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So I Hope You See (That I Would Love To Love You)

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“Can I come in?”

“Oh, it’s you,” Rose said, dryly

Bella paused a step into Rosalie’s room. “Um…”

Rose had heard Bella arrive, of course. That truck was impossible to miss. She had also heard Edward preparing to leave, but Rose had assumed that he would stop by and ask her to stay with Bella, as he usually did. She was on the floor of her room, in the middle of painting her toes and waiting, fully available to him, should he not have anyone else lined up.

Only Edward hadn’t bothered to stop by, hadn’t bothered to ask her, as if this was just her job now. He had left a minute before after a long and soppy kiss, seemingly not thinking of Rosalie at all.

She wanted to be angry, to be offended, but Bella’s voice, small from the doorway, made that hard.

“That’s a pretty color,” she squeaked, clearly expecting to be expelled from Rose’s room, possibly violently.

She looked up, her blonde hair falling into her face a little and gave her half a smile. “Thank you.”

She couldn’t complain, she supposed, if this were now her permanent job. She should complain about what was beginning to feel, much to her delight and anger, like her Bella time. The time when she could let her thoughts go. It felt better to allow it. She wanted to allow it, and that was the best and worst part.

Bella’s cheeks warmed slightly when Rosalie went back to painting her toenails without an answer. “Can I come in?”

With a long thought, Rose nodded. Bella had never been in her bedroom before. She watched her cross over to the ottoman at the end of the bed and sit, her eyes trying to be subtle about glancing around.

“What?” She challenged.

Bella flinched and shook her head. “Your bedroom isn’t like everyone else’s rooms.”

She sighed. It was true. Everyone else’s rooms were just rooms. Before the bed for Bella, Edward’s had been filled with music equipment, Alice and Jasper’s was open and airy with a huge closet, Carlisle and Esme’s looked like a formal sitting room and library.

“Yours is the only one that looks like a bedroom,” Bella added as if following along with her thoughts exactly. “It’s nice. Your bed looks more comfortable than the one Edward got, that’s for sure.”

Mid turning her pale toenail into her signature red, she paused, feeling the offer bubbling up. No, that was too much. That was too far, Rose. She glanced up at Bella and decided to keep her mouth shut, else the offer to allow Bella to sleep in her bed would come flying out as words so often did these days. The thought was… intriguing though, Rose had to admit. Bella, her face peaceful, her hair fanning out across her bed, filling it with her scent. Her mate asleep safe ensconced in Rose instead of Edward. Somewhere within her, that nagging desire, always in the back of her mind, always reminding her of her situation, stung her. She took a deep breath and held it, her lips pinched tightly together and admitted to herself that she might... maybe... possibly want that. The sting slowly disappeared, as it always did when she acknowledged that there might... maybe... possibly be something between them. If she wasn’t careful, then acknowledging it would become a habit.

“So, where did they go tonight?” Bella asked.

Rose shook her head, blowing on her toes. She wasn’t sure. It wasn’t all of them who had gone hunting this time, she knew. Carlisle was at work and Esme would be off in a little while to go see a movie in Port Angeles. It was just the boys who had gone to, Rose thought, soothe Emmett’s hurt. She could already see it in her mind, them roughhousing, sparring, wrestling. Emmett letting off steam until he came back to her, refreshed.

The thought hurt.

She had apologized to Emmett, telling him that there were some things on her mind, and he had understood because he always did but she could tell the apology hadn’t soothed the pain of their interaction. He had also said, yet again, that he knew something was ‘going on with her’. She couldn’t blame him for that because, after all, there was.

“What are you doing up here with the big bad bitch of the Cullens instead of downstairs doing homework or watching TV?” Rose asked, her chin resting on her knee, appraising the girl she wanted to know so much more.

She had expected a laugh or an eye roll but instead, Bella’s face grew sharp, her eyes intense as she glared at Rosalie. “Don’t call yourself that!”

Rose stared, her mouth dropping open in an unflattering gawk.

“I hate it, and it’s not true.”

No, no, no, Rosalie groaned, turning her face so that she could hide in her knees. Somewhere in her chest something warm flickered to life and began to glow. She didn’t want that to feel good. It wasn’t supposed to feel so good. Her face suddenly felt warm, as if she could blush. Bella had looked so set. She opened her mouth to speak but had no idea what to say to Bella’s insistence.

“And I’m up here because I finished my homework and there’s nothing on TV and you’re up here.”

