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Dark Paradise

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"I've been worried sick, and you're hooking up?"


Yuuri's cheeks burned as he submitted to this impromptu interrogation by his best friend, who looked caught between worry and glee after having recognized the "guy from the club" who saved Yuuri from "whatever they felt needed to be kept secret." But because of Yuuri's glowing endorsement (and probably because Victor looked like sex in tight jeans), Phichit trusted him.


But he knew Phichit was right to be worried. Whatever reassurance Yuuri sent him via text, it couldn't have been enough. If their positions were reversed, Yuuri knew he wouldn't have been as rational as Phichit was being. 


Standing in their living room, Yuuri's guilt over worrying Phichit was only growing as his friend said tiredly, "Yuuri, do you have any idea how crazy I've been going? I was about to call the cops! Texting someone cryptic shit over and over isn't the best way to get them to think, 'Oh well he must be 100% okay! I'm just going to act like nothing's wrong and my best friend isn't possibly getting kidnapped!'"


Vicchan barked in apparent agreement from his perch on Victor's lap. The vampire's eyes had shimmered with delight when he set eyes on the tiny dog, and Vicchan leaped right at him as though he were an old friend.


Of course the Victor-Playdate left Yuuri to defend himself. "I'm sorry! This was kind of important."


At that, Victor finally spoke up, saying in a voice dripping with sugary courtesy, "I'm afraid it's my fault. Yuuri and I ran into each other at the end of his shift thing led to another."




Another being a kiss that had turned Yuuri's world on its head. Turned him on his head, because of how he'd launched himself at it. He wanted it to last beyond those few seconds, to fully appreciate the sensation of those perfect, soft lips on his, sending a jolt right into his chest.


Of course Phichit interrupted them. And of course Phichit was blinking at both of them and slowly grinning in a way that let Yuuri know exactly what he was thinking.


Yuuri should only be so lucky. Phichit was probably imagining something that went much further than a kiss, and meanwhile Yuuri was feeling fireworks in the back of his head over a simple little touch of lips. 


He couldn't help glancing at Victor, who was gazing at him knowingly with those intensely blue eyes, soft and burning low like glowing coals. His mouth, those lips looking like they'd be so soft to the touch, was turned up in a little smile like he knew what Yuuri was thinking about. With such a simple look exchanged between them, Yuuri felt like his mind was an open book, especially after tonight. 


Victor gently picked Vicchan up and gave him a quick little peck on the forehead, causing the dog to wag his tail in wild excitement before Victor placed him back on the floor and got to his feet. "I need to head back home, or my young friends will worry. I'll give you a call tomorrow, then, Yuuri. Have a good night." Before Yuuri could prepare himself Victor's graceful hand was curling around his jaw, and he leaned in to press his lips against Yuuri's again.


Yuuri didn't breathe, his heart galloping as his mind raced to catch up, a voice in him begging him to memorize every single moment of it. Every millisecond and every movement. Down to the way Victor ran his other hand down Yuuri's arm and wrapped around his wrist, giving it a tiny squeeze that made Yuuri's heart skip a beat. Then Victor drew back, lingering enough that Yuuri saw how his long eyelashes brushed over the tops of his cheeks, and the way his eyes caught gold from light. He smiled, like a quick flash of light before looking up at Phichit and saying brightly, "Good night, Phichit!"


Yuuri was frozen, barely remembering how to breathe as Phichit opened the door for Victor and then closed it again. Then he rounded on Yuuri, his eyes twinkling excitedly as he exclaimed, "Yuuri, you've got to warn a guy before you bring your hook up home!"


"M-my what?" Yuuri mumbled, more fireworks going off in his head as his stomach fluttered. He was tired, excited, scared shitless after hours of surprises, some unpleasant and some wonderful. What exactly did it mean? Hell, Yuuri had half a mind to run after Victor to demand answers, because what did he mean by it? Both kisses? The way he touched Yuuri? 


What else was Yuuri getting himself into? How was he going to go about quitting his job with hardly any notice? How was he supposed to explain every single change to Phichit? 


Just how was his life going to change?


While Yuuri fought to breathe and all those questions whirled around his head, Phichit was still cackling like he was in the middle of concocting a dastardly plan. "I should've known. Fate brought you two back together. He saved your life and then you run into each other again? It's so freakin' romantic! Was it romantic?"


Phichit moved with big, dramatic gestures, and meanwhile Yuuri was observing his life from afar, still wondering if it was his life that was turning into something completely unrecognizable. He didn't recognize it. It was someone else's life, some braver person's. Anyone's but Yuuri's. He nodded, not quite feeling the movement of his neck, but still knowing he was doing it. "I-It was...a big surprise."


Vicchan whimpered and hopped onto Yuuri's lap, leaning his paws on Yuuri's chest and frantically bouncing on them to get his attention. Yuuri stared into those black little eyes and wrapped his arms around his dog, those points of contact warm and reminding Yuuri of where he was. Who he was touching. He smelled the dog shampoo and felt his glasses dig into the bridge of his nose as he pressed his face to the top of Vicchan's head for a few seconds before lifting it up again. He heard Phichit's sharp, excited gasp right before he sat down right next to Yuuri and asked with a wild smile, "Big? You said big? As in big? Please answer the question, because I look at that man and think, "Wow...Now there's a man who could cause a tornado in people's pants.""


A manic laugh burst out from Yuuri's chest, and he was suddenly so tired and shaky that he didn't know if he could even get up off the couch. He'd been kissed by the most beautiful person he'd ever seen in his life and signed his life away to something he had no clue about on a whim. He hated feeling so uncertain, and hated feeling like he was about to topple over and shatter at the slightest provocation. 


It wasn't him who met vampires. Who nearly died because of one. Who joined some secret organization and then immediately after kissed an actual vampire. Phichit was congratulating some other idiot named Yuuri. "He, um..." He didn't even sound like himself. He felt the corners of his mouth lift in a smile and said, "He's got a really cute poodle."


Phichit gasped sharply, and looked incredibly offended. "Yuuri, have you been playing with other dogs? You really are a slut."


Yuuri laughed weakly, wanting to get into his bed and sleep forever to the thought of long, strong arms holding him, and soft lips pressing kisses to his nape. 


That was when he remembered that Victor's jacket was still on his bed, still carrying that wonderful scent that followed the vampire.