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Living Consequences

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Chapter One: Into the Night

Emma slammed down the small glass as she felt the tequila burn her throat. It had been a while since she’d had a night like this, not since the curse broke at least. But with the drums and guitar filling the air, her best friends at her side, and a life of being tied to another person forever in her future, downing shots seemed like the best idea she had in a while.

Sticky with sweat, the loose fitting peasant shirt was doing nothing to keep her cool in the Mexican heat. It had been Red’s idea to hold her bachelorette party out of town. With Zelena’s curse being broken, all curses fully ended, the boundary open and no telling when the next threat would make its way to Storybrooke; she was of the opinion everyone needed to see the outside. Well not everyone; just the small group of women who made up Emma’s bridal party and close friends. Red, Snow, Belle, Abigail and even Regina made the trip with Emma. It was funny how they all had to make use of their curse names to get out of the country with their passports.
Emma was surprised Regina even came, and used her curse filled bank accounts to fund everyone’s trip. Their stalemate was a tentative one. It had taken weeks to get her to even speak the blonde after the Marian fiasco, and even then it only was about Henry. It was just recently she’d begun to say more than just Henry’s schedule to her. Regina taking Red up on the invitation to celebrate the Savior’s upcoming nuptials was a pleasant shock. Maybe they could somehow make their way back to the tentative friendship they had been forming in Neverland.

Emma wobbled a bit as she stood after that last shot. The five shots had followed 2 margaritas and a daiquiri sometime during dinner. The savior was smiling as threw her hands in the air in victory.

“And that, my ladies, is how it’s done.” Red just shook her head, pushing her shot away from her. She was not going to try and match Emma. Death by alcohol poisoning was not how she wanted to go. Snow smiled at her daughter who stumbled to make her way over to the small dance floor that was adjacent to the patio.

“Emma, maybe you should sit for a while. Those were pure top shelf tequila shots.”

“I know Sn-mom…that’s the point. I could out drink anyone in this place.” Emma felt her body sway a little bit, but she was nowhere near drunk. She wondered if her mother was forgetting all the stories she had told her while under the spell. Emma Swan was a sailor when it came to holding her liquor.

She danced her way across the floor and to the bar to pick up some more chips and salsa. She wasn’t an idiot and knew she would need massive amounts of carbs to soak up alcohol, which was due to start affecting her soon. She sort of wished she could have the effects sooner. Everyone was celebrating her and Killian’s marriage, but for some reason, she couldn’t get the same excitement everyone else had. Sure she was having a great time, and her friends were making this the best vacation she’d ever had, but with each question regarding how “excited she was to become Mrs. K Jones,” Emma’s partying mood dimmed. She had instituted a no marriage talk rule for their final night in Cancun. She told them it was because they were supposed to be celebrating as if she were single, but the truth was, if they mentioned it again she might not get on the return flight tomorrow….and she couldn’t do that to Henry.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love Killian; she did. That was for certain, but how did she know that it was HIM she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with. How did she know that what she felt was the kind of love that built marriages instead of just friendships? When Snow talked about James, or Charming as she nicknamed him, her eyes lit up in a way the entire world could see. That was true love. That was what sustained people through years of marriage and kids and dragons and ogres and evil queens hell bent on decapitating you.

Emma glanced up at the thought of Evil Queens and noticed Regina was not at the table with the rest of the group. To think of it, Regina had disappeared before the tequila shot contest. She had thrown back a few cocktails of her own before deeming shot contests beneath her. It was one thing if Regina vanished out of the Rabbit Hole in Storybrooke, but this was foreign country, in a brand new realm and there was no way to know she knew the rules for being out here.

Emma pulled a beer from the bar and gave up on waiting for the chips as she started scanning the large patio for the brunette. She had been in a bright red dress, so it shouldn’t be hard to spot her. Chugging on the cold Corona, Emma looked back and forth before spotting a flash of red behind a man with his back turned toward the blonde. It was hard to see…but it looked like…was that…..was Regina dancing? As the couple started to turn with beat of the drums it was obvious that Regina was indeed moving with the stranger to the music, with an innate sense of rhythm Emma didn’t know the woman had.

Emma didn’t have to have a magic mirror to know she was staring with an intensity that might lead her to drool. She tried to move her focus, but the way Regina’s hips swayed in the stranger’s hand kept her nearly hypnotized. As the man spun Regina out of his arms, the petite woman raised her arms, accentuating the way the dress clung to her torso before it flowed out at her hips. The stranger backed up to allow for the movement, leaving Emma to gasps as Regina slowly ran her hands down her neck and torso to her waist.

Maybe it was the five tequila shots catching up to her, but time on the patio seemed to slow down, she didn’t know. But she knew alcohol was responsible for the courage to do what she did next.

Shooting a look over to where Snow, Red, Belle and Abigail were, she made sure they were preoccupied before pulling off the white peasant shit to revel a plain white spaghetti strap tank over her jean capris.