If she had been knocked over before, she was knocked over again. She had come up looking specifically to spend time with her? Bella hadn’t even turned the TV on. She would have heard it if she had.

“And what do you want me to do about it?” Rosalie asked, her voice sarcastic, but… had Bella noticed that small little waver? Had it been as clear as Rosalie thought it had been?

“You know, you could stop that.”


“You should stop pretending that we’re not friends because whether you want to admit it or not, we are.”

All right, Rose thought maybe she needed some fresh air. She was starting to get dizzy. This girl was making her dizzy and god, she loved it. She loved that Bella did this to her. “Why? Because we’ve spent some time in the same room together? We don’t even interact.”

“That’s not true! I’ve helped you with your car twice now and both times you talked to me. We’re friends.”

Rosalie went to argue, unable to handle the idea that they had begun interacting.

“And I like that.”

Rosalie blinked slowly. If she could breathe at that moment, the wind would have been knocked out of her. The smile that Bella was giving her… had she ever thought she would see it from her? It was so wide and pure. It was just for her.

Rosalie sighed and smiled back, wanting to duck her head but worried that would make her look silly. Thank god no one else was there to see her like this, thrown for a loop, and, admit the truth and shame the devil, delighted. Bella liked that they were friends?

But she didn’t want to be friends. She had Emmett. And she didn’t trust herself around Bella, because she loved Emmett and had no desire to not be with her burly bear of a man.

They weren’t friends.

She didn’t want to be friends.

She stood, not shocked that her legs felt somewhat shaky. “Do you want to go somewhere?” She mentally cursed. What had she just said? No on friendship. No! Why did she keep doing this to herself?

Bella looked up at her and Rosalie’s entire world bloomed into spring all because of the look on Bella’s face. Her hand went out of its own accord, palm up; an invitation.

“Okay.” Bella glanced at Rosalie’s hand and then allowed her own to slide into it.

She was very aware of the long moments where Rose was still making contact with Bella’s skin. She could feel the warmth of it, could feel Bella’s heartbeat in the fingers, could almost feel a heartbeat echoed within her. There was heat, and warmth, and a feeling of familiarity that Rose hadn’t quite felt before. She closed her eyes as they turned toward the hall, Bella slightly behind her, relishing the feeling of touching her in some way. It wasn’t until they were downstairs that Bella’s hand finally slipped away and by then, Rose had found her mask of indifference again.

“Oh no, we’re not running, are we?” Bella whined as they walked not toward the garage but instead toward the front yard.

“We are.”

Bella let out a whimper.

“You don’t like to run?” Rosalie asked, incredulous.

“I don’t... like... it,” Bella grudgingly admitted.

“Don’t worry. I promise I’ll keep you safe.”

Bella didn’t look mollified, but she let Rose take her hand again.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She couldn’t believe she was going to take her there. She couldn’t believe she was pulling Bella onto her back. She just couldn’t believe all of it. What was she thinking?

It was like a static shock to the system, pulling Bella onto her back. She was so light, so small. She didn’t think she had ever realized just how small she was. At first, Bella was stiff as her arms wrapped around her neck, her legs around her waist, leaning somehow away as if she didn’t’ want to press too much against Rose.

“Please, hold on tightly,” Rose said, amazed that her voice reminded even. Bella’s legs around her waist were distracting. Even more distracting was the fact that Bella’s fingers had just gently gathered her long blonde hair into her hands and set it carefully over one shoulder.

Rosalie’s eyes closed again, relishing the feeling of her fingers through her hair. It felt so good, so — 

Her eyes snapped open.


“I hate running,” Bella mumbled, but her body pressed tightly against Rose, her face turned and buried in Rose’s neck and hair, hiding.

Rosalie stopped breathing.

She turned her face so she could see her, a smirk in place despite her over-sharp awareness and the fact that she felt like she could barely breathe. “Close your eyes.”

Bella nodded, shifting again.

Rose bit back a moan.

Had Bella just buried her face in her hair for a moment to smell it? She thought she had and suddenly her knees felt weak.

She cleared her throat and with gentle steps, took off.



This… this was an amazing feeling. Bella clung tightly to her, Bella’s breath slow and steady, warming the side of Rose’s neck. Her hands held her firmly in place, but she doubted if they needed to be there, Bella clung so tight. Still, her hands stayed there under Bella’s thighs. The joy of the run, the joy of Bella in her personal space made her grin huge, the excitement chaotically happy as they moved through the night. She forgot that she didn’t want to be friends as they ran together, forgot that she didn’t want this, that she shouldn’t be there with Bella or spending time with her. She forgot to be angry at herself for giving into this in this small way.

