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So I Hope You See (That I Would Love To Love You)

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As not to be late, Rose drove from the hospital and directly to the high school campus. The first bell was only minutes away when she stepped out of her car, worried that she had forgotten to switch to the M3. She had parked at the far end of the lot, but she had tried to think of everything to make this morning simple. It was a stupid mistake she had forgotten. With careful precision, she smoothed her hair, her back straight, her face blank. Her shoulders felt heavy. She wasn’t sure she could breathe under the weight of them. She glanced toward the school, sure that Bella would have started to class by then. Even from that distance, however, she could see as well as sense Bella in the small huddle of people beside the parking lot. Mike was telling some story, the look on his face goofy, Jessica was staring at him with love. From what Rose could tell, the two had recently begun to date and that was good. It still didn’t seem to stop the moony looks from Mike toward Bella though. Even though she was smiling, Bella’s eyes were on Rose, perhaps only partially listening to the story.

Her heels clicked on the cold ground as she started toward them, her gaze downward.

Carlisle’s words echoed in her head, making her brooding mood darken all the more. She didn’t know what she had expected from her talk with Carlisle. Well, no, she did. She had expected encouragement toward sex, and the general attitude that if she was feeling anything unusual then it was probably the bond. She had also expected encouragement to change Bella. She hadn’t expected it to make so much god damn sense. She hadn’t expected to feel so guilty. She hadn’t been trying to contain their bond, had she? She was sure she hadn’t. Why would she? Why would she try to take away something good? But if she hadn’t then why did that sound so familiar?

Her mind was full, too full and she didn’t care for any of the things swirling around in it.

“Morning,” she nodded at Jessica and Mike as she approached.

Although she spoke to both of them a few times a week, they both paused, looking startled.

She didn’t bother to hide her rude and very-tired-of-this eye roll.

They gave her quick greetings of their own, looking like they wanted to bolt.

“Err, I’ll see you in class, Bella,” Jessica said, her eyes switching to Rose every few seconds. She wrapped her hand tightly into Mike’s and began to pull him away.

Mike resisted a little, his eyes longingly on Bella before he allowed his pushy little girlfriend to drag him away.

“Right,” Rose mumbled, this not helping her mood.

She was fearsome. This was a perfect example. Was it any surprise she was trying to keep Bella’s world simple? Couldn’t Carlisle see that? Couldn’t they, everyone who had opinions about Bella, all see that?


Rose pushed through her grimace, giving her a bright smile. “Hello.” She was a good actor, she knew she was. It was a part of their life. The smile must have been too bright though because the smile that had been on Bella’s face slipped away like a stone.

Come on, Rose, she chided herself, trying to force the smile to look natural. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t happy to see Bella. She just... needed to think.

“Are you okay?”

“Of course I am.”

Bella’s eyes traveled her face, her brows furrowed in thought.

All around them the first bell rang.

“Come on. Let’s get you to class.”

They walked side by side, Rose doing her best to keep her face neutral as her thoughts spun. It wasn’t divinity that brought mates together. How could it be? But what other answer was there to the same thing she had wondered again and again. How could her mate have been born so much later than her? Was it random? Was it chance? Was Edward right that their souls were lost and therefore they lived outside of the universal plan? Was Jasper? Carlisle?

She felt Bella’s eyes on her as they made their slow way to the classroom. She smiled back once, but the rest of the time she simply pretended that she hadn’t noticed.

There were too many things to think about.

One thing was clear to her. She had been stalling the progression of their relationship, hadn’t she? She had told herself that she was being respectful, that she was letting Bella set the pace, but she had been stalling for weeks. She knew that Bella was interested in more from her; she had told her so over a week before. Yet, she hadn’t – and they hadn’t. And it wasn’t just the physical. Emotionally Rosalie had been holding back too.

And she hadn’t told her the truth.

Carlisle was right. She deserved a say in what the bond was doing to her, to them. She deserved the right to know. She had the right to know. Carlisle had meant something very different with his words, but that wasn’t even an argument. There was nothing and would be nothing to discuss taking Bella’s life. It wasn’t hers to take.

