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Who am I? What am I?

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Jirou woke with a start as blaring sound of her alarm cut through the still silence of the morning air. Groaning as she rolled over slapping into the general area of where she assumed her phone was along with the insecent noise. To her horror she can hear the noise moving in different directions in her room. This must be the gods cursing her for having her gay dreams again. Growling Jirou throws her blankets off her body sitting up to glare at the annoying device that is making her ears ring first thing in the morning. Witch she does not appreciate in the least for your information.

Looking up she is surprised when she sees a pair of legs clad in black knee socks leading up creamy toned thighs disappearing under school regulation skirt. Continuing her eyes pan up the girls front she takes in the buttoned up blazer, perfectly tucked and straight tie leading up to a defined expanse of neck and jaw. Black hair falling in front of her face on one side shifting slightly as she does. Her coal eyes gleam as Jirou’s amethyst ones meet hers. Honestly she knows who it is after all shes the only one she trusted enough with a spare she made. But It still takes Jirou a full 10 seconds to register that yes she is there and this isn't a dream. Frantically she reaches up to wipe the drool shes not sure is even there off her chin. Better safe then sorry she suppose.

“Good morning Jirou!” Momo says enthusiastically practically radiating positive happiness. I don't get how she can be this cheerful this early in the morning but what does she know shes a practical princess compared to Jirou. What time is it anyways? Jirou groggily searches for her phone grumbling as she pulls her covers up and starts rummaging around her bed before realizing Momo has her alarm clock witch is indeed her phone. Blushing out of embarrassment for not realizing sooner she looks forcing herself to make eye contact with the goddess briefly before looking away again.

“Hey Yao-Momo good morning mind giving me my phone back?”Momo doesn't seem to understand as she just stares blankly back before Jirou gestures to her hand. Realization dawns on her as she hands over the phone a slight blush dusting across her cheeks.

“My apologies I did not mean to steal your phone, I assumed you would just snooze it again if I didn't take it out of your reach” Nodding along in understanding still half asleep despite everything happening. She almost ignores the ‘again’. Almost.
Clicking her phone on squinting as she is momentarily blinded Jirou is amazed to see it is well past morning classes and is currently lunch time. Cursing internally and hoping she didn't miss anything important she realizes that's probably the reason Momo’s here. A teacher probably sent her. Way to go idiot you knew those extra episodes were gonna kill you.

Sighing you look up try to put as much emotion as you can in this state “Shit sorry Yao-Momo I didn't realize the time! I’ll get ready can you fill me in on anything I missed this morning?” Jirou asked as she rose from her bed arms straining under her. Momo’s eyes unknown to the other girl in the room fallowed every move.

“Sure ill just wait outside we’ll walk together when your done!” Momo proceeded to turn around and walk out of Jirou's room the soft click of her door sounding through the now silent room. As soon as she heard this Jirou lurched into action not wanting to keep Momo waiting to long.

Jirou rushed through her daily morning routine only stopping once in awhile to check the mirror. She brushed her teeth spitting out her leftover toothpaste quickly reaching for a towel next to the sink, wiping her face not noticing the dark color of blood soaking into the not wet fabric. Jirou practically vaults onto her bed and slips on her shoes before swinging the door open at a high enough velocity to create a wind gust blowing out into the hallway.

Momo jumped with a start as the door flew open beside her as Jirou apologized profusely closing the door slowly behind her as to not make any further racket. Momo took in Jirou's appearance seeing as her blazer was buttoned up incorrectly and her tie hung loosely around her neck albeit tucked under collar as if to show she had at-least tried.

Sighing but couldn't keep the amusement out of it Momo reached out to Jirou's blazer unbuttoning the buttons one by one realigning them then proceeding to re-button them up correctly this time. Jirou blushed at this but still had to keep her cool act up even if all she wanted to do was melt into the touch. Nope. Don’t. Breath. Oh god she smells so good. Is that a new shampoo?

“Y know Yao-Momo your supposed to take me on a date first”? Momo giggled retaliating by swatting Jirou on the arm and resumed fixing the buttons before moving up to her tie. After she was satisfied with her friends appearance and making sure she wouldn't get into any trouble as they were pretty strict on the uniform at UA they set off down the hallway towards the common room were everyone decided to have lunch today it seems.

Noticing they weren't headed to the lunch room like usual Jirou grew curious and decide to pipe up in question “Hey Yao-Momo isn't it lunch? Why are we headed to the common room?” Watching as Momo’s eyes lit up in recognition like they do seem to when shes excited about the topic at hand or when she gets the chance to help her peers. Cute Jirou thought.

“Ah, Yes today everyone decided to eat together in the common room! Bakugo and Kirishima are cooking up a meal as we speak. We have next period off as it seems our teacher is needed for something else. This concerns me cause this teacher would hate to lose any precious class time...” Momo’s voice trails off as she dissolves into deep thought.

