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Endurance 1: California

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The Blue Team: Liol & Carol Pieces: Luck, Endurance,
The Orange Team: Carlos & Carmen Pieces: Heart, Leadership, Knowledge, Teamwork,
The Green Team: Brandon & Leona Pieces: Friendship, Persverance,
The White Team: Harley & Jenna Pieces: Strength, Courage

JD: Last time on endurance... White team won the endurance mission after recieving a piece from purple and put Orange team on their super team... Blue and Green are the other superteam... Today the 2 superteams will battle it out to see who will stay and who will go! This is endurance: California!

Theme Song

Final 4 Teams
*Shows the Final 4 Teams standing outside the huts*

Tough Challanges
*Shows a girl crying*

*Shows two boys fighting*

1 Great Series
*Shows the logo*

This is Endurance: California!

*Shows superteams meeting JD*

JD: Welcome superteams! Today is going to be a tough mission! It is the obstacle course... Over in the water are 8 platforms... 4 for each team... When I say go, one member of your superteam will go through the obstacle to get one of the flags... They can go for any flag they want... To get to the final flag and the rest you will need to go through a balance beam, a swinging rope, a swim in the water, and monkey bars. The first team to bring their 4 flags here first win! Get in position

Carmen: Can I go first?

Carlos: Okay! Go for the first flag...

Carmen: K!

JD: Go!

*Carmen start going and so does Liol*

Carlos: Balance Carmen!

Leona: You can do it Liol!

*Liol makes it to the platform first and grabs his flag*

JD: Okay Liol! You have to come back!

*Liol makes his way back but falls off the balance beam*

JD: Carmen is now in front of Liol! And she made it back!

Carmen: Go Jenna!

*Jenna balances on the balance beam as Liol makes it off the balance beam*

Liol: Carol go!

*Jenna swings across the rope and grabs the flag*

Harley: Good job Jenna!

Liol: Come on Carol! We can still make it!

*Carol swings across the rope as Jenna makes tha balance beam*

Jenna: Harley! Your Turn!

*Harley balances across the balance beam as Carol gets on the balance beam*

*Harley falls off*

Jenna: Come on Harley!

*Harley gets back on and Carol makes it to the beach*

Carol: Go leona!

*Harley swings across the rope without a problem as Leona catches up*

*They both dive into the water and Harley reaches the platform first*

Harley: Yes!

*He grabs the flag and swims to the other platform but Leona is right behind him*

*They both swing across the rope and balances on the balance beam and it is a dead tie*

Harley: Go Carlos!

Leona: Come on Brandon! You can do it!

*They both get on the balance beam and Brandon instantly slips*

JD: Carlos is now taking the lead for his superteam!

*Carlos slips*

JD: Its now back as dead tied

*Carlos jumps onto the rope and makes it to the other platform first while Brandon is still swinging*

JD: Now for the swim!

*Carlos dives into the water and Brandon follows shortly after*

Leona: Good job Brandon!

*Carlos reached the platform a second before Brandon and jumps on and instantly gets on the monkey bars but falls*

JD: Brandon is now ahead!

*Brandon falls and gets back on but carlos is ahead of him by a bit*

*Carlos grabs the flag, puts it in his mouth and swings on the monkey bars to get back*

JD: It looks like Carlos is quite a bit ahead!

*Carlos dives and about 5 seconds later Brandon dives*

JD: Carlos is still ahead but anything can happen!

*Carlos gets on the platform and swings across... 4 seconds later Brandon does to*

JD: Who is going to make it?

*They both walk on the balance beam and Brandon falls, Carlos makes it to the end*

*His superteam starts yelling in celebration*

*The blue-green superteam looks upset*

JD: Orange, and White! You guys did great in todays superteam! Blue and Green were right behind you but you kept a steady pace! Blue and Green... You will be going to temple tonight and only one of you will be coming back... I will see you at sunset!

*Teams in the hut*

Brandon: It's going to be hard to leave...

Leona: Ya... First time up...

Harley: It's going to be hard seeing a team leave...

carlos: Ya... We are all so close now that purple's gone

*Everone laughs*

Carmen: I wish no one had to leave...

*Sunset arrives and the teams go out of the huts*

Liol: Everyone! Group hug!

*Teams group hug*

Everyone: One! Two! Three! ENDURANCE!

*Blue and Green make their way to temple*

JD: In front of you are three cauldrons... One contains Water, one contains wood, and the other contains fire.... You will right down one of these elements on a piece of bamboo and I will place it into the burning fire behind me... The dominate element will then rise and the dominate element wins... Remember... Fire burns wood, wood floats on water, and water put the fire out... The first to 2 wins will return to camp. The other team will leave immediately. Pick your first element

Liol: Water?

Carol: Sure!

*Teams pick elements*

JD: May the dominate element rise now

*Element rises*

JD: Blue... you picked water... Grenn... you picked fire... Water puts the fire out... Blue you have one win... One more and you are going back... Pick your next element

*Blue hugs each other then writes and element down*

Brandon: I think we should do fire again

Leona: You sure?

Brandon: I think...

Leona: Go for it then!

*Teams write elements down*

JD: May the dominate element rise now

*Elements rise*

JD: Green you picked fire... Blue you picked wood... Fire burns the wood... It is now tied up! Pick what will be your last element...

*Teams Pick Elements*

JD: Okay here we go... May the final elements rise now...

*Elements Rise*

*Green cries and hugs each other*

JD: Green you picked wood... And this time Blue picked fire... Fire burns the wood... Green... I'm sorry but you have been eliminated... You can still change this game by leaving your pieces to someone... Thanks for playing...

Brandon: Thank you...

*Green walks to the fire and dissappears*

JD: Blue! You did it for a second time! You're going back to the beach! Go on back and show them who is joining them in the Final 3!

*Blue runs back to camp*

Liol: IT'S BLUE!

*Everyone gets up and yells in celebration and hugs blue*

*Camera Pans To Blue hugging each other and crying*

End Of Episode 9

The Blue Team: Liol & Carol Pieces: Luck, Endurance,
The Orange Team: Carlos & Carmen Pieces: Heart, Leadership, Knowledge, Teamwork,
The White Team: Harley & Jenna Pieces: Strength, Courage