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Today is the feast day of St. Peter of Thorkelston

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Today is the feast day of St. Peter of Thorkelston, patron saint of bards with large youth followings. It is often celebrated in conjunction with the feast day later this month of St. Davy, a contemporary with whom he collaborated on several well-known hymns extolling the power of belief. He is most commonly depicted holding a bass guitar and accompanied by three monkeys.

The iconography used for St. Davy is very similar, even down to the haircut and the three simians; until the recent rediscovery of a mural depicting the two saints together, there was a large group of scholars who believed that all the extant artwork depicted a single saint who played several different instruments. The mural, strangely, depicts only two attendant monkeys, rather than the three or six that might have been expected. This has provided the scholars with a new thing to argue about, namely whether the mural is incomplete and if so how many monkeys there should have been in total.