It took an agonizing short trip to get to her destination. She slowed a little as they climbed the last bit of the hill and then broke through the trees and onto the cliff face.

“You can open them,” she said in a whisper. She always felt as though she had to whisper there, always feeling blown away by the awesome beauty of the spot.

Bella’s head came up from her neck and her breath caught. “Wow.”

Rose smiled and looked out as well.

It was a small spot she had found some years ago while taking a walk through the woods. The spot along the cliff wasn’t much. The forest was thick there, dense enough that the moonlight could barely be seen through the canopy. When you stepped through a break in the trees you were met with a small patch of grass, usually thick and soft, surrounded on one side by rock face. Ahead of them, was a tall drop that led to a beautiful view of a small bay. The water tonight moved gently with the breeze, just enough to make the full moon shimmer in its reflection. The sound of the waves below was musical, combining with the wind in the branches, and the soft breathing of the girl on her back. Above them, the night sky was unusually clear, giving them millions of stars to count.

Bella slowly slid down Rosalie’s back to her feet, her face slack and open.

The view was beautiful, but instead of watching it, Rose was looking at Bella, waiting.

“Wow.” Bella sighed, glancing at Rose, and then did a double take. “Wow.”

“What?” She asked, her stomach feeling light and fluttery. She smiled a little as Bella stared, looking amazed and not at all critical.

Bella didn’t answer, but instead, her hand rose as if she were in a trance and a single finger gently ran down Rose’s cheek.

Rosalie froze, caught completely off guard. For a moment she nearly began yelling, then she nearly whimpered. Anger returned, but before it could solidly take hold, confusion ran through her, keeping her frozen in place.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Bella sprang back. She came far too close to the edge of the cliff for Rosalie’s liking.

“Bella!” Rosalie shrilled.

“I’ve never seen you guys in the moonlight and—” Bella rambled on at the same time, taking another step back.

She was going to fall, her mind screamed, jabbering away in terror. There would be no way to protect her, no way to keep her safe if she fell. Even if she dived after her and created a cage around her, the impact would be staggering for a human body. This all shot through Rosalie’s mind in less than half a second. “Bella!” Rosalie and grabbed her, yanking her so hard that she vaulted back away from the edge and safe in her arms.

 “Oh fuck!” Bella yelped, cowering in Rosalie’s arms as she realized how close she had stepped toward the edge.

Her arms tightened around Bella reflexively. “Are you trying to —” Rosalie started to yell, her fear snapping out of her as anger. Before she could finish her sentence, she cut herself off. She ground her teeth, snarling inside. When she spoke again her voice was calmer. “You have to be careful here. There isn’t a lot of space.”

Bella nodded, her eyes overbig.

“Are you okay?”

Bella nodded, looking distinctly not okay.  

“Let’s sit down, okay?” she said in a soft voice, as gentle as she could make it. After all, it would have been Bella who had fallen – not that she wouldn’t have jumped after her – so she didn’t get to yell at her for doing something that would have scared her as it was.  

Again Bella just nodded.

“Okay, come on.” Rose wished she had thought to bring a blanket or something to sit on. She stripped off her jacket. It was Burberry, but she had a good dry cleaner in Seattle. She set it down, inside out and gestured for Bella to sit.

Bella looked skeptically at the jacket. “You should sit on that.”

“I put it down for you.”

“But your pants —”

I put it down for you.

“But Rose—”

“But Bella.”

Bella’s nose scrunched and she sat.

Rosalie took a seat in the grass, feeling the damp but too satisfied with having won to care much.

Bella’s eyes twitched sideways to her and then back out over the view. The silence wasn’t long, but in it, they grew awkward. She had time to watch a bird across the sky, to count a handful of stars... to look at Bella four times.

“I’m sorry I yelled,” Rosalie finally said.

 Bella shifted, uncomfortable. “I scared you.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I get to yell at you!” she snapped. “You scaring me doesn’t mean you then need to be my outlet for that negative energy.”

Bella frowned and Rosalie could bet that she was thinking of some event when she had scared Edward with a near injury and Edward had turned around and shouted, or been a general dick.

She wanted to ask but thought better of it. “You deserve better than that.” She didn’t look at her as she said it, her eyes out over the water.

