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Marshmallow Pillows

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Her Highness, Miss Beelzebub, enjoyed sleeping in the nude. Pandemonium’s temperatures were comfortably warm, and she had a wide bed that was used by her alone. The only person who would see her in the morning was her assistant and her maids. Sleeping nude allowed her to feel the comfort of her bed sheets, made from the finest fabric, all the more on her skin.

The covers slid past her bare legs, briefly touching the inside of her thighs. The fabric went across her stomach, tickling her. As she made herself comfortable, her plush butt was enveloped in the soft warmth of the sheets, followed by her ample breasts. The sheets scratching against her nipples made them erect for a moment, remaining that way until she settled into the bed. She was snuggled inside the cocoon of her bed, every inch of her body feeling its softness.

It was a sight Mulin saw every morning, so he was used to being exposed to the contours of her body. To help her out of bed, he had gotten close enough to smell her. Those sheets, wrapped in her scent and body odor, would be washed by the maids within the hour. He only had a limited time to take a deep whiff of Beelzebub’s overnight scent. It was delectable, finer than any sweet in Hell.

When he smelled it that one morning, he felt his pants begin to tighten. The combined scent of Beelzebub’s sweat, armpit stink and her pussy had mixed onto the bed sheets, smelling primal and raw, sensual if not necessarily sexual. He wanted to be wrapped in it, and his desire for her had been translated into a throbbing erection that felt like it was going to rip through his pants at any moment.

“Mullin? Good morning,” said Beelzebub. “What’s with your pants?”

“I was seeing how you looked this morning... every morning... it’s really sexy,” said Mullin. “I know you don’t mind being seen naked, but it’s had an effect on me.”

“A stiffy?” asked Beelzebub. “It doesn’t sound fluffy, but I’d like to see it.”

“Really?” asked Mullin.

“Free yourself from your pants. It looks stuffy in there,” said Beelzebub.

Mullin removed his pants and boxers, leaving only his socks on his lower body. His 14-cm cock was standing upright, bouncing in anticipation of getting closer to Beelzebub. His foreskin had peeled back, and his balls dangled just beneath. It was slightly curved, with a pale red head that was leaking precum. Beelzebub looked at it with a curious expression. Mullin could feel her breath on his member, the warmth coming from her mouth making his erection even stronger.

“It smells sweaty,” said Beelzebub. “But it’s cute.” She leaned forward and kissed his glans, sucking the drops of precum onto her tongue. “Nice to meet you, Mullin’s dick.”

When she took her mouth away from it, Beelzebub felt something begin to tingle between her legs. It was different from the feeling she got when she was around something fluffy. A wet spot began to appear between her legs on the bed, dripping from her blonde, hairy pussy. She was aroused, and wanted to keep exploring Mullin’s body more. They were already in her bedroom.

Mullin removed his top, revealing his chest. The gossamers on the bed scattered away to make room for the couple. Mullin sat between Beelzebub’s legs, their bodies close enough that they could feel the warmth coming off of each other. They were both nervous, not knowing what to do. It was the first time for either of them. Mullin had always been hoping this day would come, but actually experiencing it still felt like a dream.

“What do we do next?” asked Beelzebub.

“I want to touch your breasts,” said Mullin. “They’re the biggest, softest part of you.”

“I like fondling them myself sometimes,” said Beelzebub. “They’re such nice, soft boobies. Gocchin likes using them as a pillow.”

“So... can I touch them?” asked Mullin.

“Sure. You’re always very gentle with your hands,” said Beelzebub.

Mullin touched Beelzebub’s chest. His hands sunk into her soft flesh, the white expanse only broken up by her hard, pink nipples. He could feel the beads of sweat on her chest, their smell rising from her cleavage. The way they moved in his hand was delightful. Reacting to gravity and his hands, they jiggled when he touched them, their heavy weight sinking into his palms.

“They feel wonderful,” he said. “And so big.”

Beelzebub moaned. Mullin’s continued groping of her chest was making her wetter, the electric sensations traveling from her nipples, down through her stomach and into her clit. Her nipples were so hard that Beelzebub was aching a little bit. She wanted Mullin to soothe her tips with his mouth. He had done so much for her, and his fascination with her breasts meant that they had already come this far.

“Nothing will come out, but if you want to suck on my nipples, you can,” said Beelzebub. “They’re all yours.”

Mullin placed his lips on her nipples, sucking and tugging at them gently enough that she felt it. He wanted to go harder, but everything about Beelzebub was soft. Even her moans were soft, as he licked her nipples and played with them, watching as her elastic breasts changed shape. The springy texture of her skin, covered in morning sweat, brushed against his cheeks as he sucked away at her nipples, delighting in their unique flavor.

“I think they’re getting even harder... but it feels better...” said Beelzebub.

“I want you to suck on mine, too,” said Mullin. “Can you use your breasts?”

“If you like my breasts that much, I’ll do it for you. I think it was called a tit fuck,” said Beelzebub. “I think I’d be good at that.”

