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Endurance 1: California

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The Blue Team: Liol & Carol Pieces: Luck
The Red Team: Chris & Jane Pieces: Knowledge
The Orange Team: Carlos & Carmen Pieces: Heart, Leadership
The Yellow Team: Danson & Marissa Pieces: Teamwork
The Green Team: Brandon & Leona Pieces: Friendship
The Purple Team: Pete & Lindi Pieces: Courage
The White Team: Harley & Jenna Pieces: Strength

JD: Last time on Endurance... The 7 teams played for a good samahdi and a piece... After winning the samahdi orange team found out it was a team switch... After deciding who to switch Carmen changed her mind at the last minute

"JD: Do you want five minutes to think about it over there?

Carlos: Yes please!"

JD: Who will be switched? Also the 7 teams will play their first temple mission. Who will end up at the temple of fate and who will go home? Found Out On Endurance: California!

Theme Song

7 Teams
*Shows the 7 Teams standing on the beach*

Tough Challanges
*Shows a girl crying*

*Shows two boys fighting*

1 Great Series
*Shows the logo*

This is Endurance: California!


*Shows orange Talking*

Carmen: I think we should change our minds...

Carlos: Whatever you want...

Carmen: We should change _______ and ________.

Carlos: Fine...

*Orange walk back*

JD: Have you decided?

Carlos: Yes

JD: Who's the first team?

Carmen: Purple

*Pete and Lindi Hug and Cry*

JD: and the second?

Carmen: Yellow

*Marissa begins to cry... Danson smiles secretly*

JD: Maissa and Lindi... Switch spots

*They switch*

The Blue Team: Liol & Carol Pieces: Luck
The Red Team: Chris & Jane Pieces: Knowledge
The Orange Team: Carlos & Carmen Pieces: Heart, Leadership
The Yellow Team: Danson & Lindi Pieces: Teamwork
The Green Team: Brandon & Leona Pieces: Friendship
The Purple Team: Pete & Marissa Pieces: Courage
The White Team: Harley & Jenna Pieces: Strength

JD: Well as the switch is over with and Orange team has guilt over them you might want to think about something else... Elimination... Because tonight two teams will go up to temple but only one will come back... Get ready for that...

*Purple Team Talks*

Pete: Right now I really hate Orange... It's not that I dont like you but me and Lindi became really good friends...

Marissa: I understand... I think we should tell them straight out that if we win today they will be going up to temple...

Pete: Don't do that! We will become a target... They have a bunch of friends

Marissa: Fine

*Shows Orange Team Talking*

Carmen: I'm not sure if the switch today was a good idea...

Carlos: Well it was your decision

*Marissa Approaches*

Marissa: I Hate You Guys!

Carmen: And we care because?

Marissa: If we win today you guys are going straight to temple!

Carlos: Okay then were safe... Cause you wont win...

Marissa: Be prepared!

*Marissa Walks Away*

*Shows The White Team Talking*

Harley: Do you consider ourselves targets?

Jenna: I don't know... We were the second one eliminated yesterday...

Harley: We really have to win today...

Jenna: Ya...

*Shows Orange Approaching Pete*

Carmen: Hey Pete...

Carlos: You might wanna watch your new partner...

Pete: Why?

Carmen: She came up to us a swore that if you guys won today we would go up to temple...

Pete: UGHHHH!!!! I told her not to say anything!

Carlos: Now we are rethinking out original temple plan... And I can tell you it's not looking good for you

Pete: I'll go talk to her...

Carmen: Good!

*Orange Walks Away*

*Pete Goes To Marissa*

Pete: Why did you do that!?!?!?!

Marissa: Do what?

Pete: Don't play dumb with me! You told Orange that we would send them if we won today!

Marissa: I didn't say that...

Pete: Oh ya! Whatever! Just don't ruin this for me!

Marissa: Don't ruin this for me!

Pete: I'm not the one getting in peoples face and telling them that we are going to send them!

Marissa: Oh god! Here we go again!

Pete: Wow! You don't even realize what you did wrong!

*Pete walks away*

*Shows Pete walking towards Lindi*

Pete: Im miserable with my new partner...

Lindi: Ya... I miss you...

Pete: She told Orange that we would send them if we won today! And I told her not to! She doesn't even realize what she did wrong

Lindi: So now you're a target?

