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I feel the rainclouds

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tip-tap, pitter-patter
rain falls down on me
the sky turns dark and even darker
pitch-black, I can't see.

No streets, no cars, no ray of light,
and not even your eyes
everything's immersed in darkness,
my hasty word's price.

Help me, dear, help, I'm lost
in thoughts too big to feel
In crammy alleys of my mind
I'm lost, head over heel.

Pitter-patter, chitter-chatter
the rain, it tells me lies
it speaks to me with painful words,
mirrored in your eyes.

Acid-rain, my tears they flow
my heart, it barely beats,
the rain, it takes my breath away
and fuels this ugly seed.

Pit-pit, drip-drip
now everything is lost
trap-trap-trap, you run away,
you, whom I love the most.