And then there was one other thing, one thing that she refused to have on her mind and yet played there constantly like a bad musical number she couldn’t forget. She didn’t want to notice it. She didn’t want to think about it. She didn’t want to give it sway. There was no use in denying it any longer. He was back. Did he still want her? Did she still want him? Did she still love him? Why couldn’t she tell for sure?

No, she pushed that thought away. He didn’t matter. Bella had been so warm to her, so open. She had told her that she didn’t think she had ever loved him. So then... why did his face keep popping up in her mind, toying with her, making her worry.

It wasn’t until she felt a warm hand on her wrist that she realized they had stopped in front of Bella’s classroom.

She looked up, surprised, and into Bella’s anxious rich-brown eyes.

“Rose, what is it?”

She looked down at her, the hand on her wrist centering her more than she ever could admit. Her mouth opened, her hand taking Bella’s and holding it tightly. She felt vulnerable there under Bella’s gaze, and that was all to the good, right? Her mouth closed again. There was just too much to say.

“I’ll see you at lunch.” She winked and turned toward her class.



Lunch wasn’t much better, Rose could tell. If anything, Rose had actually had more time to get stuck in her head and once they were all sitting at the table together, she found she couldn’t make herself pretend to feel as she did every day. She was quiet and it didn’t take much to see that it was making Bella uneasy. She had sat them with her siblings, hoping they would cover for her, but it hadn’t worked.

After school, instead of the usual lingering by the car as they often did, Rose looking deeply into her eyes with longing, sighed, and turned to go.

“Hey.” Bella caught her arm. “You’re not coming over?”

Rose smiled a little. “I think I should head home. I have some things on my mind today.”

“Yeah, I can tell.”

Rose sighed deeply, enjoying the scent of her in the newly budding spring. “I’m sorry.”

“Can I still come over tonight?”

“What? Yes, of course. I had assumed you would.”

Bella nodded, some of the stiffness leaving her shoulders. “Okay. I’ll see you then.”  


Rose was thankful when she finally was able to sneak up to her room to be alone with her thoughts. She didn’t feel alone, which was what she wanted. The house was too loud, too full and her hearing was too good. But it was close enough. She debated for a long moment the merits of canceling with Bella that night and heading to her B&B for some honest silence and decided against it. She wanted to be alone, but not that alone. Instead, she settled into her window seat, her head falling back against the wall.

Edward had already made up his mind about Bella, hadn’t he? She had heard the arguments before Bella had come over for the first time and she had heard he and Alice fighting when she said she saw Bella becoming one of them. At the time she had thought it was foolish to bet against Alice. Now she envied him that arrogance. It wasn’t that she was wavering. She would never waver. But she envied Edward’s willingness to let Bella grow old and die naturally, and still be with her up until that point. It was silly, it was a moot point since she and Bella were basically together, but she didn’t think she could do it. She didn’t think she could be with her fully, knowing she would lose her. A human’s life was so short. How did you build a life with someone when you knew one day they wouldn’t be in it? One not so distant day.

God. She had been here before. These thoughts were not new and as they always did, they swirled around to the same thing.

How could she take something so precious from Bella as she had with Emmett? How could she ever live with herself? The fact that she was even thinking of this at all disgusted her.

But what if everyone was right? They had all said it at this point. Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Esme had all told her that this was how it was meant to be. What if they were right and this was the way things were supposed to be? What did it mean if it was? It would mean her whole philosophy on life would need to change. She was meant to be dead. She had always thought so. It was a horrible way to go, but she had always known, had always wanted to have slipped away on those dirty cobblestones of that dark alleyway. And yet, here was Bella, walking and talking proof that she might have been wrong. And if she was wrong... and here was the part where Rose always turned away because she didn’t want to think about this. If she was wrong, if she was not meant to die back in 1933 but to live to meet her mate in 2005, then what did that say about Bella’s life?

