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"Behind every cool guy, there's a sister out to make his life miserable," Pain said, far too cheerfully and a little too loudly; within seconds, he'd been smacked thrice and both Charon and Max were glowering at him again - "Shut up, will you?" grumbled Max, and "You want my parents to ground me for life?" added Charon, already dreading what his mother might have to say about his 'shameful behavior' of this afternoon; next time Pain wanted to skip classes in favor of making out on the roof, Charon'd demand him to come up with a concealment-spell that actually worked.

(It wasn't, Charon told himself, as if he needed the classes; he was far ahead of the rest of his class already, and everybody knew it (and resented him for it); it was, quite simply, that he disliked getting caught doing something that he considered quite enjoyable and then was expected to feel bad about it, which he never did, although having to fake the feeling made him feel bad enough to make his act quite convincing.)