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Bone Breaker, Dream Maker

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  Kachan and his friends - followers, more like - were surrounding that kid. Bullying him. Izuku couldn’t not step in front of him. He was on the ground, crying, what kind of hero wouldn’t help?

  So Izuku stood in front of the boy on the ground. Kachan called him a Quirkless loser, called him ‘Deku’... and then the long-fingered one held Izuku down while Kachan pummeled him with explosions.

  Izuku couldn’t take it, he wouldn’t take it - Kachan was supposed to be his friend. Kachan wanted to be a Hero! Heroes didn’t do this! He struggled against the fingers holding him, against Kachan who was throwing explosions in his face - and with a snap, his legs broke.

  “What the-” Long-fingers, whatever his name was, shouted.

  “What the shit Deku?” Kachan yelled, still trying to explode Izuku’s face. “I didn’t fucking do that! What the fuck, useless Deku, legs just fucking break!”

  “Bakugou, uh, maybe we should… lay off him. Get an adult or something?” Long-fingers said. 

  “Fuck off long-fingers, I do what I want!” Kachan spat, but stopped exploding Izuku’s face anyway. Not that Izuku really noticed - he was kind-of screaming because his legs just broke.

  “Wing-fuck,” Kachan said looking at Tsubasa, “go get a fuckin’ adult.”

  “Uh, right,” Tsubasa said, “C’mon Deku, let’s go.”

  Kachan’s eyes bulged, and he started screaming again. “What the fuck, wing-fuck?! You fuckin’ dumb or something? Blind? Fuckin’ Deku just broke his fuckin’ legs, he ain’t goin’ anywhere!”

  Izuku had to agree with Kachan.

  Tsubasa didn’t apparently. “No he didn’t,” he said, pointing. “There was a crack and he fell, but his legs are fine.”

  “No they fuckin’ aren’t.” Kachan said, “I saw them break - I felt them fuckin’ buckle under Deku!”

  Izuku knew his legs were broken - he’d never felt that kind of pain before - but he couldn’t help looking down. “Wha-” He said, eyes wide. Then he stood.

  “What the fuck,” Long-fingers said.

  “What?” Tsubasa asked, confusion palpable.

  Kachan, for some reason, started laughing. “Shit! Fuckin’ Deku, you finally get a fuckin’ Quirk and it’s so fucking shit!” He cackled, “What the fuck!”


  Midoriya Izuku, Quirk: Bone Break; the ability to spontaneously cause one’s own bones to break. The breakage heals within 1 minute.


  He might have found it funny, laughable, how useless my Quirk was. But at that moment, all I could think was ‘I have a Quirk! I have a Quirk!’

  After that day, I noticed that the other kids stopped bugging me. Even Kachan layed off - he didn’t like me, and I realized we weren’t friends anymore - but he didn’t go out of his way to bother me. His friends even respected me. People called me ‘hardcore’, and sometimes they asked me to break my limbs so they could see them heal, because it was ‘cool’ and ‘really gross’.

  My Quirk, no matter how much I loved it, loved the fact that I had it, wasn’t anything special. It wasn’t good for combat or rescue, it wouldn’t help me make great support tools or contribute to anything I’d want to do in the future.

  It was a party trick at best.

  And yet, having this useless Quirk somehow made me ‘better’ than if I’d really been Quirkless. The world was not created equal.


  Izuku coughed, clutching his chest with one hand and his notebook with the other. The notebook was a bit battered from the sudden villain attack and subsequent meeting with All Might. “All Might!” Izuku called, holding out the notebook. “Can I have a-”

  All Might chuckled. “Never fear! I already signed it!”

  Izuku opened up the notebook, and indeed All Might had signed his name! “Thanks!”

  “No problem!” All Might chuckled, patting Izuku on the head. “Well, I’ll be off!” And he prepared to jump.

  “Wait!” Izuku yelled, and grabbed onto All Might’s leg.


  “Kid,” All Might said once they’d landed, “I get you’re a fan, but this is a little much.”

  “No, I wanted - needed - to ask you a question.”

  “Well, here I am,” All Might said, looking put-upon.

  “Can I be a hero? Even with a useless Quirk?” Izuku asked.

  All Might coughed, covering his mouth very quickly. “What is your Quirk, exactly?”

  Izuku held out his arm and broke it.

  “What-” All Might said, eyes wide, then broke down coughing. And he changed - from being the big recognizable ‘All Might’ to being a thin skeleton man.

  “What?!” Izuku yelled, “All Might?”

  All Might nodded. “Yeah.” He looked at Izuku’s arm. “That… you should probably go to the hospital.” He turned to the side and coughed blood on the ground.

  “Me go to the hospital?” Izuku yelled, “You coughed blood!”

  “That’s normal,” All Might said.

  “Well, so is this!” Izuku said, pointing to his arm, which was already starting to heal itself.

  “Huh.” All Might said. “That all your Quirk can do?”