Pete: Pretty much...

Lindi: I got your back... We will try and help you today...

Pete: Thanks... It's times like these I wish we were partners again...

*Shows contestants walking towards the beach*

JD: Welcome to your first Temple Mission... Todays mission will be the last mission for one of you teams... Todays mission is called Fireball... Out there in the water are 7 platforms... One of you team members will go out there... The other will stay here and sling balls at there partner using this giant slingshot. If the partner on the platform catches the ball they can eliminate any team who didn't... Get into position!

On Platform:

Blue: Liol
Red: Jane
Orange: Carlos
Yellow: Lindi
Green: Leona
Purple: Marissa
White: Jenna

JD: Okay! People on the beach! Shoot it!

*Players On Beach shoot the ball*

Carmen: Come On Carlos!

*Shows One Person Catching It*

Carlos: Yaaahhhh!!!

JD: Orange team! You guys are the power house here! Who are you going to eliminate?

Carlos: I think we are going to eliminate Purple

*Pete glares at Marissa*


Blue: Liol
Red: Jane
Orange: Carlos
Yellow: Lindi
Green: Leona
White: Jenna

JD: Okay! Now shoot!

*People On The Beach Shoot*

*Shows Balls Being Flung But Nobody Catching Any*

JD: No one got that! Shoot again!

*People on beach shoot*

Jenna: I Got It! WOOOOHHH!

JD: Jenna has the white ball! White... Who are you going to eliminate?

Harley: We are going to eliminate Orange

Carlos: Dang!

Blue: Liol
Red: Jane
Yellow: Lindi
Green: Leona
White: Jenna

Carol: Actually catch it this time Liol!!!

Liol: Im trying!

JD: Shoot!

*People On Beach Shoot*

Haley: Yes! You got it!

JD: White's got it again! Wow! 2 in a row! Who are you going to eliminate?

Jenna: Green?

Harley: Sure

JD: Green you're out of here!

Leona: Dang!

Blue: Liol
Red: Jane
Yellow: Lindi
White: Jenna

JD: We are down to four... Who wants this the most? Shoot!

*People on beach shoot but no one catches it*

JD: Everyone missed that one! Shoot again!

*They shoot it and one team catches*

JD: Wow! Blue team! With no teamwork here it seems like you have just worked together to get a catch! Who are you going to eliminate

Liol: You choose...

JD: This could be the start of teamwork for your team! Carol... Who are you eliminating?

Carol: White

Jenna: Dang!

Blue: Liol
Red: Jane
Yellow: Lindi

JD: Shoot!

*Beach People Shoot*

Lindi: I have it!

JD: Yellow team has caught it! Who are you guys going to eliminate?

Danson: Ummm... Who do you want to eliminate?

Lindi: Red?

Danson: Okay!

JD: red, you're out... It now comes down to Yellow and Blue... Both of you have caught one so far so try and catch one of the next!


Blue: Liol
Yellow: Lindi

JD: Shoot!

*No One Catches*

JD: Shoot again!

*No One Catches*

*After Many Other Catches*

JD: shoot!

*Shows Balls being flung. Camera pans over to the blue team*

Liol: Dang! I dropped it!

*Then shows the yellow team*

Lindi: Iiii... Got it!!!!!

JD: Yellow team! You guys win! You now have the power to send two teams up to temple... Up at temple only one of those two teams will come back... Make a wise decision and I will meet you at the circle of decisions in an hour...

Lindi: Thank you JD

*Yellow Hugs and Then Everyone Makes Their way Out Of The beach*

*Camera Pans To Green Talking*

Brandon: I'm so mad!

Leona: I know... I'm sorry... I could have done a lot better...

Brandon: No I'm not mad at you... I'm mad at white... I didn't think they would eliminate us...

Leona: Lets just hope we are safe tonight...

Brandon: Yaa...

*Camera Pans To Purple*

Marissa: I can't believe we were first out

Pete: I can!

Marissa: Give it up already man!

Pete: You told them you would send them! How can you be shocked that we were first out!

Marissa: You know what! There is no teamwork here! I hope we get sent tonight and go home!

*Marissa storms off and approaches the yellow team*

Marissa: Send purple

Lindi: Huh?

Marissa: You heard me! Send purple!

Danson: Why?

Marissa: We have no teamwork here and there is no point of being here!

