded. And her eyes instantly opened taking up the dare. It was unusual for him to talk dirty to her - he learned quickly on the first days of their explorations that Se-ri who is usually assertive and commandeering responds well in reverse in bed. She is more turned on when he was the one who takes charge. And it makes her crazy when he is vocal in lovemaking.

She surprised him by inching forward letting him enter her partially. He was ready for the challenge, only thrusting in shallow moves drawing out their desire. She let him, thrusting back until both of them is eager to push on further. This went on for a while, both headstrong in their teasings.

She thrusted her hips off the counter pushing deeper into him but still not completely to the hilt, teasing them both further. Then a switch in him couldn’t hold back anymore and filled her until they cried out in unison. A clear sheen of sweat has now covered them both. Her hold on him was tighter and he moaned onto her hair “How is this always like this Yoon Se-ri,” he breathed. In between moans, her answer filled with lust and love, “Because it’s you and me.”

For a while only the sound of their lovemaking filled the air - their skin brushing against each other, their heavy breaths and not so soft moans. Se-ri knows how to push his buttons well. She learned that apparently she isn’t the only one turned on with noisy sex. And the sounds she is making that moment was driving Jeong Hyeok to the edge. He knew he couldn’t hold out any longer and to help her get to where he is he let his fingers search the bundle of nerves where they are connected frantically massaging it sending Se-ri into a frenzy. He could feel her throbbing underneath him, the ethereal look that washes over face when she reaches her climax. It’s a sight embedded in Jeong Hyeok forever and one that he fervently pray he will always witness. Seeing her reach first undone him and he clutched on her hips so tight he was sure he bruised her.

They simultaneously catch their breaths in what felt like eternity. Until she spoke on his neck, “Jeong Hyeok-ssi?”

“Hmm?” He moaned as he wipe tendrils of hair that cling on her neck and forehead. She looked up with the most dazzling, contented smile “What’s for breakfast?”


“Jeong Hyeok-ssi?” the sound of his name from his side broke his reverie. He looked up at Dan’s mother looking at him quizzically. He missed a question directed at him “My apologies. What was it you asked again?” Dan snorted across from him quickly realizing how distracted he was.

“I said if you would care for another round of this red?” she asked while holding up the bottle of wine precariously towards his glass. “I’m still good, thank you,” he quickly grabbed the glass before it was filled up. He hardly touch the wine, not only he was concerned that he was driving but aeons ago he promised his woman that he will only drink at home - soju or otherwise. He intends to keep that drunk-laced promise.

“More for us then,” Dan’s mother snickered towards her brother who unashamedly snickered back causing the two of them another round of giggles. Seo Dan was clearly on the brink of pulling her hair out. “Umma, enough, you are drunk”

“Nonsense. I really want to celebrate our little reunion. It’s been years since we last saw Ri Jeong Hyeok. He is practically a different person. Gone were his garish military uniform,”
“Hey!” Myeong Sok countered, but she continued “and replaced with this dashing man in this expensive looking suit,” while appraising Jeong Hyeok up and down and touching his shoulders lightly. Jeong Hyeok stiffened but didn’t move away out of respect.

“Umma!” A scandalized Dan shouted.

“What? As a fashion retailer I am just admiring his clothes. Tell me Jeong Hyeok is this the latest European luxury wear?” Dan’s mother asked.

He sheepishly lowered his head, to be honest he didn’t know and neither cared about his clothing, all of this was selected by the woman who claims that the Fashion Design institute is at the palm of her hands. “It’s just something I plucked out of the closet,” was his demure reply.


After their heated encounter on the kitchen counter, the rest of the day was comfortably quiet with Jeong Hyeok mostly cooking and Se-ri mostly watching him. Until the time came for him to prepare to leave, he was reminded by Se-ri calling him out to their bedroom. “Which one do you prefer?” She pointed to three sets of outfit she has laid on their bed. Jeong Hyeok was surprised at her enthusiasm but nonetheless he doesn’t really give much thought and was ready to wear the first thing he would grab in the closet.