  Izuku nodded.

  “Well, sorry kid.” All Might said, “It wouldn’t be very useful for stopping villains, would it?”

  “Well, no-” Izuku began, but was interrupted by All Might.

  “Kid, I have this great offensive Quirk,” All Might said, then pulled up his shirt. “And look. I still got injured. I almost died. Being a Hero is dangerous.”

  “I-” Izuku said, tears running down his face. “I see.”

  All Might patted him on the shoulder. “I’m sure you have your heart in the right place, but maybe aim for something less dangerous. Like being a police officer, or a doctor. You can be a hero without being a Pro-Hero, you know,” he said, smiling at Izuku.

  “...thanks,” Izuku said half-heartedly.

  All Might grimaced and shook his head. “I have to get that villain to the police now.” He reached for his pockets where he’d put the soda bottles full of slime. “Crap.”


  Izuku was wandering home from the ill-fated meeting with his hero when he heard explosions. He ran forward and saw Kachan being strangled by that slime villain from before. It had to be Kachan, no one else would be able to swear that loudly even with slime pouring into their mouth. Heroes were gathered around him, but they weren’t doing anything. The only one even trying to help was Backdraft, but he was occupied with the fires that Kachan started.

  Kachan was dying, Izuku knew - and, in his struggle, he briefly locked eyes with Izuku. He was frightened, terrified… Izuku ran forward, past the Heroes, right up to the slime villain - and without stopping, broke his legs.


  Toshinori gaped as he saw the boy - the one he’d met earlier, told he couldn’t be a hero - propel himself into the villain, enabling the boy enveloped in slime to take a deep breath. He was shocked - he’d just told that boy he couldn’t be a Hero, and was immediately proven wrong.

  He chuckled as he transformed. “I’m pathetic,” he muttered, rushing forward and punching the villain.


  Izuku shrugged off the praise and concern of the Heroes - praise for his quick thinking, concern for him having broken his legs. They didn’t say anything about unregistered Quirk use or him being reckless.

  He absently noted that Backdraft was gently telling Kachan that, while his Quirk usage was understandable, it actually impeded his rescue attempt. Kachan was visibly growling.

  Izuku shook his head and started home - but as soon as he got off the main road, he noticed All Might waiting for him in his emaciated skeleton form.

  “Kid,” All Might said, stepping forward. “I was wrong.”

  Izuku’s eyes widened. “What-” He began.

  “You can be a hero. No, you already ARE a hero,” All Might said, putting his hand on Izuku’s shoulder. “But I can make you a better one.”

  “I…” Izuku’s eyes started watering. “Need an adult.”

  All Might jumped back and vomited blood on the ground. “What?” He asked, aghast. “No, I want to train you! Give you my power - a Quirk that has been passed from one user to the next for generations!”

  “Oh!” Izuku nodded, “Ok, sounds good.”


  “You need to train really hard before I can give you my Quirk,” All Might said, gesturing at the beach full of trash. “Otherwise, your arms will explode!”

  Izuku looked at All Might, then looked at his arms. “Like this?” He asked, breaking his bones into several pieces.

  All Might reverted to his skeleton form and coughed up blood.


  “I did it!” Izuku said three days before the entrance exam. “I cleared the beach!”

  All Might smiled proudly, then plucked a hair from his head. “Eat this,” he said, holding it out.

  “Really?” Izuku asked incredulously.

  “Trust me, it’s the least gross way of transferring power,” All Might said 'reassuringly'.

  Izuku shrugged. “Yolo.” And he ate the hair.

  They both waited a beat.

  “I don’t feel anything,” Izuku said.

  “You won’t for an hour or two. It needs to metabolize,” All Might explained.

  “Right.” Izuku said, and they both stood in awkward silence for a few minutes.

  All Might coughed and reverted to his skeletal form.


  “Ok, I feel… something," Izuku said, concentrating. “Something coursing through me…”

  “Right!” All Might exclaimed, beefing up again. “Clench your buttocks, and in your heart yell ‘SMASH!’”

  “Right,” Izuku said, and did as suggested. “SMASH!” He yelled, punching the air and causing a sonic boom. “Hm.” He said, examining his arm. “My arm broke in three places.”

  All Might started coughing again.

  “No, no, don’t worry!” Izuku said hurriedly, patting him on the back. “See, it’s already starting to heal!” He showed it to All Might.

  All Might looked at his young successor. “That’s… good," he began, sounding unsure. Then he smiled, “Yes, Young Midoriya, that’s perfect!” He patted Izuku on the back and laughed.


  Ochako saw the boy trip and start falling, and ran forward to hit him with her Quirk. Getting a bloody nose on the day of the entrance exam wouldn’t be fun, right?

  He seemed to agree, as with a crack his legs broke and he manipulated his fall so that he fell on his butt rather than his face, and locked eyes with Ochako.

  “Uh,” Ochako said, eyes wide. “You okay?”