Jirou can always tell when shes like this because she has these little ticks it seems only Jirou notices. Jirou watches as she raises her right hand to cup her face before grabbing the end of her long bangs and massaging them between her index and middle finger against her thumb. Brows furrowing in concentration as she lets out quite mumbles. It always fascinates Jirou how she can so easily get trapped inside her own mind. I guess it just shows how much goes on in her head Jirou thoughtfully states in her head.

Momo stays quiet for quite awhile before Jirou decides to speak up “Hey I’m sure everything's fine. If there was any real danger they would evacuate right? Isn't that like protocol?” Jirou says sending Momo a quick flash of a smirk as if to challenge her class Vice-Reps knowledge on the schools rules and regulations. Momo seems to return to the present looking up and to the side making eye contact with Jirou as her face lights up before showing a smirk of her own before replying.

“Yes, I suppose that's correct. Thank you Jirou I was getting worried over nothing again it seems” Momo replies genuinely with a small huff as if chastising herself.

“Its fine that's what I’m here for to keep you in check when you get down on yourself or you get a little rowdy” Jirou finishes wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at the girl beside her.Momo shoulders start to shake as she tries to hold back laughter before letting it loose “Jirou I would never” catching her breath she huffs before shoving Jirou’s shoulder with her own. Its an awkward angle with the height difference but gets the job done all the same. Smiling Jirou realizes she isn't usually this silly with people. Guess that's what a crush does to you huh she contemplates. Being a bitch usually is a lot easier though if people already hate you they leave you alone. Simple.

Jirou's thoughts are interrupted by a loud thud followed by raucous laughter coming from her left. As her and Momo circle the corner of the hall they walk into the common room there's quite the scene in front of them if she does say so herself.

Kaminari’s is dangling from the ceiling by what appears to be Sero’s tape. He’s got that idiotic face he usually has when he uses his quirk past its limits. Huffing in laughter at his general direction she takes time to look around at the rest of the room. The rest of the room is in complete chaos as almost everyone in the rooms hair is stuck on end as if electrically charged while the couch has a hole line with burns with Kaminari's new pointer sticking out of the center attached to a line of tape leading to the boy himself. Sero is behind the couch on his back looking like he was thrown there but is laughing like a maniac so I’m assuming hes not hurt at least not severally. Everyone else is laughing along so I assume no one else is hurt as well just pleasantly electrified so to say. Ok I’m never saying that again moving on.

Walking into the room further Jirou announces her presence by speaking to the boy who still hung from the ceiling like a chandelier “Wow Denki whats the damage this time?” All she gets I response is a stupid grin with a thumbs up. Laughing she tales a moment to look back towards her escort. Momo seems to be trying hold back laughter as her shoulders shake with repressed laughter as she tries to stay calm. Ah trying to be the class vice right now huh?

Wanting to get her back or I guess reward her however you look at it. Jirou creeps up silently behind reaching her arms out slowly hovering her hands over the unaware girl in-front of her rapidly tickling anyplace she can touch. Momo immediately does a full body jerk at the sudden touch to her sides before curling into herself with uncontrollable laughter spilling from her mouth. Jirou continues her assault on the poor girl not caring for the attention she is bound to get from everyone around.

Hitting a particular sensitive spot Momo's body instinctively jerks back and topples onto Jirou. Jirou does pride herself on her good reflexes as she has had kids her age all her life try and grab her ears. Bracing herself she steps back with her left leg trying to even out her center of gravity before wrapping her arms around the still seizing girl.

Effectively stopping there fall Jirou rights herself and the girl in her arms before letting her go once shes sure she won’t topple over again. Giggling she pulls her hands from her waist as Momo whips her head around to mock glare at Jirou before laughing herself at the ridiculousness of it all.

Locking eyes as we giggle I cant help but admire how beautiful the girl in front of me is. Her midnight hair bouncing in sink with her shoulders as she tries to control her breath as it rushes out of her with the uncontrollable giggles. Her ebony eyes shining in the rays of sun coming in through the windows of the common room making her seem so much moire alive in this moment and Jirou honestly just wants to freeze right there.

The moment comes crashing down as Mina pipes up in the background with something along the lines of “You guys need more time?” I want to strangle her sometimes. Shaking my head I take a moment to peer over Momo's still shaking shoulder to shoot my most deadly glare I can muster at said girl. It honestly doesn't seem to be all that threatening though understandably I suppose as I feel my face hot from something not worth mentioning.

Bakugo takes this moment to come out yellingthat lunch is ready and to sit our asses down with Kirishima fallowing like a little puppy dog. Honestly I swear I can see the tail wag when Bakugo turns to help set the dishes down he had balanced on his arms.

“Looks like you can actually do something right shitty hair” Bakugo grumbles over his shoulder as Kirishima practically glows with pride before sitting alongside him on the couch. Everyone takes this as there cue to grab the plates of steaming food on the table in front of them.