“Se-ri, I really don’t mind what I wear. I’m sure they wouldn’t notice anyway”

“Of course they will notice. Even a stranger would notice you,” she complimented and he blushed. “I don’t want Seo Dan thinking you are not taken care of,” she mused. It was an open secret that Seo Dan may have a general idea that part of Jeong Hyeok’s Switzerland itinerary is to be with the South Korean woman. Although it is a well-guarded secret, Seo Dan will not expose them in any way given each of their connections to Go Seung Jun (may he rest in peace).

“I am well taken care off,” he gently said as he strides to envelope her in an embrace. He can see the cracks on her defences crumbling now, and he is there to assure her that it is just a courtesy dinner and nothing more. An invitation he would gladly reject in an instant she show her protest. She sighed at this and squeezed him back.

“Try this one first,” she went on grabbing a dark blue suit and pants with a dark shirt on another hand. Thrusting the garments onto him and literally shoving him to their walk-in closet to change. He just followed and came out with her patiently waiting for him. Her back against the afternoon sun and in that moment she was enveloped in a natural halo. For a brief instant he wanted to stay with her this afternoon instead.

“How do I look?” He asked after a few beats that she didn’t speak. She smiled a knowing smile. He looked at her questioningly instead of a spoken answer, she walked towards him with her light blue floral dress swaying along with her hips. He thought about the time and decided there’s plenty before he has to really leave and even if he is late it shouldn’t...

His thoughts were cut short when the moment Se-ri was in front of him, she quickly went down to her knees unraveling his belt buckle swiftly. “Yoon Se-ri?” her name came out like a breath.

“This clothes look too good on you. I don’t think I can let you get out of the house in this,” she said in audible whisper while simultaneously pulling the zipper of his pants and letting it fall on the floor.

He didn’t stand idle and took off the suit jacket and his shirt. He was fast but she was faster, she already had her semi erect member in her hand. Looking up at him with her wide, innocent looking eyes, with a not so innocent smirk. Her hands were so warm and all his senses converged into it. “Se-ri,” he called out as she expertly envelop his manhood in her mouth. This is certainly not the first time she dud this, but it never gets old for Ri Jeong Hyeok. And all the pleasure he feels is amplified is because it is her, his Yoon Se-ri.

Se-ri suddenly released him with a pop but without getting up she gently urged him to sit on the bed. “Relax,” she said. Once seated she boldly licked the head of his member and he was hard as a rock in her hand. He moaned deep in the back of his throat and his hands naturally went to her hair holding her in place. Jeong Hyeok loved it when she pumped him while sucking, every part of him is engulfed by her. What surprises him in delight the most especially in the early days, was learning that she is very enthusiastic in going down on him and how much it pleasures her when she do it. How much luckier can he get?

Her eyes never left him as she worked, and if it was even possible taking him deeper with each thrust, eliciting more sighs and groans from him. She was on a mission and Jeong Hyeok was getting close to completion, but he wanted to pleasure her too. He gently nudged her head to come up with him but it only pushed her to move faster, urging him to come in her mouth.

He was stronger though and was able to pull her to stop. “I want to be inside you,” it was almost a plea. She stood up, still fully clothed in her dress, she reached inside and pulled down her panties and he watched it fall on the floor. She straddled him with exposed thighs lowering herself into his cock. He gritted his teeth from the sensation, trying to make it last longer but she had him undone. “It’s ok, come for me Jeong Hyeok-ssi” she urged while stroking his cheeks and expertly bouncing on his lap.

“When I get home I’m going to have you all night,” he said in between breaths. “Is that a promise?” She asked. He nodded his answer as she arched her back and moved more deliberately urging his completion. His hold tightened, making her go still against him, and then came with a strangled sigh.