Positioning himself over Beelzebub’s chest, Mullin slid his hard cock in between her soft, pillowy breasts. She gently closed them around him, the marshmallowy feeling enveloping his shaft. It was even softer and warmer than he’d anticipated, a mountain of soft sensations broken up by her rock hard pink nipples. Beelzebub shook her breasts back and forth, gently swaying her head as she watched her chest bounce about.

“Big, fluffy boobs...” she said. “Are you liking this, Mullin?”

“Your breasts are the best, Your Highness!” said Mullin. “You’re really good with them.”

Beelzebub was gentle with her strokes. Mullin usually went quickly when he masturbated, wanting to return to his duties as soon as possible. With Her Highness, he was taking it at a leisurely pace, letting her warm breath and soft tits cover his cock in a blanket of sexual pleasure. Beelzebub opened her mouth, excitedly sticking out her tongue to lick Mullin’s dick when it pushed through her breasts towards her mouth.

Her wet tongue licked the precum off his glans, making it throb and tremble all the more. Mullin was trying to keep his voice down, but he couldn’t hold it in very well with Beelzebub’s technique. She was sleeping or dozing off a lot of the time, where in the underworld could she have picked up on techniques like this? After a few more thrusts that made her breasts wobble back and forth, Beelzebub sucked his glans into her mouth, taking it into her lips.

She slurped and sucked away, hoping for Mullin to cum. She had enjoyed the taste of precum he had leaked, and wanted to have the real hot and sticky stuff, pumped directly into her mouth from his balls. Beelzebub gently slurped at his cock, pulling more of it into her mouth until Mullin was in up to the base, his cock nearly at her throat. Beelzebub rolled her tongue around the shaft, teasing it with pushes and prods, until it was too much for Mullin to take anymore.

“Your Highness, I’m going to...” said Mullin.

“Go ahead,” said Beelzebub, her voice muffled by the mouthful of dick.

A forceful spray of hot spunk shot into Beelzebub’s mouth, coating her tongue and palate in the salty, gooey cum. Some of it dripped from her lips, but most of it was swallowed down her throat and into her stomach. The first meal of the day had been his cum, which she kept gulping down until his balls weren’t splatting out any more. As she drank, the wetness of her pussy grew, creating a small damp spot beneath her on the bed sheets. Mullin asked Beelzebub to spread her legs.

“Thanks for the morning meal,” she said. “It’s tasty. Can I have this every morning?”

“If you insist,” said Mullin. “Your loins are dripping. We don’t want to stain the bed. I’ll clean your pussy up for you, Your Highness.”

“That would be pleasant,” said Beelzebub. She spread open her legs, revealing her pussy to Mullin full view. He situated himself at the foot of the bed and lowered his head between Beelzebub’s legs. He moved between her thighs, getting closer until he was staring directly at Beelzebub’s pussy, her hard, pink clit visible and clear in the bright morning light of her bedchamber.

The feminine scent of her pussy was making him start to get erect again. It smelled like sweat and pussy juice, as fresh as the morning dew from stewing beneath her sheets for the night. He placed a hand on each of her thighs, and licked along her slit. The taste of her pussy was delicious. He wasn’t sure if it was the smell turning him on or the taste, but getting to be so intimate with Beelzebub’s pussy was an honor. The cute moan she let out from his licking convinced him to keep going.

“That feels good!” Beelzebub said. “I love it!”

Mullin kept licking, stopping his tongue just short of getting tangled in her pubic hair. He pushed gently into her clit, making her wetter. Her legs started twitching, the pleasure in her loins spreading to the rest of her body. She had occasionally played with herself in bed, but having someone lovingly licking her down there was an experience she couldn’t believe she’d been missing out on all this time. Mullin’s tongue work was careful and precise, hitting all of her best spots and making her thighs soaked in her own juices.

With a bit of prodding, Mullin slid his tongue past her lips and into her pink pussy. Her folds closed around his tongue, covering them in a thickly concentrated mix of her juices. The flavor was even more pronounced, almost overwhelming Mullin with Beelzebub’s smell and taste. He poked his tongue around inside her, carefully licking until he found her most sensitive spot. Beelzebub let out a moan so loud that anyone standing outside the window would’ve heard it. He kept going.

Beelzebub was blushing bright red, beads of sweat forming across her body. She almost couldn’t move, her head going fuzzy and her body going numb from having her pussy eaten out. She reached down, brushing her hands through Mullin’s hair, and saying through gasps and moans that she wanted him to keep licking her, until she came. Her pussy was feeling tighter, approaching an orgasm like none she’d ever had before. Mullin performed his duty, licking and slurping away at her delicious pussy.

“Mullin! Your tongue! I’m going to cum!” she said.

