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A Guildmaster's Burden

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With an arm around each of the babes, Kuhn keyed the entry to Canard's @home.

"--tough work," he drawled. "I mean, there's always administrative things to do... you have to work hard and take care of your people, you know?"

"Oh, Kuhnie!" said the redhead, Erika. "You must work so hard!"

"I really appreciate you taking care of noobs like us," the blonde, Fairy's Tear, said, running a finger slowly down the middle of his chest. "It's sooooo nice of you to run a guild like this, and it's sooooo nice of you to invite us back here."

"Anything for you ladies," he said. "Though, if I was to be totally honest, I didn't really want to."

"Aww, why's that, Kuhnie?"

"Yeah, why's that?"

Squeezing them a bit closer, he said, "Because once I teach you the ways of 'The World', you won't be noobs any more, and by helping you out... I'm gonna lose my excuse to see you. And that's the worst fate I can imagine, not always seeing you and only you." He smiled and triggered the tooth sparkle command.

"Aww, Kuhnie!"

"You're so sw-- what's that?"

Damn the little bastard for being in the middle of the room as always.

Lust Grunty put one hoof on its hip and tipped its hat with the other, giving the girls a once-over. "You're looking pretty good, Baby," it drawled. "Going my way, Baby?"

Within seconds, the girls had abandoned Kuhn.

"Awww, it's so cute!"

"Look at its little ponytail!"

"Look at its tail! It's wagging it at us!"

"It's adorable!"

Lust Grunty winked. "Why don't we go to the back room, Baby? We can make some Alchemy, Baby!"

"Awww, let's go with it!"

"I wonder what it'll do next!"

Silabus put his hand on Kuhn's arm. "Don't cry," Silabus said.


"It's a heavy responsibility," Silabus said, "being a guildmaster."