  The boy smiled at her. “Oh, yeah I am! Thanks for asking!” He saw her still outstretched hand.  “Oh, thanks!” He said, still smiling, and took it. And immediately started floating. “Wow! This is you Quirk?”

  “Yep!” Ochacko smiled, then frowned. “Do you need me to… take you to the nurse?” She asked.

  “Huh?” The boy asked, confused. “Why?”

  Ochako pointed at his legs.

  “Oh!” The boy shook his head. “No, don’t worry about that! Look, they’re already healed." He smiled sheepishly, “It’s my quirk.”

  Ochako nodded and released her own quirk. “I guess we better get to the exam room," she said, “I’m Uraraka Ochako, by the way!”

  “Nice to meet you!” The boy said, “I’m Midoriya Izuku!”


  Izuku saw Uraraka was at the same training field as him. Looking around, he spotted the loud blue-haired boy as well - who seemed to have been walking towards Izuku, but stopped when Izuku looked around? Huh.

  Izuku shook his head and looked out at the battleground.

  “GO!” Present Mic yelled over the intercom, and Izuku ran off - he didn’t notice that he was the only one to run until Mic shouted at his ‘competition’ to get a move on.

  Izuku saw a big robot - he wasn’t sure how many points it was worth - and wound his arm back. He clenched his buttocks. “SMASH!” He yelled out, punching blindly, and the robot and three more behind it disintegrated.

  So did the bones in his arm. He shrugged, the pain barely noticeable this point, and ran forwards.


  Shota stared at the screen. “That kid just broke his arm,” he said, shaking his head. “Strong Quirk, yeah, but he broke his arm. If he can’t regulate it, he’s useless.”

  Nedzu just chuckled. “Look again!”

  Shota rolled his eyes, looking away from the other screen that had the blond kid who was shrieking and destroying robots with explosions, and saw that the green-haired boy… broke his other arm. And as Shota watched, he pulled the first arm - which Shota noticed was miraculously healed - back and broke it again, this time knocking a blond kid with a belly-button laser out of the way of a piece of debris.

  “What the fuck,” Shota said, watching as the boy’s arms healed themselves.

  Nedzu threw his head back - which on a rat thing just looked creepy - and laughed.

  “He’s going into my class, isn’t he?” Shota asked, wishing desperately for a bottle of something alcoholic and deadly.

  “YEAHHHHH!” Hizashi yelled.


  “Zero-Pointer!” Yelled… someone in the crowd. “Run!”

  Izuku looked, and yup, there was the Zero-Pointer. And right in front of it, trapped under rubble… was Uraraka, yelling.

  “Damn.” He said, and rocketed himself forward, breaking his leg. “Don’t worry!” He yelled, smiling as he soared past Uraraka. He focused on the robot, and punched it with both fists, destroying both of his arms and also, incidentally, the robot.

  Izuku fell, but before he could hit the ground and see if his Quirk worked on his spine, he felt something slap him - Uraraka! After his bones healed themselves and Uraraka released him, he lifted the rubble off her leg and helped her limp to the exit. “You good?” He asked.

  Uraraka looked at him wild-eyed, then shook herself. “Yeah.” She nodded, then smiled. “Thanks!”

  “No problem!” Izuku said, then proceeded to get beaten by Recovery Girl.

  “You’re a reckless boy!” She said, bashing his head with her cane. “Absolutely reckless!”

  “Reckless?” Izuku asked, confused. “How am I reckless?”

  She stared at him. He stared back.

  “You’re Toshinori’s boy, aren’t you?” She asked, and Izuku almost had a heart attack.

  “Uh, miss?” Uraraka said, “I hurt my ankle.”

  Recovery Girl sighed and - extended her lips like they were made of rubber and she was a cartoon character? She used her terrifying proboscis to kiss Uraraka on the forehead, healing her instantly.

  With one last shake of her cane at Izuku, she hobbled away.

  “Huh.” Izuku said, rubbing his head.


  “With 40 Villain Points, Midoriya Izuku, you made the cut!” All Might yelled in video form, “But that’s not all we grade on! By rescuing other potential students, you all were awarded ‘Rescue Points’, and with a grand total of 60 from defeating the Zero-Pointer to save young Uraraka, and 15 from various other rescues, you have been awarded the highest score with a whopping 115 points! Even taking away 15 for giving Recovery Girl multiple heart attacks, that’s still 100 points! This is your Hero Academia!”

  Izuku absently noted that Kachan was in second place with 77 villain points and no rescue points. Uraraka was fourth, though, so that was nice! Maybe they’d be in the same class.


  “1-B?” He said, looking at the card. “Huh.” He walked into the classroom and looked at a sea of faces he didn’t recognize.

  A blond boy walked up to Izuku and looked him up and down. “You’re the one who got first place?” He asked.

  Izuku nodded, and stuck out his hand. “Midoriya Izuku.” He introduced himself.

