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Endurance 1: California

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Brandon, 15
Lindi, 12
Danson, 15
Carmen, 14
Harley, 15
Chris, 15
Marissa, 13
Pete, 14
Leona, 12
Liol, 15
Carol, 14
Jane, 13
Carlos, 15
Jenna, 15


JD: Last time on Endurance... 20 contestants made their way to california for the adventure of a life time. Unfourtanately they found out that six of them would not survive the first day... Unfourtanately Parker

*Shows Parker*

JD: Leo

*Shows Leo*

JD: Amy

*Shows Amy*

JD: Jason

*Shows Jason*

JD: Kristy

*Shows Kristy*

JD: and Kyle

*Shows Kyle*

JD: Could not survive the first day of competition making them the first 6 to be eliminated... Today... The remaining 14 will become teams as they face a tough Partner Selection On Endurance: California!

Theme Song

20 Contestants
*Shows the 20 contestants standing on the beach*

Tough Challanges
*Shows a girl crying*

*Shows two boys fighting*

1 Great Series
*Shows the logo*

This is Endurance: California!

*Shows The Huts*

Kristy: Who do you all want for your partner...?

Liol: I think me and Carmen would do great together...

Jenna: I was thinking Carlos...

Marissa *Confessional*: Right now everyone is trying to figure out who there perfect match will be... I really don't care who I get...

*Shows Contestants walking to JD*

JD: Today will be the partner mission... I have placed 7 flags in the forest... I have 7 here... They all represent a colour of the endurance teams. Boys will go first. I will randomly pick a name out of this hat. The boy that gets picked will go on this platform through the forest and take one of the flags from this short ride. That will give you a team colour. After all the boys get there colour I will place the remaining 7 of the same colours out there. Girls will then go and at the end of the ride you will find out who your partner is! If you come out without a flag you will be eliminated... Ready\

Everyone: Yes!

Liol *Confessional*: I am so nervous right now... Carmen and I really want to be together but we didn't discuss what colour we wanted...

JD: Here we go... First up is!

*JD Sticks His Hand In The Hat*

JD: Brandon! You ready?

Brandon: Definately!

JD: Hope on and have fun!

*Brandon gets on the ride*

Brandon *Confessional*: The ride was kind of bumpy and it took a minute but I was fine...

*Brandon Picks a Green Flag*

JD: It looks like he took the flag of his choice and is off on the other side!

*Platform arrives back*

JD: Okay next up is... Carlos!

Carlos: I'm ready!

*Carlos gets on the platform and star moving*

Carlos *Confessional*: I wasn't sure which flag I wanted so I just picked the one that was closest to me which was Orange...

*Carlos Picks The Orange Flag*

*Ride Comes Back*

JD: Okay, Next is Danson!

*Danson gets on platform*

Danson *Confessional*: Me and the girl that I wanted didn't even think about colours so I'm just going to hope I pick the right one...

*Danson Picks A Yellow Flag And Gets off At The end Of The Ride, Ride Comes Back To JD*

JD: Next Up Is... Harley!

*Harley Gets On The Ride And Starts Moving*

Harley *Confessional*: I decided to close my eyes and when I opened them the flag that was closest is what I picked...

*Harley Picks A White Flag*

*Ride returns to JD*

JD: Three left... Next up will be Liol...

*Liol gets on ride*

Liol *Confessional*: Well since I didn't talk to Carmen I didn't really care which flag I picked...

*Liol Picks A Blue Flag*

*Ride comes back*

JD: Okay... Chris, and Pete... Chris... You're up!

Chris: Yes!

*Chris Gets On The Ride*

Chris *Confessional*: Well I just went in and picked my favourite colour out of the remaining two...

*Chris Picks a Red flag*

*Ride comes back*

JD: Pete... You really have no choice of colour... So go in there and grab the flag left and I will meet you at the end later!

*Pete gets on ride and picks the purple flag*

*Ride comes back and JD puts the other flags in the forest*

JD: Now it's time for the girls! Marissa will be up first

*Marissa goes into the forest and picks out a Yellow flag*

*Marissa Exits Ride and Hugs Danson as she Finds Out They Are Partners*

JD: Well now they know there partners... You 6 girls still don't know... But next is Carmen...

Carmen: YAY!

*Carmen goes in the ride and picks a Orange flag*

*Carmen hugs Carlos*

JD: Next up will be... Jenna!

*Jenna picks a White flag and goes to hug her partner!*

Jenna: Harley! YAY!

JD: There are four more of you and four more boys there needing a partner. Leona, you're next!