If only – if only there was a way for Rose to be human with her. Their lives could be so different. They could have met and fallen in love simply because they worked, not because of the bond. They could begin to date in high school and then spend the summer in tears thinking that they were going to have to break up, only to decide at the last minute to go to school together. They have gone off to college together where they shared a dorm and spent weekends studying, eating dorm food, and learning one another’s bodies. They could have bought a house while working on their graduate degrees, had babies while becoming doctorates. Their life could have been a movie. They could have been a family. She had started over the last weeks watching as many lesbian movies as she could get her hands on. Most of them she thought were terrible, but there were some that she watched and she wanted to cry. She wanted to live like them. Instead, it had to be this. Instead, there was this constantly reoccurring question: did Bella being her mate mean that Bella was supposed to become a vampire? She moaned a little as the thought filled her. She could see it. Bella would be exquisite. They could move through time together, always at one another’s side, always happy. There was so much of that life that she had wanted that they could have. Who said they couldn’t have children? So many children needed homes in their world. Who said they couldn’t find a way? They could break off from the family if anyone felt as though the struggle to have a human around fulltime would be too much, but she doubted they would. It’s true, she would outlive those children but she could give them a happy life. They could. Or perhaps they could become foster parents and give temporary homes to those in need. There were ways. She wanted it so much that it physically hurt. She wanted it so much that she knew when she heard Bella knock on her door that she couldn’t talk to her about this. Not now. She couldn’t and let Bella see how much she wanted something that she would never allow. She wanted her. All of her. Forever.

She ran her hands over her face, harshly rubbing. She had to change her mood. She absolutely had to. She couldn’t stay like this. She shook out her hair, running her hands through it until it was smooth and then opened her mouth wide, stretching the muscles. She effort, she clicked on her best plastic smile.

“Come in, Bella.”

The door opened and Bella pushed her way in. Rosalie beamed at her, genuinely happy to see her despite this ache in her chest.

Bella’s shuffling crutches stopped before she was all the way through the door, her eyes on her face. “Still upset, huh?”

Rosalie’s fake smile dropped like a severed marionette.

Damn it.

She tried to push the smile back on her face, but it was like an engine that wouldn’t start. Frustrated, she gave her a small half-smile. “I’m sorry. It’s not you.”

Putting her crutches in the corner and hobbling on her boot, she made her way over to Rose. “What is it then?”

She shook her head, sighing when Bella stepped close, a hand falling on her shoulder. She tilted her head. There was always so much pain in her and at that moment the weight of it just felt like too much. How was she supposed to carry it all around? How was she supposed to deal with these questions?  She turned her face and nuzzled Bella’s hand. It felt good to be close to her. She wanted to be closer, to soothe the wounds that felt suddenly raw.

Why was it when one hurt festered, it created a chain reaction, leaving her insides rotting? Would she never be allowed to unload them? Why did the question of not being allowed Bella make her think so much of her death, of her lonely life, of all the things that brought her pain?

As if she could feel Rosalie’s aching insides, Bella stepped closer and so Rose turned, scooting so she could instead rest her face against Bella’s chest. Breathing in the scent of her skin, her eyes closed as Bella’s hair tickled over her face.

“Whatever it is, you can tell me. You know that, right?”

She nodded, but she didn’t want to talk. She wanted a distraction. She wanted to not have to think about these things, to wonder. And this, she turned her face to warm the other cheek, this felt so good. The feeling of Bella’s arm around her, it made her feel something that she had never felt with Emmett. The beginnings of peace. It was alarming. It was addicting. It was arousing in a way she had never been, and she and Emmett had never lacked in that area.

But if she kissed her, if she touched her, would it only make things worse? If she kissed her too intently or touched her in the wrong spot, would it increase the pain she felt when she left Bella? Would it create some new and as of yet unheard of sensation that would only make this harder?

The questions made her want to sob. Why couldn’t she just have this one thing without fear? She just didn’t want to be afraid anymore.

So she turned her head again, letting her lips trail across Bella’s chest.

They were alone. She had planned it that way the day before, knowing that everyone was due for a hunting trip. So she gave in a little, ignoring the questions pounding in her mind. She nuzzled Bella’s collarbones. “Can we do some of this instead?”