  The boy grinned at Izuku, shaking the proffered hand. “Monoma Neito.” He stopped for a moment, then broke his arm. “What?” He asked confusedly.

  “Uh-” Izuku said, the entire classroom looking at them. “Well-”

  Monoma’s arm healed itself. He stared at it and then at Izuku. “What?” He asked again, “That felt like a blank, and then something else.”

  Izuku thought fast, then nodded. “You have a Copy Quirk?” He asked, and Monoma nodded. “Right, my Quirk is Bone Breaker - I break my bones, and then they heal.”

  Monoma’s eyes widened, “How did you make first place?” He asked.

  Izuku shrugged, “I learned how to break my bones in such a way that they cause sonic booms.” That was the official explanation.

  Monoma looked perplexed, but he was gently pushed aside by a girl with dark green hair. She looked at Izuku and smiled. “I’m Tokage Setsuna, and I can detach my body parts and make them float, and regenerate them!” She said, and held out her hand. “Our Quirks are pretty similar, huh?”

  Izuku smiled and shook her hand, “Ha ha, yeah!” He looked around again - definitely nobody he recognized. No Kachan, no Uraraka, not even the loud blue-haired boy. Huh.

  The door opened and a man walked in - wait. “Blood King?!” Izuku said, eyes wide.

  Blood King chuckled, “Well, yes. My name is Kan Sekijiro, also known as Blood King, and I will be your homeroom teacher.” He looked at the class and smiled. “Most of you are here because you have more technical Quirks - that’s what I specialize in.” He looked around again, eyeing Izuku and a few others. “The rest of you are here because the other homeroom teacher agrees that you have potential, but he doesn’t want to deal with you.” He shrugged. “Go figure.”


  After a very nice orientation ceremony that Class 1-A didn’t show up for, Izuku and the rest of 1-B voted for Class President (Izuku was chosen because he was number 1 in the Entrance Exam, which he thought was a short-sighted decision, and Tokage was chosen as VP) exchanged phone numbers and went home.

  On the way out he saw Uraraka standing at the gate. “Hey!” He called, waving his hand. “Uraraka!”

  She turned and smiled. “Midoriya! I was waiting for you!”

  Izuku blinked, “Really?” He asked.

  “Yeah!” She said, smiling. “We never exchanged phone numbers!”

  “Oh, right!” He said, grinning. He hadn’t really had close friends in middle school, and hadn’t expected to make them at UA, but he’d happily roll with it. “Can you introduce me to your class’s President, by the way?” He asked, “I’m President for class B, so I should probably meet with them.”

  Uraraka looked shocked. “Class President?” She asked, “That’s so normal! All we had today was a Quirk strength test where sensei threatened to expel the one who scored lowest. And then he said it was a logical ruse!”

  Izuku blinked. “That’s rough.”


Just kidding.


  “Class 1-A.” Izuku said, looking at the card, then up at the corresponding door number. “Okay then.” He walked in on that blue-haired kid yelling at Kachan for resting his feet on his desk.

  “Midoriya!” Uraraka said, walking forward and smiling. “I’m glad we’re in the same class!”

  “Yeah!” Izuku said, “Totally!”

  Blue-haired kid and Kachan both turned at this, and blue-haired kid walked up to Izuku and bowed.

  “I apologize for reprimanding you during Present Mic-sensei’s brief.” He said, then chopped his hands forward. “Clearly you discerned the true nature of the Entrance Exam, proving that you earned the top spot! I am Iida Tenya.” He stuck out his hand.

  Izuku shook his head. “No, no I didn’t know about the Rescue Points!” He said, “I just… helped people. I’m Midoriya Izuku.” He shook Iida’s proffered hand.

  Iida nodded, “I see! I apologize for assuming, then!”

  “Don’t worry, no harm done!” Izuku said.

  “FUCKING DEKU!” Kachan yelled, after apparently waiting for his conversation to be over. Oddly considerate of him. “YOU HAVE THE FUCKIN’ NERVE TO APPLY AT UA, AND THEN FUCKIN’ BEAT ME? WHAT THE FUCK?”

  Izuku shrugged, “Hi Kachan! Yeah, I broke my bones for victory.”

  Kachan looked at Izuku, then shook his head and snorted. “Fuckin’ Deku.”

  At that point a large yellow caterpillar rose from behind the teacher's desk. “If you’re here to make friends, get out!” It said, then revealed itself to be a human.

  Wow, Izuku thought to himself, UA employs furries! Well, it took all kinds.


  Izuku wound his arm back, preparing to throw the ball, but suddenly couldn’t feel the bone-breaking energy. “What?” He asked, confused.

  “Midoriya.” Aizawa-sensei said tiredly. “I know you can heal your arms after they break… but if you don’t find a way to minimize the breakage, I’ll expel you.”

  Izuku turned to him. “But why?” He asked, “Breaking bones is literally my Quirk!”

  “It’s disturbing.” Aizawa said frankly.