Mullin teased her clit once again. Her pussy overflowing with juices, Beelzebub came hard. So hard that she squirted onto Mullin’s face, drenching him from the forehead down in her feminine juices. The smell was strong and his face was sticky, but Mullin looked up, pleased to see Her Highness’ orgasm face. She was panting heavily, still coming down from a wonderful sexual moment, and she hadn’t even gotten out of bed. Beelzebub smiled happily, looking up at Mullin as she gave him a pair of bedroom eyes. Fitting, for where they were.

“Mullin, I’m so wet right now,” said Beelzebub. “If you want to put your hard dick inside me, I’d be okay with that. You’ve always been by my side, and if I had your baby... that’d make me happy. I want to know what your loyal cock can do for me.”

“Y-you’ll let me stick it in you? No questions asked?” asked Mullin.

“You turned me on. You should take responsibility by going all the way,” said Beelzebub. “Let’s do it before the maids come in.”

“Right away, Your Highness!” said Mullin.

Beelzebub lay back on one of her pillows. She spread open her legs, and put her fingers on her pussy lips, opening it to reveal her insides, still overflowing with warm juices from her fresh squirt. Mullin removed and folded all of his clothes, placing them on a chair in the corner of the bedroom. It was the first time he’d been naked in front of Her Highness, and he was still nervous about it, but her eyes were only focused on his diamond-hard erection, all of his love and lust for Beelzebub focusing on his cock.

He climbed onto the bed, hearing the springs of the soft mattress bounce beneath him. Beelzebub was so wet that he could go in with a single stroke. He placed his cockhead against her lips, and went in. The two of them kissed at the same time as his dick slide inside her. Above and below, Beelzebub and Mullin were linked. Their heartbeats, their body heat, all of them felt as though they were one. They sloppily kissed for a while longer, Mullin running his hands over Beelzebub’s breasts, before they separated, his dick still inside her.

“I love having sex with you,” said Beelzebub.

“Me too,” said Mullin.

“Pound me,” said Beelzebub.

Mullin began to thrust, moving his hard dick in and out of Beelzebub. Her pussy was sopping wet, easily taking his dick all the way up to the base. He looked down, admiring her fat tits and watching them bounce about as he fucked her. Her cute moans, punctuated by the sound of her breasts slapping against her body, was such an erotic sight he felt like he might cum on the spot.

He saw his dick sink into her pussy, and be pulled out covered in the same juices that had coated his face only moments ago. The sloppy sounds grew louder, becoming the only thing he could hear in the room aside from their heartbeats, her breath and the springs on the bed. His dick was enveloped in a soft and fluffy warmth, warmer than the high thread count bedsheets Beelzebub slept in. Even Mullin couldn’t hold back his grunts, joining in with Beelzebub’s moans to make a chorus of lewdness, their bodies overlapping and slapping together.

“I never did these things when I was a Seraph,” said Beelzebub. “If being fallen means I can enjoy this sort of thing with you, I’m happy I’m a demon.”

“You’re the softest and sexiest demon I know,” said Mullin.

“I can tell. Your face and your groans say you really like my pussy,” said Beelzebub. “The feeling’s mutual. I really like your dick, too.”

Mullin groped her breasts and pinched her nipples, tugging at the soft mounds to provide additional stimulation. Her clit was still buzzing, and the pinching of her hard nipples made her moans grow louder, every part of her body crying out to cum again. She had never been this happy before, her body alone making her feel better than any sort of fluffy White Gossamer she’d let sleep on her bed. His hands still feeling adventurous, Mullin reached around and grabbed Beelzebub’s butt, sinking his hands into her soft flesh. It made his dick go deeper inside her.

“Mullin! Mullin! I can’t stand it any longer! Cum inside me!” said Beelzebub.

“Is that okay, Your Highness?” asked Mullin.

“We’re fucking. You don’t need to call me that anymore,” said Beelzebub. “Call me my name.”

“Then I’m going to cum inside you. Beelzebub,” said Mullin.

They kissed once again. Mullin’s dick thrust a couple times more, his balls slapping against Beelzebub’s body, before he splurted out a hot load of cum into her pussy. It dripped into her folds and swam towards her womb. Beelzebub’s body was awash in warmth, starting from the hot semen pumping into her stomach. She let out a sigh and came again, staying in Mullin’s arms as the two of them basked in the afterglow of the morning.

“Want to go again?” asked Beelzebub.

When the maids came in to clean the room and help Beelzebub get ready for the day, they walked in on Mullin pounding Beelzebub doggy style. Her breasts were swaying over the bed, her plush ass raised in the air as Mullin was humping her without a care in the world. When he looked up, he saw the maids glaring at him.

“Miss Beelzebub! Mullin! You have important duties to attend to, and you’re wasting time screwing each other? Get dressed and cleaned up, the both of you!” said the head maid.

They didn’t say a word, and prepared for the day. Throughout Pandemonium, the rumors were spreading that Mullin and Beelzebub had done it with each other. Mullin couldn’t deny the rumors. They were true. And once the staff had settled in for the night, he planned to return to her room and do it all over again. They were going to fuck all through the night, and have a hell of a time doing it. Keeping her happy was the Head Attendant’s duty, after all.