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He was a failure of a nurse. 

He knew his phobia would get the better of him, he knew he couldn't handle it. If he was in control, if the blood was contained, he was fine, but the moment it crossed that safety barrier... He couldn't be a nurse if he couldn't even handle one of the most basic tasks. His patients deserved better. He needed to be someone the children could feel safe around, not someone who could freak out and panic at any moment. 

Anri-chan told him about her secret hideout a few days ago, a place the newcomers often hid to cry. Hospitals were a stressful work environment, and evidently, no matter how prepared you think you are, there will always be room for surprises. When an IV once again came loose - kids could not sit still even if they tried - it was the only place he could think of. 

As soon as the situation was dealt with, that's exactly where he retreated. 

There was already a roll of tissue waiting. 

The back of his eyes were starting to hurt with that post-crying headache, when he heard the door open.

He scrambled to compose himself, wiping his eyes and gathering the tissues, only to forget the shelf he was sitting under, and slammed his head against the metal as he tried to stand. 

Tendou stood in the doorway unfazed. He sighed, closing the door behind him, and walked over to the fallen nurse, wincing and rubbing his head, his cheeks flushed.


"Hold still. Look at me."

Tendou lifted Nishii's chin, and looked into his eyes.

"Eh? Wha- What are you..."

"Checking for a concussion. Do you have a headache? Nausea?"

Nishii gulped, his heart threatening to leap from his chest - at least he had a good cardiologist in front of him.

"N-No, no I'm fine, perhaps my ego is a little bruised." He laughed breathily.

"Unfortunately I'm not well versed in matters of the ego." Tendou lowered Nishii's head, examining between his hair. "But we should keep an eye on this."

"T-Tendou sensei?" 

Tendou once again sought out his patient's eyes, and Nishii gulped again as he realised he had nothing to say. After a small awkward silence, Tendou caught site of the discarded tissues. 

"What were you doing in here?" He asked, his hand still resting on Nishii's head. 

Nishii followed Tendou's eyes, and burned with embarrassment as he realised his terrible attempt at covering his tracks. "O-Oh, no, it's not what you think, I was... I..."

Tendou raised an eyebrow. "What do I think?" 

"I'm perfectly fine, I was j-just looking for... something?"

He looked away, focusing intently on a stash of folders in the corner, trying desperately to ignore the gaze currently fixed on him. Tendou was such a difficult person to read, but he was sure he was about to learn what his disappointment felt like. 

He braced himself. 

"You're still a trainee. The issue is not making mistakes, but knowing how to correct them. You take your mistakes very personally, which is why I know you'll do everything you can to correct them."

"I... s-sorry?"

"I shall devise some way of helping you handle unexpected blood without using my own, but for now, let me see how you handle the unexpected."

He tilted Nishii's head once again, and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. Nishii froze, with the faintest of squeaks. Even as Tendou pulled back, Nishii couldn't move. In fact he could barely breathe. And was it getting hot in there? 

"We'll work on that." Tendou gently pat his head before standing, and handing Nishii the role of tissues. "Make yourself presentable before returning to work."

He wiped away a dried tear from Nishii's cheek with his thumb. 

"You don't want the children to worry."