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Kuroinu: The Power of the Third Eye

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The land of Eostia was in turmoil.

Soaked in the blood of millions, the battlefield was covered in the stench of blood and ash.

In the northern lands of Garan stood the Black Citadel, a black fortress that stood in the land. The skies were blood red. Day and night were impossible to differentiate. The land was arid and full of marsh. The water was poisonous. The very land was treacherous. It was ruled by Olga Discordia, The Dark Elf Queen.

She channeled the energy the fortress absorbed and made herself powerful, subjugating the orcs, goblins, imps, and other demons under the rule of her and the dark elves. With her magical prowess and the might of the demons, it seemed all hope was lost for Humans, Elves, and Dwarves.

But then, a High Elf by the name of Celestine Lucross, reincarnation of the Goddess of Eostia, brought together the Seven Shields Alliance, an alliance made up of seven newly built Citadels to halt the invasion of the demons. The armies of the Seven Shield were led by the Princess Knights, noble ladies appointed to these Citadels. Captain of the Dawn Templars, Claudia Levantine, the right hand of Celestine, placed in charge of Geofu; Ruler of the Dwarves, Luu Luu, appointed to the Citadel of Ansur; the Shrine Maiden Kaguya, left in charge of Thorn; Princess Prim Fiorire, placed one charge of Ur, and Princess Alicia Arcturus, placed in charge of Feoh. All in which protect the city of Ken.

However, their might was not enough. They enlisted the aid of the Black Dogs, one of the most effective mercenaries in the world. Led by the cunning and ruthless Volt, they have won one battle after another thanks to his sheer might and unwillingness to surrender to whatever hand fate dealt him. With every victory, the Alliance grew more steadily towards victory and finally peace. Now they marched for Garan, hoping to remove Olga from her throne and have her taken to Ken, where she will be forced to negotiate with Celestine in regards to ending the war.

But… to the west of Garan were a set of mountains. Among the mountains was Mt. Sumeru. Standing on the mountain was a village built into the mountain. Within the village were the Indri, a race of humanoids. With a very distinct feature.

The possession of a third, mystical eye.

The Indri worship a god of their own, Itia. The Indri were masters of elemental magic. They once lived in Eostia, but fled from the conflict that engulfed the land and sought refuge in the mountain. Every 100 years, they would select one of their own as Itia's Messenger and have them go on a pilgrimage throughout the mountains before going off to the east into Eostia in an attempt to put an end to the war once and for all. Today was the day that this messenger was about to make the final step of his journey.

A boy with silver white hair and red eyes held an axe given to him by his father and his father before him. He had journeyed to every temple in the mountains and collected the Ten Heruka, ten fierce deities that protect the sacred mountains from all who dare to force their will upon it.

Of these Heruka were: The Fire Heruka Maha, the Ice Heruka Taro, the Thunder Heruka Yudron, the Wind Heruka Rapten, the Earth Heruka Choenyi, the Water Heruka Sonam, the Star Heruka Yangtso, the Nature Heruka Gelek and the Pain Heruka Duga.

The boy has collected Duga from the Temple of Gulag. Now he stands before the maester. The two closed their eyes and held their hands to their chests as though they held spheres in their hands. They bowed. The third eye reveals itself.

"Tepu, Son of Braska, you have done well in your pilgrimage. Now you must finish the pilgrimage." The maester said. "Go into the lands of the east below our sacred mountains and bring peace to the world."

"Yes, Maester, I shall not fail." Tepu said. "I will finish the pilgrimage. I shall take my final steps to the world below."

"Go forth, Messenger of Itia." The maester said.

The boy opened his eyes. His axe is absorbed into his third eye. The third eye closed.

He takes his leave of the temple. He closed his eyes and pulled out what appeared to be whistle. He recited one of the ten mantras he learned. He then blew into the whistle. His third eye opened, now looking avian and glowed. A circle appeared below his feet. He swung his arm, causing a gust to surround him. Then the winds burst forth in all directions.

A humanoid bird like being covered in white feathers spread its wings. It let out a mighty caw. He flew down the mountain.

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