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Okay if you are just starting to read then great, if however you have started this before the first 6 chapters have been re-written and reworked as of (14/05/2020). Please re-read them. This will then make the whole thing make more sense. As always a big thank you to Lib McGranger beat extraordinaire.

This fic may seem a bit jumpy back and forth however I have now added date and times to help you along. As always reviews are always appreciated. Enjoy :)

August 27 th  2006 21.15

Minerva was stood with her back against the door to her personal chambers, left hand grasped tightly to her teaching robes, right hand fisted as her forearm covered her eyes. Her slow groan of an exhale the only sound in the room, but to her ears the blood rushing through them was as deafening. With each tight-chested beat her heart made her body tingle with the pleasurable warmth that she hadn't felt so intensely in many a year. 4 long years to be exact. Why did you think this was a good idea? This was anything but a good idea you stupid, stupid woman. She chastised herself as she calmed herself within her inner sanctum.

She had avoided the cause of her current state, by wit, cunning and, on more than one occasion, sheer dumb luck. And here she was acting like a teenager with a crush, rushing to her rooms and hiding, before she did something she would regret.

"You are earlier than I thought darling. Are you coming up to bed?" Her wife, her beautiful, intelligent and committed wife of 22 years was stood atop the flight of stairs beckoning her to bed. "I would have thought with the time you two spent together when she was at school I wouldn't see you for hours. When you said you would be spending time with her, I thought I wouldn't see you before midnight." A raised eyebrow was thrown in her direction. One of the things Minerva disliked about her wife was the quirks she had picked up from her over the years.

Minerva lowered her arm from her eyes and immediately, with half a century to practice, hid her ravaging emotions in a split second to smile pleasingly at the love of her life, "good evening dearest." Well at least that's what she had always told herself-that the woman she had courted for 8 years and been married to for 22 more was the love of her life. That was indeed the case until her heart began to flutter at the thought of a certain bushy haired witch, when her ears would prick at the mention by others of her and the butterflies that would flap insistently when she was in her presence. Those gorgeous pools of molten brown that she could get, and indeed on a number of occasions had been, lost in. "I thought so too, my love. However, as I have the starts of what I believe is a migraine and it is her first night in the castle we thought it best to retire early." The picture of her glorious smile passed through her mind, "I'm sure there will be plenty of time for us to catch up and engage in the kind of conversations I know bores you to near death." The smile that graced the woman's lips would light up any room and her wife looked down on her mirroring the gesture.

Minerva McGonagall very rarely if ever got herself into any trouble. At least not that hadn't been caused by Albus in their younger years. This however was going to be trouble. Why had she allowed her to come back to the castle? Why did she think the same thing wouldn't happen again? Of course she was well aware of the insanity of it all but here she was having just welcomed Hermione Granger to the teaching staff having not seen her for 4 years. Obviously when Hermione had been at school there was never impropriety however much she allowed her eyes to wander in the girls last 2 years of education. After Hermione had taken a year to travel to Australia allowing her parents to get to know her all over again, Minerva thought she was in the clear. Her wandering eyes had nothing to wander to but that didn't mean her vivid imagination wouldn't indulge on occasion. Upon her return to Britain, Minerva had welcomed her back to the castle with open arms to apprentice in Charms. That was the first mistake.

What she didn't expect was the waves of attraction to rear themselves with a zealousness that rendered her quite teenage-like in the young woman's presence. She of course had to keep a lid on it. Her wife would not find out, could not find out about how she longed to look, to feel and above all to touch. The two years she had spent in the castle had not been the most pleasurable for her and had been the most strenuous of her then 26 year relationship. She had never felt anything like this for her wife and yet she quashed everything down and vented a self loathing and miserable façade in everyone bar Hermione. There were nights her wife would leave the castle and not return till morning but she couldn't bring herself to care nor to ask where she had been. She wanted to give her all the trust she could muster but she was well aware that she was being a miserable sod and wouldn't have blamed her wife for seeking out someone else.

All she could think about for those 2 years was the busy hair, chocolate eyes, smile of a goddess and the curves her fingertips tingled in need to touch. But she refrained, she smouldered in a frustration created by her own need and want. She didn't think she had masturbated so much before in her life than she had done over the course of those years. It was an unending frustration to want to feel the young witches' hands on her and not her own. Her wife failed to do anything to ease the pressure, not that during that time she had even tried. Minerva had spent many nights in their en-suit bathroom with her fingers deep inside herself and grateful for magic, being able to prevent her wife from hearing as Hermione's name was wrenched from her lips over and over with every shuddering breath of her release.

And here she was, back in the castle after 4 years working abroad for the ministry. 4 years that had brought her back with a glowing tan, lightening of her hair and with an air of female maturity that can only come with an adventure in finding herself. She was even more beautiful and alluringly tempting. So tempting she had nearly given in. Almost brought her fingertips up to dance along the jawline, to slip into the hair and draw them closer together. Nearly looked her in the eye, but she knew that would be a bad idea as she would give herself away, and that would not be good. Walking away had prevented her from taking the young woman then and there and she needed to build her defences back up to the point where she could stand to be in the same room without the urge to push her up against a wall and have her way and be damned what people thought about it all.

She was on the edge and she knew that the line would be so easy to cross. Her integrity and her vows were something that she would not break again.

"I'm going to have a shower, try to stall this migraine. You head to bed and I'll join you soon." Minerva glided towards the bathroom slipped through the door and as she locked it placed a silencing charm on the room. And just for good measure as she turned the shower on she charmed it so the sound on the water could be heard throughout her living quarters. She had been good at not getting caught at this but never had she thought she would have to do it again.