  “Sensei!” Iida shouted, sounding scandalized. “That’s Quirk discrimination!”

  “Four-eyes is right!” Kachan shouted, “That’s a fuckin’ disgusting attitude!”

  Aizawa-sensei looked like he had a headache. “Fine.” He said, “Just - be careful.”

  Izuku felt his Quirk come back to him. “Right.” He said, then had a thought and grinned. He concentrated his Quirk in his pointer finger - and shot the ball out, breaking only the finger. He turned and looked at Aizawa.

  Aizawa stared back at him and nodded.


  Shota looked at Midoriya, sweating. Crap, the kid was actually smart - that meant he’d find new and awful ways to make Shota’s life hell, and he couldn’t expel him and send him to Shiketsu, the Hero School that specialized in turning dumb kids into stalwart Heroes. Also, he now had to deal with a class that thought he was a bigot. Great.


  Izuku dodged Kachan’s fist and punched him in the stomach. “DEKUUUU!” Kachan yelled as he was propelled through two walls, knocked out of the building, and also just plain knocked out.

  “Uraraka.” Izuku said into his ear-piece. “Kachan down. Have you found the ‘bomb’?”

  “I have, Deku!” Uraraka said, having decided that ‘Deku’ was a cute nickname. Kachan’s usage of it had lost most of its heat since Izuku’s Quirk manifested, so he didn’t really mind it. “It’s right above where Bakugou’s explosions were loudest!”

  “Right!” Izuku said, then broke an arm to break the ceiling, and broke his legs to propel himself up. He distracted Iida, which let Uraraka tie him up with capture tape.

  “The Hero Team wins!” All Might announced.


  Izuku saw that 4 people had voted for him to be Class President - 5, including himself. “5 votes?” He asked, aghast. “But-” He looked, and saw that Kirishima with the hardening Quirk was grinning at him, as was Uraraka. Iida nodded at him… and so did Kachan?

  “Fuckin’ Deku beat me in the Entrance Exam, now you gotta be Class President!” Kachan said viciously. “Eat shit and die in the meaningless bureaucracy, shitty fuckin’ Deku!”

  Izuku noticed that Yaoyorozu got 2 votes, the second highest, so he made her Vice President.

  “Uh.” He said uncertainly. “What are my duties, exactly?”

  “Doesn’t matter.” Aizawa-sensei said, coming back to life. “It’s just a title. Now go have lunch, I’m going to sleep in the staff room.” He hopped off, still in his sleeping bag.

  “I thought Sensei was a bigot, but he’s just weird!” Kirishima said, “That’s manly, not caring what other people think!” He stopped and thought for a moment. “As long as you’re respectful.”


  Panic. That’s what Izuku saw - everyone was panicking because the alarms went off. Seriously? He jumped up into the air, breaking his legs in the process, and shouted “This is a school full of Pro-Heroes! If something dangerous was really happening, there’d be explosions!”

  Everyone in the cafeteria stopped panicking, and the crowd took on a kind-of sheepish air.

  “Fuckin’ extras.” Kachan scoffed, shaking his head.


  Izuku found himself dropped into water - and was quickly rescued by Asui - no, Tsuyu. “Thanks, Tsuyu.” He said, brushing water off his hero suit.

  “Ribbit. No problem, Izuku.” Tsuyu said. Izuku’d told her to use his given name if she felt like it, since she wanted everyone to call her by her given name.

  Izuku looked at the other person on the ship. “Mineta, right?” He asked.

  Mineta nodded. “We’re dead, man, we’re so dead!” He moaned. “We’re going to die, and I never even touched a boob!”

  Izuku blinked, and shared a glance with Tsuyu. “...right.” He said, nodding. “Sure. Your balls are adhesive, right?”

  Mineta nodded, “My hair balls are too.”

  Izuku’s eyes widened as he repressed his gag reflex, and he saw Tsuyu regurgitate her stomach. Disgusting, but also cool. Izuku supposed that watching her regurgitate her stomach was similar to people watching him break and heal his limbs. “Sure.” He said, nodding, and thinking. “Ok then. I have a plan.”


  “Izuku, ribbit, do all your plans involve breaking your arms?” Tsuyu asked as she moved him and Mineta towards the shore.

  “Pretty much.” Izuku nodded, absently noting that all four of his limbs were ready to be broken again.


  Tomura stared at the boy with crazy green hair like an anime character as he broke his arms and legs on the Nomu. Over and over and over again.

  “Tomura Shigaraki.” Kurogiri said, getting Tomura’s attention. “I feel as if we are beating a dead horse.”

  Tomura blinked and shrugged, absently scratching at his face. “Not really, I’m learning a lot.” He said, then went back to watching broccoli head fight with Nomu. “I thought he was hacking at first,” Tomura said consideringly, “but look at the way he moves.”

  “I don’t follow.” Kurogiri said, lost.