She had to be honest with herself. It wasn’t only Bella who hadn’t pushed over the last week.

But why?



Why hadn’t she held her like she wanted to every day? Why hadn’t she let herself touch her? Why had her mood been so abysmal?

God, she just wanted these thoughts to stop!

Bella’s fingers raked into Rose’s hair and she groaned. “Need to get out of your head?”

Bella understood. How was it that Bella always understood? “Yes, please.” Without waiting for an answer, she turned her face, kissing the underside of Bella’s jaw, her throat, her hands unwrapping from around Bella to slide up her back.

Bella was nodding, though Rose wasn’t sure if Bella knew why. “Okay,” she hummed and crawled into Rose’s lap, straddling her, arms around her neck to hold her tightly.

Rose liked that. She liked that Bella wrapped around her like a sloth when they kissed, liked that she held her like she was hers. Which... she was... even if Bella didn’t know it. She was.

Her lips moved to Bella’s ear, enjoying the gasp she got when she carefully sucked on the lobe.

“Where is everyone?” Bella asked, her voice already growing gravelly and thick.


“Oh.” Bella hummed as Rosalie licked her throat, tasting her skin. She sucked lightly, working hard not to leave a mark while wanting very much to leave a mark. “Rose?”

“Hmm?” She hummed against Bella’s throat, her hands pushing under the back of Bella’s shirt to touch her skin.

“Are you upset because Edward is back?”

Rosalie’s lips froze, her entire body following suit. Her eyes opened violently fast and she had to work to swallow the wince she felt.

Usually, when the vampires around her froze, Bella did too, so worried that it was her fault. This time, Bella didn’t freeze. Instead, she moved faster and with more intent. She held her tighter, her hands running up the back of Rosalie’s neck, so familiar, so intimate, and into Rose’s hair. She was holding her against her, and though Rose knew she could have broken her grasp, she didn’t want to when Bella was so insistent on her staying close. Her eyes closed again, though this time with tension as she enjoyed the feeling of Bella’s fingers pulling her hair just a bit. She could feel a challenge in it, an aggression that she wasn’t sure how to face.

“You’ve been different this week.”

Her teeth ground.

“Do you think—”

 “No,” she finally interrupted. Because it wasn’t, damn it, it wasn’t the point.

So then why this her chest throb with pain when she thought of Carlisle and Edward having a conversation very similar to the one she had with him? Why did she feel Edward’s eyes on her when she was at the house? Why was she waiting for Bella’s eyes to fall to him?

“Rose...” Bella started, perhaps about to call her bluff that she refused to acknowledge.

She didn’t want to hear it though so instead she stood quickly, sweeping Bella up in her arms.

Bella gave an unhappy squawk as Rose’s hands wrapped her legs around her waist. Bella spasmed, wrapping her legs around her, clinging to her with an unhappy whine of her name. The trip was short, however. Rose merely turned toward the bed and crawled on, holding Bella to her with ease.

Rose sighed as she rested Bella on the bed, hovering over her on her hands and knees.

This was what she wanted. This was perfect.

Bella looked up at her with complete trust, little patches of pink in her cheeks, her eyes the same combination of excited and nervous that they always were when she and Bella traveled into uncharted – for Bella – territory together. She settled, her body splayed across Bella’s, her face resting in the spot she liked just under Bella’s jaw.

Bella sighed out a long and somewhat shaky breath, her heart staccato in her chest.

When Rose kissed the skin there, she kissed it with intent. She forgot to be mindful of all of her worries, she forgot to care that this could become complicated. She just intending to touch her in all the ways that Bella was comfortable with at that moment. She didn’t know if she was ready to let the bond increase. She didn’t plan on allowing the touches to turn into sex because she didn’t have any answers yet. She did know, however, that she wanted to touch her, needed to touch her, to feel her. Pulling back a little, Rose looked down at Bella and gently stroked her hair, nuzzling her cheek before pressing a light kiss to it.

Bella’s eyelashes fluttered.