He trained his mind to focus on the present, but he cannot avoid not looking at his watch. Seo Dan noticed and smirked at him for trying to be discreet. Dan straightened from her seat and addressed their two drunken companion. “Umma, uncle” she started gently “Jeong Hyeok and I still have to attend early practice sessions tomorrow. And I’m still jet-lagged, can we call it a night?”

Jeong Hyeok looked at her thankfully and apologetically at the same time. “Alright, I’m sure this won’t be the last time. Right Jeong Hyeok-ssi?” Dan’s mother slurred.

“It won’t be,” was his promise with a shallow bow of his head.

After what feels like eternity of salutations, Ri Jeong Hyeok was finally driving back home. As he got nearer he was glad to spot the soft light still coming from their house. She must still be waiting for him. He worried if she had eaten her dinner even without him, it guilts him knowing she’s alone to eat and she might revert to her picky ways of having no more than three bites of food. He couldn’t get out of the car fast enough and ascend the stairs to the main living area.

He was surprised that when he opened the door loud music was coming from their speakers. Se-ri insisted on installing the most high end sound system there is “To better enjoy your music Jeong Hyeok-ssi,” she reasoned. But the music that was playing was neither his own compositions or the usual classical music he plays for her. It was an english song he wasn’t familiar with, but from the beat he knew it was of this era. He stopped short when he saw her - barefoot, wearing only a white button down shirt he recognized as his, her hair in a messy bun on top of her head, bare faced. His breath hitched at her sight - which he realizes he does very often whenever he is with her. She was humming to the song and softly swaying to the tempo with her eyes closed and a wine glass on hand. He instantly spots an opened bottle of red wine on the coffee table. She turned her head and her eyes opened exactly at his spot. She smiled his favourite smile. The smile that says she is very happy to see him and that she is safe and secure with him now. A smile of contentment and joy.

“You’re home early,” she said in a way of greeting.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” he said with a contentment smile of his own, his arms opening up for a hug. He wasn’t disappointed when she practically ran towards him. Good thing too that he has solid built because she really has a habit of crashing into him. They wrapped each others arm tightly as if they haven’t seen each other in a while, when they were only separated for a few hours.

“I didn’t realize you will have a party while I’m gone,” he teased.

She chuckled and blushed as a reply. She led him to the sofa and helped him get off his constricting suit jacket. “So this is the music you listen to when I’m not around?” He teased.

“This is the music I play when the music snob isn’t around,” She countered with a laugh.

Her back was facing him as she poured him a glass of wine from the coffee table. His shirt he is wearing rides up revealing a lacy barely there underwear right on Jeong Hyeok’s face. Damn, he thought. This day really can’t get any better. He couldn’t help reaching out and caressing her thighs.

She flinched a bit to his touch “You’re hands are cold,” he retracted immediately “I’m sorry,” was his sincere reply. However, when she faced him, wine glass in hand, her face was devoid of annoyance but rather of mischief. The same look she has been sporting on all day. It suddenly dawned on him what her plan was all along - she was marking him, showering him affections letting him know that she is his. He pulled her to straddle him. He looked at her with wistful eyes, making her blush so hard breaking her cool facade.

“What’s with the look. You’re ‘I’m in love with you’ look?” She asked.

“I ‘am’ in love with you,” he replied begging with his eyes that she believe him, “I am yours Yoon Se-ri, always have been, since the moment you crash landed into my world”

She smiled that smile that reaches her eyes. Grabbing him by his collar she pressed her lips for a gentle kiss. Their lips brushing until she opened her mouth slightly and Jeong Hyeok took this to deepen the kiss. When they broke off the kiss to catch their breaths. Jeong Hyeok, pressed their foreheads together and declared, “I believed I made a promise earlier,” His voice so deep and low.

“I was waiting all night for that,” she grinned wickedly.

And for the third time that day, he proceeded in showing her that he is truly hers.