  Tomura grinned. “I know this type of player, and they never fail to disappoint. Watch, he breaks an arm, right? It goes ragdoll. He jumps back, breaking a leg, making it go ragdoll - the Nomu follows him. He hits it with his other arm - then jumps back again with his other leg. At that point the cooldown on the first two limbs has run out.” Tomura barks out a laugh. “He’ll need some refining, but I know who he is.”

  “Who is he?” Kurogiri asked.

  “He’s one of us.” Tomura said, grinning.

  “A villain?” Kurogiri asked.

  “No.” Tomura shook his head, eyes on broccoli head. “A self-aware player. Clever use of game mechanics.”

  As broccoli head led Nomu to his destination - the girl with red cheeks who slapped Nomu, making him float uselessly - Tomura came to a decision.

  “Home teleport.” He said, shaking his head. “Full retreat, get every noob from the raiding party that’s still conscious. Leave Nomu, raid failed.”

  “As you wish, Tomura Shigaraki.” Kurogiri intoned.


  Just as the main villains disappeared, All Might zipped in. “NEVER FEAR-” He began, then looked around, seeing the students tending to Aizawa, seeing young Midoriya and young Uraraka staring at... a black thing with an exposed brain… no active villains to be found, other students venturing out of the various zones of the USJ. “It seems I was too late to be of any assistance.” He said, shaking his head.


  Izuku coughed as he was ushered up to the podium to give the student pledge. “I pledge” He began, “to break my arms!” The only people who weren’t shocked were class 1-A. “I pledge to break my legs, too!” Izuku continued, “And to do my best! Plus Ultra!”

  The crowd knew how to respond to that, at least. “PLUS ULTRA!”


  “AND THERE GOES MIDORIYA IZUKU, IMMEDIATELY TAKING THE LEAD!” Hizashi said in a sedate voice. This was his ‘inside voice’, not his ‘make villains rue the day they were born’ voice.




  Shoto looked at his classmate coolly. “Excuse me.” He said, encasing the exploding boy in ice. As he skated his way to second place he shook his head and looked at Midoriya. “I’m still going to beat you, but I’m not about to scream at you for being faster than me. That guy reminds me of my dad.”

  Midoriya, who didn’t know Shoto’s tragic backstory, winced. “Ouch. Endeavor’s an asshole, then?”

  Shoto nodded. “Oh yeah.”

  Midoriya, rather than give him some platitude or say some variation of ‘that’s rough, buddy’, broke all his arms and legs again. As Bakugou exploded his way to a very angry third, Shoto nodded to Midoriya. “Nice.”


  The guy with the purple hair - Shinsou - who had some kind of brainwashing Quirk nodded at Izuku before the round began.

  Izuku nodded back.

  The round itself lasted about 1 second, because as soon as it started Izuku rocketed forward with a broken leg and knocked Shinsou out of the ring. “Good fight!” Izuku said, grinning.

  Shinsou looked back at him. “What the fuck?”

  “Sorry for knocking you out so quickly!” Izuku began, “But I didn’t want to get caught by your Quirk-” He stopped, clearly having triggered Shinsou’s Quirk somehow.

  Shinsou looked at him dispassionately. “You have such a powerful Quirk. Me? I was decried as a villain for my entire elementary and middle school career because of my Quirk. And-”

  Izuku couldn’t take it anymore and broke his arm, which seemed to also break Shinsou’s hold on him. “That’s Quirk discrimination.” Izuku said, “And it’s illegal. Anyone your own age who did it, there’s nothing you could do about them legally. But the schools? The teachers? You could’ve taken action. You still can, actually.” As Izuku’s arm healed, he jumped down from the stage and offered Shinsou a hand up. “There’s nothing about your Quirk that’s inherently villainous! In fact, it’s perfect for heroics!” Izuku said, smiling. As Shinsou hesitantly took his hand, he pointed at the Gen Ed class. “And look! They all seem to love you!”

  Shinsou looked at the Gen Ed class, then looked back at Izuku. “Huh.” He said. “Okay then. Thanks, man.”

  “No proble-” Izuku began.

  Shinsou rolled his eyes at Izuku, and then suddenly Izuku found himself released. “If you lose next round, I won’t forgive you.” Shinsou said, walking towards his class.


  “So let me get this straight.” Izuku said. “Your dad isolated you from your siblings, emotionally abused your mother to the point where she was institutionalized for insanity, and ‘trained’ you from a very young age to surpass All Might?”

  “That’s about the size of it, yeah.” Todoroki said, nodding.

  “And you still want to be a Hero after all that?” Izuku asked.

  Todorki nodded, “Well, yes.” He said, “I will show my father that I can surpass All Might without using his Quirk-”

  Izuku cut him off. “No.” He said, “No, now you’ve lost me. ‘His Quirk’, your dad’s Quirk?”

  Todoroki nodded.

  Izuku grimaced, “Did your dad not teach you genetics in his crazy crash course to beat All Might?”