Had she surprised her with the gentleness she was showing? She cupped her face, pulling her chin up and kissed her lightly once, twice, until Bella’s head lifted a bit, not allowing her to pull away again. So Rose cupped the side of her face, turning so they were side by side, her free hand wandering up and down Bella’s side.

Rose smiled a little as her hand moved, passing over Bella’s ticklish spots.

“What?” Bella asked, her lip quirking in the corner.

Rose just silently shook her head and continued to look at her, to study her face, learning it perfectly.

“Stop it,” Bella blushed, hiding her face.

“Don’t be shy.”

Bella grunted, obviously very shy and vaulted forward to kiss her.

Rose was smiling a little when Bella crashed into her, but she accepted the kiss, letting it tip her back into want.

There was something different in their kisses today, something that made Rose feel exposed and electric. Bella seemed to notice it too, little sounds and moans coming from her without Rose needing to touch her.

Rose stroked her cheek, meeting Bella’s kisses with an intense tenderness. Flipping them back over, Rose settled across her again. Bella’s eyes were hooded, heavy with desire, and yet she was looking at Rose in disbelief. Was she really so cold that a few moments of affection from her surprised Bella so? If that was the case then she vowed there and then not to let that be true anymore. Running her hand down Bella’s arm, she intertwined their fingers and kissed her again, letting her tongue sweep Bella’s moan into her mouth.

She wanted more. She always wanted so much more. “Bella,” she murmured.

Bella didn’t answer but instead hummed against her lips.

Instead of speaking, Rosalie pulled their intertwined hands to her own ribs, leaving Bella’s hand there as she kissed her. She wanted to feel her on her skin. She wanted Bella to take her as her own. She wanted to see Bella desire her.

Instantly Bella’s hands balled, her nails digging painlessly into Rosalie’s skin, burning her delightfully.

The little sounds Bella was releasing were too good, pulling on her mind, on her body. She shifted, deepening their already skin-tingling kisses, meeting her tongue with abandon. Bella hadn’t understood her request, so she decided to show her. Her hand moved up, over the rib she had bruised and then carefully up and over Bella’s breast, squeezing very lightly. Bella’s lips pulled away, falling slack as she gasped, her eyes wide as they looked back at Rose.

Rose bit her lip, still cupping her breast gently, waiting to see what Bella thought. When she didn’t protest, her eyes simply dilating more, she let her forehead rest against Bella’s, watching as she carefully ran a thumb over the firm nipple below her hand. Bella’s mouth fell open, her body jerking with surprise.

“Are you all right?”

Bella’s wide eyes were fogged over as she nodded with uncertainty.

“Shall I do that again?”

Bella’s nod was fast and decisive and so she did, gently using her thumb to trace the shape of her nipple.

Rose could see her trying to stay there with her, wanting to watch something on Rosalie’s face but her head kept dropping back onto the pillow. Liking it, Rose leaned down and kissed her throat, massaging a little.

Bella’s back arched and Rose didn’t let her go, her lips moving down to Bella’s chest. Her eyes closed, drinking in the scent of her skin, the scent of her body in arousal. The feeling of the bond was there, as it always was and Rose let herself fall into it, her arms wrapping tightly around Bella, holding her close with relish. Some of the pain she had felt all day slipped away as Bella gasped in her embrace. Bella’s eyes had flown wide and it made Rose wonder if she could feel what she had just done, if she could feel it every time she gave in to the bond. Her cheek came to rest against Bella’s, wanting to be closer.

Perhaps Carlisle was right, perhaps it was the bond. With Bella so close, with her so aware of the feeling of the bond, she felt that sensation lessen.

Her hands tightened on Bella, holding her as she felt herself rock as if she were on a ship, rocking with the sea. Her eyes squeezed closed, waiting as the overwhelming desire to bite rose in her and then faded. She gasped, Bella’s arms tightly around her, her body bowed into their embrace. Her chest gave a dry sob into Bella’s skin, her face hidden.

She wanted…

She wanted.

“Please,” she sobbed. “Please. Please, don’t be in love with someone else.”