Digging into her own lunch she almost chokes on her bite when shes rudely interrupted by an elbow thrown into her ribs. Whipping her head around glaring at this person the whole time about to open her mouth to curse the person out shes stopped dead in her tracks as she come face to face with an excited raccoon eyed girl. “So you and Yao-Momo huh?” Chocking for real this time not expecting the sudden question that has been sent her way. “What is that supposed to mean?” she questioned a heat crawling up her neck and extending along her lobes even before the string of words are out of her mouth. Mina doesn't reply just smirks turning and looking away before eating her food and starting a conversation with Sero who seated himself on her other side.

Mentally torturing the pink girl to her left she continues eating while listening to the conversations ac-curing around her as everyone happily munches on their food. Looking up at the sound of Kirishima praising Bakugo on making the meal so delicious. The only reply he gets from the boy is a sentence growled out like a threat but In reality is really sucking sweet in her opinion. “Anyone should be able to do this plus you fucking helped y know shitty hair” Kirishima jumps towards him in a barreling hug smiling from ear to ear “Thanks bakubro!” Tiny explosions go off in Bakugo’s hands “Get off me fucker!” he practically screams into Kirishima’s poor ears. Wincing slightly but watching on in amusement she soon passes on scanning the room as she lands on Momo, Todoroki and Midoriya all talking together while being seated across the room from her.

Jirou smiles softly as she watches as Momo talks while her hands animatedly fly around as if to push her point further in the conversation. As if sensing eyes on her she glances out of the corner of her eye briefly making eye contact with Jirou as a small smile quirks in the corner of her lips before she returns to fully focusing on the conversation at hand acting as if she hadn't just sent the poor hopeless girl into cardiac arrest across the room.

Holy shit did she just? Shaking her head Jirou forcefully stares down at her plate making sure her eyes glue to it before tracing each different part of the sauce. Getting caught staring way to go you fucking useless gay fuck. Well at least she didn't react badly that's always a plus. Whatever. Finishing her food off was easy enough it was damn good. Setting her plate down on the table before pulling her phone out plugging in her jack and getting ready to jam out when an unexpected and rather ear shattering noise comes from somewhere behind her.

Before Jirou can process whats happening around her large arms wrap around her neck and tuck under her arm supporting her as she is dragged up and over the back of the couch she had been resting on. The fabric running along her skin leaving an uncomfortable sensation as shes forcefully moved.

Head still pounding from the sudden noise Jirou jerks her head up looking around still trying to get her bearings together. Her classmates have a variety of emotions across there faces some pure anger, some worry, some fear. The only one that matters though looks as if someone is killing her parents in front of her as they make eye contact. Jirou blinks and its gone replaced with a look of pure rage and hate that makes her quake at her core as no matter how mad the girl has ever gotten she never loses her cool.

Momo stands there rigid and looks as if shes about to murder someone and that makes something click in Jirou’s head as she fully understands whats happening. As her senses flood back to her she feels the mans chest rumbles against her back. Wincing as she tries to push through the ringing in her ears to make out the conversations around her. To her horror it doesn't work but she has no time to worry if shes going to go deaf right now. Starting to freak out she tries to struggle in anyway possible the man seems to take notice as he tightens his hold on her before he continues talking.

Momo is still glaring with the hatred of someone who just witnessed a massacre of a million children and all this is directed at the man behind her. She can’t hear but tries to read her lips all the same as Momo talks to my captor. She must of said something out of her usual self as the whole class seems to stop and glance at her while still keeping an eye one me. I would of found the situation amusing as a look of shock comes across the face of everyone in the room one by one if it weren't for her present situation. Not even the mask that Todoroki has perfected and wears over the years slips from his face for a moment before being righted to its place as if being tightened.

Chuckling that's what it is. That's what the fucker reply's with before he continues to drag me backwards to where I’m pretty fucking sure isn't gonna be good if the look on everyone's faces is to go by. I see the familiar purple hue of the villain leagues portal enclose on me as I’m dragged further and further back. Realization dawns on me and thinking quickly I reach my arm out. Moving through sheer willpower I slowly reach my hand up as far as It can goes I make eye contact with Momo.

Her eyes widen in realization and understanding as they connect with mine. That's when it happens. A blur of grey and blue as Momo rushes forward in a lunge towards me. I watch as she vaults over the couch skirt flowing in the quick movement although to me it looks as if in slow motion as my whole life dwindles down to this girl. Someone tries to grab her button doesn't succeed as she rips away from the hand on her arm making a mad dash towards me. Trying to stretch forward evermore even as the man tightens his arm around my neck cutting off my air. Its painful but I will the tears not to fall as I keep pushing. “Mo….Mo” Trying to speak while being strangled is harder than you think I always thought it would be easy and the movies played it up. She’s so close now but I can see darkness enclosing my vision from all sides. From lack of air of the portal I don't know or care as I keep my eyes trained on the girl who may as well be my lifeline at this point as in most. They brush. They fucking brush. Our fingertips pass over each other grazing as I look into her eyes that are wide no longer with hate but instead replaced a deep set dread and worry the kind you can feel in your bones. Those eyes no longer alight with the life I have come to love and adore as the darkness of the void surrounds me blocking my view of the girl I have come to know and think of as my everything.