*Leona picks a green flag*

Leona: Who is green?

Brandon: ME!!! YAY!

*They hug*

JD: Lindi... You're next...

*Lindi gets on*

Lindi: I guess Purple...

*Lindi picks purple*

Lindi: Purple anybody?

*Lindi and Pete hug*

JD: It's down to Jane, and Carol... How bout we have Carol go?

*Carol gets on and picks blue*

*Carol and Liol hug*

JD: Jane go out and get the last flag

*Jane picks red flag and gets to the other side*

Chris: Hey partner!

Jane: Hi!

*They hug*

*JD gets on ride and meets up with them*

The Blue Team: Liol & Carol
The Red Team: Chris & Jane
The Orange Team: Carlos & Carmen
The Yellow Team: Danson & Marissa
The Green Team: Brandon & Leona
The Purple Team: Pete & Lindi
The White Team: Harley & Jenna

JD: So you are now the official 7 teams of endurance! Congratulations! Meet me in 1 hour over by the piece polls! You are free to go!

Pete *Confessional*: I Think walking back to the huts Liol and Carol were both sort of not talking to each other at all... I don't think they like each other at all and that might affect the game...

Liol *Confessional*: To be honest... I hate my partner... she is so annoying and ughhh!

Harley *Confessional*: Pete and Lindi seem like the perfect team... That is going to definately effect the decisions my team makes...

*In a special spot*

Harley: Hey Jenna!

Jenna: Hi!

Harley: Sit...

*Jenna sits*

Harley: So right now who do you think will be a threat...?

Jenna: I think threat wise will be The Orange, Yellow, and Green teams will be strong...

Harley: I think that's good for threat wise... But I observed that Pete and Lindi get along the best and Liol and Carol get along the least...

Jenna: I noticed that to!

*Shows the Green team*

Brandon: So...

Leona: so...

Brandon: Who would you send if you had the chance

Leona: No doubt White, and Purple...

Bradon: Why?

Leona: White seems strong and Purple get along really, really well!

Bradon: True...

*Teams meet JD*

JD: Welcome back everyone... Everyone liking there partner so far?

*Everyone nods. Blue team keeps quiet*

JD: Blue team... The only team not nodding or anything... Are you two getting along okay?

Liol: Well we haven't really even talked or anything... I just think we both think we are exacty oppisites...

JD: Well a big part of Endurance is getting along with your partner... Well now I am going to tell you about the pyramid pieces of Endurance... You will need all 13 of these pieces if you want to win... There is Endurance, Teamwork, Heart, Leadership, Persverance, Courage, Strength, Luck, Ingenuity, Stratagey, Knowledge, Friendship, and Karma

Mariss: We are going to bring the house down!

Danson: Ya!

JD: I am going to pick randomly for a team to pick their piece... Yellow team! Why don't you choose first?

Danson: Okay... What do you want?

Marissa: We will take teamwork!

JD: Teamwork for the yellow team! Now moving to the Purple team...

Lindi: We will take Courage

JD: Okay! Courage is all yours... Now for orange!

Carlos: I think we are going to take Heart!

JD: Heart it is! Now going to White...

Harley: We want Strength

JD: It will take alot of strength to get through this game! How bout green?

Brandon: We want friendship

JD: Friendships can get you very far in this game! Now for red

Jane: Can we have Knowledge?

JD: Sure! Now for blue

Liol: We will take luck!

JD: Okay! Now you all have your first piece... Tomorrow will be your first endurance mission! Talk to your partners and get ready! You are free to go!

*At a hiding spot*

Chris: Hey... I think we should really make an alliance...

Pete: Why?

Chris: I hear people want to send us...

Pete: Ya thats what I heard also... They want red gone and purple along with them...

Chris: So alliance?

Pete: Ya!

*They Shake Hands*

*Camera Goes To White Team Talking*

Harley: Purple and Red really need to go!

Jenna: Why?

Harley: I heard them talking about an alliance together and they could end up a strong alliance...

Jenna: Okay... So If we win we send Red and purple then?

Harley: Ya!

Jenna: If you say so!

The End Of Episode 2

The Blue Team: Liol & Carol Pieces: Luck
The Red Team: Chris & Jane Pieces: Knowledge
The Orange Team: Carlos & Carmen Pieces: Heart
The Yellow Team: Danson & Marissa Pieces: Teamwork
The Green Team: Brandon & Leona Pieces: Friendship
The Purple Team: Pete & Lindi Pieces: Courage
The White Team: Harley & Jenna Pieces: Strength