Bella, still shaking from Rose’s touch, stilled. She pushed hard against Rose’s shoulders, and though she was embarrassed to show her face, she let Bella push her back so she could see her. She couldn’t look at her though. She couldn’t make eye contact. Bella pulled her chin, trying to catch her eye but humiliation made her hold stiff.


Flinching, Rosalie looked into her face.

Bella’s expression softened as she saw the tormented look on Rose’s face. Her head shook. “I’m not.”

And Rose believed her. How could she not when Bella was still shivering from her touch, with the look of certainty on her face?

“You’re not?”

Bella’s head shook, her eyes intense. “I’m not.”  

So she let go of the worry she had been refusing to acknowledge, she let go. She was hers. No one was taking her form her.

Her thumb ran down Bella’s chin, pulling her lip down before she kissed her, this time harder, this time fuller. Bella let out a sound that Rosalie couldn’t help but mimic.

Her hands traveled politely. Now that she had touched her once, she wanted to do it again and again. She wanted to discover her in new ways. Bella’s hips cocked against Rose’s, surprised by the sudden onslaught, Bella’s head fell back against the bed as Rose’s chin moved down Bella’s chest, pulling at the button of her button-up. She waited, her lip between her teeth. Bella nodded and Rose, with nimble fingers, popped the first button open, waited, and then popped open the second. Desperately anxious and far too excited, Rose groaned a little as the expanse of Bella’s pale cleavage was exposed. 

She wanted to attack with her mouth, to rip her free of her clothes, to touch and taste so she paused, looking back at Bella uncertainly.

Bella’s mouth opened, her cheeks pink. “Rose, I’m... I’m yours.” The words were stilted, timid and embarrassed. Rose, however, moaned loudly, intoxicated by the statement. Her mouth moved, burying into the soft warm skin she had exposed. Nothing had ever been so arousing as hearing that come from Bella’s mouth. Dimly in the back of her mind, she could hear her own voice reminding herself that she would not do this today, that she would not make this choice about the bond or about telling Bella today. That voice felt so distant in the face of this. Her body pulsing, Rosalie moved, pushing the cup of Bella’s bra away with her chin, her lips brushing the skin of her breast for the first time.

Rose sighed in pleasure. She hadn’t known that there could be areas of Bella as of yet unexplored that could possibly be softer, and yet this was. So much softer, so much warmer. Bella’s hands were in her hair again, lightly pushing Rose back to her skin as her body shook. Still, she didn’t move. Instead, she pulled the cup away with a finger, wanting to see the reaction. The rosy hue of her nipple was such a warm and pleasant color that Rose hadn’t expected. She let her fingers brush against it, amazed to find it soft as cashmere and yet hard in its pebble.

Bella’s reaction was powerful. Her back arched as she let out a broken gasp, her hands tightening punishingly hard in Rose’s hair.

Rose smiled a little. She felt powerful as she gently touched her again. That wasn’t a completely new feeling, after all, she could rip apart a tree with her bare hands, she could split a car in two with little effort. This was the first time that she felt powerful in her gentleness. Leaning down, she carefully closed her mouth over it, sucking lightly.

“Shit,” Bella mumbled, her hips jumping up against Rose. “Cold.”

Rose smirked. Teasingly she blew against the nipple, knowing her breath was just as cold. Bella shivered hard, a strangled sound ripping from her.

They had never gotten this far before, but any time they had gotten close it had been Rose who was the aggressor. So when Bella gave a grunt and pushed her back, Rose was honestly surprised.

Bella was not soft or gentle as Rose was with her. She straddled her fast, a metal glint in her eye as she pushed her shirt up, exposing her stomach.

She sent Rose a quick glance which Rose responded to with a smirk. Then Bella, slightly awkwardly, and yet fully enthusiastically leaned forward and kissed her stomach.

Rose groaned as the warmth of her tongue ran over her belly button. She hissed when Bella’s teeth bit her rib.

“Fuck, Bella,” she gasped, her stomach muscles flexing. Had she said she wanted to wait? She wasn’t so sure she did in that moment as Bella’s hair tickled over her sensitive skin.