  Todoroki blinked at Izuku. “Well, no.” He admitted.

  Izuku groaned, “Great. Okay.” He shook his head, “Your Quirk has two parts, right? Fire and Ice?”

  Todoroki nodded.

  “Well, there you go!” Izuku said, “It’s your Quirk, not his!”

  Todoroki blinked, “What?” He asked, “What do you-”

  “He’s your dad, and you get roughly half your genetic material from him.” Izuku said, “That doesn’t mean half of you IS him. Your Quirk is partially derived from your dad’s Quirk - that doesn’t mean it IS your dad’s Quirk.”

  Todoroki didn’t say anything, so Izuku continued.

  “My Quirk looks a lot like All Might’s, that’s what you said. And what Tsuyu said.” Izuku continued, “But it isn’t All Might’s Quirk.” At least, it wasn’t his Quirk anymore. “It’s mine.”

  Todoroki looked at Izuku. “You’re saying it’s my Quirk. The flame and the ice, it’s mine no matter what my father says or does.” He said, “I see.” He nodded. “Fair enough, I’ll think about it.”

  Izuku smiled, “That’s great-”

  Todoroki cut him off, “But the way you conveyed it to me just makes me more certain that you’re All Might’s illegitimate child. See you in the battlefield.” Todoroki nodded at Izuku and left.

  Izuku blinked. “Son of a-” And found himself cut off by the looming form of Endeavor.

  “Nice bones.” Endeavor said, looking Izuku over. “Shame if something were to happen to them.”

  Izuku’s eyes bulged, “What?!”

  Endeavor stared deep into Izuku’s eyes, into his soul. “You heard me.” He said, then stalked off.


  Katsuki walked away from the place he was leaning - leaning, just mindin’ his own fuckin’ business, till Half’n’half decided to have his little moment with Deku. Then fuckin’ Endeavor showed up and started acting like a massive weirdo. “What the fuck.” Katsuki said, shaking his head.


  Izuku stared at Todoroki. Todoroki stared back. “Start!” Midnight called, and they moved.

  Todoroki ran forward and hit Izuku with a glacier. Izuku broke one finger destroying that glacier.

  They stared at each-other again.

  “I have 10 fingers, Todoroki!” Izuku called, “That’s 10 rounds of ammunition, and by the time I use the last one, I’ll have another finger unbroken and ready!”

  Todoroki harrumphed and iced the entire stage - so Izuku broke his shin jumping up above it. “Oof.” He said, wincing. “I don’t break that one very often.” And then Izuku flicked two fingers at Todoroki, knocking him back. “By the way!” Izuku called out, and Todoroki looked up. “Your dad is really weird!”

  Todoroki groaned. “What did he do this time?” He asked, shooting icicles at Izuku.

  Izuku dodged them with almost no Quirk use, “He told me I had ‘nice bones’ and that it would be a ‘shame if something happened to them’!” Izuku yelled, winding up his left arm and punching compressed air towards Todoroki.

  Todoroki’s eyes widened, and he created an ice shield. Then he burst his own ice shield with a mass of flames. “What the fuck!” He yelled, “Sorry about him, Midoriya!”

  Izuku grinned, “As long as you use your power fully, I don’t care what your dad does!” Then he broke both his legs and shot towards Todoroki, winding up for a massive double punch.


  “Who won?” Shoto asked after he woke up.

  “The bone breaker.” Recovery Girl said, scowling. “Barely.” She turned to the other bed, and Shoto turned as well - and saw Midoriya. Huh.

  “Yeah, my Quirk doesn’t heal burns.” Midoriya said conversationally. “It sometimes heals cuts, but not all the time!” He seemed happy about his Quirk’s limitations. Well, fair enough.

  Shoto stuck his hand out towards Midoriya’s bed. “Good match.” He said, smiling.

 Midoriya smiled back, “Thanks.” He replied, and shook it.


  Izuku nodded to Kachan. Kachan scoffed back, and pointed at Izuku. “Deku.” He spat, “Good job getting to the last fight!”

  Izuku was touched. “Thanks Kachan!” He said, smiling. “Congratulations to you, too-”

  “Now I can crush you in front of the entire fuckin’ country!” Kachan said, smiling sadistically. “I’ll prove once and for all that I’m the strongest!” And as Midnight started the fight, Kachan shot forward.

  Izuku shot forward as well, dodged two explosions, took a third head-on, and kicked Kachan in the face, breaking his leg in 4 places and instantly Kachan.


  Izuku patted Iida on the back, tired but cheerful after the closing ceremony for the 1st years' part of the festival. “Cheer up!” He said, “It could be worse!”

 Iida shook his head, inconsolable. “No!” He said, brow furrowed, “Nothing could be worse than this!”

  Uraraka walked up, “Is… everything alright?” She asked delicately.

  “It’s Iida’s brother.” Izuku said.