Lindi: We'd happily send you but I'm not sending Pete

Marissa: You'd happily send me? Wow! Everyone hates me here!

*Marissa storms off*

Lindi: So who are we sending?

Danson: Do you think we should send pur-

Lindi: No! I'm not sending Pete!

Danson: Then how bout White?

Lindi: I'm fine with that... And orange?

Danson: I don't know... I think we should keep orange in...

Lindi: Why?

Danson: If they leave their pieces behind then it wont be given to us if we sent them home...

Lindi: True.. Then...

Danson: How bout ______

Lindi: If you think that's a smart decision then go ahead!

*Teams go to meet JD*

JD: Todays game was pretty intense and interesting... It was the first game that showed what the two newly switched teams could do... It proved that one of them works really well together... and it seems to have torn apart the other... What's wrong purple?

Pete: Marissa has been going around saying stuff that she shouldn't have said and she doesn't even realize that she's doing something wrong...

JD: Marissa... What do you think about this topic?

Marissa: I still don't understand why he's making such a big deal... I was being truthful when I told Orange we would have sent them up to temple if we had won and I was being honest to Yellow when I told them I wanted to be sent up to temple

Pete: You told them that?!?!?!?! What is wrong with you?

JD: Settle down guys... Anyways, you guys are going to have to work past your problems if you want to win this game! Now it's time for the decision... Yellow team... Who are you going to send to temple?

Lindi: Well it was a really tough decision... But we are going to send...

Danson: White...

Lindi: and Red

*Jenna begins to cry and hugs Harley*

JD: White, red... At sunset you will make the long hike up to the temple of fate... Up there one of you will be eliminated tonight... I will see you in an hour up there...

*Teams leave*

Marissa *Confessional*: I want to go home!

*Red and White pack Together*

Chris: I don't want to go home... This game means so much to me

Harley: I know... we've been through so much already... And now just to see it slip away because Yellow sent us to temple...

Chris: My piece is going to you if we are eliminated

Harley: Same you...

*Yellow and Pete are shown talking*

Pete: Thank you so much for not sending us!

Lindi: No problem! I would never send you... No matter what Marissa says

Pete: Please! Don't mention Marissa!

Danson: Still fighting I guess?

Pete: She is so hard headed!

Lindi: We know...

*Shows Everyone Outside the Huts*

Harley: Good bye everybody!

Everybody: Bye!

*White and Red star their hike*

Carmen: I hope you come back White!

Jane: Thanks alot!

Leona: I want you to come back red! Don't worry!

*Red and White reach the temple of fate...

JD: Red on the left... White on the right

*Teams get into position*

JD: In front of you are three cauldrons... One contains Water, one contains wood, and the other contains fire.... You will right down one of these elements on a piece of bamboo and I will place it into the burning fire behind me... The dominate element will then rise and the dominate element wins... Remember... Fire burns wood, wood floats on water, and water put the fire out... The first to 2 wins will return to camp. The other team will leave immediately. Pick your first element

*Shows Red Talking*

Chris: Should we pick wood?

Jane: Sure...

*Red and white both hand their bamboo in*

JD: I will now put them in the burning fire...

*He does*

JD: May the dominate element rise now

*Element Rise*

*Red Hugs*

Chris: Yes!

JD: Red you picked wood... White you picked water... Wood floats on water... Red that is one win for you. One more and you will be headed back to camp. White, one more loss and you will be leaving... Pick your next element

*Teams Pick*

JD: may the dominate element rise now

*Element rise*

Harley: Wooo!

Jenna: Ya!

*White Hugs*

JD: White you picked wood this time... Red you picked water! Exact oppisites... You have now tied it up! Pick what will be your final element

Chris: Fire?

Jane: Ya!

*Teams Pick Elements*

JD: May the final dominate element rise now

*Element Rise*

JD: Oh! White team! You picked water while red picked fire! You did it!

*Jane begins to cry and hugs Chris*

JD: You are now going back to camp. Red team... I'm sorry but you are going home... You still have to write a note though telling us which team will recieve you piece... Thanks for playing

*White runs up to Red and they hug*

*Red dissapears behing fire*

JD: White team you did it! Go back and let them know that White can not be stopped!

Harley: Thanks JD

*White Returns*

Jenna: Were Back!

*Everyone makes commotion and group hugs white*

The End Of Episode 4