“Your stomach is so hard,” Bella mused as her hands bit down on Rose’s pants covered hips.

Rose’s mouth opened as she nodded. The thought wasn’t a pleasant one, shaking her out of the state she had just been slipping into. She had been told what they felt like to humans. Marble. Stone. Rock. Bella was making these small mewling noises as she moved across Rose’s skin. What must it feel like to kiss something as solid as rock? Was it really so arousing?  Bella bit just above her hip and Rose growled. The sensation of her on her skin for the first time was almost too much, going to her head and ruining her resolve. Her hands twitched, wanting deeply to go to her pants and rip them off, wanting to grab Bella and to take her hard and fast. She bit her lip, her hands covering her eyes, forcing herself to be calm.

“Would that feel different if I were a vampire too?”

Rose just nodded, only half aware of anything other than the feeling of her on her.

Bella pushed up, her hands reaching under Rose’s shirt. She cupped her breast and it was all that Rose wanted. She could feel Bella’s hot and fast breath against her bra and—

Jesus wept!” She pushed, rolling them back over so fast that Bella yelped. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t let her touch her that way knowing it would feel like stone to her. She wanted to be soft, to be beautiful. Instead, she buried her face against Bella’s skin, lavishing her nipple, first one and then the other, pushing the bra away, moving up and kissing her harshly.

She could still feel her on her skin, and oh, it was so good. She wanted more, she wanted her unclothed against her, wanted to touch her everywhere. She wanted to find all of those warm secret places, hear all of those secret sounds. It was almost impossible to keep her hands above Bella’s waistline as Bella panted and groaned, their hips bucking together as their tongues moved, as Rose’s fingers played with the newly exposed skin.

“Rose, it’s okay. It’s okay.”

Rose moaned, her hands pressing into the bed hard so they didn’t press into Bella as her mouth worked down Bella’s side. Oh she wanted, she wanted.

Her hand fell to Bella’s thigh, curving to cup her ass, pulling her closer.

Bella nodded a little absently. “Yeah, that’s – that’s –”

Rose’s hand slipped, coming around and cupping her through her jeans, her mouth sucking just above the waist of her jeans. Bella let out a sound like Rose had never heard from her, a delightful amazing sound that she wanted to hear again.

Her resolve was gone. She wanted her in her mouth. She wanted to be inside of her. Her fingers went to the button at Bella’s waist, moaning her name into her skin. Bella’s hips rocked, pressing herself into Rosalie’s hand, Rose’s name on her lips.


The door flew open hard enough that a spidering crack splintered all the way up to the ceiling.

Rose’s head shot up just in time to see Edward’s livid face before he had her by the arm and she was flying.

It had happened too fast. Her mind had been so fogged over by what she had been doing with Bella that she hadn’t been able to think quickly enough to stop herself. She hit the glass of her large window, twisting in the air like a cat as she smashed through it to land hissing and spitting on the grass of the backyard.

Enraged, she let out a panther scream and launched herself back toward her window. Edward, seeing her coming, threw himself at her, his face ripped open in fury. They collided in midair, the sound huge. Furious, she ripped, teeth exposed in a threat as she wrapped herself around him, taking him down to the ground with her. They hit the grass hard, dirt flying and she rolled, Edward trapped between her legs. She released and he spun twice before he righted, landing with one knee on the ground, his eyes wild. 

“What the fuck, Edward?”

“I will not let you hurt her, Rose!” he bellowed. “I will not let Bella be hurt that way! I will not let her be hurt by you!” He shot at her, hands reaching. She sprang out of the way, getting a solid punch to the side of his head as he passed.

Too angry not react, she launched herself, missed, launched herself, and finally landed on him.

“STOP! STOP!” The backdoor flew open and Bella raced out, throwing herself between them.

It was like throwing herself between two high speed trains.

Rose roared, leaping and twisting through the air so that she missed Bella, going over her head, while Edward spun so that he went around her, both missing her by millimeters.

She was too angry, furious at him for his attack, for his words.

“STOP! WHAT THE HELL!” Bella shouted.