  Uraraka’s eyes widened. “Isn’t he a Pro-Hero? Is he alright?” She asked.

  “He…” Iida said, “He…”

  Izuku looked up and smiled wryly. “He told Iida that he wasn’t going to take him for work experience week.”

  Uraraka looked confused. “Why?” She asked, and Izuku wasn’t sure if she was asking why Iida’s brother wasn’t going to take him, or why Iida was having a mental breakdown over it.

  “He said that it would do me good to study under other heroes.” Iida said, face dark. He stood. “If my brother says it, then it must be true!” He immediately brightened. “Then let’s go, and do our best!” With that, he stalked off back into the stadium, presumably to meet up with his brother.

  Izuku and Uraraka looked at each-other, and they both had to stifle laughter.

  “He’s just… he’s just so earnest!” Uraraka said, giggling.

  “I know! When I first saw him brooding, I thought something awful must have happened!” Izuku said, trying very hard not to snort.


  Stain struggled against his bonds. To think that the awful fake hero Endeavor had been the one to catch him! And not even when he’d been stalking another fake hero, no. Endeavor had come after Stain when he was buying milk at the corner store, in the morning when he was still bleary from sleep! And he’d planned to end Ingenium later that day, what a pity!


  Izuku looked at his giant stack of offers for work experience and choked. The only one who even came close was-

  “What the fuck, I got second fucking place and Half-n’-half has more offers than me?” Kachan yelled, “How is that fuckin’ fair! I did better than that fucker did!”

  “Not against Midoriya, dude.” Kaminari said, apparently fearless. “Todoroki lasted at least 5 minutes, you were knocked out instantly!”

  “He did better than you would have, Mr. ‘Wheyyy’.” Jirou said, sticking him with one of her jacks.

  Izuku shook his head at their antics and noticed that Todoroki was staring at one of Izuku’s offers.

  “What’s up?” Izuku asked.

  “That’s from my father.” Todoroki said.

  Izuku winced. “Right. Hey, Kachan?” He called.

  “What do you want, fuckin’ worthless Deku?”

  “Can you destroy this for me?” Izuku asked, and passed it over to him.

  “Gladly.” Kachan said, and destroyed it with extreme prejudice. “Want me to destroy the rest, Deku?” He asked, sounding hopeful.

  “Uh.” Izuku felt like he was visibly sweat-dropping. “No. Thank you.”

  Kachan looked dissapointed, what the fuck. Ok.

  “Huh, Miruko made me an offer.” He commented.

  “Really? The bunny hero?” Uraraka asked, “I heard she only works alone! That’s amazing!”

  “Yeah.” Izuku said, looking at the offer. “Weird.”


  “So.” Miruko said, smiling at Izuku. It was a fierce smile. “You break your legs to jump?”

  Izuku nodded. “Yeah.”

  “Can you jump without breaking your legs?” Miruko asked.

  Izuku jumped without using his Quirk. It wasn’t very impressive.

  “Then we’ll work on that.” Miruko shrugged.

  “Uh, Miss Miruko?” Izuku asked hesitantly. “Why did you choose me for work experience? You have a reputation as a loner.”

  Her grin widened, “Birds of a feather flock together. You jump and have bunny ears in your costume. I thought it was funny.” Then she shrugged. “And I wanted to see the look on Hawks’ face.”

  Izuku nodded, “Yeah, fair enough.” He allowed.


  “Never fear, for the normal class schedule is here!” All Might announced. “Show us what you learned in your work studies while chasing me, and racing against each-other!” And he was off.

Izuku looked at his competition - Iida, Sero, Ojiro, and Ashido. He grinned - and he was off.


  “What the fuck, Deku!” Katsuki yelled, eyes wide. “Holy fucking shit!”

  Round-face looked at him. “Bakugou?” She asked, with a little distaste evident in her voice. She was leery of him, big whoop. “What’s up?”

  He pointed. “Look at fuckin’ Deku’s fuckin’ legs!”

  3-D Printer made ‘hmm’ noise. “Bakugou is correct.” She said, nodding. “Midoriya seems to be using his Quirk without breaking his legs.”

  “I thought Midoriya's Quirk meant he had to break his bones.” Pikachu commented.

  “I thought your Quirk meant you couldn’t think.” Ears said to Pikachu, snickering. Damn, get a fucking room.


  “Izuku, my boy!” All Might said in skeletal form, having pulled Izuku aside after class. “What was that?” He asked, eyes wide.

  “Oh!” Izuku said, smiling. “Miruko helped me learn how to better manage One for All.” When Izuku saw Yagi cough blood in shock, he hastened to add “She doesn’t know about One for All though, don’t worry! She just… helped me regulate my strength.”

  After Yagi recovered, he smiled again and patted Izuku on the shoulder. “Well, my boy.” He said with pride in his eyes. “I’m glad you don’t have to hurt yourself to access One for All anymore.”

  Izuku smiled and broke his legs. For old time’s sake.