Still sipping on her beer, Emma shimmed over to where Regina and the man were dancing. She shook her hips, matching them to the beat the other two were moving to. As she got upon them, she danced around in a circle once with the man, effectively moving him away from Regina, but before the brunette could leave, she turned around, using her free hand to grab Regina’s, causing them to dance with each other. Emma gave a smirk, proud of herself for not dropping her drink as she turned Regina with one hand, managing to back the former queen against her.

Maybe it was the moonlight, the string of cheap party lights or maybe the light sheen of humidity that was upon Regina, but Emma was strangely overcome with the desire to run her tongue over every exposed inch of olive skin in front of her. Emma moved them closer, extinguishing the last bit of space between them and running her free hand along Regina’s thigh. Surprised that she didn’t receive a slap or a fireball to her head, Emma continue to dance, spinning the queen around to face her.

They fit together like puzzle pieces, chest to chest, thigh to thigh. Regina moved her arms up around Emma’s neck, a gleam in her eye as if she were daring the Savior to do something. Setting her beer down on the closest empty table, Emma ran her hands up Regina’s back, feeling the woman fully in her arms for the first time. Spinning the woman away once again, she pulled her back, seeing a flicker of something in the queen’s eye before they darkened again into something easily recognizable.

“Really….” Regina whispered, arching an eyebrow in an unspoken challenge. Knowing they were surrounded by a crowd, and far enough away from their friends and family, Emma smiled and ran her finger along the other woman’s jaw, tracing an outline she fully intended to follow with her mouth.

“Yes…really,” she said before pulling the woman’s face to hers crashing their lips together. Emma felt something she hadn’t felt…ever, not even with Neal, shoot up her spine as their lips moved against each other. Feeling the need to be the aggressor for some reason, she pushed her tongue into the brunette’s mouth, and starting moving them back towards their hotel, a direction opposite where the rest of their party was.

As soon as they were out of the eye of the patrons on the hotel patio, Regina wasted no time turning the tables on the princess and pushing Emma against the stone wall of the hallway. She ran her hands up the tone arms and to the blonde’s neck, pulling the taller woman’s head down, looking for more purchase to deepen the kiss.
They stayed locked by the mouth, until Emma broke the kiss, and started peppering kissing along the jaw that entranced her earlier in the night.

“My….,” Regina worked to catch her breath as the blonde’s mouth moved lower to her chest, along the edge of her dress, “-my room.” Regina had refused to share a suite with anyone, and for once Emma was grateful for the brunette’s anti-social tendencies.

“Right…your room.” She said continue to kiss a line around the queen’s cleavage and snaking her hands up under the red dress. “I-I just need you to know that this isn’t the first time I—“

“Emma,” Regina interrupted, pushing the woman back up against the wall and away from her body. “My room. Now.”

Emma nodded, continuing to kiss the back of Regina’s neck as the woman led them through the corridors and to the elevators that would lead to Regina’s sea view suite. As soon as the elevators were closed she had her hands up under the woman’s dress again, stroking what was obvious arousal between the brunette’s thighs.


“mmmm” the other woman responded as Emma continued her stimulation.

“You need to know that…that this isn’t from tequila. I’ve…I’ve had f---“ Emma never finished her sentence as Regina closed the distance between them, pushing her tongue into the Savior’s mouth for the umpteenth time that night.

“You talk too much…” she said after she ended the kiss. The elevator open and she grinned. “I can think of better ways to use your mouth tonight.”



Regina stood in her room separating her dirty clothes to put in a different section of her suitcase when Emma finally woke. Their flight wasn’t for another 6 hours, but the woman seemed to be already showered and dressed.

“Hey,” she said with a timid smile.

“I told your mother that I found you completely intoxicated and brought you back to my room to sleep since I didn’t have your key,” Regina answered without turning around. “She bought the story. It was easy enough after the number of shots you did last night.”

“Um….good morning to you too.” Emma said opening and closing her eyes repeatedly while shielding them, from the glaring sunlight. “And um, thanks for telling her that…I think.”

“You’re welcome,” she said without inflection and continued sorting and folding. Emma looked down at her body to make sure she wasn’t confused. Yep, she was naked. Last night did happen. Those were probably nail marks she was feeling in her shoulders. So why was Regina acting as if they were having afternoon tea and her’s tasted like someone pissed in it.

“Look Regina, about last night…”

“Last night didn’t happen,” the brunette replied without missing a beat.

“What? Look I know I’m engaged now but nothing…”

“Emma,” she exhaled before finally turning around and looking straight in the blonde’s eye. “Last night…didn’t happen. What occurred will not leave this room. It did NOT happen.”

“I’m confused…are you telling me you don’t care what happened….or are you saying you just don’t want people to know. What are you trying to tell me?”

“I’m telling you, that you were drunk, I helped you up to my room and you fell asleep. You will go home to your little handless pirate and live happily ever after. You will not mention it to me or anyone else. Got it?”


“It was a drunken mistake.” She said with finality before turning around.

“So that’s what you’re going with? A drunken mistake.”

“I don’t know what you thought Emma, but that’s what it was. It felt good….hell it felt great, but make no mistake that was all it was. A good time,” she laughed. “Now please…get dressed, go to your room, shower and pack. We have a plane to catch and I for one would like to eat before we leave. I despise what they serve in airports.”