Bella stayed silent, but this time it didn’t feel awkward or weird. They both watched the wind blow through the trees, watched as a night-hunting bird swooped down and snatched something from the water.

She wished she could pull Bella in, could let her lean against her as they looked.

It was almost magical, she thought, watching the water shift. She could feel Bella’s eyes on her, first a mere glance and then steady, but she pretended she couldn’t, instead smiling a little.

What was Bella seeing exactly?

Finally, after two more glances, Rosalie’s smile broke. “I’m sure the view is more beautiful than whatever you’re looking at.”

Bella’s face turned, sudden warmth radiating off of her. “I doubt that,” Bella mumbled, making Rose’s smile grow.

As a rule, Rose loved to be told she was beautiful. She was, and she knew it. Her beauty was a fact, it wasn’t special. So it helped to serve her ego when it happened. Only now, she glanced at Bella, a sheepish smile on her face. Bella’s eyes, seeming so content on Rosalie’s face, made her smile. She felt flattered, special. It made her want to roll her eyes at herself, only she couldn’t because it felt too good to blow off that way.

“Do I look strange in the moonlight?”

Bella looked back, startled. “Strange? No.”

“What is it then?”

Bella’s hand rose again. It was just an inch off the ground, her fingers flexing as if she wanted to touch her again.

Rose swallowed, struck dumb by how much she wished she would.

“You glow.”

Rose’s mouth opened but she changed her mind and closed it again. “Look.” She as a deer stepped out of the tree line a ways down the rock, it’s eyes on them.

That was enough to change. Bella sighed, turning back to the view.

They watched; Bella looking up at the night sky serenely.

Rose leaned a little, her eyes closing, enjoying the feeling of not holding back, enjoying the absence of that constant nagging feeling in the back of her mind as well as the smell that wasn’t a smell because for once they were there together.

She leaned a little further, knowing she was pushing it, but just wanting to feel Bella’s warmth.

She had loved the feeling of Bella against her body, had loved the feeling of Bella’s face in her neck, a spot that had always been oh so sensitive to Rose.

She wanted it again, wanted a reason to reach out and touch her, only she couldn’t find an excuse.

It felt so good to not be so rigid, to just sit and let whatever was happening within her simply happen.

A gentle breeze blew and Bella’s hair stirred with it.

Rose breathed deeply. Rain was coming in the next few hours and the scent, the mix of the coming rain and Bella, it was wonderful.

Finally seeing an excuse, Rose reached over as Bella’s hair caught on her eyelashes, and pushed it back slowly, wrapping it behind her ear.

Bella glanced at her and laughed a little, smoothing her hair. “It’s wild.”

Rose smiled softly. “It’s beautiful.”

The smile slowly faded from Bella’s face, turning instead into intensity. Rose only looked back.

How had this happened to her? She had done everything she could to fight it and yet there she was, interested in the same stupid human that everyone else seemed to be. With her human. Hers.

That was supposed to be the point, wasn’t it? Wasn’t that what Jasper had said? Bella was supposed to be hers.

Bella’s smile was soft, shy as she looked at Rose, a little awkward, and yet radiant.

This stupid teenage human... was her human.

Bella’s lips curled into a smile.

Rosalie’s head swam.

Rose blinked once, slowly and then she had launched herself.

She hadn’t thought, she wasn’t thinking. She didn’t mean to do it, had clearly surprised Bella, just suddenly she was in Bella’s lap, her hands on her cheeks, cupping her face, her lips meeting Bella’s.

The instant they touched, the very instant Rose felt Bella’s warmth against her cold, something sparked. It was like a firework going off, something deliciously blinding.

Bella let out a surprised squawk as the inertia of Rosalie’s attack knocked her backward onto the jacket below her.

Rosalie’s internally groaned, her lips moving against Bella’s, kissing her as she had wanted to for so long, because yes, she had wanted to. God, she had wanted to with everything in her.

Bella’s head came off the grass with a tiny sound, intoxicating Rose as she pressed back, her lips moving against Rose’s frantically.

Oh, a kiss had never felt like this before. She had never felt like she had completely lost her mind in a kiss before, but now, all she can feel was this, was Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella. She was very aware of every twitch of Bella’s, every little gasp. Her hands itched to roam. She let them run into her hair, feeling the silk sliding against her fingers.

Beneath her, Bella gasped, her lips parting and suddenly everything changed. She had wanted her before because of their connection, because of how she felt, but it had never occurred to her, despite all of her jealousies, that she could want her physically. The desire roared to life, a lit match thrown into a full gas can.