Rose leapt over her again, her hands landing on Edward’s back, but he must have gotten a glimpse at her thoughts because his hands came up, grabbing her by the neck and slamming her bodily into the ground. “I won’t! I won’t let you!”

Bella jumped, reaching for Rose to physically stop her if she needed to, but her grip was broken as Edward shoved himself between them, blocking Bella away.

This didn’t help. Rose screamed like a banshee, dodged and then grabbed his arm, yanking hard enough to make his arm scream metallically. 

“I wasn’t hurting her!” she shouted as she swung him by the arm, sending him into a tree. Bella was her mate, how dare he! Her anger turned primal. “Go inside, Bella!”

“No!” Bella yelled back, trying to grab one of them. “Edward, stop! Rose!”

“Go inside!”


She whirled around, exasperated and at that moment she looked away from Edward he attacked, shoving her face into a boulder so hard that the stone cracked.

Bella screamed in horror. “Edward, stop!”

Rose ducked, suddenly couching and grabbed him by the ankle. He flew over her head and high into a tree.

“I’m not afraid I’m going to hurt her!” She yelled at him. “I’m not like you, Edward! I’m not afraid!”

Bella was running at them again.

Rose jumped high in the air, avoiding Edward’s attack.


Edward, perhaps unaware that Bella had been coming at them, barreled under her, headed straight for Bella’s breakable body.


Bella’s face set, and she didn’t move. She crossed her arms, an unmovable object in the way of Edward’s unstoppable force.

His face twisted as he ground to a stop, digging a deep divot in the ground. He stopped a mere few inches from Bella, making Rose fall to her knees in relief on the boulder where she stood.

Bella, however, didn’t seem to care that she had nearly been turned into roadkill. She roared and shoved Edward hard in the chest. “Rose won’t hurt me!” she shouted, punching him in the chest. “She – won’t – hurt – me!”

His scoff was cruel as she caught her hand easily. “You can’t know that!”

Perched on her boulder, ready to attack should the need arise, she watched the confusion in Bella’s face. “But... I can.”

Edward’s face twisted, raw and tormented. “So I guess you made your choice then.”

Bella gaped. “What do you mean? We broke up, Edward! You left me!”

“No,” he insisted, refusing to release the hand he still held when Bella yanked it. “I told you to choose.”

Rose watched closely, sure that this needed to happen and yet every instinct in her wanted to attack him again, to force him to let go of Bella’s hand, to rip his off.

“And then you left!” Bella’s shrill scream bounced off the trees, making Rose wince. “You don’t get to stand there and act like you didn’t! You might have said it poetically. It might have been thinly veiled. But that was what you meant!”

The look of pain on Edward’s face didn’t change as he took a deep breath, finally releasing Bella’s hand. “Maybe I did.” His hands sunk deep into his pockets, his shoulders slumped as though he hadn’t just attacked his sister and destroyed the back of the house. He turned, his eyes staring deeply into Bella’s. He took a step away and then turned back.

Rose was on her feet in a millisecond, at Bella’s side blocking Edward in less than that. Edward’s face had changed, no longer the melancholy mourning and instead all violence and anger. She hissed harshly, her stance protective. He would not hurt her. She wouldn’t allow it.

The look on his face faded and he turned, heading back out to the woods.

Rose watched him go for a long moment before she realized the body against her was shaking.

Her body was sore, her face specifically painful as she turned. “Hey, it’s okay.” She pulled Bella into her arms as she shook and cried.

“I know!” Bella roared, shoving out of Rose’s arms. “I’m mad! Okay!”

“Okay.” Rose nodded, trying to fix her ripped shirt.

“Do you think he thought I was going to be waiting for him whenever he came back?” The anger cracked and Bella sobbed again.

“Hey,” she cooed, pulling Bella against her again, stroking her head when Bella’s face fell to her chest. “I think he decided that was going to happen, despite all that he knew. He wanted that to be the case.”

Bella sniffed.

Rose held her a long time, held her until Bella’s shaking grew stronger and she realized that Bella was cold.

“Come on, you. Let’s get you home.”