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"You! Ender, isn't it? I've heard of you."

Ender turns slowly and gives the other woman a once-over, ignoring her two followers. "Have you?" she asks, allowing a smirk to slide into place. "And who're you?"

"Bordeaux of Kestrel," Bordeaux says. She's got a sword over her shoulder, and her lips stretched wide in a smirk.

Bordeaux of Kestrel; yes, Ender's heard of her. A young up-and-comer in the guild, looking to get Gabi's attention by being the strongest and best. Still fairly low-level, last she'd heard, though her methods made for effective PKing. Nothing she can't handle, but she fires a polite short mail to Naobi anyway. Bordeaux is challenging me. Specific instructions?

The response is, as always, almost instantaneous. None. Proceed in character.

Ender flips a knife out, spins it between her fingers. "Bordeaux of Kestrel?" she repeats aloud. "Never heard of you. What are you, some sort of fan?"

"Fan?" Bordeaux asks. One of her flunkies starts forward, but Bordeaux throws out an arm to stop him, then tosses her head with a high, sharp laugh. "Oh, that's precious! You wish, right? No, I'm not some sort of pathetic fan. But I've heard of you."

Slowly, with great deliberation, Ender drags her tongue along the flat of her knife. "... You got a point in here somewhere, or you just wasting my time?"

Bordeaux swings her blade down, slams it hard into the dirt, eyes wide and grin manic. "What can I say?" she asks. "A PKer of your quality, and not even with Kestrel? I'm interested. Let me love you!"

Carefully, Ender shifts her foot back, switches her knife to her off hand, pulls out her blade with the other. "I'm not," she purrs, "a very loving person."

"That's all right," Bordeaux says. "I don't expect much in return!" With a shriek, she charges Ender, her men backing her up.

It doesn't take much; first the thin guy, then the fat one go down, as Bordeaux charges around her, swipes at her, laughing and mockingly begging to love her, love her more and more; it's enough to almost get her blood up, get her heart racing, so that by the time she faces Bordeaux she's almost serious; by the time she sweeps Bordeaux's legs out from under her and sits on her, there's a grin on her own face, a tightness in her chest and restlessness in the back of her mind, a heavy warmth in her groin.

"Too bad," Ender says, shifting on her slightly and gazing down at her with a grin. "Rejection can be so cruel."


Whatever Bordeaux had been about to say gets cut off as Ender slams the knife down between her eyes. Bordeaux's form grays out. Oh fuck you, the text bubble over Bordeaux's head begins to read. You think you're so cool? I'll get you one of these days, you ugly bitch--! You think you can just take on Bordeaux and walk away-?!

"Yeah," Ender says. She stretches; her body feels warm and deliciously buzzed. "Don't take it too hard, but I don't like persistant women." And she does just that; walks away, heads back towards town.

All went well? the short mail comes from Naobi a moment later, politely uninterested.

She draws a slow breath and lets it out again as her racing heart slows. Yes, sir.