A whole new monster that suddenly climbs up in her.

She couldn’t believe how soft she was, how warm she was. She wondered if this was because Bella was human or because she was a woman. She has never kissed a woman before.

A gasp of air fell out of Bella’s mouth as Rosalie gently licked her bottom lip. Bella’s hips jumped up once and Rose thought she’s going to go mad. Her body gave a long aching pull. She wanted more of her and so she reached. Their tongues brush lightly once and then harsh.

Oh, so good, so—

A small little moan of pleasure popped from deep within Rose and in an instant, it was matched by Bella under her.

Her lips moved, pushed. She trailed them over Bella’s jaw, her hand holding her head as it dropped back, Bella’s breath harsh. She moved to the soft pulse point, amazed. She hadn’t completely lost her mind; she didn’t want to suddenly attack and rip her throat out. Again Rose moaned her mouth on Bella’s skin, her thumb trailing over Bella’s lips.

She gasped as Bella gently bit it.

 It’s only been seconds but a second is a very long time for her.

And then Bella changed. Her lips, which had found their way back to Rose’s, suddenly became unresponsive, still and hard. She let out a squawk, her hands flailing.

It took a second for Rosalie’s brain to catch up with her, to realize that oh, Bella was trying to get away.


Rosalie pulled away, leaping back a solid four feet, her hands over her mouth.

Oh no! Oh no, oh no, oh no! She hadn’t meant to do that!

She gasped and took another step away, mortified.

Bella stared at her from the ground, her fingers touching her bottom lip, looking at Rose as if she had suddenly grown three heads.

Oh god, what had she been thinking?

Oh god! She realized that there was a tiny drop of blood on Bella’s lip like she had nicked it at some point.

She just stared at it, unable to believe.

She had kissed her. Oh god, she had kissed her and she wanted so badly to do it again.

She had no idea what to say. There was nothing to say.

Bella’s look changed, from shock to something hard. Her eyebrows drew in, and then, like a canon, Bella exploded.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I – I – I,” Rose stammered. She sounded like an idiot, and that never happened to her.

What the fuck are you doing, Rose?” Bella yelled, scrambling to her feet. “How could you do this to us?”

“Bella, I’m sor— I’m sorry, I didn’t mean, oh god, I—”

“I love him! I love Edward, Rose! How could you do that to him and me?”

The stumbling dried on Rosalie’s tongue, caught off guard by Bella’s statement. That was the ‘us’ she had meant. When Rose had heard it, she had thought she meant she and Bella and this newly forming friendship. She had meant Edward?

Bella yelled, tears springing from her eyes. “What the hell was that?”

Rosalie stared at her, eyes wet, face flushed, her look somehow panicked, and for no logical reason at all… it made her angry.

Love him?

She loved him?

No. She shouldn’t.

She should love her.

Wasn’t that what fate was saying?

She took a step back, all shocked timidity snapping away from her. As it did so often her feelings congealed into anger, hot as tar. “But do you?” she challenged. “Do you really love him?”

“What does that even mean?”

“Do you really love him or are you just infatuated with him? Or is he just the first person you found sexually appealing?” She took a step toward Bella, invading her personal space. She could feel that Bella was shaking a little. She snarled. “Or is he just the first vampire you met?”

Bella’s eyes, so round, darted across her face, down to her lips before she gave a sudden cry of anger and shoved Rosalie back. “I’m going home! Screw you, Rosalie!”

Rose blinked, startled and, she had to admit, a little impressed as Bella started into the trees that they had come through. She had shoved her, had physically pushed her out of the way. A vampire. And now she was walking off like she had any idea at all how to get back.

God, how could she have done this?

“Bella.” Rose reached out, but Bella yanked her arm away, all but hissing at her. “Jesus wept! Bella!” Rose reached again. She couldn’t make it back to the Cullen house on her own.

Shamed, she felt that familiar feeling of crying without the tears beginning. She couldn’t believe herself. She had kissed her. She had kissed her brother’s mate.

Her mate.

Angry at herself, it made her a little more abrupt than she meant to be, she stepped in front of Bella so fast that Bella walked into her, a vampiric brick wall.

“Ugh!” Bella growled, trying to shove her away again but Rose didn’t let her go.

“You won’t make it back to the house yourself. If you want to get back you’ll have to let me take you.”


