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Endurance 1: California

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The Blue Team: Liol & Carol Pieces: Luck, Endurance,
The Orange Team: Carlos & Carmen Pieces: Heart, Leadership, Knowledge, Teamwork,
The White Team: Harley & Jenna Pieces: Strength, Courage

JD: Last time on endurance... The two superteam went through an obstacle course and the whole time it was pretty much dead tied but in the end the superteam of Blue and Green was not enough to win against White and Orange sending them to temple... At temple blue succseeded for a second time at temple and went back to camp... Today 2 twists are in store... Find out what they are on Endurance: California!

Theme Song

Final 3 Teams
*Shows the Final 3 Teams standing on the beach*

Tough Challanges
*Shows a girl crying*

*Shows two boys fighting*

1 Great Series
*Shows the logo*

This is Endurance: California!

*Team meet JD*

JD: Good morning final 3! As you know... Green was eliminated yesterday... And as you know they left a note... Carmen... Would You like to read it?

Carmen: Sure! It says

Dear Final 3,

You guys have made this endurance experience even awesomer then what it was! If you know what we mean! Out of the 20 kids that were here we wouldn't have chosen a better top 3... Now we might as well say something for each team... (Even the ones already eliminated..) So here it goes)

Red - First gone... Meaning we didn't get to talk to them much... They seemed like funny people though!

Yellow - Well the first yellow team never really talked but the second yellow team connected much more... Cool people!

Purple - Nothing to say about them except... TEAMWORK IS NEEDED

Now for you guys...

White - You guys are strong and we didn't really ever see it in you... You and Orange are who I guess will be in the final 2 (No offence blue)

Blue - You guys are very sweet... I think you guys have changed quite about since the first day and we congratulate you on that!

Orange - We all thought that you were strong but now that we think about... Why did we think that? Because you had more pieces then us? You were given 3 of your 4 pieces and you only won one mission just like the rest of us so now we really don't understand... But you guys are nice people and we would like to have gotten to know you better!

Overall we like each and everyone of you... But out 2 pieces are going over to white... We know! Big shock! Sorry Blue and Orange! Hope to stay in touch!

From, Brandon, and Leona

JD: White... That now puts you tied for first place with Orange! Blue... you are last with only two pieces... But that can change right now... You guys didn't know this but the teams that left voted for which team they thought deserved and advantage... and I will tell you the votes now... If a team voted for another team that has already gotten eliminated they had to vote agian...

The Red Team: Chris & Jane - BLUE
The Yellow Team: Danson & Lindi - BLUE
The Green Team: Brandon & Leona - WHITE
The Purple Team: Pete & Marissa - BLUE

JD: So blue won the advantage...

Liol: Wow!

JD: And your advantage is the Karma piece!

Carol: Yes!

JD: You are still last but you are not far behind... Another twist... Today will be your final temple mission!

Harley: NO!

JD: Yup! You will also play for the Stratagey piece... Todays mission is called Hold On... You will stand on a platform that is lifted about 2 feet above the sand... You will hold onto a rope that is connected to a bucket... Water will pour into your bucket slowly but it will end up getting so heavy that you will fly off you platform meaning you are out... The last person standing wins it for their team... The other two teams will go to temple... Get ready!

*Teams get on platforms*

JD: On your mark... Get set... Fill!

*Water starts pouring*

Harley: This is easy...

JD: For now!

Carol: That water is pouring fast!

Liol: Stay on Carol!

Carol: I'll try! You to!

*1 Minute passes*

Carmen: This is so heavy!

Carlos: You can make it carmen

???: Ahhhh!

*Shows someone flying of their platform*

JD: Carol is out!

Liol: No!

Carol: Sorry!

Liol: It's Okay...

JD: Who's going next?

Jenna: Someone just drop already!

Carmen: Ya right!

*Shows someone flying off*

???::: Ahhh!

JD: Carlos is now off!

Carmen: WHAT!?!!?!?!?!??!

Carlos: I'm Sorry!

carmen: I'm starting to slide!

Carlos: No! You got this!

Harley: We are doing good!

Jenna: My foot is starting to slide also!

*Jenna's foot keeps sliding and brings her to the edge of the platform and she flies off*

JD: Jenna is now out! We are now down to one person for each team...

*1 More minute passes and someone falls*

JD: Oh! Carmen is out! Orange is going to temple tonight!

Liol: Were not joining them!

*Liol adjusts his hands*

Harley: Oh yes you are!

*1 minute passes and camera shows both players struggling*

JD: It could be anyones game!

*Shows someone flying off the platform*

Harley: Yes!

JD: Blue is going up to temple! White has just won a spot in the finale and an extra piece!

*White hugs, Other teams look upset and sad*

JD: That puts white in the lead for whichever team comes back... Blue and Orange... Pack your bags and say good bye to white... Because for one of you... It's going to be the end...

*Shows teams in the hut as Blue and Orange pack*

Jenna: I'm sorry it had to work out this way...

Carmen: It's okay! You guys deserve to be in the finale

Liol: Ya... You guys outlasted the mission and thats how you got it! Good job...

Jenna: It's still said saying goodbye to one of you teams...

Carol: We know... But there's nothing we can do...

Harley: Well good luck to both of you and may the best team wins!

*Teams go out of the huts*

Jenna: See You guys!

Harley: Take Care!

*Orange and Blue go To Temple for The Final Time*

JD: Welcome to temple... You both have been here befor but to refresh you memories... JD: In front of you are three cauldrons... One contains Water, one contains wood, and the other contains fire.... You will right down one of these elements on a piece of bamboo and I will place it into the burning fire behind me... The dominate element will then rise and the dominate element wins... Remember... Fire burns wood, wood floats on water, and water put the fire out... The first to 2 wins will return to camp. The other team will leave immediately. Pick your first element

Liol: Wood?

Carol: Put what you want...

*Teams pick elements*

JD: may the elements please rise

*Elements rise*

JD: Orange... You picked water... Blue... you picked wood. Wood floats on water. That's one win for blue... One more and you will be joining White in the finale... Pick another element

Liol: Water?

Carol: Sure...

Carlos: Wood?

Carmen: How bout _______

Carlos: You sure...?

Carmen: No... What do you want?

*Teams pick elements*

JD: May the elements rise now

*Elements rise*

JD: Blue... You picked water... Orange... you picked Fire... Water puts out the fire... orange... You played a great game but it all comes to an end here... Thanks for playing endurance!

*Orange hugs and begins to cry... Then walks to the fire and dissappears*

JD: Blue! 3 times up... 3 times down! You guys are going back into the finale! Good job! Go show White who is really the strong team!

Liol: Thanks JD!

*Blue goes down to the huts*


White: Whooo!

*The Final 2 teams Hug and Make loud celebrations*

End Of Episode 10

The Blue Team: Liol & Carol Pieces: Luck, Endurance, Karma,
The White Team: Harley & Jenna Pieces: Strength, Courage, Friendship, Perseverance, Stratagey