“Fine!” Rose growled. “I’ll let you get lost in the woods and precious Eddie can save you!” Her heart gave a sad and pained lurch. She turned, unable to look at her, and started toward the forest. Shame was thick in her stomach.

What was wrong with her? She had just lit a match and set fire to everything, and for what?

She wasn’t leaving... at least she didn’t think she would actually leave. She would just —


Rose’s feet stopped. She didn’t turn, didn’t trust what was on her face. Instead, she just reached behind her and pulled Bella onto her back.

The run back was stiff.

That was it. She hadn’t asked for anything from Bella. She didn’t expect anything from Bella. But it would be a lie to say that she didn’t want anything from Bella.

Oh god, Emmett.

Rosalie’s face twisted as she ran, dryly crying as she moved, knowing the wind would protect her secret.

This had happened. Could she still say she felt nothing? She didn’t think she could. And that was horrible.

Bella flew off of her back the moment they arrived within human eyesight of the Cullen house, marching through the mud.

Rose watched her go for a long moment before nodding to herself.

She ran the rest of the way at full speed so that she was upstairs by the time Bella finally arrived.

She sat beside the tub, the water running, but she had no intention of taking a bat as much as hiding.

She sat staring at nothing in horror.

Her mind wasn’t screaming, wasn’t moving at a million miles per hour. Instead, it was silent, horribly, deathly silent.

She could hear Bella pacing, going back and forth back and forth in the room next to her.

Nine o clock came, and then ten, eleven, and midnight. Normally Bella was long asleep by then. Rose just sat, waiting and waiting for her to finally sleep.

When it did come, Rose finally took a deep breath and let her face fall into her knees that were pulled up to her chest.

Oh god.

What the fuck had she done?

She couldn’t stay in her bedroom, she just couldn’t and so she opened the door carefully, very aware of not making too much noise and waking the barely sleeping girl. She didn’t think she could face her again.

She moved like smoke down the stairs and to the living room which was much wider, giving her more room to breathe.

She didn’t move, trapped in her thoughts. She just stood in the middle of the large room, feeling smothered. Even when the sun began to rise and she heard footsteps approaching she didn’t move. Her mind shifted over, protecting her thoughts as her family all came in, grinning and looking as though they had a good night. Carlisle and Esme, it seemed, had gone to join Esme in the city and they had a warm aura around them of love. The boys were all grinning, high fiving and laughing.  

She sneered at them all, disdainful. It hurt her to see Esme and Carlisle that way. It hurt and she hated that it hurt.

“How was your night?” Alice asked and then frowned when Rose just glared at her. “Okay…” she muttered and started upstairs.

Beside her, Jasper had stopped, his eyes on her.

She looked away, knowing he could feel it. The guilt, the want, it probably made it perfectly clear what had happened.

His eyes were gentle as he sighed. “You do.”

She growled, refusing to look at him, refusing to admit how broken she suddenly felt.

He had won this argument, had been right when he insisted that she wanted her.

Her head hung, defeated. “I do.”

Gently, as only Jasper could be, he leaned forward and kissed her cheek, squeezing her arm.

Rose leaned into the touch, her face twisting.

“Do what?” Emmett asked, doubling back to see Rose.

“Nothing!” She said in a chipper voice. “How was it?”

“Good!” Emmett grinned and wrapped her up. He went to kiss her and paused at the last second. “Hmm?”

“What?” she snapped.

“You smell different.”

Panic ripped through her. She did? Did she smell like Bella? God, she hadn’t even showered.

“Weird.” She hummed and then pulled away. She took the stairs at vampire speed and was in the shower before Emmett had even moved from the living room.

She smelled different? She smelled of Bella. That was a scent that was so dangerous, and yet she didn’t want to wash off.

Emmett was there in the bathroom when she stepped from the shower, towel in hand.

“Better?” she asked, hoping it sounded causal.

He leaned forward and let his nose trail across her shoulder. “No, you still smell different. Your skin smells different.”

“Hmm,” she hummed lightly, the panic barely concealed. “Must be the new shampoo.”

“Yeah.” He eyed her. “Must be.”

She wrapped the towel around herself, wanting out of the small bathroom. “Enjoy your shower,” she hummed and stepped out.

She didn’t have time to feel the relief of escape, because the moment she stepped out, she came face to face with Alice.

She had stopped trying to chase her down, perhaps thinking whatever she had seen had been a fluke. But now, Alice’s face was set, her look stern.

“I have some questions for you.”

Rose just stared back, caught.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She insisted and hoped that would be enough.